BNH Mobile

4.5 (995)
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Bank of New Hampshire
Last update
10 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for BNH Mobile

4.53 out of 5
995 Ratings
4 years ago, whiddkidd
Very convenient, but with issues
I always have the easiest time with this app on my iPhone XR. Transactions listed accurately and transferring funds is as simple as selecting one account to the next and entering the exact amount and funds are transferred basically right away. Hardly ever need to be at an actual bank to do any kind of banking. The only problem I have had lately was the last update done. There is a delay in my money being direct deposited to my account that never used to be there when I would get paid from my employer. Sometimes transactions I had made disappear for some reason and change my account balance with less or more money. I always have to wait until the weekend is over the following Monday to make sure I know what my real balance is. It can be frustrating when I only have weekends off to spend money as needed.
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2 years ago, Linda Fortune
Best service
I moved to Massachusetts four years ago and am maintaining my Bank of New Hampshire account because the people there are so wonderful, patient and knowledgeable. I’ve never had a problem they couldn’t solve within minutes. Last year my debit card went missing and I called them immediately and they monitored and froze my account. Their immediate action eased my mind knowing my account was safe. I only have good things to say about this bank and that means I never have to go anywhere else, Nor do you.
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2 years ago, coffeeandapocalypse
Used to be great
Banking with this app used to be a lifesaver! I had multiple accounts, streams of income, and a lot to stay on top of. For years it has been accurate. Over the past couple of weeks it has gone downhill dramatically! Transactions show up, disappear, same with credits. Currently I’m showing that I have SUPPOSEDLY been running a negative balance in the thousands for 16 straight months, all while being able to move money, make payments, etc… without incurring overdraft fees or being declined. Fortunately I bought a house this year and have several months of accurate bank statements that support otherwise, or I would have never been able to buy my house. I have been such a happy customer for years and for the first time I’m actually considering taking my money out of my local bank and switching. I cannot continue with constant inaccuracies when trying to balance my budget.
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2 years ago, msmithnh
Best bank in the state!
Bank of NH is the best bank in the state in my opinion, and now they have the best app. The app updates automatically. You can access all your account at the touch of a finger! I live theConvenience of being able to uploads checks, check my balance, transfer funds, live chat with a customer service representative, and pay a friend all without leaving my home.
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10 months ago, Paul’s perception
Some issues, overall good
The Deposit a Check feature frequently denies deposits, claiming that the amount entered in the amount on the check do not match up. This is never accurate. It takes four or five attempts for the check to go through. Also, recent limitations on the amount you can do in one week with pay a friend has been very frustrating. I don’t understand why this limitation was imposed. otherwise, pretty easy to use and reliable.
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2 years ago, sweetlillyluna
Recent issues
Been with this bank for over two years, the app was convenient too. Over the last month I haven’t been able to deposit checks through the app. I’ve had to uninstall and reinstall the app every few days when I need to deposit paper checks. Husband is in IT, he said it’s not my phone. He said it’s probably something with their how they manage and store data on their end. Im sick of it, being able to deposit paper checks was one of the most convenient features of this app. Very frustrated and disappointed. Wish they would fix this problem.
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5 years ago, Chocoruaman
The app works well most of the time but quite frequently has major glitches like when you trying to deposit a check you’ll get to the final step asking to take the pictures and When you submit, it suddenly boots you out and asks you to log back in and you have to start the entire process over from the beginning. It will continue to do this over and over. Sometimes you have to wait and try again on a different day. This doesn’t happen all the time, however it happens enough that it beginning to get frustrating.
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5 years ago, mwillisart
Good overall, BUT
This app works great overall except a few times now it has disagreed with the amount of the check that I was trying to deposit. For instance in script and numbers a check was clearly $350, the 5 was not perfect, and it rejected it. It is inconvenient as it is the main reason I use the app. The other issue is, sometimes it will not load the images, it just stays on a loading page endlessly. I’ve had to uninstall, and reinstalled the app several times. Sometimes I have how to turn my phone off and restart it, and it works. When it’s working good, it’s a great app!
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5 years ago, lanecourt
Bill pay is terrible. The default choice often doesn’t load, and, if it does, it takes several minutes. If it doesn’t load you get no notice( the spinning goes on for as long as you can stand it) and when you try to re-set, you have to exit the BNH app and start over. Moreover, the “date to pay” which must be entered is meaningless. I paid an invoice from my company and set the following business day for it to be paid. It arrived eight days later. I’ve done this more than once so it wasn’t a fluke. Other than the fact that the “advanced” bill pay often has to be used because the default app doesn’t open, why is it there at all? And what makes it “advanced?” Paul Stewart
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4 years ago, Tara Ranno
BNH banking
I have done business with BNH for many years now. I am very satisfied with their banking and the online app that helps me to manage my account. This app is easy to maneuver and has different options to make banking easier. I recommend BNH bank and the online app to anyone looking to change banking or current customers who would benefit from an easier system.
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2 years ago, Paul 4919
Bill pay on iPhone
The one gripe I have is that the bill pay total pending payments doesn’t show up on my iPhone like it does on my computer. I’d have to add up the pending payments to see if I had sufficient funds in checking. It used to on the old iPhone software. Also one of the bill pay items “to pay” showed on my computer, but was not showing on the iPhone app. I don’t get it. Why doesn’t it mirror the computer page? App needs some improvements. Paul Fluet
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2 months ago, Now I Know😏
Bouncing deposits!
I sometimes have 10 or more checks to deposit in the same day. When I’m doing this…it seems like every 3-4th check bounces me out and I’m required to sign in again. This is MADDENING…considering that this happens after I’ve applied all the info and the photos. When I make the last step to deposit the check is when I get bounced out!!! And of course I have to start from the beginning of the process again! Today I have 12 checks to deposit and am not looking forward to this🤨
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9 months ago, Rsheppydog
Needs tablet, ipad version.
Great app, can do everything I need to. Information is updated pretty quickly so it appears up to date at all time for myself. Simple and easy to use interface. Only wish they had a IPad version so I didn't have to turn my IPad all the time. Since the new update and changes from the summer my account postings from the weekends never update until Monday and this greatly affects my ability to know how much money I have in my account on the weekends until it all posts on Monday. This was the reason I enjoyed BONH and had switched from your competitor.
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2 years ago, Dimebeezh
Card customization
Site works very nice, I’ve never had a problem with functionality. That being said it would be nice if you were able to access some of your other services such as card customization. Like the app, but adding this would let people who use the app, but aren’t aware of the service, know about it. Just a thought, very happy with BoNH.
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6 years ago, imajissayin
Safe & Simple
Security measures on this app are great. Notification about questionable sign-ins. I feel safe from identity theft. I can check my balances every day. Transfering money from one account to another is so simple. I couldn't imagine not having this app in my life every day. And for times when I need a human- the people at the bank are friendly and professional entry time! Love my bank.
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4 weeks ago, yourFavoriteSoundGuy
Great Online Banking App
Plenty of options available including mobile deposit with your camera phone. Alerts are as fast if not faster than in person and the ability to see detailed account activity in real time is fantastic! Well done!
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10 months ago, 12271510
Bank of New Hampshire
This is the best bank all around the Peterborough NH area. The apps are very easy to understand and never have any trouble with it. The people that work there are also extremely helpful and an awesome staff. Always polite and very friendly and also know you by name as a customer.
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5 years ago, spfdgal
Nothing special. Does the job.
This is your standard banking app. It does what it’s supposed to do but nothing special. Does not allow you to organize/classify your transactions. Difference between “options” and “services” is unclear. Lots of space devoted to warnings about cut off dates/times for transfers. Customer service is slow and required several contacts to address my questions.
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1 month ago, Lala☀️
Customer Service Excellence!
There is no way I would ever move my bank account. I have had nothing but wonderful interactions.. the staff.. old and new! They’re always quick to help out no matter the circumstance. I even moved 45mins away and am keeping my account there as my loyalty stands beside BOH!!!!! Thank you BOH in Dover NH!
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9 months ago, LauraJimMc
Top notch customer service
I love this bank. I have a checking, savings, mortgage and an IRA. When I have needed to call, I got an actual live person which is rare nowadays. Locations are so conveniently close to home with a small town feel and a friendly and knowledgeable staff.
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5 years ago, ThisAppNoWk
Crashes occasionally but overall a great app!
This is a great app it’s nice to be able to check in securely by phone to review accounts. It does crash on occasion I’m sure they’re working on that but most all ways it works extremely well.
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5 years ago, iPod Fix It
Could be better
This app is ok but is slow to update current events (deposits and pending transactions, I also use the Citizens bank app and that’s 100% better. Don’t like that when you X out a info or help block it comes back, I only need to read it once and too many options on left column, should be broken down into better groups or user be able to modify what is seen.
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9 months ago, dennisrd56
Bill Pay
I like the app and find most of it ok but why is bill pay so we’ll hidden? I’ll bet that’s the biggest reason for internet banking. It should be easy to find right on the bottom of the page where other less used services are. Dennis Dearborn
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2 years ago, macs4me!
Problems with mobile deposits
The app is very handy for checking balances but I have had problems on several occasions trying to make deposits. Seems to be somewhat better if used during banking hours ...but not always.
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6 years ago, Me 1224
App itself is OK the transfer system leaves much to be desired.
Transfer system has a lot “bugs” in particular regarding dates that are well thought through. paying at the of the month runs in trouble with Feb 28. Having two payments scheduled runs into trouble when dates land on weekends. This is easy stuff and doesn’t lend much confidence that security issues which are far more complicated are thought through.
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6 years ago, Yolaaaaaaanda
Thank you!
I love the mobility and freedom I have with my banking through this app. I’m able to deposit checks right away, I can easily transfer my money between my accounts and can view their histories just as easily. Thank you for this app! It’s made my personal banking easier and more of a pleasure than a chore.
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10 months ago, Nicolehi
Try It - You Will Like It
🤑I have several accounts and find the app is very helpful in keeping track of what expenditures are going on in real time. I wish the talk button would be relocated as it is in the way of the information🤷‍♂️
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1 month ago, Beetzie
BNH app
Works great. Easy. Doesn’t always like some checks to deposit - hope you can work that out Like the old Red house logo better - why fix something that works and is readily recognized?
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6 months ago, 1Airhead
Best Services Ever
I've been a member if Bank if NH for more than ten years. It seems wherever I'm employed there is a BNH close by. That makes trips to the bank handy. Their arms are always open to help whenever you need them.
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1 year ago, ldymdnss864
Last couple updates are glitchy
When I log in it doesn’t bring me to the homepage and when I hit the back button to get there it logs me out. Also many times when I try and transfer money between accounts the drop down is blank
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1 month ago, Ex it guy
Good start long way to go
The application running on an iPhone 12 max consistently has poor performance(no issue with other apps) Back buttons bring you back to login screen. Integration with Bill pay is so so. Feel like a v1.x version not a mature robust feature full application
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10 months ago, Top Notch Banking
Easy to Use
Well designed. Easy to find everything (from a simple balance inquiry, to a check image, to ACH and more complex items). Excellent local phone support!
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2 years ago, deb lacourse
Bank of New Hampshire
I absolutely love this bank I think that the people who work there are very helpful when needed and I have had this bank for over 30 years
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10 months ago, Eric from Gilford
BNH app review
I’ve now been using the app for many years and continue to have great success with it. Easy to use, quick and accurate response each time I access it. It’s the best!
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6 years ago, JonBrown117
Mobile Deposit could be smoother
I would give it 5 stars but lately it has been a hassle to mobile deposit checks. Constantly says it can not read the back endorsement. Didn’t start happening until the most recent update.
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5 years ago, lower ridge prop.
Time saver!
Great app. Now I’m able to do most of my banking on line without having to write checks. I like having all of my balances for my accounts at my fingertips. Very easy to transfer money and make payments.
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3 years ago, ryan pol
Inaccurate, but helpful
This app is very helpful and I use it all the time to check how much money I have left. One time I looked it said I had plenty of money but after spending a little I was soon in the negative and very confused. I’m not sure what happened but I now have a negative account balance and overdraft fees due to this glitch in the system.
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4 years ago, Delta Charlie Actual
MOBILE DEPOSIT??? Albatross!!!
If only the mobile deposit actually worked...hasn’t worked for over a month. Just downloaded the update...still not working. After you take photos of the grind and back of the check it just says “Loading” and nothing. It’s not my internet connection or ISP either. Using the same one to write this review. I hope they can get their act together. BOA is looking better and better every day.
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4 years ago, T4Change
I love online banking it makes life so much easier. But they really need to up the game on withdrawal notifications via text to let customers know which account the withdrawal came from. Especially for business & personal account holders that have more than one account. They accomplish that then it’s a 5 star rating
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1 month ago, Oddgoblin444
User friendly
I’ve had an easy time navigating this app. Love how it shows you images of check deposits and in depth transaction details.
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10 months ago, stan moulton
Bank of NH
I have been a customer for decades and very satisfied with your Service and your Employees, they are all very courteous and friendly. Thank You All for What you Do! Stanley Moulton Outstanding people doing a Great Job!
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2 years ago, NH RN
Love my BNH app!
Most important to me is ease of use! Some apps are simply not worth the time and effort and frustration but the BNH app proves that apps can be easy and provide the information the user is looking for without undue effort.
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5 months ago, Racingchic2424
Great app
It’s honestly the best way to check all my accounts what’s pending deposit checks and more plus it’s a friendly bank to work with.
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11 months ago, Unhappy Camper 2
I find this application is easy to understand and can handle a wide variety of transactions for multiple accounts, I’m a fan!
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1 year ago, Je t'aime lire
Easy to navigate
Love that I can log in on my iPad with my fingerprint and it’s easy see all your balances and to transfer money and look up transactions
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5 years ago, dragonheart03
Bank of NH app
I love the app because it makes life so much easier. I can check my balance, or transfer money from one account to the other. No lines, no waiting!!! Thanks so much for making this app so convenient!!
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9 months ago, Schoresy
App banking and drive through banking
The app is simple and easy to use and drive through tellers are very helpful and efficient at my Moultonborough location
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4 years ago, Hanson Winters
Very pleased
I have been with this bank since 1999 and have nothing but great things to say about them - the app is awesome up to date all the time and shows transactions immediately- five star!
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2 years ago, Vi stress
This is a simple app to use. It’s finicky about depositing checks but works if you persist. I wish it was possible to stop payments and cancel subscriptions from it. I use it a lot to keep track of my balance.
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6 years ago, Yogibearsmom
Always works well
The app works really well always. I never have a hard time accessing my bank information like I do with some other banks. It’s easy to use and understand and it’s very secure.
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