Bobby - Track subscriptions

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1 month ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bobby - Track subscriptions

4.74 out of 5
7.4K Ratings
1 year ago, Stageon
Just downloaded this recently and it looks like a great app that will do something valuable for me that most budgeting/personal finance apps don’t do, or don’t do well — track ongoing expenses such as subscriptions. We all know these are becoming a bigger part of life. I love the fact this app isn’t subscription based itself! At least I don’t think it is. The premium features seem quite reasonably priced. Just one big drawback for me. Why don’t you make an iPad version? It’s not hard and it would be a big selling point. Well it would for me; I’m disabled and in bed most of the time so I use an iPad Pro M1 12.9” rather than my dinky iPhone XS Max (heh). Those of us who aren’t “on the go” really want and need the extra screen size of a tablet or a laptop. I have my phone on my bedside table for, you know, phone stuff. I’m not taking away any stars because I want to encourage people to download your product and for you guys to keep having success. But please think about taking the app multi platform, at least to iPadOS. macOS would be great too, and have them all sync via iCloud for a given Apple ID and account (if it supports multiple accounts per user). Thanks!
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7 years ago, Nicolas Gomollon
Very useful app & highly recommended
The app is great, and I purchased the all-in-one pack as soon as I noticed this app’s utility. It’s really handy to have a central place to keep track of and see exactly where your money for subscriptions is going, as well as when and how much your next bill is going to be. I personally have multiple subscriptions to array of different services, and I never really realized the amount of money I was spending on them, but this app aims to solve that problem. Input all of your current subscriptions, and then you can easily have an overview of everything in one place and even audit the subscriptions you no longer need. I applaud the developer for the work they’ve done and the frequent updates they release! It’s no joke that they’re improving the app and adding new features all the time. I highly recommend both the app and the in-app purchase—just give it a try already—you won’t be disappointed!
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6 years ago, marcusdiddle
Fantastic app, clean, functional
Love this app! It’s *almost* everything I’ve been looking for in order to track upcoming expenses and bills. It’s clean, minimal, easy to use, has tons of built-in services to select from, but allows you to create your own custom ones as well. Just a few small suggestions that would make this app amazing. - Upon initially launching, allow a user to just select all the subscription services first. This would make setup so much faster than having to search each one out and set it up one at a time. I actually entered all of mine *blank* to begin with just to get them all selected, then went back in and configured each one. - Allow a preference to display the upcoming due date as either a relative span of time (2 weeks) or the actual date (Sept 15, 2018). Would much rather see the actual date. I actually used the Description field to simply add “3rd, 11th, 21st, 30th” etc to indicate the date of the month that expense is due on. - Add a Categories field. While I know the intent of the app is to track subscriptions, I’m actually using it to track expenses beyond that, including utilities, bills, etc., and I’d love to be able to put each expense into a category and view those lists either collectively, or separately. Again, love the app, highly recommend it! Would love to see just a few small tweaks which would make it much more useful.
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5 years ago, David Tahir
Satisfied, yet minor adjustments needed.
I found this app very highly productive and useful. Despite the fact that Bobby is a great app to use and have all your subscriptions in one place. However there’s a small adjustment that I think would make our user interface extremely better and steal the show! If Bobby offers us to have a built-in wallet in the app which we can use to store our funds which will be equivalent to the amount of cost of all our subscriptions every month, so that we never have to worry about moving funds in multiple accounts, it would make everything so much more easier. If this app keeps all the data of our subscriptions and pays for the subscriptions from the wallet automatically every month that’d be awesome!
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5 years ago, CodeHerobrine
Bobby is a honest lifesaver
As I’m about to become an adult, I am starting to gain responsibilities like paying for insurance and rent. This app and its simplicity makes it easy to manage all your subscriptions and remind you when it’s time to pay up, I’ve recommended this app to many of my friends and I recommend it to anyone who has subscriptions. I’ve had no problems with the app and one of my favorite things about it is it’s completely FREE, no subscriptions or payments to access main features. There is an ability to pay $2-3 for more subscription slots and some app design features, which I don’t need but I’m compelled to pay for because I want to reward and support the developers for being patient and unselfish.
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3 years ago, RobAnthonyRan
Very Useful!
I love the app. I love being able to keep track of subscriptions and see how much I’m paying out every month. I love it so much I paid for the in-app upgrade to receive the rest of the features. A couple features that I would really love to see implemented is the ability to set a subscription as paid or unpaid for the month, as well as sort of grey out or “disable” any subscriptions that I may want to continue keeping track of but may not necessarily have active. Those features alone would increase the utility for me by a lot by not only being able to view my subscriptions but organize them in a deeper and more dynamic way.
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1 year ago, Disappointed app user 9999
Totally worth my money, and I really do appreciate you not going to stupid and standard of subscription model like every single thing is starting to head towards! I’m starting to run out of useable apps here because of that garbage! Haha! The only request that I could make is that for simplicity it would be nice to have like a little check circle/box that indicate that I paid that specific bill. I have a lot of them, and every once in awhile I’ll forget about one I paid off and get all antsy wondering if I didn’t pay it! That’s my fault, I know. I’m sure others beside myself would find the feature very useful though! P E R F E C T app otherwise! 😌
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5 years ago, JohnnyGrey86
Great App So Far
I only have about an hour of use, as I just installed it, but it seems great. I too never really realized the monthly expense of all my active subscriptions. Three things I want to see added 1. Change the default “Remind me” setting. I have to manually change each one to what I would like to see. Not really a big deal, since once all of your subscriptions are setup, you shouldn’t have to touch them again. 2. Allow us to upload a custom icon for a service not listed. In my case, it’s Humble Bundle’s monthly subscription. 3. Allow the light and dark theme to be handled by the OS for us iOS 13 users. I’m sure this is coming since it just came out.
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3 years ago, Devil Daawg
MUST HAVE App and Customer Service
Fantastic app for keeping track of what seems like everything are subscriptions now. Very nice layout, straight forward and leaves you asking why you hadn’t had this app earlier. Also, I recently had a problem not being able to delete an old subscription so I left feedback within the app to report my issue. I re roved a timely response and within five days an update was done which resolved the issue. No doubt the developer is on it and takes pride in this app. Well done, thank you!
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7 years ago, labrat1028
Handy little app worth the price
Simple to use that just plain gets the job done. 4 stars because there are a few features that could be enhanced as mentioned in other reviews but this was a solid addition overall to my financial management stable of apps. I use a different bill tracker app but this is perfect for those month to month or yearly subscriptions that we tend to forget about and keep renewing even though I mean to cancel them. Have already saved 10 times the cost of the app by using to cancel renewals ON TIME and having one place to track the ridiculous amount I spend on subs and account for all that lost money. Awesome app thanks to the developer. Hope v2 coming soon will not mess it up too much.
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2 years ago, SS-MM-00
Want to love it but…
Developer seems unresponsive. Subscription choices are limited. If you take the time to use the “Create Custom Subscription” tool it seems your work just disappears into a black hole and no one lets you know if it’s going to be approved or added or if it’s even been seen. Would love if this were a more automatic process for paying customers. As it stands the app is updated very infrequently and this seems to be the only occasion where these new subscriptions are added. Also, two bugs: it keeps wiping out subscriptions from the categories I’ve created. And I believe the math is often wrong for the totals at the bottom. This is a beautiful app. I just want to be able to use it more.
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5 years ago, Sharks6
Notifications do not work. Wish I read the reviews first.
Update: Notifications randomly started working, and I didn’t change anything. If they stop working next month, I’ll update this review again. But for now, 5 out of 5! Love it. Original: The app is gorgeous and easy to use, the upgrades are cheap and I paid for the full unlock. Other than one issue, it’s perfect - but it’s a big issue. Notifications simply do not work. I’ve messaged support so hopefully they can get back to me and resolve the issue. But without notifications, it’s worthless.
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3 years ago, bluewitchygoth
Worth it 100%
The ONLY reason this app isn’t 5 stars for me is because if you decide to pay a bill early rather then on the due date, you’re unable to mark it as such. You just have to wait for the date to come and go, which is annoying but it’s manageable. Otherwise this app is literally everything I could ask for. Also, to buy all the features of the app isn’t but a few dollars, but it’s 100% worth every penny. I’ve recommended this to a few friends and they absolutely love it as well. It’s honestly a really great app and I’m thankful for the developers on it
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4 years ago, Auliya
Just a blank form to enter your notes.
Not to be unkind but as far as I can tell this app does Nothing. It’s a series of forms letting you manually enter data about your subscriptions. I sent them email asking: “Is there a chance this app will ever populate the data automatically based on logging in to the service in question?” (Or from the wealth of data in the Subscriptions section of our own Apple accounts for example.) I can’t possibly do all the data entry this app appears to require. So much work. And if I did all the research and tracking down of the data this app requires me to enter to “track” subscriptions (which seems to be nothing more than automatically setting up reminders for me?!) I would literally not need the app anymore. Scam? Or am I missing the point here? I don’t know, guys.
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5 years ago, Otakugirl1990
Simple and Perfect
I’ve been looking for an app to keep track of bills for a long time. I wanted something that was simple to use and would remind me when they are due. Every other app I’ve found has you link accounts and the user interface is difficult and muddy. This app is exactly what I have been looking for. It is so easy to use and has a very simple and easy to use interface. You can add custom items if they aren’t listed and set alerts. I rarely write out reviews but this app is so great I just had to say something! 10/10 💗
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5 years ago, Hsslembssbbs
Really great for managing bills
I love this app. It’s the only thing that helps me keep up with all my monthly bills. I purchased all the packs that allow you to have however many bills you want to manage and you can also change the themes. The only minor thing I don’t like about this app is I wish there were more picture icons to choose from or even make it where you can upload your own picture to the bill or something, but other than that this app is awesome!
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2 years ago, Bayotter
Just ok at the moment
I have a paid version. I am able to use it somewhat, so only 3-stars, but the developers seem to have let their support go. As of this date, it’s been 7 months since there has been an update. Wrote to them, but no reply. The Notifications feature, which is really essential for most of us, is non-functioning. There are a few minor bugs which aren’t as crucial but should be addressed. It is a useful and clever app with a great design. It had such great reviews early on in the press. Perhaps something unpleasant is going on behind the scenes. Such a shame now, but I am not giving up just yet.
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3 years ago, theputer
Works well and reasonable price
Works great to trak my subscriptions and is easier to use than a web only subscription service I have, that is usually a yearly subscription. Developer is very responsive to bug requests and even pushed out an update after I noticed a bug regarding syncing issues when deleting a subscription. The only thing I wish was better is an updated subscription list. I have many subscriptions and almost none of them are in the defaults. Please at least add more streaming services likes amc+ and paramount+ etc.
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9 months ago, Gtui
Adding 2 stars
Since we can’t edit reviews, creating another to offset my previous 2 star review which mentioned broken notifications. All notifications were “on” for the app in iOS settings but I still was not getting anything. I turned them all off and back on again and it seemed to do trick, so adding two stars from previous. My only other nit to pick was that it doesn’t have some modern services like Paramount+ and Peacock, but since you can easily add those manually (just no nice icon), not a huge deal.
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3 years ago, heycacti
Could be better.
Firstly, please give us a desktop version or at least a way to use it on multiple different phone devices! Secondly- yeah, missing a lot of subscriptions but I’m sure that will get better, though a “auto connect to bank account” to grab some from there would be great to save those of us with many subscriptions some time! Thirdly/most important: please allow us to put multiple notification reminders! I have a very short attention span and bad ADHD, I need to have at least five different reminders at different time lengths for each subscription to remember 😅
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2 years ago, thisiskatieee
Please do NOT download this app, or pay for anything! I guess the developers have just decided to abandon their app, because it doesn’t work at all. Well, you can input your subscription information, and you can for sure spend your money purchasing worthless “upgrades”. But what you CAN’T do is actually receive notifications about your subscriptions, which is * literally * the main function of this app. If I could give this app zero stars, I would. Wish I could get my money back. On a better note, I did finally find a great app for tracking subscriptions called Subtrack here on the App Store (not a paid endorsement, I just really love the app) plus its 100% fully functional!
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8 months ago, angrybutterflyyy
Love this app
Been using this app for months and I love it. I easily keep track of my subscriptions without hassle. My biggest suggestion is I would love to have this app have a widget option so I could have my upcoming payment reminders in plain view constantly. I tend to forget to check the app. I know you can turn on reminders, but I tend to prefer to have important stuff like that sitting on my homepage directly in sight. Otherwise, 5/5 stars for me! :)
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12 months ago, rawantaleb
Love Bobby! Small suggestions
First off, I love that I don't have to pay for a subscription for this subscription tracker haha. Big fan of the clean design too. Hope you'll consider these QOL requests: Add an option to show the renewal date for a subscription payment either alongside or instead of the time remaining Don't calculate disabled subscriptions in the expenses total (the total shown on the category selection page) Add a sorting option to sort by category
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5 years ago, Darkbladetreyman
Great but I have a minor annoyance
I wish that you could see the day that the actual bill will hit. Like instead of it saying “2 days” give us the option to let it say “2 days (8/3/19). Let people choose if they want both or let them choose which one. Other than that it would be great. I have sent emails about this but idk if the developers have received them. This would greatly improve the app and make it amazing. I would love some feedback from the developer.
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4 years ago, Bat Mayne
Very unfortunate notification issue
I love the layout of this app. It’s simple, easy to set up and looks great. I purchased all the bells and whistles. Though unfortunately, I’ll only get a notification for maybe 1 of 12 subscriptions every other month or so. I’ve tried going into my notification settings, and everything is turned on so I know it’s not my phone. I’ve also tried reaching out to customer service about this, but it’s been months and I’ve received no response. Without notifications, honestly, it’s kind of useless for me :( I wish this could be fixed, but I think I may have to get a different app for now. If this issue is fixed, this app would be the #1 subscription reminders app!
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6 years ago, dreyna07
Literally just got this app, and it is amazing. It tells me everything I want to know. There is only one down side which I won’t let it get to me too much. I can not find some other subscriptions. I subscribe to some other places that do not have their own app, and it would be cool if I can add that. An example is, I subscribe to Stance. Stance is a sock/shirts/ and underwear company but I can not seem to add any subscriptions manually. If that is something that can be done, this app would be the bee to my honey.
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6 years ago, Patienceforgreatness
Love this app _ However
Keeping track of all your subscriptions even if you know the dates they are though still helps. The beauty of this app is, you subscribe to something, maybe free trial ? Fill it in the app, boom won’t forget to cancel and get a unlikely charge. Bi-weekly payments ? Can’t member which week your bill is due ? Boom, thank you bobby. It even tells you your average expenses for the month, week, and year (neat). Without signing in through your bank account. However.... No widget... You only get a reminder for your bill once, one week is enough time, but set it up to remind you on the same day, it’s kinda pointless. Most businesses require a cancellation 2-3 days prior. However if it’s a Bill like say a utility it’s a different perspective. Thank you, looking forward to future updates with more fonts & themes
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3 years ago, Ruthless Aj
Very useful app! Love it.
Just discovered this app and I love it. I have a lot of bills that I need to keep up with and sometimes I forget when each one is due and end up missing payments, well not anymore thanks to this app. One thing I love about it is that it doesn’t ask for personal info or bank info like a lot of similar apps, you simply enter your bill due date and name and it reminds you when each one is due... so far so good, this app took a load off my chest :)
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3 years ago, CesaLunez
Wish there was more -
The app is great, does what it says it does. If I were to be a bit more picky as someone who like organization (and honestly I thought this app already did this but war surprised when it didn’t), I would have an option to change the color of the preset subscriptions. The subscriptions you add yourself can change the color but not the ones that are preset. For example, my AT&T is orange.. I tried to make it blue so it can click in my head when I scroll past it which apps are what, but there isn’t even an option to change the color. If there could just be an option where you can change the color on preset subscriptions (as my brain mostly clicks when it sees the certain color) that’ll be great!
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3 years ago, dfabs
Useful subscription tracker
But has at least one longstanding bug; the monthly notifications of upcoming bills/subscription payments are semantically inaccurate. For example, instead of saying the bill is due in two days (or whatever reminder you have set), it states the bill is due in x months (which would be the service anniversary date). I’ve sent this bug report to the developer over a year ago but received no response, so here it is in review form.
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4 years ago, WriterGirlJodie
I was excited until...
I finally managed to manually upload all of my subscriptions. I obviously had to pay for the upgrade as I have a TON of different subscriptions. The thing that frustrated me is I wasn’t getting any notifications. Then, the other day, I try to go into the app and I can’t! It won’t open. I have no idea what the problem is so I reach out to customer service. Nothing. Crickets. I ended up having to delete the app and reinstall it. Once I’m finally able to open the app again, EVERYTHING IS GONE!!!! All my subscriptions were deleted. I nearly cried. Again, nothing from customer service. I don’t have it in me to do all the work over again. I’ll just use Trello instead.
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1 year ago, MERKYMUSIC
This app is super easy to use and very helpful for someone who has ADHD and forgets all the subscriptions they impulse buy. I don’t ever get notifications from Bobby and there doesn’t seem to be a way to change that in the app. Also, I’d love a Bobby widget that could tell me when the next subscription is coming out so I don’t have to go in each time. 5/5 because I still love the app anyway
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7 years ago, jleidl
Just what I was looking for! About a week Late lol
I like Bobby because they clearly seem to have a seamless process in place but I wish I was able to add more details to my subs. Overall it is a great app for anyone looking to stay organized. Pro Tip: if you had the ability to cancel and unwanted subscription I would pay for this app! FYI to anyone reading this, I am reviewing after using Outflow which I paid for and I am only 4 days into using bobby so this positive outlook could change but we are off to a good start.
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4 years ago, Rountrees
Simple concept, needs more to stand out...
UI is solid. UX is almost there! First thing that is missing is something I think as a developer would be rather simple. Bring in the actual subscription plan choices for users so they don’t have to look up their plan amount during on-boarding. Most people know their plan but not the dollar amount I’d guess. And a lot of subscriptions change over time like Netflix. Obviously this is an on boarding specific change but I think it would make it feel less friction. Second thing is taxes, somehow... not sure how that would work... maybe just a setting somewhere during on boarding and/or on each subscription. Some charge taxes, some don’t. But getting an accurate total $$ could be useful. Great app though and I look forward to more updates!
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6 years ago, Brianlg
Love it. Would like better customization.
I love this app and it’s great being able to see all of your subscription services in one place. The total at the bottom can be shocking. My only wish for this app is that you could either request popular services to be easily added, or be able to make custom additions look better ie. Add the services logo instead of picking one from the list, and even being able to type in a colors hex number to match the service.
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1 year ago, Nose Pillow
My only complaint
Is that when I set a payment profile to renewing monthly it counts it as 30 days instead of on a certain day of the month. After using the app for so long that due date ends up being a week or two off from what’s factual. Also! (I guess it wasn’t my ONLY complaint.) If a payment is due in 2 weeks and then drops to being due in 13 days it says a payment is due in 1 week and it makes me a little bit scared until I open it up to see the first payment date. I love this app, it has been my favorite that I use so frequently to manage my expenses. I’ve tried the other apps and even paid a monthly subscription but nothing compares to the simplicity of Bobby.
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5 years ago, jasperum
Showing all your subscriptions in a clean & intuitive UI
If you need a subscription tracker, this app’s for you. It’s easy to use & understand, functional UI & other tools that may help you further down the road (Touch ID app lock, iCloud sync, notifications). Note that syncing, app lock, unlimited items & visual settings (dark theme & different homescreen icon) are paid upgrades. But for the low price & functionality, it’s worth it.
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2 years ago, 7CentsVern
Glitchy, I want to like it but it doesn’t work well.
I wanted a simple place to keep my monthly subscriptions and budget and at first I thought I like it, but it doesn’t work well. Categories disappear. There was a blank category that appeared. I clicked on it to delete it, but it wouldn’t let me and then wouldn’t let me out of the category, making it useless. I tried deleting and reinstalling. The categories all together disappeared. It’s not a good app. Not worth 2.99 for all access, simply because it doesn’t work. I’ll be requesting a refund.
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5 years ago, My review here
Great app to keep track of your expenses
Dark mode could be darker, the colors you pick for your bills don't show the same after you finish adding the bill ( on your homepage ) fix that please. Also would love to have separate tabs to separate bills and subscription or like bills that i pay for someone else, so it shows the total in a separate tab and not add to my main bill total. Besides that, app is perfect
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6 years ago, T_PH_R
Great App
I’ve been using the stock iOS Notes app to track expenses. Needless to say it’s a very tedious process to keep up with and make changes. I’ve downloaded and tried numerous apps to track expenses of bills. All had too many features and took too long to set up. Bobby is quick to set up, visually it’s easy on the eyes, I live it adds up the expenses for me. Keep up the great work. Worth at least the .99 to get up and running.
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6 years ago, LuckysClub
Only halfway there to being useful
This simple, pretty app lets you track recurring expenses, but really has no tools to help you dig into figuring out what they mean and how to evaluate them. It should really have a tagging system so you could get info on narrow categories and answer questions like “How much am I spending per month on entertainment services?” or “How many weather app subscriptions am I paying for?”. You can only figuring out things like this manually, which defeats the point of putting them in this app. The app is a locked box, since you can’t even export the data you enter and then try to analyze it somewhere more helpful, like a spreadsheet. I can’t really recommend spending the time to enter data into it when you can do so little with what you’ve entered. The only reason I really keep it is that I like having the cute squirrel icon on my screen.
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3 years ago, Ms B6
Love Bobby
I already love Bobby (been using it over a year) and I know it could be so much more. I actually put all of my bills not just subscriptions in Bobby because it’s so much more intuitive and readily available than most apps when I’m looking for a quick view of what’s coming out of my account soon. Keep up the good work. Get the upgrade it’s minuscule and helps the developers continue to update this awesome app.
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2 years ago, LiskB
Simple, in a good way
I was looking for an app exactly like this - simply something to track my many subscriptions. I don’t need budgeting features (I have YNAB for that) and don’t need someone to negotiate my bills. I’d like to see some more organization features, but other than that this app is near perfect. I immediately saw the utility and spent the $3 to upgrade to the premium version.
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4 years ago, WD409
Missing just ONE feature
Highly recommend this app! It needs just one more enhancement to really round out its usefulness. I need the ability to see total cost per month (currently you can only see total cost per month for the CURRENT month). I need to be able to see what the total cost is for all the UPCOMING months. This is especially usefully for identifying those spikes in spend due to quarterly, or annual subscription charges. Adding this would be the icing on the cake.
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1 year ago, pop.corn🍿
Love it
I normally don’t write reviews but I just had to make one. The themes dark to light, the choice to choose between monthly-weekly-or yearly total expenses. The best one is the “All in one pack” it’s totally worth it. It comes with unlimited subscriptions, fonts, Face ID/password, and even syncs to your cloud! The app is great if you have many subscriptions for games, shows, online apps, and best for bills. The app can sort them out by category or you can make a subscription which you basically choose a app that’s not available on Bobby. (Ex: Company Name: Netflix Color: choose color or #F44C13 Company URL: https:// Icon: can upload from library, files or photo) If you dont have this, you need it. I Love Bobby.
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4 years ago, bstef
A lot of built-in services! More than other apps!
This is a great app to track and see quickly all your monthly and yearly subscriptions services It has a wealth (no pun intended) of items to choose from more than other apps I've seen! I unlocked the premium right away at a nice discount - is worth it and allows unlimited items and iCloud sync/backup, dark mode and FaceID lock. Also they picked a great name for the app! 🤓
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2 years ago, Fu€ked up
A great app
This app is awesome. Bought it from the start and that says A lot cause I never buy apps. easily keep track of all your expenses in one place. My only suggestion is they allow you to subtract something after it’s been paid and that reflects in the total monthly expenses. Besides that it’s a solid app and I would recommend it to anyone.
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4 years ago, HarryB1129
Amazing app!
It’s an amazing app for sure. Super simple and straight forward. I do love that you can customize and set reminders which is great! But is there any consideration on being able to check off the reminders or mark as completed? Almost like a task / bill paid. I feel like it would give users a good sense of being on time with bill payments and being able to physically “mark it complete” for the month, gives that peace of mind feeling.
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3 years ago, Dylan Casteel
Was happy until...
This WAS exactly what I was looking for. A way to keep track of my subscriptions and it was free. Until I got to the paywall. The app likits you to 5 subscriptions and then locks you out of more asking you to pay $1.99 for unlimited subscription adding. Pretty bogus considering I only needed 1 more spot for my last subscription, and I refuse to pay $2 to add 1 subscription to the list. I wouldve rather they just had ads on the app instead of a paywall. Another shady thing is they put the ability to add security to your account (pin and facescan lock) behind the paywall as well.
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10 months ago, SomeoneEtAl
Some clunk, mostly great
Bobby is so good for people like me who struggle to keep track of subscriptions. I mean, honestly, I think that describes just about everyone. Only reason I hesitate to give 5 stars is that there’s a little clunk involved in adding subscriptions. Many are not pre-loaded to select (something I’m sure will improve over time) and some really important stuff gets hidden by a drop-down when you’re entering a custom sub. I think even the frequency is hidden, iirc. Last little thing: I wish there was a smoother response when I add a sub to a category. There’s not really intuitive feedback that hey, the entry I just added is in this category. Overall, though, thanks for a great app, y’all. ✌️👍
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