Bott Radio Network

4.2 (96)
32.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bott Radio Network, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.2 or later
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User Reviews for Bott Radio Network

4.22 out of 5
96 Ratings
5 years ago, TheBeardedOne80
Great App- bug in iOS13
I use this app multiple times a day and up until the update to iOS 13 it streamed perfectly. Now when you launch an archive stream once your phone locks the audio stops on the Bluetooth device and can only be started by unlocking phone and hitting play from the audio window. With all iPhone X you no longer have option to set display lock to never so 5min is max unless you tap the screen to keep it from locking. Also tested by connecting device through USB thinking it was a BT issue but same result. Not sure if this is an Apple bug or app bug but reported to both.
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7 years ago, LazMom
Use every day, could be 5 ⭐️
I use this app every day to listen to my favorite ministries. The problem I have is it will not load or play over cellular only in wifi. Yes, I've checked my settings, I've deleted & reloaded the app & I've even reset my phone (all of this numerous times.) Nothing works, I actually have to go to the website and listen directly from it. I would truly like to use the app when I'm not at home. Please fix this. I have other Subsplash apps and the problem is across the board:(
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1 year ago, PBFN34
Network no longer streams
Up till 2 weeks ago bit Network and St Louis streamed perfectly. Now only St Louis streams, and it’s on a different schedule, so when get out of car, cannot continue same program on phone.
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2 years ago, Evangeline216
Good but please add local station option
The app is nice but I like to listen to my local station and it defaults to Kansas City. I can search fo my local station and it only seems to have the worldwide stream.
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11 months ago, MitchellJDye
Love it
I love the Bott radio network and I love that I can easily access is through the App Store without being by a radio. The preaching helps me to relax and know that God is always in control.
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6 years ago, Xxxyyyzzzaaa
Bott Radio
I LOVE your programming—everything about it. But for some reason somewhere around 9-10 pm there is this strange popping sound goes on until I turn off your station. The next morning, it’s gone. This began about 2-3 weeks ago. Do you have any idea what’s going on. I miss your night time radio.
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2 years ago, @maddypolicano |IG
Bott radio has changed my life.
Bott radio has given me the opportunity to listen to different teachers and inspirational speakers EXACTLY when i needed it in my life.
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4 years ago, Nursekelly/gma
Retired Nurse
Without Bott radio not sure how I would have made it through 2020. Listening to your programs through out the day gives me hope.
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6 years ago, Child of God 🌺
Thankful! (:
I’m so thankful for you guys! You guys have allowed me to keep growing in Christ. God Bless each of you!♥️
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6 years ago, Cinster53
Problems listening!!!
I used to be able to get into this app and listen daily to my programs however lately I click on the app and nothing happens. Not sure what the problem is but after reading the above issue from someone else, I believe it is the same one. Very frustrating
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10 months ago, mjoinsd
Does not honor God
My experience covers the first two minute using the app. And my last two minutes. They overlapped 100% This app just does not work. I had to restart it three times to get streaming live. No "currently on" showing what you are listening to. I went to give feedback and was sent to google docs. No. I'm not signing up for that. Not a Godly move. At that point, trying to get back to main menus home page it froze completely. How can Bott be happy with this??
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2 years ago, bv551
Not working!
I love this app! But for some reason the last 24+ hours the Network Stream is not working “Oops something went wrong try again” is the error message. But the St. Louis stream works fine.
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6 years ago, kory480
Stations won’t play, says I have no network connection but I can live stream the preachers all day. Please fix this issue, and this could be a 5 star app.
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4 years ago, Justagsxr
Decent app
I like the app for the “On demand” radio portion. What I don't like is that there is not favorite section. I cant like a channel and always find that one. Instead I have to scroll past all the ones I don't want to listen to.
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4 years ago, Alexfur2
Banner on radio app
Not sure if UR aware of the banner Always heading Rick warren, instead of who is actually speaking, Have a Blessed Day, In Jesus Name, Amen
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14 years ago, NEicher
So grateful
Excellent audio quality, great sharing tools (Facebook, etc.), helpful background on the speakers and ministries. This is an app I expect to use every day. One feature I really appreciate: that I don't lose audio when I'm using another application (other than my iPod or another audio program). I was concerned about that one. So, bravo to BRN for making sure v1.0 is so robust. Looking forward to BRN HD for the iPad. Although this iPhone app does work on my iPad, it's not designed for the device. Maybe that'll be v2.0? Here's hoping.
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6 years ago, Dfwtpa
Sub splash issues
Bott Radio network is awesome, but I concur with the previous writer that it has stopped working on my phone with Subsplash being at fault. I, too, did all the previous writer did to no avail. Bott Radio is my sanity in this insane world, I’m lost without it.
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5 years ago, HayesSpEdteach
App doesn’t work
I am unable to use the app to listen live. I’m so disappointed because this is how I want to start my day. 😔
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3 years ago, bcw0724
Out of all the programs they removed Janet Mefferd was my favorite
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14 years ago, Faye Tharp
Fabulous Teaching, Fabulous Sound Quality
Fabulous App! I HIGHLY recommend this app to those who enjoy great Bible teaching and/or who are in search of Truth for daily living. You will not find a better line up of speakers and the sound quality is superb! I appreciate the biographical and background information they provide on the speakers and the ministries they represent. I am using this app on a daily basis.
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12 years ago, Skimmer4640
LOVE THE APP...but there is a new issue
I love this app but for the past couple days nothing is coming through the stream when you press play. There is a couple of seconds of robotic sounds then nothing. Lol is there anyway to fix this? Or will it fix itself over the next couple days? Not sure :) thanks so much for the app though! Miss listening to it on my phone 😞 God bless!
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14 years ago, Radio-Voice
Great app!
I use this app to listen to the BRN audio stream when I can't get to a radio. The programs that Bott carries are a real encouragement to me and they are of the highest quality. You can also play the BRN jingles whenever you like, and it's easy to connect with the different programs and donate to the ones you really like.
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7 years ago, Duuuuudddee
Meet me in the quiet place
Thank the lord for ministries as this. During difficult times and in fear, this app equips me with the courage and peace to pull through life. May Jesus continue to bless this network and the people involved. Bless you all.
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9 years ago, ames524
Love it!
This app is awesome! Finally, all my favorite teachers and preachers in one place. Now I can listen anywhere I go and any time. Also, love that there is an on demand feature.
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10 years ago, Haystack316
I finally found an app I can stream without using a web browser! This has truly blessed me, thank you!
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12 years ago, May199
Troy Newman
5+ stars! The best Bible teachers on the best radio network, in the best app! I listen as I run, at work, in the gym and when I travel. It will become your favorite app the first time you use it! Thanks Dick and Rich Bott!!
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10 years ago, NR911
Amazing clarity
I love this app. It is as clear as if you were listening in person. If you are a looking for insightful and reflective Christian sermons and the like by men and women of God, this app is for you. Enjoy and God bless!!!
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11 years ago, Backstabber37
Thank you!
Thank god for this radio station and app!! As a busy college student it gives me the inspiration and mindset to succeed in life through Christ! Thank you for all the encouragement and love!! God Bless!!
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14 years ago, DesignedPlanet
5 Star Review
Great App that allows you to listen to consistent quality Bible teaching anywhere at anytime, from ministries that adhere to the Living Word of God.
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8 years ago, Brandon Lee Kehl
I love this app and use it to listen and keep my mind right at work and at home. Keep it going please. Thank you.
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12 years ago, JamminBDub
Every day!!!
On my radio every day. Can not live without it! God has his hands on it for sure!!!!!
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13 years ago, Wrld5vw
Wonderful! The redesign is truly wonderful. Very user friendly. Really, really like the Bible Verse of the day and the layout for the various ministries. Great job!
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11 years ago, Chrisbrit62012
Love how these amazing pastors on the radio are not afraid of their faith and are reaching people all over America! This app will change your life! God bless
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8 years ago, Pitfallcrap
Love listening to Bott radio
Very edifying and enjoyable to listen to. Some of the best pastors in the country, conservative talk and news. Blesses my day.
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10 years ago, Objectofmercy
Love this app!
I love this app and I love Bott radio!! Such a wonderful blessing that God has used immensely in my life.
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10 years ago, Lil mum
I loved listening every morning, and then you updated me...! It won't stay on, it freezes, I have to go redo it about every 10-20minutes, until I finally turn it off. I live it Ozark Mtn's and can't get Bott on radio.
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9 years ago, Dominator1212
Great app
Great listen everywhere all the time!
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13 years ago, jp010211
Amazing, life changing, and heart lifting!
Wow I love it!!! All of you NEED to get this app!!!
Show more
12 years ago, millsdo
Love it!
Wow! They got it correct right out of the box! God bless Bott!
Show more
10 years ago, ThePitz5
Helped my walk with Lord
Show more
14 years ago, BRN Fan
Great App. I love it! Now I can hear BRN's great Bible teaching where ever I travel. This makes it so easy to contact my favorite programs. Share this App with friends!
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14 years ago, artificialinsomniac
Cool app!
Bott Radio Network is such a blessing to me and my family! We've been fortunate to live near a signal most of our lives and now I can listen anywhere I travel on my iPhone! Thank you Bott Radio Network!
Show more
13 years ago, breya7
I love being able to listen to God's word wherever I go! It's great when I'm on my college campus. :)
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13 years ago, Skizzy pop
Great quality
I use this app frequently. Great quality. I'm very impressed & thankful to have it on my phone.
Show more
14 years ago, KP777
Kudos for not Forgetting the Lowly
I used to use the Bott Radiolicious stream to get the great Bible teaching that I love. However recently, Radiolicious restructured their app and the new (only workable) version required the latest iPhone OS 4 version to run. So I, still using my iPod touch 1st Generation device (that cannot run the latest OS) became stranded without BRN again. I used to live in Memphis and had grown to love Bott's lineup of excellent teaching and was sad to have it once again taken away. And then, after checking BRN's web site and seeing that they had launched their own iPhone app, I rushed over to the iTunes store, downloaded, installed, and was thrilled to find that Bott had designed the app so that it would be backward compatible with older devices. So now I'm back online and listening with a more reliable feed and all my old favorites. Well done, Bott!! Thanks so much.
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14 years ago, Hook em Horns 1123
Excellent App!
Very user friendly. Thanks BRN!
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