BOH Mobile Banking

4.8 (63.6K)
183.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bank of Hawaii
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for BOH Mobile Banking

4.8 out of 5
63.6K Ratings
3 years ago, Luckyfromflorida
Horrible check scans
Lousy check scanning feature, does the absolute worst job scanning checks I’ve ever seen, I’ve had to scan some checks over 10 times, then they changed and added a new feature that automatically took the picture, it verified both pictures taken automatically, and a week later I noticed the deposit was never made, so now I’m re-making the deposit, in addition, the interface is the worst interface and completely and self-explanatory, I’m half terrified to deposit checks using the system, as not one check deposit has gone smoothly, it’s so bad I’m thinking of actually opening up a new bank account and closing this one
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6 years ago, hollymakesawish
Touch ID locks me out of account???
I switched to Bank of Hawaii from Bank of America. What a mistake!! I chose Bank of Hawaii for its app, the TouchID feature I expected to work as in my Bank if America app. Nope. It frequently refuses to allow me access to the app, then forced me to reset my password which cannot be any previous passwords and then locks me out of the app AGAIN because I’m using the new password and the website and the app apparently don’t communicate. All of this because I wanted to log in and transfer funds? This is the definition of inconvenience. This has happened so many times since getting this app. This last time it wouldn’t let me log into the website either. I had to call the automated service line and wait a total of two hours to talk to a human. This is the most horrendous service ever. Don’t roll out an app with this many bugs. And then tell me you have no idea when they will be fixed, it could be years. YEARS?! Pull your app then if you’re telling customers to just use the website. Your app impedes service and blocks customers from their bank accounts which is the OPPOSITE of what it’s supposed to do. Do not make an app available that does not work and makes customers lose access to their accounts for days while trying to contact your customer service people. This app is worthless as is. Pull it and don’t release another one until it’s customer ready.
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6 years ago, keiko m.
Convenient app
I only use this app for depositing checks and checking my transactions/balances so I can only comment on those features which have been very helpful/functional/easy to use! The only features I'd ask for is to add the new balance after every transaction like the website has. Perhaps it can be a setting that you can turn on and off. And then, for the check deposit feature, to add a flash or lighting option for when you don't have the opportunity to have more light in your photo. Otherwise I have enjoyed using this app and will continue to use it! Update: Changed my review to 4 stars (from 5 stars) due to a weird bug the app had where it wouldn't let me login with my passcode or my regular login/password :/ and the only fix was to completely delete my Safari/internet cookies/history/etc. which in turn closed all my browser windows and logged me out of all my accounts within Safari :/ That's also on Apple for making a crappy "all or nothing" option but still, I hope this bug has since been fixed so it won't happen again :/ Everything else about my previous review still stands, though!
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3 years ago, Melia_Vixen
Cannot open app often
When I’m at home and I’m connected to our home Wi-Fi, I usually have no issues opening the BOH mobile app. However, when I’m out and about, I can almost never open the app. I’m immediately met with an error message. If I’m not mistaken the error message number is 0011, but I might be mistaken. It basically states that the app cannot open and to check my connection and try again. This issue has been a real obstacle for me as of recently, due to my debit card being canceled and I’m now waiting for my new one to arrive in the mail. During this period of time, I’ve been using the careless cash feature to withdraw money from ATMs. However, if I cannot even open the app, I’m unable to use the careless cash feature and I’m forced to stand in line and wait for a teller. Unfortunately, if it’s a day in which the branches are closed, I’m then left with absolutely no options to access my money. This is a huge problem. I’ve made sure my app is up to date, etc. to no avail.
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4 years ago, A.crystal92
Convenient yet not as efficient as you think
I used mobile deposit because really how convenient! I got a confirmation email the next day and my available balance was clear to make purchases however, I still got a $30 nsf fee. Turns out the mobile app available balance is wrong because BOH system updates at 9:00pm and those funds are only available the next business day after their system updates. So although I was not getting declined anywhere I also paid rent in branch and even she gave me my receipt of my available balance which never that day showed I was negative. And yes I tried to clear it with customer service because not even my statement shows a negative, she still insisted that although it shows my check went through one day with available funds, they are actually not available until the next day it says processed. Very unclear and super frustrating because they can charge you $30 a month and just say funds were not available yet even after it shows they were on app. Not worth it!
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6 years ago, Town rider
A little behind
BOH app, I just moved back from New Zealand, I use BOH in person and can not fault them, good bank and great service. However their mobile banking app is so outdated and is constantly bugging out. Sometimes even with correct log in credentials it will not accept me logging in. A call to the phone team to help sort it out and I’m advised to delete the app, clear my internet cache then re download it. Sometimes when I log on they ask me security questions I never selected, (this being the kicker) they ask street names of areas around me, now I know that doesn’t sound like much but they do in fact throw other island street names in the mix and ones wayyy around the island as a close to your address, as if you should know every single street name on island. To sum it up overall I’m happy with the bank, I just think they need to look at other national and international banking apps, compare and update it to the modern and reliable standard.
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6 years ago, Ope Nick!
Need to fix credit card updates
Please make an update that incorporates real time updates for transactions done with the bank of hawaii credit cards just as you guys currently have it with transactions done with checking and savings account. It's very inconvenient and doesn't give me a sense of security not being able to see the transactions done through the card. Also it would help a lot if you guys made some way to pay for the credit card bill through the app and give information regarding when the payments are due as well as minimum payment and what not and also the ability to freeze the card in the case that it is lost or stolen.
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6 years ago, D898989
Improvement Needed
I downloaded this app before and deleted. Now I reinstall the app and it tells me to enroll again. When I try to enroll it tells me my phone # had been used (before) so I cannot enroll with that number. But I don't have another phone # to use. The app no longer recognizes my previous enrolment but remembers my phone#. When I deleted the app it told me that all data will be deleted. I guess that's not true. This App still retains info after being deleted. When I install the app on my iPad there is no enrolment needed and no problem. I called BOH customer service and had to wait 15 minutes to speak to someone that he couldn't help me resolve this issue. Someone called me back near 5:00 pm to help me but couldn't either. She supposed to look into some set up and call me back but didn't. I called back but no answer. I suppose when it is her time off it is her time off. The customer is no matter. So I am disappointed in the App and the BOH's customer service.
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2 years ago, Speedysparky
Worst experience ever
There app and there online banking is an absolute joke. I had a auto loan set up at a dealership and when I tried to make a payment on line there was no way of just linking an external account and making the payment like every other bank out there. I had to first set up a checking account, then link a external account to it. Wait four days for a transfer to go through, then I had to call them so they could manually link my accounts so that my transfer from my new checking account to make my auto payment could go through. This is just insane to me. I should have just been able to link an external account and make the payment the very first day. O and when you call them be prepared to set on hold for a while, they are always experiencing a high call demand. Maybe if you made your system easier and more efficient, you wouldn’t have as many callers.
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6 years ago, EstherStarr
This app is so annoying and worthless I just open a checking account I did all the security sign in, password,username and guess what I could not find my account? The teller tried to fix it all is appearing on my recent account was my old account from Bank of Hawaii mileage credit card which was paid in full the teller told me it will take two days to clear it really?? Until now I still cannot sign in to check my account the same problem popping in, called customer service just to check your balance had to wait 45 minutes rediculous!! Bad bad service! Delete your App waste time ,
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12 months ago, Davey808
Please add box for payee, when banking checks.
When they closed down our local Bank branch a few years ago,I stated using the drop box for my banking, but then they took away the envelopes AND the auto teller twice mis-read a check and short-changed me $500 which I then had to call the bank about. That was when I decided to try the app instead. I haven't walked into branch in a couple if years now. One thing I’d like ask for is when I bank a check, please give a box to write the payees name. This would make things easier at Tax time.
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6 years ago, Tashminaj
One of the worst banking apps
I have never had so many problems with a banking app before. On NUMEROUS occasions including right now not only will the app not read my facial recognition and make me input my password all of the time. It tells me my password is wrong which I know for a FACT it is not. Also I always get a little pop up that’s says we’re unable to process your request at this time, try again later. No other banking app I’ve ever had does that once yet alone does it almost at least once a week. I’ve also had issues where my app tells me one thing about my statements and then I call or check online and it says something different so the app isn’t even accurate a lot of the time. I have finally got to the point of disliking this app and bank of Hawaii in general so much that I took the time to write this review.
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6 years ago, Coach Stace
Hot or not!
When this app works, it’s awesome! But the WHEN is a big problem. I have to uninstall and reinstall regularly - went from about every month, to week, and now even DAY - it not only stops recognizing your Touch ID, but will also deny your credentials (and I’ll literally right to the computer and login no problem). If you are near a computer, fine - but if you are out and about and need to transfer money, check your balance, or use cardless cash, it is is EXTREMELY unreliable and I would not recommend leaving your card at home. Like I said, it’s great when it works, but lately I have found that it’s more inconsistent and a hassle and the exact opposite of the convenience it’s supposed to offer
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4 years ago, Dahlina Bebeh
Costs me unnecessary fees
The app every so often will generate revenue for the bank by not updating and/or reconciling my account. If the app is designed to help me manage my account in real time it has failed .... it will not reconcile properly and then all of a sudden I get a late fee. Then when I reach out to the back they don’t reimburse the late fee that they’re caused me in the other side. This is why they have a class action law suit! They make money off of your late fees through the app. I’ve had this happens on severe occasions!!!
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6 years ago, JPinHawaii
New requirement for phone deposit
Made a deposit by phone as I have many times before, then left on a mainland vacation trip expecting to have the funds available within a day or so. A day later the deposit was declined. Apparently there’s a new endorsement requirement and I just signed the check like I have for every previous phone or ATM deposit. Customer service was unable to resubmit it, even just this once, without the addition of “For BOH mobile deposit only” but I’m now 5000 miles away from the check and can’t do anything about it until I return. I’ve been a BoH customer for 20 years, so I really expected a satisfactory resolution.
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5 years ago, Doc TBone
Seriously Flawed
Every time I switch smartphones this app requires a tedious wait on hold to talk with a bank rep. Any rep is only available during banking hours. After actually weaving through their circuitous robotron voice guidance you may be able to reach a real person. This rep will guide you politely through several steps before telling you that their system does not work with google. If you go into the bank and stand in line you may be lucky enough to get help, and the rep on BOH by phone told me I would be helped in person however I have never experienced such help at the Kailua Branch. So my advice re this app- either: 1. Never change smartphones 2. Use a different bank- one that can use the most widely used search engine rather than the ancient and early used Safari.
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6 years ago, Milla's Mia
Even cash deposits show as pending. The moment I receive a receipt from the teller that cash should be IN my account and available to be used. Available balances should reflect exactly the amount that can be used. Deposits are usually partially available but reflect fully in the deposit amount which leads one to think it is all available though it says pending. How much is pending? How much is available? It takes too long for checks to clear, weekends delay everything. So much is automated that why are weekends any different?
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7 years ago, iChris808
Replaced phone, now app doesn’t work
Have used BoH mobile app for years. Worked fine. This week I replaced my phone (same model iPhone, but had some h/w problems with phone). Now can’t get app to work. Six calls to tech support. Still not working. After reviewing other poor ratings, looks like we have similar issues/symptoms. Why can’t developer fix? Why didn’t tech support tell me?? Very frustrating. I’m getting ready to go out of the country soon. Need a reliable banking app. Maybe I need a new bank, not a new app!
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11 months ago, Ren Maui
Time to reach Customer Service is 7x longer than earlier this year. Customer Service Reps are unknowledgeable, don’t make efforts to obtain information they need to help you (I guess they do not want to consume their time to help), they don’t return phone calls that they say they will do, they don’t complete changes to bank account that they say they will do which then causes unwarranted charges to bank account, they are unfriendly, unprofessional, & curt at times to make the call short. They are concerned on who did not provide good service - as they shared that they have teams and want to know that their team member is not the ones providing poor service. And much more.
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4 years ago, SkycloudsHawaii2014
What happened?!?!
I’ve been using this app for years and have had no problems until now. For the past month or two, it has been looping and glitching EVERY time I log in. I use Touch ID to sign in, but now it resets so I have to sign on with my password and reselect Touch ID on every fifth to sixth time I log in. On top of that, it makes me go through the same set of 3-4 tutorial pages every single time I sign on, regardless of whether I use Touch ID or type my password in, and regardless of which of the three links I use that are given (they are: let’s go/later/skip). I’m so disappointed and annoyed that this is happening. I really like using BOH but this is driving me to consider switching!
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3 years ago, HSH Nurse
Easy and convenient
As a baby boomer who grew up without computers I have always been sensitive about computerized banking. But once you learn how to do it it’s so much easier than having to go to the bank!! I would tell baby boomers to let their children teach them. That’s what I did and it’s great ❤️❤️❤️PS. I also love private banking. Joe is 100% the best employees in your organization. He is so quick to respond to my every request and I am so happy to be a part of the “bank of Hawaii“ family.
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6 years ago, customer808
New phone issue
Got a new phone, just an upgrade. And then my BOH app would not work on my new phone (same number). after several try’s. I went into the bank and no one could help me. So after several efforts on customer service phone calls I finally decide to stay on the line and wait!!!! It took me 40 minutes to get a live customer service agent then a mobile specialist. What a drag. The specialist was knowledgeable and help resolve my sign-in issue. But it took forever to get to finally get him.
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1 year ago, shyshy808
two stars for notifications
BOH debit card notifications are on point. In fact 5 stars for that. However, the app is dated and lacks functions that is needed. Missing, disputes online, credit score, transfer comments, automatic linking of accounts, remove a bill pay payee, face if that actually works, budget software is a big one, linking other financial institutions, early direct deposit. Take a look at CPB and FHB their mobile platform is stellar. BOH is stuck in the 2000s.
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2 years ago, awkward._.noodle
Why is it that my BOH app never works at night when I need to buy groceries?
The BOH tells me that they can’t authenticate my “submission” so I have to wait to actually buy something with my own money… I like this bank but if I keep getting these troubles I might just switch.. Not only does the app NOT LET ME use my money when the app is down. It does this everyday of the week, by 4:00/5:00pm Hawaii time. I’m honestly getting tired of it. It got to the point where I stoped leaving my direct deposit in my bank account so I can pay for things and possibly buy groceries when I need to. I wouldn’t recommend solely relying on this app. I only rely on it to get direct deposit so my money and quickly be retrieved.
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5 years ago, cool spring break album
Okay App
The Bank of Hawaii app has improved a lot. But it still needs more improvement. Like being able to transfer money between Bank of Hawaii account holder and even add Zelle . Where You can text money to friends and even request a cashiers check straight from the app and even have a Card Controls menu where you can freeze and unfreeze said Bank of Hawaii debit card anywhere you are without having to call in. With all the new features I just mentioned I hope Bank of Hawaii can add this to the app really soon because I think we can agree we all need these features in our lives
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6 years ago, IvTran
Always an error
This app has a million problems when it comes to signing in. The Touch ID is pointless because it NEVER WORKS. I always have to put in my password and solve some stupid security questions which is really inconvenient because This app is supposed to be easily accessible. Many times there’s errors where the entire app stops working for weeks and you just need to uninstall and reinstall and go through all the trouble again.
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5 years ago, Moliciousmo
It could be better
I used to really like this app until I got a credit card with BankOH, it doesn’t update transactions as fast on the app as it does on the website. I also do like that I can’t easily make a payment on my credit card. I have an Alaskan miles card and use the Bank of America app, it’s much better. You guys should take a look and learn something from that app because your outdated app could very well cause customers to cancel their credit cards with you. Make it easy to make a credit card payment.
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4 years ago, douhatemyface?
Face ID bug
This app is absolutely essential during the COVID pandemic. I recommend downloading it and setting up your e-bankoh. One very annoying bug is that I have to reconfirm my Face ID sign in settings over and over. Additionally the app seems to forget that I’ve seen and read through all of the new feature tutorials even though I’ve confirmed that I’ve read through them for the better part of a year now! Check deposit is super easy, I’d love this app if they could work on addressing some of these interface bugs!
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7 years ago, drkwiat
Big problems with new update
I've used the BOH app for years. I installed the latest update today on my iPhone and can no longer login let alone use the Touch ID. Six times, I've entered the security questions correctly only to get bounced out of the app when it asks for a phone number. Wait until a new update comes out. After waiting several days and then uninstalling and reinstalling the app, it did work. Hopefully, it's fixed!
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4 years ago, kixntatz
For a reputable and one of the best bank here in hawaii, this app and the dev isnt very good. im sure you can afford to hire a better or say best dev so this app can change and updated. its been 6months since the last time and fyi most of us was not happy about the bugs and glitches since. right now i had to reinstall and install this app 10x maybe more just to get my card controls and adjust my threshold amount. this app used to be amazing very convenient from mobile check deposit , card controls and now zelle. but please please find a dev that can get your app back up and running! other than this BOH CS are the best. in person or on phone. Mahalo!
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4 years ago, ohnoreidr
THEEE absolute WORst app ever!!! Inconsistent accessibility! And at the very worst times! Right when you need it to make a transaction. Downloads updates constantly & smack dab in the middle of the day , high times of accessibility needed. How about running your zillions of updates at the off hours of the early early morning when most people are asleep and most businesses are closed anyway. Then, oh, its the not accepting your credentials that you just used recently on the app, now won't accept them. The worst is the not having access to it usually because its downloading updates and whatever else it does where it says there is an error - Retry... Oh my gosh, i can't stand this app!! Inexcusable shortcomings.
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5 years ago, 11111100000000654224667
Email log in verification every single login attempt
*This review comes from 8 months of BOH dealings. Website, app and branch experiences. Just to log on, no changes or transfers, just to simply log in. Both the app and website (Every single attempt, 100% of my attempts to log in) I am required to go through the process of email verification and text message verification. After that process is done, I’m required to make a brand new passcode, which then requires me reverify the new info all over again. Customer service doesn’t care to help, and the bank representatives at all the branches shrug their shoulders, saying just come in, we can help you during business hours. ARE KIDDING ME?! DRIVE TO THE BRANCH JUST TO CHECK MY BALANCE?!?!?!! Call after call, no one knows, no one cares. It’s not their problem, so I can go kick rocks as far as BOH is concerned. I hate this app, I hate this app with all my heart. BOH actually pays their employees to let everyone know, it’s not their problem, so they don’t care. Nice job BOH, way to really separate yourselves from the crowd.
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3 months ago, BigIslandHawaii, Hilo-girl
New app
I love the look of the app, it’s very appealing as it should be w/this bank’s name😉. Easy to use. I love that it’s so easy to get right to my accounts and seeing clearly at a glance what I got going on... Thank you😊👍🏽the only thing I would like to recommend is if there were a running tally of acct balance after you make a payment or charge, that would be very helpful. I hope you understand what I mean.
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1 year ago, 007 Rudeboy
Excellent Bank
My review is on 43 years of experience with banks. I’ve had Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Fidelity Federal, Chase and a couple of credit unions. I left each bank for different reasons I won’t get in to. Bank of Hawaii has excellent customer service, bank tellers are super nice and very patient and helpful. Customer service over the phone is just as good. By far the best bank I’ve even encountered and I’m with them 4LIFE now! Mahalo nui❤️
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4 years ago, tami kubo
Review I’ve had so much problems with t SYSTE in the last 3years thinking of changing banks bank
It would be really nice if your app worked when ever I need it to. It has been down ALOT ! makes it sucky to keep this account. Hope you guys find a ways to keep it up and running with little disruption! If things don’t get better sooner then later I’m looking to bank elsewhere. Tami Kubo
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4 years ago, Raif-Hi
Mobile check deposit
It took me a while to find the mobile deposit on the app, and then it was confusing taking the photos (you select the green check mark to accept image). It’s normal with other banking apps that deposit is on the top of the page when you open your checking account, and then it automatically takes the photos and fills in the amount for your confirmation. Maybe
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6 years ago, jksmusic
Really Useful App
I use this app almost daily. Checking my transactions, doing account transfers. I’ve also started to use it for mobile check deposits, which is nice, saves me a trip to the bank or an ATM. I’ve also found myself using card-less cash for ATM withdraws, it’s really quick. I do wish there more detail with the credit card and loan accounts. I get that it’s separate accounts, but if you’re going to display it, at least allow me add my login info so I can see all the info in one place.
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6 years ago, Oyster8585
Useful for basic function
I like it for the main purpose of checking in on my bank accounts. However, their deposit feature camera does not utilize the flash on my phone. Holding the phone above the check casts a shadow and the picture doesn’t come out very well. So, I have to hold the phone in one hand and hold a flashlight up as high as I can in the air just to take the pics for my deposit. Also, it would be nice if I could manage my BOH credit card in the app... but alas, I am required to download an additional app for that.
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3 years ago, kaliko
Good but often forgets login info
I am using this app on an iPhone with FaceID available. Overall I like the app: it's a great way to check my account balances, deposit checks, and transfer money between accounts. But on the down side, it frequently forgets my login and/or disables FaceID login which means at random times I have to go and look up my long secure password in order to log back in. Very inconvenient when out of the house!
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6 years ago, Fix-FB-update
The small guy
Your lobby on Bishop Street it’s just another example of how your bank is geared towards big business first and ignores the small guy. I watch as kupuna get confused. If the consultants you paid were so worth it, why would you need employees to explain to people how a lobby works? Market pressure forced you to do picture deposit for free, but initially you charged for it. In the process of moving my accounts and direct deposit to FHB.
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4 years ago, Granny2
Error 0014
Ever since your new system was set up I’ve been having a difficult time using online banking. I never had any problems before. Everything is so slow. Error 0014 keeps popping up and I don’t know what that means. Just to log in can take me 10 to 15 minutes to get to my accounts. Then it’s a hit or miss if I can do anything else after that. Is there a number I can call for help?
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6 years ago, Javajj84
Need to fix login issues!!!
Every single time they do system maintenance, the app doesn’t work and tells me that I have invalid credentials. I spoke to a teller at a branch and they confirmed that they have the same problem on their app whenever the full system undergoes maintenance. The app has to be reinstalled every time they do maintenance which I’m pretty sure is often. Having an app is supposed to make accessing your account convenient, instead it’s a hassle that I must complete the above at least 3 times a week and to either go into the branch or use the desktop website to complete my transaction. I switched from a credit union to this?!?
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1 year ago, Angry, Confused Client
Not much of an app…
App crashes or often fails to let me in. Either the Face ID fails, or I get the message “The data network is busy or unavailable. Please try again or come back later.” …except it doesn’t work when you try again or come back later. How do I know it’s the app? Because I can get into my account with no problem on a browser. Transactions also don’t show up in a timely manner, so really fails to provide you with the most basic service that a bank app should be able to provide.
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5 months ago, loyasheart
IPhone App makes Transfer Easy!
IPhone makes deposits Easy without going to the bank. It’s difficult to take time to go to the bank, so when I receive a check, I just take a photo & Deposit from the comfort of my home on the App. one thing I would love to see BOH do is on our phone App make it possible to make notes about the transaction
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12 months ago, 4Waters*
Most convenient bank app! User friendly. I can do almost everything on this app. I recommend to all family and friends to bank at BOH not just because of the app but more then that..what I like about Bank of Hawaii is there security, their identity thief service. They are so on it, they will text you right away of a suspicious activity on your account.
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6 years ago, Kalohe65
Worse not better
While I like some of the added services to the app they are useless if I can’t get in. I’ve been locked out of the app 3 times when I tried to use the fingerprint sign in. And as reported by others that leads to a nightmare or steps that are very inconvenient. It’s seems like the app got worse not better since the last update. Back to the drawing board BoH. I know you can do better.
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4 years ago, Pupstersmom
Pretty Good App
The app is only very good. There are times when the system is down though it’s been good for the last 10 months. Cardless cash is slower than using a card but that’s not the apps fault. I use Zelle all the time to transfer money but $500 daily limit is too low. It’s great though. I haven’t used card controls but could come in handy. Limit of $5000 for mobile deposit sometimes too low and I believe it’s the same at the ATM so have to go to a branch.
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7 years ago, RealRien
The app is pretty quick with syncing with the BOH servers. Transfers and transactions show up right after they happen on the app and the atm. I just wish the mobile deposit was just as fast. I'll update this when I get the email for when my deposit is an official transaction Update: I love the new updates and how everything is organized. This app is more functional and has a loan calculator
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2 years ago, Jenzen Kaleopaa
Where’s the Cardless Cash?
I’ve always loved the convenience of not having to pull my card out of my wallet and using my Face ID to deposit and withdraw cash in/out of my account. Please bring it back!!! I’ve always enjoyed the simplicity of the apps design and use. I wish there was a travel notification area though so i don’t have to contact the customer service line each time i travel, as frequently as i do. I give at 3.5 out of 5 (the stars don’t have halves)
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6 years ago, Iverson__
Getting overdrafts because transfers don’t complete
They make you press about 5 buttons to confirm a transfer and then even after it says it’s confirmed you check back on your balance later only to find you have been charged $26 for BOH’s mistake. This has happened to me so many times I’ve probably lost a show paycheck. And at least once a month the app locks you out completely saying “invalid credentials for this device” and all the tech support will tell you when you call is to delete the app and download it again so you can go through the monotony of setting the app up again. Time to find a new bank
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