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User Reviews for BombSquad

0 out of 5
0 Ratings
4 years ago, NerdySage
As original as it is viceral
Bombsquad is a truely incredible game. The developer wrote a Bomberman clone that combines the intensity of an FPS and the depth of a fighting game into one package. The first thing you will notice is the lack of combos. Everything is physics-based and has a dark humor reminicent of TF2. (team fortress 2) The author wrote his own engine to make absolutely everything a joy. The punches are physics-based and knock people backward, the fighting is meaty and intense, and the titular bombs are incredible. Somehow it adds an FPS element to a fighting game. There is a Freeze bomb to stop your opponents and/or shatter them with a punch, a Sticky bomb with a tendancy to cause disturbing ends, Smart bombs that detonate on impact, Mines that explode on contact, and Multi-bombs that cause you to spit out bombs at high speeds. The bombs have fuses and they tend to roll. The subtle power-ups and other things allow for ad-hoc fighting that wouldn't be out of place in Spelunky. It is easy to pick up, easy to teach, satisfying even if you are playing alone, and violent as heck. All in all, a party game without equal, with varying mechanics and bizarre game modes, Iphone control support, servers, and more stuff. If I saw this on someone else's computer, I would look for it on Steam. Just play it, either with friends or single player. You won't be disapointed. This is in the same category as Towerfall, Super Smash Bros, Gang Beasts, and other immortal party games.
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5 months ago, Stec
Absolute riot of a time
Great local multiplayer, hilarious physics, sizzling sound effects and music. Just a great time. Especially love the slo-mo mode. Also, thank you for the Apple Silicon and graphics enhancements!
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5 years ago, FieryChipmunk
Absolutely Hilarious
This game is amazing! There are over 15 characters to unlock, many gamemodes to play, and just overall explosive awesomeness. The only issue is that there is “Bombsquad Pro”, which is sort of like a pay to win thing you have to buy to do certain things. Other than that, it’s great!
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4 years ago, wolf_xkx
Great enjoable game
Although it takes me some time to get familiar with the control, but it's such a great game, very playable. BTW, the way I can controll my character by smartphone is so user friendly.
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5 years ago, kk da bom 30
Totally worth the download!
Although confusing at first once you play it a couple of times it’s simple and easy to understand.I would definitely consider downloading this odd but fun looking game. One of my favorite things to do is kick people off the edge.I would like to thank the developers for making this amazing game!!!!!
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2 years ago, sydney122
Best of all time
This is ym favorite game to play with my friends. but he only thing is that it needs to be updadted to version 15 please for mac
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2 years ago, 松鼠山喷子
Incredible game
Been playing it since my high school. 24 now, still enjoyable!
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5 years ago, cms001
Lots of fun
I like being able to turn up a private server on my lan so everyone at home can play together.
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1 year ago, ekejfifneneiec
game not responding
i love this game, but when i opened it on my mac, it wasnt responding. My imac is supported, and its up to date, and so is the game. Please help me resolve this isue.
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5 years ago, .: LoveFire :.
Fun for Parties! No Windows Support! WHAT!
This game is fun, remind me of some of the clay animations games back when i was a kid. Though most of my firend are on windows, i am on a mac, so hopefully there is develpment for windows soon. so I can finally play with them.
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4 years ago, bombsquad fan account
The diamond in the rough on the app store
The controls are absolutely abysmal (on a laptop, maybe on a controller or phone theyre great), but once you get past that the art style, physics, gameplay, music are spectacular, vastly underrated!
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6 years ago, StaySavage92
At first I had my doubts about getting this game but once I started playing it was really fun & enjoyable. I def recommend this game!
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1 year ago, Amirali Sadeghi Farshi
Great Game
This is a great game. The only issue I had was that the game kept freezing when I opened it. Re-installing it solved the issue.
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7 months ago, BoJanglesBrown
Still doesn't work on M1 and Sonoma
Despite the recent update, when I open the game, I get a swirling beachball cursor on the home screen with no ability to proceed through the game menus. Activity Monitor tells me the game is "not responding". Would love to get it working!!
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4 years ago, wudiuhdeifhei
Great Game
I've been playing this game since 2016 and never been tired of it.
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6 years ago, Mr. Unknown guy
Awesome!! :)
This is so good, almost the entire sixth grade plays it! (better with BS pro)
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12 months ago, monkeygamer2010
good but doesent work anymore :(
On mac os ventruna this game just crashes everytime i open it
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5 years ago, Fortman1218
please listen
Make bomb squad avalable on moble apple devices please.
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3 years ago, 100000234883828
Very good!
I enjoyed playing it with my girlfriend ❤️ 💣
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1 year ago, johnpodjohn
So good!
This was the best game on the Ouya, and now it's the best game on Mac.
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6 years ago, nick-pouvilho
No no no no no
Can’t press the bomb button and directions button at the same time, dumb bug.
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4 years ago, 沟中人
very funny
Suite for friends meeting ! ! !
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6 months ago, Mehdi Mostafavi
Not working
Game is not working after new update.
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6 years ago, Isaac123467
Very funny and one of the best games I played!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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4 years ago, Sanja Gupta Pickle
Great game, lot of fun
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5 years ago, I D0NT RATE APPS
This game is so fun
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6 years ago, melodic55god
great game
dope!! love it
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13 years ago, BeverageFoo
Worth it!!! And online multiplayer would be even more fun!
This is my first time writing a review and I'm writing one because I really believe that it's really one of the more fun and exciting multi-player games that will keep you playing for hours! That just happened to me with my family last night playing late. You really have to play with others to get more of the fun out of it. We used Wiimotes and an iPad and the Wiimotes hurt our thumbs, but it was still very enjoyable even though our thumbs hurt a lot after ahaha but I think it was also because we played the game for hours. The iPad control was kind of weird to use and going left was kind of hard sometimes, so that didn't really do well for us so we just stopped using that one and used the Wiimotes only and the keyboard. To make the game even more fun, I just want to say that it would be really cool if we're able to battle others online, like 4 vs. 4 since 8 on each team would be too much and crazy, but that might still be fun x)
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5 years ago, Racistpersonyayayayyaya
iked it!
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12 years ago, Faragaut1945
Needs 2 things to be 5 stars
Great game with excellent quality. Only lacks 2 things in my opinion, the most obvious of which is online play but I've heard the developer is working on that as I type this. And my guess is that will come with the arrival of Mountain Lion, which seems to be made for online gaming. Hopfully though, it won't be JUST with Mountain Lion. I would also like to ask the developer to consider adding more single player levels (or perhaps a whole new single player campaign to supplement the ten levels included). This game has the potential to be one of the best on the App Store, but the single player content must match that of multiplayer to really be a FULL game or a well rounded game. Don't get me wrong, this is one of the best multiplayer games ever made, and the addition of ten single player levels shows this could be one of the best games ever made if more single player content is added. Until that happens I can't help but feel that the game is slightly incomplete, teasing just how good it can be with online play and expanded single player play. 5 star quality with 4 star content.
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13 years ago, WonkaWeekend
Awsome Animation, creative, fun and challenging.
No doubt this game was worth a dollar. The multiplayer is where this game shines. There is a wide range of controllers you can easily hook up to your computer to play with multiple people (xbox controller, wii remote, Ipad, Iphone, etc.) There is quite a variety of game modes and maps, all beautifully designed with a familiar look of the game Pikmin. Some of these game modes are capture the flag, football, conquest and many more. There are four different types of bombs; regular, sticky, freeze and impact. I hope that there will be more content released in the future, such as more bomb types, and new maps/game modes. But that is beside the point, the sheer fun of this party game greatly outweighs any faults, I cannot explain how satisfying it is to freeze a friend with a bomb and then toss him to see him shatter. The game is commical, imaginative, balanced and continues to keep me entertained. The only complaint I have is that the single player is extremely limited, there is only one game mode and it gets boring fast.
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12 years ago, ryanvoight
Even better than the previous version!
I just got the chance to sit down and play this game for a little bit and I've gotta say, it's even better than I thought it would be. The TNT Boxes are great and the Poison is flipping hilarious. The first time I picked up poison, I didn't realize I got it and I couldn't figure out what was happening! I also love that you can play other game types on happy thoughts. I was afraid the new controls were going to simplify it too much, but there's still just enough chaos and challenge in it to produce some pretty funny mishaps. I'm not a big "gamer," so something like this is perfect for me to pick up and play every now and then with a couple of people without feeling like I have to commit to spending hours and hours just to finish the game. Thanks, Eric for producing a solid, top-quality game and I will definitely be recommending this game to everyone I know!
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9 years ago, Earl Grey
GREAT game! Brought me and my daughter closer together for a weekend.
Ok, so, I’d been looking for a fun game my 14y.o. daughter and I could play together, co-op or cut-throat, and found this. We literally laughed ourselves out of our chairs, screamed, and had a helluva lotta fun. We downloaded the remote app and used our iPod and Iphone (and iPad when Uncle Lee came by) and it was the easiest thing int he world to set up and get going. What a (pardon the pun) BLAST. My only problem: our thumbs are killing us!! Seriously, take breaks! This game is intense, fast-paced, hilarious and very well-built. Graphics are great, sounds and music are great fun. Thanks to the devs who made this, as it honestly did give me some wonderful daddy-daughter time I needed. :) So much fun! I’m looking for a donation button, so I can send you a little thank you.
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13 years ago, macbookprouser
Great Game, Hours of amazing multiplayer fun
Its very much like a bomberman style game and quickly became a favourite around the house. You can use practically any controller for any console, of your iphone/ipod touch for controllers, this versatile aspect has made it really easy to get big multiplayer games going. The game itself is fun and for the price you cant go wrong. By far the best game at any price, that I've ever purchased from the app store. The game is absolutely great as it is, but would love to see the addition of further games against the AI, playing over wifi against other people/teams, and more bomb types. Highly recommend purchase of this as a very fun competitive and easy to learn game.
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13 years ago, Captain Roger the great
Great game but why so limited!!!? Don't buy until these things are fixed!!!!
This game is alot of fun, and really great graphics, but come on one computer multiplayer level????? What is this?? You should be able to play the computer players on any level you want and customize the levels. And you should be able to change the difficulty of the computer players and the different ones that you fight. It would be really cool also if you can customize which items pop up and the frequency there of! some of us dont have friends that play this therefore I am missing out on a ton of aspects of this game based on not having friends that play this. I feel like im being penalized for not having the right friends. Also I want to be able to play against who I want, when I want, whether computer or human, and not be limited. I would have rated this much higher if these aspects were changed. As of right now im not happy with my purchase.
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9 years ago, zaled
AWESOME, with a catch
This is the most amazing Mac multiplayer game I’ve ever played, and I’ve been buyng Mac games since the 90’s. It’s an absolute blast. Even the single player mode is fun. There is one major bug in this game: It uses the CPU like crazy. If you use a laptop, it gets hot quick and burns through battery. One time I started seeing major slowdowns, so I looked at my HD space and it was full! The game took 20+GB of my HD to use for extra memory and eventually the computer had none left to give. Rebooting fixed the issue. If you plug a laptop into a TV with an HDMI plug, it makes an awesome living room game, but this seems to make the memory problem worse. Some optimizations to the game would make it the perfect computer multiplayer game ever.
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8 years ago, DeChristianBoy
This is a really great Game!
I think this is a great game to play with your family and friends! I love it, my friends and family love it. The games point is to fight and race and play sports etc, it’s really fun! the physics are SUPER FUNNY! and the graphics are really cool! and thier is even a level where you can fly! great game! And im really glad it’s free. the only thing i wish that was in this is different kinds of modes like flying in non 2d levels. that would be awesome. and also if thier was different kinds of really cool bombs! and one more thing that would be awesome is online multiplayer. those are my ideas. Just most of all, this is a really great game everyone should try it!
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8 years ago, Exitchannel
This game is so fun, and i love it. you can hook up controllers, play with mobile controller app, and gameplay is always fun. there are so many maps, and tons of different game modes also, the characters look like they are made out of clay and are cute. This is soooooo good for this type of game, and the graphics are good and effects and partical effects are awesome, i had a party, so i downloaded this game on an google andriod tv, and we got it on google play. it is so good and this deserves 5 stars. if i could i’d rate it 72 stars. best. game. ever. my friends had a blast. i recommend anyone to play if bored. you can hook up to 8 people on one screen And the game is FREE!!!
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11 years ago, shgreen123
Silly fun quick game with stellar gamepad support
This is a fun little game that probably has the best gamepad support I’ve seen in any game anywhere. I’ve heard it supports up to 8 simultaneous controllers, and have tested it’s compatibility with x-box and logitech controllers myself. I often recommend users purchase it to test out their controller connections because it’s so inexpensive and full proof. Plus, it’s a fun, light-hearted little action game, especially if you play it with friends. Fantastic for kids and adults alike. Highly recommended. Note: this won’t satisfy any of your hardcore FPS needs; it’s just a fun quick game that’s enjoyable to play. Casual to the max.
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9 years ago, Warriorblowfish
My friends and i just love this game
About a few weeks ago i found this game surfing through the app store after my school blocked all of the call of duty servers. Since everyone played call of duty on the local servers, pretty much everyone is really sad. Luckily though I found this game and loved it. I showed my friends and they love it to. After about a day or two a lot of other kids in school saw the game and downloaded it. Now everyone is having fun again. Thanks for making this game and bringing join to our hearts. Please keep making new updates because we will be waiting for them.
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12 years ago, critical_mach
Best $4.99 ever!
This is one of my current favorite games. It's right up there with Assassin's Creed, Portal 2 and minecraft! The price is pretty much unbeatable, considering what you get. What is amazing is that this game is the brainchild of one man. He singlehandedly built all the maps, then photographed them to give literally photorealistic graphics, then built the most entertaining party game I have ever seen all in his spare time. This explains why it is so well supported. I would have gladly paid five or six times the price for this game after seeing how many laughs it has given me and my friends. It's wort every penny!
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12 years ago, Michael J Morgan
This game effectively delivers some of the best lan gaming in years. With an active developer I've even talked to, this game is only getting better and better every month or so. Anyone worried: yes there is no internet, but he is working on it. Game Center has recently been added and soon matchmaking will be possible. To most enjoy this game, you will want 4-8 players. Controllers can be PS3, Wii, Xbox360 (with an added drive and port, pretty cheap), every USB controller I've tried, or any iOS device. This game is everything I want it to be and quickly launched when I have company. Happy Exploding!
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13 years ago, cc70458
Super Addictive Fun - WiMote Support makes it a blast!
WOW - The wiMote support lets multiple players all share the screen. This game is like super smash brothers with explosions. Our whole family couldn't stop laughing or playing or hours. This is a wonderful game and everyone from the 5 year old child to the 40 something daddy person thought it was the greatest ever. at 99 cents how can you possibly go wrong - this one is worth every penny (Especially if you have a Wii and a few remotes handy to hook to your MacBook!) I'd love to be able to customize my avatar with different color schemes or mixing body parts.
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8 years ago, BNBoss21
Masterpiece of a Game
Where to begin. This is a game i’ve played for 3 years now. Not much has changed but it DOESN’T NEED TO. This is one of those games thats so hilarious that you tear up. Bombsquad is a (i believe) Clay-Mation Singleplayer/Multiplayer game where you control a lil’ fellow and throw bombs, punch people, and a lot of other stuff. The multiplayer works both in LAN and also without using the same Wifi. This is a game that you absolutley must get. I mean it’s free so you don’t have anything to lose. There is no P2W (tickets only unlock cosmetic characters, badges, 1 map and 2 gamemodes but nothing else).
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12 years ago, sc1996
Could Be the Best
It's extremely fun when you have other people playing it with you, but it gets pretty boring when playing alone. Alone, you can only play on a small field with the same enemies every single time, which gets really irritating after about 10 minutes. However, with other people, there's much more to do. And I do like the app you can download from the App Store that lets you control your character rather than use the buttons on your computer. So I recommend this game ONLY if you're planning on playing it with other people.
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9 years ago, DominationStation77347
Awesomeness With Bombs
Bomb Squad is a game with funny animations and awesome game modes. It is an entertaining fast-paced version of a killing game where joy is the reward of exploding your enemies to bits. There are many maps and game modes to keep you interested for days, and characters in the store are a fun mix in the gameplay. My only request is if a new update is to come out soon, the servers should have more features, such as limits on how many people are in a server at a time and the ability to kick out cheaters and/or spammers. Otherwise, awesome game!
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13 years ago, Msmurley
Very surprised!!!
Im not into writing reviews but I was so impressed with this game that I just had to. The gameplay is just fun and not overly complicated which makes it a great group setting game. What I love most though is how they actually went through the trouble to make it easy for you to pick you controller. Being able to use my iPhone as my handheld controller was amazing and so EASY!!! Its not the most amazing game in the world but for 99 cents its the best value I've seen anywhere in a long time.
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9 years ago, Kid Ink Swagilicous
Great game, but one key problem
Peers at my school usually download any free game. So when several people started downloading BombSquad, I felt obliged to download the game as well. Eventually I found out how to play multiplayer, so when ever I had freetime, I played BombSquad. Usually people at my school play MInecraft, but Bombsquad has unique maps and game modes, so EVERYONE started playing. The ten minutes before first bell, are usually spent playing this game. The only thing I would add is online multiplayer. I kind of get bored with the game if I am by myself. But nonetheless, it is a quality game.
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8 years ago, Case the CUB
Thouroughly Enjoying This lil Claymation Game
Didn’t really know what to expect when starting off with this game, but once I synced my iPhone and started, I haven’t stopped since!! The only downside I am finding is getting other people to play with, people I know. Having to email them invites or have them be on the same little Macbook screen as me, I dunno, I am just having fun playing by my lonesome anyway, That would be my one and only criticism. Other than that, very fun and addictive game!
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9 years ago, NayTay&Hat
I just really love this game! XDD The rag doll physics, and the completely random awkward situations with sticky-bombs stuck to three people, and the times when someone might be holding on to your legs from off the side of a cliff are just the highlights of this game! There are some issues, I might say, with the boxing gloves being quite a bit overpowered, but all in all a just fantastic game that is completely free to play! :D (P.S. Bring friends, it’s way better that way)
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