BMO Digital Banking

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Current version
BMO Harris Bank N.A.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for BMO Digital Banking

4.77 out of 5
55K Ratings
2 months ago, Mamalinaaa
As an employee to a customer, I truly enjoy the BMO APP, by FAR the BEST online app anywhere and along websites. I do understand the glitches and hard lock it occurs but is it truly better than any other bank app/website! I say this because from the two banks I’ve been with their app was fairly easy but it was also very boring to the eye and constantly took you to different site just to do stuff. But with BMO?! Amazing, very fun. Everything’s all there! You must play around with it to understand to use it. Don’t be scare to get lock out or make a mistake. BMO back office and branch will help unlock you app/website. Just be honest about what happen! I love that I can transfer funds/Zelle all from the app!
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1 week ago, Sharchen Norbu
Good when it works
I’m one of the many Bank of the West customers who are now BMO customers due to the merger/takeover/whatever. I loved Bank of the West so much that I stayed with them after moving to a place where there are no physical BOW banks. BMO has not done well by comparison. I get that glitches happen when there’s a merger. But the regular crashing of the app and web site, including inability to read FaceID, plus the mediocre customer service, is troubling. Every time the app or website fail, the answer from customer service is to either delete all cookies or get a temporary password and then change the permanent one. I’ve had yo do that 4 times in two weeks. After reading other recent reviews, many of us are having the same problems, yet customer service seems completely in the dark about it. It would be so smart if BMO both kept their cs staff informed of widespread issues AND gave them permission to share with customers that the issue is systemic and being worked on. That would be caring. Instead, today’s cs person suggested I “write down” my password for future 🤣 In essence he treated this customer like a buffoon who had a problem because she didn’t write down her password! Wanna know what’s even more troubling? BMO isn’t posting any response to the numerous bad reviews. What’s up with that?
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4 years ago, Paragon3
Solid App
Reading through some of the recent reviews, have to say that I don’t really understand what people are complaining about and think most of the criticism is a bit harsh & unwarranted. I think people need to just chill. BMO is clearly making progress with their mobile/online redesign and compared to what came before it, this is a significant improvement. The design is modern, information about accounts is presented clearly and navigation is intuitive, and all the various features (Face ID, mobile deposit, bill pay, Total Look, etc.) work just fine. I haven’t really had any problems except for brief login issues really late at night (possibly overnight updates?) which are resolved within the hour and not a big deal. Another minor complaint I have is that some of the functions (e.g. bill pay or debit card controls) display in what appears to be an overlaid browser window rather than directly/natively in the app - the design of those pages is a little clunky and inconsistent with the rest of the app. However, I’m sure BMO’s developers are already aware of that and will improve things in time.
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2 years ago, Magneticnorth124789
lacking compared to any other bank portal
The long drawn out multi year chaotic update of the BMO Harris app completed last year and good news , the app is now somewhat functional. like you can check your balance and use biometrics to login. I applaud the progress. Still, this app works as a sales tool and not a customer portal. Beyond checking your balance or making a simple transfer, you’ll be stuck in endless loop of being removed from the app and asked to login to bmo harris on a browser site version and then being told to do it on the app. BMO Harris is the only bank I have that i still have to call into the 1800 number to get things done, or actually visit their bank in person during bankers hours when i need to take time off work to do so. The dysfunction continues at the BMO Harris App. Don’t just clap and give this five stars, as a customer you are worth more than this. And every competitor BMO has realizes this and delivers more powerful and higher functioning apps.
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3 years ago, Toniasvabek
Honest review
I’m not one to leave a review but I am completely fed up with this app. It crashes and has problems more then it doesn’t. I keep trying to sign into the app and it will tell me constantly that “there is t an account with that information”. Now unless the bank deleted my account, there is no reason it should tell me that over and over. Not to mention is is always under “construction” and when it comes back up there are no changes, and just as many bugs as before. They only times the app works well is when I get lucky one day and it’s working good. Other then that it’s a pain to use. Not only to mention there is no way to contact the bank about small questions without calling or emailing. No live chat, or anything like that. It is very inconvenient that I can’t contact someone directly about a problem, instead of having to call and waste 30 minutes for a question that could be answered in 2. Please do better and fix your app!!
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2 years ago, Shooter1465
Ok app. Terrible company.
I recently received financing on a vehicle loan through BMO Harris at the recommendation of the dealership. Everything was great until it came time to make a payment, it takes up to 7 days to process a payment from an outside bank. The alternative is to open an account with them, so i tried that. With the online application (after i logged in from my auto loan) it said they could not provide an account to a non-US citizen (i am and have always been a US citizen) so i entered all new information and it said it couldn’t verify my identity and to call, so i did. The rep on the line advised “it’s basically the same thing over the phone, so you should just go into a branch and save us both the time.” Terrible customer service and too many hoops to jump through. I will be refinancing my auto loan with another lender as soon as it is logical to do so and will not be recommending BMO Harris to anyone else.
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9 months ago, Jong ponytail
Fantastic Bloomingdale Illinois branch
Yesterday I had to write a lousy review on the app because I couldn’t get it to work I couldn’t find out how to communicate had a message. And today the branch manager of the Bloomingdale Illinois branch, Adina, contacted me and explain to me how the updated app works I tried it and I have no problem with it anymore so I can continue to keep all my money with BMO knowing it is safe and I can contact it and the people at this branch are fantastic and helpful especially the old people like me. Thank you so much BMO for hiring people like you have at the Bloomingdale Illinois branch
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2 years ago, Bn1mbl3
After the latest update have to reboot phone to use dumb app
Fix this app! I should not have to conpletely power off my phone and reboot every time I want to use this app. After the latest update the app freezes on a white screen and is completely non-functioning. The only fix I have found is to do a complete power off and restart of my phone. Obviously this bank is too cheap to do any QA testing before pushing updates. Also apple is dumb for not allowing you to downgrade when the newest version of an app doesn't work, which happens often because all these developers are too cheap to actual test their apps before pushing updates. So now I’m stuck with a non-functioning bank app until the bmo decides to hire a competent dev team. Total garbage! Makes you wonder where else BMO Harris is cutting corners. You are a BANK! You have money! Stop being cheap and hire some real developers!
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2 years ago, Don McD
Can’t Log In
I had trouble logging in even though I was using the correct information and keying it in every possible way. I can login in on the website when not using the app. Talked to customer service and they checked with the tech staff and said they were unaware of any problem logging in. I just paged back a few ratings and apparently it is a problem. Something is very wrong with your system of communications as well as the apps. At the time, the iPhone app worked and the iPad app did not. Now neither will let me on. I agree with the complaints that it the app is not intuitive, but I addressed that in a survey so I will not repeat myself. The problem persists. Now, In addition I frequently just get the splash screen wit no way to get to a login page.
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5 months ago, JeremiahSa
Locked out because of a Text Message Authentication Error
I encountered a glitch last week when I logged in and they needed to verify by text message. It told me to retry later, so I did. After 3+ days of trying later, I went to my MacBook to log in and it failed there, so I tried resetting my password. That worked for my personal account, but the business account said it was locked. So I spent 45 minutes the next day on the phone with customer support who claimed they couldn’t verify me because I couldn’t remember an account feature I set up 14 years ago and now I have to go into the bank during business hours. Oh, and now when I log into the app with my personal account, it claims it’s not my device, so I can’t use Face ID. It was all working fine till last week on the same phone. Is this what I pay $15/month for on my business checking account?
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1 year ago, Eco Dry
I gotta tell ya some of these reviews are crazy I’ve been with BMO Harris for 20 years and yes the app has some issues but so does every other app out there the reason I use Harris is because the people it’s a big bank but every time I go to one of the location for BMO I get small town service meaning everybody’s happy everyone’s willing to help if I call with an issue I always get an answer or the fix to the problem that 99% of all my issues are human error as in my human error. I never have an issue with the employees software can be adjusted and fixed people can’t and at least BMO Harris don’t have to fix their people. I’m a business owner myself and I have two checking accounts and one savings account and I would recommend BMO Harris Bank to anybody. You can’t judge a life time of great service for a app that is being improved, besides do we bank with banks for a website or app or for holding money and giving loans and has great customer service ? I say keep up the good work and thanks for the great service in the passed, present and of course the wonderful future. Much love. Thanks ECO DRY BASEMENTS TIMOTHY ENGELMAN
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2 years ago, Rynos84
Complete neglect of UX testing
The developer that designed this should re-evaluate their career choices. This app is so dated and it fails to do what modern apps already have been doing for years. The payment option will not be made available to users until they have a checking or savings account. If the user has a loan or a mortgage they can’t easily pay towards their balance. The easiest route is to open a checking account and schedule transfers, then schedule the payment towards the principle. This is so archaic and completely misses the mark. Also apparently no modern APIs are utilized to connect with other banks like so many other already have. Seriously you could use a middle man like Plaid, but instead you have user manually enter in their information. The login is extremely unreliable and never seems to remember the user. Then they use biometrics like face recognition but the app consistently forgets this setting. Last but not least when I attempted to sign in to open a new account it thought I was a non-us citizen. Really a non-us citizen with a SSN number. How the heck would I open an account in the first place if I wasn’t a U.S. citizen? Pure crap.
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2 years ago, robndi
Bank elsewhere
The app often forgets who you are. Tonight I had to verify a transaction I thought I paid. Could not get in. Did not recognize my password, email, ssn or work on the web. Called customer service who asked me to verify the amounts on the past several transactions. If I had those amounts with me I obviously would not need access to my account. So then, I had to answer random questions from my long credit history and was told by a supervisor they could not help me because I got one question wrong and was told she was unaware of any problems with the app or website. Well, is It not obvious there is a problem since a long time customer cannot get into their account? She suggested I go to the branch tomorrow, all of which are closed on Saturday. The only thing worse than the app is the customer service, STEER CLEAR!
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4 years ago, Atourina199
Recurring Payment Bug
I’m noticing a bug with recurring payments. For example: I have a credit card and checking account with BMO. I go to schedule a payment in the app and fill in the to and from friends, payment amount, and payment date. There is a field that display frequency of payment, but when I navigate to these other fields (to and from), the frequency field disappears entirely. You can move on to the next screen for confirmation, and then the frequency field shows up again, but as “Does Not Repeat.” I find this bug to be the only reason not to give the app 5 stars. I’ve seen other reviewers point this out and hope to see an update soon!
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1 year ago, kamkam1001
Terrible Financial Institution
How can a major bank make changes, unannounced that destroys customer access to the app? In this day and age, online access to one’s account is a significant part of banking. I have been locked out of my business account for more than a week. Nothing has worked to fix this. They have basically hijacker’s access to my own account. As usual, BMO couldn’t care less about their customers. If you are considering which bank to go with, be forwarded that BMO will disappoint every time, and they couldn’t care less. I wish the government would investigate their consistent flaws. Something is deeply wrong with this institution. They are either incompetent, or (trying) to cover significant security flaws. Bottom line: The customer pays the price. Do not do business with BMO Harris.
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11 months ago, Alyssalemay3
Love this bank
I used to bank elsewhere until my friendly banker had the opportunity to to grow Into what she was always meant to do and completely switch banks.. my family and close friends did as well to BMO Harris. It has been the best decision we have made for our financial future. The team members there are soo friendly. The bankers there make you feel so comfortable regardless the reasoning for being there (good or bad we’ve all been there (fraud 🙄) I hands down recommend BMO Harris and from experience above I speak of the Green Bay, Ashwaubenon (WI) location.
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12 months ago, Scott11235813
Check Capture
Not sure if it was the latest iPhone iOS update or an app update, but the automatic check deposit capture no longer works. Instead of going the long length of the phone it tries going the width and it never works. I have to go thru the motions of trying it, then I get the option to manually capture and the camera goes to what it just to be, which is full length of the phone with the outlines of where the check number, amount, acct number, etc should be in the picture. Does the same thing when taking a photo of the back. Please work on this issue.
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3 years ago, mike89king
Crashes or logs me out every time i try to make a payment
I dont bank with bmo but i have an auto loan with them. I also like to pay my bill as soon as i can. That being said, the app doesn’t allow you on certain tabs such as account info, transfers, and pay bills. All of which should be accessible by anyone trying to pay them back. Instead you have to externally transfer money from one account to the loan account and it doesn’t exactly say that your paying the loan off, just transferring money to it. Paying a loan should be under the pay bill tab and give you an option of an external pay. The logging out and crashing come from pressing the tabs which are not available, but are the exact same tabs you would need to get to, to pay(in this case transfer).
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1 year ago, no wind
Transfer history
Note to the app developers. When using the transfer history filters, it would be nice if an applied filter is set it should stay set until removed by the user. When looking for a transfer, when you open a particular item and then close it, you must start the whole process all over by resetting the filter and starting from the top of the list. It would be nice if the filter and location on the list were maintained once a filter is applied.
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3 years ago, Greenrodeo
BMO Getting It Right
I enjoy banking with BMO and they continue to respond to improve customer service. Two things pleased me lately. First I had an issue with a monthly deposit that was delayed over the NewYears holiday weekend. In calling the bank they were able to track it and assure me the deposit was in their system and that it was the holiday/weekend combination that had slowed its transmission from the depositing source. Second, I find the recent changes to the BMO on line banking app have improved the service/convenience level greatly. Thirdly I find their local branch to be willing to provide help/guidance when called upon.
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8 months ago, Shawn675
Logging in has been a big pain recently.
Every week I pay off my credit card balance by logging in online. I usually pay for it through my phone and on my laptop. The issue I’ve been having every single time is that I get logged out, and on top of that the website says “sorry, your information doesn’t match our records”. I then proceed to reset my password every time since that is the only way I can login now. And apparently the password I write down every time, doesn’t work the next time. I like everything else about the app, but this login issue needs to be fixed as soon as possible.
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3 years ago, katthartt
No changes app crashes
I have been having issues since February with using my passcode and it’s been putting in the number twice. As of two days ago, the app keeps crashing, and I can’t even log in at all without it shutting down. It was working fine last week but since the new update it hasn’t been working at all. The bank, itself, is a good bank and reasonable, but the app has been acting up for a while now. I thought it was my phone but everything else is working just fine. Update: the app is still crashing nothing is being done and this doesn’t get fixed, I’m am forced to close both of my accounts. I can’t even log on anymore and when I use my laptop it keeps saying I’m entering the wrong password. Please fix this or I will take my business else where
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3 years ago, Pond jumper
Needs Improvement
The large print format “easy to read” screen is annoying. I don’t need this. Few people need this. Please return to the smaller print formats. Your customers are not visually disabled. We need to see more information at a glance. Also, cannot sign on after a few uses. One of your BMO agents informed me over the phone, I should delete the app and download it again from my app store. He was correct, and I was able to sign on after this. But, shouldn’t you fix this problem?
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4 weeks ago, SMMSU
Forced To Update Phone's iOS
Post Labor Day ‘23 weekend - BMO shut down their digital banking to do “maintenance.” After Labor Day, I couldn’t access my account with my phone and the app. I guess their new update requires account holders to have the most up-to-date operating system on their phones. There was little to no communication from BMO that this would be a requirement coming out of their Labor Day weekend maintenance. Now users are forced to update their phones in order to access mobile banking and their accounts. Some users don’t want to update their phones’ operating system out of their devices capabilities and range. Most people know constant updates on devices eventually drains that device’s life and wears it out. Another issue is that I told my customer service that the latest iOS was required, when clearly the app summary page shows only iOS 13.0 is required to use the app. In summary, other than these outstanding issues, the app worked just fine. Just lack of communication from company to customer/users.
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4 years ago, dbyrne US CT
Credit card function on new app
Hi, I am both a customer and an employee. The new digital app is much better than the old functionality, which is great. One thing that has always been missing in the credit card functionality is the option to set up a recurring automatic minimum payment. This is very common on platforms at other institutions, and gives me comfort that I will not accidentally forget a payment and incur fees. I don’t know if this is a conscious decision to forgo this functionality, but if not, I believe it should be implemented. Thank you very much for all your work. Dan
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3 weeks ago, Anjedu
The first time I logged in after the merge with Bank of the West I had two fraudulent transactions posted to my account. Did as I was asked via email/text and was told I would hear from someone shortly. That was two days ago! Not only that but exactly how user friendly is an app when you can’t even find the account number, can’t enroll in direct deposit AND you have the same routing number as all the other clients??! That definitely explains why I wasn’t even with your bank a full 8 hours and already had money stolen from my account!! I’m livid. Soon as I resolve this absurd situation I’m switching banks. I’m so lucky the account wasn’t over drafted. This is EXACTLY why I haven’t dealt with banks for over 20 years!
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2 years ago, A consumed consumer 001
Debit card settings
The app is wonderful but it’s a bit aggravating to deal with changing your debit card settings. You have to go to a part of the app that makes you feel like you’re leaving the app and it’s slow to load. I wish they’d change it so it would be as easy to change settings such as limits, allowed transaction types, etc. as it is to transfer money from one account to another. 4/5 for that reason as I change my settings daily as I feel much safer when in control of my money.
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1 year ago, skyline34
Great bank. Need new app developers
This is a review of the app. Not the Bank. BMO is great always given great service and not charged for everything like others. Their app needs little more help. For the most part it works fine and better than original. For whatever reason, it get glitchy every once in a while. Log in doesn’t work always on maintenance, etc. right now, log in doesn’t appear to work properly. Again bank is great; the app not so much
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2 years ago, Umc228
Horrible Bank
I’ve been with BMO for a couple of months. I have had every problem imaginable. Every time I need something done, it’s run to the bank. I went to deposit a check, nope, have to go to the branch to get authorized for that feature. I’ve been locked out of my account way too many times. (Tells me my password is incorrect, after 3 attempts you get locked out)They don’t have 24 hour account access, so either the number they provide is false, or they don’t have 24 hour access. The message says to call at 8 am. I’m fed up already with this bank. Never had these issues with my previous bank. Changed to BMO for convenience of the bank location. What a mistake!
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3 years ago, ReneeE05
This app is great!
I love the banking app, although a few days ago i started having trouble and I can’t get it to open on my phone. I have to click on it at least 7 times before it connects and opens. It’s really annoying but I know it will be fixed and the problem will go away. That being said, can I get that fix now? I’m giving it 2 stars so the development team sees this sooner, rather than later. This will not prevent me from using the app.
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3 years ago, klkprsltuv
BMO online Bill pay
Before the last update, I could pay several bills at a time instead of going in and out of each vendor. I could also see what the total of my payments would be and could also print this off. It’s like you went backwards on you online banking capabilities. Very disappointed in that part. The rest is fine.
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3 weeks ago, Sporkith
Broken app and terrible customer support
If you’re downloading this because you started banking with these people get your money back and run. I was transitioned from bank of the west and had nothing but trouble. Mobile check Deposits on hold, paychecks not being deposited, Zelle payments setting off fraud alerts and taking almost a week to send as of posting this. Customer support as my experience isn’t even US based and can barely understand what I’m saying and don’t care about customer experience and are just there to get paid. Definitely looking at other banks after this dumpster fire of a bank took down and destroyed a great simple and fast bank. RIP bank of the west.
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3 years ago, DR1510
Can’t deposit checks??
I can’t seem to deposit a check via this app with the camera feature. Whenever I click, “deposit a check” the options to take both pictures of the front and back of a check come up like normal. However, once I click either option, I’m immediately sent to a blank screen that can’t exit out of without closing the whole app and having to start all over by reopening the app and resigning back in. I have the more recent update for this app as well so I’m not sure what to do, any advice?
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4 years ago, Michael Landmann
This app is terrible. Nothing is intuitive and worse, BMO Harris double downed and made their website look and function exactly like their app. Tryin to find how to do things is impossible, editing bill pay basically requires you to delete bill and re-enter. Pending deposits (checks)show up as “cleared” but only partial amount of deposit is actually available so you have no idea what your account balance is. I could go on and on but bottom line, last time I looked, their app had a 2.1 star rating and the geniuses at BMO decided that was an incredible rating so made their website mirror the app. I don’t know who should be fired first, the app/website developer or the room full of idiots who approved both ideas?
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4 years ago, Ska_photo
So crappy
Edit: NOW I have been forced to agree to their mobile banking terms before proceeding to my account. But guess what? After I agree to their BS I CAN’T LOGIN. It literally does not load any further than allowing me to select their”I Agree” check boxes. Can't continue. Can’t login. So I cant access my account now. Thanks for more frustration from this App. Seriously, do you not Test it before putting updates out!? Wow. Why did they replace the functional app with this crappy version? Its almost as bad as BMO’s service in general. Why do I have to search around to find how to deposit a mobile check? Is that not one of the primary functions of a mobile bank app for most people? Guess I will be changing banks altogether.
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2 years ago, Mpnoodles
Mobile banking app
I like BMO Harris bank, but I must say that their mobile banking app needs to get together. I have to troubleshoot, delete and upload consistently. It appears to be down frequently as well. I’ve been with other banks in the past and didn’t experience such issues and definitely not on a monthly basis. When my app is working, it’s great and I like all the features but it seems like a shiny bright new car that won’t start. Please improve this because it is very tedious to have to continue to delete and redownload. Thanks :-)
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3 years ago, reuben274748373
Great app but needs...
..a setting to filter transactions. Every time I open the app, the filter defaults to transactions in the last 2 days. Personally I need to see transactions over a longer period of time, so I keep having to set the filter to show numbers for like the last year. It is really annoying to keep doing it and I wish the app would either default to the last 12 months or at least remember the setting so that I don’t have to keep setting it each time I want to view activity. Other than this it’s a good app. Please make this simple change, developers!
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3 years ago, subSonic24
Hard to navigate and find support tools
My wife spent 10 minutes trying to navigate, and find this information. While to help her in my own app, I cannot find the account holder profile page, where you can change/verify user name, password, account phone numbers. The contact us link does NOT list the main support number. Why??? Only gives local branch info, frequent questions, send a message. The app needs a better flow to quickly find what you are looking for. I feel like I’m going in circles looking for anything. For example, in my other Bank of America app, i can find everything as a link in the MENU app. The Harris Bank seriously needs a more useful layout.
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1 year ago, zyxwvutsrqp...
I’ve used this app for four years and it’s been great. Now over the last month or so it will only work properly for a couple days and then will no longer recognize my password or Face ID even though “remember me” has been checked. So then I have to delete the app and reinstall it for it to work. So every other day I have to do this and it’s become a pain. Also it keeps sending messages that it does not recognize my phone!! AND it no longer sends texts when I’ve used my debit card to purchase something indicating the amount charged. What is going on???
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3 years ago, Vinslom Bardy
Amateurish, lacking in features
This would be a great app if it came out in 2010. Back then, it was normal to neglect simple things like a tablet-optimized layout. Now, it’s inexcusable. Even if I could overlook this glaring omission, this app is sorely lacking in functionality. The only thing it does “well” is displaying your account balances in a table - again, great for 2010, not overly impressive for 2020. Want to drill deeper into the details a particular transaction? Nope, can’t do it. Want to manually enter a check as an unreconciled balance (you know, like how a basic checkbook functions)? Forget it, you can’t do that, either. Want to make an electronic payment? Good luck. You’ll probably get frustrated with their kludge-riddled interface and open your PalPal app instead. The fact is, BMO charges me an exorbitant amount just to maintain a checking account, yet fails to offer up any sort of value with their electronic products that might make banking with them worthwhile. It’s time to delete this app and find a financial partner that is worth my time and money.
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4 years ago, johnny nickels
Genuine feedback
I tried sending a message through the BMO app and it crashed twice so I’m writing here hoping they see this review. When transferring money it doesn’t automatically update the account balance. The funds are available but not reflected in the balance. It gets the job done.... I guess Often times I have to submit transfers more than once. Paying bills is laboring. It’s an app, it’s supposed to work quickly, instead I have to click 3-4 times on the same action to complete a task. The screen jumps to the bottom at which point I have to scroll up to complete a task I just clicked on. There’s no consistency. To input dollar amounts for transfers is a different set up than importing dollar amounts for bill pay. Love the bank. The app barely gets the job done but functions enough to complete tasks, I guess I just expected the app to function like any other app. Consistently and without repetitive steps. Hopefully they can fix these items sometime soon.
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4 years ago, MzJazzyrealclassy
Can’t use finger print to access account any more
I had the BMO app for a long time now and was always able to use the finger print option to access my account. Just recently I went on the app and I got a message saying that I needed to verify my password before I could access the account using my finger print. I verified the account and now there is no finger print option anymore. Every time since then I’ve had to enter my password. I really would rather us the finger print option as it is a little more convenient. What can I do to get it back?
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3 years ago, qqwerfjbs
Can’t figure out how to freeze my card
There’s been two times when I try to freeze my card and couldn’t figure out how to do it either time. I then called an emergency phone number for BMO, but it just rang and rang, with no answer. I also have a Discover card and it’s so easy to freeze my card if I think I’ve lost it. Why can’t it be easy on this app? It was very frustrating, I found my cards each time and all I wanna do is freeze it until I found it. The first time I was able to cancel my card, which end up being a whole new sense of its own. But like I said earlier the second time I tried,The number I called just rang and rang and rang and rang and rang with no answer!
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11 months ago, Joerf333
Mobile check deposit doesn’t work in iOS 16
Since updating my iPhone 13 Pro to iOS 16, the mobile check deposit doesn’t work correctly. When the camera opens to take a picture of the check, it oriented for a portrait mode picture, not landscape. Twisting and turning the phone does not correct this. I then have to keep canceling and clicking continue to finally get the correct camera orientation to open in full landscape mode to capture the entire check. It just took me over 5 minutes to deposit one check! Very, very frustrating!!!
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3 years ago, Tunerfish
Won’t recognize endorsement anymore
Since the last update I have been unable to deposit checks as easily as before. More often than not it won’t recognize the endorsement, so I have to do it over and over again, and stamp the check again or sign the check again, and after many tries it may or may not accept it. If not, I have to take a trip to the branch to deposit it at the ATM. Very annoying. They also made a change that I do like, that you don’t have to scroll down anymore to press the deposit button.
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11 months ago, Northlaker
Something Has Changed
This app used to be seamless and easy to use but it is now very difficult to log into and to use for mobile deposits. The login issue may be due to my use of a password manager but the deposit problems are clearly a bug. The photo window opens with only a narrow window that is impossible to use to photograph the check. You have to let that window to finally clear to another window that allows manual input so that you can process a deposit.
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3 years ago, pamille1
Rate app
The rApp is good but there are 2 things that I’d like better.1) when I make a bill payment I wish it would automatically update my home page summary information. That way I always know the current balance. 2) in bill pay when you put the amount in, it would be nice if it auto populated the dollar and cents so you don’t have to put the period in. Those are 2 features J have on my Chase account that I like. Thanks.
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11 months ago, Hgarski
Scared me!
Went to log in through the app this morning and everytime I tried it gave me the message I had incorrect credentials.. it would not allow me to reset the password at all either. After entering SS to reset it just brings me back to log in. I thought someone had hacked my account!!! Went to try and reset password on an internet browser and it allowed me to log in no problem.. not sure whats going on with the app this morning but that was definitely a scare I did not need today lol.
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1 year ago, GK UX nut
Antiquated technology and processes
Very nice customer support people! Mobile App is 3.5/5 stars. Basic, but works! Onboarding process is very weak! 1. No way to immediately fund your account! 2. Signup to register process failed about 6 times (between email and phone verification screens mostly) before successfully creating my username/Id. 3. Called customer service to get help and they couldn’t verify me. A. Text to me (sent twice) never arrived. Note that I had 2FAed via text into web and mobile app multiple times successfully before this with no issue. B. Asked me questions from credit report. I mailed first three and last one I didn’t recall from over 20 years ago a short period of time and now we are stuck. C. Have to go to notary with valid ID (circa 1990 solution) Too many red flags with technology and process issues. Nice customer service people were not the problem. What a shame
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4 weeks ago, Herbalife24girl
I’m going to switch banks, because of this app
I had to take this app because the bank I had banked out for over 20 years was bought out. I definitely miss the old app because it worked. This app has to text me every time I try to login. It took me over 30 minutes to get logged in initially because it kept saying that information was incorrect even though I had it saved in my iCloud. When I try to transfer money to a different account one of the accounts doesn’t show up. Try to do the virtual chat. It’s not activated and it won’t work. Definitely switching banks for sure.
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