Bowling 3D Extreme

4.6 (55.5K)
87.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sailendu Behera
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bowling 3D Extreme

4.64 out of 5
55.5K Ratings
3 years ago, Helluvafan51
Awesome game and graphics!!!
I have downloaded lots of bowling games over the years and have been virtually disappointed in about 98% of them. Many of them you have to go through a lot of adjustment just to get a curve on the ball or to get a decent score. I like the different modes of play like vs computer and pass n play. I can take my time as well and not be rushed to shoot like some games are. The 3D graphics are the best I’ve ever seen. Very realistic. I have trouble putting it down. Very addictive. Most realistic and enjoyable bowling game I’ve ever played. There was one thing I was wondering about, not a complaint but is there a reason that the only time a perfect 300 game is recorded and registered in the stats is during single player mode? I have gotten several perfect games in the VS computer mode and the pass and play mode but the 300s are not credited in the stats. Other than that the game is a perfect 300!!
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4 years ago, Riemann1729
Great (Easy) game! Stats issues...
I have been playing this bowling game for over a year now. I can say that the graphics are phenomenal and physics are great. However, if you are looking for a more challenging bowling game, this is not the one for you. The ability to change the direction of the ball by swiping on the screen is too easy and fake, as you can practically zig-zag the ball across the lane before hitting the pins. When you play any mode other than single player mode, the Stats tab will be totally screwed up. Your number of strikes, spares, and 300’s, will not count when playing another mode. Your total throws will increase as well as your time played, but every other stat is not affected. The tab also provides for an average score. Whenever you play another mode than single player, your round will count as a 0 toward your average score. For example, if you play one round of Pass and Play, your average score will go down even if you bowl a perfect 300, as a 0 is being added to the average score. Other than these bugs, this is an extremely enjoyable game!
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7 years ago, Deerilove🐶
Incredibly Good Bowling Game!
I have been using this game for about 3 months. I find it truly, amazing. The graphics look very realistic. It looks like you are actually bowling in real life. Another option I like are the types of bowling balls. The bowling balls come in lots of different fun patterns and colors. I have tried many different bowling games and just haven't had a good time with them. This game I especially like is how we are not competing. I hate games when you have to compete with each other. It takes the fun out of bowling. The best part is there are very little advertisements! Remember, I said VERY LITTLE! I didn't say there was none. If you really don't like the advertisements you can always pay a tiny amount extra for no advertisements. I hope this review helped you make your decision! I now know that I made the right choice by downloading this app. Thank you to the creator for making an amazing app. Plus, you don't need wifi to play it!
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2 years ago, got to try the fondue
It’s fun
It’s really fun and you can play against anybody and like it’s really fun and I want everybody that could see us review to try that out because you could just play against like you’ll have to pass the phone around to do it but you could still play it’s really fine you can play single players see how many stuff got your name and I hope this game gets a bunch of rated five and gets to be on like that Apple thing to like I’m at this out to stay on because this is like the best app where you can learn how to bowl and I have to try and a real bowling alley and see how all girl I think that everybody sees this review should get this game now it’s really fun
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9 months ago, iPhone 12 version
I’m Confused
I swear this looks just like the app I have on my Older iPhone, but it acts quite differently. The one that I have on my older phone is great! It doesn’t allow one to cheat and move the ball to make it hit. This new app doesn’t have the machine that comes down and clears up the fallen pins. This one that I just downloaded is by the same people - I double checked - but darn! This app is nowhere near as nice as the one on my old phone is. On my old phone, it is not possible to cheat, which is a good thing. You cannot cheat, no matter how you try. So, my takeaway on this version is: I don’t like cheaters, but this newer app is way too lenient. Don’t tempt cheaters! Plus, go back to the pin setter. It feels authentic, more than this iteration does.
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7 years ago, Real reaper 6
The lanes
It’s decent. The one thing I would change would be you only have one chance to change the direction your ball is going one it’s on the way to the pins. Either that or your balls direction and curvature is dependent on your ability to swipe both forward and to either side giving it it’s spin strength and resulting curvature heading down the lane. What the developers have done is they’ve given the user too much control on the ball once it’s been initially tossed. I know they have a setting that allows you to turn that ability off if you want but that’s lame as well because you aren’t able to curve the path the ball is on like you can in real life making this close but not my top pick for game engine direction. Other than that, it plays fast and allows me to dress up like The Jesus and throw a couple games.
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3 weeks ago, Kee. Kee
This is so fun I love it. It’s the best in my opinion.
I love this game. It is the best. You should all try it if you don’t and you don’t like it you are so crazy but this is so cool you like literally if you don’t wanna if you if you wanna go bowling in your parents, say you can just download this game and then just like inside on your phone. It’s so cool, everything you do is just so amazing. You can also download other games like princess dressing and stuff like that. You should definitely download this game. It’s so cool. You are so fab and just to let you know you’re the sunshine and you should read this should read this review should read.
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1 year ago, aries 69
Great game
I just started this game 4 days ago and I am totally addicted to this game! It’s really hard to put down. I don’t even mind the ads. I can handle the ads at the end of a game. I think all of your “customers “ realize that this is your job, and the only way you get paid is thru the ads. You gave us a wonderful game so of course you need the ads, and you are not greedy and have an ad after each bowl. There are games that in the middle of a game you get an “ad break”. Needless to say the game was deleted as was any game from that particular developer. So thank you for a wonderful refreshing game! Franziska Myers
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5 years ago, RetMaster
Great Game
I’ve only played the “single player” version, but it’s lots of fun. There’s an ad after every game, but I’ve been able to close it immediately by touching the upper right corner. So far, it has worked every time. I would like to see a simple modification that would give the option to allow the game’s scoresheet to stay on the screen until closed by the user. As currently written, the scoresheet disappears immediately after the game is over. And I do mean immediately! There is enough time to see they final score - if you don’t blink - but barely. (I would have liked to grab a screenshot of my first 300 game.)
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6 years ago, Spankinme
Graphics are good.
Title sums it up. Only 3 stars though, because even though it’s pretty, and shiny the vs the cpu mode is very bad. After a few games, and really started paying attention. I noticed the cpu just pretty much mimics exactly what the player does. Bowl a strike, the cpu bowls a strike. Bowl a spare, so does the cpu 99.9% of the time. Only time the cpu does not copy the player is if you happen to miss some pins. Then of course it bowls a strike about every single time😂😂. Really wanted to give it a 4, or 5 Star, but only a 3 because the graphics are the only thing that makes this game better than a few of the others out there. Gameplay wise this game lags way behind the others. If you have limited space for games, and enjoy the bowling ones, I recommend some of the others out there over this one currently.
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3 years ago, HelpMeIfYouCanI'mFeelin'Down
Great Game!
I had to spend time in a hotel while on a business trip . With nothing to do I decided to try and play a game. I’m not usually into games but this one caught my attention. It’s since become my favorite. I have several of your bowling titles. All are fun but this is the favorite. One thing that’s a bit annoying is sometimes when the game ends before an ad comes on is this game will freeze and can’t be opened again, unless I restart my iPhone 12 Pro Max. It’s a minor thing but you might want to check it out. None of the other games do this!
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6 years ago, GilmanFan
Simple, realistic,and fun.
Simply great bowling! I’ve tried several bowling games but none as enjoyable as this one. Love the simplicity of this one, and especially like the speed at which the frame sets up again. Other games became boring because of the time waiting for the sweep and for the ball to be ready to roll again. This one is very well paced. I like games that are repetitious and mindless sometimes, but multiplayer mode in this game is competitive and lots of fun. Very realistic bowling. Try it; you might like it as much as I do. ;)
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4 years ago, Kkgdsaqyibcrewqashlu
Time Trial too slow!
I actually really enjoy this game. Since they took Polar Bowling off the App Store, this seems to be the only bowling game that is enjoyable. It’s easy to use on my phone screen and is a great time consumer. HOWEVER the Time Trial is too slow!!! The time between one set of pins being knocked down and the next being set is ALWAYS 2-3 seconds. Do you know how annoying that is?? If I have 2 seconds left, and I roll the ball and get a strike, it doesn’t count because, oh, too bad, time’s up because the pin set before took too long to set up. Please FIX IT so there is no time lost between one set of pins knocked down to the next being set up. It would really help in my scoring, and is the only complaint I have. Otherwise it’s a great game!
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7 years ago, hdm,d
Five star
This game is really good if you have a lot of friends you can play against him if you don’t like have any friends right now or siblings you can play by yourself or vertical computer so when you call me when you shoot do you want to play or your friends want to play you have them to play with and it’s really fine you can change your balls that you were home it’s just I don’t know how to throw out the really like it but like it’s 3-D show me that’s really cool where do you see🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️
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4 years ago, WRS15743
Feels like real bowling!
This game is really well done. The lane looks real, and I love how your view travels with the ball, awesome. I immediately paid the fair price to remove ads. I support good monetizing like this. For those saying it’s too easy, either change the setting where you can’t tweak the directions after throwing, or, what I’ve found is the best, keep the default setting but then once you throw the ball let it be. The end score will be much more real life then. Awesome job on a fun game, thank you developers!
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2 years ago, GHFaitj
Very Different!
This bowling game has options I’ve never seen before in other bowling games I’ve played. Such as being able to control the ball after you throw it, allowing you to achieve higher scores! And playing the CPU is just like playing another player: you can actually beat the CPU which surprised the heck out of me. The graphics and sounds are quite realistic also. And it is very addictive, as someone else said. Great game!
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2 years ago, #MomLuvBible
This was the best game I ever played 300
I really enjoyed playing this game tonight I was a little stressed because I was having a little trouble with my granddaughter but all is well and this game really make me have fun I really really really love to go bowling in real life but because of the COVID-19 I cannot go but when things go back to normal I have my own bowing bag and shoes and hand powder I can’t wait to get back on the bowling alley floor love always sweet Sugar👱🏽‍♀️❤️🥇🏆
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2 years ago, CheekiBreeki76
I have literally tried all the bowling games in the store. Aside from the game that exists inside a messaging app add-on (it is the best I’ve found so far), this game hits on all marks but one. Playing a pass-around multiplayer game fails hard when it doesn’t move the focus to the next player on the scoreboard, until they have bowled the first half of the frame! This has caused too many start-overs or outright give-ups down at the pub. I will instantly change to 5 stars if this is corrected.
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7 years ago, tacoburn70
great game, no way to turn music off
Great bowling game! excellent graphics, only 2 issues. 1. no option to turn music OFF. music gets annoying after awhile. you can turn sounds on off but not the background music. really?!? i'd rather have all sounds on except music!! 2. too many ads. the no-ad version is version 1.1, an older version then this 1.5, so your saying what's new in 1.5 is now we got ads?? I think i speak for everyone when i say we'd rather pay $50 for a game like this then to have ads pushed in your face constantly in the game. Common man get rid of the ads or allow us to get rid of em with an in-app purchase or something. otherwise great game. :) I wouldn't waste your time downloading it from what i've noticed of this company there going to stop updating it anyway switching from paid to ad-based revenue proves that
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6 years ago, Mahjong challenge
B3D Bowling
It is a great game app and plays pretty much like the real game except for the fact that it doesn’t give you the PIN numbers of the ones that are left standing! Such as the 4-6 split or 7-10 etc on down the line. It doesn’t start the next game immediately without showing you an add or give you the option of making it that way, and lately it has made it so that you have to swipe forward 50 times or more before the ball actually goes down the lane towards the pins.
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7 years ago, Mileswembley
Most realistic bowling game
The only reason I didn't give this 5 stars is due to the lack of game modes since all you really can do is play single games by yourself, a single games against the computer or against people who you are physically with. It would just be more fun if there were tournament modes or some sort of tier system that you build up to the more you play. I would definitely play it a whole lot more if there were more options but still the best bowling game I've played
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7 years ago, Wildebeest boy
Just scored 256
This app has amazing graphics and is extremely realistic. The visuals and the sounds are right on. I paid the two dollars to get the version with no ads and it is worth it. The music is annoying but you can turn the music volume all the way down so you only get the game sounds. You can control the curvature of the ball either before you release the ball or after thereby making strikes relatively easy.
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3 years ago, fergus110
This app is great! Love it!
I just got this app yesterday and I think it’s actually pretty good for a bowling app, And the music is good too. It’s just that I feel like since there’s no other song to play, it’s just on repeat, which can get annoying and I have to turn down my volume. So maybe make other songs too, or make a mute song option. But other than that, great app!!!
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5 years ago, Ms. Dogman
Great game!
This is a really good game!! I like that there are no in app purchases and that you still get to choose between different balls. The only thing I would suggest to the developer is to make it so that you can choose between different styled lanes. Other than that, I’ve really enjoyed playing this came. Side note: This game makes life more fun when you’re bored and are stuck with nothing to do.
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7 years ago, Gdhigs
Best bowling game
Does it have adds yes. Still it is the best bowling game that I have played in a long time. There is no in app purchases which is a plus. Also the graphics and sound is flawless. Not to mention the amazing physics that they game has. You really feel like the ball and pins have weight. Plus the lanes really feel like they have friction. All in all would recommend getting this game even if it was not free
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7 years ago, Leisure bowler
Bowling without in game ads
Refreshing, as few free game apps allow directed attention to game w/o attempts at up selling. This bowling game is very much like real bowling. This game keeps score and allows challenges from the CPU. This game is quite realistic, although it allows changes in ball course after it has been "thrown" and your pressure and speed of you finger motion allows you to control the speed. Fun and relaxing. Recommended.
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1 year ago, moldavite1
This game is so amazing I love this game so much I just recently started to play and I can’t get enough of it I would recommend this game to anybody either Emma Ave., Boulder Long Time baby over 50 years maybe even more than 25It’s definitely been over 55 years I was talk texting so I’m not that tech savvy so I have to talk text but I love this game I’m glued to it I give it six dollars plus
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1 year ago, TheJadeMachine
Needs online multiplayer.
I would give this game five stars but I’m saddened that it doesn’t have an online multiplayer mode where you can decide if you want to have 2-4 players. It would feel like you were at a bowling alley if they had that aspect. The cpu is too good. It’s kind of a drag only being able to play against it instead of real people. I LOVE the way the alley looks but it would be great if they added other designs. I would also like a neon cosmic bowl option. Great game but it’s not living up to its potential.
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4 years ago, GalwayGirl
Just Beautiful Simplicity!
I tried several different bowling apps, and hands down this is my favorite. It’s straightforward, fun, the sounds are perfect, and the animation is very realistic; especially the way the pins roll after being struck down. The other apps were way too complicated and too many bells and whistles and confusing games. This is perfect!
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6 years ago, cardshark54
Addicting but yet very aggravating
Fairly fun game to play, and it’s fun to challenge yourself. But I’m close to deleting it but it is also very frustrating and aggravating to play. I do not believe this game uses any “physics” or “probability “ to determine what pins will fall based on how the ball hits the pins. It just seems very random. Two exact rolls will achieve different results, sometimes some splits that are unbelievable. And sometimes a poor roll will result in a strike! So why try for good rolls? Just throw the ball and hope for the best.
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2 years ago, Psychotic Kirk
Very Addictive
I love this game and its easy to learn. It’s the first bowling game where the cpu is not making impossible strike after strike. I paid to have ads removed. I would pay an additional fee to have more balls with different strengths and different alleys. I would not pay however, if this game became like the others where you have to give your left lung to progress. All in all a great game.
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2 years ago, nizdawiz
A Lotta Fun
3D bowling provides me with fun for several minutes when I need to kill a few waiting at car dealership or at doctors office. I’m really a novice at playing any kind of game but this is easy enough to play and challenge myself the right amount to be fun without being too hard for me to enjoy⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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2 years ago, WTFhappened to all the games
This is my second review my first wasn’t good and it was because I didn’t know you can move the ball in motion. Now I know how to play and it’s great. I’m having a lot off fun playing it and the adds aren't to bad. Worth the download. Great graphics too. Thanks for the fun game. Highly recommend it.
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7 months ago, qscbnvgjddjhgjv
Great game but needs some improvements
First of all i think u should be able to play against other people and not a cpu whatever that even is. I also think u should earn something if u do good in a game so u can get better stuff like cooler balls and pins. Overall it’s a good game but it would be way better if you could improve it.
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4 years ago, Jessdspe
Simple fun and free.
It’s bowling. It’s free. Yes there are ads but they are super mild compared to other games. There is no gacha factor. There is no reason to spend money. My kids and I enjoy playing this game! If you are looking for a realistic bowling game to live out your pro-bowler fantasies (the cars, the ladies,the fancy clothes, etc.), this is not it. Still I think it’s perfect for the price!
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5 years ago, hannah banana🤪🍌
This game is really fun!
I love this game because it never glitches like lots of other games. It keeps track of your best score and how many strikes and spares you’ve got so you can set goals. It allows you to play with as many people as you want so it would make a great family game night. I recommend you download this awesome game!
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7 years ago, mrrockandroll
Fun & Addicting!
Pretty fun and very addicting game! I like games that can help me kill time for a few minutes here and there and this one fits the bill perfectly. The only drawback is that you can only register one player so there isn't much reason or competition to trying to top your own stats. Very addicting!
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4 years ago, nwcs
It’s a fun app, almost 5 star
Some suggestions to help it get to 5 star for me: Don’t ask me to confirm my name each time I start a game. That should be moved to a settings screen. More stats would be great like gutter balls and time per game. Maybe an indicator to show whether the ball is a slow or fast one. Different lane backgrounds would be nice. Integrate with Game Center and add badges for certain throws or scores, etc.
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6 years ago, TimJimN
Fun graphics
I like this game, I only wish more sounds could be factored in, and some made to sound more authentic. When a ball lands in a gutter, there’s a defeating sound, as it falls off the alley and into that embarrassing gutter, pathetically amplifying the trip-up. Also, when the ball hits the back wall, the sound of that thud and/or slap, is very distinctive. Just a suggestion. The music is cheesy, but the crowd cheers are fun and funny. Thanks!
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2 years ago, mano'war
Doesn’t keep track of previous games, no info. I have many games well over 250 and it does not record, no strikes no info open it up so we can play against other players on the net otherwise no complaints
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7 years ago, Kajol kakkar
You can guide the ball ! LOL!
I really liked the game ,it has a very realistic feel but while playing I realized I could actually guide the ball even after I rolled it out . Which makes the game really stupid .I am deleting the game because I lost all the fun of playing the game - what's the fun of playing if I know I can score a strike every time (by changing the direction of the ball!) I hope they work on this.
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7 years ago, SkyBlueDonkey
Love this game it is addictive. I have a few complaints though, sometimes the ball goes right through the edge of a pin instead of knocking it down. Or it will go right past a pin that should have been hit. Also when there is a split it should shown on the scoreboard with a circle around it.
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4 years ago, djacobr01
Very good game!
It’s a very solid game, me and my friends take turns back and forth. I just would like to have the option to choose between the camera following the ball or not. I would prefer the camera staying put like in real life. thanks. :)
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2 months ago, DaisyChain152
It is a great game you can play yourself you can play your friends you can play on a timer and you can play against a computer which is not perfect all the time it still makes mistakes highly recommended
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5 years ago, Greenie mama 65
Apparently didn’t sync with Game Center
I recently replaced my phone, with same model phone because battery swelled. I backed up my phone before going to Apple Store. I was able to restore all my apps and data except data on this app. I had obtained an almost perfect (299) score and this stat was in my Game Center when I backed up my phone. After restoring from my back up this is the only application I lost data on. I wrote to tech support and they never responded. That is why I gave them one star. I had been playing here for years.
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7 years ago, kronoso
This game is absolutely out of this world! I simply love the graphics and options. I do wish there were additional backgrounds such as different bowling lane styles. I also like that there’s no difficulty level. So it all comes down to average luck. I also have their real pool 3D game as well. Another great game!
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2 years ago, @biggs02
Love this game, very entertaining
This game is very fun and entertaining great for when I’m bored and just want to play some game of bowling and each time I find it exciting to see how many strikes or spares I can get in the game so very fun and I would even say easy to play and enjoy!
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7 years ago, jhaskell67
This game is pretty fun and is good for passing time. It has a lot of features that makes it entertaining such as being able to navigate the ball after the release....although it's not realistic, it's good for beating new opponents until they too, realize that feature is available.
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2 years ago, MaryInCary
Good bowling game!
I have tried several bowling games, and enjoy this much more. It is challenging, allows you to speed up or change direction your ball is going and just a lot of fun. Not timed, so can go grab a snack during play....if playing alone. A keeper to me! Thanks!
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7 years ago, uh_lyssaaaaa
CPU option
I would love to give this game a 5 star because I think it deserves it, there's just one small problem though. I believe the CPU is too hard. It either gets strikes or spares, therefore it's almost impossible to win. In the settings they should include the level of how good the CPU is, from easy to hard. Other than that I love the game!
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