Brace Face

Photo & Video
2.5 (2)
12.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Black Frog Industries, LLC
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
10.3 or later
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User Reviews for Brace Face

2.5 out of 5
2 Ratings
13 years ago, madisonn.rylee
Brace face
I like this app but my teeth aren't perfect actually they are really messed up so none of the braces fit my teeth!if black frog is reading you guys should make it to where u can move on bracket at a time so it would look more realistic!😁 ps more colors please! Thanks😄
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5 years ago, iiiijajfbsjwjkwnfbdbdvegwodof
Ummm don’t get the app
It’s a waste of money. You can’t add extra brackets to expand what your teeth REALLY would look like. You also have to open your mouth really wide in order to actually see the braces. Don’t waste your money!!
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5 years ago, arabella smart
I Love this but I wish there were more colors:)
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6 months ago, What’s it to you
Love it
I love this app
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13 years ago, Littlecutie246810
1,000,000,000,000,000 
I don't even know if 1,000,000,000,000,000 is a number but I DO know that if it is, this app deserves more stars than THAT! It works amazingly. While my friend was away for three weeks once about halfway in I did this on one of my pictures and said "hey I got braces!!" she texted me back with "omg when? I luv the colors in them!" This app is amazingg!!!!!! Yay:)
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12 years ago, Goofers13
Pretty good
I wanted to see what I would look like.(because I'm getting them) I say it works pretty well, it depends on the picture! Sometimes it looks fake!!! But if u want a good idea choose a photo from kind of a distance and then zoom in and adjust it then back it up and it looks good!!!:)
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13 years ago, Icee
Good app!!!:D
I'm getting braces soon and I wasn't sure how I would look but this app gave me the perfect idea of what I would look like! It's so worth the 99c!! If ur not sure wht u will look like wen u get braces get this app please!!! A little bit more colors? That would be great!!! Love this app!!!:) <3
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12 years ago, Tsmith1999
Ok if ur looking to get it get it. I texting all of my friend this and they all believed me!! Don't mind haters they don't know what there talking about. Get it u know u want to. I know they don't have a lot to choose from but it's awesome everyone believed me!! GET IT!!!
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13 years ago, Purpleisthestuff
When I got this app I didn't have braces so when I put braces on my pics it looked real. But now its pretty much  since i got braces october 24.. And I get my braces tightened today!!! But yea if you dont have braces get this app
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12 years ago, Gymnast104
Awesomely awesome app
I can't believe the people who said it was terrible ( they wouldn't know a good app if it hit them in the face). It looks just like I really have braces.
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13 years ago, Loverofzhuzhupets
I am getting braces soon so I wanted to see how I looked in them. This app is perfect for that. I mean it's a little pricey and the braces kind of look unrealistic but they are braces and braces will be braces!!!
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12 years ago, Froggigirl97097
I tested this app with my sis and we looked like we both did two years ago! I would recommend this app if u want to fool around with ur friends!
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13 years ago, Coolgirlzrule12
Deserves mor that 5 's!
I love this app! Ive always wanted braces and now I can see my self with braces! The only thin is thatthey need more colors than 4 colors! You should totally get this supercallifragulasexpiallidosus app!
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12 years ago, Arbast
App is fixed!!!
Ignore the 1 star reviews below! The app was broken for 2 days but the update fixed it! Thanks black frog!!! This is sooo awesome! My brother has braces now!!!
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12 years ago, takeene99
I like it!
this app is great! it does need some fixing, but other than that it's awesome! it really looks like you have braces! i look HORRIBLE in braces though!
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12 years ago, AdamL3456
I use it to edit all my pictures. Worth the $.99! It does need more colors though.
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12 years ago, xVabo
It's great!
This app is great! It can let you adjust the braces well so it fits real well! The one problem is and it's a big problem, it doesn't look real. I had to put it in photoshop.
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12 years ago, LexieHartsYew
Love it!!
I posted a picture on facebook with this, and my friends actually fell for it!!! It's an amazing app, everyone should get it
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13 years ago, Sweetie
I posted the picture I made using this and tricked alot of my friends and in school they were like u got braces ????? Lol
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12 years ago, Liv Dog
Make it download faster
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13 years ago, Beoman
I look awesome in braces cant wait to get them! It looks so pretty and definitely real! I wear glasses sometimes so I chose a pic of me with glasses and added braces and it looked magical!!
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12 years ago, The capital R
This app is so cool! Its helpful because I going to get braces soon so I can see what I look like with them! Get this app!!! :)
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11 years ago, Kayla Curtis
This app does what you it to! If you want to do just two teeth with braces and you can add more braces . Worth the 99 cents :-)
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12 years ago, Smilesalot234
Awesome app!
I made a picture on here an sent it to all my friends! They totally believed it!!:) it's a great app
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12 years ago, Big_Country437
Fun to trick people!
I trick my wed. Night teacher at church, Then it took her like an hour But needs to look more real to look right
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14 years ago, AngylfaceNY
BraceFace Rocks!
This app is awesome. It is so easy to use and the pics are killer. BlackFrog has done it again. Pure genius!
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12 years ago, Fjxjxhegifhdgjcjdn
I love me with braces
The app is awsome I'm going to get braces but it could use more colors of the ties come on only pink silver gray and yellow
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13 years ago, So cool.
It's so cool and it works great on me. I am getting braces in about 5 days now and it gave me a perfect idea of what I will look like.
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11 years ago, Lys1144
Already have but it still works!
Lol. I already have braces but still works anyway. It's really cool how they do that. Totally worth the money, guys!
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12 years ago, MadelineTheGreat
Worked fine till the update. Can't choose a pic without everything surrounding it going black. I cant choose anything. FIX
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12 years ago, Techlife48433
Really cool
I don't have braces so it sorta helps to what I would look like:)
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13 years ago, iYiYiPod
i love it!! its amazing!!! i could spend hours and hours on this app always wanted to see what i looked like with braces!
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13 years ago, 20112015
Love it
I love this app!!!! It looks pretty real. I wish you could put bracket by bracket on and choose different colors for each one thou.
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7 years ago, Rafaelag
Please update it to 64bit
Please update your app to 64bit. It got it is going to disappear from our phones
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8 years ago, teddy24929
It was okay
Wasted my money cause I just recently got my braces😁 The braces from this app look nothing like my braces rn, plus u can really tell they look fake.
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13 years ago, M&C&O
So I am getting braces tomorrow and I am dreading it soooooo much:( but when this app showed me what I would look like I started to dread it even more!:(
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11 years ago, Meghan 1114
Dont waste your money its a bad app!
You can obviously tell that they are fake. You have to have a really good camera to have a good picture of you but its a waste of money. I wasted my money.
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13 years ago, Rosie Posey Jazzy Marie
This is the best app cauze u can see what u look like with braces and it's fun to trick ur friends if u haven't seen them 4 a while Best app
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13 years ago, Stephanie926
Im not saying that this is a bad app but i might just need braces and wanted to know how i look and when i tryed to use the app it was SO un real so not bad but rather like my money back
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12 years ago, Beautyxxgoddess
I like it
I like it alot but i really think it should look a bit more real oatherwise i LOVE it !!!
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12 years ago, Islander21
It's okayy.. but it's a good app:)
it needs wayyyyyy more colors and the braces need to look more real....but overall it's an okay app.. :) WORTH THE 99 CENTS:)
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12 years ago, theatre24601
Brace Face
This app is accully pretty good! You cant take a bad picture though or else it will look fake. Now i know what ill look like with braces!
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13 years ago, WINNER
Lol best app ever
I think it's worth one $ cause it looks KOOL and I tricked all my friends
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13 years ago, Claire Aka midget
Two Sets
It Looks Kind of weird if you already have braces, but its pretty fun to put them on movie stars and stuff. :P
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9 years ago, Hazel412
Pretty good
This is pretty good I have to say but you can kinda tell they are fake but who cares😁
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11 years ago, Nyah_pooh100🎀🎀
This app was great don't listen to all those downers this is a great app totally 99 cent worthy
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12 years ago, kmm4592
Its okay....
It looks real but it wont get the same size as my teeth and i look terrible
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12 years ago, DancingDevil22
Clear braces
What about clear braces because those are the ones I have so I couldn't have seen what I had looked like
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13 years ago, Laini 20
It is an amazing app but it needs more colors.
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12 years ago, Pillowfacer123456789
I just bought this app and not keeps crashing and freezing. I deleted it. Total waste of money.
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