Bolt Browser and Documents

4.8 (229.2K)
36.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Danyil Vasilenko
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bolt Browser and Documents

4.8 out of 5
229.2K Ratings
4 years ago, thanksforyoureunderstanding
the total experience
i originally would give it a appropriate 5 stars but over the time i used it i faced two major problems that led me to abandon this app completely. No this is not one of those fake reviews and i’m being completely honest with my experience with this app. I’m gonna try and make this brief as possible 1. If i delete the app and download it again it will not show me the download option. 2. So many ads and frequent crashes. Other then that my past experience was wonderful and i got a lot of my family members to use this app. I did find a replica of this app “private browser Adblock”. Hear me out that is almost the perfect app so if ur considering to switch if any problems occur since bolt does not fulfill requests in a short period of time i suppose switch over that for some meantime. It has no ads and doesn’t crash frequently and i did not face any download problems. Just helping any one else but not putting this app out of business because it is a great app just think again before deleting it.
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3 years ago, rubydefio
I need help
I really like this app but a few days ago, my phone had a problem so I had to reset it and I got this app back again but now its not the same as the last time I had it. Now there is only Browser, Folders, and ••• but there used to be like another one down there. Also It’s harder to download stuff from Instagram. It used to be easy to download stuff on Instagram because if you just copy link from something on Instagram and paste it to bolt and tap, a download button would just pop up. I’m also getting frustrated at working this app now, I go to folders and press the video and it doesn’t look like how it used to. I don’t really know how to explain it but it’s just hard to use now and I liked when it kept playing the other videos when you finished one and kept going, now I have to press it then click off and go to a new one.
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5 years ago, LOO̵K̶̔ BEHḮ̴͔N̶͝D YÕ̶U
BEST app you could have
Music, videos, and all other kinds of media that you can easily download for offline????????? And it's completely free!! Okay, this app is totally nuts. I'm so glad i found it. I use it all the time. I love that you can alter the speed of your video/audio, and adjust bass/treble/a bunch of different components of the audio. I think my favorite feature is the sleep timer, it's so handy. And the ability to edit your own title and all the metadata is GREAT. The lyrics too!!! SO handy! Can i donate money to you guys somewhere? I have one suggestion, then i think the app would be flawless. The option for a more controllable queue. Just to simply have one of the actions on a file to be "add to queue"! The queue now, of course, is available and editable, but it's a bit difficult since it's void when using shuffle, and you have to slide it under your current track for it to play next.
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10 months ago, Bridgefall McBridgington
It’s gud, but i can’t download music anymore
I had this app on my iPad mini 3, i used it to download music, however, after a while when i tried to download music it didn’t work, and after another while my storage was getting full, and since i only used it to download music and that wasn’t even working anymore, i figured i’d just delete the app, now i’m using a ipad air 4 (?) and i redownloaded it to do the same thing, i was using an old device, so maybe that’s why it didn’t work, so surely it works now, right? Well no, guess what? You can’t download music anymore, back then i would open soundcloud and search up a song and download it and export it to kinemaster to use for idk,, silly lil videos for myself, when i opened a song it would say “do you want to download this?” Or something like that, there was also a download button, but now, there is none of those things! C’mon bolt, what happened? :((
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4 years ago, reanna_macaranas
Great app
I really really love this app. It was literally my favorite app in the App Store. I would definitely recommend. A few months ago I deleted it tho to free storage in my phone. It was just for a while. Later then I downloaded it again. But it wasn’t the same as when I left it. Before it was easier. You just put the link and it brings you to it. Then it would give you an option to download or whatever. Now, am so confused. It’s not like that anymore. I literally tried every thing in the app to download it but when I did, and I pressed on what I wanted to download, it would bring me to this page where it ask questions. It’s really weird but I’m not giving up so easily. This app is the best but please, I need help with my issue. But again,, still a great app and am so happy I got to experience it back then.
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5 years ago, Angelic_Killer
So Good! Must Download
You might want to screenshot this. You can get cool ringtones for free! You need garage band as well. 1. Find a song you like on SoundCloud , I recommend marimba remixes. 2. Click “Download” 3. Check your Download tab and click the song. 4. Click the 3 dots 5. Click “share” and share it to your files. 6. Click “on your phone” or “on your iPad”. 7. Put in the “GarageBand file transfer”. 8. Go to GarageBand. Click on new song and go to audio recorder. 9. Click on the 3 thick lines and click the loop with the little “1” indicating there is a file in there. 10. Click and drag the file out. Edit if you want and save the song. Once you’re out click and hold the new song. 11. Click share. Make it a ringtone and export it. 12. Click export it as and choose what you tone want it to be. Enjoy!
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4 years ago, Richi103
Issues downloading music?
I recently changed my iPhone 7 to the 11 and was shocked to find that Bolt no longer worked. I was unable to install music through bolt and tried many times installing and uninstalling the app, and it didn’t work. I spent hours reading reviews and looking for a solution. Until I came across one. The way I got Bolt to work was transferring the working app from my i7 to my new phone. I backed up iCloud on my i7 in a way that it would save all the apps (including bolt) currently on my i7. (It took a few hours btw). Then I factory reseted my iPhone 11 and used the backed up data from my i7. Once your done with the initial setup, the app should appear on your home screen. Click and Install it. Once you open the app you would have the tube icon along with others. Click on it and Install away. I hope this method work for y’all!
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5 years ago, Tierra Bryant
I love this app I just hope it will let you download as many songs as you want like I just hope it doesn’t have a limit to it and also I love this app because you don’t have to pay for any subscription which is awesome because I hate paying for subscription for stuff because it always gets declined or ends early and I’m just glad that this app doesn’t do that and I’m also glad that this app has an ad blocker on it and I’m so glad you don’t have to pay for it because I know some ad blocker apps you have to pay for which is a hassle so I just love this app I’m glad it has a ad blocker because I hate ads I’m just hoping this app doesn’t limit the amount of songs that you download on there!
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5 years ago, Jyesdi
Five stars?!! Really?!! Who is writing these?
This app acts as a virus and does a total takeover of your phone when you use it. And it does it very sneakily. At first there are no ads and the browser looks very nice. Then suddenly after a week or so and you are looking something up and boom. A total takeover of your phone. Not just ads - FULL SCREEN ads that don’t allow you to do anything else without shutting the program down. Or you can wait 30 seconds while the ad plays. I just visualize these are full display ad with really loud music usually for some kind of video type game. So imagine you’re in a business meeting when you go to look up something on your phone that you’re going to use in that meeting. You open your Bolt browser and immediately starts blasting some loud music about a dragon video game and you can’t figure out how to shut the !?)$!?! thing off!! Uh... when was that raise coming through? How about never. Oh sure you can pay the 15 dollars each year to have them not hijack your phone. But honestly it never said that this was a paid app going in. I really don’t believe any of these reviews based upon my experience with this browser. I’ve never written this long of a commentary about any app on my phone or computer but this app is so terrible I thought maybe I might spare one or two other people from downloading it and infecting their iPhone like I did.
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5 years ago, mikenyc11044
Great app for downloading videos an offline access
I have used this type of app before and eventually Everything stops working, I recently moved from iPad mini 2nd generation to iPad mini 5, old video App was going flaky , had over 200 videos songs I use for church with projector, iPad mini 5 would Not work at all, browsed App Store for something That would work, I had a couple of issues do to not being familiar with app( my issue not the app) Sent email to developer I had figured out answers myself , moving my videos to new iPad mini 5 Was annoying at first until I Figured out a different Way of copy and pasting urls, once I did that, it took about 2hours, could have been 1 if I did it properly the first time, videos play offline, only question I had is with ad removal for year it charged me separately for another device, but I don’t really care, I want to keep developers in business so I don’t have to search for new app every couple of years. Thank you for a great user friendly app that hopefully will keep working I really appreciate it
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3 years ago, jespere007
Great but has issues
Great app overall. I’ve been using it for a while and you guys did a great job on the app especially downloading almost from any platform. But it has some issues such as freezing, or music will just stop playing when phone’s screen is off. You will have to close it and open it back up sometimes many times before it will start working properly. It has been doing it once a while before but it has become too much recently almost all the time which is very annoying. Try to do a karaoke with it and do not let your phone screen go off ever or guess what? Music will stopped right in the middle. I think it’s a big problem. Fixing these bugs will be much appreciated. Many thanks. Other than that, GREAT APP
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3 years ago, allen_man
It’s not so great anymore
I downloaded this app a couple years ago, mainly to download and listen to music offline and without keeping my phone turned on, but due to recent update, and deleting and reinstalling the app, it doesn’t have the features I admired anymore, there is no option to download and save music, it’s ONLY for documents and files, so currently I don’t not use this app anymore, but if there is an update that restores the option to save music, I will gladly get it back and give it a higher rating. For those who used it for the same purpose as me, I’m sorry, it’s just no the same anymore, if you still have the old version, do not delete or update it. You will regret it.
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5 years ago, kdnwaysmomma
Soooo I have been getting ad after ad since I attempted to open the app a few mins ago. (3x 30+/- second long ads in the 5 mins I’ve had the app open.) mind you I paid the money to stop ads this morning after having the app open 2.5 seconds and was forced to watch the exact same stupid ad I’ve been forced to watch each time one pops up AFTER PAYING TO REMOVE THE ADS! deleting the app I’m so irritated I’ve never gotten so many ads in such a short time. I REALLY hope I don’t get weird random charges on my card cuz after paying the fee to REMOVE ANNOYING ADS my bank notified me my debit card was used to purchase something for the exact same amount outside of the United States which has never happened to me before so I hope it’s a legit thing even tho my money was taken for services I didn’t receive which is why I’m questioning whether I’ll have random charges not done by me on my debit card at some point.
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4 years ago, LunaPlayzzz
Best app ❤️
I personally LOVE this app. I download all my music to it and during long trips I like to listen to my music saved. All the other apps I tried would need WiFi to play the music. When I came across this app I loved it. I’m so happy that I didn’t need a internet connection for it. I’m listening to my music while writing this as well. Yes, I use it when I have WiFi as well 😂. I will keep this app for a long time. It’s the best. This isn’t added to the rating, but I dislike the ads that come up when you play your song and go along with the song in he background. It’s pretty annoying. Besides that this app is awesome. I recommend this app completely. 💖
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5 years ago, Ungrateful people
Greatest app I’ve came across
This app is great, I understand the need for ads to make money off this successful app, I never get ads while listening to music while this is open in the background which is great, but when I do open the app it does pop 1 ad... at first I was surprised but then realized reality, but I’ve noticed that the ad was a 30 second ad which made me think “WHAT!?!” But I’ve soon realize that you can skip the ad after 5 seconds into the ad. You guys are doing a great job with this app, and do deserve the money... ignore the other hate reviews as they would not understand. I do understand the ad-free subscription, I do appreciate it being such a low price and gives you a variety of options but I was hoping more of a “buy $7 to get rid of ads permanently” but I do understand that decision and do think you guys deserve the money for making this great app... This is my first review ever on anything and was glad to write this 5 star review and hope others would understand “why the ads” and see that ads are skippable after 5 seconds
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5 years ago, bisohaq
This app is incredible. I got to know this app from my friend never thought it would be this much better. This app literally have everything in it you can download any music from this app, download any file that is important to you and and you need it offline you can easily download it. I am an ios user and it was very difficult for me to download musics as there was no app which contained free music or was it in its original copy but as know I have this app I can literally download anything I want to. This app is really great, works really great and I would really recommend everyone to use this app.
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2 years ago, DJ Tektonic Shift
You can’t download videos or share to Melodista
The entire reason I got this app was to download songs bc I despise trying to use iTunes. I downloaded songs, converted them to MP3, then copied them over to Melodista. Welp, they took away the option to copy over to Melodista. You could no longer convert to MP3. I had an old version & figured I just needed to update it, despite there being no update available….bc I could still download videos. So I deleted it & redownloaded it. I HIGHLY regret this. As soon as I updated, the download option was no longer available!! You guys took away the most HIGHLY COVETED aspect of your app! Otherwise, this app is just a worthless browser. Can’t figure out how to view history, accidentally hit the back button? You can’t go forward again. Have fun finding the page you were on.
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3 years ago, bloosom_aesthetics
I love this app there’s so many features like sleep timer ppl say it crashes and ads but I think I updated it and now the ads and crashing, I don’t get them. I would give 5 stars but when you edit an audio on bolt it doesn’t let you download the edited audio. So for example I download a yt video and changed the audio settings (on bolt) anyways, when I finished editing I couldn’t download it on to my phone as a the edited audio. When I save it would just be the original audio and not the edited one. I download to my file and save video, converted to an audio file- and nothing. GREAT APP THOUGH Just pls fix that like u fixed the ads and the crashing please 🙏🙏
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4 years ago, seaj.miller.16
What’s with all the ADS BRUH
When I first downloaded this app it was amazing barely any ads AT ALL I had no problems with it even told most of my family/friends to download it. It was my favorite music app, but idk what happened to it out of no where ads started popping up every single second like I understand you need to have ads but I can’t even scroll down my music to find a song without a add popping up the worse part is they pop up even WHILE I’m listening to a song like ??? But not only that they also all last 40 Seconds and some of them don’t even have a X button to click off it when it’s over so every time I listen to music and a ad pops up I literally have to close the app n reopen it again and try to find a song the fastest I can. The app is good but WAYYY to many ad’s
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3 years ago, GelashviliGiorgi
I use this app on daily basis. I would give 5 stars if i had a perfect experience, however there are some issues that need to be taken into consideration: 1. When i am listening to music and using another app and decide to lock my phone, music pauses and i have to resume it from the lockscreen. It would be very nice if this issue would be taken care of. 2. I understand that this is a free app and it needs advertisements. However, there are 30sec ads poppin that have no fast-forward button and you have to watch it for whole 30 second before you are allowed to continue using the app. Nevertheless, overal experience is satisfactory😇
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5 years ago, hdjdhdjdbdjrvrjrbrkdvhdhf
Very good app! I have a suggestion
I love this app I use it all the time, everyday! I love listening to music so this is perfect! But this morning I noticed ads. I have never gotten any ads on bolt.. not once. Yes I have gotten ads like when I download it and stuff. But I went to my downloads and a ad just popped out of no where. And I was thinking that you can create your own folder and title it and move your downloads to like folders. That will make me find my downloads a lot faster because I have a lot of downloads. Other than that then this app is flawless.
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4 years ago, Melissa the average Bolt User
Ads that stay frozen
I have enjoyed using this app for a few months now and I’ve come to see that the app has begun to have ads that won’t go away. To elaborate, these ads don’t even have the option to exit out of them after a reasonable ad time. Most ads allow me to exit, however, since the app’s last update, some ads freeze on my screen and force me to completely exit out the app in order to listen to music. I favor this app and I would like to be able to listen to music without the screen being stuck on an inescapable ad. It would be great if it were fixed. If not my business is welcomed anywhere else. Thank you and please fix it soon.
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4 years ago, Snu16
Ads and crashes
Before the most recent update I really loved the app. I could listen to music whenever since it was all downloaded, and usually dealt with only one short ad that I could easily close out of for hours of ad-free music. However after this update it’s a whole different story. There’s constant ads that I can no longer close out of. I have to wait 30 seconds for the ad to finish and if it doesn’t give me the option to close out of the ad I have to close out of the app, open it again, just to be met with another ad. Random crashes are also becoming more and more common. It commonly stops working mid song. I wish you would fix these issues. Until then I’m finding another app to use
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4 years ago, savvyislit72
I love it
Okay so when i was in 6th grade my friend Melanie was listening to some music during pe class and i was like "how are you listening to that offline?" and they said that they had this app bolt, so i downloaded it and it became my best friend, i downloaded every single song i wanted to listen too, and could just listen to it offline. I had it a whole year before deleting it for storage, but i got again and i still love it. although when i came back to it there where more ads but its great. I highly recommend it!!
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3 years ago, Damar48
So I really loved this app, and i know I already reviewed but here’s another one cuz I like so many others am also facing the huge problem that now it won’t let me download any videos. I was hoping I could go back and download all my accidentally deleted videos because I accidentally deleted the app to free up storage, and when I went back to download it not only were all my videos gone but I also found that I couldn’t download them again. I was hoping that while it was devastating for me to see them all gone after years of having them there, I could at least go back and download them again but now I can’t. Really sad considering this was an amazing app and I really loved how convenient it was and how easy it made everything but now it won’t work.
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3 years ago, jqvln
there’s no download option
I deleted the app a few minutes ago, because it was glitching.. like it would randomly freeze and not work so I deleted it and downloaded it again, but there was no download option anymore. Like I used to be able to put in a link and the download option would show up but it isn’t there anymore..? please please please fix this, i’d appreciate so much because this app was so useful to me. I’ve already tried to find other apps to use that would substitute for this one but no other ones worked how this one did.
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4 years ago, Ryan .R
Bolt deceiving me
I’ll keep it short. I’ve been using this app for so long I can’t remember when I had it first. It has been amazing until of recent when It started popping up erotic nearly pornographic ads and the worst thing is the ads can pop up at any time with the volume on and care less of whether your phone is on silent mode or not. This has almost let me to be seen as some perv in public and at work place. I can’t imagine the ads popping up when I’m in a meeting with colleagues. This is really inappropriate at some point insulting to let this happen. I feel so disappointed by the app which has been a long friend of mine
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4 years ago, didethatwantsuldate
So I got this app quite some time ago... and loved it. It’s kind of a no brainer for music and I never understood why more people didn’t use it. Anyways not too long ago I upgraded my phone, but when I downloaded the app and started trying to put my music on it it wouldn’t give me the download option which highly disappointed me. But, luckily I redownloaded the app 2 days ago and boom, new format, new features and, you guessed it, finally the option to download again. So, to me this is the best app for music hands down.
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5 years ago, M.P:):
Umm five star who?
So first of all the advantages of this app is that u could download anything from anywhere and that’s cool. U could customize folders and make things look cool and tidy, u could also make stuffs which is related to adjusting sounds and more. This app is really cool and u don’t have to be online and u can listen music offline and that’s really cool But the only request and the ONLY thing which get on my nerds is THE ADS ADS!- they are not just any ads they are full screen ads which u can’t close or u have to shut down ur whole program. What if ur watching or trying to choose some songs u wanna listen in 3am and boom an ad which cannot be closed just pop outta nowhere... this is just sooo not cool As another viewer has said which was absolutely truee, the first week when I started using the app it was totally fine and it was really great to use but as u started to use for a long period of time, these ad problems started to happen and it’s really annoying for music lovers. I WIHS IT WAS FIXED!
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3 years ago, fjdjgnskfkskfms
Need help
I would give this a 5 star the only problem I have is my music. I got a new phone everything past the app and all my music was there I was like okay but when I clicked on one music is say “Error” and something like this URL was not download and I can’t fix it so I need help right now my only solution is downloading all of my music back but I have a lot but idk there has to be a way to make it work but other then that I love the app and I still need help
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4 years ago, guerrero1991
Doesn’t work anymore
I downloaded this app some time ago. Was amazing, could download, save, listen to whatever I needed without WiFi or data. I would have rated 10 stars then if I could have. . However due to some issues my phone was having I had to delete he app and clean up my phone. When I finally got around to redownloaded this app it no longer works. Just acts as a normal internet browser nothing special about it at all. Anything I can do here can be done in safari. I’m not sure if they changed it or it’s an actual problem that they are trying to fix. However, at this point until it is fixed I would not recommend this app to anyone and would give 0 stars if I could as it’s no more special than regular browsers.
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5 years ago, julious villanueva
Best app ever but a suggestion
First of all I love this app! I just wanted to tell you my suggestion. It’s a pain to download a playlist video by video and my suggestion is if you could make it so we can just press the playlist and it would download all of it. Overall I love this app and has saved me lots of time and boredom. If you read this please add. I love this app and I hope you all could add this. Thank you Sincerely, A bolt supporter
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4 years ago, bruh. moment
No purpose of downloading this app
This was one of my fav apps because I got to download songs and vids that I can watch when I go somewhere that has no internet until I suddenly not able to download anything i told my friend about this app being able to download things I look so dumb because I was trying to show her and it didn’t download totally defended the purpose of this app if I’m doing something wrong please I form me.
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4 years ago, Axe_daddy
Absolutely great, but has some problems
This app is great, it allows for secure web browsing and file management that really helps in my work. There are only two glaring issues with the app. 1, there is always an ad when you boot up the app; which isn’t a problem. The problem is that the close button often doesn’t appear, meaning the user is forced to sit through a 30 second ad sometimes. And more importantly, there is no shuffle feature, or even a manual sorting option for files. This is annoying. Overall though despite these issues, the app works great.
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4 years ago, CANARA YUN
The experience in bolt browser.
I mean I just downloaded this app today and It was going amazing I downloaded my 9-10 favourite songs then after 1 or 2 hours later I searched for a song but there was no option for download It was having my head 😒😶 I mean I don’t want to be rude but now I just can’t download any songs or any kind of video, It is just so disappointing and irritating.😞I really liked this app I thought this was my dream downloading app because I have so many songs to hear and I love music 🎧 man,and If you have any solution for this please mail me and I’m not going to delete this app 🙂I’ll be waiting for you guys to mail me.🙂
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12 months ago, nyny9822
Great app but could be better
I love this app and use it daily, however ads have been a recurring annoyance. I would gladly pay to have ads removed forever since I plan to use this app for many more years to come. The other ad removal options simply don’t meet my needs because they are too temporary. Would you consider adding a lifetime ad removal option for a price you consider fair?
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5 years ago, XxX_Alana_XxX
Amazing! But...
This app is absolutely amazing. I’ve been enjoying for a while now, but now there are adds. When I listen to music I don’t want adds to be pooping up with a loud noise interrupting with what I was listening to. Just recent bolt started having adds, so I would like it if they could possibly put it back to what it used to be. I most especially want to listen to music at night when I’m trying to sleep, but it’s kinda hard to when a loud add pops up and completely wakes me up. But other than the adds, it’s amazing.
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4 years ago, MXB PSYCHX
Less ads
This app used to be really good and still is very good but over time the amount of ads that shows is absurd. The ads shouldn’t only be taken away for fees that only give temporary ad removals, I would rather it be a one time payment for permanent ad removals. Also the ads can’t be clicked out of most of the time,(at least in my case), but otherwise I actually really love this app it helps with a lot of the things I need it for and do recommend it but keep in mind the ads are a bit of a handful.
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4 years ago, Tyrex 2
Needs fixing !!
This is a real review and not a fake one. I’ve had this app for a while and it was working for some time but once it got updated I was not able to download anything anymore. I had a iPhone 7 and switched to a newer phone but that’s when it stopped working. Please fix this so that others and myself as well can download music and listen to it offline again. Other than that, this app is good!
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5 years ago, makikatabu
Love this App SO much
Bolt is my favorite app I have on my phone and that is a big deal! I can download a bunch of songs I love when I have service so I can listen with no adds or complications when I have no service I played all the song on a plane ride life saver!! I can replay a song as much as I want and they even have a timer if you want one u can put a timer for when u want the music to stop and shut off best app couldn’t say enough good things about it
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5 years ago, Mallahak35
This app is amazing it has its own browser downloader file management system you can even turn videos into just audio to save space or you can compress the data via “zipping” it( though it is isn't to terribly effective). Free vpn access you can enable touch id and put in a passcode. If i had money id donate to the developer for such a great product that is completely free and and free as well. I would recommend making it your default browser.
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1 year ago, PrincessRear
Should make it available on Apple watch
I love this app and I use it regularly!! It’s great for me and it would be cool if it was available on Apple Watch. I know that would likely be hard to do and pretty expensive but It would make me really happy, and it would be convenient if I didn’t have to open my phone every time and I could just go to my Apple Watch and click on something!
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4 years ago, Girly Jay
Could Always Be Better
it’s a really good app and it’s cool that you can download music,etc for free!! but sometimes (rarely though) i just use the app to listen to music and there are so many ads... If someone were to use it to listen to music they couldn’t because of: the ads. And the fact that theres no way (at least that i know of) to remove them. Its a cool app though and I still give it a 5 as the app is very useful.
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4 years ago, Makita J
Honest Review ( slightly recommend)
The only 2 things that I don’t like about this app is that when you upgrade to a different phone and transfer your stuff or if you lock up your phone and have to go through iTunes to unlock it NONE of the music you downloaded plays. It still be on there but you can’t play it so you have to redownload it witch takes hours. The second thing is that you can’t create playlists on here, but other than that the app is great.
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5 years ago, Oliver9475
I like this app
The only reason why I’m giving it a one star is because it suddenly stopped working. I was running out of storage so I deleted the app, however, once I tried to delete it, it didn’t want to delete... the app turned gray and you could see lines on it and everyone time I try to open the app it shows me a black screen for like a second and then it closes. Before this happened though, this app was literally the greatest thing ever to use to listen to music or even download videos. I’m not sure if there is something wrong with my phone or the app, but could someone give me a solution or something to do that will help the app work correctly!!???
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3 years ago, moppbottom
Great app
The app works perfectly fine, and rarely has issues. The only major thing that bothers me is the ads but it’s not that big of a problem. I use this app to listen to music and as long as the app is not on the screen, you will not have ads. It’s super useful and I use it to listen to; podcasts, music, and sometimes even some normal videos. It works great and I’ve used it for more than a year now.
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5 years ago, Allaway0509
Um its a really amazing app and i love it sooo muchh but the reason i gave it 3 stars is because there are so many ads right now that tend to pop up when im playing songs and ill have to wait for like 30 seconds until the ad is done playing before i can listen to my songs in peace. This issue only started happening awhile ago..when i first downloaded this app this did not happen at all. I understand why ads pop up but could you please make them shorter or reduce the number of ads popping up once in awhile thank you so much!
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4 years ago,
Granted that this FREE app has a pop up ad every time you turn it on and don’t find your selection in 5 seconds. But given that, you’re guaranteed hours of uninterrupted enjoyment. Recently I went on a 19 hour drive from Los Angeles to San Antonio, Texas and it loyally accompanied me throughout the long stretches of fields and rocks along the way. Anyone who gets a free app and complains is like someone invited to a free dinner at the White House and complains that President Trump is a Republican. Grow up.
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3 years ago, btxm_1
So sad
I was using this app for about 2 years... But now it needs to reinstall and when I press the reinstall button it says to try again later. Already three days are gone and I still can't reinstall. I'm afraid of delete this app because I have for about 200 songs there so I don't want. Please someone help me. In this app I have my favourite songs😩🥺🥺 What should I do??
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1 year ago, Alejandra2037
Almost perfect but
Im in love with this app. Ive had it for some years now. I feel like the dev(s) could tweak with it just a tiny little bit more like for example adding a setting for Default Start Page instead of " Browser " being the default when you open the app, let us choose. Another one could be to let us permanently buy the no-ads, i dont even care if they make that $30 bucks
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