Boom Beach

4.7 (282.1K)
441.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Boom Beach

4.71 out of 5
282.1K Ratings
5 years ago, Le Peeon
Turned a great game into a worthless piece of trash
When you added the Warships, I was overly excited as it brought something new and enjoyable to my day. The first two seasons were challenging and entertaining. Season 3 is here and two days in I regret ever downloading this game. For example, EVERY SINGLE TIME I am 1 win away from leveling up, I launch my troops, they destroy the bases before my opponent destroys mine, I go to the next screen and spectate my opponent attacking me. They finish, we go back to the results page and somehow my opponent has beaten me by several seconds, one time they apparently beat me by 45 seconds. My next complaint is that the troops always go to one area together. Since I cannot get flairs yet to direct my troops, I am pretty much screwed on which way they go. I have tried landing troops on opposite ends of the ramp, putting a good few seconds between troop deployments to separate attacking groups....... and they all go to the same place. The first two seasons and on the regular game this was not an issue at all. I understand a you need to make it a challenge to keep it interesting and it’s only a game, but if I wanted to experience something that doesn’t do what I intend for it to do and just makes up rules as it goes, I’d go talk to my boss who makes crap up all day long.
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7 years ago, Aub*22**
Fun game
This is a fun game although I find that it takes way to long to upgrade items, I do understand the the creators want us to spend money and purchase diamonds. Although after waiting days to collect enough funds to purchase an upgrade I find it I unfair to have to wait days again for the upgrade to process. If you play this game be prepared to wait days for thing to happen and be ready to loose your funds at any given time for your base will be raided and there is nothing you can do to prevent this from happening over and over again. I live in the USA and seem to loose my funds over night form Japan or China. Your map of available bases for you to attack is matched by computer and is always matched with bases that are to hard to take out thus it is to hard to acquire funds. Diamonds are provided from safes on your map and you will only receive at most twenty at a days time thus it also takes weeks to acquire enough to use for upgrades. Thus this game is fun but take weeks to make any progression in this game. Have Fun!!! 😎update to this review the game over the last year has added and taken things away in an attempt to make it more interesting this has failed I play daily and still need half a week to upgrade one item unless you spend real money on diamonds. Still matched to base that can not be taken down. It is a time killing game about thirty minutes a day as you wait for the upgrades.
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4 years ago, christmas tree times 2
Someone attacks your base you get demoted
I’ve had this game for 5 years I really liked it but I know this was my problem but with my iPhone 7 I never updated my iOS and therefore my apps so I couldn’t play if I wanted to and I couldn’t see what my other name was for the game to save it. So when I transferred everything from my old phone to the 11 it didn’t transfer the data on my new phone. So my app wasn’t updated enough so I could use a supercell .I.D and transfer the data to the new phone I was very disappointed/ frustrated with that but whatever I don’t think I could’ve done anything with that. But I remember when I first started playing when you attack other bases you get promoted but what I don’t remember when I first had the game is getting demoted I get so annoyed now whenever someone attacks my base I get demoted and I’m remembering that wait they didn’t have that when I started playing. It’s really annoying they should not have that because it’s like oh yeah you work so hard for something and then you get it taken away from you like what. I mean overall the game is really good it’s just those 2 things that were annoying. I like that you can upgrade whatever you want and you don’t have to upgrade certain things first before you do something else. I have created a supercell .I.D for my new supercell games so hopefully when I upgrade my phone to the next one they will transfer. Thanks and great overall job, just fix those couple things
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1 year ago, MLGPRO!!!!!mlg
Things need changed.
For almost 10 years now, I’ve been playing Boom Beach off and on. But nowadays it’s hard to enjoy the game to the fullest. The first issue with the game, which I’m sure almost everyone sees, is base editing. Sure, we can switch the layout, but unlike Clash of Clans (Boom Beach’s older brother) you can’t remove and place buildings to make it easier for you to edit. This is extremely unsatisfying, and it costs a lot more time. The second issue is task force operations. They seemed like a good idea at first, but low level players often struggle to even put a dent in power bases even if it’s the weakest operation, and the community isn’t always friendly with this and it results in low level players being occasionally kicked from task forces simply because they’re underleveled. A suggestion from me personally would be to make lower level operations weaker to fit skill and HQ levels. Also, a system that would recommend certain task force members for the operations so they know who to rely on. And finally, warships. The biggest topic of trouble for the game. It’s buggy, broken, and slightly unbalanced, according to other reviews I’ve read. As for me, I’ve experienced 2 of the 3. I don’t need to explain what I see problematic with warships- just ask every other player and they’ll tell you. I’ve had a lot of good and bad memories with this game, but it’s just not on a good path anymore.
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4 years ago, CoolThey
It’s good. But..
Boom Beach is a pleasant mixture of story, farming, and strategizing. Each base you encounter is unique in its own individual way, so you may have to use specific troops, items, or artillery. Just deploying your troops requires clever thinking because you will also need to be able to strategize how to make the gunboat energy be used effectively and efficiently. However, even though this game has many other contents as well, there isn’t really much to do after the post-game except for be challenged by events, or raid other bases. Also, the game is alright at first, but then the wait times for your upgrades become massively long. I’m willing to bet some people even uninstalled the game because of this, and I am not a fan of this waiting time, either. This is especially boring in the beginning of the game, when you have to wait an hour or 2 for most upgrades, and you don’t have a very high level radar, so there’s nothing to do but sit and wait for Blackguard Invasion on an Island you probably already conquered. Plus, sometimes you get player bases, which is good. But there is one problem with this: usually the players you get have a higher level than you do. So sometimes you can’t defeat them, even with upgraded troops, and the like. This is overall a very good game, but I would try to fix these issues if I was SUPERCELL. Good game, and please fix this!
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4 years ago, TankFighter52
Dear Supercell
This is a very serious review on your game. I think it is a wonderful game that is really underrated. It’s very simple and can appeal to multiple audiences. All in all it’s just a good game that you can take the beaches in. However I have one suggestion, sometimes I wish the time would go quicker or we could all get one extra worker for free. I wish this because it would make the game feel less like a waiting game and more like an attacking the kid who just called you trash game. If that makes any sense. One other thing that is totally on my part, and I repeat, on my part, is how I deleted this app a few years ago and I was super far into this game. Last night I decided to open the app and see if it’s changed and play a bit. I was really sad when my stuff was gone and I was going through the tutorial again, is there a way to get my old account back? I don’t remember any details or anything. All I know is that I had over 1000 medals and my name was TankFighter or Shadow or something along that related. So just a recap, your game gives the player a feeling of tactical attack and defense which I love, The time might be a little lengthy, And I was stupid to delete this game.
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5 years ago, TheRanger387783
I really love this game because it allows a big strategy game for me, my kind of game, I thought of something cool you might add, how about a general, like a person you could customize and equip with weapons, like maybe unlocked at hq lvl 11 or such, but you could have like templates where it is like a tank or warrior, but when you raise damage, fire rate goes down, and when health goes up speed goes down, maybe even custom looks and skins and abilities I think people would like it but you may need to test it *wink *wink I would love that, I even came up with a mental design. Please consider this in the next update my gamer tag is Ryan’s Rangers FYI maybe add B-17s or C-47s like people are asking, and maybe garrisoned troops and please make a general like I asked, maybe give me as I hinted a more powerful one and a Tiger print for my tank general, I would love it as of the fact that it is good with troops, but I think you could make big money and get more players by adding these generals I suggested *wink *wink I want the first general btw if you add them because I suggested it and it would be a completely unique trait for Boom Beach please consider adding this.😫 . 🙏
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5 years ago, THICC-Poncho
Note about in-app purchases
This game is very enjoyable I will give you props for that. The game does have its flaws. Recently for the past few weeks I have been having trouble with the in-app purchases. They make the make free to encourage people to buy the in-app purchases. When people go to purchases gems or diamond it says “Please wait. Transaction pending” then never gives us the option to pay for it. This problem hasn’t just happens to me. This has been happening to all of my friends. I’m not sure if this has happened on any other company device besides Apple. From my experience it is very common that this problem has happened to mostly Apple or IOS users. So I would just want to inform you on this. Quoting my friend here but he states “Why make the game free then can’t spend money on it. How do they make money then?” Some of my friends have even stopped playing the game because of this. So I strongly encourage you to fix this. I’m not sure if this is a complaint or a review. So me and my friends just want SuperCell to know that people are quitting and now playing the game because of a simple mistake (I’m hoping.) Everything else about the game is great. Love what you did with the Warships. Thank you for reading this if anyone is and have a blessed day!
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3 years ago, AdamV92
They sucked the life out if this game..
I have been playing this game for years. Pretty much from the games inception over 10 years ago. Now it just seems like you’re in a nonstop battle I’m trying to defend your territory. What I never liked about this game is if you’re unable to play which I was in the hospital and was not physically able to do anything for two months, The game goes on and you wind up losing rank because they have no way to pause the account where you don’t have to actually lose anything. They should’ve made this where if you can’t play it for a long time while you’re on vacation or whatever the case may be, you should be able to stop the games progress meaning your invisible, nobody can attack you, you can attack anybody. Then they came out with warships. I don’t like this having to play against other people where is one other poster said, you can clearly see you beating the other guy first yet they beat you by several seconds. The trader are used to come with good stuff to trade… now, she always wants diamonds or what you already don’t need. And I have not seen the rainmaker for God knows how long.. where is that? They just took the life out of this game and I don’t even play it nearly as much anymore.. fix this thing and stop worrying about making money on every single thing you put out!!!
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3 years ago, Ricsa13
Supercell has become lazy with boom beach.
The game itself is as exciting as it has ever been which isn’t much. I play to max the village and get some attacks in. I had already maxed it and started over by choice. Where the developers have become lazy is on the map where you have the resource bases it seems you keep battling the same people after some weeks when requesting a new opponent. How ignorant is that. I have had the same person in my map more then 3 times and to add to ignorance that player gets thrown on to multiple resource bases at the same time. Seems they have you locked in to such a small grouping of people that are close to your level that this is happening. At the moment I have 2 resource bases I can’t win because it’s the same person that is at a higher level then me. It’s just really f$&@%£¥ annoying that to get multiple resources bases unbeatable because you give it to the same person. One time one player had 3 resource bases on my map. It doesn’t take a genius to tell you that lock you the bases to one player when you do that, ask yourselves, what sense does that make. Creating the best change for fair play is to not allow for monopoly to occur. It was not like this before this has happened in this past year so it only means it was changed to make something easier for the developers at the cost of the players ability for fair play and enjoyment. How about putting some work into that, thanks.
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5 years ago, Kylan3377
Please Fix This
The main game is really fun actually and Warships can be but it suffers problems that need to be fixed asap. Around level 11/12 whenever I wait the grueling 2 or so hours to train my troops after 2 attacks I’ll load into another match and the only thing that Im beginning to notice is that people only barrage the Engine Room because they’ve upgraded their barrage since they first started playing. This is so annoying it drives me from playing the game. Not only do I have to get enough of the gear thingys to upgrade to the next section and get another engine room for my base but its so hard because it takes forever to win a match because all people do is barrage the engine room making it so I have to get atleast a 100% on their base which isn’t easy at all. Another thing to note is that you need not only 25 keys but also 500 gear thingys to upgrade to another engine room. In order to get the 500 required gears you have to upgrade other things which only grant about 20-25. Considering I cant win any matches to rank up and get more chests but its at the point where I need about my 2-3 chests to even upgrade anything but it’s pointless anyway because someone can simple barrage my engine room. I think ive just about explained it enough but the warships mode is quite flawed and I doubt it’ll be fixed. The Warships mode is cheesy/uneasy and not even worth it. -K
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5 years ago, Dagur Hjaltason
Boom The Beach
Boom Beach is one of those lesser talked about video games which really exceeds everyone’s (well at least mine) expectations. Boom Beach is a very rare Gucci mobile strategy which hasn’t been abandoned for any reasons. They don’t use pop-up ads, purchases are optional, not to mention the fact that it’s a kids mobile game made to look like the 1940s to Cold War era! 👍 I could go on about the graphics to the amount of detail and the use of strategy, but then a review isn’t a review without any cons or issues. First of all, the Warships engine room meter sometimes malfunctions, displaying that I’ve beat the other player when I haven’t which can really demolish your hopes. Second, the AI is pretty bad. Riflemen will charge towards defenses behind the front line (and other defenses), medics and Dr. Kavan frantically try to aid troops with little damage while others are getting killed or injured. Lastly, some players just decide to barrage the engine rooms at the beginning of the game which ruins the experience, and sometimes if I cancel a Warships game, it will just send me into a round. Despite all of these problems, Boom Beach is an absolute masterpiece which has satisfied me for years. Noice 👌.
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6 years ago, T8terT0t
Almost got 5 stars....
As you have no doubt read in other reviews, this is a very fun game. And I was right on the edge of giving it 5 stars, but there are just 1 too many flaws to justify that. Don’t get me wrong, I love and highly recommend this game, but there are a few issues supercell should address. First, I think there isn’t enough player interaction. In clash of clans, global chatting allows you to constantly drop into a conversation and meet interesting people. And while you can chat with fellow task force members, messages usually have hour gaps before getting a response, which makes it all disjointed. But I think a lot of those online interaction issues are due to a lack of community support. You simply don’t hear about “boom beach fans” or “boom beach youtubers” anymore. This brings me to my second point: advertising is important. What supercell has here is an awesome game, but if nobody hears about it, it won’t regain traction. A bit more money being put towards ads for the game could definitely give the developers a reason to pump out updates and improve the game more consistently. The rest of my problems with this game are too specific or petty to mention in this already very big review. Thanks for reading, and goodbye.
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5 years ago, Yetiboy8
Great game, but a few suggestions
Ok I’ve played this game for several years now and although it takes a long time to upgrade things, that’s alright, I’m a patient guy (also for all you complainers it’s better to have upgrades to work for than upgrade everything fast and not have anything to do). Overall great game and the mega crabs are really fun. However, there are a few suggestions I have to make it better. The main one is to rework the functionality of the statue storage. (K great. I already have the statues I want, so now I’ll just store some for fun). Instead of this, there should be an option to swap current statues with statues in the storage to customize your boosts based on circumstances. I’ve waited a long time for this to happen but I guess people didn’t bother you about it much? Secondly, I think task force v task force would be a nice addition, like a clan war, and I feel like tons of people have said this. Thirdly (and sort of minor, bc it’s still so new) I think it should be a little easier to get resources in warships, because people can get stuck unable to win anything. Overall thanks for a great game
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10 months ago, Alex D 1128
Garbage matchmaking system.
Let me start off by saying I’ve been playing and enjoying this game for around 8–9 years, to the point where I have two accounts. Unfortunately, there is still a problem that one simple switch would fix. ____________________________________________ My one and only serious complaint with this entire game is that being garbage at the game is rewarded. I’m headquarters level 14 with 336 medals, but I stand no chance against the garbage cans that are headquarters level 20 with the same amount of medals. People have been using the medal-based matchmaking system to their advantage for years by simply putting their headquarters out in front with no defenses nearby to lower their medal count while still remaining at the same headquarters level. Then ruining the experience for lower-level headquarters players by attacking their home bases and stealing their resource bases. ____________________________________________ How hard would it be to match with opponents that are the same headquarters as you opposed to the number of medals you have? I seriously cannot grasp the idea of being good at the game, so you essentially get punished by getting matched with people that, no matter your strategy or skill level, you will never beat. 😐
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2 years ago, progamer775
Cash Grab
I want to start this off with the ingame purchases, there are no good ones at all. Instead of having multiple builders you have to pay for the right to have another building for only a certain amount of time! Whereas in Clash of Clans you can save up gems to buy up to 5 builders for free! Boom beach starts out as a fun game but you quickly realize how shallow it really is. From the lackluster base defending, lack of full base clear (as in when you are building you cant press a button to remove all buildings and place each one like in clash of clans) you can save layouts for some reason but not do this? The “events” get very boring overtime, the only one that is interesting is the mega crab but its only once a month. Raiding a players base is so imbalanced in this game it’s hilarious. Players at my level will have bases 10 times better than both my base and troops making it impossible to raid them for resources. Worse still you cant matchmake like in clash of clans. You have to rely on a system that spawns player bases for you to raid. The resource bases are alright though they are a massive part of sustaining resources for your base. If you dont own ALL the resource bases you will struggle hard. The warship mode is the most infuriating, unbalanced and untested mode ive ever seen. Its like the developers dont care about this mode at all.
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4 years ago, Jasahd
Amazing, just one problem with warships
I’ve been playing supercell games since the beginning, and they’re all super well made. I remember I was playing coc one day, and then I heard rumors that this game was coming out. I got super excited. When I made my first account, the game was already amazing! I got bored after a while and took a few years off supercell games, then I heard about warships coming out. I waited and waited for days, then it finally came out. When I first got into warships, it was amazing. Just the idea that it would be that easy to get all of these good troops was amazing, the first few seasons were great. Then, I came across a major bug. Sometimes I would win an attack in warships, at least I thought I did. When I went over to spectate my opponent they were still attacking, that went on for like 10 more seconds, then when it showed who won, it said that he won by 10 seconds. By the way this has nothing to do with my connection, my connection is perfect. Please fix this bug and make the game enjoyable for everyone, I saw someone else report this same issue. Thanks, RangersBOOMjr
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1 year ago, Joenordil
Much better than I expected.
2023: Still like it, still play it regularly, although I have retired my max account and only play a lower level one, more interesting. One complaint, *the grey upgrade arrows are a really bad idea!*. Almost half of all men are at least partially colorblind, and green looks like grey. Way too hard to tell which buildings are available for upgrade. Either make it a very different contrast, or remove it. Review from 2016: I still really like it, still a game that I can play several times a day or go several days without playing. I am now level 49, have never paid a penny (sorry, Supercell). I see negative reviews, and I don't understand them. If you want to level up more quickly, pay - it's not much in the greater scheme of things. If you don't want to pay, accept not leveling up so quickly, and just enjoy it. Great game, good job Supercell. My original review from 2015: I figured I would play it for a couple of days and remove it, but it is a lot of fun, without taking up too much of your time. Some strategy, some tactics, but you can also ignore it for a few days and come back to it no problem.
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5 years ago, Lala Nunya
The game is just ok but when you attack I’d say 10% of the time it will either say connection lost and you just lose all your troops or you will finish the attack and on the summary you will lose the connection and lose all your troops or during the challenges they have you will get far into the attack and then it will say connection lost you lose your troops and your progress and the worst part of all is that if you ask for support they will automatically blame it on you. It’s your connection that had a problem it’s your fault you weren’t on WiFi or your phone is lagging whatever their answer is it’s your fault even if all your other games apps radio internet is working just fine a minute ago or seconds after or even the radio during game play it is still your fault because then you shouldn’t have had the radio running. So basically their answer is to play this game you must be right next to your router have no other apps running or anything else running that is connected to your router and do not move you must stay right next to it so you have full bars. If you don’t do these things and record yourself following these steps then anything that happens while playing is your fault
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7 months ago, njzeus
Fun for a while, then meh
This was a lot of fun until the last couple of years. You could play through your base reaching about level 60 and the skill of both attacking others and your own defensive base setup determined the outcome. In short, it was a legit skill and strategy game. Then they added short-term “prototype” troops available to everyone, regardless of level or skill, that are often wildly overpowering and shred virtually any base. You will legitimately log on at these times and see your base, which might normally have been taken out 7 or 8 times a week, be destroyed as much as 10 times EVERY DAY. No fun there. Just a crutch for lousy players. Then there is the Gunboat they added - basically just an accelerated small-scale version of the game that resets periodically. You can gain resources for your main base, but it’s boring and virtually without strategy, so most people I know don’t even waste their time. The game overall has basically morphed into one of those city-building games where you get stuck in a cycle of attacking and being attacked with virtually no real progress unless you cough up cash. Unless you’re already well into the game (base level 60 or higher), don’t bother.
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6 years ago, Theboyz357
So I have played this game now for years without spending any money I have over 7000 diamonds just from collecting them. However I find I am at a point where of the three or four bases I could possibly attack are way out of my reach and every time I say find a new pony it just increases how difficult it is to the point where there is nothing I can do but just play with my base. Every once a while I’ll get an opponent that I could possibly fight however it always tells me they’re on line and can’t attack somebody online when at the same time you are being attacked even though you’re online so obviously people have hacked this game and I will bet you pennies to pesos that the developers are aware and just don’t care so to sum it up fun game to play for the first year after that the game has been hacked by so many people that you cannot win so don’t give any money to the developers of this game you can get the diamonds for free Don’t give the developers any money as they know their system was hacked but don’t do anything about it!
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6 years ago, imonthetoilet
I love this
I only got this lat weekend and being a clasher I didn’t think I would like it too much but after three days I love this game. I like how different yet the same it is with clash of clans and it has lots of cute aspects. The only problem is very minor and actually kind of good. I can never run out of gold. I think that there is not enough places to use gold. My residencies are all full, my one and only storage is full, and my merchant boat is full too. Also we need at least ONE more builder guy people. It takes too long to upgrade my sniper tower and landing boat even though it take an hour max (so far) because I can run only one building project at once. Over all I like the game though and its slightly challenging levels. They look easy and then you loose and you’re like “dang thats how i screwed up” so you really have to plan your attacks before you actually attack(unlike CoC where you can usually change the battle in the midst of it). I just think this game is great and I <3 supercell!!!
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4 years ago, AirGearFan
I finally remember why I quit playing 5 years ago
I used to play this game a lot back in the day and it was great until they updated the game and added AOE stun based defenses aka shock launchers that nullify 75% of the strategies that would otherwise work. Even worse though is that the developers decided to add more of said types of defenses in the form of mines and what not. But I guess that wasn’t enough so they then decided to make said defense buildings have the highest HP of all defense towers making them even more of a pain. Finally there’s the matchmaking that will continuously match you against higher leveled players the more matches you win which is great except for the fact that the algorithm doesn’t take sandbagging into account so more often then not you’ll find yourself faced off against impossible bases. I’m gonna call out the developer on that one because that’s been a issue with all supercell games for the past 7+ years and they still haven’t figured out how to fix it like all of the other big gaming companies. 2/5 stars because devs don’t know how to save their game TDLR: longtime player returning back to the archipelago 5+ years later only to see that not much has changed and that the devs basically killed their own game.
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5 years ago, hammer8506
Amazing game but data is a little messed up
I love this game and it is so addictive and amazing but they have data problems. A long time ago I got really good at this game but for some reason I quit. Just recently I started playing it again and I loved it but every time i booted it up it asked me if I wanted to load my old game witch was pretty annoying. I figured I didn’t want to because I forgot everything and it gets more and more complicated so I just would be confused. One time I started playing it and I wanted to upgrade one of my towers so I clicked it but as soon as I clicked the notification came up again. I accidentally clicked load and it didn’t even ask me to confirm it it just immediately loaded. As I thought, I was really confused and I had a different tactic on my old account then I did my new one and so it was hard to play. It also didn’t let me reset my data (it got so bad to where I didn’t care if I restarted it). I tried so many ideas (even deleting and downloading again) and it still would just load my old account.I really like this game and recommend it but I had to take away two stars because of this problem, please fix this.
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6 years ago, PaleRider612
Great strategy game
I gave it five stars because it is fun and great game play. However there are somethings I don’t particularly like. Currently I am level 47 in the game. All of the possible missions, opponents, and side missions are set at levels between 55-65. It forces you to spend real money to upgrade or spend weeks building up your strength for offense and defense. Once you clear out the map, they refresh it again and adjust everything 15+ levels off of you. I am always up for a challenge and don’t want it easy. With how the game works though, 15+ levels off of you there is no chance. The enemy bases are one-shot-one-kill with your troops. The game barely tips the scales to be pay to play side. Still great though if you play it for free through and through. Just don’t expect to mow bases down and put a lot of time into it to get anywhere. Oh heads up, if you are building up resources the free and long way to upgrade... Someone will attack you and steal majority of your stuff. It will happen. Good luck!
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3 years ago, Toy Dogwatch
Please read
I quit playing this game 3 years ago but never wrote a review on why I quit playing this game my reason of my not playing this game anymore is it got boring and nothing new was ever added to the game I ended up deleting this game off of my phone and started investing my time and energy into games that kept adding things new to their apps like clash of clans they are constantly updating their game and adding new items to it this game was fun while it lasted but in order to get me back as a player I constantly like to see new changes and new items added but this game I was only seeing the same items after every update I did create my own clan but I deleted it shortly after just because I wasn’t seeing any big changes or new items added this game couldn’t keep up with my needs of wanting new things added so to my hearts dismay I had to delete it and move on to games that could keep up with everything I wanted and expected out of a game and I expected changes and new things added so for this reason I only gave this app 1 star the game lay out I wasn’t impressed with it always stayed the same and it never looked different when the seasons changed but with clash of clans they always change the seasons
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4 years ago, Dank_Darkness
Great game
So I played clash of clans and for me this is better, way better. But there are a few problems like loot its scarce after you get to HQ level 15 you upgrade a building and you have to grind for 2-3 days to get enough loot to upgrade but they kinda have fixed that with Dr. T and crabs but still those are weekly you cant always go to the top and the crab you have 2 days to get some loot, but that’s my only problem at the time of writing this the worst war ship season 20 just started and its horrible with the strategy it’s horrible all you sue is heavys and hope to god the other guy don sent have a boom cannon. It’s annoying because there are no strategy its all luck you get exited when you destroy his base first but he took the entire 30 seconds to look for a strategy but all the bases are the SAME! I am looking forward for next warships but this season is just a disaster. This is the end of my review you can stop reading.
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4 years ago, Beernutz1
Totally biased multi player
I’ve been playing this came at a very limited bases for years and for the most part I have enjoyed it. Recently I have been spending more time playing this game, especially I’m multiplayer modes, and if I know then what I know now I would have stopped playing this game a long time ago. Multiplayer matches are totally flawed. After destroying your opponents base in head to head mode and waiting until they finish their round, you wait until the results screen comes up only to find out, even though you had to wait for them to finish destroying your base, the supposedly destroyed your base faster than you destroyed theirs and in fact they won. I find this incredible especially when you have already destroyed them and then go into spectate mode and watch as it takes several more seconds for them to complete the match than you! How can this be? This becomes even more ludicrous when playing against ANY Asian player. They ALWAYS win. Apparently the programmers are catering to the more lucrative Asian markets and bias all matches to pay-to-win players. Just like many of the games out there, unless you plan to spend big $$$ in pay-to-win fashion, don’t bother with this game.
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7 months ago, Brandon M. Tseng
Add Walls and Spiky Fences to slow down and damage troops slowly!
I have been playing this game for several years and I have a everything maxed out except the defenses cause there is no reason to max out since everyone is going offense and makes the ice statues useless unless your the top 100 players globally. I would say reduce the number of trophies makes the troops and defenses OP. Also, smokey zooka players are OP AFK because they could just destroy the base HQ and ignore all defenses except the mines. But SuperCell need to add Walls and Spiky Fences to slow down troops and weaken the smokey zooka strategy by a lot. Also, what happened to Task Forfe vs Task Force? Was it abandoned a long time ago and nobody remembers if SuperCell is going to add Task Force vs Task Force. Also, I would like to see SuperCell add more defenses and stop adding troops cause offensive troops such as the smokey zooka are OP and smokey ability is OP with zooka. Add Walls and Spiky Fences such as SuperCell added in the Task Force Operations but not in home base HQ.
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4 years ago, HeavyMedik
Season 7 warships
I’ve been playing this game for quite some time now. Awesome game love playing it. Warships added some content for late game players that pretty much got bored only logging on and clearing their maps. But I must say this current season of warships has never made me want to delete the game so much. Tier one gets rifleman and flare and warriors against their number one enemy the machine gun turret. Who ever thought about the combo this season is a moron. For the players that don’t reach diamond and above every season they do not get enough resources from the previous season to at least get to the point of unlocking the shock. 25 matches in a row of no cores being blown up only hoping to destroy more % of the enemy so I can get more boxes. Warships really needs an option to reset if you mess up your tree or if a certain path isn’t working for you. Even if it’s a cash purchase I bet people would still pay for that option. I would give a lesser rating but overall the game is pretty epic just crap design on this season of warships. 🤦‍♂️
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5 years ago, big sl8
5 stars to 1 star
I’ve loved the game for the past 3 years. Just updated the game and was very happy to see that they finally adding something new for all of us players at the top level. Until now once you maxed everything out there was literally not anything left to do in the game. Now that warships came out I played for just few hours trying to understand the new side of the game and became quickly frustrated to the fact that after barely achieving level 4 the only way your troops can regenerate/reinforce is if I pay with diamonds, pay a monthly $10 subscription(total joke) or if I wait 400+ days for them to naturally regenerate on their own without paying for it!!! That’s right you read that correctly 400+ days is how long it will take my heavies to repopulate so I can use them in a battle. I will be able to use them again sometime in June or July of year 2020. Seriously........ what a joke!!! I feel like this is such a rip off that now I will have to subscribe monetarily to play the game. Disaapoint d in the cash grab mentality. Exactly why I stopped playing clash of clans. No need for patience or true gaming if you just buy your way to the top. Very disappointed in Supercell!!!!!!!!!!!!
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4 years ago, Mattplayz1828
Greatest game ever
I love this game and I’m very addicted to it. I play warships everyday mostly. Here’s a problem I found though. I would destroy all the engines, then my opponent would right afterwards. Then it says sometimes that HE or SHE beat me first. It happened again with the same story but it delayed my attack by 10 seconds when I finished first then my opponent finished afterwards. I find it really weird and it annoys me. After all it’s still a good game and I recommend installing this game. Another thing is. I attack a base or resource base, I refill my Landing crafts, select stuff to upgrade (Buildings, Troops, or Hero’s) Then play warships until I’m out of troops, then I log off. So I recommend to do something about that, because when your upgrade or building stuff there is really nothing to do. That I have figured out. After all it’s a good game and I recommend you play this, because it is very fun and addicting. I play it everyday when I get a chance too!
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5 years ago, Thankgodforearplugs
This is a reasonably fun (read: time-killing) little game, but one thing makes me nuts: every time you guys update it, I fall into a continuous loop of “there’s a new version available” to clicking on update (takes me to App Store), where there is no “update”, only “open”, which then returns me to the game’s “new version available” screen. This goes on for hours, no matter how I approach it. No update shows in my update queue, so I’m stuck. Other than that, it is a fun, silly game for killing time. Update: the above didn’t happen when I did the new Warships update, so thank you for that. Otherwise, it still is a silly, little time-killing game with the emphasis on TIME-KILLING. It takes far too long to upgrade things. As another reviewer stated, you not only have to take a long time to collect sufficient resources to afford the upgrade, but then you are forced to wait many hours and sometime days to complete the upgrade. Yes, they want you buy diamonds to effect an instant build/upgrade, but hell will be long frozen before I spend a cent on one of these “free” games.
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5 years ago, 013(2 @948.
I have been playing this game for years, and it’s still really fun. I think this game is unique in its mechanics and activities. But, I do have some suggestions. One thing I have noticed is that the building process is very long-winded for higher level upgrades. I suggest implementing something similar to the Clock Tower in Clash of Clans, just a way to speed things up. Maybe there can be something where you can spend (a lot of) gold along with the resources for the Upgrade/Construction. The Builders can work faster to earn the gold you spent on the upgrade, and working faster means they finish faster. Spending gold on upgrades could be optional, since you might need to save for something else. The cost could be similar to Armory upgrade costs. I really think you should implement this into the game, it could really help things go faster. But overall this is a really great game, even if there are a few suggestions.
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2 years ago, Hmonkey
Need the extra builder for free
Supercell, I love this game and have been playing it for about 4 years and I love building and fighting. Just one thing, if you could shorten building times or make the other builder free, players would keep playing consistently, but instead you have players waiting for an 1h 15m for a level 2 cannon. I know you need the game to be challenging but it wouldn’t change how challenging the game is if you added the builder for free. Now you might need money 💵 and I am very glad you don’t put ads in your games but you get more players if you add the builder which players=money. When you first started selling the game you probably showed soldiers running up the beach and dodging bullets in the ads not showing people waiting an 1h 45m for a lvl 2 cannon. I truly believe this would help the game but, I would like to hear a mind blowing reason why we can’t have 2 free builders like COC.
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6 years ago, AldoBane
About done with this game
When you spend 400,000 gold to retrain grenadiers for troops (and the excessive millions to upgrade them), I’d expect them to have their range programmed in well enough so they won’t walk into range of something like a canon or MG (and they’re always in range of sniper towers now too apparently) when their range is clearly much longer. This is not the case. Without using a flare, I’ve seen entire boats of grenadiers mowed down by MGs or canons that they JUST WALK UP TO AND DIE. Why don’t they stay at maximum range? Why do they push each other forward instead of spreading out and throwing from max range? How does supercell release a portion of the game that is so obviously not finished yet? Seriously, if I’m making that character in the game, I don’t release that character until they do what they’re supposed to do. But I guess it comes down to making people spend gold so they’ll run out and have to use crystals, aka real money... maybe I’m gonna be done playing a half baked game that’s been more focused on releasing paid parts of the game than maintaining the basic fundamentals. Best of luck in the future
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5 years ago, MrPokeVid
Fun but need some help
I personally love this game. I’m pretty much fine with the time it takes to do things, I don’t care. But, there is a few major problems. One, you should be able to build more then one thing at once. Like I said, I’m fine with the time, but it would be better with building more then one without having to buy extra builders. My last problem is the amount you lose if your base is raided. I don’t have that problem any more but I did when I was bad at the game. It is super annoying. One night you are super close to being able to build something big, next day, you are back at the bottom. I’m the amount that the person who raids you lessens, just the amount you lose lessens. I don’t have that problem but people who are not so good do. Those are my only 2 problems. Overall, this is my favorite super cell game and I love it very much. I hope you can fix this.
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6 years ago, Red Barran
Great game
I play both hay day and clash of clans and enjoy both of them as well as this game all by super cell. I would like to see the ability to work on building more than just 1 object at a time. This game like all super cell games require time constraints to complete the building process. If you had more builders like you do in clash of clans the waiting would be reduced. All in all this is a great game. However every time supercell updates-any of their games I can not apply the update. When you select the update button from the game or go to the apple apps icon the only button to select is the open button. This does NOT provide you with a new updated version. It only opens the existing game version which does not down load the new version. You return to screen that tells you an update is available. WHERE!!! This is very frustrating. You now no longer able to play the game.
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5 years ago, Smith83rd
Been Playing Boom Beach For Years !!!!!!!
Hi world! Super Fan here...(soon to be a level 60)....I really hope the creators read these reviews because this is the best way to get their attention. I love this game I love the freedom to control the strength of each individual group of fighters like Heavy or Infantry to Tanks. A huge perk that came along we’re the Hero’s who play significant roles on the battle field. I love the effects and graphics thank you guys for the thought that goes into all the aspects of player versus world....strategic warfare....and in community communication between players all super pluses in my book. Now my suggestion: Please AllOw There Too Be Two Hero’s on the playing field at once and how about Air Support (like a sweep of bombs that make huge damage)😩😄🙃😂😅😇😅🤯🤓 Thank You for your time and Consideration! -Zhaye Anthony
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5 years ago, Samlin101
Hi boom beach team, I am very happy with the warships update. It really got me back into the game again. I also have a few suggestions for the game. First, I would like if you would also include the mega turtle in the monthly mega crab event. It would be cool to have a longer event where the first half is attacking the mega crab and then the second half is attacking the mega turtle. It could add a cool story to the game where Dr. T and Hammerman could be competing as to which takes less damage. My second suggestion is to add two new buildings into the game similar to the prototype lab. The first would allow you to make prototroops and the second would allow you to make the limited time gunboat abilities. The balancing would be that the prototroops and gunboat abilities would be very expensive and you could only have one prototroop and gunboat ability at a time. My third suggestion is to add General Zhao into the game as a hero or with a new event. Thank you for listening and please consider my suggestions.
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2 years ago, Weasel001
Don’t waste your time
As a maxed player since almost the beginning, I can honestly say don’t waste your time. The game may seem fun, but it actually isn’t. The main problem is Super Cell is very LAZY in doing anything to improve any aspect of this game. There has only been 2 updates in 2 YEARS. And for only building health. It’s a continuous recycling of the same crap. Mega crab brought every month is the only thing saving this game sort of. Again repetitive maps month after month, only thing changes is tribe boosts to help, Which most do nothing. WS is the biggest joke ever… the game is too difficult to advance even a little… takes days to maybe go a level.. every base looks exactly the same and you don’t get a even playing field from the beginning since you start 40% where you finished season before.. easy for players at the top who remain at the top since we all don’t start even. PURE CRAP… The hardest operation is too easy with a 50 man base playing top level completed in 30 attacks. Since the handover from the original developers, the game has sunk and Warships sunk it big time.
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4 years ago, websmile2003
What’s wrong with the clock??? Something is truly wacky about the warships timing. Many times I finish way before my opponents and I go to spectate their attack and I STILL end up losing!!! Sooo frustrating and disappointing. What is worse is the fact that Some other times, I end up loosing just because the troops for, some reason, do not detect that there is an engine in front of them and they simply pass by it and by all the weapons around it as if they are not there. My only choice is to either launch a flare to draw their attention back to the engine, but in that case will also draw other troops in another area to also come running and end up dying under heavy fire on the way; or the other choice is to let the troops pass by the engine blindly without directing them. In this case they also endure heavy fire until they reach a certain area of their own choice, and most of the time they die under fire before getting to where they feel they should stop!! Extremely frustrating and joy kill. Just knocked up stars to 2 star.
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3 months ago, CreasyBearOG
Entertaining game for years, started new game for the challenge as its boring when you max out
I have been playing this game off and on depending on time for now 8 years. It hooks you in and you will want to buy the diamonds to get over your frustrations of not advancing quickly enough. I have found myself addicted to the warship portion of the game, a game in a game. However I would love to be able to voice my frustration as a long time player that going against opponents with 1 or even 2 more engine rooms is not correct and I have decided to give up this habit out of developer errors in design this time. Plan on spending a lot of time and probably a chunk of change but it is fun in the beginning. Also your base will be raided by players with sometimes double your advances it is frustrating they allow this, these raids they sometimes don't even need to deploy troops to lay waste to your treasury. COME ON DEVELOPER FIX THIS OR HOPEFULLY MORE PEOPLE STOP SENDING YOU MONEY IN A COMPETITIVE GAME MARKET
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6 years ago, DH4Blademaster
Very fun, but needs these things
This game is very fun (haven't spent a dime on it either) and within a few months I managed to reach level 22. Now, I do have a couple complaints that I think the dev team needs to fix. First and foremost is the matchmaking and league system. You can't put level 30+ on a level 20 something player's Archipelago expecting them to be able to beat this level 30 or 40 player opposing them. At one point I had a level 57 on my map and was furious. Thinking "Well they are the same rank as you, so they'll be put here because we want them to be put here." My second suggestion is to add a "revenge" option and go on a retaliatory strike against whomever raided you. Finally, please please PLEASE nerf (or tone damage down, for those noobs reading this for tips) the DPS (Damage Per Second for the noobs) of the Machine Gun. It gets a bit hard to kill off enemy buildings when you have a level 5 MG taking down level 3 warriors.
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5 years ago, Astrospacedude
Too desperate.
Overall this game is a good game. After coming back from a about a year ago I saw a new and good improvement. Those were warships, I thought they were awesome. But in the past few updates I realized that they were trying to hang on, I’m pretty sure it’s a dying game so I understand. However, when I try to get to my daily reward, I tap on the boat and I get sent to the “double builder, instant troop spawns and a warship perk or something” and it’s not even that. They put you right in the middle of the buying stuff, so I have to scroll to the left a little bit. Don’t you think that’s going to far? I feel like I’m playing EA sport where they have to by everything. I mean like, waiting time is way too long. And as I progress in the game I feel like there would be less involvement. Waiting, if I were waiting then I wouldn’t play the game yet, and when it’s done I would go on. Do a few battles and upgrade what I need to do and wait another day or two. It’s just not right at all.
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5 years ago, Sir Mosby
The game was fun.
The introduced warships to add a PVP element to the game. I’m thinking ok, I’ll give it another shot, I understand that my first base was extremely rushed. Second time around I start to enjoy the PVP addition to the game. Only to realize that the season is extremely short, ok no big deal. I can wait 8 days to play again. I’ll just not play until the beginning of the month. October roles around, I check in on my base daily just to keep it from getting completely raided and losing all of my resources, (A drastic change that needs to happen is not losing all your resources in one raid). I’m not attacking because I only get islands that are 10 to 15 levels above me. This makes the game increasingly difficult to attack and get resources after losing all your resources. So October come and I’m excited for the 4th season of warships, and that’s were they lost me. 8 more days of waiting to be able to play again. The people at supercell has a disconnect with their players, Clash of Clans has had the same problems for years, yet supercell won’t fix issues that the players tell them are ruining the gameplay.
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2 years ago, M3861370
Yes Supercell games are popular but players who spend money in the apps need to know a few things. The games, even Hay Day are overrun by cheaters and modders. I played Clash of Clans from the start but it is now unplayable due to widespread cheating all around. Also be aware that Supercell will do absolutely nothing Ryo help you. I have submitted numerous examples of blatant cheating and they do nothing. Anyone else who’ve submitted complaints can tell you the same. Supercell allows the cheaters to run rampant because they buy gems in the games….The only time they care about cheating with third party apps is when they have a well publicized event where cheating would expose their apathy and lying. I have yet to meet or chat with a single person who has been banned ever. The only way to get thrown out is to offend people in chat with offensive language…., They are very aware of the cheating but do not care. Their games are unplayable because no skill is involved….. I would say that at least 45% of players are using other apps to cheat or mod….. Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere l!!!!
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2 weeks ago, Stupid Boom Beach developers
I normally don’t do reviews, but for this I had to and inform everyone on the planet that this game here Boom Beach is amazing literally a free to play game without spending money literally and considering after several last updates that they did the game is absolutely exciting amazing strategically created game these developers are thank you so much with all these new features now in the game the way we access information they have these cool things where let you know what you have left to upgrade and other great things worship on top of that if developers do this, I want to say this thank you so much for taking your personal time out of your life and creating a game. That’s really not based on money. You people are amazing. God bless you. Keep up the great work thank you for Boom Beach.
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5 years ago, McBoog
Addictive but slow
I like this game, it is a solid "have". But, unless you have money to spend on diamonds, it is slow and can be frustrating as things take FOREVER to be built and lesser opponents with money to spend have a big advantage. It makes it even slower when you get much higher players on your map that either wipe you out or is suicide to attack. I have reached the point where unless I spend money, the game is not that fun anymore. Add to above. MASSIVE DOWNGRADE!!! Two BIG problems I have with this game. 1. Why do long range units move into the range of shorter range units. Isn’t that why I developed/purchaseuse long range units in the first place? Some of the most stupid programming in a game EVER! 2. Warships. The most waste of time “upgrade” of all time. It has disappointed me so much that I almost stopped playing the game completely! Touted as a PvP addition, it is NOTHING CLOSE TO THIS. My actions during battle have no effect on the opponent, the whole POINT of PvP. All it is is the game redesigned so that two players race to destroy each other’s ship. They could have saved a lot of time and just let players destroy each other’s bases in real time. The most stupid part of the warships game is the “race” to destroy each other. If I destroy you and you destroy me, we are both dead, it doesn’t matter who did it first. I HUGE disappointment and falls way short of the hype. Again NOT PvP.
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3 years ago, ImTrinidaddy
One major recurring problem
I love this game and it’s a great time killer. However one thing that needs to be addressed is the battleships. I’ve done every battleship season and it’s always a certain problem that keeps happening. That problem is I keep losing even when I beat the enemy first. For example you invade the enemy’s ship and destroy there generators and defenses along way if they try to stop you. I sometimes manage to destroy all the defenses and the generators before the enemy destroys mine. I do it quicker than by seconds and sometimes a whole minute. So that’s a win right? Nope they give the win to the enemy who finished way after me even though I destroyed there’s first. I destroyed there generators and defenses before they destroy mine but they get the win and I get the loss. It happens more and more frequently. That’s the only problem I have with the game
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