Brain It On!

4.5 (4.5K)
131.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Orbital Nine Games Inc
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Brain It On!

4.55 out of 5
4.5K Ratings
6 years ago, oldnewtimer
Stop me!
I downloaded this game because I was curious about these type of challenges. I’m pleased (also frustrated!) with my progress. I often play it for escape and relaxation...until it’s two hours later, I am obsessed and can’t stop. Augh! The ads weren’t that annoying but I upgraded anyway and now I don’t know how I could have put up with them. I, like many others, was being driven mad by not being able to get to the edges without my control screen coming down but this latest update seems to have fixed it so thanks to the developers. I’ve really barely scratched the surface and it’s worth the extra few bucks. That dorky music though! Seriously, it is dorky. Haha. I turn it off then sometimes find myself missing it (why??) 😆 so if I’m in the mood I just keep the volume very low.
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6 years ago, CedartheTree
Great... At first.
To start out, I’m not the sort of person who normally writes reviews unless I find an app either extremely outstanding or severely flawed. I’ve only every written 2 other app reviews in my life, both of which were positive. This one, however, isn’t. I love the idea of this game, and the simple aesthetic it presents. However, once you finish the first three or so levels, the shine begins to fade. Frequent, unskippable ads after every level; unresponsive controls, and lag all plague this game. The ads I could normally deal with, however coupled with the fact that most levels are nigh-impossible to complete due to the unresponsive touch controls, this app quickly fades from a fun game to a hellish torture method. I found myself making the same shape the hint showed again and again, but because of how unresponsive the touch drawing controls were I literally couldn’t complete the level. Even with all of the drawbacks, I’d happily download this app again if these issues were resolved. TL;DR: Fun for the first three levels, then it loses all appeal. Unresponsive controls and constant ads make it more pain than pleasure to play.
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6 years ago, Arudyj
Addictive and challenging!
I rarely write reviews, however this game is so great that I had to leave a few notes. 1. It’s addictive, in that fun I want to tell everyone about it way. 2. The challenges are great for anyone who has a brain and can be patient enough to try multiple different solutions. 3. I love the unlimited retires without ads. All games must have ads, but this one limits them in a vey tolerable way. 4. And lastly, I have never had trouble with lag, it works great and without flaws on my iPhone 8. My only two suggested changes are that 1. I could challenge someone and 2. I could play this in real life or on a big screen! Great job developers, I gotta get back to level 59 now :)
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11 months ago, hxhduydhduheuehegdhddufysydgd
Fun idea but too difficult
I got to level 25 while only needing a few hints but once I got to level 25 I could not get it completed within the time limit. I watched an ad to get the hint and I even tried drawing the shape from the hint on my screen to get the exact shape I supposedly needed. Even after tracing the exact shape that was supposed to get me 3 stars in less then 1 second I still couldn't get within the time limit. I eventually had to just give up because I had spent at least 5 minutes on this one level. If you are going to make a time limit on a level to get all the stars it should be possible. This level seems impossible to complete and they will only get harder. I would not recommend this game especially if you are looking for something fun. I get having some sort of challenge but this was simply too difficult. If you enjoy this game that is fine but to me it was so stressful and difficult that it almost made me cry.
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4 years ago, Garrett Fogerlie
Awesome game when you disable iOS slide menus!
Very fun, some levels can be tough but if you need to you can get a hint. Lots of levels too, so it’s plenty of fun! A great free game and not many adds compared to most games plus it’s only $1.99 to remove them and be able to make your own levels. Lots of player created levels too. It’ll take a long time to win them all! One tip, on newer iPhones go to Settings - Accessibility - Guided Access and enable it so you don’t get those slide down or slide up iOS menus when your playing (just click the power button 3 times once you enable that feature so you can block or unblock those menus.) It’ll make gameplay almost perfect!
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6 years ago, hooded goat
Unique and innovative
My fianceé and I tried this game. We got so hooked we played and beat every level! Some levels are insanely hard and you have to be crazy-stubborn. When we finished we searched high and low for another game like it. Nothing comes close. The game got extra interesting once we got to the parts where you can only draw in certain parts of the screen. Even better when floating, anti-gravity, bouncing and slippery ice shapes get introduced. Anyway, please please please make more levels. Maybe add a new mechanic (sticky shapes?). Even if you just recycle the same game mechanics, make more game so we can keep dorking out on it.
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6 years ago, Anopinion8
Could be a good game
The game is fun at first and I love the idea behind the game but after the first 10 levels the game starts to lag/glitch and it gets worst the more you advance! The most annoying thing is that many times I complete a level but the game glitches and doesn’t register that I completed the challenge! After spending some time trying to complete some levels (I have made it to level 37 with three stars on each one) it is very frustrating to finish a level only to have the game glitch out on you and not let you finish! I am the type of person that hates to quit especially if there is a good challenge but I reached a point where I will be deleting this game and never download it again because its one thing to not be able to complete something because it is difficult and it is another thing to not be able to complete because of glitches!
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10 months ago, poopy fat nugget
Amazing Game, Except the Store is…
So I love Brain it On. Like I play this game almost every day if not every day. I would rate it five stars if it weren’t for this problem. So today I was enjoying myself as usual when I decided to spend 2500 coins on the rainbow brush…and it didn’t even work. I tried equipping it and nothing changed…I tried swiping out of the game and coming back and other methods but nothing seemed to work. I even hit the “restore purchases” in the settings but nothing changed so I’m confused on why that is even an option if nothing happens. So my main question is how do I get back my 2500 coins? Other than that issue , this game is amazing.
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1 year ago, jesse.331
Loved it. Time to delete.
Downloaded. Beat all available levels. Deleted. Redownloaded years later. Beat all available levels. There’s occasional frustration with figuring out certain levels but it’s mostly really enjoyable. Don’t personally care for the community levels (they just don’t seem as well thought out). The app has been sitting but it’s time to delete. I will likely redownload in a year or so to re-complete and maybe there will be a few more levels. I don’t know what goes into making them but I’m happy there’s at least the 200. Thanks.
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3 days ago, Everydayimshuttlein
Fun game! Just one question.
I would put two stars if I never bought the full game. Level editor is lots of fun and community levels are too. The original game was too hard so I’m glad they have those. There was an update a few days ago and I didn’t get it. You could get a half ring, vase and cup that I never got. Can someone please explain? Besides that, great game! NO ADS! You should get it. 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆🏈🏈🏈⚽️🏐🏉🏐🏸🦜🦮🐈‍⬛🪼🐬🐌🪲🦋🦄🐺🪿🦉🦆🐵💼👒🧣👘🩱🧛🏼🧛🏻‍♂️👩🏻‍🔬👨‍🦲😻💀👹🤒🤕😖😕😞😒😏👨‍🦲🐈‍⬛🪼
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6 years ago, aisleseat
Excessively thick lines and ads yield a ‘meh’ rating
I love physics puzzlers, but just like the first one I downloaded and soon deleted, this one can’t really be played on a smartphone because the line width is too thick and there’s no way to design some really creative solutions; just use big blocks, fulcrum sand brute force to knock things over. Still, it is a lot of fun determining an elegant or simple solution to each problem. Best played on smart tablet with a pen-shaped stylus, like the iPad Pro. And the ad frequency is nothing short of extortion. When are developers going to learn that people like paying for better versions of their apps, but do not like paying for the right to enjoy an app they selected among all the other apps to play.
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6 years ago, Frigtoes
Brilliant concept!! Addictive!!!
Like others, I absolutely hate the ads. But the game is so good, I just paid for the app and gladly did it. Enjoying the game without ad interruptions and now flying through the levels…yah, flying - after about 20 tries each! Great for young growing minds to teach them to think outside the box. Can’t say enough good things. If you like challenging your brain, this game is for you. Warning: it may cause occasional cussing and swearing at times! And it May cause you to lose sleep because you want to pass that next level!
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3 years ago, Boslaw
Great combination of physics and engineering, but…
I love this game. I play it often to pass time and it doesn’t get old. I’ve reset and started over many times, because the way to pass each level is entirely up to you and your imagination. It can be different every time because you’re drawing it. My only issue is that it crashes often for me, usually when I draw a large solid shape. I thought it was because I was using an older iPad mini, but it happens on my iPad Pro too. Even though the crashes limit what I can draw, it won’t keep me from playing!
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5 years ago, Jdoginfinity
It’s fun and challenging.
I like this game since I’m a physics fan, but I need some help. I got through the first set of levels then it became about impossible. I look at the hints but I can never draw straight shapes and I’m getting frustrated with no solutions. I have a vision impairment but since the game is light on dark I work with it. For example, the levels with magnets are annoying, and how are you supposed to raise the blue one up the left wall to touch the red one? Anyway it’s fun but but I don’t know how much longer my patience will last.
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6 years ago, Andie Borg
This is an amazing game.
I absolutely love this game. The puzzles are challenging and there are many ways to solve each one. It’s a really fun game that helps me unwind but I also have to use creative thinking. I haven’t had any issues with a finger sensor lag as someone else has reviewed. It’s actually been quite the opposite and it gets pretty intense when you’re trying to create shapes to keep momentum going, my heart rate literally goes way up. I would imagine that a lag on your device would be very frustrating for this game.
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4 years ago, pritchwest
Great challenge
This has all kinds of physics based scenarios with goals that are accomplished by drawing objects that use gravity and leverage and object interaction. It starts very simple to get you started using various techniques and quickly gets quite challenging. I’ve had to use their hints several times but toughed it out on most. Done 50 levels and I kee coming back to it, sometimes several different sessions to figure out one level. Great straightforward but challenging puzzles to really engage your brain. Give it a try!
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5 years ago, AppReviewAssistant
Awesome, Perfect, Mind Sharpening
First off, some people say that this game can not be played on smart phone, but it definitely can! Unless you have a phone as small as an iPhone 5, your phone, even a generally small one for this generation, like an iPhone 6, is definitely still perfect to play the game with. Also, this game is not only fun, but also a mind sharpening game, instead of those games that waste your time. I think even people who do not like to do brainy things, will enjoy this game!
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5 years ago, yay! 🤗
Pretty Good
This game is really fun. It’s hard but that’s what makes it fun. However, I definitely think it’s unfair how you have to purchase the game to do the level editor thingy. Maybe instead of making it so you have to buy it, you should make it where you have to get to a certain level, such as level 100, to do the level editor. Other than that, this game is fun. Please fix this problem! Also, maybe make the hints a little more clear. Sometimes the hints don’t make any sense. But anyways, thanks for making this great game! P.S. I really give this game a 3 1/2 but you can’t do a 3 1/2 so that’s why it’s a 3. 😁
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4 years ago, yeswayted
Inventive. Creative. Smart. Addictive. Challenging. FUN!!
Love it. Love it. Love it. For the haters, yes, the game has some easy levels, for training, but not too easy (or cheesy!). Trust me: the levels get increasingly difficult and really imaginative. Gotta be a smart cookie to pass without a hint. The hints give you only what shapes you CAN use but not the placement, which means you still have to figure it out. Don’t forget each level can be solved in multiple ways! AND as you progress through the levels, the shapes you draw change how they move, including reverse gravity, float, slip and slide, and bounce. It’s really well done and I would recommend this to ANYONE looking for a consistent and well thought out game. This is better than any other physics game I’ve found... and I have searched. And searched... Challenging, fun and addictive, without time pressure!
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5 years ago, Johnjames7907422356
I like it!
The concept of this game is simple and that’s what makes it great. The difficulty increases with each level which definitely keeps you thinking. Ive been playing 4years give or take a few months in between but I always keep coming back to it because there’s no other game quite like it. Being able to create/design your own ideas then posting them for other players to try and vice versa is a great feature as well.
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6 years ago, Ijashio
For the science nerd!
Very challenging game that forces you to experiment, be creative, and think outside the box. Great at combining elements of physics and mechanical engineering. Sometimes there are many different ways to solve the same challenge. I wish the developer would allow players to upload and share their solutions with other players who have already solved the would be interesting to see how different people create unique solutions to the same problem.
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6 years ago, noteinstine
Brain it on
Ok first off I never write reviews!!! Spent almost three hours on one of the challenges and solved it finally WITHOUT THE HINT!!!! This game is probably one of the first games that I have ever played that when I pass a challenge I feel like I really have accomplished something using just my experience in life. And it’s free!!! Leverage, weights, curves, fulcrums and size. I the games graphics were superb! A stylist pen would make it better I think but my fat finger works. I just finished 60 had to finally use a hint, was hungry haven’t eaten in six hours. This game isn’t for the weak at heart. What most people would think is impossible IS!! And the since of accomplishing it is sooo gratifying that I can sleep good at night!!! Hope this isn’t scaring anyone off. You want to use THE OTHER SIDE OF YOUR BRAIN ....PLAY IS GAME!!!
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5 years ago, ios11sucks
Interesting and challenging, but physics is only fair and this is frustrating.
I enjoy this game and find it more challenging than most. I wish the physics was better. On Earth, larger objects have more mass and momentum. Here this relationship is absent or warped. I wish a state could be saved so the first steps in a puzzle would not have to be repeated over and over to refine the last steps. Also since my finger is large and opaque, I can’t see what I’m doing. A stylus might help with this. Fix the physics and it will be much improved.
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6 years ago, biggousRichous
Pure Awesomeness
I this game is so simple. But in the most awesome way possible. You are given a goal and all the freedom to complete it. You must combine SO many different tricks to get things different things done. And yes, shapes DO matter when it comes to drawings. I honestly cant get enough. And the ads that come up are a non issue, in my opinion. They are scarce and come up after so many completions. This will definitely be a permanent brain game on my phone. Thanks devs for the app!
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6 years ago, melikeme1
a geometric gem
i like games that happen in one space, no moving screens. I’m approaching level 50 and like the challenge. hard enough to loose yourself in game but not too hard that they feel impossible. I like the pink bouncy shapes and would like more fun variables in the earlier levels. i think some people could become board with the repetition and familiarity of the levels so adding goofy challenges sooner may have broader appeal. i like the magnets too. its the most i’ve played a game in years so thanks. im really enjoying it
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3 years ago, TxasPete
Best game in the App Store
Thank you, developers, for creating such a great game! It’s fun, challenging, and really makes you put on your thinking cap! It’s creative and thoughtfully planned, with a minimum of ads. I love these kinds of games and am always glad when I run across a gem like this! I never write reviews, but had to here! Kudos to the developers for such a terrific and enjoyable game. Keep up the amazing work! I’ll be looking for more games from you! Thank you!!M
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2 years ago, The black dots
Submitting limit
Hi, I’m Fun4ThisGuy, and I’m an excellent player at Brain It On. So, I got Premium Mode just a couple months ago, and I like the idea of one of its features, Level Editor. It’s where you can create levels out of your mind and your ideas and share them with every Brain It On player. But once you submit a level, you can’t submit another for 6 hours. P.S. I don’t really write reviews on so many apps. I have written reviews in the General Adaptive apps.
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7 years ago, Oillamp
This is may be my all time favorite app, but the constant interruptions with 30 to 60 second teasers for juvenile games makes me ABSOLUTELY FURIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At first they were a punishment I had to pay for getting hints (I do appreciate the hints) but now I am punished every time I win. It takes 60 seconds before I can even see my score. Not only will I NEVER DOWNLOAD THESE GAMES BECAUSE THEY ARE INNANE, BUT THE FLASHING LIGHTS IN THEM CAN TRIGGER MY EPILEPSY. I am very close to deleting my favorite game of all time. SO SAD!
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6 years ago, /):&6274:,&5($8&94
Fun for young and old!
Our family plays this together often, passing the phone to one player after another, all of us watching--and learning from—each attempt. Our son is 4 1/2, so there are few games we can play that are equally fun and challenging for all of us, but this is! I have had none of the issues CedarTheTree mentioned: few to no ads, very responsive controls, and a great game!
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3 years ago, Boslaw
Too many bugs
I really like playing this game, but there are a lot of bugs. It crashes a lot on my iPad when drawing large solid shapes, often times the wrong instruction displays on top (it will be an instruction from a past level), tapping the replay button often moves you to the next level instead, and it doesn't always save the last level you completed. It's too bad, because without all the bugs, it would be a five-star game for sure.
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5 years ago, Datbates
Fun but maddening game
I like the crazy variety of puzzles and the physics. The music is great to. The only issue is that the drawing has a tendency to lock up whenever you are drawing next to other objects. Then you have to move your finger away from the object till it starts to draw again. This is really frustrating when the timer is ticking. It also is slow to start drawing on your first stroke making you have to backtrack to get a full line. If you fix this issue so I don’t want to throw this game away I will gladly raise my rating.
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2 years ago, ABCStrohm
Get This App
One of my favorites. It’s challenging yet fun, and at times frustrating in the best way. I find myself thinking throughout the day about how to solve a puzzle I’m stuck on. My husband often sits with me and gets sucked in as we both try to find the solution. And, the feeling of accomplishment you get when you finally solve a challenging puzzle…the best!
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6 years ago, esteef1
The game is addicting, very difficult as you progress from level to level. I would normally give this a 5 star rating but there are many many ads that never give you a break. The final straw for me was when I was trying to go from level 5 to 6 and I was only 5 points short from advancing so I used the hint button for help. As soon as the ad was completed the system crashed to a completely black screen and it will not continue. All that work only to have to start over because of a system problem. Sorry that is a deal breaker.
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6 years ago, willievergettopostthis?
Fundamentally Clashes with IPhone
I was initially excited for this game, but playing this game on iPhone is a nightmare. You have to play the game with your phone in a horizontal position and if you have to start at the top of the screen to draw a shape you are screwed because every time you place and hold your finger at the top of the screen to begin drawing the shape you want, the notifications daily view pull down menu will pop up trying to get you to pull it down onto the screen therefore screwing up your shape and making the level impossible to pass.
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7 years ago, Vanny04girl
Best puzzle game ever!
This is one of the best puzzle games out there. You have to pay the $2 though so there are no ads and all the levels get unlocked. I've played it all the way through several times and still find it fun and challenging. I really hope the developers come out with another version or more levels soon because I can't get enough, we want more!!!
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6 years ago, fagellah
Super fun, until you need more points
I’ve loved playing this game. However, the further you advance in the game, you need a certain number of points to unlock new levels. If you don’t have enough, you have to go back and try to improve your performance/score. This re-doing of challenges you’ve done before really takes the fun out of it, and frankly isn’t enjoyable enough to keep advancing and playing the game. At about the 375 point range, and I don’t have enough to continue - I’m out.
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2 months ago, Game Queen Bee
Challenging but not annoyingly so
I have to admit I have used plenty of hints and sometimes the solution is so simple. It’s silly. I love the premise of this game and I like that it has hints because when I get stuck, I get really stuck. I love difficult games that give me a challenge and this definitely does that without irritating me to the point of frustration.
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6 years ago, No one speciaaaal
In a world where almost every mobile game feels like the last, I constantly find myself asking the same question...”is innovation dead?” This game has finally answered my (seemingly) life-long question, and that answer is “NO”. This game is fantastic! What a wonderful concept. The physics are impressive and responsive! If I could reserve the right to give a 6 star rating, this game would would get it. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🌟
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9 months ago, flippingoctopus
Honestly this is one of the greatest games to play if you’re bored and only have your phone, there’s only like an ad every 5 levels and it doesn’t do that annoying thing where you can’t play without wifi. The game has quite the skill ceiling for a mobile game and that is what makes it a masterpiece.
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7 months ago, lady
Amazing!.. at first
So I really enjoyed the game when I first started playing, first slide or two of levels was spot on and great. But after that everything went downhill, levels had an insane difficulty increase and the hints became more unclear. I really loved the original levels and often go back and play them when stuck on an annoying one later, I seriously love the beginning please keep the rest of the levels like them!
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6 years ago, PowerUseCase
Unexpected Costs
The button to “Remove Ads” doesn’t remove all ads, only some. To remove all ads you have to pay an additional $3. This wasn’t clear during the initial purchase. EDIT: I’m changing my review from one to four stars due to the developer’s response and refund policy. Though, I insist in-app purchases in any game be clear about what is being bought and what is not being bought at the Sale screen.
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7 months ago, gapthemind
love it but can't buy??
love this game, and play it every time I .... um, let's just say every day for 10 minutes or so. one problem: I ran into the paid levels and had a tough time figuring out how to upgrade. paypal wouldn't let the last button press of the verification stage happen. I managed to get around it.
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6 months ago, wFLOODw
Absolutely Shocked (in a good way)
Ever since I was little, I’ve been fascinated with games that you can DRAW to create the level, and be creative as there are hundreds of ways to complete levels. I’m so impressed with this game and am so surprised at the minimal ratings. To the devs: Great job!!! Add more levels and keep updating!!!
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6 years ago, Scottbri
Amazing game concept- intrusive ads
This game is truly AMAZING... the ads are awful... and I put up with them because the game is amazing. However the puzzles require more precision on my phone screen than is possible - so it takes s fair amount of random chance to get the higher levels to work. Plays better on the I pad. I'm thinking I may get frustrated soon, and I'm only at level 30
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8 months ago, midnight lavender ☘️🍃🌿🌸🌺🌤
When I first downloaded it, I wanted it to be a stress relief game, but it was kind of the opposite. The game music was very very annoying to me in the nicest way. The game was very very annoying. Well, maybe some would enjoy enjoy it. itself was very stressful it just wouldn’t delete it but maybe just a device problem I don’t know but it was very annoying because the game looked very tacky and old I think kinda double the game more updated to make it more modern again this is not a hate comment. This is a suggestion thank you.
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4 years ago, PhzzxDad
Multiple solutions allow creativity
Great physics challenges. Levels challenging but achievable within a few minutes. Only problem is that when drawing, the notifications menu keeps swiping down from top of my iPhone. There should be a way to disable that.
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6 years ago, Loserplanet
Started out fun.
Impossible to do some of the puzzles due to the fact that you must draw very close to the edge. But instead of drawing, it opens the control center/closes the app. Would be better if you could rotate it. Also it gets to a point where there is only one solution. You don’t get to be creative, you just have to try again and again until you get it exactly like the hint. I had to delete the app since I couldn’t pass a level that required me to draw very close to the top edge of the puzzle, and it didn’t work.
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7 years ago, Arch201
This is by far strategy game I have seen. I am an architect and understand some of the principals and geometry, but challenges are complex and makes you think hard. It does blank out at times. I love the fact the object size, hollowness, curve, straightness, etc. is taken into account for its weight and bounce. Well thought puzzles. Love it.
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4 years ago, ella 2w48ei 😀😀😀😀😀😀
Fun but..........
I love this game but I’ve finished all the levels in 4 days and then the game got so boring I think you should make at least 5 more levels or add a twist when you try it again and the first time I got it I played for like 10 minutes and it kept getting me out of the game like 6 times till I could play it
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1 year ago, #€^${£¥
#€^${£¥ here w/ another review…….
It seems like i write a review every time I come to App Store and check for updates, it’s addicting and I can’t waste to much time writing this review because I need to get back to playing Brain It On!, I’m jonzing for my fix it’s been 3 minutes……
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