BofA Prepaid Mobile

4.8 (314.6K)
69.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bank of America
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for BofA Prepaid Mobile

4.83 out of 5
314.6K Ratings
3 years ago, GhostMonsterBoy
Expedited transfer via app-reminder/securuty
Roxanne Teran was extremely quick to pick up the phone (get on the line) to help me. She mentioned the convenience of online transfers, and assured me that the language used only referred to a short period of time as opposed to one-and-done, per sé. In any event, after verifying my identity, I did the transfer in less than a minute, partially since my bank info was already saved from a previous transfer a couple months prior. I told Roxanne that I was also cut-off 3 or 4 tines that previous date, so not having this time to keep calling in and verifying my card number/security hint made me feel safer. Roxanne showed great patience early when I realized that I had the wrong card in hand (not BofA but stimulous) and waited while I hunted down in about a minute through a crowded drawer, the correct one. Thank you to her and BofA for your support during ongoing challenging covid-related instances.
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4 years ago, mrs.chud69
Almost does everything you need it to do,( the app not the bank account!)
This app works pretty good considering the kind of account it’s made to accompany. I mean being as it is for the EDD’s prepaid card,and apart from the deposits you receive from the EDD, there are no other deposits allowed but it really gives you quite a few options as far as the different kind of notices you can receive in terms of low balance, usage above a certain amount, potential fraud notification and the best option, I feel, is the one where you can actually shut off your card if you misplace it and then turn it back on once you find it. It’s SO much better than having to call in to cancel your card and wait 3-5 business days for the replacement when you find your card the next day in a back pocket of your jeans or the purse you changed out of in a hurry!!! It happens to me all the time with other cards.. wish they all had the option. On the other hand, the one thing I don’t like is that you’ve got to log into another app to see your monthly statement and I can’t understand why. It would be so much easier to have it all there in the same app, especially since you do have a couple days of transactions available to you on this app. If they’d change that, the. I’d give this app five stars.
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2 years ago, MatiAASSSSS
Biggest Problem Ever
I was supposed to receive a ton of payments every 2-4 weeks through my unemployment for the last 12 months while I was gone out of town but none of the roughly $7,000 loaded onto this app for no particular reason. Didn’t have a phone while I was gone for a year,Didn’t think it would matter as the money was supposed to load on their instantly,Now I have to file a huge complaint to unemployment who won’t answer now because they’re so busy and they’re not giving out $ much anymore now my luck of course so I had to reopen and then also re-file my claim again because mine closed since this app wouldn’t receive my money and they still won’t get back to me like they would before right away it was so easy before and I doubt this app will magically make all that money appear so no I do not recommend this app to anyone at all as after a while of receiving SOME payments they for sure most definitely decided to take all my $ obviously so I got completely screwed over since I needed that money so very much and now I’m in debt to my house and much more since I was counting on that $ :) awesome.
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4 years ago, Cocopari
Very limited app - almost useless and borderline criminal
The EDD BofA app does not allow transferring money from your prepaid account to another bank. There is only about 2 weeks of transactions to be found. No history or statements. Truly frustrating and dastardly when you need to access your account urgently. For transfers and statements you must log into the full website whose login ID and password can not be the same as on the app. Then the login malfunctions and locks up. Then you have to call BofA customer service and spend minimum 45 minutes to get into the website to touch your own money. For a few months I gave up on the site and would go from bank to bank atm to transfer money. I fix this please. I have often thought to involve the federal watch dog groups to look at how Bank of America is using time delays to profit from people dependent on a fixed income.
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3 years ago, Jlong910
Bank of America card holder
I’ve been with Bank Of America since early 2020 and they’re always on pinpoint Precision keeping me updated and alerting me of anything I have set and also corrects any errors or any unauthorized transactions that may occur from merchants or whomever. To sum it up the apps and employees of Bank of America are user-friendly, up to date, also they will answer all of your questions concerning your account and address any concerns you may have with it, and more importantly got your money covered, which is a good feeling with all the other stresses in life. Thank you Bank of America I will be with you guys for a while to come....
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2 years ago, firebirdchick77
No problem with app
I haven’t had an issue with the app just an issue with the App Store. I deleted this app and I just tried to download it again but it won’t let me without a credit card on file. My card has a fraud alert on it that I’m trying to clear so I can pay my phone bill. But I need my phone service active to clear the fraud alert so I’m stuck. It makes no sense that I can’t download a free app that I have previously downloaded without a payment method on file, yet I can download updates to other apps and apps I have never downloaded with just my fingerprint. And there is nowhere to contact the AppStore about this. I tried the link if you have problems with the app but that’s only for when you spent money on/in the app and had problems. I tried the link to contact the developer even though it’s an issue with the App Store but safari tells me it can’t contact that server
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3 years ago, moniza66
Not the first time I get screwed by BofA
Many years ago BofA screwed me over on a new checking account that I opened with them, I had deposited my payroll check and schedule all my payments, everyone got paid but BofA themselves, why? As a new account they said I needed to deposit cash to pay BofA, bull crap if you asked me, my check didn’t bounce and all the others got their money, so my credit card with 0 and 4% went to 27 and 30% over night back in 2008, I closed the account and I’m a happy Chase customer ever since, fast forward to 2021 my EDD money is in this BofA account and after weeks of not being able to login to see my balance because I assumed that they were doing a schedule maintenance overnight I still can’t login to see my account and then I learn on the news that they’re getting sued for mishandling EDD accounts, except this time we the people don’t have a choice to switch banks like in 2008. Shame on you BofA , everyone stay FAR AWAY from BofA 😡
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4 years ago, Poetik13
Dissatisfied and disappointed with the funds transfer and availability of funds to accounts! You no longer support cash app so we as a consumer have been denied the choice of how we receive our money when in fact cash app supports BofA and actually helps walk your customers through how to receive benefits! Not only has that made it frustrating but almost virtually impossible to transfer money you leave us with very few options, the one time transfer option is garbage and makes funds available finally after 5 days and what not! You’ve forced your customers to either use their debit card for all purchases or make up to $1000 withdrawals a day which has ultimately left your consumer powerless when it comes to receiving our funds! Last but not least it’s unfortunate that BofA the account service provider for all unemployment accounts doesn’t in-fact treat us like customers it’s like we realistically are a bother to them as a service provider
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4 years ago, sostuckinthe90's
Login issues - no support
It took me a few days after activating the card to be able to log in with the app. One of the issues is that it uses your EDD MAILING ADDRESS not your billing address, but it doesn’t indicate that when it asks you to log on and enter your address. After trying to log in 3 times and over 2 different days with both my mailing and billing addresses it worked. A heads up that the help number on the app is bogus or out of commission and only plays a busy signal. I tried calling the customer service number on the back of the EDD card as last resort but there are no customer service agents available; the recording says to call back later, then it hangs up - no hold feature. Hope you don’t have many issues because there’s not support for the app. Good luck,
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4 years ago, dcevon
Easy Money
This app makes it possible to access money with ease !!!!! Simply download the free app and instantly control your bank account with the touch of a screen I love the attention that was put into each and every option that is given to me as member of Bank of America using the prepaid app I can order a replacement debit card, access all transactions made on my account and even instantly block a transaction all without dealing with calling or ever leaving my home which is most important right now with the spread of the virus going so rapidly thank you Bank of America for being an amazing professional company and god bless
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2 years ago, Super_Void33
One day the app told me that something was wrong with my card, and it told me to call some sort of phone number. Once I tried calling, a young woman immediately picked up (and this was during long after hours) and she said that I have to give her the card number, as well as my social security number and date of birth???? However, while on the call I searched up the number on google, and it said that number was a reported scam!! This was all terribly wrong so I hung up before giving them anymore information, and my card was then locked up and I couldn't access all the money I had on it! This has made me entirely aggravated with the app as a whole, and I am entirely distrusting of using it any further. If this app is the real deal, then they REALLY need to work on their security so no one gets scammed anymore. ABSOLUTELY UNBELIEVABLE!
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4 years ago, May 53
Clear, Simple & Easy to Navigate
There’s only a handful of menu items to choose from but they’re everything you need: balance, recent transactions, transfers, card settings, etc- all laid out front and center. You don’t have to navigate through a ton of links to complete simple tasks (if you have elaborate, specific needs, use the actual website instead). This app is perfect for quick account info, transfers, and updates. Very convenient that it also includes a direct link to the the state website, so if there’s any discrepancies you can jump right over and see what’s up. Great, simple, helpful app!
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3 years ago, #1 megz
So far I think everything is great the only thing I would recommend would be so that there’s a way you can not only do you more than a weeks worth of transactions but as if it were real bank be able to find out who the transactions are made from so that you are not being scammed!. Because at the moment I know I’ve already had quite a few hundred if not thousands of dollars taken since Covid began because of people getting a hold of my card but I have no way to backtrack it in the system through more hoops they don’t have the time for
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4 years ago, Flowersgrandma
Thank God for Apple
Tried to sign into website unsuccessfully so I called the number on the back of the card but the person that answered could not help. Somehow I was transferred to fraud after waiting an hour and a half on hold who asked me a million questions only to have to transfer to another person saying it won’t take that long. After almost another half hour I got a prompt that someone was unavailable and their mailbox was full and then it hung up. Fortunately I was able to use my fingerprint ID on my phone to get in the APP. What a nightmare !!
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4 years ago, suiteV33
The worst bank
Don’t keep your money in any kind of B ofA account if you need to pay bills or get gas or anything that could be time sensitive they constantly block your card literally for no reason my very first purchase was blocked for suspicious activity how could you know what’s suspicious for my spending on my first purchase now I’ve been blocked again for the 2nd time this month and have spent 2 hours on hold over the last 2 days I should be able to press a # for fraud department but no that would be to easy I stopped banking w BofA years ago because they constantly cut my card of when I was traveling even if I told them in advance they are the worst banking experience I ever had now w covid19 i can’t go back to work yet and have no choice but to deal w BofA agin much to my regret because California EDD uses them
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4 years ago, Tinasappreview
Don’t download this!
Please do not download this app. Once I did I got completely blocked from accessing my EDD BofA account. This app is worthless. The only thing you can do is see your balance. That’s it! Please read the issues about this on Reddit. I’ve tried the multiple “remedies suggested and none of them have worked for me. Far too many people are the same results as I am. There is a 2-3 hour wait for customer service. I now have to drive to an atm and pull out the cash and deposit it to my checking account. It’s absolutely ridiculous. An atm I frequent is often out of cash and I’m sure it’s because so many people are in my situation. I had set up the auto transfer when I was still able to log in but it’s not doing it. I’m stuck with my method or waiting for hours on hold. SERIOUSLY DONT UPLOAD THIS APP!
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3 years ago, mobilecellphone
Behind the times
This all is behind the times for standard banking and card apps. There is no way to view transaction details or dispute transactions inside the app, to do that you need to call customer service. :( Needs to have transaction details like more info about the merchant and ways to dispute transactions, such as a double charge. Also cannot view monthly statement inside the app. The contact info takes you to a PDF without hyper links to click on the phone number and email and save it, or scroll like a pate made for cell phone. It’s a pdf, where you zoom in to read the info and then copy from there. Can the developers finish the app features that are standard in 2021? The app support link in the App Store does not work.
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1 year ago, Danielly78
Card still active
It’s good to see that the resources are not wasted as far as carrying over the same account and card number from my maternity leave two years ago and now that I am unemployed, the account is still able to be used. The personal address still had to be updated manually and is still linked to a closed bank account. It would be nice to have the ability to update linked accounts within the app.
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4 years ago, Need_Money
Good but not great
Customer service people are nice for the most part, but the process to get your card unblocked can take 45-90 minutes. When you first call, you have to give all your info to verify, then you have to be transferred to the fraud department, that takes 30-45 minutes on hold, then you have to give up all your info again to verify you, then you have to be transferred to the risk department, hold another 30-45 minutes, then give up all that info again for the third time! Haha I mean wow! Oh and you can just go from the first person to risk, you have to go to fraud then risk. Someone made there systems and checks very convoluted and unnecessary.
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7 months ago, CaliRya
Can’t log in
This app is very basic. I’m actually okay with that. As long as the basic functions work. They usually do, but I can’t even log into the app today. I’ve tried periodically for hours and I keep getting the following message: “Sorry, we are unable to process your request at this time. Please try again later.” It just feels like Bank of America is putting in very limited resources and it’s been a poor user experience for a while. But it’s obviously worse now because I can’t even log in through the app. Fortunately, the website works on my MacBook, although I don’t think that’s a great experience either.
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3 years ago, corbinrussell
Very helpful and thorough
First off I just want to say that , I love BofA . I’m 28 years old, a small plumbing and handyman business owner . I can’t even begin to tell you how good the custom service has been for me here at Bank of America . Everything Is laid out and broken down in a very simplistic manner in order for literally anyone to be able to understand and get an issue resolved ! Couldn’t say enough ! Other then I’m very satisfied with all of the services provided by Bank of America .
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3 years ago, Mister.NoS
Widely available atm bank serving all your banking service
Just the quickest and most convenient bank of choice and when it comes to sending or receiving, debiting or crediting. Service is top notch and wide area of ATM for ease of use. I once had a bad experience with a bill pay service but customer service were quick to help me with my situation. Fraud or unknown charges were rectified with a turn-around time less than 72 hours. Got 4 bc. turnaround time for debiting funds not equivalent to that of balance made crediting, even if not clearing expressed by vendor.
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3 years ago, Jcprins
Convenient with a Couple Downsides
I received a prepaid card as part of my unemployment payment. It is generally convenient, but I found a few downsides. The card cannot be used at ATMs. While I can transfer money to my personal account, it takes a minimum of one day (to be fair, sometimes just overnight) and sometimes longer to receive the funds even though I bank with Bank of America. Finally, I misplaced my card. It wasn’t stolen; it was just lost. It took more than TEN days to get the card. That was brutal. Otherwise, it is a handy way to get my unemployment payments.
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3 years ago, M-Triple-M
Love the convenience
I have been around long enough to know what it is like to do everyday tasks with laborious time and energy. Once upon a time you would have to wait to receive a check in the mail, drive to a bank, stand in line then wait days for the transaction to process. I received money and transferred it to my bank in under one minute and the funds will be available the day after tomorrow. Amazing!
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1 year ago, Tinyt 76
Great app but,….
It has a lot of bug issues either. There is a technical error constantly or it just won’t let me login. I will use my face to sign in & it will still prompt me to go check my email and get a pin number and using with that like my face log in is not good enough! I don’t even bank through Bank of America. I just use their prepaid card. But the app I use with my actual bank (Hancock Whitney) doesn’t even have issues like this and doesn’t even prompt me to check my email after my face login isn’t good enough. Fix the bugs, it’s annoying!
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4 years ago, Damiandinosaur
Good, but could be better.
I’ve only been using this app for about a month now, but it’s pretty good for what it is. It’s fast, and simple to get something done. I just have 2 problems with it. 1.) The interface isn’t very appealing, and there’s not a lot of options/features to take advantage of but that’s trivial. Other than that, the only and really main issue I have is 2.) With the ATM locator. I’ve tried using it to locate ATMs from everywhere between my house in Los Angeles all the way to the dead center of Las Vegas, and tons of ATMs show up and most of them show that they should be free. Although every time I’ve gone to a “Fee Free ATM”, I get to the end only to get a notice that I’ll be charged a Fee. Even though I’ve made sure I’m at the correct place and using the correct ATM. I’ve even made sure and asked if the ATM has been newly placed there and that it wasn’t the old one that was Free. The only Fee Free ones I’ve found have all been BofA ATMs.
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2 years ago, LR-2124
Very impressed with the security department
Some crazy stuff going on with my card tonight and one call to the BofA Prepaid number on the back of my card took care of it. My card is locked down tight now, with a few layers of security and new transaction limits. Change your passwords often guys and set up transaction limits and alerts so the crooks can’t get you. They could have ruined the holidays for me. I feel a lot better
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3 years ago, Jsponger
Gets some of the job done
No frills app. No ability to update/change/delete a linked account once one is made. You have to call customer service to make any change. Sometimes it’s fine but for simple things? Come on BofA app and web development teams. You can do better. Be careful if talking to a rep. They have put me on hold over 10 minutes every time just to type up a small issue, like “customer wants to change linked account from checking to savings”. Just when I think they’ve forgotten about me they come back on. I get it, take breaks when you can. But really?
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4 years ago, mishi782
FYI Safari and chrome are not compatible with the Bank of America EDD website
I learned that from one of the representatives I was speaking with and they were telling me that that’s usually the problem is the default browsers. So then I use Microsoft edge and everything wet fell nicely in to place and I was finally able to make my direct deposit to my bank... too bad i only figuredit when when my money was practically gone…!!
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4 years ago, askmrlee
Simple to use but Direct Deposit not in app.
One reviewer who borders to being a troll mentioned that the app was changed and now you can no longer transfer your funds to a checking account as a way for the banks to “keep your funds”. This may depend on the funding source but I see that this can be done not on the app but directly with BofA online or by phone and setup so that this is done as a direct deposit. The URL and phone number are in the app FAQs so it’s as close to one click as you can get. ATM locator within in the app helps you locate no fee BofA ATMs.
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4 years ago, moneygirl009
The app is garbage
The app is so poorly executed that I thought it was a scam once I opened it up and looked at it. There is no functionality to it and is so limited that it’s worthless. Right now the unemployment website just briefly popped up for me because it’s been down for days. I thought I didn’t get my unemployment because the app didn’t show a deposit. Low and behold when I was able to log in to the unemployment site it shows that they did in fact deposit money. It’s crazy. Sorry Bank of America-you just made my bank Wells Fargo look like paradise. Obviously, you cut this deal with the state of Nevada simply to have some inflated deposits on your books so you can invest for your own good
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4 years ago, MexicanViking
App not working
I’ve e had to delete and download this app more times then I could count. Every time I try and open the app a Error message pops up. I googled issues occurring and some people said they had to use the app with the WiFi off; so I tried that and still it didn’t work. This has been happening going on 2 weeks now. Please fix 🙏🏼 error. App works great when it’s working.
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4 years ago, Great stuff, great fun
They gutted the app
Title and rating says it all. Someone claimed the app deserves a little credit for doing well with what little it does. Well, banks don’t extend unwarranted credit and neither do I. Firstly, the app used to be just fine. It allowed you to receive the money on your card, acted like a viewable bank account for that card, and then ALSO let you transfer that balance ELSEWHERE. But that means Bank of America might not keep access to your funds, and banks use funds. They need your cash to stay with them. So they updated the app. And now you can literally just look at your money with their app. That’s it. That’s all it “does”. I’m not impressed with an app that opens when you click it. The bar is higher than that. I’m not interested in their app telling me about atms. I already know about atms, or I can google it. What I can’t do with google is transfer my money. I literally could do that with THIS app one month ago. Sorry folks, big business keeps winning. It doesn’t get better. -3 stars if I could.
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3 years ago, Zob999
BofA EDD Debit Card App is Awesome!
The App allows you to set up a variety of alerts that notify you when deposits or withdrawals have been made. You can transfer $ between your BofA a accounts. Easily lock and unlock your debit card. Makes me long for the old days when you used to have wait weeks for a check to be mailed, then several more days for the check to clear. NOT.
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3 years ago, SkiDoo Scott
They could be a little more detailed and have info on your transaction history with the balance on there as well and be able to pick a date u can go back to check transaction history and be able to change that date also be able to check certain transaction by what type of transaction it is and where it took plsace
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4 years ago, cheyhTspn
New update is bad
Never had an issue with this app until the newest update. Didn’t show any money in my account even after it was deposited ( I had to look it up online account just to be just I got paid) it also takes much longer for my balance to reflect after I buy something and it keeps glitching . Like not showing my money at all or not showing my transactions. Also it’s very slow now. It’s incredibly Annoying that the new update brought so many problems when I never had any before.
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3 years ago, kelistheone
It’s my money
have money in Bank of America that I can’t use I because they won’t give me any access to it I’m now homeless I’m about to lose my storage which I don’t have any access to that has my family heirlooms and their history and they just don’t care the just blame someone or something else the money is there why can’t I use it is that the it’s supposed to be aren’t they supposed to have your best interest for you come to your aid if you need it not let you fall by the wast side and say I’m sorry I just can’t help you with your money it’s not our problem you can’t gee we t your money It’s my money
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4 years ago, Patricks bible review
The love of the at ease use of my Bank of America app
The love of the at ease of my Bank of America use It has been so easy to check my balance at anytime either noon or midnight checking my account is a breeze and it lets me know when a transaction has been made and if I approve it or not so there are no worry’s when I use the Bank of America online app it feels like it was designed for the on the go shopper
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4 years ago, TheTrueAnt
Don’t bother
Not sure if they gave this to an unsupervised intern to develop or if they just run completely different instances between the browser login and the app login. Created my user profile via browser and verified its creation, yet still had to change the password to the same password I set it to previously. And still the “security” settings are incorrect when trying to login via app. I am staring at the logged in account on my browser but this app is a petulant child refusing to listen to its parent. Just go to your browser and log in to your account. Maybe BoA will get their crap together someday and fix their app, but don’t hold your breath.
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3 years ago, Louda H
Worst prepaid card I’ve ever had it constantly flags the account for fraud, I called in unauthorized transactions and my account was closed due to assumptions that my account as a whole wax fraudulent without giving me the chance to prove my identity just like EDD does. It feels like guilty until proven innocent when it should be the other way around. I have called numerous amount of times and the people that are supposed to be providing me customer service end up learning a thing or 2 at the end of their call. They are extremely rude!! Lazy!!!! And don’t even know how to help me at times I wish EDD would switch out of B of A.
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3 years ago, an noy ance
Unable to access app
I’m using an iPhone 11 Pro Max with this app for couple of months now. At first the app been working fine. Just this last two months I keep getting an error message stating”there is an error, please try again later”. I try reinstalling the app, it work at first but now it doesn’t work any more. Try resetting my Face ID, still the same issue. My phone is running the most current iOS release. Not sure what else I could do now since the app doesn’t get to the sign in menu. Just open up, error message, then press “ok” and all you get is the red background with the BofA logo on it. What a waste of an app now. So disappointed.
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4 years ago, Mahersinjary
Can’t Login
I haven’t been able to login to get access to my money, very poor experience. Even when I want to reset my password and press Forget Password I never receive an email. And the desktop experience is even worse. Whatever information I input an error message comes out. Please fix this, and I understand your customer service is overwhelmed during this time, but please allow solutions via your email. Because I emailed and they said I have to call the number on my card and I have tried calling so many times but can't reach a representative.
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4 years ago, mjdagr67
Waste of time
I’m not sure how this app got a 4.8 stars because it’s a useless app. It won’t let me log in. It keeps giving me an error message saying log info is incorrect. When I sign in on the web with my details it’s goes right through. This app has been saying the same error for months now. I believe the developers have given up on this app. Shame.
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4 years ago, Trump is a clown
Good job for EDD and B of A
B of A has been a good partner for EDD! Did direct deposit onto this prepaid card makes it very easy to do cash transactions as well as transfer money into my other accounts. My only issue is that I’ve had to change my password numerous times because your website does not remember it, but that is a small price to pay for the convenience that you’ve offered me!
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10 months ago, greenflame2038
Can’t Transfer Funds
This app is only good for viewing funds. Wanna make a transfer? Good luck with that. When you try to do a one-time transfer, the app points you to the website to link the account you wanna transfer to, only problem is there’s no option to link an account on the website so it just points you back to this app. Basically an endless loop of trying to get your money in the right account. Huge inconvenience as this means I have to drive to an ATM to withdrawal every time I want to make a transfer. Other banks don’t make you do that. Please fix it.
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3 years ago, H.J.F. Sr.
The convenience of having banking in the palm of your hands.
I find this app to be convenient. It gives you full control of your banking, spending and being able to control your card. This cuts out the middleman. You no longer have to wait on the phone for service. Just press a few buttons and it’s right there in the palm of your hands.
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4 years ago, theblur4
Now has option to complete a transfer
I’m so glad they added the option to complete a transfer! Before adding this feature, I only used the app to check the balance & then had to go on my computer to complete a transfer. Now, I can take care of everything I need to get done within the mobile app, what a time-saver!
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2 years ago, jsd2007
Clueless ~Sent money back to woman who did fraud on my account after they paid me!
Unbelievable! A small storage company property manager charged random charges on my account after I paid her in full with cash. The only reason she had my card was from a reservation fee that was refundable. I had to fight to get that also. Whoever filed my claim didn't say it was fraud so the time frame was too long so they sent her back my money she stole! I appealed and pleaded but they insisted on paying the thief! I could just throw up!
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4 years ago, Rainy927
Declined transactions!
How embarrassing! I went to McDonald’s this morning to pick up breakfast and I presented my unemployment card from Bank of America to pay for the food. To my surprise my card was declined as if I had no money in the account and I had over $300! What is going on? I’m hearing on Facebook that it’s happening everywhere that be a VA is declining charges on the unemployment cards and now I check my account on my phone and it’s telling me I’ve been suspended! Why can’t I get to my money? I will come into the branch and pull all my money so that I can spend it as I need to
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4 years ago, tbsnwbrdng7
I would like to receive an alert (text msg to phone) every time my card is used for any transaction. Is this possible? I haven’t seen how to activate this feature. The list of past transaction only goes back one month. I get no paper sent so I have no record of anything after it drops off the current list. Is there a way I can keep the list going for my record? Please respond. Thank you
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