Borgata Poker & Texas Hold 'Em

3.8 (495)
536.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Seller entertainment Limited
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Borgata Poker & Texas Hold 'Em

3.82 out of 5
495 Ratings
1 year ago, Par4holeinone
Good site
They shouldn’t kick you out of the sit and go before you have a split second to see what hand beat you but otherwise good site
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1 year ago, trainermikepsk
Difficult to navigate - CS is abysmal
Lots of options including the regular menu items are difficult to navigate. Nothing brings you back to the page you were on and it brings you back to the tables selection each time. I still click through some options and get an OLD black and purple Borgata page with no options I was looking for. Often I need to force quit the app when this happens. Also, I like that there’s an option to add your own avatar at this point - but how? It’s not in the help docs. Also, customer service NEVER helps. They give a ton of canned responses and tell you to send screenshots - even if screenshots are not needed for your problem. They also don’t usually read or understand what your telling them. Or if they do, they just don’t get it because they don’t play. That should be part of their jobs - spend 15 minutes per day or an hour out of you work week to learn how to use the app. This way they can understand the issues you’re bringing up to them and can more easily help you.
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3 years ago, Nemerr
The WORST Site/CustomerService EVER
Save yourself the headaches!!! Not once not twice but multiple times I’ve had live chat support just leave the conversation in the middle of talking to them! it’s as if they don’t give a shjt about you or the problems you have because and there has been many now! I’ve been playing at the borgata casino for years now and I’m not just some random average player either, Ive spent easily into the 6figure rage and this past year has just been horrible treatment. Waiting weeks for a response on email when they said maybe a few days, getting booted off games in the middle of hands, and lost games due to the buyin not working. So I promise you, do not waste your time with this site. There are plenty of better casino/poker sites out there I promise! DO NOT USE BORGATA! Save yourself the headache!!!
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3 years ago, fugmout
Worst experience ever
I just got into New Jersey from Michigan. I decided I wanted to play some poker. I chose Borgata because it’s an established name, and I thought they would actually put some care into their product. Boy was I wrong. First of all the app looks like it was designed in 2009. Second the banking system is a joke. Thankfully I only put in 50$, because I can’t actually take that money out now. Because I paid with a debit card and didn’t use one of the services(PayPal, pay+, et al). And this brings me to my final complaint, I wouldn’t care so much about the poor app design, or the fact that they make it easy to put money in, but give you a tough time to pull it out, if there were actually players sitting at tables. Do not waste your time.
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4 years ago, Phillyking11
Crashes when ur winning
Like other reviews I’ve read this app crashes when ur in good shape. I was chip leader in a $1500 tournament and had been playing for hours when app crashed. I started freakin out and called the help number. I wound up speaking to someone who sounded like they were in India and could only understand every 4th word she said. She was trying to tell me my internet wasn’t working but I was on the internet while talking to her. After wasting 20 mins I was finally able to get back on & I was low stack and finishing 5th winning $100. I could’ve won close to $1000 if everything went right and I would’ve liked to have had that chance. I’m not a rich person and that money would of done a world of good. I say F Borgata and they can eat a big fat one.
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1 year ago, a.l.g. jr
Borgata needs change
The structure of tournaments on borgata is terrible. They’re all turbos from 5-10 minute blind levels and even the main events on sundays which have a terrible guarantee compared with other New Jersey sites like wsop and American facing international websites. Borgata needs an intelligent poker player with experience to advise them on how to structure their tournaments and if they did I know they would have a lot more people playing. The site is dead and it’s not due to the interface, it’s the structure of all your tournaments which makes players feel as if they can’t beat the games, because they can’t! Fast structure + heavy rake = a dead poker site.
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10 months ago, jwoodsolo
My account has been messed up for so long I need someone to review my account immediately I will not deposit here any longer until my account is reviewed. I’ve lost free 10 and 20$ poker ticket entries and a 10$ casino bonus recently and other promotions I’ve lost. It’s not right. REVIEW MY ACCOUNT PLZ PLZ HELP PLZ FIX IT ASAP. This is unfair and Not ethical this has to be straightened out immediately
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1 year ago, glideonouttathere
Rigged site
This site is so rigged it’s not even funny. If you get your chips in ahead you’re almost guaranteed to lose. It’s so bad to the point that it makes me not want to play poker anymore. It takes all the fun out of it. No one should get their money in ahead as often as I do and lose as much as I do. I have the hand histories to prove it too. So I don’t want to hear about variance. Literally nothing changes. So if you feel like getting robbed then go ahead and put money on this site
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10 months ago, disappointed borgata poker fan
Better look but functions worse
This app can use a lot of upgrade. They need to hire better gaming developers. Cannot go back to the same table you left and navigation is worse and now I can’t even see some tables I was able to see before. Customer service asks the same questions over and over. God help us all !!!
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3 years ago, Ace low hi
Best in NJ
While still working on making the best poker game available, compared to other sites this is my home! I love the give a ways and always great action at any level of play. Try it out. Play tight and you will be satisfied!!!
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4 years ago, acedb88888888
Who Needs To See Opponents’ Hands Anyways
Along with frustrating bugs like the app suddenly marking you as away mid-tournament as you watch your money get drained from you paralyzed until you quit and reload, the biggest issue is at the final ha d of a tournament, you don’t get to see what your opponent had. Instead, you are shown a message letting you know what place you finished in. Pretty frustrating to not k ow what you lost to or beat. And customer service is laughable. Play elsewhere.
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9 months ago, MikeKo1225
Too many bugs
For an app that handles so much money daily it is way too glitchy. They need to really put some more money into their app development. Also, it’s so hard to get in touch with customer service that could actually do anything to assist you. The customer service on the app is basically to just listen to your problems and they can’t actually do anything about it.
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1 year ago, john john stud
Junk promo 1-5-not10-but 25
It’s like whatever one I choose it’s never available I came in second place. They said you get a ticket for coming in second place for insurance but not for the $10 ones every other one but that one’s horrible they scam scam scam scam scam.
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3 years ago, gypsy man 123
Need a new version for your tables
For a very famous casino one of the best I should say coming from a guy that’s from Atlantic CityForgot a casino is prettier than any casino that I ever seen and I cannot understand why would your guys website for poker be so downgraded this is the reason by it is not so popular can you guys scale your guises website make the table nicer the car is more higher pixels please decide totally needs help
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8 months ago, Nelarabh
Horribly rigged poker tables!!
The hands are all rigged to certain players on the table. Even if you flop straight, you will loose to their inside guy sitting with a pair who will hit full house on river
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2 years ago, Frank liwen
Poor history availability
Application doesn’t provide last hand history
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1 year ago, Smokeyjonez
Great app since update
Since the new update, everything has been running great!
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3 years ago, blkwdw2963
Worst gaming app
DO NOT DOWNLOAD! Not only did I send a pic of my DL (which took days to verify), I had to upload a pic of me with said DL, which took several more days to “verify”. Problem is, my account remains on hold. It’s been 2 weeks. Customer service is a joke. So I decided to “delete” the app from my iPhone but the app only gets removed. Anyone know how I can DELETE this worthless app from my library?!?!
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3 months ago, Kbutta7
Tried to give this app plenty of chances
There is not enough players on the app number one number two the customer service is atrocious. I have so many examples but I don’t want too rant way too much. I know they recorded so I know I’m not lying. I’ve had people hang up on me on numerous occasions. I recommend this app to no one.
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1 year ago, ric from jersey
Wish you could change avatar on iPhone
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4 years ago, big nick 74
The worst poker site
I recommend everyone stay away from this site. I really think they are bad with customer service. They are quick to accept your funds when u deposit money but they give you issues when u want to withdraw. I would recommend if u want to play real money poker just pick a different site.
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2 years ago, Inure235
Won some money on here! Lost some too..
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2 years ago, Yay8*
Took my deposit but won’t allow me to withdrawal
I made a deposit on your app and within an hour and a half I went to make a withdrawal of the money that I won. Now I can’t withdrawal to the same account that I made the deposit with. You guys oughta be ashamed of yourselves.
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1 year ago, Jimmy Fingers
interface is absolutely terrible. it’s been a few years and I definitely didn’t expect to come back to an app that looks like it was designed by a C-student in seventh grade.
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1 year ago, Winston 555
New format
The new format is incredibly battery draining and limits my playing time. The memes are juvenile and silly at best, distract from the experience and should be removed. Going back to the original design would be great on many levels
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9 months ago, pokerguy114
i’ve never felt an app be so one sided with poker. the amount the “other players” catch pairs, flushes, etc being in hands that they should never in a million years be in is eye raising. Your slots have a better payout for me at this rate.
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5 years ago, borgata sees your cards
So shady
Something is definitely up. Most random crap hands win on river when you bet the whole way. It doesn’t make sense. Not like real poker. So many bad players you can easily hit but have to pick your spots. Much better on desktop. Mobile app is straight garbage
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2 years ago, Mike budalich
Haven’t updated interface in years
They could do so much better than this. The app works but can we get some improvements to the interface? It’s been YEARS!
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8 months ago, recordweb
Losing winning hands
I’m being told that I lost a winning hand I had trip 10 the other guy had two aces and I’m told I lost that hand. If this is the way it’s going to be on this site I don’t need to play here.
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3 years ago, Jason23233323
1 Star
Customer service is nonexistent
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4 years ago, Love’s Life
Easy to deposit
Easy to deposit almost impossible to withdraw. Almost scam like. As if they dont make enough money! Beware Beware Beware. I won a poker tournament but had to play all the money i won because they would not let me withdraw the winnings. Dont say i didnt worn you!
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1 year ago, Trg23tfdhj
Completely fixed
Impossible this site is not fixed. Would never play.
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3 months ago, Nothing8/29/1986
What’s the problem now
Why are there so many issues and when I tell chat I can’t see my BRPs no one gives me a reason why, fix this nonsense or it’s over for this app
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7 years ago, Afigotti
Horrible app
Always tech issues and tech team is HORRIBLE! Customer service is HORRIBLE! The company needs to get their act together. The app has problems and they make those problems the customer's problem. #backwards
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2 years ago, Jdewau
They closed my account
They closed my account and when I click on customer service it doesn’t work. Not good. I still had money in my account!
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1 year ago, Scumgota
Game gives you premium hands makes you think it’s gonna be a clean win and then come up with the craziest scenarios for You to lose get addicted and lose money CHEATS
Show more
1 year ago, ballbuster333
Not really good as crashed a lot
It crashed when go to promotions.
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9 months ago, kebbbrof
Time for new scenery
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2 years ago, Mar mat mat mar mar mar mar
Can’t be any worse
Can’t get any one on the phone with any knowledge of poker what so ever All customer service will keep repeating is take a screenshot and email it. That’s the best they can do
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1 year ago, NBruno8404
Kicked me out twice during tournaments
The app kicked me and wouldn’t open back up today and yesterday during tournaments. I’m infuriated as I was blinded it of the money
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3 months ago, Scumbagsystem
Stop stealing my money
I just deposited for poker and you attached an unknown “deposit bonus “ so u can’t use my money for poker.
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2 years ago, SnapchatiSaPieceOfPoop
This app is garbage
Every hand is a bad beat. They try to make it too exciting but literally every hand is rigged. If you want to lose money, download this app.
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3 years ago, Gwenchle
Won’t let me access my money
Had money in my account for over a year. They won’t let me withdraw and customer support won’t help. Belong in prison
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9 months ago, thisiseric10-
Slow app
I signed up for table game and set me up for 4 other games I didn’t register for be carful on how you click.
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2 years ago, johnny8523601
Ridiculous run outs
Not realistic. Lost multiple times with AAs all in pre flop. Idiots that call with any two cards hit two pair. Do yourself a favor and avoid this money pit.
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1 year ago, 04/19/2023
When selected the app automatically closes
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3 years ago, SasAttack
Too many glitches
App isn’t good. Support even worse.
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1 year ago, Chris Iannone
Super glitchy, got $30 sitting in a cloud somewhere right now
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5 years ago, Bri-ismo
App is broken now
I used to be able to play from the comfort of my home, now I’m told I’m not in the state when I clearly am. Fix or this review remains a 1 Star.
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6 months ago, Ruu654
Technical issues back to back
It’s terrible I’m sure they stole my deposit
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