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Logitech Inc.
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3 months ago
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User Reviews for BOOM & MEGABOOM

2.61 out of 5
747 Ratings
6 months ago, Nelflez
Software issue in Party Up
I have two Megaboom 3's and they are great, but there is an issue with the Party Up feature that causes the secondary speaker to sound like it's occasionally, whopping(?) It mainly happens from the Rap genre, and it's consistent. Also voices without vocals also cause the speaker to have a slight crackle, and this is NOT a physical issue with the speaker. Any speaker you connect in the Party Up function will have those two issues. It is strictly software, so I'm hoping that you guys can fix it, cause it ruins a lot of songs for me cause it's extremely noticable.
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2 years ago, Le Eminence
It’s too bad one cannot give negative stars! Everyone involved in developing this worthless drivel need to be given Pink Slips £ escorted to the exit immediately. It is unfathomable that Logitech is associated with this nonsense. It is bad enough that there is no way to extinguish that obnoxious sound that it makes when turning on or off and no AUX jack/port on the UE Megaboom to connect directly but this is putting rock salt into a gunshot wound £ stitching it closed. Also, it will no longer connect via bluetooth to my MacBook Pro. I tried to return the speaker but it was beyond the return date. [yea, I did the dance through the website] The software, once downloaded onto my iPhone, never shows the MegaBoom in the bluetooth window. This is worse than the KEF LSX attempt at a bluetooth app. Yes, my bluetooth function works because I writing this message with my Logitech K760 Solar Keyboard via bluetooth. RECOMMENDATION: Burn this disaster of an attempt at a bluetooth app. AND burn the draft boards it was written on. Stick to hardware £ make sure it works. This should be considered an absolute embarrassment for a company such as this. Spend you money JBL if you want to connect via cable. Otherwise, if it is in the budget, get a pair of PSB, ELAC or Klipsch active speakers if you do not necessarily need portability.
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2 years ago, The Lord of Mezz
Spotty Audio Connections on Party Up, App is Style Over Substance
Cart before the horse here on execution. Audio quality and connection should be paramount over all of the other convenience features. It shouldn't be an iterative process to successfully get 3 speakers partied up and by no means should any have audio cutting out while sitting next to one another fully charged playing music (5G WiFi, downloaded tracks, whatever, there's a codec issue here). The app looks nice and all but at the end of the day all I'm looking for is a high quality stable connection between multiple speakers. If I need to physically get up and walk over to turn one on/off or adjust the volume so be it. EQ, nice to have but I'll trade it any day for rock solid audio with no cutouts. Requiring the app to parry up may look cool with the dots and all, but functions 10x better and consistently on the cheaper wonderboom models (which sadly are limited to 2 max otherwise I'd just buy 8 of them). Ignore the completion from the likes of Bose, beats, JBL etc.... you have some solid underlying physical engineering that the app doesn't do justice and even detracts from. Forget adding extra features and focus on the core product and main reason people buy your speakers, to listen to some dang music.
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2 years ago, be*Rad8
🔊Party-Up 🔊 does Work Great (just need to have good line of site)
I’ve had two MegaBOOMs for years & they work great together! They work great as long as there isn’t anything significant blocking your iPhone/ iPad and the 1st Connected Speaker & then from the 1st to 2nd Speaker! (the signal seems to go from the Device to one Speaker & then to the Next Speaker - daisy-chain) People, it’s Bluetooth after all - which isn’t nearly as robust as WiFi for transmitting signals! Sometimes the App does get confused if you disconnect by going far away from the Speaker(s). Again issues are more from the inadequacies of Bluetooth than this App! I find the BEST PRACTICE is to Turnoff the Speakers via the App & then Quit the App (it seems like if you keep the App open, it’ll try to connect to the Speakers - which can get the app confused 🤔).
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2 years ago, WHY IS IT SO LOOONG
best speakers ever!!!
i own the wonderboom 2 speaker some people don’t actually know how to treat nicely there speakers like some people said there speaker is glitchy because YOU DONT TREAT IT RIGHT its some times glitchy because it is low on battery or you may have dropped it in water like my older brother did with his speaker so he traded it for a other wonderboom 3 the sad part is you cant use the app for the wonderboom 2 speaker and it lasts for a good period of time so i never have to actually worry about it dying for its 13 hour battery its small portable and i love the outdoor mode because i love camping hiking biking so this speaker has the same efficiency for those types of environment so these speakers are THE BEST if you just treat them RIGHT!!!
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3 years ago, BassaBoy
Battery/charge problem
So many bug fix and enhancement, so why are my mega boom speakers keeps getting worse and worse? I bought two mega boom speakers in early 2018. Two or three years later one of the speaker (blue one) is stuck in a 10% state of charge no matter how long it stay on a charger. If the manufacturer knows that at some time in the life span of this products the battery will need replacement why did they seal the battery in? This is just stupid. I’m sick and tire of throw-away-electronics. This is where government regulation needs to step in and do something about this problem. My 70 year old dad bought a vacuum tube sound system at the age of 21. That sound system with its original speakers still work flawlessly and never been to any repair shop. I have no doubt that if you visit the homes of CEO(s) who run these high tech companies, you will find vaccuum tube technology while they are selling us throw away electronics. Something needs to be done about this.
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11 months ago, AnD33sNuts
Party Up NEEDS to be updated!!!
These speakers have so much potential, but the app needs some work. i’ve noticed that people have been complaining about it for over a year and nothing has been done. It’s sadly disappointing that the speakers cost so much and the developers aren’t taking the time to update these apps for the speakers. I myself have two hyper booms and two mega booms, and can’t listen to all of them all at once, without it cutting out or loosing connection. Why has nothing been done? Why is Apple letting these developers get away with such low ratings.. We pay good money for Quality speaker but the app can get a decent update for over a year? Can we get this reviewed and fixed? How many people have to put a bad review to get this resolved? Fix this and I guarantee you it will make those ratings go back up and sell more product. Thank you Unsatisfied Customer
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2 years ago, Crobin88
Party Up is Glitchy
I own 2 booms (one of the newer models) and the party up feature for the past 6 months has been glitchy. One of the two speakers often drops off and disconnects and is unable to reconnect without turning off both speakers, closing the app, turning Bluetooth off and back on on my phone etc. Both speakers are equidistant from my phone (just using as 2 channel stereo in a room within a 15ft radius so it’s not a Bluetooth out of range signal issue). When I first got the speakers it was a different issue - one of the two speakers would frequently skip and have static. Suddenly it all worked great for maybe 3-4 months, and now it’s the one of the two speakers drops off (it’s not specifically one of my two speakers either, they both do it). Also happens on my wife’s newer iPhone 11.
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4 months ago, LaLaChanel5
App doesn’t work even after the update
Had the hyper boom for years and it worked perfectly. I loved it! Then all of a sudden it would stop playing a song after 4 seconds. I tried different songs but the same thing would happen. I tried on my husband iPhone 11 and my sons iPhone 10 and it didn’t have an issues playing any songs. So I chalked it up to an incompatibility issue with my iPhone 14 since it’s newer. Eventually, the app was finally updated after YEARS of no updates, and my phone was able to connect and play through my entire playlist with no issues. I was thrilled and happy that my $$ wasn’t wasted (bc this thing was not cheap). But lo and behold a week or two after the update, my music keeps stopping after 4 seconds….again. I don’t understand. We pay all of this money for a device and it doesn’t work.🗑️
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8 months ago, Killcash15
Can’t access the rest of the app
I’ve just recently moved over from Samsung to iPhone and I’m having an issue with the app already. Unfortunately due to the underlying issue of the app having not been updated for over a year I believe that it won’t allow my 14 pro to get past the connect a speaker phase I’ve tried everything that I’m capable of doing and tried to see if it was user error. However this is not the case Logitech being as large as a company as is creating great hardware for PC and gaming is now ignoring their issue of updating this app for newer phone systems which seems blasphemous to me considering I’ve used these speakers for 4 years now with the boom 2 and now the Meagaboom 3. I can’t access the equalizer or in app operation for the speaker and am greatly disappointed. If someone can get this fixed that’d be greatly appreciated.
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6 months ago, LikeItOrHateIt100
Don’t now wye everyone has problems with this app
The pairing works fine but sometimes I need to try a second time. NEVER have I need to try more than 2 times unless the battery is dead. Works great. I have my UE Boom 2 since the lounch a long time a go. Yes they do uncharged if I don’t use them but in like 20 mins it is fully charged up again. If you have issues with the top tapp on the uebooms then in the app you can troubleshoot it in like 10 seconds. Get this app if you have even like the first gen speaker. Great speakers I can recommend strongly. Yes they are pricey but so worth it.👍😍
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2 years ago, j_horn23
Please fix! Great potential, was optimistic, but sadly disappointed.
The Hyperboom 3 is excellent. It sound gorgeous, is pretty loud, and looks great. This app has issues though, and perhaps the most disappointing thing about this is that the Party Up feature doesn’t work well. After a few minutes the second speaker (the one I’m not controlling but is paired) always cuts in and out and crackles during the music I play. I have to constantly turn off and on that second speaker for it to play okay for another few minutes. Extremely disappointing. UE, please update the firmware, or the app, so that these speakers have a stronger connection when pairing together. They have the potential to be so much better, especially for the premium that you’re charging for these speakers!
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2 months ago, Nonebetta
I've had the original Mega Boom for so long 2015 model, still going strong. Just can't pair more than one device at a time, constantly have to reset to connect a different blue tooth device. Is this normal? Seems silly to not have the ability to have more than one device stored at a time.
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1 year ago, Me1199
Do not recommend
I have 2 UE BOOM 2 speakers. Party up works alright when I have the speakers 10ft apart or less but going much further than that causes the music to cut out frequently on one of the speakers. Other than that, the sound is pretty decent for the size and I like being able to use the party up feature in stereo mode but again, the poor range limits my use of these speakers and I would not buy these again. But since I’m stuck with them for now, would appreciate having Apple Shortcut support added to the app so I can automate setting up the party up stereo function.
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8 months ago, Nestor The Tech Guyy
Turn Off / Turn On Feature
So far I’ve had years with this speaker and I do honestly love it. My main issue so far is that Turn On feature on the app is no longer usable which was very convenient at times and was a game changer compared to other speakers. I would definitely love to see a software update to address that concern. UPDATE** For users experiencing the same issue try this. 1. Delete Bluetooth connection to device. 2. Format speaker by pressing power button and play/pause button for 6 seconds. 3. Delete and reinstall app. 4. Repair speaker. Turn Off and Turn On feature should work now and the speaker is back at 5 stars. Developers/Brand feel free to send me products for testing with one or multiple speakers.
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1 year ago, Scorpioluvvvvv
Doesn’t Work w/ iPhone 13
Doesn’t work with iPhone 13, I can’t play music from my or my bf’s 13, I have to use my iPhone 10 and now that’s giving me issues, the app will turn on the speaker but then it will tell me to connect the speaker. This Megaboom 3 is the second Logitech speaker I’ve owned, the apps won’t even connect to my old Miniboom. They’re making me regret getting their speakers instead of Beats. This needs to be updated, quick. Actually, even the speaker is giving problems trying to charge it. Why is it plugged in for 12hrs stuck on 10%?!
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2 years ago, Cruz O'Flannigan
Awesome sound!
My wife bought me the Boom3 for Fathers Day along with the charging system the speaker sits on top of. I absolutely love it! The sound quality is awesome and the charge last long as long as I chill for listening to music. The best is the Ultimate ears app that allows me to easily turn on/off and control the volume from my Iphone. Definitely not dissatisfied like most the reviews on this page.
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2 years ago, TactfulCactii
Party Up useless
I bought a second Boom 3 speaker just so I could connect them for stereo sound. Party Up has successfully connected to both speakers at the same time maybe 2-3 times out of dozens of attempts, and when it does, one of the speakers (it’s random which one) drops within 10 minutes. Most of the time, I can’t even get Party Up to work at all. Additionally, if I have two speakers turned on that the app recognizes, it reads that the battery on one of them is at 0% or 10% (which it isn’t). I completely wasted my money on a second Boom because of the uselessness of this app.
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2 years ago, Ellison Fairfeild
My speaker doesn’t even work.
I hate corporations and this is why. My book 2 speaker has been working fine for months now, but now it just turns on and connects and doesn’t show up as an audio output option. The app has always sucked at working like it’s supposed to but it used to be able to turn on and connect my speaker. Now it’s showing that the speaker has an update but won’t let me update it because I “need to turn the power on”… while I’m looking at the light on the speaker and it says it’s connected to my phone.
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1 year ago, Birdtrain
Horrible App
This app is required to get any sort of use out of this awful speaker I bought, without the app it constantly says “in order to use this feature make sure the app is running and connected to the internet” I don’t have a clue what feature it’s even talking about. Then when you get the app it doesn’t even fix the problem so instead of playing music, all these useless speakers do is tell you to connect to the app over and over and over again. I honestly can’t believe how much money I wasted on this piece of garbage
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2 weeks ago, Bfc113
Can’t turn speaker off - patched!
Just bought a Megaboom 3 and the app doesn’t turn the speaker off. It puts it in standby but its constantly turned on so the battery is always dead when I want to use it. Apparently this is a new feature? Why is turning on a portable speaker with a button more inconvenient that having dead batteries all the time? Update: In Sept 2023, UE added a “Bluetooth standby” toggle which appears to actually turn off Bluetooth entirely and therefore save battery life when not in use. Here’s to not starting a trip with a dead battery!
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2 years ago, mulysamayhem
So……no longer supports the Wonderboom.
Tried to use my Wonderboom with my iPad and when I go to the App and choose it as my speaker it says that there is “No app for this speaker”. Since when?? Yes, my Bluetooth is on. Yes, everything is “plugged in”. Yes, everything is “turned on”. What gives?? My Boom3 works fine but I use it at work and it would be nice to use the one that I bought for home AT HOME. Otherwise, the speakers are excellent - or else I wouldn’t have them. But what good are they if they can’t be used via the app? ~Frustrated and disappointed.
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2 years ago, glitterbugpsyd
I used this app when I first bought my UE Booms some years ago. It didn't seem to add much to the equation so I stuck with using the pairing protocol with just the speakers. Well, that has always been pretty finicky so I came back to the app and I am stoked that it worked with ease AND there's a stereo option now! Game changer!
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3 years ago, JLR-1827
Constantly having to turn it on.
I'm hard of hearing. I use the speaker feature constantly. More than several dozen times a day. I also have my speaker constantly on charge so battery drain is not a consideration for me. The speaker on off button does not connect and I constantly have to go to settings to connect to Bluetooth. The app icon is useless for connecting also. The old way was perfect for me. Auto disconnect and constant background boom is annoying.
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2 years ago, Dorpond
Constant disconnect
I was a big fan of UA Boom speakers and software but now I party up 2 units and they constantly disconnect from each other now (bimonthly still powered on). I’ll walk back into the room to find only one speaker is playing. I also noticed that just trying to pair the two for a party up can be hit and miss. Since Logitech purchased this product, they’ve neglected it, and it is a shame because the speakers still sound amazing. I wish there was another way to pair these two speakers up.
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2 weeks ago, Rex8484
Boom 3 Bluetooth speaker
I love my Boom3 Bluetooth speaker. Great sound of it. I’ve had mine for over two years until recently when I dropped it ….maybe a couple times…. that does sound on one of the speakers start cracking on me . Which is my fault, so yeah, you’re good to go with me
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1 year ago, drew420down
Nrks r listing to you with this device.
Eager really blows this thing is ran fine no Knigge really close and staying in. Hey Siri app I just typed first two sentences like if it didn’t hear what I said anyway this speaker really blows me good blows my ears out because it like to listen to me from a far
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2 years ago, Kevsource
It (doesn’t begin to) “just work”
Just got a second UE Boom 2 to pair them, and downloaded the app. Updated the firmware on both as per the app alert, and had to go through the whole matter of renaming both speakers to tell them apart, then have iOS “forget” them and re-pair them with the new names. It seems like it’s hit or miss if they’ll both work when in Party Mode, and hot-switching from Double to Stereo always results in my losing one speaker’s audio altogether. The Boom 2 isn’t new tech, nor is the Double/Stereo feature on the app. Everything should work without fail every time. Maybe Apple should allow two or more Booms working together through Apple Music; if they do, I’ll likely not bother with the UE app.
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2 years ago, HeinousG0AT
Did what I wanted
I honestly just downloaded the app to see if I could turn off the sounds the speaker made when you turn it on/off and connected to a device. So if that’s what you’re trying to do, this app will do that.
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1 year ago, JudeLikesDogs
UE Megaboom App is Glitchy and needs to be updated, so does the UE Megaboom itself.
My UE megaboom firmware, is V.2.4.16 and it’s has glitches, and sound issues, and bugs as well that needs to be fixed with an newer firmware immediately, and for the App the Party UP feature is also very Glitchy, like when I use it, sometimes the Sound doesn’t come out of both Megabooms, or doesn’t work at all, that should be also updated too.
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1 year ago, Siriusly annoyed
Buyer Beware
Ok, so this is more of a review of UE not this App. I currently have two of the Megablasts as well as two mini blasts that I have had for well over ten years and still work great. Apparently UE no longer supports these, they say because of changing technology I say it’s more because they want you to buy their new stuff. What’s the point of making HW that lasts if you’re not going to support it? It makes me skeptical of the company and will definitely influence my future purchases from UE
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4 months ago, Pachitolloyd
Is not supporting I touch 6&7
I used to love the app that you control the equalizer and set up with other speaker but now doesn’t do that please can fix this issues…. Also I have an itouch with iOS 12 the party up is gone and also the equalizer .....! What happened with the app before 😟
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8 months ago, JesusDied4OurSins
Good product great app
I Got the megaboom3 had a issue with it called up customer service and they picked up right away. Help me fix my device in 3 minutes no joke. I originally had a bad review but now I must say I’d buy another one to party up !
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8 months ago, Jg country music
Used to be a fan, going to a new brand
Very unpleased with UE and boom. Neither of my speakers work with the new ‘updated’ app. They used to work with the previous versions. The app has not been updated again in over a year. Called customer service, they tried to help but we could not get the app to recognize the either of my speakers. After years of being a UE fan, owning more than 5 of the speakers, I will be selling them and going another route.
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1 year ago, Awesome greatness
Bad connection (hyperboom)
I have 2 Hyperboom’s. The app works perfect with one speaker. But when I connect both hyperboom’s is good till it starts a cracking sound and either or both speakers stop playing music. I have to then disconnect both speakers, close the app, turn off the speakers to pair them again. And NO they are not 200 feet away. They are close enough. Please fix!!!! I want to have both speakers on.
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7 months ago, 375 stars
Horrible alarm integration
Do not use this app to set your speakers as an alarm clock. The app seems to have a mind of its own going off at the right time whenever it feels like it. If you want the alarm capability you are better off purchasing another device. Aside from issues with the in app alarm I have never had an issue with a UE speaker. It’s just such a flaw I can’t ignore.
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2 years ago, DJJ0272
Don’t waste your money.
It’s truly remarkable just how bad this app is. Don’t waste your money buying two speakers and trying to do party up. It’s a joke. It will only work if the speakers are in very, and I mean very, close proximity. Otherwise one is crackling and cutting out the whole time. One of the Megabooms by themselves actually sounds good, but trying to get two to work together with this app is very frustrating and very disappointing. Do better!
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7 months ago, NickRaeff
App is unfortunately crawling with bugs
Not one to write a review, but UE ought to consider revamping their BOOM app. I have 1 Hyper Boom and 2 Mega Booms. The overall functions and performance of the BOOM app needs to be tweaked and adjusted. Finding a device, pairing, determining which speaker is the main hub, etc. Overall, I really like the speakers I have! HB and both MB’s sound great after years of use. This app is just plain clunky and awkward.
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6 months ago, Hardy2019
I have 3. I’ll be switching brands.
I’ve had 2 Megabooms, and a UE boom for almost 6 years. They are durable, and have good sound quality. But the app interface and how fussy they are to connect and pair, I’m done. They just changed the app AGAIN, so they can sign me up for a news letter I don’t want. I’m done with this brand.
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12 months ago, Br33z3!!!!
I’m having trouble pairing this device to my iPhone. It paired once then disconnected. I deleted the app then forgot the device and started all the way over. When I re downloaded the app there was no way for me to add the music back on to playlist through the app. It didn’t give me the option from the Home Screen. I tried to return this device. I could not. Now I have another shelf ornament.
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1 year ago, Jimmmmmma
Party Up Is Useless
Just bought two Hyperbooms and the second one is useless since party up doesn’t work properly even with the two speakers right next to each other. Now I just have to decide if I return one or both. Ridiculous with how expensive these are. I have an $80 pair of Ootz angles that connect flawlessly to each other. I can’t believe UE put this garbage on the market like this.
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2 years ago, CCSODE48533
Connectivity issues
The app use to be able to turn the speaker on and off, which had proven useful when the speaker might’ve been misplaced! Now the app can only turn the speaker off and doesn’t turn it back on! Not too much of a big deal but was one of the better features with the app!
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12 months ago, M. Wubb
Party up doesn’t “Party up”
I love the speakers but I really need them to play in sync. I’ve reinstalled app, turned speakers on and off, I’ve even told Bluetooth to forget the device and reconnected, nonetheless nothing…. I just noticed the app hasn’t updated bugs and given fixes in a year!? Have they dropped the product support? Certainly seems so.
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5 months ago, soloheroina
app causes connection issues
after much experimenting, and reading other people suggesting the same thing, i decided that the app itself is causing connection issues with the partyup feature. I could be wrong, but the audio drop outs are so much better now. much less frequent. i tested it with another device and same thing. UE plz fix this app. so many bugs too.,
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3 years ago, chuyjimenez
App is a one big glitch
The concept is solid, but the execution is sad at best. The app continuously drops speakers (using 4 mega boom speakers) and they don’t always have a clear connection between each other (even when 2-5 feet apart) Thus, the speakers fade constantly and at time feels as if I’m listening to braille ... an update to fix this would make this a great great set up otherwise mediocre
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2 years ago, madsfanny
glitch as all get out
i’ve had my speaker for almost 2 years and in the past 4 months it’s been SO glitchy. i can’t get through an audio book or playlist without it popping in and out. what an absolute bummer. it makes listening more of a hassle than anything.
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1 year ago, half evil 3
New update !
Being able to eq each song to Your liking I loved using the app to turn on the speaker it’s so easy and convenient to use
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3 years ago, bosko521
Let us turn off Remote Power
Since one update you removed the ability to turn on or off the remote power option. Now that feature is always on and is draining battery like crazy if I don’t use the speaker for a week or two. That is a really bad decision for the user because it will likely kill the battery in the long run. If my speakers die because of this I will buy speakers from another brand.
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2 years ago, Jonpluc
app is awful
Getting two speakers to work in stereo should not be a process that takes multiple attempts, having to shut down both speakers and phone first to work correctly almost every time. If you cant have stereo music coming from your speakers within 60 seconds of that decision then you need to send your engineers back to work
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2 years ago, valentine cm
I love the speaker
The sound on the boom 3 is awesome,ive seen complaints Buh I haven’t had any of those issues…it comes on with a tap on the app as expected,I plan to buy a couple more 🎵
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