Bottle Jump 3D

4.6 (285.8K)
237.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Azur Interactive Games Limited
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bottle Jump 3D

4.61 out of 5
285.8K Ratings
4 weeks ago, Thebestbumblebe
This is amazing💕
This is a really nice game I’ve enjoyed it I haven’t seen any adds only if I want to continue it’s fun it’s relaxing but I would like it if maybe you can get shields that are like 100 and basically you can click a button and you can float for 5 seconds or so I haven’t got any lags yet but If you can respond to this I would like to know If you can play this offline sense I enjoy it so much and I would have fun too with this game in the car or air plane if you cannot respond to this it’s fine but I would get really excited i would do a update maybe every month but I understand over all it’s really fun I recommend it when you fall you don’t rage that much that I really enjoy thank you for reading this I Appreciate it and thank you for taking ur time reading this have a wonderful day night or afternoon thank you😚
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1 year ago, ShadowNinja5
Addicting game, but some issues
Overall the game has been really fun and addicting, becoming my latest go-to for when I just want a quick hit of dopamine, but I have some complaints. 1, The “VIP” subscription is pushed very hard, but doesn’t seem to promise nearly enough to make its very steep price worth it. 2, There have been some issues of glitches where I fall through platforms that should be solid. And 3, the presumably newly added Simpsons themed levels are very off-putting. They suffer heavily from being in the uncanny valley. And it could just be from their unpleasantness, but they also feel a lot longer than regular levels. Lastly, I want to mention something that did not negatively impacted my experience, but was still quite confusing: there were some levels where the floor appeared to be made out of lava? It didn’t start occurring until I was very far into the game, and they felt very sporadic, so I was wondering if they were glitches? But they also happened quite frequently, so I was also wondering if it was an Easter egg? Like, a reference to the “floor is lava” game, since this game has a similar premise (don’t touch the floor at all costs). But it’s still kinda weird that it showed up out of nowhere.
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5 months ago, Slothgirl12
Great, but a few things that you could fix
One thing that I love about this game is that you never run out of levels I’ve been playing it for about three months and I could just sit and play this forever. One thing I think could be fixed is the point that you have to be 12+ to play the gameI went to a little kid he’s only five he played the game and had to download it on his tablet but he couldn’t because it’s only 12+ I think if you put it to where it is 5+ or even 7+ more kids would be able to play it and you’d get more people to play it as adults too for kids. I don’t have tablets or phones of the own own at the game is amazing. Another thing is I think if you had bonus levels or a challenge section to where you have to complete the level and so many minutes or seconds, that didn’t make it more fun I’ve been playing it for so long, and the same thing happens over and over again but I thought well let’s make it out more challenging on myself, and I try to collect all coins and even try to get the bottle to land. The last basket that the game is amazing and I would recommend it anyone who has kids
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4 months ago, ii lloovvee tthhiiss ggaammew
Bottle flip by Savannah
When I play bottle flip it is so fun there’s less ads and it’s only five dollars a week I love this game and I think it’s a very perseverance game because like you can literally learn how to never give up I’m on level 163 and I was very hard so I don’t think this game is ever gonna end like soon but like I just like it because my children love it so much they’re literally on a higher level than me even I play it and you can make funOf me for that because like it’s very learning game you can learn how to become first perseverance to never give up and stuff well that’s my Feedback oh yeah and also you should definitely download this you don’t have to give me IP but it’s only five dollars a week I so very much loveThis game I give you a five star rating and I hope you do the same
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6 months ago, MooseKD4
Great game
PLEASE READ I love playing this game as a time passer or just for fun.🤩 My only problem with it is the ads. I understand that ads are how some games make money 💰 but I wish that to get rid of ads it wasn’t a weekly fee. I think $5 a week is a little much. Despite the ads I love this game a lot. The good thing with the ads is that they are usually not that long and only happen if you want to keep going from where you are or every like 2-3 levels. This game is great for just zoning out and having fun. There are so many cool places to flip and it is just super fun. I definitely recommend this game to anyone looking for a game that is pure awesome 😎
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2 years ago, maMa_63
I low key don’t mind this game?
Normally when it comes to ads I try to turn off the Wi-Fi like many other reviews say and it doesn’t work but it works for me on this one so that’s a plus. But it does kinda bother me that it SEEMS so never ending. What I mean by that is it’s a game with continuous levels that seem to be at the same level as the rest and it feels more like a loop thank anything. It feels like I’m waiting for something to happen or something DIFFERENT. Maybe try adding a harder target to land into? Maybe someone’s hand for example- it’d be kind of funny to see their reaction might it fly over there head or something. Or maybe a freakishly fast baby chasing a beer bottle and your objective is to get away as fast as possible? There are just weird suggestions but I hope you can add more spice to this game… and hey if you don’t have a hot sauce bottle, there’s another idea I guess.
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4 weeks ago, Swiftie_13221989
Love this game but a few issues.
Reason why I like this game: I enjoy this game, when I’m bored I can play. It doesn’t have many commercials when the bottle breaks, so I like that. But sometimes I feel like I need to play another game. I also like how the developer answers you kindly , also like that! But these are reasons to!⬇️ Issues: These are the issues. There are commercials, and the game isn’t that satisfying. Can you make it more satisfying please? I would love that. Sometimes, my screen glitches when I flip the bottle. I also think the coins should be useful because the bottles are really expensive (the coins in the game) for bottles. That’s all the reasons I got! Thank you for reading! And thank your for answering developer.
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7 months ago, wwbfww
Okay so I love the game and I love flipping bottles and I found the Simpson’s land and it reminds me of the Simpson’s and I LOVE How the game Has Bottles and have different bottles and this is very fun! I suggested you try this game out and you might love it and if the developer reading this good job with the game! ⭐️✨😄😁 and please please please please please Try putting updates I’m always waiting for updates and The animations are smooth and beautiful backgrounds and it makes me practice how to win or how to flip it to land and I thought it was hard but it wasn’t so thank you for reading this hope you have a good day or a good night!!
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2 years ago, Candy_Cupcake17
Awesome Game
This game is pretty good and I like it a lot. I do wish that there were a few more bottles to unlock and the levels got a little longer and challenging. It only takes me one try to get through the levels. I also wish that you could change the scenery up a little bit so we don’t have to keep looking at the same thing. But other then those few minor things this game is awesome and I really do enjoy playing this game. I recommend this to anyone who likes to bottle flip and I have one more thing to add. Don’t listen to the haters who say that there are to many adds the adds are perfectly placed in this game. Thanks for reading this review! Keep flipping those bottles🙃🍼🍾!!
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2 years ago, life_roblox disnygirlplus
Basically kind of a rip off, it’s still fun though😅
Hi, so here’s some reasons why it’s kinda a rip off, first the game is pretty glitchy like after you play for a while it gets glitchy and it glitches your phone a lot I don’t know why but it dose, Second it’s pretty stupid about the ads because you would have to buy a freaking game pass like what no way, third there’s too many ads for this game and I get it but dose ther have to be every single ad when you die twice or after two times there’s and then there another ad, I understand why because other games sponser them so this game has to sponser the other games fare share but dose there really have to be so many ads? They really need to update this so it could be less ads👍🏽👍🏽 but it’s stills fun to play but it’s too many ads😕😕
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4 years ago, ok but small glitches
Love it but! By:Swordartzonlinetocagachatabtalesmusicfan
Ok so people said ads pop up on level 8 but I’m on level 52{ just started so this is another point to remember I just started } so yes they do but you can exit the game or just push exit on the add so anyways I also have more things to discuss so you know I just started and I’m almost on level 52 well ok so make it harder please?😅I also think you should make a in the city or zoo map and make more moving stuff in the maps !😍 Now another thing is awesome game btw you should get it if your thinking you should get it I’m just doing stuff I think they should add and more rn! Great game love it keep on the good work and buy the game if wanted! 😀😃😁😆😊☺️😌😉🙃🙂😇😍🥰😘😗😙😚
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2 years ago, Maurice228
Ads ads ads they are ads for everything . it is a good game I don’t like how much if you crack your bottle then ads sometimes at the end there are ads all over the game and if you want a cool bottle then you sign up for it and there’s a VIP mode thang .it’s so hard to make it into the third finish line Bucket you can only make it into the first and second it’s very rare to make it into the third one😡🚨 And just like the only thing you do jump bottles if you break your bottle there’s this thing that says continue and it shows that I think if you press it it does more than one I had like three or two or something there are no glitches.
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1 year ago, t21awareness
Love it but......
I said love it because I like it because it has neat competition went but when you get over level 200 it gets really hard like I got on this car level and it was really hard it took me like a week to complete and I had to practice with my fingers so it’s a good game I read it five star because it’s not so bad but also because of the ads when I do every competition at the end of the competition there is an ad and then when I try to start again there’s another ad thank you for reading the review but I recommend downloading it thank you
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1 year ago, ParrotLover:) <3
Bottle jump 3D is seriously one of the best games ever! Although I wish there could be more bottles to buy. The levels are at perfect difficulty. I do think that there could be some new room themes. I only have one last thing to complain about which is that my friend has the exact same game but some levels are themed The Simpsons but I’ve never gotten a level that has The Simpsons on it. Besides that it’s a great game and everybody should download it. If a developer of the game could answer my questions that would be great! Thanks, A random Bottle Jump 3D fan
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12 months ago, SmashingCameron
Nawwwwwww ads
I love the game but it has some ads. And it is sometimes very annoying and there needs to be more bottles. It is still a very good game, but I’m at level 154. I can’t just be at the right spot, but there needs to be more changes like I said, there needs to be more bottles and stuff. The game is fun but maybe there needs to be no ads, and no wifi is one of the most favorable things in the game. Also, there needs to be more updates than before and I got this app like a month ago. This game is still lots of fun
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2 years ago, jcjshsh
Less adds please
There are a lot of adds. Personally I don’t mind that much. The game is truly a lot of fun. I play it when I get bored or don’t have anything else to play. But I think it could use less adds. If I am being honest a lot of apps make you buy the premium so that way it will remove all the adds. It’s a bit too many adds but I still wouldn’t buy the premium or whatever. Just get rid of all the adds, it like add, after add, after add and it gets annoying after awhile. This doesn’t only go for this app it goes for all the others with a Million adds like this one.
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11 months ago, Greatgrey211
Great game
This game is fun to play. It’s challenging at parts but fun. Although, I think you should add some more bottles to play with, if this wouldn’t work for y’all, it’d be nice to get something for the coins when you get all the bottles. A suggestion from me would be something like customize a course after reaching level 300, or a grand course (y’all that made the game think up that). If these were too far, y’all get my point. Keep it up I forgot to add to ask if I could be able to connect to Game Center. If not my apologies on asking.👍🏽✌🏽A suggestion I have is liquid of choice when the bottle spills(coke, milk, water, soda, etc.)
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2 years ago, klaguerre42
Bottle Flip 3D Knockoff
You can even see it in the title- the developers want people to mistake this game for a better, more popular game called Bottle Flip 3D. Everything, even the graphics are nearly identical to Bottle Flip 3D (but they are worse). When I saw the add I thought this terrible game was the original, so I downloaded the game and wasted my time. I am aware that one of the few ways mobile games get money is through adds, but do you really need to have an add in the middle of a round? I didn’t think so. Making game knockoffs is disgusting. Part of the fun, the nuance to game developing is make your own original games. If you lack the creativity to do, then find a new career, because you are wasting your life. Get real. When people realize what a scam this game is, you’ll have nothing left.
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1 year ago, RONALD MCDONALD#1
TOO MANY ADS please read
Awesome overall game, but every time you beat a level you have to watch an ad. I feel like I am spending more time watching ads then playing the game. I know that you can pay 3 dollars to remove ads but I could spend that money on something else. I don’t expect the developers remove all ads I’m just saying I would appreciate it if they cut back on the advertising. And I also know they need to put ads to make the game free and stuff but still this is a game I want to play in between my classes but I can because of the long ads and now I just go to class annoyed and I wouldn’t be that mad but the ads are all the same I wish y’all could switch it up a bit bc I get so mad when I see the same townscape and royal match ad
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3 years ago, stopbeingmean
Why is this bad and good lol
So hi, I was playing this game and in the MIDDLE of the level an add popped up and I could not get out of it!!!! WHAT!! So I get back to the level and it is frozen UGH!! LIKE WHY!! And the thing that makes me mad is that when I am playing the level, EVERY TIME I try to get a coin… I can’t!!! WHAT A SURPRISE!! NOT!! Like every time I play a level the coins are impossible to get. Oh and why do I not get more coins when I collect them!???!?!?!? What I mean is if I do collect a coin, which is not often…. I got 50 coins at the end. But when I don’t collect coins on another level, I STILL GET 50 EVEN THO I DID NOT COLLECT ANYYYY UGHHHH!!!!!!!!! LIKE I SHOULD GET MORE COINS IF I COLLECT THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SCAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM bye have a great day!!! 🤗🤗😜😜👁👅👁.
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5 months ago, Let’s get into the story
blah blah blah love this game is amazing
I think this game is like the best thing to play it’s like telling it’s making itself go in the trashy now and it’s very fun. I can’t even like I don’t even know how to explain how good this game is and when you’re reading this like this, I believe it makes sense, but it does when you play the game you’re gonna love this game and I promise you I am not wrong, it’s just fine you know and I really hopefully you love it but you should definitely download bottle flip 30. It’s a really fun game and you’re gonna love it.
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3 months ago, been a eyou gamer ever since
Good game but a bit boring (READ BEFORE DOWNLOADING)
So first off the game is a little fun a the beginning, but the issue is the amount of ads. There’s a lot of ads at the beginning which I don’t really mind but it gets worse torwards the harder parts of the game in which is STOCKED with ads. Secondly, I think that there can be some fixes with the in app purchases because there’s a pretty decent amount. For example, whenever I finish a round it always says to follow them or whatever on instagram to get 1000 bottle coins. Like…WHAT🫨🫨🫨🫨🫨🫨🫨🫨🫨 So basically if u want to download this game be sure to be aware of the ads and purchases🛍️ thank you!!♡♥︎
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4 months ago, Best game ever made in the USA
How many people
I will have to say that I can’t tell you how many years I’ve been playing this game and I am still learning about it but the first thing that comes into my mind is how many servers are in the game and how many people are playing this game around the world I am very interested in playing this game but it seems like it’s not a very common game around the whole world but it’s very interesting and very fun to play and very exciting to learn about the game so I
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4 years ago, loseradelyn boyagh
To Many Adds
It is a really nice app and I love playing it in the car or on a plane but when you are bored I and at your house and need something to play don’t use this app because it has way to many adds if you die or if you make it will give you a add and it is really boring to watch them all the time but if you are a patient person who doesn’t mind adds this game is perfect I also want to point out that you might get a add In the middle of a really hard level and then have to start over but besides the adds this game is perfect make sure to download it
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2 months ago, Baylee the gamer
Very good but…
This game is very addicting, perfect for long car rides, but there is just one thing. THE ADDS the adds, are very annoying and the come frequently, but I’m also not a very patient person, so if you are, then this game is probably perfect. It’s basically just bottle flipping but on another level, instead of trying to make the flips, you have to make sure the bottle doesn’t touch the ground throughout the flips. So yes, I would say it’s perfect for long car rides and trips but just beware of the 100’s adds you will get. 😎😊😁🙂
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4 months ago, Adds are annoying tbh
They thing I don’t like
This game is perfect I got to say but I just really dislike the adds every time Im least expecting it there is a add and a lot of games have adds but can u pls just NO ADDS it’s honestly very annoying so can u pls like I really want that to change bc some ppl might not know how annoying adds are yes thanks for sharing these games with us but our devices is finna blow up with games like literally but anyways I really do not like adds there super duper annoying tbh so yea so like can u fix this bc the adds are like very annoying
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2 years ago, adalyn ray weis
👍🏽….. but
I like this game but it just is not a supper supper fun game the levels could be longer and when you get to the end you can’t double jump like you can’t get to the second barrel it only lets me in the first one and I’d think if I got in the second barrel I’d get more points or I would unlock some thing. And the reviews said there were a lot of adds but I haven’t even seen any adds but to be fair I did JUST started playing this game . So far no glitches and I like this game but maybe more in to the game I might not like it
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4 months ago, pbhpbh2424
Great game but…
This game is awesome. I could play this for hours and hours and hours, but there is just one little problem: too many ads!!!! This game is great and all, but the ads are taking over this game. There are so many other games with no ads like this one. I love this game, but the only problem with it is its ads, so if your reading this and don’t like lots of ads, maybe this isn’t the game for you. No hate to this game or the creator, but no one likes ads!
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2 years ago, revieweruser1234
Really easy game!
I like this game! I like how you can choose your own bottles if you get tired of the default one. Although I’m not a VIP in the game, I have some interesting choices which look so cool! I use a different one every day! But just one problem. Every time my bottle breaks, I need to watch an ad to revive…and the add are so long! I hope the creator of this game can change that feature and put something else, like using 100 of those bottle caps you collect to revive so time goes by faster. But if no changes are made, I’m still ok.
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6 months ago, 5.99 really
Can’t you just get it like the ads it’s just driving me insane lol like why are you even doing different than the commercials I just want to know if it’s worth the price of it or just not worth it to buy something I just want you guys to pay for it to be like that because I’m not paying for it it’s just like not like it’s like the advertisements that drive me crazy please just make it more like the advertisements 🐻\🧑🏻‍🦳
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4 years ago, ReviewWriter(HonestOpinions)
Fun, but...
Fun, but... Well after reaching level 8 ads started popping up, which you know is normal in any game. But the ads just kept coming and coming every single time I wanted to repeat a level, and I know that’s their way of you to buy the VIP thing but seriously! I would appreciate if they did it every once in a while, because seriously that just ruined the game for me. Which is the reason why I deleted it, but if the creators ever read this AND respond to me saying that they fixed I would gladly go ahead and reinstall it. Besides that I think it’s a fun game, but for me, ads just ruined it. That’s why I am only giving it 2 stars. Hope you have more luck than me!
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1 year ago, bhrt22389
It’s ok
Ok, when I first downloaded this game I thought it was going to be more fun then it is. That’s the case for most games, and so if you are getting this game, you need to expect nothing more a jumping bottle. Also, The levels don’t seem to be getting any harder, so I would like different and more exiting things to happen, like a random cat to jump down and try to get you or different things to happen when you pick a different bottle. But other than that the game is pretty fun I mean it’s not a bad game and I recommend it over some games that you can get in the App Store.
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2 years ago, Gamer_Girllll
Love the game but WAYYYY TOO MANY ADS
I love this game but when I play and don’t make it to the finish line and break the bottle, it asks if I want to continue by watching an ad, and I hit no thanks but I still get an ad before I can play again I think this is so unnecessary and should only be like once every couple level ads like after every five levels or something more decent than after every level. I also wish that there was a little more variety of skins for the bottle. Other than that I love this game so much and hope you continue to make it even better!
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4 months ago, draw a be
I hate this game
When I was little, I love to play this game but I’m a tablet it like it never was that funny anymore. When I was four it was more funner and it’s not fun but like it’s still fun but too many ads just too many ads. first of all he had to have to pay money to get new bottles and not like that’s just stupid. Second of all there’s like ads in between first and last once you get to once you get to the finish line your there’s another ad you should get like a pass, I don’t like it all once you get to level 100 it starts to get boring and I want to get too hot higher levels but it’s just too hard I need to make it a little bit more easier so yeah🥱🙄
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8 months ago, The purple hot dog
Love this game
I absolutely love this game it’s so fun and addicting i definitely recommend this if anyone is looking for a competition and again I recommend it but I also do think that there should should be more backgrounds so we are not looking at the same thing the whole time and maybe harder levels and more bottle options but over all love it and there is not a TON of adds which is pretty good so anyway love it and I AGAIN recommend it
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2 years ago, bleep bloop 123
Awesome game but to many ads
Ok I got this game a few years ago and it was so different but I just got it today and omg it is still the best game ever! It is so addicting,silly, and fun. There is one problem though... the ads. After every level is an ad. Don't get me wrong this is a great game it is just that you have to expect an ad before you play the next level. Other then that this game is amazing and super addicting! I highly recommend this game. 😁😁😁
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2 months ago, wliammedina
Go ahead to go to the store
I love the new ones I bought and I have a few more options to get them from my office so they have them in the basement so they have them in my basement so they have them too and they can go in and get the stuff done before I get them done and I have them on my phone so they have to get them done and then I have them in my basement so they have them in the office and they can just use them for
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2 years ago, boiiii 988
Epic game
I downloaded this game a loooong time ago and I didn’t like the game. Heck I didn’t even play the game not even one time but then I finally got the urge to try it out. When I first played it it didn’t seem so bad and I finally got used to the controls. I then saw a lot of ads but I’m usually a go with the flow guy so I didn’t care. I then started to play this game more and more. So good job guys for making a good game instead of making a bad one!!!
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6 months ago, not.the.funny.person.
Please Read!
It’s very fun but ads are very few they do no fill up on your screen. They only come every fail or die, but it annoy’s me when you try to double jump to one side but it makes you jump once I don’t know if this is just me but it’s very annoying. 3 sounds like the best review to put it at so far! But other than that it’s amazing and especially when you to level about 31-51+ it starts showing the simson family it’s very fun and it may make you loose your patience LOL but other than that Creators/Gods thank you for this awsome game!
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3 years ago, 888888888888888#66666
This game is awesome everyone should have it I give it a five star for a reason
Everyone should have it because it has barely any ad,s I think it’s amazing but they could make the levels harder are used to have an older version of this and they made it hard and I like that and also they can make an outside Version two but anyway it is amazing I think it could use more moving vehicles to move the.
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8 months ago, homie_g22lover
Best game you’ll ever get literally it’s like you think it’s not that fun it’s actually so fun and I’ve gotten so many skin so far and I literally got it like yesterday so I would definitely recommend getting it even if it cost money like I’ll probably buy it because it’s just such a good game and is probably one of my favorite games on my phone and I only have 10 games on my phone so that’s like saying a lot bye.
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2 years ago, Wireless Rambler
Please read this review
So when I got the app I plan it for less than one minute and I already loved it there’s not a lot of ads so if you want to bottle flip game this is good very very very good even better than good it’s amazing I would try this out if I knew it sooner because most apps hack your screen and can kick you out this one doesn’t I don’t know why there’s bad reviews it is very good that’s all for today bye✌️
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11 months ago, qiaoyuHAN
Relaxing, But…
So you know those games where it’s both relaxing peaceful and totally you can never stop because it’s totally addicting? It’s this game. This game has issues and never-ending problems. Let’s start with your ups. This game is good since you know the controls are easy…y’know ya just tap the screen and tap twice to double jump, that’s a good thing about this game. You need to improve though since the rounds go up & never will stop anytime soon, right? Well yes, but the level only go up numbers but the lvl is totally so easy, not even challenging enough for kngarten. And kindergartens don’t really have skill and control, but it’s that easy. So if you could fix it up make levels hard people won’t delete this game and think it’s just sitting there taking up storage while there are so many other games they could download instead of a bottle flip game that will take up so many storage.
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2 years ago, hunter70325
I’m going back in my office today to see what the girls were talking about today but they are going back in town tomorrow for the weekend and then I will have them tomorrow and then I have a meeting and then I’m taking them back in my car and then I’m taking them out today and then I’m going back to the gym Yep yep I’m sorry about the order and I’m not gonna have anything else for me you want me a call from you
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2 years ago, lookatthewritingnotthename
Read this!
Bottle flip is a very nice game. Personally, I don’t get bored of it. I think it’s very fun! But. When the ads come around.. it can be torture. Ads can be frequent and quite annoying may I say. I haven’t seen any inappropriate ones, but I know in the future I could. The ads are the biggest problem in most games like this. We get you wanna make some cash but cmon! Anyways beside the ads, I love this game.
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2 years ago, add nore stuff in the game
Well made game improve on bugs
This game almost looks free models but you scan explore different type of bottles and different types levels it’s fun to see that this game is made.I love it flip the bottle I have not made it to the 3 barrel. But it is still fun to see that the game is still fun no bugs in less bad network I love the game they did good on the well made sounds How good did they did on the game 5 out of 5.
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1 year ago, Ari estrella
I love this game so much but I don’t like how in the first round it is so quick and easy it makes it kind of boring I also don’t like how the game doesn’t really have a lot of new bottles to collect and when you move up ⬆️ to the next level it’s still very easy and it’s really good but it’s so boring after a little while and it has way too many adds anyway that just my opinion but you really have to check it out for yourself because it might be fun and interesting 🧐 bye
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1 year ago, Meanpops
Good game it is just the ADDS!!
So I like how you have to jump on something and the noise is cool and all but the adds. If they just took out the adds it would be great. The other thing is you have to buy things and I do not think that is needed for this game. Although , this game is good when your bored , if you want cool nosies , and just a good game . Who ever made this game you did a great job and only need a few edits . Great game download this game and play . Do you you agree? The people who made this keep the work up and good job.
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2 years ago, ~sushi~ the number 1
Not the best…
I really like this game But there are some things i don't like, So the two things i don’t like are the ads and slow glitchy thing? so when i first downloaded this game. RIGHT WHEN I STATED I HAD AN ADD there ARE so many adds when your trying to play😭 and the other thing is. That i always get glitchy slowness? Like I'm playing and then I'm really glitchy and stuff. Like the screen doesn’t even move- and anyway i hope you guys fix this its really annoying. Thank you for reading this have a good day
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4 months ago, Izzy6cool
bottle flip is fun!
As soon as I downloaded bottle flip 3d I fell in love with it! it is so addicting in a good way! My older brother looked at my phone and asked me if he could try! All of my family asked to try it out, and all of them downloaded it right away! Thanks for this awesome game! One more thing, can you please make it so it doesn't have any adds, that is my only complain! 🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
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