Box: The Content Cloud

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Box, Inc.
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1 month ago
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16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Box: The Content Cloud

4.77 out of 5
182.2K Ratings
2 years ago, pklee
Disaster under Mac OS Monterey - support is practically non existent.
We used to like Box. But all good will has been destroyed in the past two months by the absolute lack of support to solve very, very serious syncing problems. I have an open ticket with no resolution to my problem. After weeks of asking for more help I have been shunted to a specialist who gives me an unclear set of instructions that I fear will destroy my data. I asked for a phone call but I have received no response in writing or by phone. Very, very disturbing. No amount of pleading will get you a real live person to help you solve syncing problems. We pay monthly for five users but that seems to buy us nothing. Somebody at the very top of this organization isn’t hearing or doesn’t care that their support system is not working! Too bad they used to be a good company.
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2 years ago, Clgraham94
Most everything I need for this kind of application
I’ve been using Box for about a year now, and it’s really proven itself to be a worthy competitor alongside other cloud storage providers these days. The upload speeds are pretty remarkable, and for the base subscription you get a lot of storage for a reasonable amount of money. For someone who primarily uses the mobile application though, a few feature improvements I could highly recommend would be related to the trash file and profile management. Updating card payment information requires the desktop site, and if you attempt to access it from a mobile browser you have to do a couple of things to bypass auto-opening the app and having to start over again from the browser. The trash file is only accessible on desktop as well, which isn’t the most convenient when you quickly decide that you have something in there that needs to be restored. Overall, happy with the service and quality of this. A few adjustments would only make it more user friendly and appealing overall.
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1 year ago, Julii Toloza
Nice app, lots of bugs
Really easy to use interface and nice app overall, but there are bugs, synching errors that don't explain what the error is, and some things that could be improved. I highly suggest they improve the MOVE TO FOLDER feature so that people who need to visually see the thumbnails of PDFs or photos can select to be viewed in thumbnail mode in a way that the page remembers that setting, but allow for the setting of the MOVE TO FOLDER pop up window to independently remember a different setting than the main viewer, because it’s necessary to change from thumbnail to information viewing screen to know what folders to move on. However, this changes the main set up so that every single time a file is moved, I have to turn on thumbnail again to see what I’m moving, open the pop up, and then select the info viewer to see what labeled folder im moving into. Not a huge deal, but makes the work very inefficient. Thank you software developers if you are reading.
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5 years ago, Josh bx
In The past i was very Happy
Now with this new Bold font, i don’t like it at all! I thought it was some kind of error but seems like it’s not. Before you can scroll through your entire library quickly , now you just see some of you files when you open the app and have to search more. Just seemed like it was much quicker to scroll before, with your thumb you can just find stuff quickly like you were reading a e- book . Now it looks clumsy. Not happy with this look at all. Hard to complain when your getting 10 free gigs but i really wish they went back to the original that I had not long ago. I didn’t do any update, so not sure how this happened. Perhaps my phone did an automatic update. I have the iphone x. Not sure if it’s just my version of phone but I doubt it. :(
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5 years ago, cjb3270
Sorry. Last Update Was Enough
We’ve used Box for years now. But I’ve noticed its not keeping up with tech changes other cloud drives are. Can’t play videos even after updating the app. It just says “preview image unavailable.” When I play songs or audiobooks, it doesn’t remember where you left off, in the event you need to switch apps temporarily. There are no playlist options I can use to add files to, to play them once the current file is done and automatically start the next one in a different Box folder. Also, when listening to an audio file, Box has the slider but doesn’t have the rewind or fast forward 10, 15, or 30 seconds buttons. Instead we need to manually slide back in case we need to listen to something again real quick. Well, what about if you’re in the car? It’s a pain. And worse yet, the app is always either crashing or taking too long to load the next file. Sorry Box but we need to part ways. I’ve found better now.
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2 years ago, now you've done it
Box is weirdly protective of your files. Access is restricted.
I hate that I can’t just log in on the apple and download my files. If I attempt to share, it only gives an option to invite collaborators or email it. Meanwhile I can only use the file on my iPad. It’s dumb, and doesn’t make any sense. If it wasn’t included with my university account, I wouldn’t even bother. 2 years later, and it’s still extremely frustrating. 0 out of 10. I can just open my box like any other folder on my computer. But on any device it’s like trying to break into a high security vault. Huge waste of time. TL:DR. Do not use box and trust that you will be able to access your files anytime, anywhere or from any device.
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2 years ago, Excellent714
Looses files
Don’t use Box whatever you do you will lose all your files and there is zero support Don’t use box whatever you do, you will lose all your files and there is a zero support Box used to be the best cloud service for many years. I have my files here and they were always secure. Suddenly my iPhone started to fill in password and that’s destroyed. All my passwords everywhere don’t like iPhones do it because they mess up your passwords at least that’s what I think. The problem is here. I try to shoot reset the password I try to do everything I Quik to get support access click here to get to the knowledge base I can’t even get to their knowledge base so I don’t call that any support whatsoever. How do I get support? And addition box support from this App Store cause your page that says cannot connect to server and have that with any other website in the world just a box they took all my files. I trusted them another one if I connect me to Support there’s something wrong here
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10 months ago, Mr. Jujube
Great, changed my opinion
I initially gave it 1 star back in last year when they first offered 50gb for iphone due to slow and crash uploads. They fixed that and now is pretty nice. Although be nice to have a desktop program like all other clouds. Summary: Dropbox wins speed but lost to free storage size Sugarsync wins for good flexible n fast but loat to storing craps in account that you cant delete like photos Spideroak wins security but lost to speed and user friendly-ness. Box wins free storage amount but lost a bit to speed and desktop friendly-ness. Overall i use many clouds and box is great and future looks good. Update 2023: this team does listen to users and just want to stop by to say thank.
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5 years ago, mytw0b1ts
Apple reimagined the iPad. You should reimagine this app.
After Tuesdays iPad announcement, I’ve been thinking more and more about why I stray towards a laptop instead of my iPad. Apps like Box are exactly why — simple things like I can’t select more than one file at once to AirDrop. When trying to transfer from Mac back into Box on iPad the transfer shows as In Progress but yet after an hour it still sits at 0% completed. Apps are supposed to change the way we work (and at that hopefully for the better, more productive and easier) and yet this app makes me ponder why my company went with Box instead of OneDrive or Dropbox because this is not ready for prime time and its been out for some time, sadly. More recently trying to mark items as favorites I’ll be in the folder and it produces an error that the item no longer exists - the item that’s in the folder that I’m currently in and trying to make as a favorite?! Force closing, logging out logging in etc doesn’t fix it.
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11 months ago, Dre 'n' LA
Box is Simply the Best!!
Better than all the rest! (To quote a famous singer!) But really… Box is clean & straightforward. Unobtrusive is the word I’d use. . They don’t blast you with sign up demands that block your usage of the app…the interface isn’t bloated with huge ads in your face that are supposed to be what? Fun?! Just what we need in life…MORE ADS?! In case anyone hasn’t noticed, the upload speeds are wonderfully fast and the addition of the sideline apps like Box Notes is a real perc. Box is the clean & straightforward storage sight that does its job with super clean & unobtrusive efficiency that doesn’t ever get on my nerves or in my way. Ever! Thank you Box!!
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2 years ago, Joshua Briscoe
Good app, lacking full functionality
The Box app works, and for 90% of the uses, it’s great. I don’t understand why it lacks the full functionality of the website though. Two features would make this a five star review: being able to download multiple files from Box (as it is right now, you have to open each file and “share” it to download it individually), and being able to save bookmarks/links. Since I use an iPad as my primary computer, I can’t even open the Box website - it automatically redirects to the app. So if I have to do either of these two things, I have to use another machine. Thankfully I can batch both of these processes, but it’s definitely a drawback if you do them frequently.
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2 years ago, TigerStyle100k
I am pretty happy with box but more features
I just noticed that dropbox will convert your audio files to wav. we need this! Because I work in video sound and images, it’s very important that my account allows for me to hold a lot of information and be able to play within the share folder so that don’t have to download the wrong version and someone I share it with Can enjoy it without knowing very much about the file. other than that, I think the application has been great and I probably need to do some cleanup with these folders but I’m very happy.
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2 years ago, JFoDizzle
Poor Priorities for App Development, Not for Power/Corporate Users
Box works just fine if you wanted to share files with family members or schoolmates, but it doesn’t have the features in a power user or corporate environment. For example, there aren’t any mass-edit abilities, so I have hundreds of shared files at the top level that I have to remove one-by-one. Also, on iOS I can’t edit text files, just viewing. CMD+F doesn’t search either, as well as a host of other expected hot keys. It appears the developers are spending most the effort integrating into Apples productivity tools like Numbers/Pages/Keynote, but very little effort has been spent making the general experience better. Overall, it works well if you’re in high school or under, but not great otherwise.
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4 years ago, SolidRate
Great preview, except for Markdown
I chose Box over a competing service because of the great file preview it offered: instead of relying on iOS's builtin preview, it makes a PDF in the cloud and displays that, so you can see your document exactly as it appears in its native app. It even does ODT files! Markdown preview was another great addition and worked for a couple of years, but for the last several months, I have gotten a blank popup every time I tap on a Markdown file. I reported this in the Box forums, but got not reply. So you only get 4 stars until this is fixed.
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4 years ago, Bozzman70
PLEASE... Fix your audio playback!!
I love this service and what it can do for artists and clients alike... however, whatever your compression algorithm is doing to the audio is making this service very hard to continue to use. I upload 24bit 48kHz quick times to clients to approve my mixes, and I always tell them to download the files to their computers, and the audio playback is poor. Your program is making audio sound like an MP3 from the 90s! Swimmy and muffled highs, comb-filtering at times with random frequencies. I have read many complaints about this service from many other users about the audio, and after testing this personally, they are correct... your audio compression needs to be fixed / updated.
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5 years ago, fWol
A step backwards
Recently, Box added a feature that allowed you to open a Box Word document in Word so you could edit the document in addition to viewing it. Before that change, you had to go to Word and go through a process of adding Box access to Word, and then, within the Word application open up a Box file. Very unsatisfying and it was greatly helpful when Box added the feature that allows you to open and edit a Word document while in Box. Regrettably, this feature has mysteriously disappeared from the IOS iPad application. The removal of this feature, coupled with the still horribly slow (after all these years of hoping they would improve the performance) speed of the Box synchronization on the Windows PC, have permanently soured me on Box. All hype and vastly inferior to One Drive, Dropbox and Google Drive.
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3 years ago, luvsevrything
Quit fixing things that aren’t broken!
The Box app used to be great. Now, not only is there an annoying sidebar overlay that randomly shows up, my files are basically inaccessible. Same issue everyone else seems to be having. The app freezes after looking at a page or two, it takes forever to load pages, it’s a mess. And it does this on PDFs I have marked as available offline which, you’d think, would make access faster! Nope, not unless I turn wi-fi off on my device. Also, it’s slaughtering my battery life.
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5 years ago, Chalapathi
Wish box was google drive
I really wish box app and service was at least 10% of what google drive offers. The app for iPhone is very user unfriendly and the app on Mac is useless. As an example, when I am syncing files in Mac with box, there’s no status indicator nor a way to pause sync - amazing how google supports such features. Moreover, there’s no way to pick and chose what folders I want synced on my Mac - I have 3 Mac that use from time to time and each for different purpose. Box just dumps al folders to every Mac - google drive handles this feature amazingly well. Useless for me so far
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4 years ago, ZUMiller
Best cloud service
Don’t be fooled! Box is way better than Dropbox. It works exactly how it should: it’s easy to organize and manage files. As a musician I love that it will play audio files in sequence, making it possible to make a mixtape or sequence songs and share. Great for hearing rough mixes on the go and sending them around. After trying SoundCloud, Dropbox, google Drive and others this is BY FAR the best. It doesn’t do any cute crap with the interface or try to curate your files; you can organize them exactly as you want. Plus it’s affordable. Fantastic job, Box people!
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5 years ago, ypolak
great app if you use it right
i use box app along with goodreader. goodreader allows me to do all the fancy stuff and interact with the other apps on my ipad while using box as a depository for my data. box app is great for adding, deleting and backing up files. if you want all the full features of box then use the browser not the app. most of the complaints seem to revolve around trying to get box to do more than intended. as far as battery drain that one user complained about i have no idea what they are talking about since i have never had this problem. box allow user to stay logged in all the time so again not sure what this user is complaining about. i have used dropbox but switched to box as i find it much easier to use. although dropbox does integrate with many more apps. for people using apple products this should not be a big problem since almost all of these apps also integrate with icloud.
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6 years ago, Debford1
Battery Hog
When I first downloaded box I loved it. Then all the sudden it was making me have to sign in every time with the keypad I had it set for my fingerprint sign it. Then all the sudden I started noticing my phone‘s battery was being drained drastically. Thought maybe it was another program I had installed so I uninstalled the other program, and no the battery still kept draining. My husband had installed box on his iPad Pro and on his phone also and he noticed his battery going down fast. Unfortunately we had to uninstall box from our tablets and phones I really like the concept of the app and I hope that you can get this fixed it is a great app and would love to use it.
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11 months ago, D. B III
Box the goto cloud storage
When we first heard of box it was new to our knowing. Little did we know it was soon to become the main addition to our business. Box has steadily improved from when we began using this cloud storage. The simplest way to share and if you upload your music it can double as an online playlist. They have added a workspace that woks just as well as some of the others or even better in some cases. Box cloud storage is a business friend!
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3 years ago, Ladylonglocks
Why do I have to keep renaming files because Box reverses my file name changes? This has been going on for weeks and happens several times a day. I initially thought it was related to reordering after a file deletion but that does not appear to be the case. No change to process seems to correct the problem. Please fix your annoying and time wasting bug. 5 Years ago: I use Box every day to move my art between computers and devices. The web page end of the app has been unusable for days, which makes the entire thing unusable. Please be responsible and test your changes before you make them public, this has gone on long enough.
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7 years ago, Traffalger
Once was great!
I don't know what happened to this app but things like the constant "cannot load file" error is just terrible. It has persisted for more than a year. Despite them saying they are going to fix it it persists. It's very tough to remain patient and continue using this app. The fact that you can't upload more than 250 megabyte files without paying is a joke! Many other services have no limit. That and the "cannot load file error" on 80 percent of my photos has me looking elsewhere.
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3 years ago, Rod Regas
Getting things done!
I’ve been using Box for a couple of years now as a way to share music files in production for musicians on the go, originally to let them listen to concept songs between gigs. Once the pandemic hit I was glad we had the infrastructure in place to support all the phases of the pre and post production cycles so we could keep moving with developing original tunes, our new way of getting things done! Thank you Box for making this possible.
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3 years ago, DonutSprinkles
Box Is Upping It’s Game
I have used Box for a number of years now. I have always found even the free version to be useful from a personal standpoint. Also, my company has a paid account. I recently attended a webinar and found a lot of tips and new functionality to be very informative. Last night I needed to share some rather large files. They were easy to upload with “drag & drop” and simple to organize in folders. Box Rocks!
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5 years ago, luvdetroit
I received my records timely and all items as promised. So far they’ve been available for me to view anytime I need in this app which I greatly appreciate. I haven’t had time to move them to a thumb drive. I’m not sure how long they’ll be available in the Box app. I couldn’t remember my password when first logging in and the support staff was extremely prompt, professional and helpful when I sent a message asking for help. I recommend this app for this reason and ease of use. 🙂
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1 month ago, Zzc0rizZ
Terrible digression in performance
Not sure what has happened but over the past four or five months this app has digress in performance to a degree that I do not understand how it has even happened. I upgraded my phone from iPhone 13 Pro Max to a 15 promax and I found that my 13 Pro Max performed better with this app than the brand new phone. Nothing has changed in a couple months now in the app only gets worse in performance. Constant freezing stuttering, inability to load folders. Loading hangings with a little circle infinitely. The app is hardly usable. I know I am not the only one with these problems my coworkers are having the same issues with their new phones.
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1 year ago, Volefrond
The technical design of the ui interface is terrible
The technical design of the ui interface is terrible, it feels like it was created by someone who finished a quick course in one week and this is their first job. Why is there no button to select all my files? I want to transfer all my photos and videos, the app tells me I have to select all my 700 photos and videos one by one, why is there no "select all files" button? Why, if the app, when the files stop loading, do I have to click on each file in turn? And it all happens with a big lag, and I have an Iphone 12, and I just rebooted my phone. It's just a horribly technical interface.
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5 years ago, Ron750
Works great
I’m 63 snd suffer from Upgrade Fatigue. Just when I figure out how my Iphone works, they upgrade everything and I have to start over. So I’m pretty resistant to using new Apps, which usually adds new ways to torture me. I recently received a PowerPoint presentation that required me to download Box, and I love it. Very intuitive and easy to use. With IOS 13, it’s easy to turn a web article into a PDF, and store it in Box. Usually with IOS, I can never find my downloads. So Thank you for this App.
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5 years ago, Googoyle
Forget playlists
Even after contacting Box two years ago then once more recently, they appear to refuse to allow audio files in a folder to be manually re-positioned for playback per the user’s discretion. BOX OFFERS NO OTHER OPTION BUT BY DATE. Even if you start a new folder and transfer individual files in the order you want them played back, this app STILL ORDERS THEM BY ORIGINAL DATE ONLY. A good app otherwise for general storage, but FORGET CUSTOMIZED AUDIO PLAYBACK LISTS for now. Must be too much like “rocket science” for Box, I guess.
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5 years ago, rsherpa55
Overall genuinely satisfied
free access. Using this you can see your downloaded files lined up with paper touch stylus that gives the feeling of paper when u turn it i.e when from 1 page to another. Logging into ur google or Microsoft account, after u link ur account with box, u can enjoy any documents sent you via email. It makes it super convenient to use it. Worth a try if you are looking to properly manage ur downloaded files (heavy size mainly).
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3 years ago, TocaLoverGirl
Activity panel is maddening
The default to display the Activity panel on the right side (a “feature” that wasn’t always there) is so frustrating. Having to expand it to show the whole doc (over and over and over) pushes me to switch to another device, which I otherwise really don’t want to do. Please get rid of it or at least make it an option instead of the default.
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5 years ago, Marco Polo Mint
It does almost everything
Since I decided to consolidate most of my digital life into Box, it means I’m also using it to view word docs, PDFs, and even listen to music. It doesn’t have the finer features of dedicated viewers or players but it does a decent job through previewing the files. Ideally some form of markup or notation within pdf docs could be saved for collaboration and future reference, that would be a hugely useful addition. But I love having access to my archives of documents, music, photos etc all within the same app.
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4 years ago, revp
Won’t stay logged in
Box is my favorite cloud service and one of my favorite apps but this last update messed up a basic feature in the iPhone version. Even with “keep me logged in” selected, the app wants me to login every time I open it and it won’t allow me login with keychain passwords. Still have to type it in. The worse is that I have to re-save GBs of offline material each time I re-login. I usually give you guys a 5-star review for multiple reasons but this login issue is killing my workflow.
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4 years ago, blender651
Lost Bookmark Access, Constant Offline Syncing
The old app used to be stable and useful, but has recently lost two critical features. 1) the button for accessing bookmarks in PDF documents is just GONE. For large PDF documents in my business, this is a big loss. And 2) The offline docs require constant syncing, pretty much invalidating the usefulness of the feature. It’s also really hard to find the offline docs, which used to have their own main tab. the app has also been very unstable compared to previous versions. Not sure what happened with the developer team, but this version is a big step backward.
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5 years ago, piranhadig
Good app for workflow
Great app for initiating workflow but cuts short for us in the music world. In short, DISCO picks up where you guys leave off. Neither do what I need so I have to spend twice the money in both subscriptions to get results. Would be nice to have everything in one app. Easy access to metadata and a better format for inputting that into songs. (metadata inputting, aiff to mp3 conversion, additional data input without losing original download link, applying a graphic - I.e. jpg - to the metadata). Your dt application is fantastic and love the cloud sync so I’m current on all 3 of my computers in various locations.
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3 years ago, Traveler72
Great for teams using multiple tools
Box has been great to be able to work seamlessly with others who are operating on different platforms, many of which are heavily restricted in terms of using outside services. Box has been a secure and accessible platform for sharing weekly plans, maintenance tracking, and collaboratively edited files. Box Notes are a key tool for me in coordinating with staff and contractors.
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5 years ago, Yodle_odler
Works great except for storage count
I’ve been using the app and service for over five years. The service is great except for one huge flaw. I have to submit Help tickets about 3-4 times per week so the box team can run a script to display accurate storage counts. Otherwise I’m locked out of any further uploads. Even if I delete files the total storage number does not change. This seems like such a core function for a file storage company and it should work. The box teams automated response hasn’t changed in five years. “This is a long term goal for our engineering team.” How much longer should I wait???
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3 years ago, Prettiest_eph
The fact you can’t share files between each other make this app so hard for me considering I have many different t files I transfer back and forth locally I’m my phone and this app makes it impossible I mean if I’m wrong lmk I’d love to be wrong cause cuz it’s very frustrating haveing to make an upload online file then name n download each file which takes forever
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5 years ago, frustrated subscriber number 2
Pretty good on iPad. Wish files would appear alphabetized.
This app works pretty well on my iPad. I wish that files in folders would appear in alphabetical order. I have been using Box a lot over the past 5-6 years, but I will probably will stop using it so much because of changes that they recently made to the laptop app. It has become really inconvenient to use since those recent changes.
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2 years ago, Formal Epistemologist
Worst uploading process
I was forced to move to Box because it’s used by my new university. Would never recommend it. It has the worst upload methods of any of the cloud services by a wide margin. I’m currently babysitting an upload process on my Windows machine, file by file, taking me hours and hours of unpaid labor. It was impossible to use this app, or the Box Drive program on Windows, because apparently my file folders are too big. It keeps hanging up and failing to upload for reasons it doesn’t explain. It also freezes. It’s pathetic how bad this is compared to dropbox or google drive. Would give 0 stars if possible.
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5 years ago, gjkljcxddg
Box is not a good photo sharing site
I typically use Smugmug to organize and share photos. It’s a terrific app, super easy to see groups of thumbnail photos. My current employer asked us to use BOX. BOX is a good file cabinet, but it can in no way compare as a photo sharing site. It is difficult to view photos, there is no way to scale or change sizes of thumbnails; there is no way to use a photo as an index to identify folders. I dislike BOX immensely
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7 years ago, Ram99205
Something happened
Something happened, and a five star app went to a two or three star app. Thankfully, it appears that I don’t have to login each time I open the document. However, many of my pictures will not show now. Something is wrong with this new iteration. This has been a stellar app, and no doubt will continue to be, but somethings wrong with this version.
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4 years ago, big_sloop_johnb
Box = finally the killer app we were promised....
Remember “web 2.0” and all that talk about a killer app that would arrive from on high and change your life? It never happened, well, not until now. If you have any more than a few files to manage, prepare for the arrival of the messiah and for your life to change. Box is the killer app you were promised. Now repent, you Dropbox savages, there is and can be only 1 true Box, and this is it!
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5 months ago, genbaez
Always there
I have used several cloud services, and Box is the best one out there. Yes, there have been some growing pains as the company matured, but compare to Microsoft services and others that are now defunct, hands down the better & reliable service is Box. One thing, I wish if it was more affordable or provided more storage space for its prices. This still is (2024) my opinion about Box.
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5 years ago, ChelaGlez
Better Than Dropbox
I used to have Dropbox, and when Dropbox did an update, my password stopped working. I never changed it, and I was not able to get any support from them! I lost a LOT of photos and documents. Box is great for businesses too. Our business provided us with an account, which is where I was able to transfer many files when I moved across the country!
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3 years ago, ibdribbles
Use the app a lot between multiple devices and noticed several times during the day the app freezes up on launch...clear the app and launch again then it freezes again. Launch a third time and it starts up. Also noticed that when I try to view my documents or images while scrolling it may show the 1st, 2nd and third images but then the 4th image will be a blank image but the next will reveal. Try to scroll back to image it’s still blank page. Close and relaunch app and it shows the blank image but several images later it will be blank again. Using iPhone 8.0 with current apple iOS
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3 years ago, joasdfkhas
Students file transfer DREAM!
Google Drive, doesn’t work. Icloud, i have a windows pc. Dropbox, expensive. Box :) I’m a student right now so I use the free plan. Although this has been the best cloud service I’ve used so far. For now i just use this like a clipboard for files. So ill download a file into box on my IPad, then open said file on my pc. I might download a pdf on my PC and then drag an drop in in box, then read it on my phone or iPad. I love the free tier, and really hope that box is financially successful and is able to maintain the 5gb free tier. In time when I have a steady job, Box is one of those services that did me good for years, so I intend for this to be part of my working adult subscription budget.
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8 months ago, TJF video
No 5 until synchronous collaboration
Please be like google docs but better. I’m sooooo tired of version control which happens in soooo many ways unless locking which also causes problems (oh sam forgot to unlock so I’ll just go ahead and unlock it. Then sam saves the file…..oh office online and a downloaded file crated a save conflict. A mere sampling of ongoing issues with a small collaborative consulting firm. Yes I use office online but you must know that it is limited in design and animation features in ppt especially.
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