Bongos - Dynamic Bongo Drums

2.9 (19)
53.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Skunk Brothers GmbH
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bongos - Dynamic Bongo Drums

2.95 out of 5
19 Ratings
12 years ago, el-John-o
Fun, but poorly placed ads
Fun game, but the ads are placed in such a way that they cause you to sometimes accidentally click them, being both unfair to the advertiser to have to pay for that click when I'm going to immediately close it without even letting the ad load, and makes the game less enjoyable. Otherwise, well sampled audio, fun, and a neat way to "lay down a beat".
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7 years ago, Skely Arod
Good clave
The clave sounds real. The rest needs to be sampled accurately
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11 years ago, Hoarding MongoliAn
Somewhat Useful
I wanted to use this app in case I got stuck on a jungle island with an interesting but dramatically charged group of strangers. It could have been my secret weapon, emanating noise from a strange source of whose powers only I would know. The plan went smoothly, until Deborah intervened. She found my secret noise producer and revealed it to the others. I was no longer fit to wear the headdress of superiority on the island, and instead donned the headdress of shame. Which brings me to the missing fifth star in my review. If this app had true magical powers, as promised me by Carlos, how did Deborah find it? Moreover, why did it not lead to my permanent and lasting reign as Lord Superior over all the subjects on the island? If these questions are not enough, I have yet one more: how can such an app purport to be free when it has cost a man so very much?
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12 years ago, SeaCD
This game is awesome you'll love it it has songs from artists all over the world you can play by solo or with the notes some of my favorite songs are by Bach or beethoven or Adele this is a great opportunity for kids to learn how to play the piano you can go to lessons or do this app but whoever invented this app is an awesome person you can get anything on this app I mean well not everything like a penguin or something but you can like download all these songs well let's get to the point this app is totally awesome well got to go bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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12 years ago, Bluefriday444
Great for the relationship!
My mate and I use this app for a unique "rhythm" method. She taps on one of the pads when she desires a little more emphasis. I use the cowbell when it's my turn. We sometimes assign special activities to the drum sticks or try a conga beat to really make some music. We have recorded some of our best jam sessions and revisit them. She is currently pregnant, so something is happening here. Try it out..especially good if you have two iPads, but we recommend plastic covers for them. HB M
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3 years ago, axoxnxs
Classic app magic
I reminisce playing on this classic early iOS app when our imagination was sparked by the possibilities of iOS. this app unlike the vast majority still running on iPad first Gen. Keep these legacy apps alive, it's an important part of our digital histories. A bridge between the physical and digital world. I'm sentimental, it's just a manual bongos app after all, yet somehow the treads of our universal origins are here as we drum fingers across touch capacitive glass tablets of yore. Keep the pulse beating in our hearts.
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12 years ago, QuickWolf
Bongo Maniac
It's a very good app as far as the sound goes and the quickness of the tap to sound time making it very real in feeling. But the size of the screen brings you back to reality. If you can get around the size issue you can start having fun with it. Am new to this app being on my second day trying it out so I feel awkward making comments on it, if in the future I find more on to write about I may return with extra goodies. Hope this was of help,...Raul!
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12 years ago, Psgregj
Bongo from the island
The skins on our real bongos tore and I just happened to down load this the night before. We had 6000 people at a show to watch us perform and this app saved our %#€ 's! We plugged into an amp and ripped one of the funniest and best shows ever. It also impressed the can thank us for the publicity........but no need! We thank you for this incredible app!
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11 years ago, Sabrehagn
This ap is so amazing. It's bongos! I love this ap so much I play it with no pants on. It's bongos! I love bongos! I play it when happy. I play it when I'm sad. I play it in the rain. I play it at night. Only thing that could make this better is if it rained money when I played it. It's bongos! I nearly pooped myself it was so exciting! If there was a sixth star I'd give it seven!! It's BONGOLISCIOUS!
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12 years ago, Austin#54
I thought it was very good but that it could use a little more. For example it does not sound a lot like a real bongo but it is close. It could also use a few more extra percussion accessories like a cymbal and a shaker or somewhere along those lines. Other than that it was a wonderful app. Thank you, DRUMBEAT
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10 years ago, adoredregardless
Pocket bongos
There's no shortage of little iphone percussion apps and I've probably had most of them on my phone at one time or another. I tend to get fed up and delete them usually due to latency issues. Not with this one tho- the touch is very responsive. It's fun to play- I wish there were more options but it's a really simple but nicely done bongo app.
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9 years ago, Gizlaz.
Just got them so pleasssse stop bugging me. At least until I have chance to see if I do like them. I promise I'll let y'all know. But if U prosiest I'll have to delete and ask for a refund. And I really don't won't to do that because I'm not a mean person. I promise. But I do like so far. For the two min. I've had them. Thank you for a really cool instrument.
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12 years ago, CoreThoughts
I wanted to get rid of the ads, so I paid the 99 cents for this )via my iPad. But for some reason when I sync with iTunes, my iPhone version still has the ad version. I have removed and reload it from my iPhone, but it is still the ad version. I have tried to post this problem to Skunk Brothers, but their process requires multiple add ons to be downloaded and installed just to report a problem. This is crazy, so I am reporting it here.
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12 years ago, Macksissy13
I think that this game is ok but u get bored of it after like 3 minutes. I think you should add a couple mini games to it like copy cat. Also i think u should add a recording studio in it so you can record some of the awsome tunes you creat using the bangoos cowbell and sticks!! Please consider agreeing with my suggestion! Thx for reading
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12 years ago, maldoso
Stupid apps
I grouped this app along with a couple other corny but kinda cool apps and called them the stupid apps. Along with this one I have the fiesta app & the fart app, you get the picture. It's pretty stupid but, once and a while you can have fun with these kind of apps.
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12 years ago, WIskies
Son loved it!
Tried this out for my son with developmental delays, he loves making music. He took a liking to it, especially the cowbell. Had to pay $.99 to ditch the ads, but at least we were able to preview it prior to paying.
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8 years ago, Cigarettesaremybestfriend
Super fun and peaceful app. My only wish is that the sticks and cowbell reacted better to multiple taps. Otherwise, this seriously put a smile on my face. I always wanted a set of this style of drum and now I can play with one wherever I am. Thank you.
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12 years ago, Mawhoo
Great effects!
Great, when you hit in the middle as you know it always does that when hit real Bongo Drums, and when you hit the outside it is higher. The drum sticks and Bells have great effects!
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12 years ago, Sydney524
Serves its purpose
I bought the app for my 2 year old. She enjoys it however someone should remove the dreaded button for rating the program. She always accidentally turns it on. Once you rate the program the button should be deactivated.
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12 years ago, iLoveTaySwift
I like it
I like it a lot. But i think they should add more features. But on the other hand we get and AMAZING quality "instrument'' for FREE! It has the best quality sound i have heard on a bongo app. I am a musician and i play bongos proffesionally. Ok well im not going to bere you here so good bye :)
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11 years ago, bkirkendall
Everything expected
This is an excellent app. It has bongos that work just like real ones. It also comes with a small surprise cowbell so I make little rhythms and beats with the bongos and bell and have a great time.
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12 years ago, Macd1234
This app is a great concept. My 6 month old daughter loves it... When it works. Having a hard time with the sound working all the time. Usually the bongos will work, but the sticks and the cowbell don't always. Great when it does work, though!
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10 years ago, Chrsgo
Pretty good
As an actual percussionist I would like the ability to tune the heads just like I do my real drums. I prefer a brighter sound and I'm sure others have personal preferences too. Still fun to use to putz on when my real drums aren't in front of me.
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12 years ago, ThruxtonChick
Fun to dink with
I have no experience with the real thing other than messing around in the music store, so this is a fun app to play with foe me. The sounds are rich and seem to mimic real bongos enough for fun.
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12 years ago, MLUCKYD
It's all-right I guess
Maybe I just expected more. I play percussion Congas/bongos etc. my hands and fingers move faster than this can make sound! It would be better if you cut the screen in half, hit the center and edges of each side of larger area and put cow bell & clave sticks In upper right and left corners. Other than that its kind of fun and makes cool sound.
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12 years ago, ProfessionalAwesome
Sounds are ok if I were to tune down a set of bongos. Slow response, probably because the samples aren't trimmed right or the are too high of a bit rate is being used. However, it is a free app and my 3 year old likes to play with it and those technical aspects don't seem to bother him.
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11 years ago, Kana arts
Hours of fun!
This ap is fantastic. They continually update making it better each time. Try using it at your next party, your guests will have a blast!
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12 years ago, Phleeber
Good sound & response
I have been playing for 20 years so I am very biased about these types of "instruments." That being said, 3 stars is the highest i could go for an app that tries to copy a set of real bongos. However, this is a good app for what it is and it is free. I like the different sounds generated on the bongos. The response time is really good too. I would only suggest a much better sound mix between bell & sticks vs bongos in the next release. The bongos sound flat where as sticks & bell sound ambient and live.
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12 years ago, Arachnorella
I just love to drum - on anything and everything, so I am loving this app! I can actually play an instrument now instead of just whatever happens to be handy... Like the table, my knees, my neice's head... How cool is that!
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12 years ago, 6x5
Just got it it worked the first time, after I exited out due to an ad and opened it right back up I couldn't hear a thing. Don't waste your time downloading this app. I'm gonna delete it. Also I don't think you could avoid clicking the adds the way they set it up
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12 years ago, gapumpkin10
Do life like
I play them in real life and when I am traveling I can just use these and they work magic. And bonus it is free!
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12 years ago, Champion-1-1
Its fun
It's fun the only thing is that you can just keep playing the same song and keep adding to it
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12 years ago, Richard Cotter
Its a lot of fun hitting the bongos when I have a few minutes. Great sounds!
Its a lot of fun hitting the bongos when I have a few minutes. Great sounds!
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12 years ago, Grande
Make louder and panning could be better. bongos lean too hard to the left channel plus the bell was a nice addition just wish it was a more authentic bongo bell instead of that generic mambo bell same can be said for the clave just sounds like two sticks instead of a cup hand clave.
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12 years ago, TomZmuda
It's free
No complaints. Download it if you want to pound away on some bongos. Not for professionals or anyone looking to use the samples to record with. Not bad though. I can't say there's much to improve except, of course, the quality of the samples.
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11 years ago, I <3 the app!
Love this app.
I love this app! It has a lot of educational qualities. It encourages children to make music. It could also be great to make a beat to a song for song writers. Your fan, Kassidy Godfroy
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12 years ago, Christeed
Great for everyone in the family , simple and easy to use , for kids too and big kids , like dad .ha
Love this works well. Simple , great for the family and kids all ages ,,
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13 years ago, Bell2626
Love it!!!
It's awesome!!!! If you are having problems with hearing it go see a doctor or turn on your ringer and put the volume to the Max then tap, if it doesn't work go get hearing aids. Simple.
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12 years ago, Heath6Pack
Not bad! I'm also having a time getting everything to sound!
Does this mean I must pay .99 to get everything to work?
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12 years ago, Protoku
A okay app to play with
While this it is fun to bang away on the bongos it's a bit of a disappointment because it is difficult to actually hear the different sounds
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11 years ago, bheckenl
I usually play this during school. I put the head phones in and start playing. Great way to beat boredom from teacher.
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12 years ago, Mae Mae's Mama
My two year old loves this. I wish you could get rid of the "rate this app" button, since she hits it every two minutes.
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12 years ago, Kidcop6067
Love Making My Music!
This is a great App because I can't afford real musical instruments, so I can play my drums when ever, and where ever I want to! Thanks for making my conga drums free! They are awesome!
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12 years ago, Xristar CMK
Fun app!
Fun app! Easy to use. My 22-month old has as much fun with it as my 12-year old. (and I find myself playing with it too!). Nice additions to the instruments in this release.
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12 years ago, Noney19
Get it now!!!
Amazing app!!! And it's free!!! I could just sit here playing them all night!!! So fun!!! In the car, in your house, everywhere!!! Get it now!!!
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13 years ago, Peapodfan
The sound is awesome!
Great app, works very well with the professional voice recorded. Wish for more features in the upcoming updates, thanks.
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11 years ago, Ked B.
Bongo fun
This is a simple easy bongo set, calves, and cowbell combo. Make sure that you tap all around the drum heads to hear all of the different sounds that the drums make.
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12 years ago, Sashley00
Easy to use and fun to play! It sounds just like real bongos and even has a cowbell and those sticks that u hit together! I highly recommend this❕👍👍🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
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12 years ago, Salserosaoco
A bit slow, but it makes the life Of The party if you can play.
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12 years ago, Kattnos
Grat app
I love this app because it fun when my 3 year old cousin comes over he plays with it and it's funny because he has the funnyest laugh!
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