Bowling Crew

4.8 (71.4K)
421.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
WARGAMING Group Limited
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for Bowling Crew

4.84 out of 5
71.4K Ratings
3 years ago, travisderrek
Listen to other reviews. Fun until 9th or 10th frame.
***Update*** I want to apologize to the developers. I just needed to have patience in the higher levels. I felt like I was getting cheated but realized that I just needed to build up my balls’ attributes which just takes much more time once you get to the 8th and 9th level. That is how a game should be developed to keep it fresh and challenging. I have been playing this daily for several months and continue to enjoy it. To the developers, thank you for the amazing game and I apologize for my previous whiny rant. 5 stars. Like everyone else has said, the game shows how badly it’s rigged by the 9th and 10th frames. There is no way this is all just a coincidence for hundreds of different people. I’ll admit this game really is a blast, but once you get to those frames, you stop getting new balls, you start getting useless upgrades and are consistently matched with players much higher than yourself. I just got to the 10th lane and have played 8 people so far. 6 out of the 8 had the 10th frame mascot as their profile picture; meaning they had already surpassed that frame. I should not be playing people at that level as I am just entering the 10th frame. The developers don’t have to respond to this. I already know what you are going to say based off other reviews. The takeaway is, super fun until the 9th and 10th frame. After that, either be willing to pay or find another game.
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2 years ago, itzmebigA
Totally awesome real bowling experience! Avery Washington from New Caney, Texas
Free to download, free to play , yet challenging with multiple levels of play from beginners to advanced level video game bowlers, this game is simply fantastic! I have stayed up for hours and hours and have never gotten tired of playing this game! The free version is awesome but there are things you can purchase in this game that will only add to the spectacular gaming experience. The graphics are amazing for a free bowling game and the developers are constantly updating the game to provide a better experience for all players. Also, the technical department is right there if you have any issues with the game they not only listen to your complaints but they also respond in such a timely manner and are very friendly and down to earth! This game is a must for anyone who loves bowling and has a competitive nature, so , download bowling crew today, I promise you will not be disappointed!
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3 years ago, Vdodili
Wonderful, but one flaw…
I LOVE this game and have been playing it daily for a long time now (I’m at level 41). The problem is that, recently, after I pay for a game with my coins/tokens, the game will freeze up right after it has selected an opponent. I always have to exit the screen, and when I come back, it has declared the other person the winner and I have lost my coins. This is significant, as I am playing levels that cost 5 million and 7.5 million coins each, which is a big loss. This can happen a few times during a playing session, at which point I just have to give up for the night, rather than lose more coins. I have to point out that this NEVER happens during the daily challenge or the Skill Shot, only in play where one has to pay coins to play. The cynical part of me wants to think this is a “planned” accident in order for the developers to gain back the coins, but I don’t really want to believe that is what is happening. The same issue does not happen with any other of the many games I play, except for Golf Battle which is a similar coin-based play, and likely from the same developers. The reason given is “lost connection,” but I am always connected when I close the game, and never lose connection with any other game, email, or the like. I truly hope the devs have a response to this, and possibly some suggestions as well, as like I said, I really love this game and want to continue playing like I always have!
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9 months ago, jaguara35830
Pay to play
This game, like many others, caters to those who pay. If you play for free, you’ll be rewarded with huge success early, until they figure out you aren’t paying. Then, mysteriously, strikes will start becoming spares or splits, you’ll be paired against opponents who are much higher ranked than you, who have bowling balls that have been upgraded much higher than yours. The bowling balls you have will rarely get much of an upgrade. I had 350 million chips at one point, and just now was completely busted. You don’t get that many chips and then suddenly forget how to play. To get to that point, you were using inferior equipment, balls that had not been upgraded much, and you were playing against higher ranked players. How is it that you succeed under those circumstances, but when you get to the point of a higher ranking with better equipment you suddenly can’t win anymore? I honestly don’t remember the last time I was paired against an opponent with a lower rating than me. It’s a kind of fun game until you realize that if you can’t pay, you can’t be competitive. I once threw a ball at 3 remaining pins, all in a tight triangle where a direct hit on the middle pin would definitely take out all 3. The ball hit dead center on the front pin, then went between the back 2 and didn’t even brush either one. This is physically impossible. The game definitely has bugs. Too bad. It was fun up to the point where the losing constantly started. Do better. Deleted.
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3 years ago, valarie p
Love this game!!!
This is one of the, if not THE BEST bowling games out there! The graphics, the games, the music, are all fantastic!! I do have a question for the developers though. I had a bowling ball called “Captain” in a previous game. I miss it and would like to know if you can make it available for me to add to my arsenal. Why can’t we pick and choose the balls we want? I have at least 8 to 10 balls that I never use and would like to get rid of them so that I don’t waste so much time trying to get the balls I DO use up to higher levels. I can’t seem to get my balls into and past level 10. Please consider my requests and help me get the “Captain” into to my arsenal of bowling balls I use!!!! Thank you for your time! Update: I’ve never heard from the developers regarding my requests and complaints. Frustrating!! I really used to love this game but only play once or twice a day. Mostly for the daily challenges. It takes forever to level up the bowling balls I do use and it only gives me less than 10 or so points towards them when I do get points for them. When you get only 10 or less points towards a level of 5,000 points needed to level up it takes forever! And the amount of money I’ve spent trying to improve my levels, I think I’ve made a couple of house payments for the developers. It’s not fun anymore and it’s getting too expensive to play. Looking for a new bowling game………
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2 years ago, NoriiJaesOkaaaayy
Love the game but it has downfalls
Four of us in this family play frequently. My mom plays the most and has opened far more levels than me. But over Halloween I was no longer envious of her being so far ahead. A special for a certain ball, a few suitcases, and I believe an avatar cost me around 3-4$ and if she wanted it, she needed these special pink coins I’ve never even seen, yet. And in order for her to get the set amount of these coins, she’d have to purchase 28K gold ( yes, 28 THOUSAND) which would’ve costed over 100$.. and what’s even worse is she no longer plays in tournaments bc they cost 25$ to enter are much more difficult. -She has the balls upgrade to levels 14-16 and the shirts to enhance them and still has a tough time. But 25$ a tournament? Absolutely not! Those prices are absurd… 9.99$ to enter a tournament is even pretty steep considering your chances to win aren’t very high bc the difficulty level is insane.. even with upgraded balls and the new tshirts… so sadly I think I’ll stop collecting trophies bc the tournaments are my absolute favorite… and paying 25$ to play in one every week and a half is impossible unless you’re loaded/rich… and these days those people are few and far between… the game is great.. but it does have its flaws and obviously some owners/makers who get pretty greedy the better you get….
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1 year ago, Spocko1
Fun until….the competition is never fair
The other reviews have it right. There is something deeply wrong with the game’s algorithm for setting up matches. What the developers either don’t understand or choose to ignore is that 95% of a win is based on the bowling balls you use. Going against an opponent who has higher level balls means you are very likely to lose. The balls do most of the work. Opponents with higher level balls don’t even need to aim carefully. Just throw in the generally right direction and let the ball’s weight and resulting pin action do all of the work. It should have nothing to do with your record or number of trophies. Just match people with like bowling balls and it will be a fair competition. I kept statistics for 90 minutes of gameplay, and only 4.8% of the matches I played were with someone at my level—and 0% were with someone at a lower level. How is this possible unless the game is programmed to do this? It is so disheartening finally to rank up to, say, level 30 and then immediately be paired against someone at level 68 with bowling balls and shirts so much higher than yours it isn’t a fair contest by any means. It happens all of the time. A pity. In terms of playing action, it’s the best bowling game out there. In terms of matchup algorithms, the absolute worst.
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4 years ago, Shanie33
Needs something
I have been looking for a cool player vs player bowling game. This one for sure has charm but it’s missing something. One of the things that annoys me so badly is the fact that after every game you go back to the lobby... ONE we should be able to rematch the person we were playing if we want, SECONDLY, it’s annoying going back to the lobby and having to hit play each time, if we chose to go to a different alley then we can go back to lobby. THIRDLY it’s kind of stupid that the only way we can play our friends is by using tickets, I play another bowling game and we can rematch all we want and we can challenge our friends without having to use a ticket. That’s a negative for me. Games are supposed to be fun and we should be able to play with our friends and you can only play as long as you have tickets. Stupid. Last but not least, I wish we could look at other players profiles. In my other game that is really cool and I like to see other players stats. I don’t care too much about a chat feature, don’t rally chat with anyone anyways. But I’ve been playing this game since launch and yes it has come a long way and I do enjoy it the graphics are gorgeous. But my other bowling game kind of one ups this one because of the better perks.
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2 months ago, Will Piss You Off
DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. I have given this game numerous chances to prove that it is worthy of long term play, but, like many others games, it is fun for playing the lower levels, but once you get to level 7 and higher, it is a joke. You will lose much more than you will win. You can bowl exactly the same game after game and will have different results. You will lose many games in a row and will lose all of your money. The only way to compete is by spending money. You will also lose to players with lower level bowling balls likely because those players are either bots or people employed by the developer. In short, this game will significantly cheat you once you get to a high enough level unless you spend money, which is the developers goal anyway. As fun as it may be when you start, the fun is fleeting and will just leave you frustrated. I have learned my lesson and will never play this game again. I would give this game zero stars if I could, but since the lowest is one star, that is the only rating this game deserves. There is a reason why hundreds, if not thousands of people feel the same way. Do not believe in any of the developers responses to the complaints. They do not actually care. They want people to spend their hard earned money so they can roll in the dough. STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME!!
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3 years ago, thebigKwithabigD
It’s a pretty decent game
The game itself is, in my opinion, the best bowling game on the appstore. Almost like they perfected mobile bowling games. Best way I can describe the gameplay is if 8ball pool and clash royale made sweet love and birthed a bowling child. Now, it’s not perfect. It’s a bit buggy, some of the graphics in the lobby (basically all the other graphics outside of the gameplay itself such as the lobby, shop, etc) could be a little more polished, and the gameplay, like leveling up, is a bit grindy. A little more than I prefer, but if you like games where getting ahead and leveling up is a little slower than usual, this game is great! It definitely makes you feel like you’ve earned everything you are reward. Also matches feel very fair; however, like all other mobile games, there are in-game transactions that allow you to progress in the game quicker. You could say its pay to win, but I haven’t experienced any feeling of unfairness while playing. Timers on chests (for those who haven’t played this game, the rewarding system is very similar like clash royale) are a bit long, especially in for beginners. Other than that, its a pretty decent game.
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3 years ago, Lockhart27
I enjoy the game but….
I love playing this game overall it’s the best bowling app but here lately I feel like they’ve gotten greedy with the in-app purchases some of the games that you could just use chips for rewards have turned into cash for that reward tier and also it kills me that when a ball is maxed out you and you purchase an upgrade case you’d still get upgrade cards for the balls that are maxed but they give you chips and to me that’s an ripoff seeing that they give like 30,000 to me that’s nothing because I have over 500,000,000,000 chips so the balls that I really need cards for I’m not getting them as much as I should/like so it’s like I’m spending money just for a few hundred thousand chips so if you don’t have a crap load of balls already try to keep them low as possible so that your current collection can get maxed out properly I also feel like the skill shot and season pass price is too much especially if I’m being robbed on my upgrades I have balls I started playing with in the beginning that haven’t maxed out but I’d get a new one and max that one out in a months time please do something about getting cards for maxed out balls or at least give me chips of my highest lane to compensate that
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11 months ago, Maxax777
Three Major Issues
Look first off - it’s a fun game - I sincerely like it a lot. Lots and lots of great stuff to this game - but there are a few MAJOR ISSUES - First - and I know the Developer will argue that this doesn’t really matter - but TRUST ME - it matters!!! I play the game AND IT MATTERS A LOT!!!! But the issue is when you get matched against players who have balls significantly higher than what you are playing with. If I’m playing on a Level 9 Lane, with Level 9 balls - I don’t care what you say - if your opponent has Level 15 Balls - and yours are a 9 - it’s NOT a fair match! Second MAJOR ISSUE - Once you hit about Level 9-10 - you cannot keep making progress! You just can’t get your balls to level up - I guess the idea there is for you to spend LITERALLY $100s to buy your way higher up!!! And seriously - they want you to spend HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS!!! The last MAJOR ISSUE - is there are just WAY TOO MANY ADS!!!! You will spend as much time watching ads - as you do playing!!! And all of these things really take away from what is a good game. If the developers would just back off on the greed pedal a bit - and change the unfairness of the ball levels - this would be a fantastic game!!!than that MAJOR ISSUE - I sincerely enjoy the game!!!
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3 years ago, umbrellact
Word of advice
This game is fun I would give it more stars but there an issue I am being too noticed the game is definitely base around money which. I refuse too pay here the main reason why I read the reviews there are a lot f people who are seeing the same thing as I am there are cheaters or people using modification and it very noticeable for instance I was doing a daily challenge where if you win you advanced too the next statage 1 though 3 well I was on the 3rd stage now this challenge had an arrow that if your ball hits it it would mess up your shots well the player I was up against there ball was going right though the arrow and wasn’t affected by the arrow please explain how that is possible I try what they wear doing as soon as my ball hit the arrow I got a gutter ball all so there are players who have horrible shots then they start too get spares out of no where I know the devs are going too say that no one is cheating but this isn’t a Coincidence that yet I am the + person who has noticed it and is calling it out we are not blind it Very obvious I still continue too play the game But Refuse too spend money I just hope the devs start too notice that if more then one person is saying the same thing then there is a major issue at hand and need to be dealt with
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3 years ago, so pow shop
Big fan.....but
I’ll start off by saying that this is the second time that I’ve started this game from the beginning. The first time I spent some money to advance in the game and got a lot of the different balls that can be won. This time, I wanted to see how far I could get by spending as little as possible. I have gotten further in the game this time by a huge margin but have only been able to collect a fraction of the different balls and upgrades seem to come slower now. I’m not saying that it’s totally because I spent less money this time around, but it’s a weird occurrence considering I have finished more levels. Also, if my online connection is disrupted, my timer continues to run until my turn is over. On every occasion that I can recall, when an opponent is in the same situation, I have waited much longer than the 20 second timer for them to reconnect. Then, when they finally do, they still get the full 20 seconds to take their shot. Doesn’t seem fair, but, maybe it doesn’t work like this for everyone. I will continue to play this game because it is easily the best bowling game that I have played, but I’d love to see more consistency throughout the game.
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2 years ago, Punisher 21 ABN
I wanted a good bowling game and thought this would be it. It was kinda fun but I think it would be way better if you actually got to bowl a regulation game not just the last 5 frames. I see people claiming the game is rigged. Well I feel like the game IS RIGGED. I play one person and get a perfect game, I play the next person, throwing the balls in the exact same place for that pin setup and can’t get a strike for nothing. This happens a lot and now has driven me to not play as much and I’m at the point where I may just delete all together and move on. I get useless ball upgrades for balls I don’t use. Getting upgrade points for balls I do use is at about once every 4-5 chests opened. Changes I would like to see….. 1. Get upgrades from chests based on the current balls in use. 2. Play all 10 frames, or make an option where you can choose 5 or 10 frames. 3. Ability to chat with opponents during a match. Probably won’t get a response to this but, this is just my opinion on the game. Just losing interest in it and wish this game was just a little bit batter because I wanna keep playing, just find it sliding into the boring pile more and more.
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4 years ago, Cuse12orange
Why did you delete my review?
I had reviewed previously but I guess these thin-skinned developers can’t handle the truth because they deleted it. Since I don’t feel like rewriting that entire review, I’ll give you the sparknotes version here. Do not play this game. If you do decide to play it, do not, by any means, spend your money on this crap. This is one of the most rigged/RNG pieces of junk I’ve ever had the displeasure of playing. People who can’t pick up a spare in the first two frames magically all of a sudden bowl nothing but strikes so that unless you have a perfect game, you’re going to lose. Don’t even get me started on the “boosters” they try to scam you with. There’s one that increases the amount of coins you win from a match by like 20% or so. Immediately after activating said booster, you’ll be lucky to win 2-3 games out of 10. As someone who wins over 70% of my matches I find it hard to believe that I suddenly lose ten matches in a row only minutes after activating the booster. Seems pretty shady to me. Just another desperate money grab from yet another group of sad, uninspiring, thin-skinned developers who lack critical thinking skills and censor your reviews if they are even remotely negative. Would give 0 stars if I could. Don’t waste your time on this shameless money grab
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2 months ago, Sean B. from Westfield
Not necessarily accurate….
I just read a review where someone was apologizing to the developers. This game is not really so “fair and accurate” as touted. The scorekeeping is far from accurate more often than it is. In one match I opened with three straight strikes. My opponent did not and somehow when the game was over, they had stars over all of their boxes as if they were given credit for my scoring. I saw an opponent throw a clear strike against me and was given credit for a 9. I don’t recommend purchases either. If it were more accurate and there was some accountability here, then maybe. But I’m not impressed enough to recommend it…… Update!! Just played another match. Opened up with three straight strikes. My opponent was spare, strike, spare. When the game ended, my opponent had the three strikes in the first three frames. Since I wrote this review, my account has dwindled from over 600 million dollars down to 52 million. My best highest rated balls can no longer get strikes, and no matter how many cases I open, whenever my ball update with “points” the number never increases. I have one ball that always opens at 365 and never goes above 385. When it gets points again…. Its back down to 365…. Ridiculous…..
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3 years ago, Grexx
Expensive and unfair gameplay and rewards
Game was pretty cool the first 2 months but I started noticing game play became unfair. I spent a bunch of money and progressed far into game. I started noticing when I purchased a case and were awarded cards to increase ball strength the numbers showing strength would not increase when the cards came up the number did not move. I noticed when the numbers did increase the next time that ball was rewarded cards from a case the numbers previously reached did not match with what came up as the cards were being rewarded. So for example if cards for a ball reached 200 the next time I was rewarded cards for that ball the number would start adding at less than 200. It should be adding cards to the 200 not starting at 150 to add new cards. Also as you learn where to hit pins with certain balls the consistency of strikes and ultimately wins are not even close to being on the level you earn and they take away your trophy progress when you loose making it incredibly difficult to advance despite paying subscription fees on top of coins and gold. It’s a vicious circle! The game is a scam! I have requested refunds and am getting stonewalled! Save your money it’s a scam!
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2 years ago, rnj2007
Update issues and server disconnection issues
I enjoy playing this game and I'd say that I LOVED it IF the significant increase of server disconnections over the last week or so. As others have mentioned you don't get enough time to try to reconnect. In my experience with the issue I've noticed that your opponent gets time to reconnect. It's not fun losing chips and trophies. Today I can't even play due to the update. I updated the app but when I try to open it I get the same message telling me to update. It's ridiculous, I spent more money these last 4-5 days than I had been spending and now I can't even play. The app won't even open. Just that HUGE "X". I play on my iPad 90% of the time, I rarely experienced this on my iPhone until just recently. I know it's not my Internet connection because when I play on my phone I don't use WiFi like I do on my iPad. Soooo I spent that money for nothing really because I can't even get into the app! I would not recommend this game to anyone because of this and some other that have already been mentioned by others. Refund?
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3 years ago, DMartinP
Fun for awhile
I played only from the free side of the game so my review must be viewed with that in consideration. I enjoyed the game a lot. That is, up until recently when I reached higher levels. Now it wasn’t necessarily a problem that I faced more players with a higher ranking as I could evaluate my positioning against them based on points and trophies, etc. No, my frustration developed when I played an opponent ranked lower than me who rolled and scored very poorly in the first two frames, I would do well with strikes and spares, but then suddenly would hit 2-3 strikes in a row as if a totally different person was playing. Now I recognize that I wasn’t playing an actual person in real time because of the fast transition time between knocking down pins and jumping to that player immediately choosing their next ball. However the algorithm works I realized I was playing against a player made up either from a history of shots that particular “real person” had made before, or a calculation that created a player and its response to my playing. Not a big deal because it is a digital game. But I simply got frustrated that I could only get so far, perhaps because I wouldn’t spend money on the game. Regardless, it was fun for awhile but I don’t want to waste my time of being kept at an achievement threshold and becoming frustrated. So I figured it was time to move on and deleted the game. Again, it was fun and I really enjoyed it. Up to a point.
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2 years ago, NissaGwen
Developers who actually listen!
I recently ran into a frustrating problem within the game and after contacting customer support and venting my frustration they responded with and 24 hours. Not only did they reimburse my purchase they also acknowledged that they were aware of the issue that I was struggling with and reassured me that they were working towards a solution. I was actually so relieved because this is one of my favorite games and one of the few I ever spend money on because it’s so fun challenging and worth the rewards in my mind! There are times that I am playing against somebody that is better equipped (higher level) than I am but I still feel that if I am doing my best I have a chance of winning. I have never played against a bot! The only improvement I would suggest is a lower entry fee for the tournaments. Thanks for an excellent game with great variety!
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3 years ago, Alex Reddy
A great game that unfortunately is seriously flawed
At first, I fell in love with this game, easy to play, short to play, and fun as you can upgrade your balls, earn trophies, and progress through different levels earning more chips. However, what they don’t tell you is that if you want to upgrade your balls faster, you can do buy upgrades through the app that means nothing. So when I pay $200+ to upgrade a bunch of my balls through more bowling cards to be more competitive, I still have to pay for my upgrades by using chips. Now if the upgrades via chips were cheap (upgrade chips at levels 10 or 11 are like 7,500,000 chips per upgrade) or free altogether with spending $200+ I’d be happy. But because buying bowling cards feels like I’m being charged twice (because I have to pay in chips), I’m no longer playing this game. It is deceitful that they don’t mention this anywhere in the game. If the developers decide to make the purchased ball cards actual free upgrades (because that is fair) instead of making me pay in chips, then Ill change my review. But beware. If you go buy anything in this game, it unfortunately doesn’t benefit you.
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3 weeks ago, Jawan Neblowme
Really bummed out player
I’m so bummed to say what I’m about to say but I have no options so here it is, I found bowling crew and just loved it played for quite a while moving forward at a pretty normal pace and got myself to the haunted house when my bank and debit card got hacked and it hurt me financially well I had to trim my budget and part of that was my spending on my game I played. Well surprise surprise when money stopped flowing so did my wins and my ability to move forward and I’m not talking about 10 or 12 games I’m talking hundreds of games and after those hundreds of games I’m still on the same alley, HA GO FIGURE RIGHT and as the support team was great to work with there was nothing they could do but assure me that the game is 100% legit. And again they were prompt and very nice but I don’t believe they know what goes on in the game I did not know what to do so I decided to write a review witch I’ve never done before but I could not stand by and let other people loose what ever investment they may have thrown at this game or money vacume or what ever you want to call it . Also if I find another game I’ll come back for anyone to try it thanks BUMPO
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2 weeks ago, Buddy1111z
Bowling crew manipulates gameplay
Developer responds to me, and says they are genuine players. And they don’t manipulate game play. Here’s the thing. After playing each frame it takes about 10 seconds before next frame to start ( shows strike/spare displays score total) but the opponent starts there next frame in 2 seconds. Also if I throw a gutter ball to purposely lose the other player will still play all frames even tho they no they already won. If it was genuine players they wouldn’t do that. Also if I’m on level 16 but play players on level 6. They beat me?? That’s shouldn’t ever be the case because of all my upgrades and better stats . Another they say is finger speed. That’s not true as I have tested finger speed and it’s all the same . Just like when it’s standard pin layout both of us have the same ball but I am on level 16 and the other bot is on level 5. We both throw the same way same ball same everything but he gets a strike and I don’t. Makes no sense. Sorry but it’s just obvious you manipulate game play and all we play are bots not real players
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1 year ago, EliteELM
Wasting chips?
Update: thank you for the advice on turning off auto use of chips. But now… I’m not trying to be “that person”, but are there any plans to change up the prizes for things any time soon? Especially for the Lucky Bowl. I have 87 “Save Your Trophies” tokens. 🤔 That’s a bit excessive. Don’t get me wrong they are very useful…but… 87?????? I do not plan on losing 87 times 🤷🏼‍♀️ I have been playing this game for a few years now. I love everything about it. I especially love the daily challenges. I would love for them to happen more often than just on the weekends. My only issue I want to address would be the skill shot. I realize it sometimes costs chips to use the shirts as they are special items. However, I don’t appreciate not being given the option to activate the shirts for skill shots until I do not have enough chips. I think I should be afforded the opportunity use them if I wish. Otherwise it’s a great game.
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4 years ago, gg504
You will lose over time
The people on here that are talking about losing over time are NOT LYING! Once you get yo a higher level, the game starts beating you and you lose basically everything. The only way to keep going it to make purchases and then grind it out starting all over again. There’s also a Reddit group where people are talking about this. Also, leveling up balls takes FOREVER! You can open cases all day every day and you only get cards for balls you will never use. Why level those up when you just waste coins?!? Oh and all the talk about bots is totally true also. You are for sure not always playing another human. The game will also “lose connection” in the middle of important games causing you to lose as well. The game keeps going when this happens and you will lost your turn. Its fun in the beginning but then it gets old REALLY quick with the ridiculous losses. Example of this, you will use same position and angle having an 8/9 power balls and someone (or bot) can come in with level 4/5 power balls and get the strike and you will have pins standing which defeats the whole purpose of the game (leveling up). Its very frustrating
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2 years ago, random4098
2 issues
4/5 Let me start of by saying I love this game! It is made really well and the mechanics are original and similar to real bowling! The variety of balls make every player seem different and unique, like you are playing someone knew every time! I also love the pin mechanics, how even if you mess up you can get lucky with the pin falls, like real bowling. And the vibration in the phone makes it feel like there really is power and a collision happening! I love how you can not pay a penny but still be just as good as everyone else! It's made really well. Now onto my one issue. Developers PLEASE add a way to turn of boosters! I find it very aggravating when I have a lot of chip increase boosters, and I'm forced to waste it on lower level alleys when I could use it on a better one! And my second issue, it is very very hard to get balls from previous lanes, the easiest way is to go back to the old lanes to try to win the cases from there, but then that wastes the boosters like I said earlier. Both these issues could be solved by just allowing us the disable boosters for an alley. Thanks for reading, bye! Update: the devs responded WITHIN A DAY discussing my issues! I'm changing to a five star just because of customer service, seriously that's amazing. Still hope my things get fixed XD but amazing response time by developers. 5/5
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8 months ago, sucksbigones
Phantom AI playing myself against my friend
I was playing bowlingCrew across from my friend who was playing BowlingCrew as well. I was playing someone by the name of SYED. I won that game. My friend was also playing a game and his game finished. And then he said look I am playing against you! And I was not playing a game at that moment at all. I was away from my phone. I watched him play against myself, then realized it was the exact same moves that I made it when I played SYED. I even predicted that I will win the game and predicted every move I would make. My question is am I playing AI and then bowling crew just randomly uses my recorded game against other real people? How was my friend playing against me when I wasn’t even there but I recognized the game that I played against a different person and it wasn’t him.
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3 years ago, 9174850397
Fun game but......
Update: the developer sent me a reply stating I could no longer gain trophies once I’ve reached the top number for that alley. I have reached all of those top numbers and couldn’t gain any more point to open a new alley. After writing this review one magically opened and I have no clue how or why. Where can a person go to get a better understanding of this game? That is a million dollars question. The new lane is so hard you can barely get 40 points at a time and like with the classic pins I could usually get a lot of strikes and now end up with splits (7/10). I do like the game and will probably continue to play but honestly if you’re going to go anywhere you have to spend money to make that happen. I really like playing this game but after an update I can no longer advance. I’m stuck at 2881. If I lose a game it will subtract but not add any past that number. I have now been demoted a league and I’m tired of this and have no clue how to fix any of it. Frustrating that I can’t advance and about ready to throw in the towel.
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2 years ago, Druinsd
WOW. Now you are liars
Now you are claiming there are no “Bot players”. Maybe the wording has something to do with you believing that you can get away with this outrageous lie. Actually most of your response’s to questions and comments aren’t true. Do the lies you publish invalidate the agreements? Someone should fire up a class action suit to find out. Apple said that they “ask” when you first come on the App Store to not lie to people. Apparently it’s not a requirement. Anyone that believes there are no BOTS is stupid. You can’t smoothly run an online PVP game without bots…. Not possible. It’s very rare to play someone live if ever these days on this simulation. So if you are spending money to impress some live person save it. The only one that sees you is you. If this was a PVP game you would have chat. Real PVP games all have chat, leaderboards etc. All you have is a simulation that lets everyone win around 60% of the matches. I laugh when I see gold players. They spend a lot of money to win their 60% of matches. Suckers. And the high dollar tournaments are a joke. No leaderboards no stats and you are pack of deceptive liars
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8 months ago, D3ADSKINMASK
Leaving a lot of fun out of the game.
Update…… Just lost 2 more stars from me….. I’d go zero if I could! Besides the blatant rigging of the game, WOW this game is expensive! $9.99 for only 1 week of benefits? Every game in the App Store gives you 1 month for $9.99…… also the seasons are only 1 week? 15 mill coins for pro tournaments…….? I can’t enter a lower bracket in the tournaments……..? Guess that means THE FREE PLAYER GETS SCREWED…. All you got from me now is cool graphics…… BYE! Hey guys! Cool game but it is lacking a few things. You’re leaving a ton of fun out of it! Like, 1- What is the point of having stats if you can not share them with your friends or your opponents by them clicking on your profile? Lame! 2- why is there no clan / guild / crew? So you can share tips with each other. Or a clan/crew bracket so you all have to work as a team, is there not teams in the real game? Lame! 3- Why should we need Tickets to play our friends, and only 3 tickets max? BIG LAME! 4- Why can you not click on profiles and invite them as friends? ALSO BIG LAME! There could be a lot more players if you made it a little more fun!
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3 years ago, Kibblett2494
Great game unstable connection
This game is super fun. 5 star fun. But when you least expect it connection errors prevent you from playing your turn which causes you to lose point bonus for making a strike or spare and this makes it very hard to play. When you contact support they direct you to an article that outlines tips for clearing space on your phone and troubleshooting your connection. This is the only game that I play that I have a problem with. I am not the only one who experiences this problem. It has happened during 1:1 challenges with my friend. We play from different connections. I have spent $10 each season for the season pass but I’m done. I am frustrated with this game. On the fence about cutting my losses and moving on. Please do not respond with a link to an article that I have read several times. The suggestions do not mitigate the problem. What you could do is offer incentives to players who have experienced this -points, gold, or entrance fees returned. Or acknowledge that it is a problem on your end. That would be a great starting point.
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4 years ago, Gdlvn20
Is the Game Somewhat Predetermined?
Let me start by saying that I have really enjoyed this game for the past six or so months. And I have read comments about the game “changing” (and not in a good way) for those who seem to be winning quite often. At one point, I was doing pretty well, but “fell on hard times” going from almost 500k coins to less than 10,000 in a matter of about 6-7 games. And it wasn’t that I changed my strategy, used different balls, added/subtracted spin, etc. Somehow, the pocket got tighter for me compared to my “opponent”. Regardless, today as I played, I was experiencing the “tight pocket syndrome” again while my opponent was not. Immediately after my 3rd frame (I went first) I forfeited the game and the associated prize coins/trophies. However, I actually read the screen and it had a final score for both me AND my opponent. If I JUST forfeited the game before my opponent finished throwing his final balls, how is it possible that the app “knew” what his final score would be? First time that I noticed this and it’s causing me to question the authenticity of the game.
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2 years ago, Horror Rocker 13
Was once a great game
I’ve been playing for at least 9 months. This was a game I played every day until recently. With the last update the gameplay became increasingly harder. I have level 12 and 13 balls. I use to compete pretty even on levels 12 and 13 but now I can’t win a game past level 10. I’m a level 42 and any time I play a level past 10 it’s been matching me up with players 10 to 30 levels above me. It’s impossible to get a win against them. I’ve seen the developer reply and say it matches you with people of your skill level but that’s not true. It’s the equivalent of me a level 42 player up against level 10 and 20 players who don’t stand a chance against me. I really hope in a future update this issue is addressed because it’s absolutely taken all of the fun out of the game. I lose all my coins and the only option is to buy more to continue playing the same levels I use to never have to buy coins to play and I now refuse to spend any more money on this game.
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2 years ago, STReviewerSD
You only win if you spend TONS of ridiculous money
I’ve had this game for 2+ years. When I first started I would buy (aka spend a lot of money) on the suggested coins and stuff to advance my balls capability and to advance. It made me feel good that I could beat competition but then I realized it was ONLY because I spent money. NOT because I played the game better. Trust. This company has built this game to extract your money. If you are great with balls in the 14th level it’s because you spent more money than you should and I’m sure as you reflect you wish you hadn’t. If you are struggling in this game it’s likely because you thought you could advance on merit but didn’t spend money so you haven’t advanced. If this review resonates with you then copy it and post it over and over so that future players Save their hard earned money and the developers of this game build. More balanced game between advancing because of skill versus ONly advancing because of how much $$$$$$ you spend. Expose the game!
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4 years ago, RaenSki
Fun but Friend System Needs Tweaked
Update: I wasn’t a fan of the new time-locked season rewards, but a developer response did inform me that if you earn all the “tokens” (cassette tapes for the current season) to reach the max level 20 rewards, at the end of the season you will receive those rewards even if you didn’t “unlock” the levels all the way. I am rescinding my complaint, but definitely recommend making this more clear in-game. Original review: Love the game, it’s fun and there’s no pressure or necessity to spend money (a plague with some mobile games). I do wish the Friend feature was better. I showed the game to my two boys who do not have Facebook accounts, and even though they accepted my invite before installing, they are not listed as friends. There’s no other way to add friends, and there should be. Game Center support or something that would allow playing against others locally would also be nice.
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4 years ago, Meeeeee3269
Inconsistent game play
I’ve been playing a lot for a while now and progressed quickly. Once you climb up the ranks and get to a certain point, it seems the game chooses you to lose. If you make it to the advanced leagues you find that consistent game play does not equal consistent results. I made it to advanced 2 league and since that day I have not beaten anyone in stage 5 in 6 days and my highest stage available is 8. The pin action is over-the-top ridiculously fake which (I get it) probably just to get people to giggle, but when you lose everything when all the pins except 1 is flying all over the screen at crazy speeds, you’ll see what I mean. Ties happen and there are no tie-breakers which is real but in the case where you only play 3 frames there should be something. It really seems like they will not let you progress beyond a certain point without making purchases, which I know many game apps do. You cannot communicate with your opponents. Other than that it’s an ok game but consistent play should yield consistent results.
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5 months ago, joe motisi
Started off fun. Now it just seems rigged
Game started off really fun. I was winning a fair amount of matches. Slowly upgraded my balls and unlocked higher level lanes. I did spend a few bucks to get ahead, which I do not recommend. Once I reached lane 13, the game took a turn for the worst. I lose 9 out of 10 games. All my coins are gone. I NEVER get cards for the balls I need to upgrade, and even if I did, I wouldn’t be able to upgrade them because I cannot win a match!! It feels like I’m playing rigged games against bots. I’ll throw a ball and get a strike. Next frame, I’ll throw the same leveled ball, the exact same way, and get a split, causing me to lose the match. I rarely ever play a match against someone who is a similar level. I’m constantly playing against bots who are significantly higher levels, with balls far more advanced than mine. This makes it impossible to progress any further in the game, unless I’m willing to spend more money. It’s absolutely infuriating. Waste of time and money!
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2 years ago, Ashlyn Pillard
Very annoyed right now
I’ve had this game for quite some time, and I have absolutely loved it! I’m giving it 3 stars as of now due to some issues that have popped up since the update. I had my game connected to my Facebook, and have had it that way ever since I first downloaded the game. Well, after the most recent update, it disconnected me from my Facebook and keeps asking me to sign back in. I went to do that, and IT WONT LET ME. It completely reset everything on the game. So I have lost all my chips (I had almost 900,000,000), trails, skins, alleys, balls. You name it, it’s gone now! When I try to connect to Facebook again, it tells me that this app is still in development mode and I don’t have access to it. I’m furious now. I have to completely restart the game after having it for years. Very disappointed now. Honestly, if there’s no way to have this fixed, I’ll have no other choice but to just delete it. I don’t want to have to start my progress completely over for it to take another 2 years for me to get back where I was.
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4 years ago, donttasemebro#
As Many Have Said, You Will Lose as the Game Progresses
As Many Have Said, You Will Lose as the Game Progresses. This game was fun for awhile, but as you get up in the levels you won’t be able to beat opponents because they have more powerful bowling balls. No matter how perfectly you throw, it will leave you with left over pins! Your opponent begins to throw more and more strikes and it’s impossible to win. You can say everyone has the same chances as much as you want, but it’s just not true. I’ve played free for a couple weeks, but sadly I’ll be deleting this game. It’s no longer fun seeing how slanted the odds are against you. Update: Read some of the responses from the developers! Pure arrogance! Argumentative. It’s not a coincidence that so many people says the game isn’t fair. Be proactive and make changes. After all, that’s what reviews are about. I’ve already deleted the game, but the more you argue with your consumers, the less people will want to play your game!!! More and more excuses from the Developers...Very, very sad...🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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4 months ago, Glswls
Great graphics and fun
I enjoy this game a lot, however it could get quite expensive if you upgrade your balls or attire, the cost in chips is too rich for my blood. I updated them until it hit 4 million chips. plus you pay to play in certain events. I was hooked the first time I played! Definitely has a learning curve, which I am still learning, figuring out the balls and which ones are best and choosing my arsenal has been the hardest for me, not sure about the shirts and everything is designed to encourage you to buy chips, gold etc, which is the purpose of most games, make money. But you don't have to buy anything to play and enjoy the game. So far I haven't spent any personal money, just the awards given for winning.
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3 years ago, Chuck_SJB
Not Fun After Level 10
This game was super fun up until level 10. I got through all of lane 10 and the upgrades stopped. I get 1 card here, 1 card there. Balls need 800 cards to upgrade and at this rate I won’t ever have a level 11 ball. The negative reviews on this app are spot on. Those that spend real dollars for coins get the upgrades. I watch all the ads so I am generating revenue for this company. I am probably going to delete this app because it isn’t fun stuck on lane 10. Most of the players I bowl against have level 11 balls so I am losing more. I know you don’t care about the free loaders, but at least give us enough to not get bored. I should have had at least a level 11 ball by the time I got through level 10. Seems like all the fun games die this way. I will give this a little more time. But not much because I would like to move to lane 11, but I can’t because I can’t ever get enough cards to upgrade.
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3 years ago, Steve42897
Avoid this game
At the beginning it is a fun little game, very little skill or strategy involved but still fun. You find your spots, release the ball at the right time, you get a strike. At lane 5 or 6 the algorithm changes and your shots become inconsistent. This happens while you are still playing low level balls against players or bots that are 4 to 5 levels higher than you are. Any attempt to contact support for questions, recommendations or issues is met with what seems like passive aggressive comments. Things like-we need to inform you that our game is this, or our game is that, maybe it’s a language barrier but they seem to get easily offended. After contacting them you can expect to go on a losing streak. From reading FB comments, if you pay, you lose, if you don’t pay, you lose faster. I still have chips but overall this game is very boring and is rigged in a very obvious way. I stake my gaming reputation against this game. It’s not built to sustain long term and it’s hard to compete as a new player, not very well thought out and a poor business model.
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12 months ago, ‘Mad’
Decent game.
I like the game it’s fun enough. However it’s like all the other games out there pay real money to actually win, and what I mean by that is simply this. Yeah you get ball cards to upgrade but the cards awarded are so minimal that it would take years to actually upgrade a ball. Not to mention when the ball cards are awarded it’s random. So you can’t actually choose where you want these ball cards for upgrade to go. So in short if you don’t mind spending real money to upgrade your bowling balls before you turn 90 then this is the game for you. It would not be so bad, if players like myself who can’t afford to literally spend hundreds of dollars like so many other players do, if one actually got to choose where they want the minimal ball upgrade cards to go. But of course this will never happen, because the reason they do this is, is they want the consumer to get frustrated at the slow ball progression and spend real money.
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1 year ago, MKBTD
I love and hate this game at the same time…
I have been playing this game for a couple of years now and the game has progressed in a negative way. We used to be offered good deals, but with every update, the developers give less and less. As far as the Lucky Wheel, yes it is very rigged, but they will tell you different and that it isn’t. I have landed on every slot except for the big win. Not once! I mean what are the odds of playing this game every single day (several times a day) and not win the big one at least one time? I have put money in this game at times, but their GREED has become off the charts, so now I rarely put money into it, nor will I watch their excessive ads. Although you’re not forced to watch them like other games. The great thing about this game is it is pretty much like actually bowling! The balls, the pins, the 3D action is off the charts!!! The developers have created the most realistic bowling game out there!!! That’s why I continue to play. I just wish they would stop raising prices and giving less. I mean what’s honestly the big deal about allowing us players to win every blue moon on the Lucky Wheel so we can upgrade our balls? The wheel is what bothers me the most because it’s so obvious that it is rigged! I don’t care what you say, the odds don’t match up. So, that is why I love and hate this game at the same time. (-;
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2 years ago, Tpaflying
Great game and have been loyal player for the past few years. Haven’t minded spending money to enhance my game. However, very disappointing that certain aspects of the game have changed for the worst. The new Missions are quite intolerable at the end of season unless you spend 800 gold coins in order to collect what you have already earned. Also, enough of the sprays already. Have more sprays than I can count and nothing to spend them on. I understand the need to make $$$ but the present changes have made me want to spend less instead of more. That’s my opinion take it for what it’s worth. Thanks for the prompt response back. However, due to the current update to game I’m cutting back on the amount I spend monthly to 1/5 of what I’ve been spending. Enjoy the game but for the amount I’m spending each month I will find other avenues for my entertainment. Just one loyal patrons opinion take it for what is worth.
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1 month ago, Angel11111
I’m disappointed with this game
I feel that after the 10th level, I consistently get matched with someone that is 3 or 4 levels ahead of me. I like the same balls but every ball except the ones that I am using keeps getting upgraded but the ones I am using never do. Also the shirt that I use for the balls I use never get upgraded at all but all the others do. I refuse to upgrade the ones I don’t use because all it does is use up my chips. I feel this game is rigged so you have to keep buying gold and then having to use that gold to buy chips. I say why not make it so we can buy chips to keeps playing. I am on the 11th frame but always have to play people that are levels ahead of me. I say make it so if you have surpassed that frame, you can’t go back to a previous frame. I am just about ready to delete this game. It’s beginning to be a joke!
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1 year ago, 1Biff2
Too many micro transaction pop ups+weird pin physics
This game has wonderful graphics for a phone game and it runs really smooth. There’s one thing in particular I didn’t like and as you can tell by the title the pin physics. I have encountered numerous times within the first couple hours after install some pins would miraculously fall over, there’d be times when they split and then even though the ball or another pin didn’t even touch them they would just fall over. Another thing is that the people you play against are obviously bots even though some of the “people” you run into are connected through Facebook they still somehow miss a one pin spare opportunity in the middle of the grouping. With the microtransaction aspect there’s way too many pop ups of the same thing sometimes and it’s everytime you unlock something new they want you to spend $9.99 for a shirt and ball that aren’t even rare.
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11 months ago, sugyb
Very disappointed
This game cheats you after so many perfect games So sad and the more you play it , you get less satisfaction It’s a fun game but it starts cheating you and I don’t understand why they’d mess up such a good game I guess it’s all about the money and they don’t care if you like play their game , well I’m done wasting my time on a game that doesn’t care if you just enjoy it they’re all about the money you make them just by playing Shame on the stupid people !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Game no longer fun As long as I been playing it cheats you compared to how good you were Might as well bowl for real I hate fake games You lose interest after they start messing with the game This app has been deleted FOREVER!!! The longer I play the more F’ed up this game gets Can’t even play my favorite bowling game bcuz this app keeps sucking more and more and they can control what feedback they get so no one will ever see this but no worries cuz I’ll never play it again F’n sorry stupid China people 🤬
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2 years ago, sassyglammajean
Because They Always Find New Way To Rip You Off!!
When I first started playing this game, 2 years ago, I fell in love. This was a great game with great competitors. Clearly the overwhelming obsession for making more money and gauging us for every single item just to bowl a game, became their top priority. If you want to play, you have to pay! And it’s going to cost a very expensive penny. Of course we all have choices to willingly buy all of the fancy stuff or not. But if you don’t…. Well then good luck, because you’ll definitely need it. There ain’t no use trying to play this game. You lose. All the way around. And this game is developed that way, for us to lose unless we pay. “Updating” the app with NEW FEATURES, what feels like every month, keep adding more items to perfect your game. No point in continuing playing this game. These guys clearly have shown me what they care about most. Their bank account. I’m just the sucker who helped them get rich. One Unhappy And Disappointed Customer 😡
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