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User Reviews for BraceletBook

4.05 out of 5
355 Ratings
12 months ago, coach meghan
good app but not appropriate
so i really do love this app, it’s helped me make SO many kids of bracelets! good quality easy to use and like i said i really enjoy this app but i have some problems with it. i feel like there is a lot of young kids making friendship bracelets, and i think that what some people put on their bios are just not appropriate for kids and i feel like people can express themselves witch is a good thing but there is not limit, people can have anything they want in their bracelet photos and they can have anything as their contact pic. all i’m saying is i’ve seen a lot of very inappropriate things on here, you can also talk to anyone with the chat and individual messaging. obviously you’ll get a pice if mind to not do that later on but what about are younger ones? honestly paren if your reading this i would let your kids use this app because bracelet book is amazing qualify and like i said super easy to use! bug make sure you make rules and continue to look at what’s on your child’s screen when their done using it to see if they’ve been talking to anyone. okay thanks for reading guys!! 😊😊
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4 years ago, wowapowa
awesome, but sometimes unmanageable
i love this app! but, one time today, i tried to post a picture of my bracelets and when i pressed the photo, nothing happened. i pressed the other photos and nothing happened again. i restarted the app and the problem was still there. i even tried restarting my phone! this app is great but please try to fix this glitch. edit: i just tried to post a photo of my bracelet and one of ur curators said it was to dark and to bright and ppl cannot see the design? when u can CLEARLY see it. i just think they shouldn’t be soooooooo picky and this isn't the first time it’s happened. ppl on here are not all professional photographers.
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4 years ago, renfeldy
Nice Patterns - Hard Post
This is my go to place for looking for bracelet patterns. The one problem is when you have made the bracelet you can post a picture of it with the pattern and of course people have to approve the picture (make sure it is appropriate yada yada) however, it takes them forever to approve or deny it. And mine always gets denied the first couple times because “my light was off” or “my photo was blurry” and honestly the photos aren’t that bad, yes they aren’t the best, but I’m not a professional photographer and that’s not what this app is about. Also, you can enter in challenges where you earn points by doing it, and when they approve your photo on the photo it will say “(something) challenge” and they never remember to add my points I contact them and comment and they say yes someone forgot to add my points then they don’t add them, after I talked to them again, they said it was too late to add the points even though I submitted the picture on time they just did add it. Overall, good patterns however, don’t except to be able to move up levels (you never know how to do that, they literally say just be active but how can I be active if you keep declining my photos).
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4 years ago, Jcidajhdjskxjdnkxmds
live this app! would love to see some improvements for simplicity :)
all around I love this app, the sidebar is very simple and easy to use and I live the inclusion of tutorials and forums. however I would love to see some updates made to improve the simplicity of the app and just to make things easier. - I would like to see the option to click on a bracelet pattern # right from a photo. This seems small but it gets very annoying having to try and remember all the #s! - I would also like to see the ability to click on a user from a photo. Again, this gets annoying after a while! - I would also like to see the ability to swipe between photos on the photo tab, aswell as photos submitted to a pattern. I think this would just make things much more easier to use and switch between photos since I usually look at multiple! As always keep up the good work and I’ll be checking for recent updates! <3
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6 years ago, liza_moose
this app is probably my favorite bracelet app because i have been making bracelets for 4 years and have been using this app for a few days and have made so many new bracelets! i do wish that there was a way to search bracelets, but otherwise really good app!! i live how you can customize how many strings and colors and rows you want so it makes it helpful if you want to make an intricate bracelet or simple one. it is so perfect if you want to make any bracelet so definitely recommend this app!! it would be nice if you could save patterns and stuff like that because i wanted to print some out for my friends but i’m having to screenshot them and in some i don’t get what the bracelet looks like because i only have so much space to screenshot. also, it runs perfectly for me but my friend has an older phone and it doesn’t work for her so maybe this app works only on newer phones..? also i didn’t find a way to upload my own patterns so maybe make that easier to find. also a lot of the patterns are basically the same but with different colors. i love this app so much and i hope that you enjoy it too!! <3 :)
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3 years ago, Big Kirk -
the bracelet patterns are good but u can really just find them on Pinterest or Google but the moderators are VERY rude and creepy they take ur address which I don’t know if that’s normal but a friend of mine was being dumb and teased someone on the chat as a joke and it wasn’t mean but then got a message from the moderators saying that they have her address and that they could find her and have the police involved and the situation wasn’t even a “situation” it was not a big deal. Also I would like to point out that the moderators (the top bracelet makers) are not the people who made the game they are random people who reached a certain level and to know that they take your address is very unsettling and creepy they could easily be a hacker or a creep I personally don’t think getting bracelet patterns that I can find on Google is worth having someone know where I live and threatening to come to my house.
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4 years ago, frenchie1018
It’s ok
I love this app and I love making bracelets, my issue is that all of my patterns are usually declined for no reason and the moderators are obviously using their power to make sure their patterns are mostly seen. I’ll create a new and unique pattern that will get declined, meanwhile KrazyKnots creates a million that all look exactly the same and take up my entire pattern feed. Tbh I don’t care, but at least when you decline my pattern give me a GOOD response on how to improve it instead of giving a vague tip that I don’t understand. Also can you make it so we can block/report people? I’ve come across people who rate mine and others patterns very low for absolutely no reason and I’d like to have a way to prevent them from seeing my patterns if they are going to give me crap for no reason.
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4 years ago, jems😍
Love it 😍❤️😍❤️
I love this app so much it’s the BEST. Even when I was just a beginner, it was so easy to use with lots of fun tutorials! Also when I was starting out, I wasn’t able to make a lot of them but it was still fun to see all the cool things people could do! There are so many things to choose from. I like that you can filter it to your liking and level. Someone I know actually got this before me because they were into friendship bracelets before I was. They love it too! I honestly don’t understand why some people give this bad reviews. I highly recommend this app to anyone looking for friendship bracelet patterns.
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5 years ago, nicuumuu
Mostly perfect: could use a couple changes
This is good for searching through patterns, saving them, and uploading photos but when I am actually making a bracelet I generally open website in my phone browser. I do this because on my phone browser I can continue to scroll down so the top row I see is the one I’m on so I don’t lose track with complex patterns. A potentially bigger issue if you can’t get to color variations. A variation that someone else made and was available in my browser or on my desktop didn’t show up in the app. On the website, variations are listed above the pattern but on the app you don’t see color variations.
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3 years ago, mfמאטי
Its great😍😍 has a few miner problems…
This app is awesome for people who love bracelet making, but does have some problems… Firstly, you cant create a pattern on the app only on the website.. I think it would be much easier to be able to do it on the app. secondly, you cant see the variations people made or you yourself made its pretty annoying Lastly, when you first get the app you have to figure everything out for yourself they don't give you a clear introduction to the app and how to use it.. But besides that, this app is GREAT and I recommend this to any bracelet maker😘😍
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3 years ago, Justbond77
It’s great!! ❤️❤️ But…
This app is absolutely amazing! It has showed me how to make bracelets and so many different ways to make them! I found this online and made an account that way then i found out it was an app and i downloaded the app which soon started the one issue… No matter where I’m at it says i don’t have internet so i can’t look up any patterns at all ! Never fails i can have the best connection in the world and it won’t load! So other than it not working on the app to well it’s a 5 star sight!
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2 years ago, beefynachobaby
Adult Advertisements, Parents Be Warned!
This app is so convenient, works super well, and contains tons of information and resources to help you with whatever you’re trying to make. However, I’m rating it only two stars because there are ads for adult websites as you scroll through patterns. While I’m a full-grown woman, this app is probably more popular among children and young people, and that’s really inappropriate to allow on a platform for all ages like this. I’m going to continue using it since I’m old enough to be exposed to that and no full nudity is shown (always censored, but it’s clear tapping the ad will lead you to a non-censored site), but it really needs to be removed.
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6 years ago, braceletlover
I mostly LOVE this app
This app is really great except for a few minor problems. I love getting ideas for bracelets and trying new things but when I try to watch a video it will simply say it’s loading and not start playing. This is very frustrating but my phone is older so I don’t know if this is a problem related to the app or just my phone. Also there is no way for me to save pictures or videos on the todo section. I would really appreciate it if you could fix these things but overall it is really a great, fun, and helpful app that gives me lots of new ideas. Thanks so much for reading and considering my suggestions.
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3 years ago, Rilly Yo
Variations, making a pattern, and loves.
I love this app so much, it’s really good to find patterns connect with people on the forums and learn new things. On the other hand, the website has a section on each pattern for variations of the pattern, the app doesn’t show that. Along with the generator for patterns and loves. I wish the app consisted more of what the website has. But all in all it’s a fantastic app for creativity and communication.
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4 years ago, GalaxyWolf2109
It’s great!
It’s great app and without going on the website (which I think is better) and can just look at my to-do’s and see what I want to do. The thing is that I feel like they need to update the graphics, not the patterns but the background. It just feels old and not modern. Not judging people that like it already but I don’t know if I like it how it is but also I want where you can make patterns on the app to and not just go on the website. Hopefully they change this.
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4 years ago, this is a great app12323
Ummmm plz fix this....
I love this app but guys you need to get the racial stuff gone. I commented on a alm thing and said awww I love this. And someone told me I disgusted them and that I was racist. YOU need to help this don’t accept that stuff. I am sooooo sick and tired of people being sooo mean. Just a few months ago braceletbook was fun to use and we all laughed. And now it’s a place where people are mean and they argue nON STOP. I am soooo sad bc now I dread going on the app seeing all the new blm and alm fights. This has gotten ridiculous. Please FIX THIS!!!
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4 years ago, panda🐼08
LOVE it but...
I love this app but, being not able to tap on the pattern or the persons profile, when they post a pic, makes it hard to access the pattern or person I’m looking for. It other then that this app is the best for finding patterns fast and they have a huge range going from if you don’t even no how to make a candy strip or if you are doing alphas in your sleep, the point is if your looking for amazing patterns and challenges you always have something to do😊
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12 months ago, Mbenn14
Amazing for beginners
This doesn’t show up on my phone but if you get it on the computer, it has all the things you need to start making a bracelet. You can click on a string to see which one you are working with, you can change colors to match what you are making, they even provide tutorials for a specific pattern you are making and the basic knots in general
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4 years ago, knyl123
Run by an elitist and racist group
Since the moderator role has been introduced to the site, many of us have found BraceletBook much less enjoyable. Our patterns get declined for things like "colors being too dark" and "patterns too similar" while moderator patterns with the same qualities are constantly approved. This does not feel very community-based, but rather elitist. Additionally, in light of recent events regarding the human rights movement for black lives, the moderators and the site administrator have chosen to remain silent and not voice any support for the already marginalized black community in the bracelet community. I'm very disappointed.
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3 years ago, SophiaElise15
I love the app! Great for on the go. Only problem is that you can’t access variations of patterns on the app. I like to have color references and there’s no way to get that on the app. I love the simplicity of the app. Pretty easy to navigate and search for specific patterns. Overall it’s great and I’d recommend it to anyone wanting to make bracelets! Great for beginners and advanced.
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5 years ago, Sk644
Highlight patterns
I love this app! There are so many different patterns and variations to try! But there is one thing I think would improve it a lot. I think having it highlight the row your on in a pattern would make using it a lot easier. You could choose to turn this feature on or off and then just tap the screen to make it highlight the next row. Other than that I think this app is great!
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3 years ago, 𝖩𝗁𝗁𝗁
Love it
So happy to have found this app bc I have been using the website for quite some time. The convenience of the app makes it so much easier! The only complaint I would make is that its hard to find the search and other filters. Otherwise, if you love the website then I would recommend downloading the app.
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9 years ago, Froggie317
I really like this app
I've been a member of bracelet book for years now, and I enjoy it. The app is easy to use and it's been nice to have. I would add a one thing if I could. That would be folders for the "to-do" section so I can separate the patterns I like and what I'm actually doing at the moment. That would be incredibly useful. Overall it's a good app and will continue to use it.
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4 years ago, xojennn
I really love this website, but lately they’re taking forever to accept pattern it discourages creators :/ there’s many mods yet it’s taking forever. patterns get declined for the DUMBEST reasons, like it being too similar while KrazyKnotz has over 4k patterns that look exactly the same. also comments get deleted because someone says “to give credit” but KrazyKnotz comments these things on any pattern that is similar to theirs. Idk. They’re not a good mod in my opinion.
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3 years ago, Mimi Mymymimi
So, I got bracelet book as a good app to make bracelets. At first I thought it was good, and I thought it was normal. A little later I was banned for “profanity” I thought I was fine after making a new account and so on. A little while later I got a message from a moderator saying they have my IP address and can get the police involved. Personally, this is CREEPY, and shouldn’t be taken this seriously just for profanity. The app should be taken down. I’m considering contacting the police. Please say safe kids. This app isn’t safe.
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5 years ago, DollLover26
Lovin it, but there is one thing.
I love this app. There is so much room for creativity. You can communicate with and make friends. You can create patterns and share. You can even look at everyone else’s patterns. The only thing I don’t like about this app is that you have to go on the website to make patterns. It’s very annoying but everything else is good.
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12 months ago, uththtntgntj
Please read! (important⚠️)
I love this app it is my number one app to go to when I need to make a bracelet for a friend or just for fun, but there’s one problem… you need internet connection to be able to do anything on it. And since I don’t have internet connection I can’t do anything on it. So in conclusion, make sure you have internet connection. Bye 👋🏼 and have a great weekend/week.
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9 months ago, ROBLOX YAAAAAS PLS
Nice app.
This app is amazing! I’ve found so many patterns and it’s basically the friendship bracelet instagram. I’m only giving it 4 stars however because it does not have as many features as the website and there are things that could be improved.
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3 years ago, Lily minecraftgamer
Awesome you should get the app
I love this app and I would recommend it to anyone who loves making things with string but if you don’t know the basic knots, how to start and end bracelets then learn that first then use the app. Thank you so much for making it :).
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2 years ago, nickname200021
Great! Only wish you could “love” things
On the website you can love patterns or add them to your to do but I don’t see anywhere for the former on the app. It’s a little annoying because I don’t want to add all of them to my to do. Best site/ app for patterns tho!!
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3 years ago, 😔😝😝😝‼️🤣🗣✨✨✨🤪🤪😫😣
love this app but
I LOVEEE THIS APP. there’s really nothing wrong with it. it’s helps a lot and has so many things in it for bracelet makers ! the only thing that bothers me is that it isn’t updated like the website version ? the website is cleaner looks newer. the app looks outdated . but that’s really the only thing .
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5 years ago, qwerfdadgyn
Good but needs more
Hi, I just got this app like a month ago and I really like it. Though I think that it needs more. I would like a favoring box. Also, I would like to have a color changer so we can change the color of the pattern and it will change the instructions. That would be much easier. Thank You Please Respond.
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4 years ago, eg.1738
The app runs really well, and it’s pretty easy to figure out. One question I have is how to change the colors in a pattern? I figured out how to do it online, but not through the app, and it’s just easier for me to know what I’m doing when I can change the colors to match the ones in my bracelet.
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4 years ago, Abby_B:)
amazing app!!
i cannot speak highly enough of this app. seriously. i've been making bracelets since i knew how to hold strings, but i always kept making the same patterns over and over again. when i downloaded bracelet book, i got so much inspiration to start making bracelets again. i've gotten back into my favorite hobby thanks to this app. there are thousands of patterns and they all suit every skill level and every style. the best part is, there's new ones every day! i never get bored or run out of patterns to do. awesome job!!
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3 years ago, [elamentalwolves]Windsurfer
Love the site, love the app BUT......
The app is such a great addition to the site, but none of the pictures will load and it’s getting VERY annoying. Please fix this in one of your future updates, thank you for your time
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5 years ago, mysistergotsnatched
Highlight gal
I love this app so much it has (almost) everything I was looking for however it would be really cool if it had a highlight type ting so you could keep track of what row you were on when you are making your bracelet.
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5 years ago, heehee69
Needs More Mobile Features
This app is extremely helpful for making bracelets! Though, my one complaint is that it needs to have bracelet variations accessible on its mobile applications. Other than that, it’s all good!
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1 year ago, Brattymac
Not user friendly at all
This app is only useful for looking up patterns that have been created by others and approved by mods. You can’t see your own if they’ve been declined. You can’t even see why they’ve been declined. It’s led to so much frustration because the mods don’t seem to realize this issue exists and talk to you as if everything should be obvious when you’re asking questions about how it works.
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3 years ago, samshair
Love it, one suggestion
I’ve used this app for years and I absolutely love it! My suggestion would be the ability to plug in your own colors for a pattern so it eliminates any confusion when switching colors!
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3 years ago, MEMB2093
Lots of love for BraceletBook
I am a bracelet junkie for life. I need to learn how to read patterns. But looking at the different patterns that have been posted on this app how do you make many great ideas over the years.
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8 years ago, Fcchkbdkjjdvb
Love this app
I have been making bracelets for years and there is no better place for patterns, tutorials, and just about anything else you'd need! I use it literally all the time and get all of my patterns from here
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9 years ago, SaraSavesTheDay
Updates are Slow
I had to drop it down from five stars to four. Because there's still plenty of awesome patterns, but there haven't been any updates in at least a month. It would be nice to see some new stuff.
Show more
9 years ago, lindzlouetbu
Looks great!
I think this will be a great tool for all my craft thread. I'm not very familiar with this type of craft so I have been scrolling through for the longest time trying to find a "getting started" type of tab or forum. Once I get started and figure out what an "alpha" bracelet is and a normal bracelet etc is I am excited about utilizing such a great tool!
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5 years ago, Sure 👍🏻
Incredibly helpful
This app is incredibly helpful and I love it so much! There’s only one thing I think that could make it better. It is separating the alphas and the normal patterns between 2 to do lists. If that makes any sense 🤪
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3 weeks ago, amiya_cevan
Good app— in serious need of an update
This app works great but it could use a huge overhaul. I would love to have the ability to apply multiple filters at once. E.g. latest AND most loved patterns. The look of the app itself is just not aesthetically pleasing, but I guess that’s not the point.
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4 years ago, khoneybearbear
Wish you could customize the colors
I really like this app, except on the website you are able to customize the colors, but for some reason you can’t on the app? It is a good app though, and I still use it.
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4 years ago, esheapaige
Bracelet Book
I think it’s really neat of having an app and a website too. I hoped to have an update that have the same variation of the website version. Such as add an variation of the same pattern but different colors. Also to add “love” page for patterns that you love.
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5 years ago, Gdawg_Agnes
I love this app. It has helped me become better at making bracelets. Although, I really would like to have a search bar on the app. Thank you!
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3 years ago, alüzfrüt
Doesn’t work on iOS 14.8
I’m pretty sure the developers have stopped actively working on this app because it crashes immediately on launch in iOS 14.8 on my iPhone SE 2. It seems others have had this problem as well and I hope the app can be upgraded soon because I would love to be able to use braceletbook on my phone.
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7 years ago, Wordywordy67543
If you want to make knotted/macrame bracelets, this is the app
Tons of features, save patterns you want to try in the to-do section, pick from normal or alpha patterns, tons of tutorials and pictures of finished bracelets. Kudos to the developers!
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