Bowmasters - Multiplayer Game

4.5 (1.9M)
482.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Playgendary Limited
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bowmasters - Multiplayer Game

4.55 out of 5
1.9M Ratings
2 years ago, Kinglpthe1st
Best game ever
This game is packed with action.I love this game and the characters and their weapons. Their is a wide selection of characters their are daily rewards and daily chests. Their are also vip characters that you can get from daily chests or the premium subscription, some you can just by with the in game currency tokens. You earn tokens with matches won or you can just buy them. If you do not want to sign up for a subscription and want all the vip characters their is a pack that rarely comes around and you can buy it for fifteen dollars and you will get all 22 vip characters. I love this game so much my dad started playing it and I followed him. He has like all the characters in the game and almost all of the ones that can be upgraded upgraded. How you upgrade sertant characters is gems you can get gem in small amounts like 1 or 5 form chests or you can spend money and buy gems. You can also get a free 200 gems from z days. Its a 10,000 token in trance fee but if you defeat all 10 waves of zombies getting harder each wave you will get a character the first time you do it with the 200 gems but each time after that you just get 200 gems. If you fail the first time you have bunch of try’s to win. And that’s it.
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1 year ago, dhdhxgj
Best game ever
I just wish that you didn’t have to get keys to unlock the chest. I wish you have to find a map but still anyways I love the action and everything but there’s one thing I just wish there was more characters and first of all the football player. Why is he so much to upgrade, second of all why is there so many OP characters and some are not I feel like almost all of them should be OP because that wouldn’t be fair because if other people play and they just get like a baby character and the other person gets literally the God character like ice king bro his power one shot the chainsaw guy upgraded. He is so good. I play with him every day but he he is just way too good and please add more characters. Please add more things like add more zombie waves please because it cause it’s so fun and all the tournaments are actually fun though also I was there was one more thing added with zombies. I wish there was like zombie points where there’s like a Tonna waves and you have to get like 5000 of zombie coins or something you have to spend the zombie coins to get like chests and skins. I wish that was fun to do last thing just have a great and wonderful day.
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5 months ago, Unemplayered
Okay, so I know this game has changed a lot, but the modes haven’t. I mean, every update there are new seasons and modes, but the modes aren’t really fun. Well, yes they are new and different, but not in a good way. Blood race is just normal fights but they need to be won fast, and headshot challenge is just normal fights except you try for headshots. Do you see what I mean? ITS JUST NORMAL FIGHTS! There is bird hunt and apple shoot along with zombie days, but those have been around for a while and do not live up to the “Multiplayer” expectations initially stated in “Bowmasters Multiplayer”. First, you should make more modes. But before anything, please make it online because I can tell it’s not online. They are not real players in the headshot challenge and tournaments even though the names look real. So after you make it online, you should make more modes. Maybe a mode where you can see the whole map and throw weapons at the other player (actual online player) without taking turns? You should also make the tournaments like Gubka actually give you the Gubka player. So PLEASE make it online with more actual online modes. - Written 1/9/24, waiting for response.
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2 years ago, ROBLOX fan oh yea
I love it thanks for making this game
I like it because it’s kinda easy to get a fatality thingy come up from the bottom of my screen and there is something i don’t like so for example I can’t get premium and that equals me getting mad because I see cool skins and they are premium but I can’t get it so it makes me really really mad and I don’t like getting mad because one time I was one my Xbox playing my game and on my I pad I was FaceTiming my friend and I got mad and broke it and yea I regret that but back to the game so I also don’t like the false adds and the reason I downloaded it was because of the cool modes but when I played it I thought you had you unlock it but no it turns out it was all just really fake and I don’t like that but anyway I like the game it’s super super super super super super super super fun and I like playgendary the developer of Bowmasters I enjoyed playing it and the best character I have is mancat and mancat is cool because it has that cool backwords mechanic and its really cool and my names Blake and I just turn 8 last month and thanks I hope you read this and bye playgendary
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4 years ago, TheKazooGoesNoot
I didn’t enjoy this game
First off, I want to say it’s a really cool concept, but the way they handle it kills it for me, and many others. They swarm you with ad after ad after ad, hell there’s a Party Masters guy that pops up in the middle of a game for no reason. Most of the characters are found in chests/VIP..a subscription that’s $8 a month...that’s half an Xbox Gamepass Ultimate subscription, but only for 14 characters..seriously? Or you could try your luck with chests, which purposefully go one square behind where it’s about to land, they don’t even try to hide it, animation and all. Good luck using coins after you’ve bought all the characters, now you need to watch ads for chests, or get free chests every few hours, that’s a good feature but overshadowed by everything else. The zombies mode is physically impossible without VIP characters, such as ones with explosives due to the high health of zombies. And do I have to bring up the ads FOR this game?! They’re false advertising what’s in their game, a portal, draw, and toxic mode? Nope! There’s normal, online, bird hunting, tournament, and two other things I forgot but you get the point, none of those cool modes are there. And they try to stay hip with the kids with dances that have little relevance anymore, like Hype and Best Mates. TL;DR, cool concept, ruined by money hungry schemes
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3 years ago, thegamingpapruys
Great game, but used to be better
So I would like to start off with your advertisement you say you have all these modes but you don't. Such as draw mode, portal gun mode, and toxic mode which none of are in the game. What I'm trying to say here is don't advertise for stuff you don't actually have. Now moving on to your adds. See there are way to many ads I know it's a free game and all but there ads after every game and then ads to get a chest and ads to finish him. And I'm pretty sure there are adds before a game. I do see a solution instead of having ads after every game maybe after every 2 games I know you want to push your no ads thing but you can't just swarm people with ads it will make people not wanna play and if you listen to this you could get you game up to 5 star. Now for member ships see these things cost way to much money and it makes people who got it want to get rid of it. The prices for the member ship is 7.50 a week and that's kind of ridiculous. Now for your characters. See most of the characters used to be free now half of them cost three dollars and you can see where this is going it's mostly a play to win type of deal and when your upgrading your characters it's way to many's gems and the football player is like 5000 gems to upgrade and it's not even that worth it. But in conclusion I hope you read this because it could improve your game.
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4 years ago, MumblingAlien
Short games, Long Ads
You choose one of many characters into a 1 v 1 item throwing death-battle. The goal is to impale your opponent until their health drops. It usually takes 3 successful on target shots to finish your opponent. You aim by measuring the angle and the power behind the throw. Once their health is fully lowered you have the opportunity to “FINISH THEM” by hitting them once more. It then moves to a gruesome but fun “FATALITY” like ending. Each character has a different item that they throw to impale the opponent. You obtain more characters by buying them with coins you earn from wins. After 10 wins you unlock PvP mode. The best part of the game is the whimsical violent art style that is familiar and likable. Other than the art, the game is short and the Ads are long. It was painfully long obtaining PvP. The Ads are very long and frequent. Did I say the Ads are long? To remove them you can pay a RIDICULOUSLY expensive subscription. The game will charge after a free 3 day trial, that more than likely a kid would forget about. The money hungry reminders if you don’t immediately agree to the free trial is very annoying on top of the already extremely annoying long Ads. The game offers characters for favors, such as Instagram likes. I’m unsure if it offers one for rating it or not, but I don’t understand its high rating. Please avoid this game and spend your time and possible accidental spending else where.
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5 years ago, Towermud1
Cool but some issues
So I would like to start off with your advertisement you say you have all these modes but you don’t. Such as draw mode, portal gun mode, and toxic mode which none of are in the game. What I’m trying to say here is don’t advertise for stuff you don’t actually have. Now moving on to your adds. See there are way to many ads I know it’s a free game and all but there ads after every game and then ads to get a chest and ads to finish him. And I’m pretty sure there are adds before a game. I do see a solution instead of having ads after every game maybe after every 2 games I know you want to push your no ads thing but you can’t just swarm people with ads it will make people not wanna play and if you listen to this you could get you game up to 5 star. Now for member ships see these things cost way to much money and it makes people who got it want to get rid of it. The prices for the member ship is 7.50 a week and that’s kind of ridiculous. Now for your characters. See most of the characters used to be free now half of them cost three dollars and you can see where this is going it’s mostly a play to win type of deal and when your upgrading your characters it’s way to many’s gems and the football player is like 5000 gems to upgrade and it’s not even that worth it. But in conclusion I hope you read this because it could improve your game.
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4 years ago, Matalka Moblie Game Reviews
Great game, but some issues
First of all, this game is amazing! I play it everyday and is probably the only game I play now. It’s actually fun and I’m not playing it just so I can get all the characters or become No. 1 at it. I’m playing it because it really IS fun. It’s great that you don’t have to buy blood and gore too. Which reminds me, I know you probably see this all the time in your reviews, but the premium cost is WAY to high. That is the most important issue which really should be fixed. 8 dollars a week!? That’s honestly a ridiculous price. Most games I’ve played which offers a premium pass is for 5 dollars! Lower the price so you only have to pay like 5 dollars for premium or something. One payment too, not having to pay every year or month. At least have it so you can unlock EVERY character without having to buy anything, just with coins or gems. That might attract lots more players. Also, if you don’t mind, please make the ads less frequent. They can get really annoying. But, this game definitely seems like something that can be really popular, so you might want to lower those prices. And overall, one of the best games I’ve ever played! It’s simple and fun!
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5 years ago, lmbochick
Woah Good game! But i would like to see this in the game
Ok its a good game i love it! Its just i want to see something in the game...DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN!!!! Special Attacks! Like the game could have a feature where theres a bar of if you miss or hit your enemy and your bar reaches 100 you could do a special attack and maybe theres a special attack for each character? Now i have an idea of a special attack for the default skin Just a lot of arrows from a bow now lets talk about the % of how much you get for missing or hitting now if you miss you get a 25% of your bar filled up and if you hit you get a 40% of your bar filled up now you can tweak the numbers if you want i just think this would be a good feature in the game and this can make the game more fun and challenging Even in PVP this could be a Game changer like lets say you have 20% of your health left and your enemy has 50% health left and you have a full bar you could do a special attack and hope you hit him and you could win see how game changing that is!?!? So please add this in the game. Thank you
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3 years ago, Xanbelor
Good Game, a few annoying features
I really think this game is a great concept and decently executed. The ads can get really annoying, but you are playing for free and they need to make money somehow. Paying the $4 is more like buying the game rather than getting rid of ads. I overall have a lot of fun playing this game but there are a few things that do bug me. First and foremost, this game constantly bugs you to get characters when you can afford them. I had enough gems to afford the “mad mike” upgrade but I didn’t want to buy him, but the game kept switching my character to mike in order to get me to buy the upgrade. Eventually, I bought it because I had a ton of gems, but then it kept bugging me to waste my coins on worthless characters and keeps doing it to this day, much to my annoyance. The next criticism I have is the bugs, and they are quite apparent. These bugs include but are not limited to: the game crashing often, a character never getting its turn because it keeps showing their dance, inconsistency in online games, and the game being unresponsive. But other than that, I really like the game and play it every day.
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4 years ago, BlazeTiger69
I used to like this game and I’ve been playing for it about 2 years or so, but I have a couple issues. First of all, it’s extremely easy to unlock all the different avatars which might sound like a plus, but i don’t like the fact that it’s so easy to get all of them. Second, I don’t know if I just have a terrible phone or it’s the game but the Arnold the destroyer crashes the app if u get a chance to perform his finishing move, as well as a few others. Thirdly, there are so many adds to the point where you can’t even see play and sometimes when your in the middle of the zombie mode bring a random add will pop up. Also, I downloaded the game because I saw all those really cool modes like acid, portal, and draw mode. I thought that looked like fun. So I installed and played for a couple days thinking you had to unlock it, but it was all false advertising. It’s not like it was only for a couple weeks. Sometimes I’ll be playing another game and I’ll see co-op, baseball mode, and the other previously mentioned modes. Lastly, it’s the premium/vip or whatever. It’s ridiculous how like half of the avatars in the game are in that and they’re all the cool ones. It’s especially annoying when your at a point where u have like 100,000 coins and nothing to spend it on and you can’t get vip.
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2 years ago, HI_thEre👁👅👁
Good! Just one or two things
The game is super good! I highly suggest it- when I was in first grade I remember playing it and loving the game! There is just one thing. I feel like there should be other things you do than just throw a weapon and hit another person- there should be other mini-games (not like the bird or other multi-player) that you can unlock later in the game. A suggestion for one is maybe one where you yourself challenge against someone around the world that also is participating, and maybe another one could be some parkour thing. I also feel like way too many things cost money, so far though I like the game and idk why everyone is complaining about adds, so far I have seen very few of them, and even then, I just turn off my internet because my phone will let me play it then without adds. If you are reading this and haven’t downloaded the game yet, I highly suggest the game. It’s very fun and a cool thing to do in your free time! You can also practice certain skills like measuring and aiming in the app too which is very useful. That’s all I need to say, thanks for taking your time reading this.
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3 years ago,
Too many ads
Yes, I know that you have to pay to have the ads removed. But there is way too many ads. I understand they get paid for advertising games, but ads pop up every two minutes. I personally don’t think that we should have to pay for ads. And that goes for ANY game/app. These companies get enough money as it is. They are being plain old greedy at this point. For example once I exit a game I can’t click on anything because a ad pops up. At that the ads aren’t even interesting or make me want to download the game. They aren’t helping promote these apps. Other than that the game itself is very fun and easy to play. That is one of my biggest complaints. My second complaint is the cost of certain characters. Some players are children/teens or even adults. You don’t always want to have to play for a character then the character not have enough worth. Or certain parents aren’t willing to pay for these characters. Those are my only complaints at this moment. Which can simply be fixed. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I WOULD LIKE TO RATE IT A 2.5 FOR MY COMPLAINTS BUT IT WOULD LET ME! —Zeniah.M
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4 years ago, Slayer_32
More fatalities and less ADS
First of all, I love this game. I love the idea of characters like Arnold and Fernando. But there are some characters that have boring fatalities. For example, Julius doesn’t really do anything except for a minor explosion. Also, there are way to many ads. Seriously, I can’t go 20 seconds without getting hit with a zooba or wordscape ad. I’m not exaggerating. And these ads will sometimes appear in cases where you don’t need them. I’ll be playing the zombie mode (Really fun btw) and have an ad in the middle of the wave. I end up dying and have to restart the zombie mode because of it. I’m not saying to take out the ads completely, but to reduce the ads for after the round. And I know that a lot of people agree with me. Finally, you guys have ads for modes that aren’t in the game, like drawing and portals. Please fix and reduce your ads. I can’t stress enough how annoying it is to lose games because of the ads that come in the middle of a battle. There’s even a guy in the game sponsoring party masters!!! Please, please, please reduce your ads. Concept - 9/10 Ads - 1/10 Fatalities - 7/10 Brutalities - 10/10
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3 years ago, arbugus
Love this game but could be better
So when i logged into the game i liked it and stuff and i wasn't requesting any changes but but now i have a few first the diamond member ship is to expensive and all that money just for 14 limited characters. Second so i get why you put a price on Jeremy but why put a price on T-666 and school mates there not over powered. Third so you might know that hipster and dark mage can two shot anyone but when your facing them on computer there very smart aimers and will kill you so i would like it if there slightly dumb so everybody could have a chance of winning. Fourth force buying and force upgrading like thats so annoying forcing people to buy this character simply bc you could afford it and that makes players and me frustrated. Fifth so when your enemy on computer has zero health they sometimes can have another chance i don’t know if its a bug or it’s supposed to be that way but i really want that to stop. Sixth spawning at situational places like being to close by a hill and basically losing i want the aiming system to at least be easy. So thats all my changes.
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4 years ago, Lasimixito
Take out diamond membership and a couple of other things
Listen to me please. Diamond membership is pretty horrible. To be honest, I’d much rather play a game thats very grindy (old Bowmasters) than a game where everything is P2W (That stands for pay to win). I feel like you shouldn’t have to pay a sum of money to get something that should’ve been free with the game in the first place. That also applies to a bunch of your other games too. For example, Kick the Buddy, Gun Flip, etc. A mobile game with an absurd amount of ads is one thing, I can deal with that. But absurd amounts of ads AND P2W?? That don’t make much sense to me. And I know I’m not alone on this. There are a handful of people who hate Diamond Membership. Also, while you’re at it, you can improve some other things: 1. If you’re gonna give true forms to some people, you might as well give true forms to everyone. 2. I get why you put a price on Jeremy, but why T-666? He’s not really overpowered. 3. Make all the characters free and more user friendly. The target demographic are kids and teens, and its not very likely that they’ll have any kind of money in their phones. 4. Stop bombarding people with ads. I swear, 50% is ads and no actual gameplay.
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1 month ago, Jdjsndhsndhfkjsgd
Great game, TERRIBLE ADS
This is a great game don't get me wrong, it uses your brain to aim it where you want it to go, in order to hit the opponent. They also have good graphics, and good blood (if you don't like blood, probably don't download this), they also have pretty good graphics, and the bots aren't absolutely terrible at the game, so that it's so easy. Most of them are actually really good, and they have really good aim! Great game you might think right? Wrong. They bombard you with ads, every game, ad. If you want something, ad, then another ad. After every single game, you have the chance to watch an ad for something not even that good, or you have the chance to watch an ad for nothing at all. (Even after you get the reward for watching the ad, they still give you another ad). Great game, but WAY too many ads. Also they ask you numerous times if you want to watch an ad for something, and every time I log into the game, they ask me if I want to pay for in-game characters. They ask me 3 times and it's extremely annoying. Otherwise, good game. Just make there be one ad after every 2 games or so please. Then I'll rate it 5 stars.
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4 years ago, A_Totally_Normal_Guy
Great concept, poor execution.
Bowmasters is a fun game, don’t get me wrong. It is a relatively original idea and I think it could have been more successful if it hadn’t driven people like me away. Let’s start with the problem that’s hardest to ignore. The crashing. Every time I start a match, the game crashes. Whether it’s against computer or multiplayer, the main aspect of the game is inaccessible to me, and looking at the rest of these reviews, a lot of other people too. Also, I’m talking directly to the company on this one. I know you think your game is hot stuff, but a game is never worth $8.00 a week. Yes, you heard that right, folks. They charge $8.00 a week for a couple overpowered characters and some daily gems and coins. They call this incentive. The characters in premium are ridiculously overpowered, to the point where some of them can nearly one shot my character in one go. To everyone here that is upset about the ads, turn off WiFi. Misleading ads as well, and I don’t know what it is with this company and misleading ads, but I have seen several for this game that don’t actually advertise real content. BTW changing the name of diamond membership to premium doesn’t make me any more apt to buying your silly paid plan. Nice try.
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3 years ago, Nate_is_sus
I love this game so much, but a few suggestions
I absolutely love this game, and I have every non buyable character in the game. A few suggestions towards the game to make it a bit more fun. First, advertise that the no-ads buyable item is just pop up ads, because I have seen people angry about it. Secondly, maybe make it that you can buy premium characters with like 2-5k each. 3rd, would maybe be you could view the upgradable character style of premium characters even if you don’t have premium. For example, I could see Terrances 2nd style, even if I don’t own him, and finally, just lower the prices of things. I know you need the money, and I understand that, but Bowmasters was so much more fun when there was no premium, and when I could get any character I wanted by coins. If you absolutely need the money, then at least lower the prices to maybe only be like 10-15 dollars for premium. Over all, love the game, and I hope you read this review, it would be an amazing change to follow through with these things. Hope you see this, thanks so much!
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1 year ago, Haytron09
Add more characters
The awesome I love and my friends and family do to but there is one problem or we’ll a suggestion please add more characters like add some characters from Bowmasters ultimate maybe give some more characters upgrades like perhaps Jim have it were you can up grade him to a buff came leader with the sleeves ripped off and he throws a entire bag of marshmallows that’s on fire and like add characters from shows like SpongeBob SquarePants, loud house, Ninja turtles, Star Wars the clone wars, Star Wars the bad batch series, Lego Star Wars, Lego ninjago, Lego marvels, and also maybe get ride of premium because like a lot people can’t afford like my family and friends and a lot of people I know that I’m close with because like I want to use terminator, Tony stark, Mocking jay from Hunger games oh and the third hunger games movie is my favorite but take up my offer think about It’s okay if you reply with a no but it would be cool also It would make for 4 year old son happy and I’m 23 and having a fun time playing this game.
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5 years ago, 🍔•••••••🐢
Ads and coins need to be fixed
I 100% agree with the comment below this one, I never get good things from chests, I never get any gems, and you really do need to make a conversion of coins to gems like the guy said below like 1000 coins = 5 gems or 100 coins = 1 gem, something like that. I keep on getting this game to check if you’ve made it better but that’s the case, you guys put up way to many ads, why should I watch an ad for a chest that I earned? It makes no sense. The games idea I great no doubt but seriously guys, your game is getting worse and worse with every update, like war robots, I loved it, it was about skill and not money, but now you cant even get a good robot or weapon without paying around $200, it’s insane, that’s what you’re doing right now, the diamond membership is like $7.99 a month right? Who would waste money an a noble game? Just stop putting ads for everything and put Ads on bonus item like, “watch 10 ads to get this character” or, you can put bonus chests in the lobby and people can watch like 3 ads to get a free chest but first make the chests good, when people read this they’re gonna be like “ this dude is just a hater” or something, I love this game I really do but you better fix this game before it goes downhill and nobody plays it.
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5 years ago, skanbansnnanssjooq
Pretty cool
I understand the concept of the game. It is good because it teaches you about angles(sorta). Though, this is a good game, it is one of those games children will hide from their parents. It has a lot of morbid content. I am sure no parent would allow their child to play this game if they knew the object/goal was to kill other players. I know that is why this game is for ages 12 and older, but nobody is going to listen to that policy. I know about this game because my older sister downloaded it. Yes, I am a child. I am 11 years old. According to the policy, I could play the game in a year. Yet again, nobody actually reads the policy or pays any attention to the “12+” imprinted on the page for the app in the App Store. Back to the point, I would like if the creator or producer of the game would make it less morbid. That is why my sister deleted. Her friends did too. When my parents saw what game she was playing they demanded her to delete it. I don’t think people should encourage children and teens (and possibly young adults) to watch and try to kill an animated character. For, that could encourage bad behaviors. That is all I have to say. Otherwise, the game is okay.
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2 years ago, J. Kaye
I never write reviews but I had to in this case. I LOVE this game! I’ve had the app for a few years but I wasn’t very good so I kind of quit playing. I just picked it back up again and have played until I’m finally pretty good. But good or not it’s so much fun! I love the raggedy Ann doll deaths and all the ways the characters die. And win! You would never have to buy anything if you didn’t want to and you aren’t constantly getting pop ups to even be able to play the game. I would definitely recommend this to everyone. And I do all the time! Update! Since the update my game crashes immediately every time I open it to play! I haven’t been able to play this game in weeks! I sent messages on messenger as well as email but all that does is give me an automated response that they will get back to me as soon as they can. Yet they haven’t. And I also have had a subscription and I have yet to get 100 gems per day. Someone please help! I’m having withdrawals!
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4 years ago, Qwerty Fun
Not what it used to be......
Okay let’s look back to the old Bowmasters for a little bit This game was a game I played with my friends. We enjoyed using different characters. But then you added premium membership..... I feel the premium membership messed up the game and showed how selfish you are for money. I don’t like that so many characters are premium. I would rather earn coins to get them. Also you should add a online team mode. This would be very fun and enjoyable. Each of your teammates take turns firing at enemies! This would add more excitement to this game. I love the game but I feel like you just abandoned it. No recent updates. You need more characters THAT ARENT PREMIUM. I really want this game to be good again and I feel if you improve you can make that happen. If you continue to leave this game alone and not update it the games gonna die. Other than that this games good I don’t play it often because I have every other premium character but I still like the game and have it. Please listen and try to fix these minor improvements. This games fun but it’s dying SO PLEASE. Thank you :)
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4 years ago, GeraldTheAmazing
I’m disappointed
This game used to be so much better when it wasn’t based around a subscription that no one in their right mind would purchase, except the people that they are really targeting, young children. They don’t yet understand the concept of money and enter mommy’s credit card into it spending 8 dollars a week on a “free” game which is up in your face about micro transactions about starter packs, characters and “premium”. While I do slightly enjoy the game and it’s art style I find it too simple to actually be a fun reasonable game. If the game gives you an advertisement for it’s “premium” feature it gives you the option to buy it for no repeating expense, however this is way overpriced as it is 30$. However a counter argument to this point stands as it is much cheaper in the long run since it was just offering a year of the service for 100$. But I say any of the options offered are overpriced and terrible. It’s marketing tactics for this are also blatantly obvious that it is targeted towards younger children and people who have a poor impulse control since the advertisements for it pop up at the end of each match and putting stars and flashy colors on it to make it look enticing.
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2 years ago, Torrey Roberts
Level creator and some character ideas because you asked for it
So here are some character ideas Number one baseball batter it will basically just throw a bit of a baseball bat it’s already in the game then I might have one that might not be in the game number two The basset hound basset hound Wolf will draw at you or maybe just the basset towns because instead it’s just a costume instead of an actual dog but it’ll take some effort to read this the reason it’s five stars is due to how much replayability berries but I haven’t really come back to this game as much but we will just head into the next idea the level creator it will basically allow you to create your own levels for example you could make the shape of an arrow up inside of the sky and then you’ll have to find a way to hit your opponent I think it would just use a pixel checkpoint system to generate the blocks it also kind of adds replayability so that way I can play this game in the future :D
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2 years ago, Mr. NuggetBucket
Here’s the problems listed, in which there are probably more than this.
1.TOO MANY ADS, I tested it out to see, I opened the game pressed play, boom ad couldn’t even play yet, pause the game then unpause-ad even by accident I pause the game then I sigh, hanging my head :/ because I know what’s gonna happen when I unpause the game. 😔 2.Op characters, ya see there are some characters that can kill you with 2 hits, without even touching you, this one character, Dark Mage, his little skull thing pops near ur character, your health goes down to almost dead in which getting hit in the foot with robins arrow would kill u. Then again you do get that character in your daily gifts, but why would I want to play the same character? 🤨 3.False advertisement, we’ve probably all seen the ads they put out there talking about these different modes, and I’m sure you’ve even read em all in the reviews, I used to play Bowmasters when it came out so I knew what modes they had, but I do feel bad for those who see those ads get it, thinkin they’re in for what they want, and then come to a disappointment.😞and a even more disappointment noticing all of these problems!^
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5 years ago, WarriorCat06
It’s a good game!!!
It’s a good game but..... I wish there was an easy way to get characters!!! Otherwise it is a simple, comical game that will entertain you for hours on end! That’s coming from someone who can’t look at there phone for long before getting nauseous mind you! This game definitely doesn’t help in that department. But if you love a funny game with good animations this game is the one you’re going to want to download. I know this may sound like an advertisement but it is truly my fav game to play. Though I remember deleting it after I got everything and I just had THAT much skill but.......(bragging not intended 😂) I had been playing for a year or two..... or three maybe four but..I decided to redownload for a big car trip and I wasn’t disappoint though I have one question..... how do you get to all the extra modes like portal and toxic mode like on the ad???? I was looking forward to that update but couldn’t find it! So if ya like good animation and a good laugh I would reccomend this!!
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5 years ago, havsbgoamsndkg
Should simply be the name of the game. It’s downright ridiculous how many ads there are in this game and how high the prices are on everything. It’s not a “pay to play” but it seems there’s very little you can do without paying for anything or you’re stuck with painfully slow progression. Every single corner is an ad, a “hey do you want to pay for this thing?” question, or even pulling up your double tap to pay screen without you even trying to pay for anything and leaves you wondering what it’s even trying to get you to pay for. The last one may be a bug, I’m not sure, but it happened twice in the couple days I had the game installed. Oh, and the amount of access it wants to your data, and wants you to give it that access to give to third party companies to use for their own benefit is also just stupid. Oh, and anytime you get anything decent say in a chest, my game would “crash” and I would have to close to get the game going again and would not receive said item. The whole thing is a joke. Actual game, actually kind of fun. All of the baggage you get with the app, along with the ads make it almost impossible to play. This is an absolute example of what not to do as a mobile developer.
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6 years ago, erc432354
It’s Fun but needs work
You know I’m kind of mad at this game and that’s because every single time you want to get out of something there’s an add! Every time if you go settings and hit the back button when your done an add! Adds are everywhere so if you don’t like them don’t play this game. Next is how much money you have to spend on this Diamond Membership the price for it is insane I mean literally the people who created the price for it is crazy. 7.99 a WEEK not month WEEK. Are you kidding me first you bombard with adds and then you come out with and “Oh let’s make super expensive for the super rich to buy we’ll make a killing in profit!” No you won’t it’s really stupid how much it costs to buy it I would get it if you changed to monthly but I mean maybe reduce it to like 0.99 a week because it’s a game. I know I don’t have to get it but you keep certain things blocked if you don’t. I would rate this game one star but I’m not because it’s super fun and a laugh to play. One more thing the chests that you collect at the end of something make it to where you can actually get characters and not coins all the time. Hope you read this and take it into consideration.
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6 years ago, djdjdjfjfffrmdcjc
Some you can’t get
Okay this game is awesome and all and I know it’s a free game though, (this is not about the ads just to let you know, it’s the characters, okay? So let’s talk Jeremy, he is way better than every character in the game, has amazing accuracy and the power is insane, the problem is that he’s for money, like probably put it at like 50,000, 100,000, or 200,000 coins, some these are kids in the game, and like the diamond member ship is too much money, like honestly I had to finish the game cause I got every character that isn’t for money, and some bots are too op, not to mention, like when you finish the last tournament, you can’t open ur chest or super grift or daily gift cause of the vip packs, or something, it’s taking the spot, so can you like move the vip pack so it doesn’t take the chest, or the super gift or the daily reward, and cyber star, when u at least 100 power it like feels like 60 power, it’s like a close combat thing but this game is like a far combat game, I hope you can fix these things, but besides that it’s really good
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1 year ago, The first one to win
Really fun game
I really like the game plan I guy football Mike in zombie ones and 2500 gems and it’s really hard that sad that I have to have that much and it’s disappointing because it’s hard to get gems and I also don’t like your interest really what it’s hard to get the characters out of it I got like two characters out of it and it was like nine months ago and it really stinks so just be nice if you can change that and I would like more of gradable characters with brutality and premium is not fun I don’t think we should have beat you have premium to get cool characters And you have to buy the best ones and it really stinks so yeah I mean it’s really fun game I love it yeah but what’s the point of all the ads like it’s disappointing that the ad shows things and then you don’t get to see that and there’s so many like this ultimate Bowmasters in brawl masters and all that just I don’t wanna have to get all those adds and then be let down again and again, so just be nice if you could change it and put more characters that are upgradable, and have brutality.
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6 years ago, Pranstergangster
This game is great, BUT there are way too many adds. All of the good characters that give a huge advantage you need their dimond membership which is like $100 a year or $20 a mouth. Its fun but the adds and their stupid dimond membership took my old reveiw of 5 stars. I used to have the Loki and Octopus skin. I delete to save room and my phone said it saved my progress but it didnt so I see how to get my old skins back and I need their dimond member ship. DO NOT GET. If the developers are seeing this, make changes how about $5 a month or $50 a year. I know you don't get as much money per person but MUCH more people will get the member ship so if you want money make CHANGES TO YOUR GAME THAT USED TO BE FUN! I've read past reviews and have seen that you actually had the audacity to raise the prices after the endless complaints about how bad your prices are. I actually crunched numbers and saw that you guys are going down hill financially. You guys are actually losing business with your prices. I know you wont want to and it wont make sence when your greedy but dropping the prices brings more buissness and more money to you guys and with that better reviews so lower the prices or your game you worked hard on will suffer.
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4 years ago, Arkumorichi
I love this game
This game is amazing but it can take to long to beat the other person who is playing we’ll I still love this game , but it has too much characters to choose I didn’t now who to choose but why I don’t now what to do in this game this game is still the best bow master game I’ve ever played in my life also I watched anime like something like that how come this game was a game that there were bows Stuff lol I don’t even now how to play this game before and I don’t know why I am doing this right now please find me here in the App Store this mite be a legend or what I love this game but I do not loose all the time this game is the Moses beloved game in the world I’ve seen innings my life but how come they always have to make the game hard for you guys I dunno if this is hard or something I played this game before this game should be amazing but I think this game is way more amazing in my life in the hole while world I dunno if this game isn’t like others
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6 years ago, ❤️2Review
It’s Okay
I honestly enjoy this game. I play it from time to time when I’m bored. I don’t have many complaints about it and I don’t have much praise for it either. I don’t like that there are not too many characters that you can select from without paying. I understand that they want to make their money, but I still want more characters to choose from. Another complaint is that there are too many adds in it. I can only play a few rounds before an add shows up. My last complaint is that there is too much graphics of blood and guts. I really don’t mind it, but I’m kind of worried about little kids playing this game and thinking that it is okay to do this violence. Before you start wondering, no I’m not an overly protective parent. I’m just a teen that has some concerns, that’s all. Maybe you should higher the age of being able to download. Nothing too crazy but maybe just a little bit higher. But, let’s move on to the things that I like. I like the different rounds that you can do. I also like the characters and their designs. Thanks for your time, whoever is reading this.
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3 years ago, Mattapan2008
Wow, just.. WOW….
This game is just, amazing. Everything about it is just amazing. The smooth graphics, the smooth gameplay, the satisfying K.Os, just everything. Now there may be some other reviews saying that they have other game modes but they don’t actually have them or, this game has way too many ads. First of all, the game modes are limited time. And second of all, there is about 1 ad every game. Which each game lasts about 5 minutes. If your looking for a very satisfying game with lots of game modes, characters with astonishing abilities, and the best gameplay you can find, this game is for you. I just love the concept of the game and how you can win coins and gems and rewards by just playing the game, and you aren’t forced to buy them if you want them. I have been fully satisfied with this game for years and will be looking forward to all of the other amazing games Playgendary has in store. Thank you!!
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4 years ago, Thalia.J
This app is amazing you have tournaments which is great and I love the fatalities and everything but there are some issue maybe not issues but Something I would like to see in the game. • Sometimes when I play against a (real) person it seems to glitch like it freezes and your opponent can’t play their turn or you can’t play yours which is annoying and one of you has to leave and the other wins which is not a fair game it’s fun but that’s a big thing I’m dealing with. • Once again with multiplayer it’s great and awesome but it takes SO long for you to go against someone and by the time I’m going against someone I seem to not be in the mood to play again Bc waiting so long ruins some of the fun and the fact it glitches in game makes it worse and is annoying. •sometimes after u win a game it like gets me off the game it doesn’t happen a lot but it’s annoying it saves the prizes and chests I get but it’s still disturbing. •(those are my three major issues)^^^^ • It would be cool to have more characters and maybe a little easier to get gems and have more fun with the game other then that it isn’t a big deal. * sorry but all the problems could be my fault because I’m actually using unlimited data which it isn’t slow doesn’t lag much but maybe that’s why all those glitches are happening and maybe that’s my fault and you can’t fix it but I maybe write a review again when I ever get the internet thank you! It’s a great game so keep up the good work.
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4 years ago, wyckedshadow
Ads, unfulfilled rewards and crashes
The game is fun but when you bog that down with a billion ads in between everything you do, the fun starts to fade. You have to keep bogging through the ads to acquire gold and gems. Gold can get you some characters but if you want to upgrade them, you need gems. So tons and tons of ads! You probably watch more ads than you spend time playing the game. There are other ways you can get rewarded with gems by watching a video or taking a 3 question quiz but so far I’ve had about a 30% success rate getting the reward offered. The 3 question quiz turns into a 12 question quiz but no reward as promised. Also, you will miss out on rewards when the game decides when you have won a match, then when you go back in you didn’t get your reward for winning. So this game is more about what the game maker gets than what you get. They get money for you watching the billions of ads and money from you taking quizzes or answering a questionnaire without giving you anything in return as promised. Don’t waste your time unless you want to make the 1% more filthy rich than they already are.
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5 years ago, AAWJR83
Fun at first
So, I discovered this game out of nowhere and when I downloaded it, it was hooked. Large variety of cool characters, loved the ideas of fatalities and brutalities and reward system seemed to be fair enough. But after a week of playing, the game started to either delay, freeze or just crash completely during gameplay. Also, if you didn’t give into the VIP membership which I thought was kind of a rip off, I came to realize that anytime you played someone online who is probably a VIP or has a VIP character, you always went 2nd like 90% of the time which was a big disadvantage depending on the experience of the other player. And another thing is not all characters are upgradable which is a bummer because the upgraded characters have awesome brutalities but that gets old when there are only like 12 characters that are upgradable out of 70. So, this app definitely needs updating and refreshed since it hasn’t been in over 4 months. Still like to play this game but it’s gets old real fast and there is nothing new or different to change it up.
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4 years ago, Sebs680
False advertising
I played Bowmasters when I was younger and the game recently came out and it was very fun and addictive, but after awhile it started showing a thousand ads per minute, so I deleted it since my game experience was deteriorated. However, recently I saw a new batch of ads featuring an update of the game in which there was all new fun- looking puzzle game modes like toxic levels, portal levels, crowd fighting, and other things that really interested me since I’m a huge puzzle fan. BUT, I re-downloaded the game and saw that all the ads are fake and are just a grab for game and ratings. I wanted to write this so that the devs would take a hint and stop following the fake updates trend and focus your efforts to actually make those modes. Even if you don’t have the time or money to do this then at least stop showing the ads containing the fake content and stop wasting your time and money on something that’s just going to disappoint the people who believe in it. Also, I’m writing so that no one else falls into this trap and doesn’t download this fake money grabbing app. If the devs make the updates real at some point, then I’ll write a better review.
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1 year ago, gfucivubj
Is it just me?
Overall, this game is super good and fun. The characters are unique and I like how you can have decent characters without premium! I’ve been playing this game for a little while and I’ve never experienced any problems, until now that is. This has been happening for about a week now and whenever it first happened, it didn’t bother me too much. The problem is I can’t watch videos to get something. I can’t get a chest, I can’t use a free character, I can’t get a second chance. etc. This problem has been very annoying lately and I had been restarting the app to see if that was the problem, didn’t work. I just want to know if this is only happening to me, or if it’s not! Another thing is just the frequent advertisements. I’m sure many people write reviews about this, but really!!! There’s just to many and it drives people crazy. Not to mention that most of the time, it’s the exact same ad over and over. That’s all, thanks!
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5 years ago, Lilian Whitaker
Fun and addictive but a little to violent
Don’t get me wrong Bowmasters is a fun game but I think it could be less violent like when you finish your opponent that thing squashes there guts open the other thing I have a problem with is the adds I think there are to many but I like all the different characters and weapons they use like Minecraft Steve is a character and he has a diamond pick which is awesome I also like how you can get characters in the chests going back to the things I’m not a fan of I think it’s stupid to have a diamond membership you can buy but then make you buy some characters to and if you play this game I recommend always throwing with 100% power because it does more damage and start of at a small angle like 10 degrees and then start to add like 2 degrees each throw and anyway that’s what I do all the time and I have never lost I hope you got some good ideas about why you should download this game and if you have it you got some useful tips to help you win! Thanks for reading
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2 years ago, Ididjkdd
Free skins
Every single update like a Halloween update a winter update you should get a free skin and you should at least get a couple days gems should be like at least 1000 couple thousand at least or a couple hundred is like least rare after a couple days it will be known as a really rare skin and coins it should be very expensive with coins you can buy with coins but they have to be very expensive and it will be skins you can get but that you can’t buy but you have to earn it by like championships and things you can equipped cheater skin you have to earn it or buy it with gems or bio of coins same thing as the other idea the coins have to be very expensive because like if you just go on tournaments and win gems it’s gonna be really hard I’m sure you don’t you don’t have to spend money but like you should be like get 1000 coins to watch a lot of ads at least like that
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6 years ago, Kingcreeper0527
It’s Alright but.....
Okay first off this game is amazing! It really does deserve five stars but I gave it three because I thought something was kinda not right. Now I had started the game about a year ago and I had almost all the characters which means I was pretty far. Well one day I had to delete the game because I had just got a new iPhone so I kinda forgot about the game for 3 months. Well just four days ago I got the game again because I saw an ad on it. When I downloaded the game I was ready to see the new stuff that was added and so I could try all the characters I had but when I checked my cloud saves, my data was gone! But this isn’t the reason I am upset, I am upset on the fact that most of the characters I had now require me to pay for them! I had got the schoolmates when they were free but now since my saves were deleted I have to pay $5.00 to get them back!?! That shouldn’t be a thing! I am just writing this review to warn everyone that you shouldn’t delete this game otherwise have fun paying to get all the characters.
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2 months ago, Gabbiestda3rd
Love the game but ……
I love this game but yall gotta stop with the ads I got 4 ads in the span 2 minutes every time I got a chance to play the game after watching an ad I got one shot in and got another ad then after I got a couple more shots I got a pop up saying something about a mystery box and I couldn’t reject the offer I had to watch the ad then I didn’t even receive the offer that i didn’t ask for because “there were no ads available” when i had already watch the ad then when I finished the round I got another ad ain’t no way yall can’t break me off some of the money yall just made off me watching these ads and I ain’t got enough to be paying for no premium yall played the same ad so many times I thought of deleting this app and downloading one of the ones promoted on you own app cuz this app is stressing me out so much that that coloring app looks stress relieving
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4 years ago, moose gamer
Love this game but absolutely HORRIBLE on phone
This game is totally worth the space and is very fun but I think there is little to many ads. If you are reading this and thinking about getting it, GET IT. It is sooo fun. There is fake blood but not very violent. I had this game for a while and my friends love it. My brother even tried it on my iPad and then after about 2 rounds and then he went outside and asked for it. This game is AMAZING!!! The only thing is when you play on a small screen or phone, it always glitches and won’t let you throw the way you want to and then the other people kill you. It’s really dumb. The reason I gave four stars is because of this. Also, if the makers of this game read this, STOP MAKING ADS POP UP WHEN YOUR IN THE MIDDLE OF A MATCH! It’s Annoying! I would’ve won and gotten a lot of coins but then I had to let go to tap the done button to make the ad disappear and it shot myself because of that. 😡 But, this game is still awesome!
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5 years ago, Kev9108
Fair but...
It’s a free game so I expect ads and a bunch of micro transactions but... it’s unplayable every round an ad, every time you finish you watch an ad if you want the chest, want a second chance an ad want to “finish him” an ad, it is filled to the maximum with ads to the point it gets annoying. See it’s unfair because a match can last you at most 1 minute even less, thus your playing for let’s say 30 seconds a game an the rest of the time you are watching ads 1 minute ads it becomes rather a slow repetitive the progression system is nonexistent you have to watch ads for the chest to even get a chance at coins. It’s a very creative fun game at the core with interesting characters but does it have to be flooded with ads, an ad every two every three games will be understandable and in my opinion a more flexible thing to work around. It’s no bad game at all I just believe the fun is limited by the amount of ads each round includes so if your looking for a minute of fun or entertainment this is it but it soon becomes a chore to play.
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4 years ago, Unibunnylover🐰🦄
So once I went on a trip with my cousin. And she showed me this game on her tablet. When I played my first ever round, I decided “ This is the absolute best game ever!” So I downloaded the game on my iPad. I was absolutely glad my cousin showed it to me. 1 problem though. I once saw an ad for it before I got it. It showed someone drawing there weapon. Is that what people get for vip? If they don’t, I think 💭 that you should NOT false advertise. I know a lot of games do that, but is is basically 💯wrong. If you don’t do that, and all you game developers just want people to download the game, please don’t get mad at me for saying that. I am just a kid, telling the honest truth. So anyway, Bowmasters is honestly the BEST game ever. And I recommend it 💯🥇😏🙂. If anyone sees this, and wanted to get the game for being able to draw your weapon, just get it anyway. It’s the best, and I think it’s still great even though you can only use one kind of weapon per character. BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!
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7 years ago, JoocyJ
This is advertisement software, not a game
The concept, although not original, makes for a pretty fun bit of gameplay for a few hours or so. However, I recommend you avoid this game and games like these like the plague due to the business practices of the companies who develop them. If you assume in that a typical AI match in the game lasts about a minute, you will find that you will spend more time watching ads than actually playing this game. There is a guaranteed 30 sec ad after every match. There is another ad if you want to get the full reward for your match. There are banner ads during gameplay. There are even guaranteed 30s ads when you open and close the options menu. In addition to this, which is unacceptable in and of itself, the game constantly tries to shove in app purchases in your face. Some characters, who only slightly change gameplay, cost up to $10. I'm sorry that the developers had to put their name on a good game that was marred by the money grubbing pricks who own whatever company that produced this bloated mess. If you spend a single cent on this game, you're contributing to this kind of unacceptable behavior from developers.
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