Bowling King

4.4 (18.5K)
176.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bowling King

4.41 out of 5
18.5K Ratings
6 years ago, Gatorswinitall
Fun bowling app
Highly recommend downloading this. Game is very addictive. Each match is just the right amount of time. Quick, fun matches that leave you wanting more. Also, if you don't want to spend actual money on upgrades, you can earn currency by working your way up playing the game. Graphics are pretty good for a phone. My only two complaints are some of the challenges are really hard, and strikes are really easy to hit. Challenges --They want you to zig zag a bowling ball around columns??? This is made worse by the fact that they never teach you how to preform a trick shot. And even when you figure out how to do it, it's still really hard. Maybe I missed a tutorial somewhere. If so, I'll edit this review. Easy strikes--You would think getting easy strikes would be great. And it is.... but it gets frustrating as hell when you play someone and they hit strike after strike. I bowled a perfect game probably a week after downloading it. Getting a turkey is way too easy. Overall-- a really fun game that pretty much never gets old.
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3 years ago, sfraz1313
Game is horrible all of the sudden
This game use to be my favorite!!! Now out of nowhere anytime my ball gets near the gutter I have no control of it, it just goes right in the gutter. When I do the challenges my ball will hit the things that go up and down when they are down. When I do the speed challenge now I never get a perfect game anymore when I use to get 10 plus game winning streaks with perfect games. I use to get strikes almost every shot now when I hit the same spot I always forever for a strike I get splits. Also when I play the speed challenge I am capped at 120 and sometimes it takes forever to get my ball back, and how my opponent can get a 130 or 140 and I also played a guy that got a 190 that’s impossible!!! Something has happened to this game and it has ruined it for me, I don’t even want to play anymore!!! Don’t waste your time downloading this app it’s either rigged all of the sudden or it’s been hacked!!! This all seem to of happened when the last update was done 5 days ago. Now I will add more your game has now gotten worse it’s such garbage now when I do 100 pin challenge my won’t even make it to the pins, it just stops halfway down. YOU NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR HACK OR YOU ARE GONNA LOSE ALL YOUR CUSTOMERS!!!!!!!
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2 years ago, TheBigNuts
Too Many Cheats, becomes costly
The game is fun, however at some point you begin to run across the cheats with the mods that allows them to throw complete games of gutterballs yet end with a perfect game. It most noticeable in the higher stakes games. While I can bowl a perfect game without mods, games that end in draw still charge you lane fees so you end up losing coins. Reporting the issue to Miniclip doesn’t do squat and they’re quick to let you know they are not responsible for any monetary losses (even though I’ve never asked). So unless you have a good coin stash, be prepared to run across these folks. I don’t think Miniclip has an incentive to fix the problem as it forces the honest players to continue to spend $ for coins. What’s more humorous is these same folks are likely winning the weekly contests that awards them the dollars to spin for upgrades etc. on top of that when you look at their stats, they may be a 30% winner on head to head, but 100% winner in tourney. How does one have 100% record in tourney but only 30% in head to head. Fix the game Miniclip, your programmers have become a joke. Maybe start by looking at your leaderboard data and winnings accumulation. That would give me a starting point to know where potential scamming is taking place. On a side note, I’ve read reviews mentioning non-stop ads. Get a VPN, turn it on and you won’t have any ad trouble.
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6 years ago, Flappyguy73
Funds not being allocated
I am giving this a five star review so my review can be seen. As I was playing, I noticed that I was not receiving my winnings in Trick Shot mode upon the other player disconnecting. I never even received a refund, I just completely lost the amount of chips covering the entry fee. By the time I realized this was happening, I had already lost over a million chips and as of right now, I don’t even have enough chips to play in some of the most inexpensive areas that I should have been able to afford with ease. I love the game, don’t get me wrong because there are not too many games out there that are both addictive and actually fun at the same capacity. I actually considered paying real money in order to contribute to the game I have spent so many hours on end playing. However, if I must continue to lose even as I win game upon game, I no longer see a point in keeping the game on my phone. Once that issue is fixed, I will reconsider my rating on a true five star capacity and perhaps even my resolve towards making a monetary contribution towards the continued development for Bowling King.
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6 years ago, Bill Kendrick
This game needs a lot of work.
At first when I started playing this game I noticed real quick that you did not have total control of your ball that you roll. As you play the game and advance to higher levels , you get better so the app matches you with others who have similar averages. When you both ( you and your opponent) Start bowling perfect games the app will let the both of you do so once in a while but for the most part , you or your opponent will lose. The same ball that you have always rolled and you got strikes with now you will only pick up 8 or 9 pins. Don't know if this app has been hacked((but I believe it has ) there are certain people who you will play and you will quickly recognize who they are , that no matter how you bowl you will not have total control of your ball and they will always win the game. Not all but most of them will talk to you by typing words that you do not have access to. Be aware. Makers of app have been aware of problem but don't seem to fix. Maybe it's because they are behind it? Just saying! For this reason of fixed or/ and hacked game I can only rate this game a 1 on the star rating. And that is a shame because this game has the potential to be a 5 star game.
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5 years ago, xlxREDBULLxlx
Bowling king
This easy smooth game I ever played. So much fun and it just sometimes pisses me off that when I started low rank like 1-20. Then my challenge another player who were 100+ or 300+ ranks and beat me every time. That’s kinda annoying but I still enjoy this game. Keep bowling the best as u can to win and win big but will lose a lot of money lol. It’s inpressive game for sure that is free. Will I keep playing this? Probably lol. Like to go get all achievement and see how high I can go before I lose so much cash haha. Keep up good work but.......we would need get this server fixed. Couple of the time we would get shuttering and lag. My house for the highest internet speed in my area so that wouldn’t be my phone issue is it? So..... yes I love this game and I’m not going plan on stop playing this. Nope I appreciate this. Keep up good work guys!
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5 years ago, Carnie1228
Bowling King
This game is awesome. I use to bowl and leg problems have prevented me. This has taken the place and I am awesome in this game. I have gotten several friends to play it and working on more. I am so addicted but this is such a relaxing past time. Thank you Bowling King. My only wish is that I would like the chat to be different so you can actually have a conversation with your opponent and also that you can change users on your iPad or other gadget. Something is going wrong because my Facebook friend list is not coming up and I want to know what the problem is? I cannot send my daily 50 friend request which earns me 100,000 coins daily. Please fix this. I am once again trying to figure out why we don't get coins for asking our friends to play this game. We use to get 100,000 coins daily for every 50 friends. Another thing, why did you change the name of the rooms not to include North American cities and other countries. What's up with that?
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4 years ago, Fann Mann1234
Rigged missions
Don’t get me wrong, this is an excellent game, very fun to play. However, there are 2 very big things wrong with this game. 1: if you have a special ball obtained from the roulette machine, you will win EVERY quickfire match if you bowl strikes. It doesn’t matter who you’re up against. I’m level 15 and just knocked a level 128 player off a 19 game winning streak. This is VERY EASY CHIPS and I love it because I always win, but I can’t lie when I say that it’s pretty broken. However, the classic 1 on 1 matches are completely rigged. If you have a mission to “bowl spares”, then you could be #1 in the world and you’d never get a perfect game. Obviously getting a perfect game isn’t easy, but it will NEVER happen if you have a mission to bowl spares. The game will make you bowl at least one or two. And if you complete the mission, you get 500 chips, which won’t make up for the lost 2.5 million chip entry fee. If there was an option to “disable missions”, then this would be a very easy 5 star for a very fun game. However, as of now, quickfire is the only game mode worth playing because it’s possible to get constant strikes.
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4 years ago, wendyM119
Issues and fun in Bowling king
I really enjoy this game very much. It is addicting to play and lots of fun especially the different ways you can bowl in the rooms and meeting new people to play with. The down side is it freezes up quite often and as of right now it is saying I have an error with an unstable connection which I do not have. So I am unable to play the game. I know a few other people that have experienced this issue as well in the past couple of weeks. For myself this is the second time this has occurred in under a week and a half. I do hope they will fix this issue very soon. It’s awful for the people who do play everyday and have to wait until Monday for them to get working on it and it takes them up to 72hours to address the problem. No telling how long it will take to actually be fixed. I clearly think this is a bug problem since it’s been occurring with so many people. Wish they had another app like this one so if this does continue there is another one we could enjoy playing!!
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6 years ago, Probie0608
Cheaters/Hackers Took Over
I used to be addicted to this game but the cheaters/hackers have made it something to avoid. The only thing I do now are the challenges. So far, they don’t bother me in that setting. Here’s how they have ruined the game for me: 1) In QuickFire Sydney, your rival can slow your ball reset which means that even a 1 second delay per reset will add up by the end of the game. I know what the countdown timer should read on my 6th, 8th and 10th throws. I can easily bowl a perfect game (120) with 2-3 seconds remaining. I bowl a 100 or 110 when my rival slows my ball reset. My rival bowls a 120 and wins. 2) The opposite of #1, where my rival bowls higher than 120 while I’m capped at 120. When I quickly bowl a perfect game with 13 perfect throws, my game is still capped at 120. 3) In 1-on-1 (regular bowling) my rival can throw the exact same way every time with the pins falling the exact same way every time and land in the exact same pattern every time and gets a perfect score. I have to bowl a perfect game to get a Draw at best. Bowling King takes away chips for a Draw. In the higher lanes, that could be in the millions. I guess Bowling King staff are not as savvy as the cheaters/hackers. It’s very disappointing.
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5 years ago, Rooaaach
I’m rating this game 5 stars for the following reasons... 1. I have over 10 million chips and i’ve yet to spend a dollar on this game. 2. I like how you can send automated chats in game, but id prefer a chat box for real competitiveness. 3. Facebook link. I appreciate how you guys don’t abuse having access to my Facebook. I have to verify every game invite, which is nice. You guys also don’t share personal data like my profile picture, which is also nice. 4. Multiplayer. I always win against my Facebook friends which is fun. Not only is every single 1v1 game or tournament game competitive, but I love how you can earn “cash” by competing on the Leaderboard!!! I downloaded Bowling King yesterday because I remembered it being a good mobile game. (keep in mind i’m still using an iPhone 5s) I’ve never experienced a crash for the two years i’ve been playing, which is phenomenal! Now i just need some free cash for the good review 😉
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4 years ago, iipiiman
Don’t make mistake of spending money
This was a great game until I made the mistake and spent money. Before there was a nice ratio on win and lose. Then when I spent money got a bunch of chips I lost one after another until I was out. The little scam they have going of rigging the matches so you lose, they think that will get you to spend more. Greedy and corrupt More than a few times I saw my ball go right thru pins as well I’ve seen my opponents ball go thru obstacles... twice I’ve had 5m in chips and as I’m trying to go back to a lower level to play it picks up on the 5 m game and instantly I’m in a match I didn’t want to play and guess what happened? I lost all my chips one of those times was what I mentioned earlier when my opponents ball went thru an obstacle and I’m at 0 chips. Their thinking is I’m going to buy more chips. They are wrong. All matches are rigged DONT SPEND MONEY ON THIS GAME YOU WILL REGRET IT!!!!!!
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2 years ago, JDX258
Love this game! But change the slot machine for chips, and ELIMINATE HACKERS!
I love this game. It’s super addictive. It’s super quick and easy to play. But one thing I would love to change is the slot machine for chips. When I first started playing the game there were different levels of the slot machine, each displaying different amounts of tickets for specific payouts. That’s the way I wish the slot machine would be now. It’s more intriguing for me because I get tickets a lot, and I’d love to see if I can get more chips by gambling and spending more tickets. Also there are way too many hackers in my games. What I mean by that is the opponent throws the ball into the gutter every throw and registers a strike. Also the ball can levitate resulting in strikes. Please track these idiots down so we can have a fair game. Other than that it’s a great game and I love it!
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3 years ago, hhggyfdytvygv
Buy this if you want to be annoyed
At first I was having fun and then I a lot of money and I wanted to do higher levels and I tapped on one on accident and I got an opponent right away so I didn’t have the time to leave and it was not a good match I think that they should have a thing that says “Are you sure you want to go in the match”also if you are try to get something from watching a add they have no adds and right after that a add pops up during a match and lose all your money I have lost all my money for these two reasons 10 times and just get me angry another reason is it is not right the way the ball moves and how it hits the pins and if it’s a strike or not because I tilt my device the save way and there are big deference or I hit the pin in the same way and it doesn’t always be a strike and I say 1 star out of 5 they should of been more carful if this is they best it get well that’s what they it’s the greatest bowling app but I think they could of done better but I keeping the app just because I am trying to get my money back witch will take days
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5 years ago, mumu 🐮
Something to play when bored
This is a great game to play to pass the time. I do enjoy playing it, but I have noticed some things. There were a few instances when I rolled the ball and what should’ve been a strike or at least have one pin that falls over, shows that I didn’t knock down any which will give me a score of 0. I also noticed multiple times in which my opponent would knock down 9 pins, but it shows on the scoreboard as a 0, and the remaining pin that’s still standing they’ll knock that down and it only counts it as 1. Another thing that has happened quite a few times was during match-ups in the classic games. I found it irritating that when the chips would be going to the middle, my opponent would immediately leave, which has caused me to lose millions. I wonder why my chips don't just come back me? It’s not like I did anything wrong. I do hope those things get fixed. I have considered deleting this game for good.
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6 years ago, Mhe16hl
Great game, but....
I enjoy playing this game and is probably one of my favorite bowling games, but I can't give it 5 stars cuz of all the freakin ads! Right after a game ends an ad pops up. If I want to challenge my opponent after a game is over an ad interrupts it and by the time I'm done watching the useless video they play, the other player is gone. When I back out to get to the previous screen, yup, another interruption asking if I want to buy more in game money or if I want to buy a bowling ball bundle pack or even if I want to invite my Facebook friends to play. It's just always some sort of advertisement that delays my playing time and gets very frustrating and annoying. Can the developers please hold back on some of the advertising? Especially after the game ends, I don't want to wait 30 seconds before I start a new game because they want me to install some pointless game. Besides that, the game is fun and entertaining.
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2 years ago, ltt683
The game has a lot of glitches. The rapid fire game you can clearly get the ball off and hit pins and your score won’t Count. You can get stuck in animation and the person your playing can be 2 balls ahead. It’s seems like missing is a predetermined thing especially when you do a rematch. I do enjoy the game because I actually love bowling but some of the things that happen in this game don’t make sense it’s know. Like hitting right on head pin and getting a strike. Or how easy it is to pick up split’s. And you should have to bet 2.5m to get to bowl more frames seem a little money depended. This game is also full of players cheating and bots. Like why do you need to cheat on a game like this misses are predetermined. Just to see how long it would take to get a bowling ball on there paid wheel I spent $60 and never landed on one. So if you like to get cheated and loses to bots this is the game for you!
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1 year ago, ryetoast1
Nice Game, But a Little Frustrated
I really love this game. It’s a great way to pass time and the 1-on-1 is addicting, especially when you get a feel for bowling strikes. My only issue is with the Challenge. Sometimes it randomly lags in the middle of a challenge and automatically takes away one of your hearts. Which is frustrating because you need to wait 3 hours for another heart if you don’t want to buy any with real money. And it would make me even more upset if I paid money for hearts and got them taken away for no reason other than the game’s issues. I still recommend this game
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2 years ago, vondib
Bowling King
2 bowlers get perfect score, I’m accused of throwing game? Tired of ads breaking into game and I get zero for frame! Please fix it! Getting really fed up with ads messing up the games. Ready to delete!!! How long does it take before the ads STOP interfering with the game? Why can’t the bowler control his own ball? My opponent just threw all gutter balls the whole game and ended up with a perfect game! What’s with that? My opponent just put every ball in the gutter, got a perfect score! I lost not only the game but 125K chips. WTH goes? Game suddenly restarts and we loose chips??? By the way, the Statue of Liberty is backwards! Torch is in the right hand! When does maintenance stop? Haven’t been able to play since 9:00am today! How is it fair when opponents roll after their time runs out and they still get credit for it??? Better get another maintenance program!
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5 years ago, hevnsbabbe
Friend and mishap troubles
I really like playing bowling king, but like the last person I’m having trouble in the game! This is my first not accurate review but gave 5 stars so it will post!! Will gladly give a true review once game is fixed or it will just be deleted.. I have spent money but will no longer will do so until fixed.. First of all I have a friend that has disappeared and I did not block or delete him he is not on my friends list and not in my challenge so I can send him hearts.. he has me on his but when he sends me something it says from admin or miniclip!! Like the last reviewer I go to play spend entry fee and then kicked out so frustrating!! I spent 20 tickets for a spin and it only spent once.. please fix the game issues!!! Thanks. Vonda
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6 years ago, FunkStank
Pin hits not registering!
I am a very experienced bowler, and there are way too many times my shot should be a strike when instead the first pin that comes in contact with my ball doesn’t even budge. The ball will go right through it as if it’s not there. This has happened to me roughly 1/5 games. Sometimes only one pin in the middle will get knocked over while all the other pins around it are still standing. This is extremely annoying as I am playing matches for over 1,000,000 coins. Please address this issue, I can’t be the only one this is happening to. I have also used real money to support your development. This is inadvertently wasting a portion of my money on every game I lose because of this issue. Thank you for making such a fun game. But I must refrain from using the app until this is fixed. I cannot be cheated out of any more coins.
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4 years ago, AlfaB17
Game Control
The game decides wether u get a strike or not! I hit the strike zone every time & sometimes it will leave a pin or 2 standing, when it should clearly be a strike! That’s wrong! Give up control & let the players luck or skill be just that! I’m about to delete this game & so is the rest of my friends! Don’t like being played! If u hit it not quite right, so be it! But give up control!!! Basically this game is rigged! The game is playing it self, the game decides weather or not ur gonna get a strike! I tried to not get the spare & the ball curved anyway and got it! WE are sooo being played, NOT the game! No fun like that! The 8 ball pool is the same way! DELETED IT, I’m deleting this game too, I had it on several devices, when u decide to put a more honest game out there I may give it a try! But don’t worry, there are those that like being scamed, not me, honesty is the best policy!! God Bless You All! I won’t see u all in HELL🔥 as I’ll be in Heaven!! 🕊📖🙌🙏🎚👑
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4 years ago, This App is Rigged
Love the Game, But...
How do I contact you? The game keeps kicking me out of the challenges, and then I either lose coins or ♥️s because I just started the challenge game. Today in the last 15 minutes, it kicked me out four times and I lost 4 ♥️s Because I hadn’t finished the challenge. This has been happening way too many times, and no one ever returns my hearts or the coins that I would’ve won if I hadn’t been kicked out, especially when I know I’m gonna win because my score is much higher than the opponents. Please contact me, or just give me 50+♥️s to compensate for all the hearts and coins I’ve lost, because your game is kicking me out of my challenges!
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5 years ago, "&$8965:(;35$!
Don’t drop $$ into this app!! Constant disconnects that are their fault!
Despite how fun and realistic this app is - all the unprovoked and unexpected ‘disconnects’ coupled with the fact that you lose your entry chips every time it happens totally offsets the positive aspect! This app is constantly disconnecting during games - and I know for sure it’s not a defect with my home WiFi network! The disconnects are definitely on their end - and they have a total BS policy of not refunding your tokens due to their disconnect issues! So there’s probably nothing to lose playing with free chips- but any $$ you spend in this app you may as well flush down the 🚽! Definitely don’t take this game seriously or spend your whole life playing it! Those in charge here need to fix this issue like yesterday and in the meantime refund customers chips when it’s the app that’s not upholding its end of the bargain!
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5 years ago, Poe10:)
Fun but unrealistic
This game works pretty well. The physics aren’t perfect, especially when you try to pick up a split. Plenty of chances to win money. I think it takes too long to level up, or that the balls require too many levels to be unlocked. The worst thing about the game, and the one thing that is causing me to play less and less, is that strikes are far too easy. If you get two frames without strikes, even if you get the spares, you’ll lose most of the time. I’m tired of bowling a 139 and getting beat by someone who has a stronger ball and who got all strikes. And if you get a split and can’t pick it up, you’ll lose 99% of the time. There needs to be more attention to pin physics and a better skill level for strikes.
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2 years ago, Brtnynb929
Fb connection
Update: a few times I’ve lost a turn because the ad was playing and it took my time. I’ve noticed it does it a lot when you do a rematch when playing with a friend. It did it quite a few times while playing with my sister to both of us. I see where you can invite in game players to be your friend but I’m not sure if that works. I’ve only been playing a few days and did send a few but I don’t even see where you can accept an in game friend. Original review: The only thing I don’t like is when sending gifts to friends it doesn’t open the fb app it goes to the mobile page then I have a bunch of tabs open and it drains my battery.
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5 years ago, jesus djbig
This game makes you lose
The reason I gave this game a 5 star review is so you can see this. This game has a perfect score of 150 with 5 frame games. Unfortunately I can’t post a picture of me hitting a perfect game of 150 with all strikes and my opponent hit a score of 864. This is do to poor maintenance on the game where it doesn’t reset the pins for the opponent and they bowl on a clear lane and hit a score of 200+. So when this just happened to me his first bowl was 275 and on his second bowl he scored 550 his third bowl was 815 his fourth bowl was 844 fifth bowl was a strike sixth was 9 pins and seventh was a spare. The end of the game was me 150 with perfect score and opponent was 864.
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3 years ago, 46tig
What’s Up
I really enjoy the game and have had the app for quite a while. I’ve noticed something though lately that’s left me a bit aggravated. I know it’s just a fun game, but when some bowlers are throwing gutter balls that are always a strike and others balls look like they’re being shot from a cannon, it takes a lot of enjoyment out of the game. I haven’t seen these choices in the set up, so it makes me wonder if they’ve somehow hacked your system. I’m going to continue to enjoy the game, but If someone could check into this, it would make it a lot more enjoyable.
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3 years ago, CCubingMaster
Weird issue
This issue has happened to other people also. It’s a bad issue. When you go into the match, and then you get out for NO REASON. This is a real letdown since my internet connection was working fine, but then something just happens where you get out and you can’t get your coins back. Another issue is that, which happens ALL THE TIME and I HATE IT, when it’s raining, it just again, kicks me out of the match and I can’t get my claims back. Another real letdown. Some positives of this game is that it’s a fun, a bit addicting, bowling app which matches don’t take long at all. This adds another star to this. The graphics are great looking. Although, if you don’t wanna waste money, DON’T download this game. I’m serious.
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4 years ago, Volscountrygirl
Great game but $ happened
I like this game and it’s pretty addicting, but I do have to say that it seems that the people who pay always win. (Unless they’re garbage) For some reason whenever my opponent has a premium ball which is better than mine, my ball magically looses it’s ability to knock down 10 pins like it usually does. (Not to brag but I’m pretty good at this game) also for some reason everyone that is level 5 and up all of the sudden has premium. Please end this torture. Also as soon as I got up in the big leagues a hacker made me unable to control my ball and it kept going straight to the gutter, while he got strikes easily. Not only that but we need to be able to report people b/c of the huge number of hackers that just luckily through the ball the same way the whole time and get a perfect game.
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6 years ago, QueueCumber
Game filled with bots and intentional bugs
It would be a fun game except for all the bots harvesting money (I’m guessing so that players end up spending real life money in the game on chips) and the curious one or split four pins left standing up at times even when you hit the sweet spot perfectly. Additionally, the ball sometimes rolls on its own to one side and doesn’t respond to tilting at crucial moments during matches that are extremely suspect. How do I know they are bots? They send out the same sequences of messages in game, they do so at a pace unrealistic for players, and the messages don’t correspond with what’s happening in the game. In any case, I bought the $9.99 pack when I first started, but due to the issues mentioned above demanded (and received) my money back from Apple. I recommend other people do the same...
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5 years ago, hrw37890
My favorite game
Out of all my games I like this one the best been playing for several years now and still holds my interest over the years seen some glitches but with a little time all that I have noticed have been fixed except for one. The roulette wheel for special affect balls have played that thing countless times loss more money and have yet to win a special ball and if you play the game you no it’s not that easy to earn money and for $5 I’ll only get one ticket or 10,000 which is nothing really I want a special ball with special affects!!! { rigged }
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3 years ago, Captdav
Very good game
Great game but I have not been able to watch a video for a least three weeks now. And why do some people get to throw the ball in the air it’s not right soon as I see it I quit there’s no way to beat them. I would give a 5 star if not for these problems 😡 Still cannot watch a video for the rewards it’s been over a month now and some are still throwing the ball in the air NO WAY to beat them doing that Fix these problems and I’ll give it 5 stars I just dropped it to 1 star you need to fix the problem of some throwing it in the air there’s no way to eat them I just quit soon I see it and I can need watch a video for the rewards just not right when someone is sitting right beside me and they can watch them fix these and I will give it 5 stars
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2 years ago, just a guy playin games
Lost all my chips
The game is fun to play I just got back into it after a few years and been enjoying it but lately I have lost over 45 million chips which is the in game currency because my game would randomly disconnect from a match and causing me to lose chips and cause a lost it’s not my WiFi or phone as u have an average of 178 MBPS WiFi speed and The phone I’m using is an IPhone XS Max so all I’m asking is please fix your game or servers connection issues so I don’t keep randomly disconnecting in during games or at least reimburse my 45 million chips
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5 years ago, Headwacker
Amazing but...
This game is the best mobile bowling I have ever played (out of two bowling games, but still is amazing) but there is one thing... sometimes the game doesn’t go back to the spot where you roll the ball, and I look up and my connection is red, so I try to leave (knowing my opponent wins). I click “leave game” and go to the next alert and try to press “leave game” again. But the “leave game” button in the second pop up does not work, only the keep playing button, so I have to restart the app. Please fix this! Although other than that, this game is AMAZING!!! Oh-and thanks in advance. Bai!
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3 years ago, MFlodstrom
Love this game!
I love playing this game, have had the app for a couple of years. If I could recommend fixing anything with the game, it would be adding the option to delete friends that don’t play anymore to make room on the list to add new ones and not have the ones that don’t play. Also would like to know how some players have their ball floating across the lane, instead of normal rolling and almost knocking all of the pins down in a roll in the 100 pin? Did I miss something within the app. Lol But other than that love the game!
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1 year ago, Reviews_09
Good game, but BUGS!!
Bowling King is a great game, truly. It’s addictive and has many different modes, bowling balls, lanes, etc. to choose from. However, there’s one major bug that I HATE! This is the fifth time this has happened to me: I was in a big match with a large entry fee, and I was about to win, when it kicked me back to the main screen and didn’t refund my chips!! I’ve lost over a million chips due to this bug! I love the game but this bug is making me have second thoughts about it. This bug occurs to my sister as well. Please fix this bug!!
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4 years ago, Nikki32582
Don’t get too comfortable
This game was really cool at first, super addictive but the more you level up the more you can recognize that it is rigged!! It actually takes control of the shift control you have on the ball and makes it to where you miss the pins so the rival can win. It cheats so bad!! You go from perfect games to the strikes you were hitting before in the same way you hit the pins at the same angle it makes pins stay up, usually in a wide split impossible to hit. Plus if your at a level 15 say for example they pair you up with someone on a level 73. That doesn’t seem fair game play! I thought this game was awesome as hell till that mess started happening. SHAME ON YOU!! Unfair game play!!! Uninstalling!!
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5 years ago, Little Ms.Mango
Love the game but one problem
I’ve been playing on this game for a month now and I finally decided I was going to try to personalize my character. I tried to and a sign popped up saying that I had to log into Facebook before I could personalize my character. The problem is that I do not have a face book account so I can’t personalize my character. I love the game other than that but I would like that problem to be fixed as fast as you can. I know I am not the only one experiencing this so that is why I talk about this problem.
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5 years ago, gurljen
I want my ten bucks as promised
This by far is the best bowling game out there. I did get ripped off though it said I would get ten bucks if I signed in through Facebook and so I did but never got my ten bucks :( boo! But I still love this game and will continue to play! There are so many options for play which is why I like it so much :) I have had this app on my phone for over a year now as where other apps last only a short time on my phone. I would like to see my ten bucks as promised but I still love the game!
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2 years ago, Isabelle Starr
Bowling King
I play this game, but it’s not like it’s my favorite. In fact, it’s far from it. I feel like even though I roll my ball in the center of the alley, it NEVER gets all the pins.I read the reviews, and agree with the ones that say you have no control over your ball. You don’t. When it goes towards the gutter, and you tip your device the other way as to prevent it to go in the gutter, it always goes in. Also, when my brother was playing the game, he said just as he was about to play, there was an add, and after it was over, the other person had 28 points. I’m not sure if it was the game’s fault, but it still stinks. One more thing. IN QUICKFIRE, YOUR BALL IS ALWAYS DELAYED, SO THE OTHER PERSON AUTOMATICALLY WINS. IT’S SO UNFAIR. Thanks for reading. Bye
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6 years ago, IndiJ89
No Special Ball After 3-4 years of bowling for it!!!!
I'm giving this game a five star so it can be seen...don't get me wrong, I love the game but I have been losing endless dollars(bowling) trying to get a special ball, but nothing but size-ups and extra I doing something wrong here?? I have been playing this game for 3-4 years and it's very frustrating because my fiance just started playing, and he got a special ball when he was on level 15 I believe!! Can someone give me some feedback?? Please and thank you!
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1 year ago, Bic.____
This game is just one giant illusion
Everything is obviously fixed. Once you start to win a lot you then start to lose a lot and it just cycles this way over and over again until you finally get over charade and accept you fell into the gambling casino effect this game was designed to do. It’s fun but pretty frustrating. It’s something I only play whenever I'm bored. I wouldn’t recommend spending money on this game because it’s very easy to lose all of your coins. All it takes is one wrong move. The only way to truly win is the bowl an almost perfect game because every opponent hits a strike almost every round.
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3 years ago, taydam93
Fun game but too many people cheat
I enjoy this game a lot. Definitely my favorite bowling app. BUT Too many people have hacked the game system and have been able to get “flying” balls. Which is cheating you will never win against someone with a flying ball. Especially if you play the 100 pin game like I do (that’s the only lane I play) so love it! But also seems like the game is rigged a bit depending on your amount of chips and level you are it mostly almost always lets them win the round. Which could help you out depending on your opponents rank. Would have gave this game 5 stars but not with the cheating and favoritisms of ranking.
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5 years ago, zCisnna369
Messing up ! Big Time!
I think the Bowling king game is going to pots..... loosing my friends in my list .... they just disappear or wen I request them .... I get a message : saying try again later , you friend us playing another player.... not true! Because I’m on the phone with the person , and we both compare wats being says wen we request each other...... we’ve be playing together since we both got the app on our phone.....This needs to Be str8n out!! I’m suppose to be able to play all the ppl I friend in the Bowling king and the ppl in my facebook friend list that’s in my Bowling king list..,would somebody please ! Take in consideration that all of us whom uses this app.... pays for it!! And wants to be able to use it correctly!!
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1 year ago, Rare Solstice
This is one of the best non pay to win games on the App Store! No need to spend any cash to still be able to compete and win against anyone! A true skill based game if you can master it. Yeah people that do buy better balls will have a slight advantage but if you learn the right spot on legit any ball you can strike every time. Mini clip you nailed it on this one I used to play years ago. I can’t stand those pay to win games and this isn’t one of them!
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2 years ago, Angelita Y.
This game has a hacker on it when I try’s to get onto Facebook page this lady posted as me and her sexual picture came up on my Facebook page, so she’s a hacker and a scammer too please fixed this problem I have on all of the apps store games her Name is (Angelita Null) her picture is a sexual one on this app on Facebook page she try too get mens money a scam them or anyone else who get onto her Facebook page posting as me please? Fix this problem?
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6 years ago, Karst912
Ok game but..
I know it is hard to make these types of games and this is definitely my favorite bowling game but bowling pins are not supposed to be cemented down. I play the same two rolls and two outcomes happen: 1. A strike or 2. I get 6 or 7 pins. This is a huge difference. I also agree with many of the people rating this 3 or 4 stars that the ads are a big problem. Everything either has the option to or makes an ad pop up which is a problem for many games now. I recommend this game because it is the best bowling game by far but just watch out for those minor differences.
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2 years ago, Kris1019
HUGE disappointment
I have been an OG to this game. YEARS of playing, tons of money being able to get ‘special’ balls, pins, lanes. Now? You need no skill. Now it’s a TROPHY for all game. I remember it taking me months to master 500 pins. And I remember getting spares that blew the mind!!! Now, you can have any ball, any pin, any lane, and you’ll most likely beat one of us OG’s that sank the time, energy and money into being able to maneuver these boards. It’s disgusting and disappointing. For all of us that did just that, gave the time energy and money, to be pushed aside for easy clicks and quick money from these developers, just horrendous. I’m gonna find another bowling game and I’ll PM as maybe ppl as I can.
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4 years ago, Cyberguy321
The thing about maps and chips
This game is average and give it 2 star review. But my opinion is how EXPENSIVE MAPS HAVE TO BE. I mean a 100 pin I’m in Paris is 100,000,000 chips! If we can slow it down, that would be cool to make maps more like at the most: 45 million. I would like that and as for chips, chips price is fine. For ingame purchases. But for if you loose a competition, you loose ALOT of money. If you lost the 100 pin Paris map, after all their work they would RAGE. You would loose 50,000,000!! Those are just 2 suggestions. I would really appreciate those changes. Thank you. And plus it’s kinda rigged.
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