Border Patrol Police Simulator

3.9 (4.2K)
454.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Ghulam Mustafa
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Border Patrol Police Simulator

3.92 out of 5
4.2K Ratings
4 years ago, Company, assurant
Good, but...
This is honestly a amazing game, but... they need to add more bad things that criminals can have AND JUST MORE LEVELS!!! No hate on the developer but they could have better controls and graphics... In my opinion I give this three stars, It has some tweaks that can be fixed so all the developer needs to do is add a bit more! 👍
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5 months ago, get it be entertain
I was busy for a hour playing
OK I want to start off saying how good of a game this was I didn’t get a single ad and probably went through 18 cars and I saw someone who said every time they went on. There was always an ad for me there wasn’t and someone said he paid like three dollars for no ads and I didn’t even get an ad. It’s a great game I love the dog the scanning I just love everything so you’re looking at the reviews right now. I guarantee you you should download it.
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4 months ago, Razgriz18
Issues I’ve got
I’m giving it 1 star right now it looks interesting and fun to play just so many ads and one ad in the background just playing nonstop with loud music can’t hear and a small ad in the middle top of the screen so that’s a bit annoying in the view. Couldn’t do the training because of the ad that’s posted on the wall of the first room your in in so at first I didn’t even know what to do. Load the game up ad, go into game ad, start campaign and what do you know another ad. Not gonna pay to turn off ads unless I actually like the game and I’m not gonna pay for a game unless I see what I’m getting my money worth out of it.
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5 months ago, Jack28366373
this game is trash absolutely do not get
Game crashes constantly due to them trying to load 5 ads playing while your gameplay is going at the same time most games out ads in transitions between loading screens not this one they have ads all over the screen during actual game play and when you can actually play the game without it crashing it’s terrible the engines are literal pictures of engines are we not smart enough to make a small engine out of blocks like what is going on with this developer the developers at the beginning of the load in game should be ashamed to be attached to this game
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6 months ago, CoolChloethepro
It’s fun but not fun enough
This game is really fun but then it becomes kind of boring. We’re just getting the same thing everyday. You got to add more stuff like the illegal stuff else where than the trunk. Sure we get money but for what?? Also the gun is kind of hard to use in the sandbox mode. Also it isn’t much of a problem as the others but also try and fix the graphics. Their a little um… cheesy. Overall a fun game till you get bored of the same stuff. I can see potential in this.
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2 years ago, XDevineMindX
This Game Is Awesome, is it just not Finished Yet?
I like the main concept of the game. Your a border officer holding down the country lines. You get to check cars and make sure everyone passing through means well. But after a little while it gets old, it’s so repetitive and we earn money but there are no upgrades to buy or different materials nor are there any different locations besides the main map that is playable. I really hope to see some updates in the future!!!
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3 months ago, #1-fan-of-crystal-pepsi
So many reasons
Clearly a copy of contraband police. I got an ad before the game loaded the main menu on start up, got an ad after going to the mode selection screen, got two ads in the loading screen, one was a banner ad which stays on screen the entire time and the other was an ad box on the left side of the screen. Almost every building has an ad playing on it. Because the stuttering and the look and walk buttons not recognizing input, the weapons are incredibly hard to use. Unless you’re able to ignore these, the game is basically unplayable.
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3 months ago, Djhounds
The Ads kill this game
Literally could not play the game because of ads. Looks fun but couldn’t even say due to ads! Started the tutorial but couldn’t finish because the ads kept locking the game up and overloading the sounds of the game. Maybe I’ll try it again later after the bugs and ads are checked or fixed. The other reviews saying they can play it must be the ones that bought it or fake. I tried everything to play this game but wasted my time and data downloaded it just for ads. Please fix and I will definitely try it again.
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2 months ago, melvin cuadrado
Music and ad problem
I left a 3 star review because as soon as i opened the app i got 2 adds and then there was music playing and i went to setting but there was no on/off button for the music and when i tried to play the game i got another 2 ads and the only thing im saying is to add a on/off button for the music and to fix the ads i get every minute.
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6 months ago, Diesal Fanatic
Good game but…..
It doesn’t look like anything it shows on the preview. You can’t put the handcuffs on people like it shows. But I do like the game and I think it needs better graphics and more missions. You do the same thing every day. Please add more missions and more action. Thanks
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1 month ago, londddonn
I open the app and just loading in I had two ads already and when you click start to go to another loading screen you get pop-up ads that you can’t close and you just have to wait also there are pop-up ads all over your screen on the menu screen and I got another video before I could even start playing a minute of the game so I had pop-ups the whole time and three video ads before I even got into the game
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1 month ago, Mikehawk4
Amazing game
This game is absolutely amazing the graphics are incredible the fact that there is no ads is even better I love this game and play it all the time I like feeding the horses and killing the black people the most my only complaint is that there isn’t skibidi toilet
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5 months ago, Astro issac
Love it but one draw backs
If your looking for the patrol game that people play on pc’s buy you have a phone/iPad this is the game but there is some by some I mean a lot of ads, it’s my first time playing this game, if I would be able to give it 5.5 stars I would it’s just the ads, but it is fun
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2 months ago, TheRealTinBucket
I couldn’t enjoy it.
This game seems like it could be a fun game but you can’t enjoy it because of all the ads. Normally ads don’t bother me but there would literally be 4 of the same adds playing at one time if you stand in the right spot in the game. I probably saw 4 adds alone just trying to get into the game. It is ridiculous. I will be deleting the game because there is just no way to enjoy it when you have 4 adds blaring at you at once.
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6 days ago, Jamal.2doctor
My honest opinion on this game
It’s not very good as soon as loaded in I got several ads and before I can even inspect a car I got hit with 3 ads not to mention also the controls are pretty janky example:I would move my stick diagonally left to move forward while also moving left instead it would make me go forward overall the best way to make this game good is to not add more content but to make the content some what enjoyable
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3 years ago, like the game 🥰🥰
Good but something
It’s a fun game ngl but something you are forgetting are more cars. I only get three cars. It’s is a sports car truck and a minivan. So pls add more cars and have less adds. And also when you do the mission it makes have only like 2 minutes. So pls do it like as long as you want but that’s it. It’s a good game and pls add those details 😃🤗
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4 years ago, rjimenez12
Awesome but problem
So when people are playing this for the first time in some levels they say that they cannot find items that are not allowed I saw a review and it said “i looked everywhere in the car and cannot find it 😩”
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2 months ago, Jordan Seriks
Oh my god the ads
First Things first, as the title states, the ads. Oh my god the ads. Before I even went and started a game save, as soon as I opened the app I mean, three ads. Back to back. Jesus Christ. The gameplay itself was ok, could be improved in terms of mobility as the joystick is a little weird in movements specifically going backwards. The ads just ruin the entire thing for me, the sheer amount was crazy.
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6 months ago, dragonlord57511
Good game
I like the game but I found a bug where I only can move right and it won’t let me move any other direction I tried restarting the game it didn’t work, the only way I can do it is moving the camera and it started when I started chapter two
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2 months ago, Jaguarmrb
Isn’t worth the download
3 ads before I even got to try it, then ads are on screen, graphics are poor, movement is poor, aiming is poor, riding the horse is practically looking down, very repetitive. Gets old quickly and to top it off more ads a lot‼️ of them. Have me a great idea as an owner of a tech business to change this industry in mobile game creation. I can’t stand this bombardment of money grab tactics anymore from mobile game creators.
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1 month ago, Cw4352
I have never seen so many ads within the first 5 seconds of opening an app. Right as soon as you open the app there’s like 15 ads. Also the game is SUPER laggy and you can barely control what your character is doing. Ads literally ruin games, especially mobile ones. The fact that there is that many ads makes it basically impossible to play the game, I do not recommend this game.
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1 month ago, Lil t5252
Terrible game!!
When I would load the game I wouldn’t even be able to start it without 5 ads and since there is 5 ads going at once the game crashes and when you get to play the game it gets boring after doing the same thing over and over even though you earn money they should add that there should be somthing to do in the game with the money overall a terrible game do not play!!
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6 months ago, Iplaygamestorelaxemobile
Good concept bad execution
Like bro you clearly made this game just to make money on ads like half my screen is filled with ads and during gameplay guess what…. There’s an ad at the bottom of my screen and everytime I finish a car I have to watch a ad and during the fourth day I was attacked and it said to grab a weapon but I don’t know where the weapons are bc the tutorial doesn’t say like this is very poorly executed
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1 month ago, this is a good font app ☻︎
Low quality, too much ads
There are WAY too many ads, and I can even hear advertisements playing in the background of my game which gets obnoxious. Not sure if the menu music is supposed to play while in the game but if it is, then it’s TOO loud and interferes with the game. The animations are crappy, the graphics are crappy, and the textures are horrible. Everything about the game is just awful.
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4 years ago, best of all gamers
This game is good and all but,there is plenty of glitches,like I closed my self in the door and it flew me under the map,also I grabbed a idea and I got flung super high.I also think you need to add more levels,I don’t think 10 is enough I got done with levels in hour!I don’t really recommend this game because of glitches,bad graphics,and how confusing this game can get. Thank you for reading this article!
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2 months ago, cbmc427
Don’t even bother
Easily the biggest and worst cash grab I’ve ever seen. Not only is ever single pixel of the screen filled with ads, but the game world itself has several ads playing on screens constantly. On top of this, they blatantly stole footage from the PC game Contraband Police and passed it off as their own game in one of their ads. I’d avoid downloading this so this developer will quit making money off these awful games.
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8 months ago, Michael pnw
Way too many ads
I was let to believe based on pictures this was the official mobile port of contraband police. There’s way too many ads in this game. They implemented in game TVs that do nothing but play ads. It kept saying like every second to jump into a Mario play set. I’ll just try the free version on PC instead. I was going to try this on mobile then if I liked it got the full version on PC but this experience left a bad taste in my mouth. On top of the TVs spamming ad audio every second you also get in between segment ads. And the TV ad audio was still playing during these ads. It’s like an ad riddled fever dream. Get this game on PC but don’t bother with the mobile experience.
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1 month ago, iron studios1000
ads make it almost unplayable
the ads are so annoying and while trying to play and not even starting the game yet i got 10 in a row before even being able to load in and when finally loaded in i got an ad that covered up my controls and then another while trying to fix it. this is so ridiculous. this is money hungry and absolutely disappointing because the game looks fun. ads are fine and i understand why you need them but when its to the point it’s unplayable is absolutely ridiculous, disappointing, and you should be embarrassed of yourselves. you keep saying you’ll fix it and talk to your developers but obviously you haven’t.
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2 years ago, Inspired Chef with Melanin
I paid $3 to not play?? I literally haven’t been able to play more than 1 minute without the game completely freezing.. I have no clue if the game is decent because it has frozen each time I’ve started the app. I finally made it through the tutorial but haven’t been able to inspect not one car! Fix this or issue a refund… I doubt that’ll happen 😒 would give 0 stars if I could.
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2 months ago, J0rdan.jb
I love the part where there was an advertisement in the middle of the screen while I was trying to play. Every 5 seconds an ad would also pop up. I couldn’t even get passed the part there I would let a car in because I had watched about 6 ads already and got annoyed. Game could have potential but was ruined. Would give it 0 out of 5 stars if I could.
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3 months ago, Kugelblitz_K
You can’t play the game
The game has to many ads, and there’s an ad covering up the settings button, so you can’t access it at all! And second of all, the game doesn’t work at all, after you enter a level and exit the first door, an ad appears and there isn’t a “x” button, so you are stuck on the ad. I waited for 10 mins, and there still wasn’t an x button.
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3 months ago, Pipzz725
Everything in this game is wrong.
Starting from it takes a long time to load, it has a lot of ads, the gameplay itself is bad and boring, I got distracted and a car pushed me out of the work area and I couldn't get back in so I tried to restart by going to the main menu and I I had to watch 3 ads and the music becomes monotonous and boring, the game is immutable and unenjoyable.
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5 months ago, ryder262
Awesome game
This game is awesome but it would be nice if you could fix some glitches like when I go to the metal detector sometimes the people fall through the floor but over all good game
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2 weeks ago, Th3D3STOY3R666
Not worth it and its a free game!?!?!?
Not really worth the time not even 6 minutes in almost the whole 6 minutes was ad’s then theirs the pop up’s that constantly came up then the ads on the wall’s in game constantly talking saying “yeah you know monopoly the game you played as a kid its on you’re phone now” CONSTANT TALKING IN GAME its hard to focus when all you here are ad’s no matter where you go.
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5 months ago, HenryCat!!
Many ads and bad quality
The game seemed fun at first, but as soon as i downloaded it and booted it up i get an ad, and then in the loading screens i get two other ads!!!! The GUI is also just sucky. And then when i actually get to play the actual game it just keeps freezing!!! So annoying, bad game 2 stars
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2 months ago, ivfveanaa'v
W game but one problem
So when raiding a enemy base going on the zip line stops all movement so you can't aim making it inpossible to complete the level
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5 months ago, Your best reporter
Hear me out
This game was not what I expected there are barely any levels and then the graphics are bad now I understand this is a mobile game but when I say there bad there bad and another reason is just the sheer amount of ads for this game you can’t even go 10 seconds without a add playing it could be a good game but for right now I’m rating it this
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3 months ago, 😥Xxxtentayion RIP
So I get in every game there’s mostly ads right? . But on this one no like every 15 seconds ads pop up and I can’t skip like I get most games have adds but I can’t even play the game because of the adds and if you want no adds you have to pay which is ridiculous
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2 months ago, delta0000006
Delete this game
I just tried to play the game awful i was doing the tutorial then randomly an ad pops up preventing me from clicking the next button to continue and i cant even click off it and when i click on it and close another pops up i click off starting a cycle that wont let me do anything
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2 months ago, Noahvanb
A complete scam, do not waste your time
As soon as you start the game your hit with ads left and right every 30 seconds and an ad that plays none stop in the background when your trying to play. Just another money hungry game developer that spends 1 day making the game and then sits back and relaxes while the ad revenue rolls in. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!!!!
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11 months ago, linhaohang
Lot of ads
When I just download this game and play,before you play the game, pop out 3-4 ads you can’t skip,and when you wan to pause the game and ads came out again ,and I immediately delete this game and write the review,I never give any app review like this speechless,I got very annoying because this game,do not download this game, it’s cancer
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7 months ago, Teak001
Ads in your face
Right off the start ads start before tutorial, and an ad banner right in your face covering the controls. Every movement an ad comes up, and even after waiting for it to be over another starts. Deleting just for that.
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12 months ago, Idnecamixgahd avkp
Let down :/
Love the idea of this game and could see myself enjoying this but… I’m stuck on the tutorial inspecting the windows. I know I’m doing it right and have even tried all of the combinations and it says I’m wrong every time. Please fix this bug.
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4 months ago, Tectonx13
Couldn’t even start playing cause if ads
My entire phone lagged out right as the game started due to the amount of ads that were present when the game started. Banner up top as well as ads integrated into the game level (audio from each ad was overlapping too). Terrible way to present ads in a game
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1 month ago, Jewhshdjdbrhwbsi
Adds are horrible!!!
I get a part saying you may get “some” adds and will be your problem about them I loaded in I got an add a taped x I got a add I tap x again I add slides down my screen I got at least 5-6 adds before even starting the game. Music blasting can’t turn off my phone was shaking from how loud it is. HIGHLY RECOMMEND DONT GET THIS APP!
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5 months ago, SnooKie Brown
Couldn’t even play
I downloaded the game based off of a review I saw on tiktok. I couldn’t even play anything because there were so many ads the screen kept freezing. Would’ve liked to at least see how it works but there was a million ads and no gameplay whatsoever
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4 months ago, AustinAPowell
Paid to remove ads and still had them
1st off the ads are beyond ridiculous. Paid to have them removed and they were still embedded into the game. Game is bad about freezing when you grab contraband off someone that was screened. Feeding the horse is completely pointless.
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4 months ago, Rykö
A nockoff
It’s mid, just another copy on contraband police at least have better graphics. But at least they tried but like every other mobile game up here where they have the actual contraband police game footage in there trailer, at least but your game footage in there. It make you look like a copy cat 👎👎
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2 months ago, The big boiz
To much things happening
I was playing and in one minute I got 3 ads. There were also ads on the top of the screen blocking the view. Also the music was way to loud. Whenever there was an ad the music would still play. Notify me when it’s fixed
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4 months ago, Killer115678
Too many ads
First thing you see when you load up the game is an ad, then you get ads for the loading screen, and then everytime you pause it’s an ad, ads everywhere, the amount of ads I got while playing made me delete this game
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