Boggle With Friends: Word Game

4.5 (41.2K)
249.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Zynga Inc.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Boggle With Friends: Word Game

4.48 out of 5
41.2K Ratings
3 years ago, Momof5k
Could be better but still enjoy
I hate the annoying sounds. HATE them and I can’t play with them off as I need to hear whether I’ve already done that word or messed up on my word. It’s just a thing and I need the sound. They could do away with all the annoying “good”, excellent”, “AMAZING”, though. Also the wasted time at the end of a match having to wait for the scores to scroll up and more annoying sounds. My biggest issue, though, is after all of this time I still can’t figure out how to actually earn coins? I may have 50 today and then 18 tomorrow. I realize I use one to play but do I earn them when I win? I’ve googled for this info and read through the FAQ’s and have not been able to find this info. I don’t have coins appear after a win so I’m just lost! As others have mentioned, it’s also frustrating not knowing if an opponent has used power ups. I personally do not use them. I just want to play the game. I do enjoy this game and it’s way better that scramble with friends that hair always had the same words puzzle after puzzle. I do know I’ve played the same puzzles before in this game but that’s not happened enough to make me want to ditch it.
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1 year ago, Ghcjei
LOVE IT just a few bugs
I’m in love with this game and despite what the other reviews say I love the sounds! The “good” “excellent” “amazing” “INCREDIBLEEEEE” are so encouraging to me ! but the main problem o have is that for the weekly leaderboard challenges the scores sometimes don’t reset for certain people each day and they carry the score they got from the day before all week and it keeps adding up. Especially during a 20 point per word challenge someone keeps getting scores of 4000 but then the next day the challenge will be every word must stay in the highlighted tiles which honestly no one is getting more than 1300 in those be honest LOL. But then those few people will somehow have their exact same score from yesterday (4000) and it keeps happening for the rest of the week and at the end of the week they have a total score of 28,000 when the rest of us have like 15,000. It’s not a huge deal but I want the satisfaction of knowing I have a chance at winning. I’m certain this is a bug and not these people getting the same score everyday because sometimes someone will keep a score of 2785 each day or 5123 or something random and there’s no way they keep getting the same random number every single day. It’s also usually the same people that have this bug I think it has something to do with doing the challenge right as it’s about to change to the next days challenge
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2 years ago, sdess212
Boggle is fun, but lost in the mess of an app
It’s Boggle, which is what I wanted but the app itself is just terrible. When I open the app, I can do one singular thing, sometimes 2, before having to restart the app. It doesn’t fully freeze, you can still scroll up and down but you cannot interact with anything. Restarting app will just perpetuate the cycle, which is what I have to do to play. I have deleted and re-downloaded but still have the constant glitches which are what drove this review. -The app/developers do not offer the purchase of an advertisement free version. I would gladly pay a couple bucks to not watch the same ads repeatedly. I would still occasionally watch ads for power ups and coins, but I personally hate the constant ads. -The coin system and power ups are mildly annoying, but designed for micro transactions for people who play like that. -The app is weird to navigate, the friends listed is only people you’ve already played games with, usually just random Smart Match people. I once found a list of friends, started a game from it and I have never been able to find those friends again. -The tournaments are okay, the tickets aren’t really worth it solely, there should be a few power ups or coins in the 1st place prize. Overall, the game of Boggle is fun, but it gets lost in the applications annoying and constant glitches. It’s not going to hurt you guys to bump up all the rewards a bit, and may even get people to spend more money.
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4 years ago, Silvrwood
Recent downgrades
When I first started playing this game over a year ago I would have given it 4 stars: perfect except for a bug that prevented daily rewards from being enabled some days and then cleared the bonus for not picking up the daily reward, the daily challenge sending me right back into the daily challenge upon finishing, and rarely the game eating my bonuses by crashing upon starting a round but not refunding the used bonuses. While the game has proven more stable in the last 2 or 3 revisions, developers also added a feature which drops my rating to 3 stars. The game now has extremely distracting sound effects and pop-up visuals in the corner of the screen. Visual data design dictates that motion draws the eye, and the eye should not be drawn away from the board in a game that is time-limited and requires focus. Nor should the sound disrupt one's concentration. The developers should instead add a subtle color change to the whole board to notify players that the game is ending soon, thereby accommodating players who have different hearing abilities without distracting players. The great aspects of this game are that between daily challenges, challenging other players, and tournaments, I can play as much or as little as I want, alone or with others. Aside from the aforementioned, the game is appealingly designed.
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4 years ago, yoochews
Make it tolerable
The negatives that are detailed in thousands of reviews are largely true. That aside, some things can be done to minimize the distractions and irritations. Obviously, playing with your device muted is a must. Regarding the long wait times while ads run, I’ve come to just close the game immediately after playing a round, then open it right up again and the ads are gone. The only exceptions are “Daily Matches.” If you want your 3 coins, you’ll have to endure the interruptions. Lastly, I play with the one free power up and I only want to play against others who do the same. So, if it’s clear that someone plays a different game, block them. It’s a quick fix, and you don’t have to take a loss. (Not that I mind losing, so long as it’s due to a difference in ability). The exception to “not taking the loss” is when your opponent is playing nicely, then zaps you with 145 words in the last round. Not much you can do about that except be glad you’re not so much of a superficial person that you would do the same thing to make your record in a game look more impressive. Well, of course don’t let it happen twice - employ the block.
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5 years ago, tomdert
Decent game
I have been playing for several years and find that the game has much to keep it I interesting including the tournaments and daily challenge and new bonuses. However it is riddled with bugs which is very frustrating. The daily challenges do not keep track of rankings despite continued promises. The bonuses are not working and the tournaments sometimes fault out for no good reason. Fix the bugs and it would be an awesome game. Don’t fix them and I will likely give up on the game. The new tournament format is terrible. Too few options and actually fewer rewards despite promises of increased rewards. Also daily challenge still does not track rankings. There has been improvement on faulting out on tournaments but still occurs. Update: Continue to be very disappointed with the tournament play options. Also again the daily challenge does not keep track of rankings the way the older version still does. Getting less and less to keep the interest. The bonus board is pretty much a waste with providing more coins than are really needed rather than give tickets and power plays which are much more useful. Seems developers are more interested in making money than keeping the game interesting.
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7 years ago, cleomatic
It kills time, unless you want to play more than 30 mins or so at once
Unlike meatworld Boggle, after a year of play, I've concluded that there's just not that much of a variety of words you ever get the opportunity to play in this app. It punishes you for playing "too much" and forces you to buy tickets or coins to keep on playing--or wait it out. I get that they make money off in-app purchases, but you also have to sit through a constant bombardment of ads and there's no option to pay to avoid the ads--some of which force you to click through to the app's download page to get back to playing Boggle. It also watches your web searches and serves up ads by mining your history, often forcing you to click to a web page you've already seen/gotten the info you need. Worst of all, there seems to be no shortage of creepy guys who try and use it as a nerdy dating method, "you're good with making words with your fingers, what else do those fingers do?" I hate it when random strangers get to chat with random strangers they're playing against because this seems to always be where it goes, but at least you can block players. If I didn't have friends who seem to enjoy this app so much, I would love to never see the app version again. And I adore Boggle in the meatworld, so...
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4 years ago, Jnazzal
Please fix freezing problem/extremely slow game
Until about a month ago this was one of my favorite games, fast, challenging, and really fun and I consider myself to be a great player. Then, all of a sudden, for no reason that I can determine, the letters started to freeze and made the game so slow that it is now impossible to play it anymore. Every once in a while I go back in to see if the problem has been fixed, but unfortunately it has not yet. I would have deleted the app and started afresh but I’m afraid 😦 I would lose all the points that I have accumulated so far, and I don’t want to do that. Every time there’s an “update” I go back in to see if this problem has been fixed but until today it has not. Other timed games I play, like “solitaire” for example, don’t have this “freezing” problem, only “Boggle”, so it is the app itself which needs fixing. It would be really great if you could fix this as soon as possible so I can continue to play this game that I love, and then I would definitely give it ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Thank you for your help in fixing this defect.
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2 years ago, J~Bones
Extremely buggy but addictive.
As much as I like this game … it is the buggiest app I’ve ever downloaded. Sometimes it’ll just crash or become unresponsive and need to be killed and restarted. Most annoyingly, it crashes on about 4 out of every 5 tournaments I play. (So I tend to avoid them unless one of the daily quests is to play 6 tournament rounds.) Often, when choosing power ups for a match, the “play” button doesn’t change from “play with no power ups” even though I’ve selected three. (A workaround that *sometimes* works is to select a mega power up and then deselect it.) It also often crashes when displaying an ad. In these cases it usually just dies or goes to a black screen and becomes in responsive. It’s also a battery hog. I used to play it daily several years ago, got frustrated with the constant crashing and deleted it. I re-downloaded it a couple months ago and have found it’s just as buggy now as it was then. And now I’m about to delete it again. Sad because it is a fun and addictive game when it works. I wish the developers would put the work in to eliminate the bugs and make it stable, but at this point I doubt they will as some of the same bugs have been there for years. Oh well.
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6 years ago, Gabi98769876
Long-time fan with a couple of complaints
I’ve seen Boggle morph over the years through several versions. It’s one of my favorite online pastimes. I’m enjoying the current format, with a couple of exceptions. In the group tournament program, there is often a waiting period before the game begins once the player slots are filled - a glitch which did not occur in the previous versions. The second issue, which has persisted throughout all the formats, is in the letter touch function. I have to make a conscious effort to touch the letters very lightly when I’m spelling out my words. Even then, I often have to repeat the spell-touching when the letters don’t register which costs me time. And I don’t have this issue when I’m texting. It’s rather frustrating during the heat of competition. Not that I’m losing sleep over it - but an improvement in this department would make for a smoother, fairer game. Otherwise, it meets the mark. Thanks for the free and easy access to tickets and coins. If I had to pay, I wouldn’t play!
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5 years ago, kathyp94
Getting worse
I used to enjoy this game when it was word streak. I feel that it has gone down hill now that it has turned to Boggle. The ads are incredibly long in the new game, and for some reason, In the new game, the algorithm doesn’t match up players that have similar scores. I have no illusion. I know I’m great at this game, but I enjoy it, and know that word games are good for the brain. But without fail, the game matches me with player that have double and triple and sometimes quadruple my average score. To Their scores are partly because they’re better (I get that) but also because they are clearly using lots of power ups. Many of these scores are completely unrealistic...even for amazing players. I wish they would match up people that want to use a similar amount of “cheats” or none at all. Now onto the power ups. In Word Streak, I also feel like they are charging a lot more (imaginary coins, which build up VERY slowly, or you can buy with REAL money) to play, and use a single power up (which used to be free). They are clearly pushing players to the point that they NEED to actually purchase coins to play this game with any measure of success. Disappointed that they took a good game and ruining it.
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4 months ago, KLCB
Boggle and WWF2 - Technical Difficulties alll the time!
I love these games, but so frustrated to deal so often when the don’t load despite frequent attempts and making sure my versions are updated to the most recent. I’ve reached out for tech support many times, for instance, day after day after day, Boggle was saying I had lost a match - probably up to 30 of them, but I was never in a match with the players they were referencing, and the score was showing zero - zero. Screwed up my number of wins and my record. Other than bots, I got no response. Recently, I was unable to get into WWF2, for approximately 3 weeks. I kept going back to see if anything had changed. Nothing nothing and nothing. Then one day without doing anything differently, I was magically able to resume playing, but I had “resigned” all of my active games. Currently, Boggle will not load. The most recent “update” has made the game unplayable. It”s been a week and I cannot get the game even to open or launch. Guess what’s gotta be happening to my active games? Of course this happened after I had a bit of extra time and had just loaded multiple matches. Is anyone else going through this? I am just about ready to shut Zynga down.
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11 months ago, Beachgal2002
Problems with chat for almost 2 months and tiny chat text
I love the actual game and have been playing Boggle in all its many iterations for 13 years now. I have played some of the same people for ~5-10 years and chatting with them adds to the game’s enjoyment for me. This past June my previous chats suddenly disappeared and it became apparent that people weren’t getting my chats anymore and vice versa. I was able to confirm this with some of the people I play with through email or when their chat started working again weeks or more later. However, there are at least 7 of my “regulars” who I still can’t chat with. I’ve written Zynga numerous times and was told they are aware of the issue (the last couple of times it’s been crickets). It’s getting close to 2 months now making me wonder if they’ll resolve the issue. When the chat IS working, the text had gotten smaller with the last update. Work with us here, Zynga. You’ve been around for awhile and so have a lot of your players 😉 so please bring back larger more legible text size.
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7 years ago, NKarigaca
Very enjoyable game!
1st review below. 2: One problem: when I finish a third rounds and want a rematch, the game keeps showing up with "done" rather than "play". I have to go back to a completed game on the top line to play. It's annoying. Otherwise, I still love the game. The game has really become a significant part of my life, one of the ways I unwind, keep my brain active, engage with words, which I love, and interact daily with some family members. This version has continued improvements other versions have made. A few minor problems remain, but nothing frustrating except for the fact that the words in the "chat" are almost too small to read if one uses an iPad mini, as I do. (COULD THE FONT BE MADE LARGER, PLEASE?) Other minor problems: 1. Sometimes when I tap on a game someone sent me, I get a white screen (maybe for chatting) instead of the game itself. When this happens, I try a few more times, and I always get the game eventually. 2. Occasionally, when I finish with a game and try to start another, the lower right box keep saying "done" instead of "play". 3. Sometimes when scores are over 100, the score is just given as 1.. instead of the full number. 4. Before I got to my number 2 point, the words I was typing went underneath the keyboard, so I can't see what I'm typing unless I stop and pull up the screen, which won't stay up unless my finger is holding it up. This has always happened when I've tried to comment.
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6 years ago, TickleMeCthulhu
Pay to win piece of crap
I love the core game of Boggle, but I cannot stand the implementation of pay to win. You can never tell what power ups your online opponent is using, so you’re strongly encouraged to use your own. Oh, they give you one for free, but the rest require tokens which, to be fair, you *can* earn without spending a dime, but by now, I’m sure you know how this works. If you play a lot, you’ll run out of those tokens fast, so if you want to keep playing - and you want to keep up with your competition with power ups- you’ll need to throw some cash in to buy more tokens. It’s terrible. How can one hope to beat an otherwise evenly matched player who has a full extra minute of time in their game? I wish there was a league or something where you could play without any power ups. Yeah, your scores won’t top the power-upped leaderboards, but at least you’d know that you were playing on an even field. I don’t know- maybe there should be a way to see what power ups your opponent was using. By doing this, the developer could allow the player to know they’re playing a fair match, and still be just as greedy by strongly encouraging us to use/buy those stupid power ups.
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5 years ago, Mattymateo2241
Used to be Good
Played this game daily for years when it was Word Streak and something before that. Loved it and probably played it more than any phone app game. I always wondered how Zynga got away with calling it something other than the Boggle I grew up playing in the real world in the cube box with the clear lid where you shook it by hand and used a little old sand filled hourglass timer. Thought everything would be fine when it changed to Boggle. I was forced to update from Word Streak after avoiding it as long as possible because the game play is just all around inferior. I can’t make nearly as many words. I kept thinking maybe I’d get used to it, but I’m bout to just quit playing. I would give the older Word Streak game 4 1/2 stars. I gave this current version of Boggle 3 stars, but that’s just because I didn’t want to totally trash a game I have loved for years. Like I said, I think I’m just going to quit playing this new version bc it’s so inferior.
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2 years ago, Ncgina
Great fun
Love the new scramble now boggle...just would like to see more of a selection of daily prizes....seems to be a lot more ticket than power ups, like mega freezes, or extra tokens, or other power ups. Also, I would like to go back to themed daily challenges....themed boards would be fun and different. One other suggestion, would love to be able to delete past chat messages. Overall, love this game p, I'd give it 4 1/2 ⭐️'s I’ve been playing the paid game since 2012 gone thru all the name changes. I like the sound effects, it’s like having a cheering squad behind you. I understand that when playing opponents you should be able to see each other power ups., tickets are not much of reward as tokens are. I’ve asked several times before how you get bejeweled frames. I have not received an answer, I’d like to know how I can get my Initial Frame jeweled. I enjoy the game I would like to have the Themed games back, also the holiday themed games too.
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2 years ago, jamossori
Love to play, but noise and ads annoying
Great game, play almost everyday with friends or daily matches. Only problem is the annoying sound and ads!!! To avoid the sounds you have to turn off the sound on the side of your iphone (but then i forget to turn on and miss calls/texts). In the settings you can turn volume to zero on for sound effects and music volume, but when the game ends the sound for ads still play and it’s quite alarming. To avoid that you have to wait for the ad to start, then tap the sound icon on bottom left - and do that after every game. Also, they make it hard to move past the ads. There is often two screens to x out of to stop the ads, and the “x” icon to shut it is very small and doesn’t always work. I often have to exit out of the app to get out of the ad. Wish they did something to fux as i see te last review from a year agai also comolained about the sound
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3 years ago, Obpuzz
Big Fan of the game; I also hate the sounds
I love playing this game! There is little ad interruption, which is a huge plus! Usually I find myself deleting other games after a few days or just letting them gather dust on my phone, but I play and enjoy Boggle daily. I do hate the weird sounds that persist even when you’ve chosen to turn off Sounds in the settings. They are kind of like punishment for playing! Instead of looking like a respectable adult answering texts, you are suddenly and unpredictably revealed to the whole world as a game player. It is very possible to play this game without purchasing anything. I do remember at first that I had to wait for tokens to regenerate; then I found the Tournaments and also started using the features built into the game such as checking in daily and the daily and weekly challenges to accumulate tokens. The daily challenges are a fun goal, very achievable.
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4 years ago, Ravrach
Sounds in Game and Ads Won’t Turn Off
First, it would be great if the app had a settings tab which would enable contact with Zynga. Sadly, their app help doesn’t offer that either. I enjoy this app for the most part. The recent addition of sounds in the power up emoji is awful. I don’t even want these emoji, but I have no choice. They pop in regardless. I now have to turn my sound off on my phone to play, because there is no option to turn these sounds off. Worse is the sound on the ads, to say nothing of the increase in ads and their expanding length. Even with my phone ringer off, the ad sound comes in at full blast. Scary at best, and at worst, it wakes up my partner. Now I have to turn the sound all the way down - even though the ringer is off - and it seems that doing this for one ad isn’t enough. I have to do it on more than one ad for the absence of sound to take. Wake up, Zynga. Not everyone wants to be bombarded with noise when they play. Make an option for no sound, please. Thanks. My rating would be higher save these issues.
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6 years ago, Sogtgvhjvhdsv
Fun but lots of bugs that gets annoying
I just upgraded to this version from Word Streak. I love playing the tournaments but ever since I started using this version for tournaments it always freezes my entry where it kept showing me it was still preparing but other players were already playing and I would still be on the entry screen. This happened multiple times until I would just end up quitting and lose my entry tickets. And sometimes it would just stay on the screen forever. Another quirk is after the game ends I used to be able to swipe back to the previous rounds to see what everyone scored but in this version it automatically jumps to the leaderboard (which I don’t care for) and goes back to main menu. Gets annoying. Other than that I do like the new games and challenges it has over Word Streak. But now when I play tournaments I go back to the old version. Update: ok so I’ve just completed a tournament and found that it did not update my power-ups. Do you know how many tournament games I had to play to finally reach completion to earn power-ups? Wasted my time, very aggravating. Would give negative 10 stars if I could. Good bye app!
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6 years ago, BillHorvath
Fun with Flaws
The game itself plays well; most of the problems are in the infrastructure that surrounds it. The delay waiting to see scores is annoying: rather than just showing your score and your opponent’s, you have to wait while the score display spins through every number between 0 and your respective scores. Every time that happens is five seconds of your life you’ll never get back. What’s infinitely worse is the messaging/chat system. It’s broken down by game (rather than by opponent), so if you have more than one game going against one opponent, you can have multiple conversations going as well, meaning you have to flip back and forth between games and check chat in each one to remember what you’ve said. Even better, no chat history is preserved across games; each game is a fresh slate. That’s great if you want to conceal evidence, but not so helpful if you’re trying to remember what you said to someone last week. WWF’s messaging solution is far superior.
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6 years ago, SkepticUsh
Great Game! Some Limitations
Boggle is a fantastic game with some serious upgrades over the years that make the game way more challenging than in past times. It’s totally worth the download. However it lacks certain thing that limit the game and shift it all together into a brand new stand alone game. Power ups are great fun. But it would be swell to join matches that only match players who don’t want power ups. To Harken back to the original game for which I am endlessly a fan of. The power ups do tilt the game in the direction of the person with the most which is fine but the coins to purchase the power ups have to be earned which places a deficit in the game some what. Easily avoidable by doing the bare minimum for a week or two should put one ahead to battle it out in power ups. Lastly for me, the biggest issue by far was not being able to chat to those I am playing. I understand there is a chat feature but over the last month (since I downloaded this game) I am have been unable to talk with those I play. Which is a bummer. Because I feel like I’m missing out on making friends and learning from other players. So developers (I’m not above thinking I’ve not done something wrong in trying to chat so please lend a hand if you can.) I am able to write chats but completely unable to see what others write to be. Can we fix this wonderful bros and lady bros? I’m trying to make friends here. Much love!
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6 years ago, Cnp8942
Horrible glitches/Can only keep playing if you spend $$$$
Where do I even begin? I never leave reviews but this game has made me so frustrated. I love word games and am an avid Words With Friends player so I thought I’d try out Boggle. The obvious glitches during tournaments and the short ads during matches don’t even bother me much. What does bother me is that I have beaten several levels of the Solo Challenge and have not received any tickets for it and it’s also obvious that the only way to win during tournaments is to buy a ton of power ups with real money. No, I don’t think I’m the greatest player ever, but there’s no way that 65 year olds are on there doubling my word count/score without power ups. 5 power ups per game?! Come on. You can even see when they use 2/3 minutes worth of freezes. What is the point of even trying to play if you aren’t willing to spend money on the game every single day? I get that in app purchases are common, but this is ridiculous. You also get no rewards for playing regular matches, don’t why would I keep playing? The developers of the game really need to take a look at how absurd the structure of this game is.
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4 years ago, JustinOring
Needs improvement
I like the game and challenges. My favorite part are the power ups of inspiration, freeze and more. What the game needs is a better layout on the home game page. Very confusing and hard to see what’s going on. Also to see how many tickets I have I can’t see that in my profile or on the game page or anywhere unless I start a match. I also can’t chat with anyone after a game. To chat or continue hating you have to start a new match. So no saying gg after a match. Dumb. You can play against friends, but you can’t have a tournament with them. So if you have a group of friends together you can’t all play at once in a tournament. Maybe you could just play each other and keep score that way. Not a nice. So I feel there is a lot of room for improvements. I guess my biggest complaint would be there is no way to remove ads. I would pay to remove all the ads but can’t. Money only goes towards tokens or tickets etc. I hate that with a passion. Other than that it’s fun.
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6 years ago, FlyerChick
Favorite Game
This is my favorite game. I love word searches and this one keeps me engaged. You can play as much or as little as you like. I play daily and feel like I am constantly improving. There are some bugs but not enough to turn me off and they seem to be fixed quickly. Some feedback for the developers, I wish there were more opportunities to earn tickets, coins and power ups and it would be nice to pick your prize. I love the daily challenges but I miss the ones with a riddle answer or certain words to look for. The daily challenges are a lot of fun but I wish the payoff was a bit better. Also, I hate the difficult letter search. You could play all day and not get any puzzles with those letters. I play daily but there is no way I can play that much. I guess the purpose is to get you to spend all your tickets and make an in app purchase but I can’t spend that much time playing. Great game though and I can see that many people play daily.
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5 years ago, Sadie47
Good Games but it Needs to Fix Some Problems
I like Boggle. The games are fun and I think it’s pretty good brain exercise. However, the game has some flaws that need a fix. I don’t understand their timing for some major play. Sometimes the game is available at 3:00 am and sometimes it is available mid morning and sometimes it takes until afternoon. But some of the parts that are needed to fulfill the game card becomes available long beforehand. That forces the player to play in the middle of the night to finish the card to score the points needed. Then there’s the games that require players from a player list. The majority of those people don’t finish their games and they just sit forever in a list that prevents you from fulfilling the requirements for the game. It’s ridiculous to have to wait for players who won’t finish their game. Clean up the list or give the player a way to finish the games without players who don’t or won’t play. Sometimes the game sticks and the player can’t finish the game. Sometimes the points aren’t awarded. When the game freezes up you lose your “payment (tickets or coins) and it usually freezes before the beginning of the final game in the series. That’s frustrating! If you can deal with the problems and the frustrations, then by all means play the games. The games are fun and challenging. I just wish the creators would fix the problems.
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4 months ago, WordieFu
Fun but broken
Been playing this game for literally years, since its “word streak” days. After it was bought out by Zynga, the game turned into a resource hog, and it eats battery like nobody’s business. On my old 6S model I can go from full charge to 30% after just a few minutes of playing … none of my other apps cause such a drain, including games that are MUCH more visually impressive. Although there are rarely if ever game-play improvements, the experience continues to degrade because of the ad network. We’ve gone through several phases where ads would pop open your browser without permission regardless of where you clicked, (i.e. ubcloseable), ads that crashed the game when closed, and the latest: ads that cause the sound channel to cut off each time they appear, meaning unless you quit out of the game and re-launch it, you’ll have no more sound effects in a game which relies upon them for status as you play. This is on iOS 15.8.1. Come on Zynga, that’s pathetic. Get your act together.
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4 years ago, Boggle Queen Gail
Totally awesome game!!!
After reading many of the other player’s reviews, I had to write one of my own. I must be playing a different version than these other players because I have NEVER run into any of the problems or glitches that they complain about. I always receive plenty of power-ups for free-I just choose not to use them unless I’m playing against someone with incredibly high scores (and I suspect they got those high scores by using power-ups themselves!) This game is so much fun and never frustrates me in any way. And I’m extremely picky about the games I play. Try Yahtzee with Buddies (Scopely) if you want to play a horrible game with terrible customer service (and on the flip side of things try Scatter Hold ‘Em if you like playing poker-I can’t even begin to describe what an amazing game it is with A plus customer service) Keep up the great work Zynga, you created a real winner with this App!!!😁👍😁
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4 years ago, Tarahair411
Hands down the best word game app.
Yes, I would enjoy a few improvements like more affordable coins, tickets and power ups as well as a more affordable no ads version. But! As far as word game apps go, Boggle is the best of any I’ve used and continues to be my favorite with every day use. It is truly therapy for me as a no drama zone outlet. Hats off to the creators! On a side note, I love the feature that allows you to block players. Some people are just creepy and knowing the developers appreciate security enough to simplify the process gives me more confidence in them all around. Another tip would be to pair up players in the tournaments in a more fair way would be great. If I am running 100wpm and the others are running 300 wpm it’s not going to be a fun match for either party so working on that tweak and giving more rewards all around would be a 5 star rating and gaming perfection for sure. I look forward to more Boggle fun and hope to see positive changes soon!
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3 years ago, CraftyVic
Losing bonus
I get all of those cards collected down to the very last one snd I think ‘cool! Tomorrow I’ll collect a decent amount of coins so I can play a couple power ups vs. some of my better opponents.’ Then for some reason I don’t log in the next day for whatever reason (very rarely do I not play at least a few games everyday) and when I DO log in it tells me I missed out on the big end of filling out the whole card bonus because I’d not logged in or I’d abandoned the game or whatever! That’s ridiculous!! Maybe it was after midnight when I logged In so the game thought I’d missed a day!! I can under stand if a full 12 or 24 hours had passed, but maybe less than a full 24 hours? That’s crazy!! Make it like 36 hours! That would at least cover some one like myself that might log in late one night (after midnight) or sometimes not log in til the next morning!
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6 years ago, Rjpomerene
Bogle Review
I play every day multiple times and enjoy pushing myself to think and move quickly. I like that I can review the words I could have played at the end of each game. Bogle is fun. The only improvement is to curb advertisers who bypass sound. I keep sounds off because I often play at odd times when I can’t sleep. These “rude” advertisers blare sound and wakes my husband. What if you try to play bedside at a hospital waking a sleeping family member or roommate in a hospital or nursing home. I fully understand you need advertisers to support the games which I enjoy but these few who design and program to override the off sound for players actually makes me angry. Some people have a legitimate reason for turning off the sound. I love the cute Pampers advertisement. I can enjoy it and smile every time I see it without the sound. Otherwise I love playing Boggle, it keeps me sharp, it keeps me social. Five Stars.
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7 years ago, JulieAJarvisBarker
I like not seeing who is using what
I am seeing many reviews where players are wanting to know what power ups their opponents are using. I like not knowing. If I get beat, I don’t care how I got beat, it makes me feel more competitive. I like seeing what worlds were found that I missed. I don’t care how my opponent found them, I just like learning the new words, then using them later. It’s actually made me a better player. Until I learned all of the possibilities with words, I sucked at this game. I was trying to find as many small words as possible. Now, I start each game scanning the layout and specifically looking for letters that make words longer and therefore worth more points. In short, I like it. I’m not going to pay for power ups, but if someone who I’m playing against is, I suppose they rightfully won the game; they actually spent their money to do so. I’m okay with that.
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6 years ago, Kathy McCune
I used to enjoy playing some of the players who were similar in ability over and over again. That seems to be impossible because the game keeps throwing you new players who quickly fill up your allotment of contenders, therefore, you’re continually playing new players. Don’t forget we are humans and sometimes we form weird little “relationships” based on words. This only happens when you look forward to playing certain challengers because you know their game playing strategy. Oftentimes the game won’t let you challenge because there are too many open games. So boohoo. Can you go back to the way it was? Kathy M. I must also comment on the greed or whatever drives you to limit the number of tokens so drastically. The tokens are also hard to buy. I wouldn’t mind buying a few tokens but my iPad is nor recognizing my fingerprint and there is no option for a password login.
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6 years ago, sheryy77
Fun but glitchy
I love Boggle! It’s such a fun game! I’m bugged with the glitches though. It takes quite a while to load as opposed to other games that are much more complex. Nearly every time I play the daily challenge it sends me right back to the challenge after I’ve finished it and gone back to the main menu! What a pain. A few times my stats were all screwed up and wrong and at least twice it somehow gave my words and score to my opponent and gave me a zero! Often times I try to start a game but a glitch won’t allow it to start. Many times recently the game just closes for no apparent reason and I have to open it back up and wait for it to load again! Ugh! Now there’s the weekly challenge that I don’t care a lick about. I’m sure this adds to the long load time. With so many glitches I don’t think you should add more stuff. The apps capabilities already seem strained. The chat also takes quite some time to load. When the game works right it’s a lot of fun.
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4 years ago, Sandeigosurf
Thanks for Listening
I had complained before that they were hardly any power ups given as they had been in the past. It improved and then, once again very few rewarded. In fact, In the past they were very generous. As I’m a long time player that doesn’t like to purchase power ups, this has always been a positive and appreciated thing about this game, the rewards for playing. Now the new most annoying thing is the advertisements that were NEVER there. Thought I had purchased to have no advertisements, but apparently this game never really had any. If it continues there should be an option to purchase out of these advertisements. Love this game so much, but recent disappointments makes it frustrating to enjoy, otherwise I’d given it five stars as I have in the past.
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4 years ago, pullthetab3
Wasting Great Potential
Ok, been playing this game for 10 years, through various name changes and additions. The main game is quite solid and fun, and that’s what keeps me playing daily. The other parts, I just don’t understand Zynga. Even if they only have 1 guy working on this game (and I develop software myself so know it’s time consuming), there are so many critical issues that have gone on for years, and lost so many players, it’s quite sad and perplexing. To me, the biggest lost potential are the tournaments. Great idea, so poorly executed and has been since day 1. To allow players to freeze a round, or exit the tournament, and not immediately end their round, is perplexing. So many tines, like every match, someone sits at 0 for minutes, and you wait and wait and wait. Whatever the reason, even if they lost connection, kill their spot so the tournament goes on immediately, instead of pausing for minutes or what often happens, it hangs up. There are other problem spots, like daily challenge, recent change in chatting as a stream rather than game based (which would be fine if you tracked to the other person which game you were commenting about/from), yet I’ll pick my 1 main fix needed as tournaments. I’ve actually sent emails to Zynga over the years about this, and no reply. Nor a fix. Yet it’s still a great game in general. I just try to avoid tournaments and challenges.
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6 years ago, dncinv
Change The Decline FAQ
I finally deleted this game. I haven’t played as long as most players and am only okay. I hate that the daily challenge players can be 10xs as good as you. It indicates that you don’t suffer a loss for declining a match but that is just a lie. It constantly shows as “other player won”. When I reopen it, it is a game in which I have 0 points and declined. Often it says I quit when I did not. I may have quit A Game, once but 2 or 3 of 10 games will have one of the 2 glitches. Last the back button and touch sensitivity is terrible. After writing tech about the first two glitches many times and their replies being that you can’t decline after the other person played. What? If someone invites me to play then of course they played. I don’t know their score and decline because their average is a Zillion Times better. That was the last straw for me. Too bad I loved the game and since I have been very sick it has kept me occupied but not worth the bother if I can’t depend on support to comply to your rules.
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2 years ago, DNapes117
In-game text too tiny…It’s nice to have boggle online, but app tries hard to fit trends
I just updated this after a long time of not doing so. Immediately I’m spammed with notifications, telling me about power ups! special daily event rewards! coins! level up! XP! and like, it’s just getting annoying. My mom and I just liked the original game of boggle, yknow, with the dice, pen and paper, we play this game because we live in different states now, and just want to still have fun playing some boggle. This app doesn’t really cater to people who like vanilla game. It feels very much like it’s trying to mimic other popular games that do have these ranking systems and special rewards. But I really don’t want any of that, and I’d be surprised if I’m alone. The other very big thing is that after updating, all the text an UI became small, like very small. I feel like an old man trying to read the newspaper when I play this game now.
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2 years ago, schmitty623
So. Many. Bugs.
It's obvious the developer has no interest in improving the gameplay experience. I've only owned the game a few days and I've run into a mind"boggling" amount of bugs already. It looks like the last update was pushed out over 3 months ago so they seem content with collecting their ad revenue and letting us deal with the crappy experience. It's a shame. This is a well known brand and a seemingly popular app. I'm not sure I'll stick around long based on everything I'm seeing. You can do better, dev team! Update: the app has started to go unresponsive and crash with regularity, both after regular games and in the midst of tournaments. I suspect an issue related to the ads based on how it started suddenly 24 hours ago and the fact that there hasn't been an update to the app that could have caused it. I have submitted a report but am not confident I'll hear a response. Awful experience all around thus far. Dev doesn't even allow payment to remove ads.
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6 years ago, Doggilicious
Used to be better...
...then all this silly crap got added to give players more variations. I understand that. I don’t like it. Since the introduction of the add-ins, loading time is infernally long. One of the most annoying aspects of those additions is the daily prize. The grid shows the daily prize, which gets clicked. That pops-up a “mystery box” (which is no mystery since we’ve already seen it) which has to be tapped to open; & finally a collect button appears. It’s just three taps, two of which are completely redundant and therefore unnecessary. It’d be nice to have a “Boggle Lite” so players like me who don’t care for the extras can just play the game we enjoy. (New: I did finally note the small settings button which allows players to opt out of so-called smart matches (they are not: 1 in 10 reflects my skill level) and other potential matches. It was nice to find, but changing that option did not improve the game-load time significantly. Since that’s not going to happen, I’ll continue to play, but the rating stands.
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5 years ago, K. Wren Leigh
Mostly good
I enjoy playing this casually. Game provides free coins to buy boosters like “freeze” to stop the clock and other things that help you find words. Coins and other gifties mainly come from a sort of Advent calendar - every day you sign in, you earn awards. A grand prize is awarded for a certain number of days in a row collecting prizes. For some odd reason, when I get to that day, the game tells me I didn’t sign in on time, which is odd since I tend to play the same time every day. Tournaments are available for the super-competitive. Lately randos have been challenging me to matches, people who have significantly higher average scores than I do. Thankfully there’s a way to decline such challenges, because I don’t enjoy being defeated by these players who clearly load up on the aforementioned boosters. Wish there was a setting to only allow challenges by people in the same scoring range.
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6 years ago, Hgsagogsr
Fun game to play only with your actual friends
I give this only 3 stars because it is fun but you never know if the person you are playing in a random match is using a million power ups. I play my husband and we use only the freebie. I know there are “professional” players (whatever the H*** that means) who claim that their fingers move faster than the speed of light and don’t use power ups but if you get one of them in a random match you will forever have your daily challenge compared to them as though they are your friend - random matches are NOT friends and I’m sick of being compared to them. So one star off for that idiocy and one star off for not telling the players how many power ups their competitor is using. So 3 stars. With the new “quests” that have a pop up on the top of your games while the totals are adding up, I almost took off another star. That is so completely stupid and I’m sick of getting reminders to claim my quest points.
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4 years ago, thedeshi96
Could Be Great: Ads & Pay-To-Win
This is a great game in so many ways. Great UI and design, lots of fun - it is a unique take on Boggle. But there are some problems that impede enjoyment. First is ads. This is an easy fix, and I’d happily pay for ads-free play. I imagine many others would as well. Second, and most important imho, is the pay-to-win style of power-ups. The mega freeze power-ups make it impossible to win against anyone who is using them. That is not an exaggeration - you will never win against someone using that ability unless you are as well, because they simply have so much more time. It seems to show up most in ticket-based games because tickets do not auto-regenerate, meaning there is more at stake. It makes those games far less enjoyable because there is simply no way to win when the other player has so much more time available. Words With Friends strikes a great balance between power-ups and fair play. Boggle With Friends has not found that balance yet. I hope they do. I would recommend removing the mega-freeze option and replacing it with something more balanced. The mega-inspire one seems more fair to me; it helps but it doesn’t guarantee a win. It’s still a fun game, but I simply can’t afford to buy power ups as often as I would need to in order to compete. These adjustments would make this an amazing game worthy of the home screen.
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5 years ago, GRGarber
Power ups are lame
TL/DR: either add a no power ups area or show us what power ups the other side used. Preferably you do both. If you’ve read any reviews, you’ll notice a common theme: it’s annoying to have to pay for power ups to compete with people who clearly use the “mega-freeze” and “mega-inspiration” on about every turn. The app developers want to make money, and I won’t begrudge them for that, but at least tell us what the other person used so that we can see if we were outcompeted or they just used a ton of extra power ups. OR just add an area where you can’t use power ups so that you know you’re on the same footing. I can almost see the wheels spinning in the owners’ minds: “But, if we make a no power ups area, then people would gravitate there and we would lose revenue.” Well, you might be right short term, but true Boggle fans are going to jet if they haven’t already since it’s frustrating to lose to someone and not know whether it was their skill or power ups doing the work.
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3 weeks ago, TryonScott
Enjoyable (When not annoying)
If you enjoy traditional Boggle, you'll likely enjoy this version. The gameplay is typically very smooth with few hiccups (usually only experienced when pausing/exiting the app is necessary for IRL duties). The only issues I've experienced which could be remedied are: 1) The dictionary being used. Many words which are a part of the daily vernacular are not recognized, most likely due to someone's personal feelings, while words which haven't been used in 200 years are included (and I am not referring to "curse" words). Honestly. If you find a word offensive, perhaps you shouldn't be in a business where words are required. Go be a mime. 2) The ads. I'm fine watching ads except when exiting them becomes a longer process than the ad itself. The advertiser/Boggle cabal have figured out how to require users to hit 5 different buttons to exit from them, many times opening up the App Store in the process with even a *slightly* misplaced fingertip. So the choice becomes paying $60/year for ad-free Boggle or spend 60m a month tiptoeing around the "X" minefields. I'm still in the camp supporting the latter as I can feed an entire family of squirrels on $5/month. Those grievances aside (and the suspicion that I'm being anonymously demolished by pre-teen prodigies across the country) Boggle is worth the trouble.
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3 years ago, CHLOEANNK1
Bugs and poor support
I would have given this game 5 stars as it is a lot of fun. But the bugs are excessive I.e. awarding less XPs (points) than it should, freezing, crashing, advancing the round loser instead of winner to the next round, the list goes on. Then, customer support is horrific. They are super polite and friendly but that’s where it ends. They’re comprehension is horrific. It takes multiple messages before they even get what you’re saying (with a 24 hour lag between message and response). I recently (5 days ago) was short/ changed XPs. After several messages support finally understood and claimed to have credited them. But instead, they zeroed them out! I’ve been messaging ever since but they keep asking for a screenshot from 5 days ago. Why would I have taken a screenshot? Do they think I should have foreseen that they were going to zero out my XPs?? Maybe they think I have a crystal ball? And the kicker is, even if I had a screenshot, they’re buggy game does not allow me to attach one. I’m beyond frustrated.
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5 years ago, Lillboat
Small format
I have been playing this game for a few years now. I really enjoy it. There are a few things that are not working well right now. 1. About 90% of the time, my score is the only one on the leaderboard. Occasionally, the others players show up, but not often. In other words, I’m mostly playing against myself. Why is that? 2. After a game is finished, I have to wait about 30 seconds before I can restart a game with that player. Otherwise it says “done” and I have to go to the finished games to restart that game. Irritating. 3. I have always had a problem with not being able to play on a “level” playing field. I only use my free power ups, except when I know someone continuously uses more. It is a losing battle to out “power up” another player. Have you considered another option? I would like to know that my skill was what won or lost a game; not by how many power ups someone is willing to use just to win. 4. I rarely play in the tournaments, so those pink tickets are like a punishment to me. I probably have thousands saved that will just keep accumulating. You have fixed many of the previous glitches. I am grateful for that! It is a great game. These are just some of my personal issues. Thank you. Ann Lilly
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7 years ago, keithdotcom
Response to Cleomatic
First of all the app is a wonderful game and a nice learning tool. You can spell big words if you know big words. With the puzzle being so small it is difficult if you have a limited vocabulary (like Cleo who rated it 2 stars and wined about it). Nobody uses it as a dating sight unless you are responding back or make yourself noticeable in that light. There are rude people that get their feelings hurt because you outwitted them. Some like to use the blame of buying words. It’s part of a strategy, sometimes using words can inspire your mind (or jump start your thinking). When folks get curt or rude I just say “have a pleasurable day. There is not a shortage of players. You can play free games all day by signing up for tournaments etc. The game is good dope and lots of fun. If you are looking for a serious challenge, come knock on my door and I’ll give you what you’re asking for. Have a great day everyone.
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3 years ago, Mattyrrich
Greedy (no free offline play)
Every game requires a token. You start out with 50 tokens. Your tokens regenerate slowly over time. You can also purchase tokens. They also show you advertisements in between games. With those facts laid out... I’m disappointed there is no free way to play consistently. Boggle is an incredible game and this company exploits it to make a couple of dollars. If I want to play offline against just myself, I should be able to do that for free. It doesn’t require a server since you should be able to generate a board and extract the possible words locally. Therefore, it shouldn’t require virtual currency to play. Also, it’s disappointing this company decided to make money off of users through ads and in app purchases. Ads can be a revenue stream when you have a free offering. These guys make you watch ads in addition to charging you virtual currency to play their game. Please don’t give your money to greedy companies like this unless you want this pattern to become the norm.
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