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Logitech Inc.
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for BOOM & MEGABOOM

2.61 out of 5
747 Ratings
1 week ago, Radio Annie
Had been very happy
I’ve had my boom speaker for several years & have loved it thru each iPhone I’ve upgraded to. Except now. For some reason I cannot get it to pair with my iPhone 14 Plus. Is there a software update? The speaker still works with my husbands iPhone XL & our iPad but not my 14. Can you help?
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1 month ago, roblox addict139
I love the app even though it doesn’t always work which is very surprising considering the company I have three speakers the last one I purchased a couple of weeks ago because my other speaker stopped taking a charge☹️ I am an Aquatic Supervisor and use the speakers by the pool deck for water aerobic classes as well as playing Disney music for children during their classes I purchased the three because of the app and when I go to install it it’s not even an option Is there anyway it can be added⁉️
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1 week ago, FIveEight
Updated review
Thank you for reaching out. After restarting phone & speaker multiple times and deleting and re-adding the app multiple times, and re-pairing multiple times, the app is doing what I need it to do now. The speaker looks and sounds great and no other update has caused me such issues. I’m glad it’s working again because I use it almost every day. ——— Previous review updated above. I only have the app on my phone to be able to turn the speaker on. Since the update, I can be two inches from the speaker and it tells me it can’t find it. Standby is on. It will turn the speaker off but not on. Never used to have issues. I’ve deleted the app since it no longer does the only thing that I need it to.
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6 days ago, Silvawc80
Love the speakers but not the Party
I have bought a few speakers over the last few years and just upgraded the home with the new boom 3 and Hyperboom. They sound great used by themselves but when adding new speakers it starts to have issues to the point of having to turn off the party function and blast music throughout the house with only one speaker. Wish the party function worked better so you can keep music at lower level.
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1 week ago, TrayneWrex
EQ settings
Errors in EQ settings with red exclamation mark. Can’t adjust to a sound I like.
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1 month ago, c_skywalker7
Takes forever to connect on new iOS
One of the reasons I bought this speaker is the ability to power on using the app. It takes FOREVER to power on through the app now that I upgraded from an iPhone 10max to a 14pro. Disappointing that their software updates have not supported new Apple devices well.
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2 months ago, _Vidal
Update Broke Connectivity
Everything was fine until the recent update. Now the app won’t connect to my speaker so no features or settings can be changed. The app will actually power up the speaker but, despite the speaker connecting to my phone right away, the app won’t recognize the speaker is connected and errors out.
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2 weeks ago, Swizzy1383726
Very Poor App Performance
Love these speakers, recent bought a second one to pair up…the app does not work. It worked to pair the first time, but once I updated the speakers to the latest firmware they long longer pair. Extremely frustrating…
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1 month ago, 1143a4577
Not sure why the bad rating
Works great for me
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2 months ago, Faith Kappel
eh. give me an update.
this app is really great and simplistic but needs serious updates. it is so hard to connect speakers 💛
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1 month ago, gatekeeper27
Says it “supports all booms” and yet, the smallest speaker, The Wonderboom, is missing from the app completely. Very disappointing.
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1 month ago, Pixelwizard
Battery Capacity
How about adding battery capacity of my ie boom to the app…..
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2 weeks ago, jamo550i
App naming convention?
Why was this app renamed ‘UE | Boom’ and the Blast app has not be renamed ‘UE | Blast’? Consistency please.
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5 years ago, arleighsimon
Ehh, it’s OK...
I read a review that matched up the Bose Soundlink Mini 2 against the UE Megaboom 3 with the MB3 coming out on top in most categories. This convinced me to go buy the MB3 after thinking about it for several weeks. I happen to have both speakers. Ehhh, NO. The Bose still sounds better IMHO. The most notable thing was that the MB3 lacks bass, even when cranking up the bass on the custom EQ. And the frustrating part is the app. While the app is cool to operate your speaker ie: turn it on/off remotely etc. BUT set the EQ to your custom settings and when done with the speaker, turn it off with the app then turn the speaker back on and guess what! The app does NOT save your custom EQ settings to memory. Nowhere in the app settings can you save your custom EQ to memory. I turned the speaker on and off several times just to make sure and sure enough, those custom EQ settings were gone every time. This was a major pain. Portable speakers like these will never fill a room full of REALLY LOUD music; I get that. But at least make it crank the bass so it won’t sound like music coming from a tin can. That’s why Bose is Bose folks... UE, set those custom EQ settings to memory and hopefully a firmware update will take care of the lack of bass...
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4 weeks ago, Свами108
UE Boom unsupported by app
What a shame! UE Boom unsupported by producer’s app! Besides that on the app photo in AppStore written “connecting Boom”. Hope guys you can solve the problem and will not leave your hardware customer alone. Thanks in advance!
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4 weeks ago, Godfadda57
No Wonderboom 2
Disappointing that the Wonderboom is not listed. It should be.
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7 years ago, damonty862
Was Working Until...
I generally don't leave reviews. It has to be an exceptional app or really awful. This app falls into the second category. It was working fine until the update. Now I can't control the speaker from my iPhone. If I have it connected to the audio of my TV/DVD, I have sound. When I launch the app and connect it to Bluetooth so I can control the volume, the speaker disconnects. So now I'm forced to keep getting up, adjusting the volume, sitting down to see if the volume is alright. Then when I change stations or watch a new movie; the process begins all over again. This game of musical chairs has become old. I honestly don't understand how or why, this or any other company, can have major flaws for an update to the point that it's rendered useless. Isn't the point of the update to "fix minor bugs"? Has anyone developing the software at this company heard of Beta test? I have been a part of many with Apple when they are developing a new IOS. At a bare minimum, the employees should have been testing it throughly before a release. I suppose when you have sole rights to develop an app for your own product it doesn't really matter. Honestly, what can any of us do? We own the speakers and for most of us when can not return them at this point. All we can do is discourage friends and family from buying the speakers. Maybe when it impacts the profit margin, someone will act on rectifying the issue. Until then...
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9 years ago, Nick R. FTL FL
Sounds great,, Update not so much
The update needs to be completed through your PC laptop or your Mac. It cannot be updated through any Bluetooth device. I try to download it on my brand-new Sony VAIO, follow their instructions. And apparently there's something corrupt inside of the update which will not allow my computer to clear it to be actually downloaded. It really should be much more simplistic than this. It should act exactly like an update on the iPhone. To connect a USB and download the update and then put it inside of the speaker itself is kind of old-fashioned. So I'm still using the old version I can't power on with my app and I can't get all of the new eq use that they are offering. Sounds great, the way it reads back battery, sleek. It's cool, but updates are everything. It's $300 smackaroos. I want everything it can do. That's it.
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3 years ago, Le Eminence
It’s too bad one cannot give negative stars! Everyone involved in developing this worthless drivel need to be given Pink Slips £ escorted to the exit immediately. It is unfathomable that Logitech is associated with this nonsense. It is bad enough that there is no way to extinguish that obnoxious sound that it makes when turning on or off and no AUX jack/port on the UE Megaboom to connect directly but this is putting rock salt into a gunshot wound £ stitching it closed. Also, it will no longer connect via bluetooth to my MacBook Pro. I tried to return the speaker but it was beyond the return date. [yea, I did the dance through the website] The software, once downloaded onto my iPhone, never shows the MegaBoom in the bluetooth window. This is worse than the KEF LSX attempt at a bluetooth app. Yes, my bluetooth function works because I writing this message with my Logitech K760 Solar Keyboard via bluetooth. RECOMMENDATION: Burn this disaster of an attempt at a bluetooth app. AND burn the draft boards it was written on. Stick to hardware £ make sure it works. This should be considered an absolute embarrassment for a company such as this. Spend you money JBL if you want to connect via cable. Otherwise, if it is in the budget, get a pair of PSB, ELAC or Klipsch active speakers if you do not necessarily need portability.
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3 years ago, The Lord of Mezz
Spotty Audio Connections on Party Up, App is Style Over Substance
Cart before the horse here on execution. Audio quality and connection should be paramount over all of the other convenience features. It shouldn't be an iterative process to successfully get 3 speakers partied up and by no means should any have audio cutting out while sitting next to one another fully charged playing music (5G WiFi, downloaded tracks, whatever, there's a codec issue here). The app looks nice and all but at the end of the day all I'm looking for is a high quality stable connection between multiple speakers. If I need to physically get up and walk over to turn one on/off or adjust the volume so be it. EQ, nice to have but I'll trade it any day for rock solid audio with no cutouts. Requiring the app to parry up may look cool with the dots and all, but functions 10x better and consistently on the cheaper wonderboom models (which sadly are limited to 2 max otherwise I'd just buy 8 of them). Ignore the completion from the likes of Bose, beats, JBL etc.... you have some solid underlying physical engineering that the app doesn't do justice and even detracts from. Forget adding extra features and focus on the core product and main reason people buy your speakers, to listen to some dang music.
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4 years ago, bert618
Bring back ability to turn off remote power!!!!
This has been one of the most versatile speakers (UE Boom series). My original UE Boom still lasts over 15 hours and hold its charges for well over 6 months. That was until I decided to get UE Megaboom. It has a new app that allows you to remotely turn on or off the speaker. It seemed pretty cool but I was wondering how much battery drain it would be as it is essentially communicating with the speaker constantly. The app also told me my UE Boom needs a firmware update. After I did the update, the speakers power started draining like crazy in its off state. I left the power for both speaker in the “soft-off” state at 70%/40% battery for UE Megaboom and UE Boom. 5 days later with 0 usage, the battery went down to 40% and 20% respectively!! This is a TERRIBLE NEW FEATURE! Please add back the ability to turn off the ability to remote turn on the speaker. After I did a hard reset on the speakers, I left them unused for 2 weeks, and the battery is still 40%/20% today. I re-paired them today to my phone. But I expect the battery to continue to drain now the ability to turn them on and off remotely is back. Please add the ability to turn off this “feature” which many considers to be a bug.
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10 years ago, The Real AppMan
Outstanding Speaker
I have a pair of the UE Boom speakers and love them. They are water resistant (I take one in the bathroom while I shave or shower). They also have a standard tripod thread input on the bottom so you can mount them on an inexpensive point and shoot tripod. There is never any guessing about battery charge; just press the up and down volume buttons simultaneously and a verbal response tells you the exact charge level. These are Bluetooth speakers (not Airplay) but with the UE boom APP you have the ability to use two speakers; both stereo or one as left channel and one as right channel. Amazing! And I forgot to mention the these jewel have a 15 hour battery for all day fun. They are cylindrical in shape and put out music 360 degrees. The come in a variety of colors to match your taste. They feel solid when you hold them. You know that the build quality is good. Try them out. You will not be disappointed
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7 years ago, WHO-WHO 2
App and speaker error
My UE Boom 2 is connected to my phone and I would be playing music but when I access the app it says "Let's hook up" even tho I am already connected and there is no other option to access or look for my boom 2. I can sometimes turn my UE Boom 2 with the UE Boom app but when I reopen the app the same problem as the I stated occurs with no solution in sight (on the app users side). Regardless of the lack of connectivity/communication between the app and speaker , the speaker is remarkable great sound , amazing all around there is some static sound when the volume is all the way which can distort the music but lowering the volume a few notches rids it of the static noise. In conclusion I'm giving it 5 stars due to the speaker quality but it'll be a strong 3 and weak 4 stars for the app unless the connection is solved for a more efficient use of both the app and speakers.
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7 years ago, RosyS.
Please test before releasing your app
This is frustrating... With every app release we are told to change the way we can pair speakers to create double/surround sound. Each time, I'm able to do it initially and then cannot a second time. This new release has the cute visual. Nice visual, but if it doesn't work who cares about a new UI. The How To says to swipe left to get to the party up screen but that action isn't supported. Nothing happens. The manual option to pair speakers is gone or is not working either. In reality I shouldn't have to use your app every time I want to pair my speakers and the sticky setting doesn't stay. Honestly, please think about your end user. I want to be able to walk into my house, hit the power button on each speaker and have them work together (as long as both are connected by Bluetooth to a supported device). This isn't possible, though your advertising leads people to believe that it is. If the only way possible to pair speakers is going to be through the app then please fully test before releasing updates.
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5 years ago, Paula2017
This works so much better for voiceover users.
Finally after a year or two of waiting, this app works almost perfectly with voiceover again. I love the fact that I can turn on and off my speakers from my iPhone. I also like the fact that I can rename my speakers without having to ask a sighted person for help. Thank you for the completely redesigned and mostly voiceover friendly update. I am editing this update a little bit. I now have both a BOOM and a Boom 2 speaker. I followed instructions for the double up and party up features, but it doesn’t work. The firmware on both speakers is up-to-date. Also, the party up feature is completely inaccessible to voiceover users. The way that you have it set up for a user to drag the speaker into some kind of drawer does not work because voiceover does not announce that there is a drawer at all.
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2 years ago, be*Rad8
🔊Party-Up 🔊 does Work Great (just need to have good line of site)
I’ve had two MegaBOOMs for years & they work great together! They work great as long as there isn’t anything significant blocking your iPhone/ iPad and the 1st Connected Speaker & then from the 1st to 2nd Speaker! (the signal seems to go from the Device to one Speaker & then to the Next Speaker - daisy-chain) People, it’s Bluetooth after all - which isn’t nearly as robust as WiFi for transmitting signals! Sometimes the App does get confused if you disconnect by going far away from the Speaker(s). Again issues are more from the inadequacies of Bluetooth than this App! I find the BEST PRACTICE is to Turnoff the Speakers via the App & then Quit the App (it seems like if you keep the App open, it’ll try to connect to the Speakers - which can get the app confused 🤔).
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7 years ago, markus40
Works well, also in Stereo
The main reason why I bought the small Logitech (1st generation) instead of Bose was the capability to listen to any of my songs at any place in stereo and of course the sound quality was very good for such small speaker. Version 5.1: First I updated both speakers individually (I had to do this twice with one of them) and then I disconnected one of them from the Bluetooth connection so that just one of them is getting the data directly from my iPhone 7. Now I can connect this one speaker, start my music, add the second speaker, and can also use them in stereo mode. Very easy, fast and reliable. Again, the key was to disconnect one of the two from the Bluetooth communication since they talk directly between each other. Well done Logictec!
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6 years ago, Mrs. Mukuro
Failure of an App
I don’t understand why they would make a product that to use an of its special features you’d need an app, then proceed to make the app completely useless. I tried to avoid updating my speakers because from what I read from reviews it causes nothing but trouble but some how one of them ended up updating and I couldn’t double up with my other speaker. So I ended up updating the other one as well. Now when I play music the speaker has a light hissing noise in the back and it wasn’t there yesterday. I just got these speakers yesterday and I’m already experiencing issues which really upsets me. I looked up what my issue could be and it said the firmware, like how do you mess this up so badly? My advice skip the app all together and never update your boom. The update is for show and only causes trouble for you and your speaker. I’m still searching how to reset them to factory settings and haven’t found any luck. Just stay away from the app and update all together it’s not worth it.
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2 years ago, WHY IS IT SO LOOONG
best speakers ever!!!
i own the wonderboom 2 speaker some people don’t actually know how to treat nicely there speakers like some people said there speaker is glitchy because YOU DONT TREAT IT RIGHT its some times glitchy because it is low on battery or you may have dropped it in water like my older brother did with his speaker so he traded it for a other wonderboom 3 the sad part is you cant use the app for the wonderboom 2 speaker and it lasts for a good period of time so i never have to actually worry about it dying for its 13 hour battery its small portable and i love the outdoor mode because i love camping hiking biking so this speaker has the same efficiency for those types of environment so these speakers are THE BEST if you just treat them RIGHT!!!
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4 years ago, 𝕂𝕖𝕟𝕟𝕪𝕁𝕠𝕖
Mega Boom hiccups
I love this speaker...up until now. I just recently downloaded the latest firmware to enhance my speaker even more. I didn’t think it could get any better. I use for work, even the crew was amazed when I first brought it to work for the first time 5 years ago. Now they’re wondering what I did to it. All it does now is hiccup every 1-3 minutes through a song and it’s very annoying. Plus the Bass response isn’t anyway near what it used to be. So I had to tell them it was sabotaged by its own developers. That was a big decision I made 5 years ago. I read a lot of reviews on different speakers before I decided on this one. I was actually leaning pretty hard on a Polk Bluetooth speaker before I made the decision on this one. For $300 I would think I’d get a longer life expectancy. I guess it’s always a or not. Well...that’s my sob story of the week. Bummed, KennyJoe
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3 years ago, BassaBoy
Battery/charge problem
So many bug fix and enhancement, so why are my mega boom speakers keeps getting worse and worse? I bought two mega boom speakers in early 2018. Two or three years later one of the speaker (blue one) is stuck in a 10% state of charge no matter how long it stay on a charger. If the manufacturer knows that at some time in the life span of this products the battery will need replacement why did they seal the battery in? This is just stupid. I’m sick and tire of throw-away-electronics. This is where government regulation needs to step in and do something about this problem. My 70 year old dad bought a vacuum tube sound system at the age of 21. That sound system with its original speakers still work flawlessly and never been to any repair shop. I have no doubt that if you visit the homes of CEO(s) who run these high tech companies, you will find vaccuum tube technology while they are selling us throw away electronics. Something needs to be done about this.
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6 years ago, Stang18rmj
Fix the updates!!!
Same issues with MEGABOOM & UEBOOM 2 Every time an update is released for the app and speaker firmware, I loose features. #1 The iPhone X is out....WHY DID YOU RELEASE AN UPDATE WITHOUT UTILIZING THE ENTIRE SCREEN?!? #2 I lost Remote Power several updates ago. 😡 What is Bluetooth Smart?!? I had to search forums and other reviews to figure out how to fix my remote power. #3 After the latest update, PartyUp doesn’t work. The screen to add speakers has a gray bar at the bottom and if I try to scroll up I can see half of all my other UEBOOMS but I get an error. #4 What happened to the option in PartyUp that allowed the sound to be switched between true stereo and normal sound when you have only two UEBOOMS connected? #5 The new app logo looks terrible!! Very unpleasant. The old app icon was much nicer. #6 Why do I need a different app for every speaker?? Surely there is a designer out there that can come up with one app that allows you to control all the UEBOOMS together. #7 I had to turn off the Alert Sounds because now they all play at maximum volume. It’s very startling when the speaker makes an alert sound at the highest volume even though the speaker is turned all the way down. Im very confused as to how these speakers are getting worse the longer I own them. You would expect the updates to improve or add functionally not take it away. FIX ASAP PLEASE!!!
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4 years ago, s4ndr4gee
Where should I start? I have one MegaBoom 3 and two Boom 2 speakers. Even if the iPhone Bluetooth settings show that the the boom speakers are connected to my iPhone via Bluetooth, the app shows none or maybe one of the boom speakers. This afternoon, I decided to let my iPhone forget all 3 boom speakers. I then uninstalled and reinstalled the Ultimate Boom app. I followed the app screen’s instructions and tried to reconnect all 3 boom speakers. When I went back to the app screen that shows all of the speakers connected to the app, all 3 Boom speakers showed up, but the speaker names were grayed out. So on the app screen, I turned on each of the speakers. The app showed that my Boom 2’s were connected, but the MegaBoom’s name was grayed out, indicating that Megaboom was not connected. I decided to go to the MegaBoom’s speaker window. For grins, I decided to touch the party icon. Ha!Ha! The party screen shows the megaBoom is connected. So I touched the appropriate app icons on the iPhone screen to start the party with the MegaBoom speaker and all the other speakers. All 3 speakers started playing. So a speaker which speaker window of the app showed as being connected is the one which is the central connection for the party. I HAVE NEVER HAD SUCH A HORRIBLE BARELY FUNCTIONING APP. SHAKE MY HEAD!!!! This is by Logitech? I expected much more....
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6 years ago, mrmatrixdlg
It USED to work...
The app passed with flying colors for the longest time. Sure I'd have the occasional bump in functionality, but it was never anything I was unable to solve myself. For some reason, overnight it would seem, the apps for both the UE Boom and UE Megaboom no longer detect the speakers. Note, my iPod connects over Bluetooth just fine, it's the application itself that is at fault here. I use my UE Boom as my alarm for work and school. It isn't the biggest inconvenience in the world to have to go back to my iPod's built in speaker, but once a guy gets used to something he's going to want it to stick around. I've been a happy customer ever since the first iteration of the Boom, the first model became my alarm and backup speaker. I really love the product and want to see the companion application do well. If it's because of IOS11 then I'm out of luck because my iPod is full to the brim and has no space to accommodate the update. I hope a patch of some kind gets released soon.
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1 year ago, AnD33sNuts
Party Up NEEDS to be updated!!!
These speakers have so much potential, but the app needs some work. i’ve noticed that people have been complaining about it for over a year and nothing has been done. It’s sadly disappointing that the speakers cost so much and the developers aren’t taking the time to update these apps for the speakers. I myself have two hyper booms and two mega booms, and can’t listen to all of them all at once, without it cutting out or loosing connection. Why has nothing been done? Why is Apple letting these developers get away with such low ratings.. We pay good money for Quality speaker but the app can get a decent update for over a year? Can we get this reviewed and fixed? How many people have to put a bad review to get this resolved? Fix this and I guarantee you it will make those ratings go back up and sell more product. Thank you Unsatisfied Customer
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4 years ago, a bit OCD
Found a Fix for Non-Connection to App!
With recent updates, my Boom 2 wld still connect to iPhone but never be recognized by the app. Tried a bunch of things (forget device settings, delete/reinstall app, whispering sweet nothings, waterboarding, etc.), got frustrated, even reset it to factory settings. Nothing worked & now my Boom 2 also had old firmware...Arggh!! Contacted UE & got a fix. Listed below are the EXACT steps I took, in order (hope it works for you): -"Forget this device" in Bluetooth settings (can't recall if I did this before or after the next step; probably shldn't matter) -Updated my iPhone iOS -Uninstalled/deleted Boom app -Reinstalled Boom app -Reset speaker to factory (even tho I already did): Boom shld be on; hold "volume down" + "power" button simultaneously until you hear weird sounds; device will turn off. -Opened app, selected my device (Boom/Boom 2), went to phone BT settings, turned on Boom 2, held pairing button until it started flashing/pair mode -Connected to Boom 2 -Returned to app (I DID NOT use the multitasking swipe, but instead found the app & opened it manually, to avoid potential glitches) -Boom was connected to app, all is good in the world Best of luck!
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7 years ago, Restlessman
App disconnects, speaker fails.
The latest update screwed up my whole system. I had my turntable hooked up to my booms using a TaoTronics Bluetooth device. In the previous version that worked just fine...not anymore. Now, when the TaoTronics device turns on and pairs with the UE Boom, the app crashes and shows that the speaker is not connected to my phone. I'd be fine with that except that without the app being connected to my speaker , the speaker doesn't work! If I turn of the Bluetooth transmitter, the phone app starts working again and I can listen to music via Bluetooth on my UE Boom from my phone. The problem: the app only lets you listen to music from your phone. If you try to connect a second bluetooth transmitter (not a phone, just a Bluetooth transmitting device) the app gets disconnected and the speaker is useless. Stupid update. Let me go back to the previous version.
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5 years ago, tidable 2
New Megaboom app of as good as old one
The new combined app is a bit more complied that old one. But biggest disappointment in new one is the automatic setting to to remote power on. This setting is used so that you can turn on speaker from app. The problem is that setting drains concertante power unit while on. So it you leave your speakers off for long periods of time. You may have r to recharge to use. The old app allowed you to turn this feature on and off so if you used speaker frequently you could leave remote power on so you could power speaker on/off with app. Or if you were going to leave speaker for a few weeks you could turn remote power off thereby conserving considerable battery usage while not in use. Please return this setting to app.
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4 years ago, Small Axe1
Most recent update is much worst than previous.
I rarely ever write reviews, but my frustration with the last update has forced me to do so. The updates over the last few years have been improving incrementally, and the last one I was really satisfied with, but the last update reminds me of the poor performance of about 2 years ago. I don’t understand how that could be. I have 10 UE Megabooms and now the custom names don’t consistently show, which makes it difficult to identify which speaker I’m connecting to, even worse, after 10-15 minutes of playing, the partyup feature turns off by itself. So upsetting. This is with all speakers in range and with over 75% charge, and the main speaker in range and fully charged. I was planning to get the new subwoofer, but with the inconsistency of the software development, I am unsure if it’s worthwhile.
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5 years ago, Biggrums
Down the toilet
The original app had no issues when I first got my UE Megaboom, but then they switched to this app. At first there were no issues and I never had any difficulty connecting speakers or creating parties with multiple speakers. But at a certain point that all went down the pooper. I had to uninstall the app because it was getting to frustrating. I couldn’t party up or connect to a single speaker anymore. When I used the app to turn the speaker on, it would turn the speaker on, but then I got an error saying the app couldn’t connect to my speaker. Wait? What? After many frustrating attempts I decided to just reset my speaker, remove it from the app and just start fresh. That should work right? Nope. Now I can’t even get the speaker to show up on the app! Guess we’re going back to basics and removing the middleman app. Very disappointing.
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2 years ago, Crobin88
Party Up is Glitchy
I own 2 booms (one of the newer models) and the party up feature for the past 6 months has been glitchy. One of the two speakers often drops off and disconnects and is unable to reconnect without turning off both speakers, closing the app, turning Bluetooth off and back on on my phone etc. Both speakers are equidistant from my phone (just using as 2 channel stereo in a room within a 15ft radius so it’s not a Bluetooth out of range signal issue). When I first got the speakers it was a different issue - one of the two speakers would frequently skip and have static. Suddenly it all worked great for maybe 3-4 months, and now it’s the one of the two speakers drops off (it’s not specifically one of my two speakers either, they both do it). Also happens on my wife’s newer iPhone 11.
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10 months ago, LaLaChanel5
App doesn’t work even after the update
Had the hyper boom for years and it worked perfectly. I loved it! Then all of a sudden it would stop playing a song after 4 seconds. I tried different songs but the same thing would happen. I tried on my husband iPhone 11 and my sons iPhone 10 and it didn’t have an issues playing any songs. So I chalked it up to an incompatibility issue with my iPhone 14 since it’s newer. Eventually, the app was finally updated after YEARS of no updates, and my phone was able to connect and play through my entire playlist with no issues. I was thrilled and happy that my $$ wasn’t wasted (bc this thing was not cheap). But lo and behold a week or two after the update, my music keeps stopping after 4 seconds….again. I don’t understand. We pay all of this money for a device and it doesn’t work.🗑️
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4 years ago, "JUST DO IT"
The app is getting worse
Bought 3 Boom 2’s a year ago and once I updated the software on the speakers everything worked great. I could party all of the speakers up and they all connected and I could see the names of each one. Now recently in the party up feature it doesn’t give the name of the speakers so I can pick and choose which ones I want to connect. It just says Boom 2. When I am picking a host speaker I can see the names. Now it also seems to be skipping more often when using the party up feature. The host speaker seems okay but the auxiliary speakers skip around. This app is becoming pretty much worthless. I was planning on buying additional speakers because I could connect them all through the app but now I am seriously reconsidering! I would be happy to increase the star rating but please fix these issues as soon as possible or I may just end up going with another brand!
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1 year ago, Killcash15
Can’t access the rest of the app
I’ve just recently moved over from Samsung to iPhone and I’m having an issue with the app already. Unfortunately due to the underlying issue of the app having not been updated for over a year I believe that it won’t allow my 14 pro to get past the connect a speaker phase I’ve tried everything that I’m capable of doing and tried to see if it was user error. However this is not the case Logitech being as large as a company as is creating great hardware for PC and gaming is now ignoring their issue of updating this app for newer phone systems which seems blasphemous to me considering I’ve used these speakers for 4 years now with the boom 2 and now the Meagaboom 3. I can’t access the equalizer or in app operation for the speaker and am greatly disappointed. If someone can get this fixed that’d be greatly appreciated.
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9 years ago, skeptica
Can be a problem, I may have found the solution
I, like many here, have suffered much frustration with the app and the new updates. I now have both the boom and megaboom. After you have installed the correct app for the correct boom model. Power down your iOS device completely and then restart. If things are still a problem go to your Bluetooth screen on your iOS device and click the (i) to the right of the (not) connected message. Then click "forget this device." Then click on "other devices" to find it again. This seems to clear the problem and for me it paired fine and I was able to get both playing together. Hopefully after U.E's major software update these problems will be gone.
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5 years ago, Haller$
Great app! But 1 bug
I love this app, I’ve had my speakers for a little over a year now and I’ve never had this problem before but when I have both of my mega booms connected to the party and they are synced once I play music, every 15-45 seconds there will be a very small and brief cut out from the 2nd speaker. Not the “home” speaker. It’s the one acting as a “receiver” to the 1st speaker. I’ve tried reinstalling the app, and factory resetting both speakers but the little bug continues to happen. I’ve also swapped the speakers so that the “receiver” was the “home” and vise versa for the other speaker but the problem consists. Both of my speakers have been updated too. It’s not my phones Bluetooth because all other things work fine and 1 speaker will not have the bug. And the speakers are not too far apart, they are just ~14 feet apart. Any help?
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3 years ago, ThisIsAlreadyNicknameCreated
Terrible software and charger
Constantly have issues with this speaker’s charger and software. For the charger the included wall wort is useless and should be thrown away promptly. It has some “smarts” to it that adjusts power consumption and charge rate. Ultimately it ends up not charging the speaker consistently. The software troubles don’t stop there though. It’s proprietary UA app always wants to take control of the device. It constantly drops a standard Bluetooth connection and yells at you about using a “feature” which is nothing you are even trying to do it just makes it up out of the blue on a whim. Sometimes 5x a song sometimes not that day. It is infuriating and makes me want to throw the speaker at a wall. The only redeeming quality is the sound quality. If I had not already spent 200 on it I would just use something else. Save your money and buy another device.
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8 years ago, Jbaby007
Such a shame
While the speaker is great, I find myself having a lot of trouble with the app. When I connect to my speaker via Bluetooth using my iPhone, I can turn the speaker on through the app. Afterwards, the spinning "loading" circle just keeps spinning above the picture of the speaker in the app. This is when I can tell I'll have trouble. A song will play just fine for a little while. Then it cuts out and the song continues to play on my phone. All of my devices are up to date. My phone will play music just fine through my other speakers in my home. Something about this app is causing a lot of frustration and issues with the speaker. The speaker works, I know that for sure, but the app is messing things up. Listen to your consumers. If you're going to put an app out, make sure it works!
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11 months ago, LikeItOrHateIt100
Don’t now wye everyone has problems with this app
The pairing works fine but sometimes I need to try a second time. NEVER have I need to try more than 2 times unless the battery is dead. Works great. I have my UE Boom 2 since the lounch a long time a go. Yes they do uncharged if I don’t use them but in like 20 mins it is fully charged up again. If you have issues with the top tapp on the uebooms then in the app you can troubleshoot it in like 10 seconds. Get this app if you have even like the first gen speaker. Great speakers I can recommend strongly. Yes they are pricey but so worth it.👍😍
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5 years ago, Chaz B molenator
Stereo pairs
I bought one speaker then another. They stereo paired great. So I bought another pair different color for my shop. I was able to switch between pairs initially. The pair in the shop and the pair in the house/deck. I’m now stuck on the shop pair and can only add the others in party up mode. I cannot switch back and forth between pairs. In others words access different pairs for different areas. Very frustrating. This makes two speakers only useable as party up speakers. No idea why it stopped. Speakers are updated and tried everything on the web that people have posted to fix. Can’t even get house pair to connect to bluetooth. They will connect to my wife’s phone but that doesn't help me. Love the sound but some features are useless and frustrating. Please update this problem!
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