Boomerang Video Maker

Photo & Video
4.7 (5.1K)
32.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Boomerang Maker
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Boomerang Video Maker

4.66 out of 5
5.1K Ratings
5 months ago, BrookxyBrooks
Not working
It never worked, paid for it and it seems stuck or just doesn’t work at all. I clicked the video, picture button and nothing.
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3 months ago, joedavenport
Quick video tool
I use for Instagram stories. I wish the output frame rate was smoother on the highest setting when choosing a time that is not exact multiple of the original clip.
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4 months ago, Caroline13111311
I downloaded the app and they automatically subscribed me to their plan. I suspended it; however, they’ve been charging me $3.99 every 7 days for the last months. I haven’t opened the app, nor use their service. When I realized they were still charging me, I suspended the subscription again, yet they are still taking money from my bank account. I’m absolutely upset and I feel robbed. App Store shouldn’t allow apps like this one
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1 year ago, Bxshadow1991
So let me get this straight many of us paid for a lifetime payment giving us access to all of the features now the app is forcing people to subscribe weekly for something we’ve already paid this a rip-off either fix it for people who paid already or take this off the app store cause this false advertising and a totally scam for customers and is there a way to contact the team
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4 years ago, ibdf18
No pay, no good
Can’t save without paying. Useless. Update: I download this app for the first time yesterday (May 31) The “save” button has a premium icon next to it. When you click on it, it asks you to pay. For me, being able to save, is a primary basic function, not premium in anyway. Don’t want me to use your app for free , just make it a paid app to begin with, instead of making me go through a bunch of screens and then put a pay wall up.
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3 years ago, King Kong™
Best boomerang video editing app
I have downloaded & played with numerous boomerang app for my videos. This one is by far the best & easiest to use. It also lets you view the finish product before you save it. Definitely a 5 star app.
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4 years ago, yaya 🤍🔫
It is good it could be better
It is pretty Good but it could be better. So what I like about it is I does make it loop . but why I could be better is it could be free to all people
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3 years ago, Treadstones Phone
Easy to use-no gimmicks
User-Friendly- had a Boomerang in under 2 minutes from initial download.
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1 year ago, Kak#7
Three features
Not a lot of features but it works. You can use videos and Live Photos. There is also a camera where you can take videos live. No where to watch other videos.
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2 years ago, Blakes Grandma
I have found that nothing is ever easy with some of these apps… But this was! Thank you so much! Use it DAILY!!
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4 years ago, user123456443144422245
Worthless and difficult to unsubscribe
Can’t unsubscribe through Apple settings. No way to adjust it in app. No in-app link to the website where you would unsubscribe. I’m not about to google the page and walk into a phishing attempt. I could name at least 3 other apps that offer the same if not more robust functionality. Absolute waste of time and money.
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1 year ago, CODY19
No way to delete projects
Maybe boomerang doesn’t want me trying out the full features of the app without committing to the entire year. There’s no way to free up room by deleting projects. 🤷‍♀️
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4 weeks ago, Sledgend_1
Get the app!
I chose the 3 day trial because I only have 1 gif to make, but I won’t hesitate to subscribe if I need another gif at some point, just because the app is so great. The subscription is 3.99 per week, which is definitely worth it if you post a lot on insta or pinterest. Details: The app is pretty streamlined. When you open it you’re immediately choosing a video to edit, no menus to find your way through or anything, just right to the point. The app doesn’t store previous edits, they’re saved directly to your phone, so there’s absolutely no clutter when choosing your next edit. You can only choose VIDEOS from your camera roll (not gifs). Or you can take a video in the app with your camera. Pretty simple overall so you can get right into editing. After choosing your file, the next screen lets you trim the video. You can’t cut parts out of the middle, but you can choose where it starts and ends so you have precise control over what plays in the final gif/video. On the 3rd and final editing screen, you get a few nice options. You can choose for it to play forward, in reverse, or both (boomerang/bounce). You can also choose the precise speed, from very slo mo to very fast. Lastly you can choose how many times it repeats before the file technically restarts (useful if you’re saving it as a video). Those 3 editing screens go by pretty fast, and they work smoothly! The last screen is where you save and/or share it. You can save/share as a gif or video. It’s worth noting that you get to see your changes made in real-time through the whole process, which is super helpful. Overall it’s a good balance between simplistic and precise, so you can create something quickly while also making sure you get exactly what you want. I only made one boomerang gif, so I can’t tell you if there are any bugs. I didn’t experience any, and tbh I’d be surprised if there are bugs because the app is pretty simple (in a good way). DEVS!!! A few things it could use to improve: 1) A small indicator somewhere on the screen, saying what the final video/gif length will be if it’s saved with the current settings. Nothing fancy, just a tiny “00:00” somewhere that updates in real time. This app is perfect for creators, and often times the video length matters. The speed editing can change the file length a lot, so people would definitely benefit from the indicator. This is the only recommendation I’ll make for a UI addition because you have kept it really simple which is good. 2) Ability to choose export file type. This is a bit more technical but I don’t think the app will feel any less streamlined if you add it. File type is super important for uploading certain things like profile pictures, which I guarantee is one of the main things your app is downloaded for. 3) Let us edit gifs from the camera roll! Even if only to quickly re-edit a gif we just made with your app, but also just editing any gif. This definitely feels like a part of the app that’s missing. Besides those three things, I highly recommend that you keep the app as simple and straightforward as it currently is! In the future I’ll probably just pay the $4 for a subscription even if I only need to make one gif. But ONLY because of how straightforward the app is. No unnecessary bells and whistles, simple and responsive UI, getting straight to the point on the opening screen, etc. Keep it simple! Thanks devs :)
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3 months ago, babymeowww
Cannot save any videos unless you pay
What is the point of downloading this “free” app when you have to pay to save your videos? Wasted my time trying to make a video only to realize that it won’t let you get past the “boomerang pro” payment option.
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1 year ago, jsalalima
Paid for the lifetime unlocked features
A year later I’ve lost the features and am being forced to pay to subscribe. To others experiencing the same, please Report this Scam/Fraud to Apple by scrolling down on this App’s App Store Page and click “Report a Problem”.
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1 year ago, jgdrtc
I paid full price for this app!!!
I purchased the full price for this app and now I can’t restore my purchases. Come on, I gave you guys a five star back then. Now, it’s down to a one star! Can you update it, so for the people that paid the full price can actually restore their purchases.
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9 months ago, Unicorn man560
Works great
First app I see and it’s a good one, everyone should give it a try
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3 months ago, babyjessyyy
Literally USELESS
I read one of the reviews that said if you don’t pay you can’t save a boomerang and it’s true you have to pay even when you don’t use any premium features just to save a simple video. This app is trash. I wish it were better🤦🏻‍♀️
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1 year ago, sadieomgc
Great video
I did a really great video it was so cool I even got a cut it
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11 months ago, Honest-D
Posts clips upside down???
Whenever I choose a clip from my photo album it posts the clip upside down?? Even when the clip is saved right side up it still flips it for whatever reason?? Needs a few bugs fixed. I ended up deleting it.
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10 months ago, mmkamamam
Hard to navigate
Can be hard to get back to main menu
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2 years ago, iamLuckey
Just Started
It’s what you would expect from a pic edit app. They give you samples of the real deal. The snips are basic & easy. I’m just getting started exploring the app so my rating may increase.
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5 months ago, And_
Can only save if you pay for a subscription.
The app allowed me to save one video, then will not let you save any other videos until you pay for the subscription. What a bummer.
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4 years ago, MaesieHunter
Payment not working
I would like to purchase, but it’s not working. Pls fix problem..I will give this a 5 star when it’s fixed..thx
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5 years ago, madfraisse
Issue with formats
Doesn’t work with some imported videos, I’m thinking a format issue. It’s about to be 2020 and we’re still having that issue? App would just load a black screen with sound. 0 stars since it just out right didn’t work for me.
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5 months ago, xavier Myldowney
Rip off
Rip off! They charge you weekly-even if you cancel, they still charge your account! It takes hours to undo that charge through Apple! Stay away from this app!
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1 year ago, Star_slit
Defrauded on lifetime subscription
Paid for lifetime subscription last year. Have receipt. Says my account doesn’t have a purchase when I try and restore. Complete crap. Give me what I paid for.
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4 months ago, $:&/$$/@/&!,!,'bx
Think imma pay to reverse a video and replay it a couple times🤣
This app is so dumb, doesnt even let you save the video without buying their membership..Why put a app on here if people cant even use it
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5 months ago, retarded chimpanze
A free paid app
Can’t even get into the app without a mandatory 4$/mo subscription. Blatant ripoff for how simple a feature “boomeranging” videos is. Likely to be an Apple native feature within a few years
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12 months ago, Grisel’s
Not what I expected
Not good at all
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1 year ago, G15323
Paid a for lifetime now asking for subscription???
Paid for the lifetime less than a year ago and now I cannot access without subscribing???
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4 years ago, Amir Moti
Subscription plan for boomerang video
I feel this is not good to have a subscription plan just for using a boomerang feature plus not even be able to have at least a trial version
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3 years ago, Annawritedraw
Whenever I try tap on a video to work with, the app crashes. This happened after I paid for the year subscription. Very unhappy.
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1 year ago, Pretty PZ
Horrible new Subscription Limit
I purchased this and none of my old features work. Ever since I upgraded my phone, I now am forced to subscribe to this app. Sad
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4 years ago, CCHARRIGAN
The app's main function to convert videos into a bounce ends up to be a subscription feature only. The only thing you can do without paying monthly is trim your video. Absolute failure of an app.
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1 month ago, Vv_/
Charged 3.99, just like others have said. May have not been a huge issue if the app also wasn’t too good, can’t even add audio. Do not Download. Choose another application.
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1 year ago, angie_dmz11
Don’t waste your money.
I really like this app but you cannot save without paying.
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9 months ago, TRdbdbdbd
Good product
Good product
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4 years ago, scm597
I’m not even able to save 1 video because it’s makes me have to pay for it. I’m not gonna pay money just to save one boomerang. Same goes for the rest of the apps.
Show more
7 months ago, AddisonSomeone
Good but I hate that is has to have a subscription
Show more
1 year ago, kwp523
Cool app
App is cool however on the app the trial is advertised for 7-days. Once you sign up for it, the free trial is listed to renew after 3 days. False advertising.
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5 months ago, robloxplayerlyn
this app works, but i was charged with an almost $35 bill i don’t remember subscribing to, & when i attempted to email them, i didnt get a response. Unprofessional
Show more
5 months ago, Renee Lynn M
I can’t even use it.
It’s not letting upload a video or photo. I can’t even find a place to cancel my free trial or ask for help
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5 years ago, WJUStudent
Cannot save without paying monthly fee
Terrible, cannot do anything or even save without paying for pro, which is a monthly fee
Show more
6 months ago, s.phanie
Keeps trying to subscribed me to the pro
Very disappointed. Doesn’t let me save. Keeps prompting me to get the pro subscription.
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2 years ago, freaking garbage
Free is extremely basic
Free edit is ridiculous- all the special effects cost )$$$..
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4 years ago, Acidburn73*
BE WARNED!! Any features to reverse your video requires payment. Only thing free is the ability to record a video which you can basically already do with your camera!!
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10 months ago, kaidifi
Cannot even use without paying
Waste of money and time
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1 year ago, Kshitsyifitsfjfyk
Horrible doesn’t working
Hate that the app doesn’t even open up
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1 year ago, MK41083
Paid for app and can't access it
Sent 5 emails because I've paid for the app and can't access it - no one replies.
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