Booksy for Customers

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User Reviews for Booksy for Customers

4.92 out of 5
665.4K Ratings
2 years ago, Suz_M
SO Convenient! EASY to use :)
My first time using this scheduling platform and COULDN’T be HAPPIER. SUPER user-friendly from my iPhone, easy to find merchants, SUPER easy and clear on how to navigate- no questioning if you did it right, or where to find salon availability, or what the next step is. VERY clear. My nephew needed a haircut FAST just days away from prom after his barbershop closed permanently. I downloaded Booksy on Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend 2022, checked a few nearby salons, found one with an opening that fit my nephew’s class schedule, and scheduled the appointment for first business day after the holiday weekend: Tuesday at 9:00AM, the FIRST appointment of the day. I was a little tentative about the app’s reliability, but felt better when “Confirmation” came back soon after I booked, and then when the “Reminder” arrived the next day, Monday, just as I had scheduled it for my convenience. Totally psyched to be warmly received at the scheduled appointment (first time clients) via app correspondence only. I assume the Booksy merchant accepts the Booksy customer appointment prior to the confirmation message being generated- therefore the communication reliability is based on how active & responsive the merchant is on the platform. In this case it was 100% success. I’m looking forward to finding other participating merchants- SO. EASY.
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4 months ago, alyssamaddaloni
10/10! 5 stars! ✨ download this app!
I HIGHLY recommend downloading this app. it makes it so easy for me to book my appointments. for example, if I have a crazy, busy day, I can’t call to book my appointments if it’s already closed, or it’s a Sunday or holiday & it’s closed. so, whether it is 3:00 AM, or closed for a holiday, I can’t call, this makes it so convenient & easy for me to book my appointment! what’s even better is that it gets sent right to their phone as soon as you make your appointment! everything is so easy from booking appointments to leaving reviews right from Booksy in the settings of your profile. I don’t know what I would do without this app, it is definitely a necessity, I love it! & another example is that when I make an appointment, it tells me the times that are available on whichever day I pick on the calendar 📅 which is listed right there when making/booking your appointment & it also keeps track of all of your past appointments so you can literally just click “book again”, then change the appropriate time & date if need be! plus you can even leave notes for special requests that you would like done for/at your appointments! Booksy has been a LIFE SAVER! 🛟💯😊⚡️🤎🩷
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2 years ago, M Laws
At First, But…
When I first downloaded the app is was really cool. No problems at all and would have given it a 5 probably then, but now not so much. I mentioned some of the things to my barber and he said he may have to reconsider. I haven’t mentioned the latest issues. Now when I go to sign in, it forces me to create an account which I already have. It does not allow me to just log in with my email. It forces you to create another account in order to proceed. The second thing I noticed is it changes from English to French. The top potion is in French meanwhile the bottom menu is in English. I have a screenshot so it is true. The app looks very nice though. As far as the look it’s better than other apps I have seen. If they could just get these bugs out it would be so much better. Right now I can’t even log on a view my schedule present and future appointments or update or change anything. I cannot access anything. Glad I have notifications setup to have some idea of my appointment. I have to commute during the week so it’s helpful to go back in the app to see what you have going on. Plus I like structure and organization so when you have an app to manage appointments and schedules it is very helpful IF IT WORKS. I saw where they said they have a recent update but I am still having these two issues. I hope it’s a quick fix. If they resolve I will really consider updating my review only if it works consistently.
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5 months ago, Crowning1
Exceptional Service!
I recently had the pleasure of experiencing Dlee Pro Barber's exceptional talent and top-notch service. From the moment I walked in, I was welcomed with a warm and friendly atmosphere. Dlee's attention to detail and passion for his craft were immediately apparent as he carefully listened to my preferences and provided helpful suggestions. During the haircut, Dlee's expertise truly shined! The precision and artistry with which he sculpted my hair was remarkable, resulting in a style that exceeded my expectations. His mastery of the tools and techniques of his trade was evident, and I could tell that he takes great pride in his work. Not only did Dlee deliver an outstanding haircut, but he also created an enjoyable and comfortable experience overall. His professionalism and personable nature made the entire visit a pleasure. I left feeling rejuvenated and confident, knowing that I had received the best service possible. I strongly recommend Dlee Pro Barber to anyone seeking a skilled and dedicated professional. Thank you, Dlee, for your exceptional work and commitment to excellence!
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5 months ago, Kingpantha
No love for consumers
I’ve been using Booksy for a couple years now but recently I’ve been dissatisfied with the platform. I used the platform to find hair salons for my daughters. But here recently, I’ve had an issue with the hair salon, called Lovin iT Hair supposedly located in Lancaster, California. You can’t book your appointment until you pre-pay so that’s what I did. When it came time for the appointment, I clicked on the GPS on the Booksy app to locate the salon which sent me to City Hall. When I tried to call the business owner, her phone line was only taking voice messages. I left several with no reply. I also tried to contact the business owner through all her social media platforms but still no reply. And upon further investigation, I noticed that there was no physical address on the Google Maps GPS there were only coordinates that sent me to City Hall. Booksy was no help in solving the issue I was having with this business owner. I needed my refund and all they could tell me was to contact the business owner, which wasn’t an option for me. Booksy should do a better job at validating these business owners that us consumers use for services. I’m so annoyed with this whole process.
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1 year ago, Bent!!
The best!!
I can’t express how greatful I am to have a Barber like Brian. He’s so great with my child! He’s the only one that has allowed anyone to cut his hair without having a pure melt down, an having to just have a bur hair cut!! If your child may suffer from anxiety an fear of hair cuts, the atmosphere is delightful an will ease them. I highly recommend Brian an his staff!!! He’s super great with kids but also I’ll never forgot how great he took care of my dad who fallen leaving the shop. He took the time to go out to him an check on him make sure he was ok, an then personally called me to let me know he had fallen. Just a suggestion always “tip” your server!! They always go beyond there service!! An well worth the extra few dollars, they stand long hours, an think about the continue over an over same customer care without setting down just to make you look fabulous!! Give them something worth being shown appreciate of!! Thank you for what you do!!
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2 years ago, castro d
Customer service is horrible.
I made an appointment a month out for my birthday. I cancelled appointment a few days after and never received a refund. Contacted booksy with no response and no way other way of contact. The rules are you must cancel within 24hrs to receive a refund but I cancelled like 3 weeks in advance. Still. I refund from the prepaid payment and no response from customer service. I do like the app as far as finding local businesses but customer service is non existent and if you miss an appointment don’t bank on getting your funds back unless you charge back it seems. Update to review. Reached out to customer service again and they said to file a charge back as they can not help with refunds and it is totally up to the business. I don’t get why they would accept prepayments through the app but not help when you have an issue but that’s another issue. I’d say just find another app to use or make sure when making appointment that prepayment is not required as this apps customer service literally told me to file a charge back with my card smh. So now to get my money back I have to drive 30 minutes to fight with a barbershop or contact bank and make a charge back. Insane.
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2 years ago, Houzehunterz
Poor Business Practices: Passion’s Barbershop
Early this morning I made an appointment for my wife to get a hair cut. The appointment was accepted. Then at 1:03pm the appointment gets canceled. My wife aligned her day for this appointment. I will say that they tried to give us an option of going to another barber that they knew. I understand that they tried to reschedule for another day. I understand that they will get more money from braiding someone’s hair. It does not excuse them canceling the appointment, especially with so little time to find someone else. My wife needed to get her hair done today. We have an event we are attending tomorrow. Now I am trying to find another barber but it appears that no one is available. We don’t have the time to do any walk-ins. The only reason why I am putting this below is because I couldn’t put it with why I cancelled my appointment. Below is the message we received from Passion’s. Hello Mrs L***** ******. I believe your husband booked a trim for your frohawk. I have a walk in client that requested braids. The service she requested will leave me booked up for the rest of the day. Please walk into Markstyles Barbership in Menlo Park they will be able to help you Or we can reschedule for Monday. Thank you for your inquiry.
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4 months ago, BigCountrybrad
Happy New Barber Visit
I had been looking for a good barber for a long time & every time I tried one out, it always came out ok & other times not so much. I happen to come across this app & I found a small but very very amazing new barber that’s only 4 miles away. I love this app for getting me a great new place to go to & it’s so simple & easy to use. You don’t have to worry with calling & hoping someone answers and you can see every day of the week on the app's appointment calendar along with all the different times that place/ business/ restaurant or whatever you need or want, have available & if you want to have a 2pm appointment slot but it’s full & you have to choose 3pm instead, you can always click on a option the app has to let you know if an earlier appointment becomes available. I would most definitely recommend this app and the barbershop “KevCutzHair” located at 207 Sunny Ave, Dunn NC.
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11 months ago, Dominican Beauty Salon Tampa#1
Diamond Dominican Beauty
The salon has great staff very attentive and care to natural hair care needs extensions and brows on fleek! I’m so impressed with their quality of work and I’m greatful I came from NewYork tryin to find a place that is professional and can treat all types of hair each person is treated w respect and humility and very caring staff from kids to women it’s incredible my hair last longer and they take so good care of my hair I can’t go anywhere else I could only in emergency but this is my go to number 1 spot! I wouldn’t have it any other way! ❤️ Este salon es perfecto para mujeres y niños! Tienen buen corazones tambien. 😍 Hacen tratamientos de todo tipos de pelo y pestañas tambien : Mi pelo es MAS lacio y lo apprecia muchisimo por arreglar me bien Cuando hacen una cita adjiere ha La hora Para que te pueden atenderlas. Muy Buena gente humilde son unas Angelica’s 😇 Bella’s con toda mi Alma y una honor de recomendacion y recibir de sus talentos son magnifica!!! Gracias Nadia, Isabel, y Yamilka !
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1 year ago, Legal Warrior
I went to the appointment but listed as no show because the Stylist was terrible.
Who is next Salon, Kimberly Porter has listed me as a no show so I could not leave a review. Please change that process. The stylist should not be able to block one for leaving a review. you should be able to leave a review. I went to the appointment. I received really terrible service. I asked for a redo but she was so hostile I feared for she will to since she is alone I the Solon. I cancelled a new one booked. She was unprofessional made me wait for two hours before service. I arrived 10 minutes before the 12 pm appointment. She did not start working on my hair until almost 2:00 pm. I had to comb out my own hair. The wig install was terrible, was lifting before I even left the shop. she gave all kinds of excuses. She cut my wig when I only asked that the front be layered. It was not a trim or layering of the back of wig she cut it. Used terrible glue so hair twisted in the back She keep doing treatments for drop in Clients while I waited for 2 hours for service. She worked on my hair for an hour after a two hour wait then refused to fix unless I paid extra. She is a bad stylist.
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1 year ago, TeTeMox
Chop It up Barbershop Schertz
I will start with I made my appt through Booksy for 9am.. I read majority of the reviews great reviews.. this was my first time going to this barbershop.. my appt was confirmed for 9am with Bam.. worst experience ever.. I arrived at my appt 10 mins early.. the owner of the shop came and opened the shop about 9:10 am… he greats me and he ask who do I have an appt with, I say Bam he is like ok and went to the back.. another barber comes in go straight to the back, literally a 3rd barber comes in his name is Milli, he ask who I am waiting for, I say Bam, he call Bam.. Bam tells him he isn’t going to make the appt. Bam never tried calling me or apologize for skipping the appt even though it was confirmed. Milli tells me he would take .. I have to thank him for stepping up but .. my haircut was so bad everyone was like “I thought you got a haircut “. The reason was because he was a newbie whom literally just received his certificate while I was sitting in his chair. He had another barber help him to put a design in my hair… freaking horrible… I won’t ever return.. those who giving 4&5 stars… lucky you. Tanya
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1 year ago, [Name withheld]
This app misleadingly claims to support Apple Pay; however, it is not possible to complete a payment using Apple Pay (I tried four different cards, across diverse card brands, including an Apple Card). Instead, the app falsely claims the card was declined—I checked with the insurers, and no card authorization requests were sent. However, the very same cards work fine when entered directly into the app. Bottom line: Apple Pay is a benefit to consumers (and merchants) in terms of security. The implementation inside of apps is not rocket science. Naturally, this app does not need to support it (though I would prefer they did), but if they are going to expose the interface and be tagged in the App Store as supporting Apple Pay, it should work. Not just work in some narrow case, but for all card payments. Perhaps this is an innocent bug, but it feels like a bait-and-switch. (Response to Developer Reply: Sorry—not interested in doing your QC for you. You already lost the customer. Apple Pay is a top priority feature. It should work every time, with every card supported by your platform.)
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1 year ago, Deon J.
Booksy allows providers to manipulate reviews
I had a barber who cancelled on me 8 times over a short period of time during hid end of day shifts. When I finally had enough I wrote a review and gave him a 1 star telling people over time he will take advantage of your loyalty while not returning the courtesy. I fly in and out of Rhode Island every two weeks and the night before I depart I NEEDED these haircuts etc. Very inconvenient to say the least. Point is, he has all 5 star reviews and I can almost guarantee it’s because Booksy allowed him to delete my review. Then I noticed an overwhelming majority of barbers in that area have all 5 star reviews. Nothing else. Some of it may be the barber asking for only 5 stars or don’t post one, but I have experience that Booksy allowed him to remove mine. Makes the review process almost worthless.
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1 year ago, LL Cool B 802
Top notch service!
I first met Victor when I brought my son into NKG Barbershop about six month ago. After witnessing some of the professional trim and fade skills on a fellow classmate from a dude referred to as Vic Stylez, my son wanted to experience it firsthand. What Victor had sculpted was top notch; accentuating his curls that perfectly complemented my son’s personality! In other words, he loved it! Our most recent visit was to hook my son up with another one of Victor’s premiere “stylez,” but also to see what he could do with Pop’s do. Again, Victor did NOT disappoint and cleaned up my fro, and beard! In fact, Victor’s talents crafted me a look that knocked quite a few years off my age, and I am grateful for that! In addition to being a master of the clippers, Victor shared some great tips on navigating my cowlicks and finding the natural grain of my hair to achieve the best look. All this, at a price that is commensurate with the quality service provided, and while carrying on an engaging conversation about life and hobbies! He even sent me off with some recommended product that works well with my specific hair for a hold and sheen that is on point! You can bet, my son and I will be sharing our favorable reviews with friends and family! You’re the real deal, Vic! In Pursuit of Nappiness, Louis B
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2 years ago, $$$$$Efficient
Ms. Kim the BEST on the WEST
GoodMorning!!! My sister and I been here in LV since 2006, seeking a stylist. Last Friday we saw a lady with finger waves and they were really really well done. My sister asked her who did her hair and she said Kim at WHO’s NEXT. We went to Kim’s shop and immediately booked for her for the following day. Kim is kind, professional, fast and have great knowledge of hair. She is focused on the hair when she is doing it and not focusing on talking. She is very observable of the shop. She was sweeping hair from under your feet in between her styling your hair. The shop and bathroom is very clean. She gave great advice to have a healthy scalp and hair. I will be with Kim for my life span. She is awesome. Her prices are very affordable. If you are looking for a stylist, try Kim and your review will be longer than mine. Happy Tuesday!!! Lillie
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11 months ago, NetteRoshelle
Beware of scammer businesses through Booksy!
I called this business “Styled by Moffett” on Booksy to ensure she had availability before booking an appointment for my daughter and I. She answers and confirms that she has availability for the next day. So I go ahead and book and prepay $160 for the service. She then tells me the hair to buy and everything. She then says she will confirm the appointment for 8 am the next day. Sunday morning comes and I’m heading to the appointment. I happen to look at the app and the girl NEVER CONFIRMED THE APPOINTMENT even though she told me to go ahead and book! She then proceeds to say she “overbooked” herself . I then tel her I was still charged but she claim she didn’t see it on Booksy end, so she cancels it. It is now Friday, and I have no word from her or Booksy. Not only did I lose $160, but Booksy has yet to reach back out and contact me or the young lady since the issue began. This screams SCAM and showcases a serious lack of professionalism on both ends. It’s sad to say that Booksy is promoting businesses as such. This is a total scam, and I will be spreading the news thus far!
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2 years ago, sliturnek
App UI is great but core features don’t work
You book this really important cut the day before a very important day. That works pretty well. This app’s flow was well tuned. Days go by and you receive a push notification that your appointment has been changed - tap to confirm this change. Except the notification doesn’t bring you to the appointment in the app to confirm, ok poor development but I can find it from here right? Yeah, sure, but there is no option to confirm a change. Looks no different than a booked appointment. Let’s try using the email that you receive to confirm the change, yeah that too doesn’t take you where you need to be. So where to now? No way to confirm a change like it wants you to 🤷‍♂️ I know what I made it for and can see the time was pushed back. No big deal. A week later I show up for my appointment at the new time but wouldn’t you know I no longer have one. I couldn’t confirm a change so my appointment was dropped. Thanks team!
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1 year ago, Sister Shields
It was absolutely amazing!!! The atmosphere was just right, the cleanliness. I was so satisfied!!! Sha’ron listen my hair needs. I wanted a perm, but I have sensitive scalp and I burn fast. She mix the perfect mixture. My hair is bone straight but more importantly, for the first time in years since my mother did my hair, I had no burning scalp and burning on my face around the edges. My hair came out perfectly. I felt beautiful just an all-around beautiful experience. I wasn’t sitting around in the hair salon all day. She got me in and out, which is so important. Hospitality, it was just an amazing experience. I definitely will be going back !!! Everywhere I went people were saying, your hair is so pretty your hair is so pretty, who did your hair, who did your hair?
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4 years ago, Gobbleknot
Barber's great - not sure about the app
This is my third time to attempt a review of Dom's Barbershop in Poland, Ohio. The first two times it said I chose a nickname that has already been used. If that was the case, I could live with that - but then it threw out everything that I had typed when I clicked OK! Hopefully, the third time will be a charm. First of all - John Monroe at Dom's is first class and an excellent barber. I had to schedule with John upon the recommendation of my nephew because across the line in Pennsylvania, where I live, barbershops have still been shut down because of the pandemic. My wife and daughter suggest that I make John my new regular barber! My pandemic hair had me looking like the "heat miser". John got me all cleaned up and looking as good as this mug could look. I rate John and Dom's Barbershop 5 stars but gave this review a 4 star rating because of my frustration with the app.
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12 months ago, sandy4196
I booked a service with Twins Hair Salon the glam bar. Althea Williams very unprofessional as a business owner, she didn’t acknowledge me nor came to the door to at least speak with me. When another person came to talk to me she yelled not to give me information. I drove 2 hours away and if you have certain policies in place send a reminder, but, it is not ok for someone yo give her a deposit to not even acknowledge their presence. I paid $84 for a down payment to get hair services and she didn’t let me in to evaluate my hair she didn’t acknowledge my presence and treated me very rudely. She has horrible reviews on Yelp. I looked up to see if she’s even licensed because the place had no signs looked like they are running and illegal shop. I will never use Booksy because it’s not user friendly and doesn’t seem to lookup the businesses they’re working with. This is not going to stay like this i will get my money back i work to hard to just give my money away
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2 years ago, 407 Ricky
Definitely a great app, only thing is I run into a lot of people canceling or not confirming appointment until days later/ day of! Definitely need something that shows how often the service provider cancels, possibly by the days in particular, where it shows that the service provider is likely to cancel if booked on a certain days or a select time window. Also if the service provider does cancel, give us options of scheduling a new appointment with similar service providers around the same time windows of the original appointment. Definitely would help on the last minute cancellation for out of town customers. I know I travel a lot and spend way to much time trying to find someone new to go to if my appointment gets canceled.
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2 months ago, Juicy4real
Excellent Stylist
I passed by the shop and saw Tati’s sign & went in to inquire. Liked what I saw & booked an appointment immediately. I had lots of questions and she answered them all and sent pictures of the hair I needed to buy. Upon arrival she realized I might need more hair so I went to get it. She didn’t open anything or start until I returned. I liked that. She was very professional and friendly. Only her working on my head, she went straight through without breaks. Took a little over 4hrs. My hair looks beautiful. The only draw back is its way too tight, which is my fault. I could’ve told her not so tight. Excellent job, clean shop and friendly service. Definitely recommend!
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2 years ago, TeamRight2022
More prompts and reminders for reviews
There are other sites that are a bit more user friendly. However my biggest complaint is about the review system. There should be texts or email notifications letting customers know that the review deadline is approaching. Reviews should be prioritized in this type of setting and reminding clients to do so is a very small feature that could increase client and professional satisfaction. Sending a text 30 minutes after the appointment is insufficient to truly drive that feature especially since people are not typically in a space, could be transiting to next location or with people, to stop and write a review. Additionally if I’m verified in the system, I should be able to leave a review anytime with a caveat saying there was a delay. So unfortunate people have been taken advantage of by lack of reviews
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11 months ago, BNR43
Customer satisfaction
I’m very particular when it comes with my hair, I’m very cautious about who’s doing my hair. I accidentally end up with a unprofessional. I was very unhappy and thinking who’s going to fix it I checked several people the way they talked to me it looks like it was a lost case. I searched online, I found Celane, I called and she told me don’t worry I’m going to make you a beautiful girl and she did. She did hair nice and very fast, some beautician spent their time talking on the phone while they doing the client hair, not her. She’s someone people can trust, I had no regret finding her, she did a great job and I I’m very happy. I gave her 10 stars, I like everything about her service.
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1 year ago, IrieMarva
I was told about Kandela by Sabrina. She told me how much her Husband and Children goes to Kandela Stylez and how much they always love their haircuts. Being new to Charlotte from Florida, I wasn’t have much luck with someone who does haircuts like my Barber back home. She gave me his information and I booked an appointment with him on Booksy (First time ever hearing of this App or using it). My appointment with Kandela was at 6:30pm, I arrived at 6:15p because I didn’t know the area. I walked in and told him my name, he told me to have a seat., he was very Friendly. I sat in his chair at 6:35pm and he introduced himself officially. I told him what I wanted and he began to cut my Natural hair. He explained what he was doing and gave me some pointers about Enhancements. I was very pleased with my hair cut, I love it. My Daughter was shocked when I got back in the car with my Low Hair Cut, she really liked it. KANDELA STYLEZ will definitely be my Barber from now on. I will not be going anywhere else. It’s about 1/2 hour from where I live but it was well worth the drive. Kandela, thank you for your Friendly Service and Professionalism.
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7 months ago, Angus’ mom
Off Leash K9 Training Fredericksburg, VA
We had an excellent experience with Logan at Off Leash Training. We’ve told everyone it was life changing because our rambunctious seven month old black lab transformed into a MUCH better behaved dog over the course of our lessons. Within three or four lessons he could walk calmly through downtown, something we never imagined he could do. By the end of our set of lessons, he had also learned to sit to meet people and to go to his bed when told. It’s improved our whole family’s relationship with a puppy that was more of a challenge than we’d anticipated and helped us see what a great dog he can be. Definitely worth the investment!
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6 years ago, Vintaj
Nice for appointments but....
I originally really liked the app because they had live chat. At least, That was until I tried to add the ability to charge cancellation fees. You have to manually go into each individual appointment and set up a cancellation fee and policy for each appointment booked. Clients don’t have to add a credit card so you can’t charge a cancellation fee unless they add their card after the fact. There is no across the board policy that is applied. The app is supposed to make it more convenient, but if I have to go into each appointment to change/apply the settings, what’s the point? They also charge 3% + 0.20 for each payment processed versus 2.5% with other apps, and payout takes 3 days to reach your account versus next day with other apps. If they could get the payment issues in order and add a description box for services, then it’d be a much better app.
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2 years ago, Dunxie
[UPDATE] I reached back out to Booksy costumer service and all they did was gaslight me. They refuse to remove the stylist that scammed me, leaving them free to scam others. And I asked about a refund and they said to take it up with my bank. Obviously their boiler plate responses are damage control for their terrible app but I thought they might at least try to “make it right” as they claimed. Turns out they’re liars. [Original post] There is zero accountability for scammers which is unacceptable. I prepaid for an appointment and the stylist never showed. I called Booksy to get my money back and they said there’s nothing I can do other than ask for my money back from the scammer (🙄)or dispute the charge. It’s weeks later and the bank is still investigating. Booksy is completely unaccountable to its customers, has business practices that support and encourage scammers and as a result I’ll be sure to never use it again.
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1 year ago, Stacey @r
Lauren Ashley
I’ve been going to Lauren for my lashes and my haircuts for over a year now and honestly I can say hands down since I’ve been getting my lashes done she does the best work she is the most diligent, focused, detailed lash artist I’ve ever been to yet we have some great conversation as well. She is reasonably priced and she definitely makes accommodations for scheduling. I have to say she is truly a beautiful person on the inside and out and truly loves her clients. I definitely say she is worth the trip to go and see you will love your lashes. You’ll get the most compliments and you will feel beautiful. I have to say I do look forward to my appointments with her.❤️❤️❤️
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1 year ago, this app isnt for me
Awful customer support
I’ve removed my email from their mailing list three times over and yet I continue to receiving marking emails from a barber I no longer frequent from this app. Part of the reason I changed my barber is because they canceled my appointment with less than twelve hours notice but still pushed through the charge on my card. I had no feedback options with the app to resolve this but to go to the barber in person and ask why they were charging me for a service they canceled on. I don’t want to do business with this barber but it seems like this app doesn’t care as they continue to spam me. Because of this I requested my account to be deleted. It’s been two weeks and they’re still processing my request. Clearly this app was made not for the safety or satisfaction of the consumer. If your barbershop asks you to download this maybe just keep it cash ✌️
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2 years ago, #RoCuo
Service/Help with App issues is Nonexistent
I’ve made contact to get help with them via the app and via email, yet, I get the same robotic response asking for more details. Not sure how much more detail is needed when I’ve given exact details of the issue. Srsly! This app has potential, but the lack of consideration when help is needed makes the app not worth my time. I have other apps that work perfectly so I’ll stick w/them or I’ll call to make/cancel any appointments. Something as simple as getting my phone to receive a text confirmation shouldn’t be so difficult. Especially, when I always got texts from Booksy then all of a sudden it stopped. Yet, CS keeps telling me that it must be because my number is connected w/another account. Srsly? How so? Anyway, thanks for reading my rant! Hope your experience is a better one 😁
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8 months ago, Pdfct
Terrible user experience
My barber uses Booksy, but the interface never seems to work as expected. For example, on occasion, my barber will schedule my appt in Booksy and send me a url for the appointment. Clicking on the link will open a browser window which will prompt to take me to the App Store. Arriving at the App Store, I will find a link to open Booksy. Clicking this link will open Booksy, but it will not provide me a view of the appointment. Navigating through the entire app, I can find no appointment record or any kind of confirmation of the pending appointment. For anyone familiar with the old tv series, Get Smart, Booksy appears to work for me about as well as the ‘cone of silence’. I don’t wish to belittle Booksy or it’s developers, but I would like to suggest that the process flow is not without issue. I hope they can enhance the navigation. Thanks.
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2 years ago, unknownusername42069
Auto books appointments without being asked - please fix
I’ve used Booksy for literally one place, a barber shop nearby. I don’t go often because I just don’t need to or want to, but for whatever reason after some time (perhaps what most people would deem a regular amount of time for a haircut, about 2 months) I get a notification that my appointment has been booked for that barbershop. I cancel, and it’s been several times in the last 12 months where it continues to book an appointment over the next few days (after initial phantom booking). As far as I can tell, there’s no way to prevent the app from doing so, without my deleting account. I might, but otherwise someone should fix this. Good thing I don’t have my payment info on this app - I fear that phantom booking might lead to unnecessary charges.
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5 months ago, MamaLunaRN
Utmost Massage
I am so grateful I came across Ismael’s business, Utmost Massage. I have chronic back and joint pain (a lot of acute sports injuries) and an autoimmune condition which massage helps me tremendously. I am new to this area and have been to 10 different spots. Finding the right massage therapist is a necessity not a luxury for myself. Ismael has a calming healing presence about him that made me feel comfortable immediately. He took the time to listen (so compassionate)to my past medical, present lifestyle and activities. He incorporated a holistic approach to massage that included cupping, something I found so healing for my body. I definitely recommend him if you need a relaxing or therapeutic massage.
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6 years ago, Sprinxxx33
It could’ve been better🙁
I went to this Salon for the first time yesterday with a friend. Got there at 330pm. They only had 2 nail techs(the owners of the salon). I can honestly say the best part of the visit was the pedicure! The girls who did our pedicures were fantastic! I sat with Tiffany and she glued fake nails on me without even asking, I thought this was the process of gel powder since I’ve never done it in the past. Then she wasn’t able to do the 3 tones on my nails. She had to attempt 2xs, failing both attempts. The other nail tech Tommy ended up fixing my nails but it looked nothing like the pic of the nails I wanted. I was extremely unhappy with the outcome of my nails especially paying $45 for them. They don’t do an actual manicure, no cuticle cutting...NOTHING! We were there from 330pm-645pm at that due to them being short staffed. I wouldn’t come here again or recommend the place to anyone.
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1 year ago, fe2chio
Excellent results
I had micro blading done for my brows at Maven Esthetics. Constance was experienced, professional, on time, knowledgeable and a wonderful guide. She clearly explained the process, what it would feel like, provided excellent suggestions and checked in with me throughout the process to make sure I agreed with her ideas and that I was okay. Her studio is clean, peaceful and well lit. She also explained clearly what would happen after the procedure, so there were no surprises. I’m thrilled with my new look! My brows look very natural. If you’re looking for an experienced artist who cares about you and your satisfaction, then you’ve found her at Maven Esthetics.
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4 years ago, Bass champ
This app lied to me and forgot something
I live in a state that has started the process of closing back up for Coronavirus. I have been trying to get a haircut in before it’s too late and all the barbershops in my area are appointment only. The one I usually go too was booking through this app I had attempted to book a haircut for yesterday. However, this app neglected to be updated to the fact that the barber I had booked from said shop was out of town and could potentially come back with Covid. This app lets you book appointments without having any idea if not only will you get your appointment but also if the place you’re booking your appointment at is taking proper Coronavirus measures other then following appointment only. I had to reschedule with someone else and now I have to worry about their Coronavirus precautions. Find some other way to book or find a different place rather then use this app.
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2 years ago, SJtheLight
Hoping for improved calendar mgmt
Love the app. Easy to book appointments. Recently when I rescheduled an appointment i still got an option to add the new date to my calendar. However I missed my appointment because the old date was still in my calendar. Just threw off my entire day :( Ultimately that’s on me as the user to make sure I’m clear on my appt date but would be great if the app offered better synchronization or AI for calendar entry mgmt. If I have the app permission to my calendar, it would be great if the app could check for an existing calendar entry related to the appointment I’m changing, and replace that old entry with the new one.
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3 years ago, MomGoals92
Can’t Reach Customer Service
I scheduled an appointment for barber shop business that Id been to before when I saw it here and received a text from the barber saying sorry for the inconvenience they’d changed locations but the new location was a house! This is not true btw the barber shop I was trying to book is still in the same place the barber on the Booksy account just doesn’t work there. And I was not able to cancel after booking the same day appointment without them charging me the full price. So I was charged $45 for not wanting to go to some Guys house for my son’s haircut. The barber blocked me after I told him I didn’t feel comfortable coming there and wanted a refund and I’ve been trying to reach out to Booksy ever since with no luck. I filled out the contact form and I call on a daily bases and am prompted to use in app chat which is not in the app.
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4 years ago, Coolllllghhh
App crashed before my appointment!
This is not the first time this has happened either so I am extremely upset. I booked a haircut appointment with my barber expecting for the app to be functioning before my appointment. Literally an hour before my appointment I go to the Booksy app to make sure my appointment hasn’t changed or to double check the address and the app is not working. The app says cannot connect to the server please try again in a few minutes, which is actually hours. And the fact that it only did it right before my appointment started twice makes me even more mad. If I hadn’t texted the barbers phone number outside of the app days before, I wouldn’t even have the address to the place to know where I’m going because your app is unreliable. There was even a update available so I updated the app and still couldn’t get on the app.
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9 months ago, Blfdgirl
Consistently the Best
I only see Flor and Erika, so, I can’t speak for other technicians but these two young women are excellent. After going to every nail salon in the area over many years and having multiple problems with being cut or peeling polish, I can honestly say I have never had an issue with Erika and Flor. They are both perfectionists and they remedy even the tiniest flaw. The salon is very clean and the staff is pleasant. My only negative is patrons who make phone calls while receiving services. Most people go for a pedi to relax. This recent Sunday and obnoxious customer made multiple loud phone calls. Overall, this is a 5 star salon.
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2 years ago, Evette A
What a wonderful experience with Mrs Tiffany at stylesbyshortcake!! I have been thinking about starting locs for over two years, and during this time Mrs Tiffany has been my sons loctician. During his retwist visits, I have been constantly having “mini” consultations with Mrs Tiffany about starting my locs. She was so helpful, kind, and full of knowledge!! Finally…. I did it!! I am so pleased!! Mrs Tiffany has a skill that I cannot put into words!!! Just simply put “magic hands”. She is very professional. Also, she gives recommendations for a healthy loc journey, which I think is the icing on the cake!! I would give her a higher rating if I could!!! Cheryl A.
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3 years ago, Mookie_88
Disappointed in the no contact
I booked an appointment with one of the stylists on the app. Booksy too my money, and when the hairstylist cancelled with out any notification and didn’t show up Booksy tried to charge my card a cancellation fee. That’s not right because I didn’t cancel the appointment. I held my end of the commitment. Boosky should have a way where they hold the money and if both parties don’t uphold the commitment either cancel the transaction or charge the cancellation. I had no one to contact to report the person that did this. They only allow you to rate if the person did the service, and it shouldn’t be that way. I should be able to leave a review rather the service was rendered or not. There is no telling how many people that she has done this to, and she still end up with a cancellation fee. I wish I could give this app no stars.
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3 months ago, VernC1
Using Booksey has been a bit of a challenge for me. The first time I thought I scheduled an appointment, I had not, even though it said appointment booked. I had to enter cc info in order to confirm booking, which I do not like to do with all of the identity thefts. It should not state appointment booked until complete. Additionally, I don’t like the idea of not being able to inquire about what you are looking to book. Maybe have a chat function or ability to ask a question to service provider prior to booking. Or maybe that service is available and I just don’t know where to look. Guess I’ll become more familiar with it as I continue to use.
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2 years ago, BigBootyLarry
I’m not gonna lie, I really do enjoy this app because it’s very convenient and it’s accurate. The only thing that kinda throws me off is not being able to save photos taken when you leave a review. At first I thought since I took the picture that it would saved automatically but nope. And I went to the review to see if I’ll be able to save if I tapped or tap and hold but all it shows is an “X” and I don’t want to tap because it might delete and it was a fresh picture! There should be an update where you can have the ability to save photos even in reviews made personally.
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3 years ago, Giggleso8
Easy for people to get scammed
There needs to be a better system or a better way to communicate with the shop owners when booking an appointment you receive a confirmation email however I’ve already pay for my deposit but the person who them self is unaware of my appointment. I had no way to communicate with the person I called the number multiple times I text multiple times I even search for the Instagram to get to communication with this person and when I called Booksy’s customer service all they did was give me the same phone number and didn’t offer any help on how to communicate with the person more. I was adviced to contact my bank to get the money back. Maybe they shouldn’t require a deposit or mandatory deposit maybe they should only have you put a card on file and allow a full refund.
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4 years ago, Jaammes
Typing Field
I am not sure how to describe what I wonder could be a glitch. As I tried to type and leave a review on the app, I spend more time trying to put the cursor where I needed it to be as I was taken bounced uncontrollably back to the bottom or top of the field. It was so crazy at times I tried to just type everything without having the ability to see what I was typing; it was trying to type but not seeing if autocorrect had done something or if I typed too fast and spelled something wrong. I see that as I leave a review I am able to type without any of the above.
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3 years ago, Chig55
They care about their app
I had ran into an issue where the “book again” button didn’t work and I had to search the name of the barber and do everything over again. I left a review on that complaining. I wasn’t expecting anything of it but then the support team replied saying to contact for more help. But I didn’t because I didn’t care enough to go through all that. Now I’m looking to see if any of my apps need updating and I see Booksy. They rolled out an update to fix the book again button! Shoutout to them because they actually take every little thing seriously.
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3 years ago, Nigerian 1st SF Native 2
Hair Stylist/ How the app can improve
Their are a lot of stylist on this app that take advantage of clients. I started using this app in 2020. I have had no, good experiences so, far. I think stylist don’t want to be detailed about not taking credit cards/ Debit cards because they don’t want new customers not want to book with them and know that their income they bring in can effect wether or not them/ their family qualify for certain pandemic assistance. With that being said Booksy needs to closely monitor the kind of professionals that they allow acess their app. The beauty world is always about reputation. Styles come and go and can always be learned but, if you don’t know how to make a client happy or take advantage of a client by overcharging them or taking extra money then you will NOT last in the beauty world.
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