Bowls - Tibetan Singing Bowls

4.8 (1.1K)
16.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Oceanhouse Media
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bowls - Tibetan Singing Bowls

4.77 out of 5
1.1K Ratings
5 years ago, Tina from Simi
May I suggest
Love the app! The bowl sounds are very authentic. I would love to see what the note is on each bowl, also would like to have an option of deeper sounding bowls. Like 12”. bowls and deeper. Also it’s less flowing when you have to keep swiping to another page to sound a different bowl, would be better if you could choose the size bowls you want and put them on one page. One last suggestion... would love the option to having a beautiful voice to incorporate with the bowls. I have been to a sound bath where the woman doing the bowls sang with it. That was almost better then the bowl sounds. Thanks
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5 years ago, Ventilator74
Stryker inTouch Bed
In the event you were hospitalized, and you were in a Stryker inTouch Bed that is commonly found in the ICU critical care setting,,if you were provided the sound the sound therapy that the Stryker inTouch Bed has to offer, then chances are, you remember the Track with the Tibetan singing Bowl, which was one of many works performed by Adam Schumaker!!! This app, reminds me of that Stryker inTouch Bed, because I was in one of those great critical care beds for about one month. The app provided here, is truly an amazing app. I love it!!!!! I think you should add a few more bowls!!! Other than that, this app is a Must have!!!
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5 years ago, dnaeye
Great companion tool for meditation
I was kind of skeptical at first of an app imitating Tibetan bowls, but it’s truly good enough. The sounds are accurate and the app is very easy to use. The only complaint I have is I wish there were some default recordings or a randomizer so I wouldn’t have to make my own newbie recording.
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4 years ago, Helixeagle
Great app, but should be free
I love the sounds, the bowls sound Authentic and relaxing, it’s simple enough for you to just relax and enjoy overall but the app is a little cumbersome or outdated. Considering you are paying, The resolution is for older devices so you don’t benefit from the bigger screen on iPhone 11. It creates a problem that’s a little annoying to swipe between bowls, there is a small gap around the bowl that allows you to swipe but sometimes you just end up pressing on the current bowl or awkward swiping between. I also don’t understand that you are paying for this app but it still has advertisements popping up (for other apps they offer), because of this and a lack of additional features it doesn’t feel like an app I’d pay for. And finally, while I think it’s great you can record your own, I think it would also be great to access a list of presets for those that just wish to sit back and listen. Overall for what you pay it’s a little lacking unfortunately.
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7 years ago, LadyGwindolyn
A great substitute for the real thing.
These singing bowls are great to have when you’re not at home with your bowls and you need to re-center. I have also used them at home before. This app has many bowls and cymbals whereas I have only 2 bowls at home. They are a great substitute for the real thing.
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6 years ago, Hbhappy
I have had this singing bowl app for many years and it is truly one of the few apps that I would not want to live without on my phone. Completely worth the price
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6 years ago, Dark Child
Wrong Price
I haven’t opened the app yet because I’m trying to figure out how it’s listed for $1.99, yet I was charged $3.99. I took a picture of the app in the store on my mom’s iPhone just in case I made a mistake, but I didn’t! I have the proof now and will be seeking a refund. I would NOT trust this app developer, and I’m upset I did. I know $2 isn’t a big difference, but it’s a matter of right and wrong. I’m disappointed and I haven’t even used the program. What a scam!
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6 years ago, Ispirited
I have had this app for years. I use it to meditate or calm down when my bowls are not with me.
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7 years ago, Takal NY
Recording doesn't always work. It should offer recordings where the chimes ring every two or five minutes etc. We should have more variety of bowls to choose from. Thank you.
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2 years ago, Pitaisbad
Crap App
Never works properly. Stops when it feels like it, i.e. in the middle of trying to meditate or any other time. Spent more time trying to get it to work than actually meditating with it. Big waste of money. Total garbage. There should be a minus rating so I can give this – 5 stars.
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6 years ago, KarenMathis
Love it!
Just like the real thing... I can even feel vibrations through my earphones
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7 years ago, Gangapriya
Great App, wish there were more of such apps available.
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4 years ago, Mountain Viewer
Love this app
Very simple and peaceful. Easy to learn and enjoy. Have it on my iPhone and iPad both.
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5 years ago, Negromo
Requires update
Basic settings interface. Don’t allow airplay to HomePod or other airplay compatible device. Need to swipe to change bowls. Why you don’t put all on the same screen?
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6 years ago, Bodhi311
Cool app! Nice to have a singing bowl app for when I’m traveling or just outside meditating.
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7 years ago, Vovkaman
Amazing app
Love making music with this app. Very meditative and relaxing.
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4 months ago, Nonaqiyt
This Was a Great Idea by a Good
I’m going out for the yoyo
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4 years ago, Southern Sassi Prof
Are there directions as to how to use it?
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8 years ago, Krkrjk
Now I understand
Prior to this week I had only heard of and seen brief scenes in documentaries of "singing bowls". Some I have downloaded this app I have become a believer in the holistic benefits of this type of meditation and relaxation. I can spend many enjoyable minutes learning by trying to bring the most comforting melodies from this app that appears to faithfully return the fidelity and purity of the voices of these precious, evocative instruments. I am very, very pleased with my purchase and especially because it allows me to record my sessions for later playback. I would highly recommend this app for anyone who can take a few moments out if each day to spend some time with the singing bowls as a means of relaxation and restoration of the spirit.
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7 years ago, min007
Very nice app
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12 years ago, Spiritual Skies
Spirit Bells
Do you know how much just one of those bowls cost? A lot! Plus the time to learn just to get "GOD'S Holy Sound" out is a lot of wonderful spiritual goodness and plain old good karma. I'm not saying for a cosmic minute ( A Thousand Earth Years?) to replace this app with the real thing! Oh Dear Lord, No!!! But, this is for those of us, let us say, financially indisposed, well, at least, if one honestly meditates, an extremely good karma making activity, instead of mindlessly always playing goofy computer games. I say Kudos and more to you Programmers! I say to us consumers of wisdom, try it! Get it! You can't go wrong! Just, meditate every day! Trust me, it literally just may save your holy spirit! Meditate, mediate, then: Ohm, Hmm, Ahmmmmmm..........
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14 years ago, JRPierce
my heart is singing too!
I love this app. I just downloaded it and it is wonderfully constructed. The sounds are lovely and noodling around i found that tapping the other objects on the screen gave me other sounds that complemented the bowl singing. Tapping anywhere on the bowl gives a different sound than swirling along the edge. As i have this app on my iPod Touch i am using the headphones. i also went to the oceanhouse media website to find out more about the product and it gives the name and websites of the people that contributed the sounds and the pictures. This is a sweet app and i am having a great time with it.
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15 years ago, Kaizen-Kaikaku
Great App but slight bug
Appears to be a great app with great potential. It does what it says and is an interesting and relaxing application. There does appear to be a bug based on a combination of actions or touches to the scressn that cause the screen to go black requiring you to reboot your iPhone. This can occur on any screen and I am not sure what combinations cause this but it occurs every time (touching other items that make noise, circling the lip of the bowl and or tapping the bowl to make a noise) and it is frustrating. It appears that if you attempt to move to a different bowl once you have started to generate a tune via the circling the lip of the current bowl that this may cause the black screen. This has occurred everytime I have used this app. Hope to see this fixed in future versions.
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15 years ago, Shreddi
Not worth the 2 bucks
Its ok and thats all. First time I launched it it crashed my iphone. This is the only App I have had my iphone crash on and I have over 5 full pages of apps. Second try was fine but not very touch sensitive. The bowl does not keep sustaining a note even while you keep circling with finger. Anyway, I wasted 2 bucks and I think they have a lot of nerve charging more than 1 dollar for this. I dont mind paying more than a dollar if its worth it. I bought a good music looping iphone app for 20 bucks and no complaints. Supporting apps like this will drive up the price on all of them. Just read the positive reviews and Laughed. Obviously Plants. Who would vote this post as helpful when it makes no sense at all or has nothing in it? The people who really use it had the same problems I did. Usually I read the reviews first. This will teach me.
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13 years ago, Dagon Peabody
This is THE most beautiful, relaxing, & smooth of ALL the Zen apps crowding the app stores. Easy & very nice UI; you just touch the little "I" button for instructions but for us Buddhists its self explainatory. The sounds of the bowls are SO CLEAR I have always been hypnotized by the sound of a finger going around the rim of a just washed wet wineglass & tinkly sounds turn me to mush. I LIVE for these sounds and tones to calm down. BUY BOWLS TODAY AND BE BOWLED OVER by sound quality, smoothness, & a very professionally put together app WORTH the little . Thank you and have a NICE weekend Nothing bad to say. STILL THE ZEN APP in the app store. Very nice to wake up to.
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13 years ago, JPL4
Missing Major Features
This app is very relaxing but you can't completely let go because you have to play the bowls yourself. PLEASE... Please give your users the ability to record sessions. I would love to record a custom mix of my favorite bowls and then play them back when needed. A timer and alarm clock would also be handy to complement this feature. One more thing I would love to see is each bowl's definition. Just a page in the information section that describes and breaks down all of the bowls and their uses. I'll likely keep this app and hope for updates but I can't really use it for my main intention. I'll have to download another app for helping me sleep and meditate. Still needs to be updated for backgrounding and retina display as well.
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15 years ago, Patrick Kerwin
A VERY well done app...but
Pro: Great user interface, great sound quality, and great response time. Easy and fun to use- sounds remind me of the star trek theme when you get them all going in order. :) Con: doesn't really have a "lasting fun factor". I don't really find myself rushing to use it. If I do use it, it's for 30 seconds and then I close the app. Summary: Aesthetically pleasing with high quality sounds and graphics, but not necessarily functional. I will probably leave it on my iPhone for the next 3 weeks and then it will end up in the app graveyard. 5 for design and quality, minus one star for lacking consistent purpose.
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14 years ago, Blueghosst
Relaxation, an app 4 that.
Totally worth the one time cost. Before this app, this would've been an activity most people would never be able to experience so easily and casually. Now an amateur to Bowls as instruments can make rhytms like a pro. I didn't realize how relaxing it would be but now I appreciate this app for it's meditative qualities. It sounds great without headphones when I'm making demonstrations for friends (and everyone's been impressed). But for personal use, I do recomend using headphones for a truly full throttle experience.
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15 years ago, adoredregardless
I got this app on an impulse while I was riding in the car fiddling with my phone-and was assuming I'd play with it and delete. Boy was I wrong. I am blown away by the visual and audio quality as well as the general execution of the concept. The bowls are so beautiful, and I love how you can flip from page to page and mix the tones. I'm not much of a granola eating, yoga practicing, meditative type, but I love drone music. I wish there was a record and export to .wav function. And this is greedy of me, because the app is very complete, but... More bowls please :)
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15 years ago, ManFromTexas
Excellent App!
I am probably the most pleased with this app than any other I have downloaded here. Period. Very well designed visually, the sounds are very clean and I have not had one single glitch with it. I actually use it as an instrument by scrolling through the pages quickly and striking and rubbing the bowls. Great way to chill out a bit. I look forward to see what new updates may bring or others app they may come out with.
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9 years ago, KhestraKaramak
Darn close to perfect
The tones from this app are just amazing - short of going out and buying a bunch of bowls, this app is a great purchase. The recording option is a really great feature. Only two things that kinda bum me out is 1) would love to have all the bowls on one page as switching pages can be cumbersome 2) wish the recorded tracks would still play if app was minimized or if I lock the phone (like the music app), mostly so I can listen to the recording in the dark without the light of the phone shining. But again this app is way worth the purchase.
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10 years ago, Wakingupwell
Lovely sound and Incredibly creative design
I love to use bowls for meditation classes and this one is the very best app I've found. Having this app makes the bowls portable so when I travel, I have bowls always with me. The app is visually beautiful, I love the sound and I find it easy to move from 1 bowl to the next. I also appreciate simple apps. This one is easy to use. I can have anyone in the class play a note or let the rims begin to sing. Everybody enjoys it.
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14 years ago, FormerWonk
Fantastic sound with headphones!
I've practiced meditation for years, so I knows how these bells & bowls sound out here in the world. I own a Tibetan bowl & this sounds so much like my own I keep expecting to feel the vibration in my sternum. The variety of tones from the bowls, bells, & gongs even let's the user make improv melodies. And you know what the musicologists are showing about the musical brain -- turn on those pleasure centers, get this app & play!
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15 years ago, JasonAswell
Zen Student
Brilliant tones, a clean and intuitive interface, very enjoyable. A singing bowl chorus with me where ever I go. The only suggestions I have to extend the enjoyment of the app would be if there was a setting to disable the screen autolock so you could easily activate the bowls if you have been listening idle for a while. Also, a autopilot mode would be nice for infinite random playback; set it and forget it. Thank you for this application. It will certainly enhance my on the go meditation practice.
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15 years ago, sandcrawler
Great distraction
Bowls is a great escape from all the other "useful" apps on the iPhone that just feel like more work, or require too much thought to use. So, if you want to escape for awhile, but don't want to escape from your iPhone, this one is perfect! It's way more relaxing than a game. It sounds really amazing. Also, it's fun to play along with music playing on the iPod. Start something mellow and accompany it with Bowls.
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14 years ago, Cujo77
Bowls - Authentic Tibetan Singing Bowls
For someone like me who would love to own an actual Tibetan singing bowl but simply can't afford one right now, this application is perfect. The various bowls and bells sustain their unique sounds long enough to compose beautiful meditative music. My two suggestions to improve this app are to add the ability to (1) save a composition and (2) play it back in a loop for a predetermined period of time. Well done!
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14 years ago, Scoggz
Casual Users Beware
I personally did not find this app all that relaxing. I think it is well made, the graphics are nice, and the interface is seemless. Unfortunately, the sounds just really did not help me relax, in fact, I actually got frustrated that I could not control them a little better (surprise surprse). I think I would have to *really* love bowls to like this application, and perhaps if you are one of those people, then I would recommend this to you, but for the casual user looking for some relaxation, I would recommend going elsewhere.
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15 years ago, DJ AMPM
Definitely worth a look
I enjoyed this app quite a bit. It's exactly what it advertises, a soothing program that lets you calm some stress while you're on the go. I happen to like the unique sounds. It could be a bit more responsive when switching bowls, and would love to see more interactive elements, but overall very much worth the price of admission. RECOMMENDED!
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11 years ago, claytondb
Great app - But could be better
This app has a lot of potential. The interface is beautiful, though sometimes hard to swipe between bowls. The sound samples are a little but short. I wish they lasted a long time, because that's the appeal of using them for meditation and being able to focus. I have very good headphones, so I can tell right when they cut off. One suggestion: This needs a meditation timer. That would be a fantastic addition and would make this app twice as useful. Thanks!
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14 years ago, DMullert
Great APP
This is a very good app. I am a frequent traveler and this helps me relax a lot in long flights. It would be even better if in a future update the manufacturer could incorporate the ability to let it play by itself by playing random bowls over a period of time. That way you could stick the iPod on to the BOSE station and let the bowls play in the house.
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14 years ago, James Wald
Simple and relaxing
I don't know anything about Tibetan singing bowls but the sounds each one makes is very relaxing. I like the basic instruments too. One suggestion to the developers, please disable the scroll view rebound (or at least make it a constant speed regardless of swipe speed) because it sometimes prevents me from playing an instrument just after I swipe slowy between the screens.
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8 years ago, Blue Pine
a sublime experience
These are wonderful! The sound is indescribably beautiful! Although moving from bowl to bowl is easy, I would love to be able to choose from all the bowls at once on my iPad. That way, we wouldn't have to scroll through several screens to get to the next bowl, if we don't want to sing them in the order given by the screens.
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10 years ago, RedCardinal3
Best bowls to live with!!!
This is one of the best apps that I have for sure!!! If you want to have something in the palm of your hand whenever you need a calm fix, this is the very best! I love how you can rim the bowls as I call it, it is down right fun!! It calms me and gets me in this very relaxing space, all with the turn of the bowl! I simply love it and highly recommend it to you!!! JA
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14 years ago, Esfauth
Needs more
I like this app the music is beautiful and relaxing but like others have mentioned it NEEDS the options of being able to record and play the music you create. Have the bowls all in the same screen and maybe have the ability to be able to hear the music others have created. *********DO NOT BUY ******this app. Not worth your money unless the developers add more options
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14 years ago, ScionStream
Bowls + Tesla = AWESOME!!!
This is pretty cool...especially if you have some music to gone along with it. I highly recommend the Tesla audio apps especially Pure Meditation - it goes PERFECT with this. Take the Tesla app and put it in the background running its music (their app has multitasking) and then use Bowls in the foreground and create your own works of art...totally AWESOME!!!
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14 years ago, scrude-again
Needs play buttons
I like the bowl tones. The rim tones a little odd with the subtle synth background sound. The bowls are many times meant to be hit for others who are trying to relax. This procedure is difficult when you have to tap them yourself. I begin to relax , but can't cause I have to hit the bowls to hear them. PLEASE update with play buttons for eithe rim or bowl. Another option which would be nice is a timer!! PLEASE UPDATE. !!!!
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14 years ago, Ashurbanipal2911
Great sound quality
Sounds very authentic and easy to use. Would be nice if, in a later update, the programmers created a mode that repeated the last few notes, so that the user could set a "program" and let it run for a while. But this is still a great and enjoyable app!
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14 years ago, Shady Art Lady
Zen In Your Pocket
True sounds. Very relaxing. Great way to begin and end meditation. Singing bowls act like real singing bowls if you move to fast they "ring out" so it makes you take your time and enjoy the rhythm. I especially love how you can have them play simultaneously. Wonderful app and peaceful sounds. Thank you!
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7 years ago, amas-dc
Love It
Had this app for years and really love it. The fact that you can create your own sound and record it is the 5 star for me. It gave me the opportunity to create which to me is fascinating in itself since I did not know I had it in me. The magnificent sounds are very calming indeed. Highly recommended! Thanks.
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15 years ago, KennyInFlorida
Worked fine only after rebooting
This is one app that I had to reboot before it would work. It crashed twice after installing, but after rebooting, it has worked fine since. It does produce some nice soothing sounds, but it seems to distort the speaker at times, so keep your volume down some.
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