Boat Ramps

1.8 (17)
27.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Red Sky Engineering, LLC
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Boat Ramps

1.76 out of 5
17 Ratings
13 years ago, Freaky_TJ
Wrong Info - Reputation Needed
Wanting to take our boat out for the first time we sought out a Boat Ramps app. After firing up the app it seemed straight forward, but buggy and the "map all" from our geo location presented a map with pins on why seemed to be a single island In a unknown near place. After choosing a single ramp and requesting map directions we began the journey. 2 hour road trip later the given directions did not put us near a ramp… Should have a reputation for others to verify ramp's locations. While day wasted and nearly an hour farther away we located a ramp. Hope to see the app evolve and offer useful information.
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11 months ago, Splashn
Boat ramps app no longer works
I used this app for years and it worked great but it no longer works. If you locate a ramp you cannot locate another without deleting the app and reinstalling it. You have to constantly do this in order to find another ramp. App is now worthless
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7 years ago, TN 2
Search function??
This was my go to app for boat ramp locations until the June ‘17 update. After losing the “search” function, it is useless to me. Restore the search function, make it simple again! This app went from a “Five Star to a Zero Star” with the update.
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7 years ago, Prime-timer
Boat ramps
I used to love this app prior to the recent update. Without the search feature you have to pinch the map to expand or decrease the area of interest. Having a small screen iphone makes this update almost too frustrating to use!
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7 years ago, Zombiekillah33445
Boat ramps are not boat docks! This app shows every dock! You have to zoom in and after 5 times still no ramps then the ones I know about anyway! It gets old quick and has no information about the ramp! Don't waste your time on this app! Good idea, bad execution!
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6 years ago, AndrzejZak
90% inacurate
In NJ Great Bay Area Great concept unfortunately the location and functionality of the rams are not accurate. There should be a button to report or at least suggest a change in map.
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12 months ago, ttito ss
Super wrong
This app is super wrong is showing boat ramp where there is none
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7 years ago, vtlivin
Does not show boat ramps, don’t waste your time.
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14 years ago, C71
Great Start
Does what it claims - lists tons of boat ramps in my area, and gives their location, phone number and driving direction (via map). But I hope they add more info. There is no information that would help you determine suitability for your boat. Some of the ramps listed are strictly for very small boats or are very rustic and difficult to get to. I would like to see at least a mention of the ease of access and the boat size suitabiilty. (Fee or free would also be nice, but that is probably asking too much.) Well worth the $0.99, but I would pay more for more daata.
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13 years ago, Dirt Hauler
This app has the potential but not the motivated programers! Needs a major update of accurate information! Would be the most useful app for a traveling sportsman you could find if the information was complete! We will see if they are after making a great app or not.
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12 years ago, babaluey2
Great idea, horribly done
The idea behind this app is good, and it would be very useful if the information were accurate. I tested it looking for ramps near where I live (Olympia, WA). Virtually every location had some major problem. Addresses were wrong, lat/long locations off. Some locations are not even near a body of water. One mini storage facility, miles from water, was listed as having a ramp. Some ramps were duplicate entries, with different names. I don't know where they got the data, but it obviously hasn't been checked. The features of the app are fine, but the information is so wrong as to make it useless. I can't see myself relying on this app to find a ramp, it is totally misleading, at least in my area.
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12 years ago, ShibumiCaptn1
great start...
the concept behind the app is pretty good and provides fairly decent information, i really like the feature that allows you to supply information about an existing ramp, looks like it takes a couple days but the data seems to get updated. i would like to see the app add additional information about the ramps and marinas including fees and amenities available at the different locations. also if you could search by moving the map that would add a definite improvement over the app the current search mechanism. overall fairly well done and by fair the best among apps that provide marine related poi information.
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14 years ago, Boater0325
Good app
Great app. I haven't found anything like it and when I looked online in my area i couldn't find one site that itemized all the local boat ramps. I would like to know details about each boat ramp. Maybe people can write reviews on each boat ramp? Overall good app! The update is great!!!! User friendly.
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15 years ago, Cadrennon
Great app!
This is a great app! It's is very easy to use and it provided many results quickly. I even found boat ramps near my house that I didn't even know existed. I can't wait to go boating again and when the lakes r crowded it's nice to know that I will be able to find some fantastic hidden spots.
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15 years ago, saktinker
This is the best app ever!
I live in Florida but travel extensively. This app allows me to find ramps where ever I am. If you like fishing or boating in general this app is a must. It has helped me numerous times finding hole in the wall spots that I would never have know about. I highly recommend it!
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15 years ago, cavitycop
Boat Ramps
Very poor coverage. I live in central Illinois and know of at least 5 ramps within 10 miles of my home .... the app shows one. It doesn't even mention some at major lakes in our area.... Great idea, but I'd have better luck finding a local ramp by asking someone! Update; Wow, I was very excited to see that the update added many more boat ramps in my area.... Just one problem.... I'm pretty sure the Sangchris Lake Ramp is not in the middle of a cornfield in Buffalo! It's in Pawnee.... Dudes, great idea, lousy implementation !
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14 years ago, WMwakeskate
Phenominal app
I have long been awaiting an app like this and, fortunately, this app has far exceeded all of my expectation. The app is very user friendly and useful for finding new ramps in my local area and locating ramps when traveling. It is defintely a must have for any boating enthusiast.
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15 years ago, Fibercode
Waited for an app like that for a while
I had been waiting for an application like this one for a while. Now I can find the boat ramps at the new places I go. The feature to be able to submit locations of new ramps is awesome!
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15 years ago, Family of Gators
Discovered New Ramps
Discovered boat ramps in my area that I never knew existed! An excellent tool to have for those days when it seems every ramp is packed and the kids just want to get in the water ASAP.
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14 years ago, FerrousGuy
Great app!
This is just the app I've been looking for! Stumbled across it while browsing around the app store. It fufills the promise of it's title perfectly. Want to know where the boat ramps are in your area? Use this app.
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14 years ago, Fanaddicts
Needs some work
Overall, it is a good app however, it will list the same ramp several times. I have 5 useable ramps in my home town but the app lists over 27 ramps... This app needs to be able to eliminate the doubles some how... either at the user level or developer level.
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15 years ago, Nomik
Itz ok...expected better
As a real fisherman by lineage (i.e. fresh & saltwater; bait, Lure & Fly fishing) I expected more based on the reviews. The developers need to add the option for users to add public boat ramps. I know that option would greatly improve the application. Fisherman to fisherman, I rate this application a 3 star. But as someone with iPhone apps it's good.
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12 years ago, MikeRouseRN
More Information
I like the concept of the app but would like to see more information ie fuel station, bait shop, short term or long term parking, fee or free ramp charge, shower & boat boat rinse facilities to name a few. Adding these as icons below the name of the ramp site would be helpful when going to new areas.
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14 years ago, jsmargon
Perfect - Must have for boaters!
This app is awesome! It tells me exactly what I need to know and connects to Maps for directions. One recommendation is to add pics to top it off. A must have!
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12 years ago, polyy23947
great idea, great execution
Great app. This app seems to get better with each release and now there's no reason not to download since its free. locates all the ramps and marinas in my area plus some I never knew existed
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14 years ago, Jksofla
Needs some tweaking
Any app like this is only as good as its data. This is where common sense comes into play If you see a pin in the middle of a lake, on the beach, or on dry land, you'll have a heck of a time trying to launch your boat there. Otherwise good app.
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14 years ago, onthewaterendlessly
just what i needed
just what i needed. does exactly what i have been looking for no more do i need to search the web endlessly to find new ramps. just type in the city and it gives me all the options i could want, only complaint is that i wish it allowed to type in the location rather than scrolling through a list
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15 years ago, Ma33709
Great app
Well worth the price! The update is a good improvement. Big THANKS!! I needed something like this and there is no data all in one place like it.
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14 years ago, Casselsfamily
Boat ramps review
Great app. Easy to use. The new mapping feature makes it easier to pick your launching in relation to your destination.
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14 years ago, CreekBumSAN210T
Very Helpful but Lacking
The App is helpful but a lot of boat ramps are not on it. there is a ramp 1 mile from my house that has been around since the 1980s and isnt listed. but it did show a couple that no one knew of.
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14 years ago, Gelster2002
Great app
Huge database and user friendly. As others have said, I found boat ramps I never knew about!
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12 years ago, Shawn Cutting
Great Concept but Lousy App
After using the app for awhile I found that it is very inaccurate in the ramp locations. It's as far off as several miles. Now the app won't load at all. It keeps saying an error has occurred. This is a great concept but needs alot of work.
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12 years ago, ELN9798
great for trailer boaters
recently took a trip to florida from georgia and was in some relatively unknown areas of south west florida the app worked very well and got me right to where i needed to be in terms of finding a few ramps in the area. the app had some duplicate ramps in it but that was easy to simply overlook.
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13 years ago, Shamu
Good concept
Good concept poor execution. App has so much potential. Ramps are there but how about ability to add more info/ pics. New update has just gone haywire!
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13 years ago, uhuh7
Nice concept
The idea is a good start. Unfortunately, your submission is reviewed and re-written and omissions cannot be corrected later. I have re-submitted my info and the app fails to reflect my changes.
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8 years ago, Witt...
Doesn't work but it is a fantastic idea
I just downloaded this today. And every time I try and do a search it gives me error messages. I hope that means that they're working on the site and not that they have just abandoned it.
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14 years ago, jrall
Great application
Comprehensive database , easy to use, both ramps and marina coverage is awesome. Application exceed my expectations.
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14 years ago, sushiman9618
Just downloaded this spp and the 2 closest boat ramps to my home were not even shown, and the one that was shown is non-existant in the middle of a campground. I guess you get what you pay for!
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10 years ago, jayala1972
Help a lot to find a ramp and easy to use.
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12 years ago, Tom31772
Not working!!!
App crashes when you tap by location. It says it can't determine my location
Show more
12 years ago, App inspector pro
Dang thing keeps on crashing
Show more
12 years ago, deepseadiver1952
overall fairly good
simple, straight forward and easy to use
Show more
14 years ago, stay234a53
great for boating
great app for anyone trailering their boat, gives you all the ramps and directions to them
Show more
9 years ago, FishingGuy29
A good app
Found this to be very helpful.
Show more
11 years ago, Dratier
"Unable to load/get content". Total waste of time. Would rate zero if possible.
Show more
13 years ago, Bigdaddyjt05
not working
on the last update my app no longer works when i touch by current location it dosnt show a list and when i touch map all it kicks out was great when i first got it now its worthless please fix it
Show more
10 years ago, Ramp Man
Worthless. Many duplicates. Location search doesn't work. Should be banned.
Show more
14 years ago, Musky Bob
Fishing guide
Complete waste of money. None of the municipal or Dept of Natural Resources landings that I use most often in Wisconsin are here.
Show more
15 years ago, jbesandme
Nice app!
Great for finding boat ramps. Thanks!
Show more
13 years ago, Fregdog
App does not work
I know why fisherman are lazy and do not know how to navigate
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