Bose Connect

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Bose Corporation
Last update
4 months ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bose Connect

4.8 out of 5
271K Ratings
3 years ago, Dfom
UPDATE to previous 1 star review
Upgrading my Apple devices to iOS 14.3 resolved ALL of my previously issues with Bose Connect. Subsequent to the update to 14.3, the app works flawlessly the very first time I started it up; it immediately paired with my first Bose Soundlink Resolve, effortlessly found and paired with my second Soundlink Revolve (to enter Party Mode), and even the stereo mode fired right up. I have now used Bose Connect, from full start-up, on 5 occasions without any of the noted operating issues. I am really pleased with the outstanding sound quality of my Bose Soundlink Revolve, so I was exited to discover that Bose Connect could effortlessly pair multiple Bose devices (Just like Sonos, right? WRONG!). I purchased a second Soundlink Revolve, installed Bose Connect and have had nothing but problems since. Thinking my new iPhone 12 may be the problem, I installed Bose Connect on an iPhone 10. Same exact problems experienced. The Connect app is an unmitigated DISASTER. The app interface has a simple, no frills design that displays seemingly easy illustrations to pair and engage “Party Mode”. I just doesn’t work. In reality, you are lucky to get even one Bose speaker to operate. If you can actually get Party Mode to engage, one or both of the speakers produce audio cut-outs or stuttering. It gets much worse if you engage stereo mode. Is this the best Bose can do to support the interoperability of it’s fine speakers?
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3 years ago, AffinityforTruth
Owner of Bose QC35II
Purchased the QC35II in February of this year, the Bose connect app at that time was limited in it's functionality for the QC35II Headphones. When linking the headphones to the app this literally snuffed or bricks functionality on the headphones previously advertised when purchasing. I could not adjust the application of noise cancelling via the on device buttons, not adjust phone call or voice settings. I am very glad that Bose has since improved the iOS Bose connect app to allow QC35II owners to have full control on their headphones functionality. I can now adjust the voice over prompts to be off, and change the "Voice Command Button" away from being for ALEXA or GOOGLE, to now be exclusive for changing Noise Cancelling Levels from High, Low or OFF. I can now control the headphones simultaneous (self)voice playback feature to mute or off, which has been an anonyance of mine especially when using my headphones for ZOOM, DISCORD, or GOOGLE VOICE sessions when connected via Bluetooth on my desktop (Windows 10). Seems that Bose has been listening to customer reviews and criticisms. Thanks Bose for the important improvements. 5 stars from me for resolving these issues.
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8 months ago, Nolan_Christopher_Parish269
Bose Connect.
I love this app, however, it seriously needs a serious update since iOS 17 has been released. I’m having trouble, connecting my Bose sound link color to Bluetooth device using the Bose Connect app. I keep getting pop-ups telling me that, for example, it wants me to connect the device which I’ve already done, and return to the Bose Connect app. The same message still pops up even if I tried shutting the device off and putting it into Bluetooth pairing mode. Is there a problem with this application? If someone please explain to me what’s going on I would greatly appreciate it. I can’t check the app version of the app because I don’t like what iOS 17.1 has done that has now broken this app. And I’m not happy about it. However, I do love the app like I said. But I’m still not happy with how slow it’s functioning. It needs a lot of improvements, so it can cooperate a lot better. Especially with iOS 17. are you guys planning on updating this app? It would be greatly appreciated if you did. Because I’m blind/visually impaired, and I like to see a lot of accessibility improvements entirely done to this app as well.
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5 years ago, Noegood
I am an older professional male who has own a previous model of BOSE headphones and I took it for granted that other manufactures had similar I tried to own and enjoy the SONY 1000 series headphones. After one day of use I was relieved that it had troubles connecting to my iPhone because I was able to return them without a restocking fee. Here is why I was relieved. The 1000 series Sony have HORRIBLE sound when making or receiving phone calls. BOSE connected immediately and allowed me freedom to walk away from iPhone so I didn’t worry about becoming untethered at work by walks up to 20 feet away. This is a BIG thing for me since I wear them all the time during calls. Yes microphones are in the headset so I can continue conversations with my phone left on my desk. The connection to SERI (sp?) is also on the head set and it also allows me access to the internet while away from my hand held iPhone. THAT IS HUGE. I even choose to pay extra for the Rose colored headphone since it is readily identifiable...for obvious reason regarding sticky fingers. Tone is fantastic. Relieved/grateful is my word to the engineers who designed these units.
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2 years ago, TooclutchTwoTone
So far so good!!
Been using Bose products personally since 2008. I had a Bose 321 surround sound which was my first experience and it will always be memorable because the sound quality was unbelievable!! I remember having friends over to watch the Steelers game and everyone being amazed at the fact that we could hear the wind blowing through the system it literally picked up every sound and the music quality is another story and always got me in trouble with my neighbors lol!! Now I only have the soundsport earbuds and they are good quality and comfortable. Also their products last and are worth the price and I had an issue with the surround sound and I called them and they couldn’t fix over the phone so they replaced the whole system at no charge at most maybe to ship it back but I can’t remember it’s been so long but I am positive that I didn’t pay a penny for the system replacement itself. Bose never misses but the app could use some upgrades like maybe include an equalizer and actual artist album artwork etc but overall it’s a good start.
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1 year ago, BupBabe
Settings button disappeared in app; no way to control speaker
I’ve had two Bose Micro Soundlink speakers that have worked flawlessly for over a year. I’ve used one of them daily as a speakerphone for work, and never had an issue. Then one day, mysteriously, the speaker started disconnecting and turning itself off during calls—very annoying! So after troubleshooting the speaker itself, including doing a factory reset, I realize that the app itself no longer displays the settings gear button to control the speaker. Deleting and reinstalling the app didn’t work, and Bose chat support is utterly clueless. I tried switching to my second Bose Micro speaker—exactly the same issue. I think what has happened is some update changed the settings to the ‘automatic off’ for the speakers which I can no longer switch back due to the lack of a settings gear button. Even something as basic as the speaker name I can no longer control (it got wiped out in the factory reset and I can’t change it back because… no settings button). I am deeply disappointed in Bose, which hasn’t updated this app in over seven months (as of this writing) despite the fact that there have been multiple iOS updates in that time. There should be someone monitoring their app to ensure it continues to function properly when iOS updates.
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6 years ago, Jacksonlat
Works Pretty Good
The Bose App works as intended. If you have noise cancelling headphones like the Quiet Control 30 it is especially nice because you can easily dial up or down the level of noise cancellation and see a visual graph. You also use this app for firmware updates. This area needs improvement because the process is very slow. Firmware update needs to be redesigned because you have to have the app up and running plus the headphone turned on and in range for the app to transfer the data into the phone. After data transfer to the phone is complete, update to the headphone is fast. What needs to happen is once the data starts transferring to the phone you should be able to turn off the headphones and the data should keep downloading to the phone until complete. Then the next time you turn on the headphone the data should transfer from the phone to the headphone. Currently you have to leave the headphone on for the data to download to the phone. This is a slow process and a pain in the you know where. If you turn the headphone off during this process the data stops downloading to the phone. It will pick back up when you turn the headphone on.
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7 years ago, DDay41
Glitchy App
This review is for the October 2017 update. I update the app, which is required with Bose QC30 Bluetooth ear pieces, after each update so my one star review isn't unfair. Problem with the app is that function has steadily gotten worse not better. Boses latest update reduced the frequency of one problem only to create another. Around half of the time the sound in the headphones will spontaneously rise until a shrill warning beep sounds 2-3X per second which won’t shut off. The latest problem is a voice command telling me to select English goes off; it can't be turned off until the unit powers down. There is no way to get either of the glitches to stop. Push buttons, disconnect the Bluetooth, charge it, nothing. The volume spontaneously rises or falls and the sound is either earsplitting or non existent. None of the button functions work. If i switch to Apple phones the problems go away. Uninstalling used the app used to correct the problem for a day or so, now it doesn't . The app won’t allow itself to be turned off if BT function is on so you can’t install in on two devices. When running the phone can’t be carried in a pocket, because it keeps turning the screen on resulting in garbled sound. Never a problem with $29 apple Headphones. The app needs serious work. Not recommended. One star for great audio quality, minus 4 for poor execution.
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5 years ago, FatherGuido
Now that’s an APP
When it comes to headphones, there’s no question that Bose knows their product. When it comes to diversity of that product, maybe there’s a bit too much at times. The saving grace is that the BOSE iPad app does make it aa easier task to find what you need. In my situation, I had purchased the noise cancelling around-ear version back in 2017, and after using them pretty much daily for that period of time, the ear cushion on the right side had gone to ruin, with a hole and general deterioration. I tried looking online for any info at all but without luck. About to go online, I happened to glance at my iPad and saw the BOSE app and thought what the heck, who knows what might be found - like maybe an address for contacting product support. Well, there in the app I found pretty much everything I needed and more, from ear buds to speakers, new and refurbs, AND the parts I needed for my headphones as well as how to install them. It took very little time to get the parts ordered and hopefully, on their way to me. Thanks for creating this app, Bose, because I’d about given up.
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5 years ago, Chela_Robles
Great app but needs improvement
There are some focus issues with voiceover for blind and visually impaired users using this app yes it is usable but when you are trying to go to the settings for your paired device it just focuses on the other tab for music automatically also a note about the Bose frames I’ve noticed that my voice can sometimes sound like there is static on my end and I’m wondering if you guys can come up with and update to not have that issue or alleviate or illuminate the static in one’s voice it sounds kind of crackly sometimes when I talk on certain applications like the phone or WhatsApp messenger or Facebook messenger or the messages app just to name a few. I am using the latest release of iOS which is 12.2 on an iPhone 8 Plus. Illuminating the static in the background of my voice would be great I know this is a Bluetooth thing but it would still be great to have everything come out even more clear. I mean eliminate, not eluminate.
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6 years ago, chacha918
Simple. Amazing
I first got this app with my purchase of the Bose Sound Sport Free Earbuds. I instantly loved the interface & simple layout of the app. It was very easy for me to navigate through it and set up my device. I would give it five stars but there is ONE change/upgrade I would like to suggest. When I receive or make calls while using my Sport Free, the call is automatically processed through the phone’s sound system, not the earbuds (I need to manually click on the bluetooth button of my phone screen to continue the call with my earbuds). There isn’t a settings page in which I can change it to automatically connect with my device for calls. Also, the sound of the call is only accessible through the right earbud. It kind of threw me off when it first occurred, and still to this day whenever I make a call with my earbuds in, it feels awkward to have sound coming out of only one ear. I’ve used Bose earphones before and they didn’t process calls like this so it would be great if the Sports Free were also like that too. But with all that considered, it is still a great app for Bose users!
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4 years ago, Pennyish
Maybe I’m missing something?
I hate the notifications I get while I’m on one device, that another device is not connected (or trying to connect). I mean, if I am listening on a device, if I can hear the notification, why should it matter if another device is trying to or not at all connecting. And if it wasn’t connecting to the device I was trying to listen to, I would know this without the dumb voice telling me so. It is incredibly annoying to hear this voice telling me it’s trying to connect to my iPad every 10 seconds while I’m trying to listen to something on my iPhone! I know that the app is supposed to show you the devices it’s connected to, and you can unconnect this way, but in my experience, this part of the part app disappears and is no where to be found most of the time. That is one problem which I think is probably an update issue, but the real issue IMO is the device notification: does anyone really need to know what devices are connected at all times when you’re listening to the device you want to listen to? Please allow the app to disable notifications about every device you own that at one point or other have been connected to the headphones.
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2 years ago, keglerking
Good, but could be even better
I just purchased a SoundLink Revolve+ II Bluetooth speaker to accommodate my SoundLink Revolve+. While I certainly like the Stereo Pairing and Party Mode features the app provides, I would like to request that your developers add a couple of more features that would make these speakers even better: 1. Provide the ability to check each speaker’s remaining battery life while both are connected. As it currently exists, one has to disconnect a paired speaker to be able to check the second one. This is very cumbersome and annoying. 2. Provide separate volume controls for each paired speaker. As it currently exists, the only way to do this is to manually go to each speaker and press the “+” and “-“ keys. Again, this is very annoying, especially when I happen to be some distance away from the speakers. 3. Provide (at the very least) a three band equalizer for each (in single mode) and both (in paired mode) speaker. So what do you say, Bose? When can we expect these additional features? Please respond. Thanks in advance.
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5 years ago, Giancarlo1329
I love the app but I am encountered an issue with the “find my buds” feature. I recently got myself a pair of Bose SoundSport Free with no problems except “find my buds”. The first time enabling the find my buds feature I was greeted with a pop-up notification asking if I would allow the app to using my location. I was given “Always”, “Only when using the app” and “Never”. I chose only when using the app restricting me from using the feature. When I try to click the “enable find my buds” it navigates me to the iOS settings of the Bose app with no option to enable location services. I’ve tried various ways of trying to fix this issue by deleting and downloading the app again. I’ve concluded, after a long time of testing and failing, that by disabling location services for all apps... -switching to the Bose connect app “enable location services” it brings be to the settings for the connect app with a grayed out option asking if I would enable location services. If a developer or someone with knowledge on this topic, kindly assist me in troubleshooting this issue.
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3 years ago, eetzajokr
Great headphones, app works but could be slightly less inconvenient
Overall, these headphones have been pretty freakin awesome. Unbelievable sound quality, and .... eh, more or less reliable where the Bluetooth connectivity is concerned. It does get patchy from time to time, and kinda seems to get confused with the two device thing more often than not. While it’s really nice that it can connect to two devices at once, I’m not sure it’s entirely necessary, firstly. Secondly, I really wish there was a different way to tell it to NOT connect to a second device when you don’t want it to other than making it forget the device and have to re-pair all over again when you do wanna connect. Admittedly a petty concern. Doesn’t cause me to regret the purchase in the slightest, just an inconvenience is all. Would be great to see an update that allows for a little more control over the connections. Like an option for setting a particular device to only allow connecting explicitly through the app.
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4 years ago, App_User995
Easy to use and effective, but needs one thing
The app is very easy to use the Bose Connect app with the QC35 ii headphones—it makes setting up the headphones like setting up an iPhone for the first time, but faster. It is not gimmicky; I am mostly pleasantly surprised. The one thing the app needs is an option to disable the dynamic range compression and other sound processing algorithms that come with the QC35 ii headset (similar to how it allows the user to disable voice prompts). I see why dynamic range compression can be a nice feature, but it dramatically reduces the listener’s ability to distinguish between the extreme differences in dynamic that are the emotional highlights of a superb classical music recording (and never mind any subtle differences, because those are simply inaudible with the sound processing). Because the noise cancelling is so incredibly good on these headphones, having an option to let the headphones produce exactly what the recording engineers intended for us to hear, quiets and louds and all, would be phenomenal. The QC25 headphones were much better at this.
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3 years ago, FinishedDrip259
After experiencing Bose’s competitors (Sennheiser, Sony, Bang & Olufsen, Master & Dynamic, Burmester, etc.) I was actually kind of disappointed with the sound quality of Bose. But, Bose has a reputation of being the undisputed king of noise canceling, which they still are. In addition, the ear tips are so freaking comfortable, you can keep them on for a full day, without discomfort. The tip shape, also coats the ear canal to comfortably aid the noise canceling effect. I have more points, but I’ll wrap it up here... Bose’s comfort makes it worth it, if you are okay with compromising on sound quality. Not to say it’s bad, it is still a very premium sound, but it can’t compete with Sennheiser, or Sony. This app, could be a dealbreaker for some people who are considering a quality headset that has everything. Its fast, easy to use, and has a good amount of features. Well done Bose! However... I do wish we could have an equalizer feature built in... both Sennheiser and Sony feature equalizers in the app.
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5 years ago, Pat burk
Excellent for my TBI/hearing/migraine symptoms
I can take the treble down. Reducing the triggers. I have searched since 2003 for pain and confusion relief. I found it with Bose products. Years ago, I sent many emails trying to explain what we need to their tech Dept. Thank you for my Bose 30. I can’t wait to try the new ‘Hearing model”. The poor reviews on these and your fabulous app are caused because they may not have an understanding of their specific tones or medical issues. If you get more specific with your Dr or Bose terrific customer service you could use different headphones and app ability to fine tune the products for your comfort. I hope this helps. I’m afraid they will not stay in the market long enough for me to purchase. It takes a long time to save for something this expensive when you have the costly expense of a TBI or hearing disability. Can Bose find a way to get Medicare to cover your products? For the disabled this would be awesome!
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4 years ago, Andyinor
What’s the point?
What is the point of having an extra app to connect to Bluetooth? What I find is that it blares in my ear “connecting to my iPad connecting to my iPad connecting to my iPad” when it’s already connected to my phone. If multiple devices are registered and one isn’t within range, good luck because it will continue to blabber on about not being able to connect to the other device. If you don’t have your credentials for the Bose app and you’re trying to stop the stupid thing from connecting to a device that isn’t even in the house, good luck. When I’m listening to music already and then interrupts to say it’s connected to another device, what good is that? I had removed it but because the headphones can’t connect multiple devices there are situations where I have to reload it, I totally don’t see what this app gives me beyond that. A good “Bluetooth connection app“ (if there is such a thing) should be seen, not heard. I am writing this review in a fit of frustration from having just missed an entire song listening to nothing but “connecting to my iPad“ which is 200 miles away.
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5 years ago, davecgates
Works well, needs a few more features.
This app does fine for what it was designed to do. That said, I wish they would fill it out with features to benefit those of us who own more than one speaker. Specially, I’d like to be able to turn on both of my Revolve Soundlink speakers and have them automatically connect as a stereo pair. It’s not that big a deal to step through adding the second speaker in party mode then switching to stereo mode, but it doesn’t seem like it would be that hard to add an option to automatically place a certain pair of speakers in whatever mode their owner prefers. Also, I’d like to see an option to put them in “shut up” mode where the status change announcements can be turned off. It’s jarring sometimes after you gone to sleep listening to music only to be awakened by the speakers proclaiming their disconnect after your playlist has been over for a half hour.
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5 years ago, theajus
Great overall! Wished it had one additional feature!
Overall the app is great! I love the option to turn off noise reduction via the app (sometimes using the noise reduction feature for long periods of time gives me a headache). I just wish they would add the ability to keep the noise cancelling feature off when you turn the headphones off. Right now, you need to have your phone with you (to access the app) in order to turn the noise reduction feature off, and when you power off the headphones, it automatically turns noise reduction back on the next time you turn the headphones on. It’s not a HUGE deal, especially if you always have your phone on you, but there have been times when I wanted to keep my phone in a different room (to prevent distraction while studying), so I couldn’t turn the noise reduction feature off. Again, I realize it’s not a huge deal, but I just wish they would add this feature or have the app available for download on laptops!
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6 years ago, Dgowland
Couldn’t Be More Straightforward!
This application makes using any Bose product incredibly easy. Effortless really. I have changed my mind on the style of headphones I’ve wanted from them a few times - I now own the QC 30 noise cancelling headphones (around the neck), the Bose Soundsport Wireless and the pair I’ve had for about 4 1/2 years being the QC 25 noise cancelling (over ears). All that said, as soon as the device is connected to your phone, the app knows exactly what device it is (rather than having to search for it) and guides you into properly using the product from the get go. I may not use the app every time I have my headphones on, but it’s very useful and maybe for an IPad or something with a larger screen it’d be more appropriate; but there is a “Now Playing” screen within the app for whatever you may be listening to that has great background pictures that changes with every change of song.
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4 years ago, Aguyontheinternet
Good but missing a few features
I’d really like to be able to edit and/or manage saved connections when the headset isn’t connected. For instance, our Apple Tv always wants to connect automatically when the QC35’s are turned on, but that interrupts playback from those watching it or interrupts the current listener of the headphones themselves on a different device. All I want to do is connect to my phone with the headset, when *I* want it to. Disabling the connection prior to connecting would resolve that. Another thing I want is more music EQ functionality. It doesn’t seem as if the QC35’s or the app support any sort of EQ function, something that Sennheiser sort of rules at. Would definitely like to see this and further functionality implemented already, we are on v.9.x at this point and all the app really does is allow one to see meager device stats and play Apple Music through it for whatever reason. I’d like to hear a more humanistic voice for voice prompts. It sounds like Hawking in female form right now, and it takes me back to the 90’s when we had to endure that when websites would try and speak text, remember that? Modernize. Another sound thing - the low battery warning is great, but JARRING and loud. Lower the pitch of the tone and perhaps add user controlled “high, med, low” options for alerting the user so they don’t jump out of their skin when the tone goes off right next to their ears suddenly.
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4 years ago, BoSE HEADPHOnES: Da
Undeniably one of the best headphones out there
AirPods are just a fancy name without wires. I tried having one and almost even three out my Bose headphones which btw would have been a HUGE mistake like many of the reviews the distance away you can be from your phone is unbelievable. The creators obviously know what they’re doing unlike the AirPod creators. I could barely hear any sound and apparently you have to go through a five-step process JUST TO CONNECT your phone. But I had overlooked that fact because the case of the AirPods was going to look so sophisticated but boy am I glad that I didn’t waste money on a case. Literally the only thing you can not do with the state of the art headphones that is always worth the price no matter what price it may be, is get a case for it. Now I am an “aesthetic person” but quality should come before anything when buying a product.
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4 years ago, ginkowatt
Bluetooth Issue
Hey, LOVE my pair of BOSE SOUNDLINK Micro. Really great for ACTUAL STEREO*. But... your speakers attempt to hijack my phone calls on my iPhone. I start my calls by selecting iPHONE but the speakers reconnect automatically every 30 seconds or so. As it takes a few steps to set up both speakers for stereo I don’t wanna have to do that again... this should be fixed. The speakers should not attempt to automatically reconnect more than once. Please update the APP or the devices through the APP. thanks. *Stereo is very hard to come by these days for audio in the absence of video systems WTH consumers? You have two ears, FPS, you need stereo to get anything close to what the artists intended. I assure you that you will enjoy stereo MUCH more than the stale 1D sound coming from your Alexa or even just one BOSE speaker. Don’t sacrifice great sound for convenience. GET TWO.
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5 years ago, Dr Mc2
Bose 30 connect
Great headphones. I’ve worn over the ear Bose headphones for years when I spend time in the city, AUSTIN, TX. I usually leave because of all the background noises that push me over the edge and I rush back to the surrounding countryside, Wimberley & San Marcos, TX. I always felt a little “obvious” when I would slip on my over the ear headphones as we walked into a loud restaurant or store. Now with my new in ear Bose I sit with the rest of the folks and eat calmly. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get the “hearing headphones”. I’m sure my spouse would like to have conversations when we are out to dinner. During dinner my spouse and I agreed to eat and entertain ourselves with our iPhones and talk later on the way home. Keep my email, I’d gladly participate in any customer testing or evaluation of your “hear phones “. I use the app primarily to set the noise canceling level. It illustrates the level of noise canceling very well. I’m also a heavy user of audible and multiple podcast. I like having what I am listening to come up on the app. Much easier than switching between apps. I’ve never used an app with headphones before. I’m sure it will become part of my regular use from now on. Keep up the good work. Making your products technically better AND apps to make the customer experience better!
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4 years ago, Aceoflords
As a teen I would Manhattan with my Panasonic or Sony, not huge boom box but something I can carry comfortably usually that would reach from elbow to my hand. Also quality of sound ranges was important with a enhance base tone. I love salsa and the base key to all other instruments including the conga high and low. Bose product is awesome you just strap in on belt or bike, pole etc and you got everything you played for. I do long distance on bike and I turn back if I didn’t bring my Bose. Another good thing is I brought my dauther one for Christmas and I can pair in the house in stero and it sound great. I usually practice conga, bongo and if need be take my cajon bongo and Bose speaker’s to park and play. I do it for personal joy but I noticed I created a following when playing in public without looking for one. Great product. Only thing I wish it had is outlets specially one for ear plugs. I use it everyday.
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4 years ago, MichaelWidener
They rock!
These headphones are better than Apple’s AirPods. They feature an in-ear locking feature. It’s strange at first. Because to put them in you place the bus in your ear, almost on the right angle then, here’s the strange part, you twist away from yourself. Yes. As if you’re gonna take them out. And for some engineering reason only Bose knows, they just sink into your ear. And lock! My girlfriend, who’s mother was a piano teacher and taught her since she was three said “Excuse me I was just a concert!” when I gave them to her and let her hear them for the first time. Not stop and think about that. She plays piano. So she has a great ear. She plays Mozart and Beethoven. So yeah she knows crappy sound from great sound. I love Apple but those AirPods just fall out. I have then still but I’m not wearing them while I have these. These lock in. Invest in better sound. It’s worth it.
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6 years ago, JoLe!
Good but...
The good news: the app is easy, intuitive, and allows pairing of headphones to your phone within a minute or so. The bad news: it doesn’t do all that much. There are several relatively obvious functionalities that could be added to this app that would make it much more useful, such as a user-adjustable frequency equalizer (my favorite) or control of switching between Bluetooth sources. The programmable button on the left ear cup of Bose QC35 IIs (which is the ONLY button on the left ear cup, so should have an important function) has only two allowed uses, which are specified through the app: (1) call up Alexa or Google Assistant, or (2) set noise reduction level. First of all, I’m amazed that Siri isn’t included as an option given the number of iPhones out there. Second, if you do use an iPhone, why have such a prominent button be used to control noise reduction level, since the vast majority of users of the QC35 II’s will forever leave that set on ‘high’? Instead, how about allowing it to be used for one of the functions that are crammed onto the center button of the RIGHT ear cup, so the user doesn’t have to memorize the list of short/long button press combinations that are currently assigned to that button? So overall, right now Bose Connect is a souped up way to connect your phone to Bose headphones. It could be much more, while at the same time making the QC35 II headphones more attractive.
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6 years ago, Phillip from Clovis
Motorcycle heaven.
Everyone should wear ear plugs when motorcycle riding, but most do not for the need to hear traffic. The qc 30 is the best of both worlds. With handle bar mounted phone, i can easily adjust the amount of the world I need to ear. With out the app I would not be able to do that because the right side wire controls usually are not outside of my full face helmet. Just did a 770 mile weekend trip and on the open road I enjoyed a quite, peaceful ride while listening to music and hearing the navigation in total clarity. When going thru traffic I decrease the noice cancellation to about 50%. The long battery life of the qc30 is great. I have never worn them long enough to run out of a charge. I absolutely love these ear buds with the smooth non fatiguing sound and satisfying bass, and the in the ear wings keep them in place all day. Wonderful product and a useful app.
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10 months ago, Rellik09
This little speaker is great. I own many Bluetooth speakers from B&O to JBL and a few in between. This is a great middle ground between those high clarity (B&O) and loud bass heavy (JBL) speakers. You can turn it on remotely with the app so it can sit anywhere in a room and is easily powered on. The sound is what you would expect for a down firing single driver speaker. Middle ground with ok highs and ok lows. As I said, a great middle ground speaker. Battery life is great as well. I know this speaker has been out for years but when I got mine the manufacture date was 3/23. I bought it in July so great in my eyes. Yes it does still have micro usb but not a biggie for me since I still have a few of those around. Plus it comes with the brick and cable anyway. All in all a great little speaker. Recommended.
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6 years ago, Kevilicious1
2 Revolve+ in stereo mode rock. Slightly hard to connect .
Just one Revolve+ sounds awesome. Sound quality to include bass is fantastic. Volume is more than enough. 360 degree sound is a really good feature, indoors and out. When you add a second one, in party mode using the Bose app, it is just another feeling of being further blown away. Then switch on stereo mode. ....magic. That is all I can say. Zero buyer’s remorse. And let’s be honest- they are not cheap. No complaints about the speakers. The fast that they are portable is great because although I live in a very good neighborhood, there can always be someone’s kids around who would be tempted to steal a good set of Bose speakers from my outdoor pavilion. Only irritation, is with the App itself, in that it often takes 2 to 4 attempts to get both speakers working together. No a huge hassle, just wish they would make this work maybe 90% + on the first try. Enjoy.
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6 years ago, Ted in NC
Superb hardware; lousy app
OK; I’m a Bose nut. Have lots of Bose stuff. But as excellent as the QC II headphones are, this Bose Connect app is as bad. And the app is the main gateway to learn how to use the hardware. (If you’re lucky enough to hit the correct button with the headphones on (when you can’t actually see the buttons), the voice prompt is simply to download this app.) I think if I read ALL of the quick tips in the app, I’ll know how most stuff works on the hardware and all this thing can do. But search the app for something as simple as “Standby Timer”, one of the 11 topics under the Settings menu, and be prepared for . . . nothing. Nada. Just a long list of other quick tips, the titles of none of which give remote hope of an actual answer. Is this reason enough to avoid the hardware? Prob not. But why do we put up with this malfeasance and cluelessness in what should be so simple and helpful? Bose: please assign thinking adults to this task. Apple: why do I have to give this 1 of 5 stars to be able to post this review? Why can’t I post giving it 0 stars??
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6 months ago, bass trace
Great product, poor service
I love the app. Any downsides to it are just minor things that are just personal preferences, but that’s not why I’m writing this. I don’t even know where to go with this, honestly. As I said, I’m happy with the app. The customer service when I called could have been better. I recently had my phone (which I’m writing this on right now) fixed the other day and found out a couple hours ago that my headphones don’t connect to it. The app doesn’t even pick up on them. My old phone picks up on them just fine. I tried troubleshooting by myself and the answers given online are too broad and simple. So I turned to the company’s customer service online chat. With employees being busy the bot suggested I call, which I did. Audio quality wasn’t great; it cut out during prompts. But the issue that got to me and has me writing this is one of the actual agents. I don’t know her name. I explained the situation and she says something (I don’t know what because she spoke quickly and, again, poor audio quality) then hangs up. And I’m left unable to reconnect to the chatbot (assuming it’s still connected) and left deterred from wanting to call again, let alone getting the issue resolved or getting a new product.
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5 years ago, Kevin at ISU
Bluetooth not always easy to pair
The app works great most of the time! 20% of the time, BT pairing can become troublesome (momentary pairing then losing connection), but that issue is normally resolved by rebooting BT functions on the phone or rarely, killing and restarting the app as well. I have never had the app lose connection once initial pairing had been completed for the listening session. I own two speakers and make use of the stereo function, which gives the speakers a further depth and punch that belie their small construction. While Bose-skinned music controls are featured within the app, I do not use them as they are not required to maintain multi-speaker pairing when listening to music or watching video. App is easy to use, but BT problems are a bit frustrating and prevent a perfect rating.
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3 years ago, Chris_Hanson
App is buggy. Could be more intuitive.
I have a pair of micros that I pair for hotel rooms when traveling. I must say I love the fidelity. I do struggle with this app though. I have never had my iPad crash and reboot until I loaded and started using this app. It tends to crash when I switch to an app like Facebook after 20 minutes of non-use and when the pair are connected to a charger. I can’t say for sure if it’s this app or not but it is coincidental. When trying to pair them they fail to pair unless I first link them to my iPad separately then unlink them. An extra step that’s unnecessary with other devices I’ve pared. It also tends to switch left and right when it fails to pair, requiring me to start over a third time. It also doesn’t remember pairing when I leave and return when it automatically reconnects. It only reconnects with one, requiring me to repair every time. Why not remember they’re paired and automatically reset the configuration? If the app can detect one of the pair why not detect both? I think Bose had pairing with a friends player in mind and not a person purchasing two for this purpose. The sliding icons are less than intuitive and the screen changes are unnecessary. Everything required could fit on one screen. I hope Bose is working on making it quicker to setup, remembering prior setups, and continuing to improve my experience.
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10 months ago, Mia the Siamese Cat
Issue with sound & Bluetooth.
An issue I’ve noticed is if the device is powered off, if you connect via iOS tapping the Bluetooth tab the sound is lower than it would be if you powered it on manually/physically. Just an odd thing I’ve noticed that happens almost every single time. If it’s connected to 2 iOS devices, there’s almost always a problem with playback as it usually makes the person turn off Bluetooth on the other iOS device instead of leaving it connected, why it doesn’t recognize the device playing automatically is strange, it’s as if it’s reading the device that isn’t playing instead. The sound is great. However, just pointing out minor problems (to go along with poor 🔋 life) which doesn’t give the product a 5 star rating.
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4 years ago, Clawfford
Much Easier than On-Speaker Controls
The software is much easier to use than trying to set up my Revolve+ speakers via the controls on top. I don’t change things very often, so remembering what the button icons mean (or what button COMBOS I need to press) often requires a search for instructions. MUCH easier just to use this software. There is one feature I’d like to see implemented if possible... when pairing two speakers in STEREO MODE, the software seems to decide almost at random which one it locates first to be the left channel. As often as not, it detects the wrong speaker first. The easiest fix instead if battling software is usually to physically move the speakers to get the L/R orientation corrected. It would be nice to have a simple toggle button for “Swap Stereo Channels (Left/Right)” so that I don’t have to go through the unplug-move-replug routine.
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5 years ago, Merciless14
The app is pretty cool
I’ve had the Soundsport Free Buds for about a month with no regrets what so ever. The sound quality is spectacular, the battery life can easily last you all day, on top of that these headphones are extremely comfortable & light, (I forgot that I had them on once when I turned off the music). Finally the App, so the app turned out to be cooler than I thought. First off it has the ability of connecting itself to other Streaming Services such as Apple Music & Tune In, giving you access to both features in one app. It then has a built tracker in the Ear Buds, so if you lose an ear bud you can set off an alarm that screeches it’s location. Also you can find their location using a feature similar to find my IPhone. Over all it makes using the headphones fun.
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5 years ago, wibbage
A seamless sound sensation!
The Bose SoundSports earbuds are my favorite go to whether traveling by plane, riding my bike or lounging around at home. They are a great companion while on my long walks or at the gym when I want to create my own vibe. SoundSports have phenomenal sound quality from the lowest base to highest treble. One button on/off. I prefer their wireless portability. Most of the time when talking on my cell I wear my earbuds because I get the feeling of being up close and personal and I can hear all the nuances plus these include a built in microphone so Im not tethered to my cell. I can do other things like talk while I’m cooking in the kitchen and still feel totally involved in the conversation and much better than using ones speakerphone. First it has longer range for walking around your home or from anywhere. Secondly, they fit snugly in their round canvas type pouch which has an oversized strong metal clip to attach to one’s belt or bag. The SoundSports fit well in my ears without fatigue or the pressure felt by wearing headphones although I realize some wearers prefer headphones. It’s all good. Finally, I like the Bose connection app so I can seamlessly listen whether on my iPad, iPhone or using my tv remote app.
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4 years ago, Elisheva77
Bose is the BEST!
If I could own all Bose products, I’d be the happiest Girl in the World! I’m literally super happy with my NEW Bose SoundSport headphone that my son got me from his make a wish shopping spree. Back when I was able to work I had purchased Bose earbuds that I loved, but ended up leaving behind in Storage in AK when we had to move back to WA for our sons 3rd brain surgery, it was his first Moyamoya surgery. There’s no cure for Moyamoya, he will have to have mri’s for the rest of his life to make sure his blood vessels in his brain are still working well. But anyways, I’m thankful for these new headphones. I will hopefully one day be able to get a Bose Wave system. Fingers crossed. Would be awesome if they can team up with iPhone and make an iPhone with a wave system built in for amazing sound, plus limited ed headphones ♥️
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4 years ago, roadkill060
james Rottluff
sound sport pulse i love the way they rest in ear canal the best i have owned and i have had everything from air pods to other Bose and my pulse are my favorite and im not one who is gentle on any thing or any one and if i can have a product last 6 months with me it is worth having and ruged because like i said i am not the type who coddles things no matter what they cost i have had my pulse for over a year and the only problem i am now starting to encounter is the power button is getting to where it dont want to turn on or off but the sound is still that beautiful Bose sound i love you Bose thank you for giving me every thing i would expect from the best sounding wireless headphones on the market and with the added bonus of incredible durability
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6 years ago, Clearstorm forever
Sound and stability
I have a company that requires me to answer calls while engaging in very physical and strenuous work and having a way to answer my phone with ease while moving around so aggressively is very important. So losing my wireless device from my ears or not having great connection and sound clarity is something that I cannot afford. That’s why I love my Bose wireless sports! They move with me and stay locked in place, their sound quality is amazing and I can answer all my calls with a push of a button without taking both hands off my work. I love them but the only downside is... when calls come through, it only comes through one ear bud instead of both so calls are a little hard to hear. Music however, that’s always loud and clear.
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4 years ago, Dizzoness
Bose is Boss
Bose Soundwear is my boss and I’ve made a career out of using their products exclusively. The price you pay is reasonable and the benefits are great! (Notice my corny wordplay lol). Overall I gave Bose Soundwear a 5 star rating because everything from start to finish was a smooth experience, from the online buying process to finally giving your new device a name as you place that puppy on your shoulders. The sound quality won’t disappoint especially if you love bass. It doesn’t need much volume to really feel immersed in whatever you listen to. Most of all it is quite comfortable and you could easily forget that you are wearing it. I recommend buying this for anyone who are feeling hesitant to pull the trigger. It really follows through with their promises. Go for it!
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6 months ago, PNMJR
Bose Soundlink Revolve II Speakers
I bought two BOSE Soundlink Revolve II Speakers before Christmas and the set up through Bose’s App was easy to follow. I was easily able to link them with two options of either in “Party” Mode or Stereo Mode. The speakers each communicate their functionality status, including such things as battery strength, left speaker or right speaker, etc… That’s all very helpful. I have two Apple Beats Pill+ Speakers that are not able to communicate, hard to sync and w/o warning either stop working altogether or one speaker stops working. (The Bose Soundlink are not an apt to comparison as Bose has another speaker very similar to the Beats Pill+). The Bose Soundlink II 360 degree sound is excellent whether it’s full orchestra, rock, pop, or movie soundtracks.
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5 years ago, gunpowderhooligan
Love the quality. Wish the came with an optional tether. That would be boss.
I bought a different pair of headphones recently to get the fully wireless effect. Didn’t like ‘em. These are phenomenal. A little too much bass for my personal taste, but that’s fine. I’m sensitive to it. Can adjust the equalizer to fix it. Not too much treble, which turns me off more than anything. There’s also a small delay in iPhone text noises. Also overlook-able. But I do wish they had an optional attachment to keep them super over secure. Because at 199 dollars. That’s a hard loss. I’d buy them again, Bose, so, just make it happen. You won’t lose a customer. Also: definitely need dual headphone calling. There’s no reason not to have it, except I think you want us to buy more when you make that a feature.
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2 years ago, the 1onely one
Bluetooth Issues
Took my QC 35 and tried connecting it to my iPad only to have the entire Bluetooth list disconnect. Spent the entire time it took to charge my AirPods back to 100 percent trying to connect the headphones to my iPhone again only to hear “ready to connect” over and over and never actually connect. Gave up and am now using my AirPods again. Please get rid of a useless app and just have the headphones connect regularly to a device without any 3rd party software. Also, every time I had the device connected to my laptop and would turn my phone on to check notifications, all I would hear is “connected to iPhone” while having my audio cut out from my laptop. Kind of sad cause I liked Bose as the audio is actually really good but that’s the only thing going for them as the UI to actually use their products is trash. Just save the time and money and buy some cheap headphones as they would actually work.
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4 years ago,
Seriously Bose?
I'm a long-time fan of Bose. Currently I have a number of their products scattered around my home, the hardware is hard to equal. This review is specifically in regard to this app and its interface with my iPad Pro and two Bose SoundLink Revolve speakers. First off, the app stays in portrait mode, a iPad is ALWAYS in landscape mode. This should not be. I started with one Revolve speaker just to bump up the volume when putzing around in the kitchen, but I discovered that an additional Revolve could be added, giving the option for ”party” or ”stereo” modes. Excellent! The linking of the two speakers is absolute frustration. The seemingly simple (sideways, remember portrait-mode only) graphics are futile. I have yet to follow the instructions with success on the first attempt, sometimes it takes up to 5-minutes of rebooting the app, restarting the speakers, ”searching” for speakers that are sitting inches away from the iPad and each other. This particular features abysmal. I expect so much more from you Bose.
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5 years ago, koop1975
Lacks needed features
Love the headphones but we need more control. First, we need a way to set nose cancelling to "low" as a the default setting. The high setting gives me headaches, yet I have to open the app every time I turn the headphones on and change it back to low. At times, the app can't find the headphones even though I'm on a call while using them, so I can't change it back and end up paying for it via a headache. The other thing is that it constant connects and disconnects to my other devices that are right next to me. I'm on a phone call not moving, and I keep hearing the ear piercing noise telling me that the headphones are connecting or losing connection to my iPad or MBP. The noise hurts my ears, but just like above, they is no way to turn it off! My QC 35's were going to get upgraded to series II since they have Alexa, but not unless these pain causing issues are addressed. I just want to use them to isolate myself when needed, not give myself headaches and tinitus!
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2 years ago, gtangjr
Please let us cycle between fewer than three favorites
On the QC Buds, we're forced to choose three favorites. And while that might be nice for some people, it's extremely annoying to have to cycle between three when all most of us really need is two. Also, in some settings it can be very difficult to immediately tell what favorite you're in. Is this noise canceling level 5 or 10. Keep the three favorite option, I don't care. But allow us to disable one so we can go between two obvious ones. It would substantially reduce the friction of using these headphones. Sony got this with the WF-1000XM4s, and even Apple understood this with the AirPods Pros and the new Beats Fit Pros. Please, please do the same. Right now cycling between modes is clunky, takes way too long, and makes me not want to use the headphones.
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