Borgata Casino - Real Money

4.7 (30.5K)
216.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Borgata Casino - Real Money

4.7 out of 5
30.5K Ratings
4 years ago, docksmock
Used to be great
I’ve had this app for close to 3 years now off and on. When I originally downloaded it the first year was fantastic. Extremely fair and the win to loss ratio was pretty fair. Last year a lot of stuff began changing and updates started to occur. The app shut down for a short amount of time for tech reasons and every since that day this app turned into a complete disaster. I’ve had the same technical issues for almost 2 years with nothing resolved. The tech support or online support basically prolongs your issues until you give up or they play dumb and bypass your questions. I’ve been logged out of games on specific amounts of spins in certain games. Basically you’re downloading a playing site where you’re not in control of anything . In the past I have won some money and I praised this app , I referred it to many people but now I wouldn’t waste my time. They’ve tried compensating me for the issues that continues to occur and they’ve given me bonuses because of the problems (basically telling me in other words to “shut up” here’s 100$ in bonus dollars with a wagering marker of 2500$ ) so you’ll win up until you’re just about to clear the wager and then can’t win a cent. This apps a waste of time it lost my vote. If you want to burn money you have nothing better to do with ... play here , if not ... try somewhere else
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4 years ago, imtheslotguy
Game crashed during a 43 free spin bonus feature.
Please read this before you play and loose your money. This is unbelievable. So let me start by saying i gamble a lot! I started using Borgata a little while ago, so about 2 days ago I deposited some money and started playing “the legendary buffalo” at 10$ wagers. I was down to my last 120$ and finally hit a bonus with about 43 spins. I was super happy since I’m always loosing. I was at my last 2 or 3 spins feeling soooo happy my credits was at about 20,000 mabe more which amounts to about 5,000$. And then the app crashes. Now I’ve had games crash and I’ll just close and reopen and I’m back on my bonus round.. this time I went back and it was as if everything was gone! The game still says unfinished. I contacted customer support they said they had to escalate it to someone else. Now why can’t I get the money that I won. It’s my money I won. I’m always gambling with 400$ or more and loose if all and I don’t never complain. I finally hit big and now I’m being robbed. They froze my game and for no reason making the situation bigger then it is. Just pay me my money!
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3 years ago, Florrior
Not worth what you will spend to play
Let’s get one thing straight first, never gamble with money you can not afford to lose. I never would and I pray you never will either. That being said if you add money to this app thinking you might get at least some play time out of it, I hate to tell you friend your sadly mistaken. Some of the games even tell you in the payout screen that there is. 93% return to the player for that particular game. I beg to differ. I DID read the reviews and figured it still had a 4.7 star rating I would give it a shot. You will find a ton of reviews on here that tell you straight up that once you play a game for the first time the algorithm they use changes and it eats your money. So I experimented and played for thirty days. End result was this: the first time you play almost any machine you will spin a for a few minutes then get some kind of bonus or free spins. Once you leave that game however you have maybe a 5% chance for bonus OR free spins. The jackpot games can pay, but only if you sink a ton of money into them first. I had some decent wins, but nothing overshadowed the fact that even if I went back to those games days later there were never any free spins, wins of almost any kind, or bonuses ect. I didn’t lose anything I couldn’t part with, but today I definitely uninstalled this app.
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1 year ago, supemanna1214
Last upgrade is horrible
The app was never great. It did deploy new games relatively often. The return to player was just ok, but would at least allow you to play for a day or two. And technical errors did occur. Now, with the latest upgrade, a significant number of slots disappeared leaving crappy old ones that don’t pay out often, games take longer to launch if they launch at all, wins / bonuses are noticeably less frequent, and technical issues are worse than before the upgrade. For a casino that makes tons of money, you would think and upgrade would make it a better play experience. Ummmm … not so much. Customer service is horrible. If you experience an issue (e.g., a game crashes during a bonus), you need to jump through hoops and dig into the app for game IDs etc before they will even attempt to help. Trying to find the information, especially using the mobile app, is near impossible. They make it so annoyingly and unnecessarily difficult, you eventually give up. Really…giving me my $30 is gonna cut deep into casino profits? The good news…the deposit process is simple and reliable. FYI - Be careful of the default bet. Some slots are high ($20 a spin). If you adjust to a lower bet … then the game crashes … it defaults back to the original high bet when you relaunch the game.
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9 months ago, SJ6824
Used to be good
Giving 5 stars only so this can be read and not stuffed away, This app used to be my favorite app but now after multiple updates the fairness of win to loss has dramatically swayed to loss category, the customer service is junk, I kept getting emails about promos that I had then when I got on the app it wouldn’t let me use them and customer service told me it wasn’t meant for me or I wasn’t targeted even tho I have the 5 or so emails and it was showing on my app that said otherwise, the worse thing about the app now is it’s impossible to make any kind of money once you hit a 100 after buying in with 40 or so it goes south everytime I know it’s supposed to be random but that implies atleast every now an again you’ll make some cash so I don’t think it’s random any more. Also is it a coincidence that when u first sign up you win some and hit bonus plays but after a little while it goes to never hitting, I don’t think that’s by chance
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3 years ago, BetUnfair!!!
AMAZINGLY Rigged software
In attention to their digital Blackjack games, it’s blatantly obviously rigged! On a $5, $10, $20 bet the chances of winning are somewhat ok, but still managed by data exchange between the user and their network. I’ve seen the dealer get 20, 8 times in a row followed by Blackjacks and 21’s. The more the wager the lower the odds get. Every large bet $250 $300 $400, $500 etc is almost automatically met with the dealer winning with a 20 or 21 or Blackjack! I’ve seen the dealer get a 21 with 8 cards. If I get a 20 the dealer gets a Blackjack, even 4 times in a row on large bets! I’ve bet pairs 10 times in a row, lost every time and then not bet pairs and pairs will pop up 3 times/4 times in a row when I don’t bet them! I’ve lost $4,000 on a glitch when the app froze, contacted support and they blew me off like I was lying about it. This is a Criminal Enterprise we’re dealing with here people! It’s Theft in every way! They fly under the radar and get away with theft, fraud, theft by Deception, etc! After frustrated and complaining to them repeatedly I was then banned from their rigged games. They terminated my account which in my eyes is an absolute admission of guilt. If you have experienced anything like this please don’t let them bully you like they did me! Remember, this is a Criminal Enterprise that is above the law and will go at any length necessary to outright steal your money!
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3 years ago, Fivesevenjoe
Shady and misleading
I signed up with the new customer promotion, which was match deposited amount by 100%. I decided to play blackjack with it. Just to be clear, I deposited $20 to just test the waters with the app since there’s so many and take advantage of the promo. Here’s where the problem lies. I took my $20 got up to over $200. Couldn’t withdraw any of the funds. Figured maybe there was a stipulation where I needed to wager a bigger bet. So I did. Lost all but $5. Turned around and took that $5 to $110. Tried to withdraw again… still can’t. Mind you i wagered well over $350 at this point. I call customer service and they explained… in order to pull any money out I needed to exceed $300… fair enough. I knew I was well over that. She then explained, it’s a percentage on each dollar that counts as actual money wagered. So in turn, I’d need to wager over $1,000 in order to pull out any winnings. She said I only wagered $3.75. Because of this scammy percentage calculator. Needless to say I had to opt out of the “new customer promotion” forfeit my $100+ just so I could take my $20 I originally deposited to get out off this scammy app. With fan duel, betrivers, and the many more apps out there, you have to be crazy to use this. Good luck everyone. Please don’t fall for this scummy practice and give these people a dime of your hard earned money.
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1 year ago, straight flushed
They aren’t even trying to hide it
I am very seasoned in the online gambling apps, almost every negative thing in the previous reviews is factual minus the complaints that don’t read the T&C. This app was good years ago, today this app blatantly screws you on every level with absolute zero shame and less then zero discretion. I cannot believe they have the nerve to claim any type of fairness and they need to really emphasize just what side they are regulating the play for. (Obviously not the players). From glitches, to payment errors, to support that offers none. This app and the others on this platform ruin everything and will openly rob you with no mask. I’d rather scratch a piece of paper then continue to willingly allow my hard earned moneys to be ruthlessly scammed from my bank roll. Gambling is already in favor of the house, then they have to scam you on top of it all is foul and shameful. App deleted
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7 months ago, Nicole Marie Endy
Excellent Graphics
I have downloaded this app several times. I go through spurts where I want to gamble with traditional casinos and get the payout. I use the app mainly when I have the money to spend and want to go to the casino, but due to either time limitations or weather conditions, I just can’t make it to the casino. This is a great alternative because I can get the thrills of the casino, gamble like I am at the casino and win or lose like I am at the casino all from the comfort of my home or hotel room. Wherever I may be. Each time I reload the app after removing it from my device, there have been upgrades with new machines added and better than before graphics. Actually with the graphics, it is better than being at the casino!
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4 years ago, rbzoey13
I have been gambling here and there for the past year. I have participated in many promotions so I know how they work. I participated in a deposit match (as I’ve done several times). When I opted into the promotion, the wager requirements were 15X. After a few hours I went to check my progress on satisfying the wager requirements since I was doing pretty well, and I noticed I was only 21% complete. How?? Well, despite opting into a 15X wager requirement, I deposited money and my promotion changed and increased my wager requirement to 25X. I contacted customer service who could not help. They referred it to another department. I sent screenshots of proof with my wager requirement CLEARLY listed at 15X. I got a response back that they’re looking into it and to keep gambling. Yeah, ok!! I’m going to give you more of my money with no promise of resolution. Well, got another response back that I need to check my wager requirements in my account because it says 25X. YES I KNOW!! That’s the problem and the reason I filed a complaint!! I sent pictures proving what I opted into and yet, they still refuse to correct my issue and continue STEALING from their customers!! Unreal!!! Going to file a formal complaint against borgata.
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7 months ago, Josh Westerberg
Horrible customer service
I sign up for the App and am excited to play a little. Before you even see a game the first thing that pops up is to deposit money. So I deposit $50 into my account to play with and go to click my favorite game dancing drums when I see a message saying it can’t connect. I try a few times and nothing works. Try a different game and it won’t work. Try another game and same thing. I’m getting tired and think I’ll just go back to fanduel so I go to withdraw my funds and they reverse my withdraw. Go to talk to customer service and over 2 days couldn’t speak to a single person not 1. Tried calling, tried the chat and no response in fact it tells me to try again later. I’m at this point disgusted I email and hours later get an email that says I must verify documents. I’m thinking if I had to verify myself to withdraw why didn’t I have to do the same to deposit. Why is there an issue on this app but no one to help fix your issue. I’ll never use them again and I’m reaching out to all my friends who also love gambling and telling them to stay away from horrible borgata.
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2 years ago, unlucky0000000
Despite the reviews I thought I would give it a try. I only gave one star because 0 isn’t an option. I started with my free $25 for signing up. Deposited $10 a few days later and was hitting decent on slots. Went to withdrawal some of my winnings and was told I only had 9 cents available to withdraw even though I had $84. The rest of my money was restricted so I looked into it. I was apparently thrown into a bonus that I didn’t sign up for. I had to wager $625 in which I had over $420 already into it. I had 12 days to complete it so I figured I would stick it out and hope if I got to the $625 I could take my money. NOPE!!! That night the bonus was gone and I was thrown into another one where I had to wager $150. I cut my losses and opted out of the bonus where they took $5 from me. After that…no more wins, no more bonuses, no more free spins even though when I was attached to this bogus bonus I was getting all the time. My money went down to $0 and I ended up losing $20 that I deposited in the past few days. This app steals your money! They are a scam!!! DO NOT download this and give them your money!!!!
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2 weeks ago, jrsygrl4476
Horrible zero stars
When I first started playing several years ago they seemed so fair with the win/loss ratio , you could actually win some decent wins but that’s what they do they reel you in then flip that switch and it all changes . I’ve been playing for several years and they all the sudden seemed decent again like 6 months ago got a couple decent wins then boom they flip that switch again haven’t won in over 3 months and played a lot here, promotions have gotten drastically worse , they make sure you have no chance of winning bonus money, they all have gotten extremely GREEDY LATELY !!! More then usual . All the sudden it’s almost impossible to win anything anywhere. Some shady stuff is going on and enough is enough , gaming enforcement needs to stop this !!! I’m tired of these thieves straight up stealing !! You see the reels jump or they will continuously spin for longer periods of time then others, that’s legit cheating , it’s been happening A LOT lately ! Deleting borgata and NJ gaming enforcement will be getting complaints , I know it’s not just me either !
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3 years ago, dont-do-it-13
Straight up theft
I’ve never left a review before. Ever. But I would be remiss to not warn others. Downloaded this app, deposited $250 and got a $250 match. Nice! Looked at my account and “Available Funds to Withdraw” - $0. Not even my initial deposit. Ok. Started playing. Won some. Lost some. Up and down. Won $867 on slots. Increased my bankroll to $1400. “Available Funds to Withdraw” - $20. Seriously!? This site does not even allow you to withdraw the money you deposited, let alone any winnings. I’ve never seen or heard of anything like that. So, the only way to withdraw anything is to continue to play, hope you win enough to keep playing to “earn” your deposit back, but at that point the odds get stacked in your favor and net you down to $0. Even in a live casino, such as The Borgata, if I deposit money in a machine, I can cash out at anytime. This online “casino” is nothing more than a vending machine that takes your money and doesn’t give you the chocolate bar, even if you bang on the side of the machine. Don’t waste your time and especially your money. SCAM!
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6 months ago, Chris2156664
Customer service
This casino has been avoiding me for the past few days about a faulty round/glitch in game that caused me to lose money. I reached out right after the round and couldn’t get through to anyone. The next day, I finally was able to chat with a live agent who told me to submit the info for the round and so on, I did with screenshots to exemplify the error. Heard nothing back. I’ve waited hours on the phone and live chat with no response since. It seems like this casino is concerned with taking your money and not accountability for their mistakes. I would suggest FanDuel or DraftKings if you want an honest and legit online casino
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2 months ago, Pokecase1
Who Knows. They hold your money hostage.
Im all for security verification, but the Borg is ridiculous. I signed up, deposited $200 and immediately my account is frozen. I have to upload all of their required documents and then wait 7 days, before I can play with MY money. If someone is signing up for a gambling app, it’s because they want to play NOW, not deposit their hard earned money to have it frozen for a week. They need to have that in bold letters on their sign up page. If they did, they’d get zero new customers. I’m on all of the other major apps, and none of them do this. I understand not being able to withdraw until you’re verified, but why can’t I play? With MY money. I called customer support, and they said it is their policy, they are the bigger and better company, so they have higher standards. What a joke. Higher standards = freezing new clients first deposit for a week. Go play somewhere else, where you can actually play.
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3 years ago, loboloco
Effectively stole my money
One expects to lose money when gambling, but at least you usually have to option to stop, cut your losses and walk away with what you have left. This app isn’t letting me cash out. After effectively “risking” my full deposit (and the bonus that I got for signing up) through bets and winning some of it back, the “cashier” claims that only a small portion of my winnings is “withdrawable”. It seems that the Borgata is effectively holding my money hostage until I’ve lost it all; not just risked it, but LOST it. This is the main reason for the 0 star review. Additionally, the app is super “glitchy.” I say glitchy in quotes, because this may well be intentional to bleed players dry: Every time I attempted to join a roulette game, I was instead redirected to DEPOSIT MORE MONEY. I tried 2-3 different roulette tables and there was no getting around it, so no roulette. Perhaps for the best. F you, Borgata. Neither in app nor in a real casino will you get another penny from me.
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2 years ago, Marcooo1998
I pray and hope that anyone who wants to gamble on this site comes across this review and doesn’t fall in to this very smart and crafted trap. Oh don’t get me wrong you’ll win and be happy while you’re playing, give it three months. Now you lose everything you put on to it. You might win a lot when you first start playing because that’s the hook. And then you’ll start seeing what’s really going on. They opt you in to promotions that you don’t even sign up for, they say that’s it’s included within your deposit and won’t “turn” your money into withdrawalable funds unless you wager 10x, 20x your deposit. Listen here people, there’s a reason why their responsible gambling is very detailed with multiple “time out” or “deposit limit” options. They simple want you to take the break you want, but they know you’ll be back because they gave you wins that you couldn’t believe were happening. TRAP TRAP TRAP. Save your money.
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2 years ago, angel.ventu
Borgata online casino thief’s
I played on this app for around 2 years or so at first it was great felt fair but then there were updates and during game play you get knocked off the game then when trying to explain to tech support they have you running in circles just for nothing they don’t bother to help they just make excuses I played dancing drums explosion had the gold pot nearly full game booted me out came back on then boom empty no more chance at the bonus it’s really rigged then I try explaining this to customer support lol they fed me a bunch of shht that I knew wasn’t true nobody could explain what was going on but thing is I’m not the only one there where hundreds of others complaining abt the same thing I refused to play this rigged online game that just eats your money with nothing in return I suggest hard rock or resorts anything but borgata online gaming it’s a disgrace to online players worst experience ever never again
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3 years ago, KeloniiThaGemini
IF I COULD GIVE 0 stars I would !!
These people are complete thieves . I give my money to them time and time again. Almost every day, and when I win 450$ off of my 25$ they restrict my money and put it under an expired bonus. Then they claim there is nothing they can do about it . Borgata is high tech, they show you every bet you place, when you place it, how much you bet, how much you won. They show you everything ! Why is it that when a bonus has “expired” they don’t show you that or let you continue to play under and expired bonus just to keep your winnings ? I thought this was a good casino up until now. Over the course of 3 months I have probably given them over 3k of money I didn’t even have . Now I win and they do this to me . I will post this everywhere so people can know not to play with Borgata. You guys make so much money daily but refuse to pay out much 450$? Ludicrous!
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3 years ago, Taralynne76
Don’t fall for the bonuses
I’ve had this app for a year. I won a good bit and lost a good bit more. I held a vip status on it and at first it was great. They locked my account for a location check back in August and when they turned it back on 4 days later everything went downhill fast. They took my vip status away in the matter of 4 hours and since my account has not been targeted for any special promotions. I in October got my vip status back but no vip bonuses or special promotions to date. I’ve asked numerous times what the deal is because my account cannot be not targeted for everything they run. They always tell me it’s escalated well it’s escalated for months and I still have nothing and no answers. I wouldn’t recommend this app to anyone at the moment because they don’t like to address your concerns and just put you off constantly. It’s actually pathetic!
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5 months ago, Wesskv
This app has come a long way and continues to upgrade certain features to make it easier for the user. Customer support is alway on point and is every helpful. I have been on this site for over 15 years and tried different sites but this by far is the my main site. The only thing I would like to see change in the sports betting part is to be able to pick 2 legs in the same game and parlay it with other games. You can only pick 1 pick from each game. Or do a same game parlay. But besides that, you guys keep doing what you are doing. Borgata is by far my favorite site
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4 years ago, Vehejebhsei
Don’t Take Bonuses
I put in $35, they gave me $26 bonus, I won and tried to cash out $150 just for them to say I couldn’t cash out until I wagered 25X the bonus they gave me which was $650. That wasn’t clear when they gave me the bonus and I put in more of the money. I ended up winning $300 after the wagered amount but they wouldn’t let me cash out, wanted me to send my ID, utility bill, copy of my card used and it took them forever to get back to me. It’s too many hoops they want you to go through in order to get your money but they have absolutely no problem taking money from you. The app itself crashes in the middle of games, it’s slow and often gave me errors about my location. When I first downloaded this app a few years ago it wasn’t like this. I find it now to be a waste of time and money. I’d suggest finding a different app
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2 years ago, bigsteve5150
Absolutely horrible casino and service
So I used to love this app and casino since they went to the two step verification I can’t log in ! I have money they are withholding from me . I have been in contact with customer support almost every day for last 4 months and still nothing!! I don’t receive emails at all from them anymore so in return I can’t log into my account! They tell me that the special team will be in contact with me in 24-48 hours and in 4 months I have yet spoken to anyone from their . I don’t recommend Borgata casino or app they treat their customers like trash !!
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4 years ago, Candy Cane 926
Needs a Much Needed Upgrade
This app is, quite frankly, terrible. The entire app freezes up whenever I try to make a deposit. The deposit button doesn’t even take you to the deposit options page! You really need to put some much needed effort into a solid upgrade for bug fixes and PS, I never ever win on this app! It’s been probably months since I’ve even attempted to make a withdrawal for any size winning! Now that your casino is closed, perhaps you can invest some of your millions of dollars into a better, more user-friendly app!
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1 year ago, Hackson1519
Scam on bonus
I had a 50% deposit bonus. The promo was on the screen when I deposited. I made 1 wager before I realized my bonus wasn’t showing and it should have been shown immediately. I immediately contacted them via chat and they were only willing to “bonus” me from the money I had remaining. I stopped playing this online casino months prior because it just sucked my money up and I felt like I wasn’t winning at all (I know I know, it’s a casino and they are out to make money. I know they are regulated too). When you regularly spin 15-20 times and not win a single thing, it’s frustrating. So I opted to stop playing. When they sent me the deposit bonus, I decided to try them out again. I will NEVER patronize this casino again. There are much better sites out there to play on.
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4 years ago, casinogamer2
Be warned expired bonuses apply to new deposits
I play on almost all the sites and really did enjoy Borgata Casino for some time. Turns out they are also the only casino that applies future deposits to a lost bonus. So let’s say they give you a bonus one day for $5 and you lose it. If you deposit in the next two days your deposit will have to meet the wagering requirements of the past bonus. My situation was weird. Supposedly I had a bonus from 2 days ago that expired on 11/30 but it just happen to expire at 2AM when I happen to win a pretty large sum of money. So instead of it expiring at 12AM 11/30 they claimed it expired on 1:55AM the very moment I won. Just be careful folks plenty of other trustworthy options out there. Casinos are already stacked against its users without the need of Borgata sneaking in ways to take your money once you win
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2 years ago, Good promos bad service
Awful service
Quite possibly the worst customer service I have ever received. Someone has been using my information on for god knows how long (they never looked into anything to give me any information) and their solution to the problem was to freeze my account. They then sent me the same email over and over again, so after sending several emails of myself with my license I called the customer hotline online to be cut off incessantly and told to do the same thing I had been doing very slowly as if I was an idiot. Then they required me to handwrite a statement saying exactly what happened and after them telling me I didn’t have enough information three times they requested another statement saying that I accepted all charges until now. Don’t get your identity stolen I guess.
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3 years ago, Db1877
Worst online casino
If I could give it negative stars! This is by far the worst online casino out there. Stay away from the deposit bonus, they’ll never release any of your funds. I played for 2 straight days and wagered thousands of dollars and I wasn’t able withdrawal any monies. Also not all their slots are available to play for some reason. Customer Service is non existent and even tho your in the state your playing from, you’ll get knocked off for being out of state. What a terrible experience. I’ll stick with fanduel!
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3 years ago, lorribogg
Do NOT Get This App!
DO NOT GET THIS APP!!! I have spent thousands of dollars playing this game. I do not have a problem with that but I’ve been locked out I’ve resent information was told it would beLooked out within 24 hours it was not. You go through page after page after page ofWhat they are saying is Customer Service but all it is is question and answers that never answer your question. I didn’t get through to somebody at one point they were rude not helpful I did not help me resolve anything. Again do not get this app
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4 years ago, Mo Abdalla
Platform is garbage keeps freezing and locking u out every 15-20 min on mobile app I encountered a terrible experience I won a 1200+ win on slots the app glitched and I never got credited I went back and forth for two weeks from being hung up on the phone to ignored and they kept asking for impossible things like do u have a screen shot how can I have a screen shot if it glitched and shut down . I closed my account and shifted to golden nugget there pretty good . Customer service is garbage too and rude stay away from there online casino .
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3 years ago, Home runs
Tightest slots anywhere. I’m not sure how this place has 4.6 stars when all reviews are negative. Out of 3 apps I’ve used the win/loss is absurd here. 1 app with a lot of gambling I have 95% return. Here? 12%. That’s says a lot. Wagered 300 today and won 9 dollars total. If you actually stumble across a win the App will crash after. When you log back in you won’t win a cent. Heaven forbid you ever cash out. The slots lock down so hard afterwards whatever you took out will be lost. Don’t EVER take a bonus it’s just a withdrawal lock. They slide in bonuses without asking to lock your cash as well. Bonus games will crash. When You sign back in, the game will say it completed the bonus while I were gone and toss you $2 on a $5 spin. Shop around. Use app that had 1x bonus return instead of 25x
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1 year ago, Joannenj
A mess
They just did an update a few weeks ago and now it’s all screwed up. And ALL the slingo games have disappeared! Can’t get into many of the games. Just awful! Used to be pretty great. I won on this one game and was doing really nice on it and I was forced to do this update and guess what, the game disappears. Funny thing is that it was an MGM exclusive game. Too funny. In case you don’t know MGM and Borgata…linked. I’ve now deleted the app. I downloaded it again to check and the deleted again. Very Sad!
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2 years ago, Path23dv
Getting worse
Their location algorithm is terrible. After playing for 30 minutes it will claim they can’t locate me and knock me off. They need to use GPS as well as Wi-Fi networks. The “bonuses “ have become a joke. Used to be you had to wager 10X the amount, now up to 25X. Crazy, nearly impossible to keep any winnings. Latest disaster is Borgata Bucks. After a week or so it stopped working for my Borgata account. Never win any of the community or All awards. It doesn’t recognize my play, you can tell because there’s a progress line on the three bonuses, it’s always yellow when I play. On my MGM account that progress turns red after you play the required time, I then usually get a community bonus. Stay away.
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3 years ago, janna215
Don’t waist your money
This app is controlled I was playing endless treasure & when I was about to get the bonus which is when the pot get full it close saying technical error I didn’t think about anything the first time & I open the game again & the pot was empty I play again got it full again & when it was about to give me my bonus it did it again!!!!!!don’t waist y’all money the control the games go to the casino better
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5 years ago, Thatguy11244553577
Blackjack .. Save yourself the headache, time , and money. You get some good customer service. But very seldom. The app is just as terrible. I’ve played years ago. And started again few weeks ago. I’ve been up very quickly. But as soon as I’m up. ... 95% of the time the app will kick me off saying I am no longer in NJ. .. Idk how in 15 mins I can get up and leave state. The other 5% of the time if not kicked off.. the app will lag .. freeze and unfreeze. And in the same time frame. Entire bankroll gone in a matter of 15-20 mins. This has happened more than 4 times and hundreds of dollars later that was profit. UNACCEPTABLE. Save yourself and go to another app. I’ve been trying to get answers and assistance for days .. when I’m the chats they just close you out and don’t respond. I’ve send over 5 emails and haven’t heard not one response. Very slick is right. .. nice try but a little too obvious. I will no longer be playing borgata online. And will continue trying to reach someone. If you choose to use. Good luck. Hope your experience is better then mine. Cuz this has been 2-3 weeks straight of it.
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3 years ago, Clockedclock
This app uses the slimiest bonus structure I’ve ever encountered. With any other reputable casino app, when your bonus amount has been lost before the wagering requirement has been met, the promotion is automatically over. With Borgata, the promotion stays on essentially making your original deposit part of the “bonus” that is not able to be withdrawn. Example: deposit $100. They match $100 in bonus. You play through and lose $100+ (the entire bonus). The promotion is over and you’re playing with your withdrawable bonus now, right? Nope, not with Borgata. The “bonus” promotion stays active ever after it is simply impossible to win any bonus money because you’ve already lost it all. AVOID
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2 years ago, Tdubb77
OVER BORGATA both ONLINE & Brick and mortar
Call me a glutton for punishment because this online casino NEVER PAYS OUT ANYTHING! As soon as your close to winning it has technical errors. I was in a bonus game of free spins the game was winning and the last spin the game stopped working and won’t let me back in. I log in and out and even talk with a customer service rep through chat and they walked me through the steps! The game still would not reload. When I log in and out it shows that I have e an unfinished game but it still doesn’t load. EFF THIS CASINO!
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3 months ago, hfuwhchwhcjs
Overall bad
Just not a good app compared to MGM or honestly any other casino app. They give you $20 to start but you can only play selective games (if they load) Non live games feel falsely generated, everytime in back jack the dealer gets the perfect number just to beat you. If it happened 2-3 times I would understand but 10+ times? The app can tell when you profit and makes sure they get that money back. Honestly had a bad experience with this brand in Atlantic City. Very stupid of me to download the app. Didn’t lose any money from my pocket, but it just wasn’t enjoyable and is a poor excuse for an app. If you like this casino brand, I just assume you can’t afford the others.
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1 year ago, jimmy@1970
Game’s updated
This was a great site till they did some updates now people with apple products can’t play half the games they did before and would you know the half I can’t play anymore was the ones I did best on also I won a lot of free spins on a promo and never got them I emailed support and what a joke never heard anything thing back and many time’s playing game and game lands on what would have been a big hit and then the system goes down and back up and there was no win no bonus they say send them the time stamp and will look into it I can’t for the life of me find it here’s a idea if we hit don’t cheat us out of it you make enough money to pay
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5 years ago, RealRewiews
[UPDATED REVIEW] - Real Experience
Old Opinion - Whether it’s simply bad luck or terrible odds, this app has been abysmal. Slots rarely payout regardless of the game (tried different bets as well). New Opinion - Similar to every other gambler, I’m very agitated about losing money. App performs just like a casino would except it might even be better for the users since the overhead is very low. Anyway, Play+ card is one of my favorite parts. Instant deposits and withdrawals. So far, I’ve won several times and I’m satisfied.
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1 year ago, BewareofMommabear
They have not fixed the issues with more than half the games disappearing and a bunch of the others not loading. I just updated the app again with high hopes. I saw a couple of the previously missing games there again. But when I tried to play them, they just gave me a blank screen. REALLY??????? This app used to be the best, now is hands down the worst. And unfortunately their sister company BetMGM has now done the same thing with their app!!!! You would think that with the BILLIONS of dollars they take FROM US, they would be able to afford a decent app developer. NOPE! Went towards the CEO’s salary increase instead. IDIOTS ARE LOSING SO MUCH MONEY OVER THIS
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1 year ago, spencer.g
play somewhere else
within 1 week i have had 2 major issues. the slot froze in the middle of a huge bonus, when i went to contact support they told me to redownload the app and check my internet. neither of these worked… after filing a report over email i still have not received any support. Then today i didn’t get credited with my bonus even after i met the wagering requirements. Support still is of no help. Please reach out to me and provide support and i can change my review accordingly. Until borgota fixes theses issues, please do not spend money here. there are much more reliable apps that are competing in the mobile casino realm.
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2 years ago, Razor-Kota..bear
Worst Online Casino available in Pa
DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT play on this app!!!! They will literally give you deposit bonuses every single day and if you use them you’ll literally hit and hit while your money is restricted. The closer you get to being able to withdraw it starts losing no matter how big or how little you bet! Doesn’t matter if you play every single game on the site you’ll lose. By the time it’s done it takes every dime and this isn’t some small sample size I’m talking about. I’ve deposited well over 15k in the last couple months alone and lost it all. I have videos of reals stopping and starting again when you think you hit. THIS IS BY FAR THE WORST ONLINE GAMBLING SITE IN PA!!!!!
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2 months ago, PC0815
Comp Weekend
The Borgata did an amazing job providing transportation to and from the airport managing our luggage to and from our room the rooms were wonderful. We had free play upon arrival. Check in check out or seamless amenities at the Borgata Casino resort were outstanding cleanliness, and stuff members were, warm and friendly. we will definitely be back. It was also our anniversary weekend and we had two wonderful meals. Thank you.
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3 years ago, stowepro
5 star platform
I have to give the Borgata gang a 5 star review..they are one of the few platforms that give you a shot everyday at earning some free play. They have also stepped up with their withdrawal times, I think my last one took less than an hour and it was in my PayPal. Everyone has their own expectations and experiences but for those two things they’ve earned my patronage and a 5-star StowePro review!
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5 months ago, opie81
Disappearing jackpots
I used to love this app. That is until I won 2 jackpots in one day and apparently the app decided that was too much and just deleted my winnings out of my balance. There is a message that pops up in certain intervals to remind you how long you've been playing and that message popped up right after winning my second jackpot. After I cleared said message my winnings were gone out of my account. Customer service has been a nightmare to deal with and the problem still hasn't been resolved. If you want to win and then have your winnings taken right back then this is the app for you
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12 months ago, Fatin400
Winning Confusion
I have one money, but there’s been times where I won for example, five bonuses and the second try was 10 bonuses, and then it seems like I was cut off and went back to me spending my money again without the bonuses. When I called customer service, they told me that they saw 25 extra bonuses on another game that I never played and when I went to it, there was nothing there for me, but to play with my money other than that I’ve had fun on the site.
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3 years ago, JayAcapella
Seems Rigged
Let me start by saying. I gamble more than the average person should. But every single online casino I use I can play with $500-$1000 for quite a long time and always go up and down. I’ve put hundreds of dollars into Borgata on slots and I don’t think I’ve hit any decent bonuses even with $10/spin. I even tested one day and put in $100 and played minimum bets at 20cents per spin for the entire $100 and not a single bonus. Their machines are some of the tightest I’ve ever experienced. Save your money and use a different site. Only game worth playing is blackjack.
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2 months ago, sportsbookguy
Finally deleted the app, done with Borgata
After years of torment I finally deleted the Borgata app, horrible experiences , they treat customers like atms and not people , definitely one of the sleaziest casinos around , shady promotions that make you play 25x through , was a loyal customer for years but have decided to give my business to BetPARX from now on, simply because they sent me a happy birthday message and $10 free bet for my bday. Borgata who has taken thousands off of me , no happy birthday , no free bet , and solely for that act of kindness I’m dumping Borgata and the slots you’ll never win at , for a casino that at least shows it’s patrons some respect
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