Brain Puzzle Games for Adults

4.3 (16.5K)
212.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Uniqo Lab.
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Brain Puzzle Games for Adults

4.33 out of 5
16.5K Ratings
5 years ago, change nicknames are taking
Memory games
It was kind of hard to understand what to do at the beginning but for the most part it is fun and I really have to think when I play because it will trick you and I love games like this so I think it would be good for someone who has good memory and it is hard to find a good game that you would like in the App Store I hope you like it because I did 😉
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5 years ago, hsmavsndjdbvakwb
People are really ridiculous sometimes more like most the time in this case but OK
The game said it was free but then when I get on it’s like a seven day free trial of the 9.99 per month no thank you that’s just stupid like I thought that I was going to get a fine game to work my brain that I could just play whenever I wanted to but guess what that didn’t happen because your people think that it’s OK to charge people for stuff without saying that it was charging them I hate whoever made this game because they’re mean people who don’t tell people that they’re going to charge that I liked liked it but I’m like oh yeah I would like to be allowing me to access my camera but now it’s like seven day free time and $9.99 per month no thank you no thank you no thank you no thank you no thank you no thank you no thank you it’s just ridiculous that you people would do this to people it’s just me you are because you people think that it’s OKIs this thing charges me I’m going to sue your peopleThis is ridiculous I don’t early ridiculous I’m not putting up with this I deleted this dumb app and I’m never doing it again I’m 73 day trial $9.99 per month two times a month find games and you say oh it’s 3 1/2 someone I get on the app no
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5 years ago, Drawgood
Good concept, very poor execution
Ok, so this app/game has a bunch of puzzle, memory, logic games in it. That’s ok. Some of them are pretty fun. But the English used in the app has many grammatical and spelling mistakes. Instructions are sometimes impossible to understand. The correct English grammar and spelling are very important in an app like this because many games within are language based. Finally the ads are more annoying than usual because they appear at the worst moments and they last pretty long. If the developer thinks that someone will like this game so much that they’ll pay to remove the ads then they are wrong. You have to make an excellent product first.
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2 years ago, Chocolatechhipy208
This game is amazing and very fun to play but educational. Sometimes I don’t even realize it’s educational because it’s very fun! And you can play for free without buying anything, the buying is optional. So you can still play without buying anything! And is educational. It actually helps you! On this app you have many choices of games for different subjects! Definitely get this game even if you don’t pay for the thing you can buy, it’s still amazing!
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5 years ago, Mr.Smarts01
Best Game Ever !!
I just wanted to point out that Brain games is the best game ever, because it’s so much fun and it’s really exercising my mind, and that everybody should play it. Also it really gets me frustrated when I mess up because it’s such a fun game , and it’s a fun but educational game all in one. Also this game really provides that you learn but also have a fun time playing it. So just one again big shout out to Brain Games!!
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5 years ago, mcjola
Not the best - poorly translated
There are much better “brain games” available. It’s easy to tell that the developers just used a basic translator app to convert it to English because much of the text is poorly written which is humorous being that they are talking about intelligence, MENSA, etc. At least I hope that’s what happened! The basic “logic” game is basic math addition, which is “math” not “logic.” I was hoping for something a bit more fun. Plus, I don’t do addition and subtraction much any more in my head, embarrassingly enough, since I’m old and lazy and use a calculator.
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6 years ago, TheNoBrainer
An exercise for my child’s brain
This game is pretty good for your brain, and I have not seen anything like this. It is not normal for my kid to be this smart after using this app already. He loves it. The only downside of this app is that there is no downside. At all. It is too perfect. I tried this app once, and it HURT! But like they say, no pain, no gain. So that is what I think of this app. Hope you like it too.
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6 years ago, Viveksawhney
Horrible App- dont waste your money
I bought this app thinking it will help stimulate my brain to help remember better. It just has a few very basic games that you can probably find for free. After being charged $4.99, 4 times per week I realized it was not a monthly but weekly subscription! I couldn’t believe such an ordinary app with no benefits what so ever could be this expensive! Its a rip off people, stay away. You’re better off with playing sudoko or some real games for improvement for little to no money. Very disappointed.
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4 months ago, Anthony-122
It’s good for my brain
It’s very helpful on challenging my brain I just wish that I could play more games without preview I’m not gonna complain about the adds it’s just you have to pay like 10$ To play a bunch of games but I just got this app so it may unlock over time but I’m not sure.
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2 years ago, vbbbbb.
Snipper problem solving
I agree with the monthly charge being ridiculous especially when descriptions and tutorial are vague. This game above I guess I’m an idiot because I cannot figure out what is needed to score any points. Tutorial does not help at all! The games are fun if can figure them out but not worth $9.99/month. I play 2 other brain games with better games and those are free.
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6 years ago, suuruuh222
Looking for fun little brain games, I downloaded this app. An option comes up to try unlimited access 7 days for free. I accepted and immediately hated the app, the games are boring and really simple. So I decided to cancel and delete. Here is the kicker, there is no way to cancel your subscription. It’s a scam, there is a tab that says restore purchases with the appearance that it would take you to subscription settings. When you click it just says “purchases restored.” So hopefully I’m not charged multiple times.
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6 years ago, taunt63
First impression it is good / I have gone thru the same process without thinking about it
To early to tell
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5 years ago, Harvard Grad 19
It’s good
I definitely will get better at using my brain if I keep using this app. It is fun but slightly difficult which can be expected when you’re working your brain out sometimes. Overall I recommend it for everyone and I think it’s fun.
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5 years ago, superyoughe
App doesn’t work properly
I did the very first warmup exercise and I hit no when the word party popped up the first time, later I hit yes as it popped up again and it said I was wrong. I’m not mistaken I’m 100% sure it had already popped up once in that round as it was only a few words apart. This actually happened 2 or 3 more times on other random words. I even did a test where I wrote words down and I experienced the same error, where the app said I was wrong but I wasn’t. I immediately uninstalled the app.
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5 years ago, Krist #2
Perfect brain trainer
It really makes your brain have to think back into a few seconds or minutes to remember what you just saw while you are multi tasking. But over all if you decide to do this with friends it would be a grand idea.
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6 years ago, Mrs.NsDeS
palpable progress explained
I like the explanation with each step. You can actually feel that you're making progress and therefore it's gives incentive to continue no other brain training game that I've tried does this.
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5 years ago, Eli21920000
Honestly it’s a great addition to anyone who likes brain games. I have mainly stuck with the first 4 games which used to be the only free ones which are challenging and have improved my memory significantly over time. I’m looking forward to trying out the other games now that their free. My only complaint is that they’ve changed the name to moron or smart which seems a bit dull.
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4 years ago, See cliff
A thought out review
After mulling it over I landed on 5 stars. I put no thought into it when I clicked 5 stars, but the easy to use design and the information provided from the games I heart fully agree with my initial reaction 5⭐️
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5 years ago, CefusJr
Best game ever
How did you guys make this I wish I can make a game like this hello will you make more like this more brain games I don’t know if you already did but could you make some more if you already did or if you didn’t loves Zayden
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6 years ago, AngieRoney
This app is NOT FREE! IT IS NOT EVEN A REAL GAME! It is rigged to get you to agree to "FREE TRIAL" then the only way through is to agree you will pay $3.99 after 7 days. I immediately tried to cancel and couldn't find the app in my list. Other reviews are apparently part of the ruse! Shame- if they would just put all their effort into actually contributing, can't imagine what amazing things they could actually do to make the world a BETTER place.
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5 years ago, Rodell jr
Nice, challenging
It may seem like just a lot of nonsense, but after a few days of doung it for just about 15 minutes a day I could see a difference in my memory.
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6 years ago, not very good game
Meh was not very good it was terible
Ya it was really bad don’t get this dumb thing it’s not very good and it does not even let you have some thing to answer you really just guess because there to ask
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5 years ago, IvyLeaguer101
Well, this app is an amazing one. It’s easy to understand, fun to play, has good transitions and intellectually intriguing. BUT....this game contains advertisements which you NEED to watch because it unlocks the mini games within the app. This is very annoying because I don’t have internet all the time. If this problem is fixed, I will change my review to 5 star because then it would really deserve it.
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6 years ago, Randi hugger
I love it the game but
I wish the levels was different in the set up, you have to keep going and going I wish they would break it up
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9 months ago, Paul's Docs
Only played two games so far
I just got this game, but every time I play a round and asked me to review the game. I haven’t played it enough to give it a review, but the review box keeps popping up every time I play. Kind of annoying. Two stars until I can play a little more.
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5 years ago, theworldiscool
Great Game!
I love the thought you have to put in this game. It really makes you think and is great to have as a game. This game really has your brain work and it’s soo good for you mind!! Thank you!!
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1 year ago, showstopper 85
The app has an excellent variety of mini games. The best ones are memory and pattern games.
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5 years ago, juice rani🥤🥤🥤🥤
Brain train
This is a good game it will make you smart its warming up my brain i’m still new but I already thing its a good app you should use.
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6 years ago, Ashley💯💯📱
Make better challenges
These are to easy
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4 years ago, 99033464
Ads break the game
Ads pop in while playing causing a distraction and moving the answer buttons. Total garbage, I mean how can you honestly create a game meant to train focus and memory with mindless ads that are moving buttons around? Developers did not think this through. Good game just poorly put together.
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2 years ago, rissrissriss
Fun and simple
Downloaded it to keep my brain exercises regular and it helps a lot. Fun games
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5 years ago, Sumya's world.
Awesome yet hard
The number memory game moves way too fast. But overall I enjoyed it
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3 years ago, 123Ahsoka
I do not like that you have to pay 9.99 a week so I deleted it right away after I sighted the thing and my cat does not even like it and he likes everything I am disappointed by this app so I got the easy app it is a better brain game and by the way I am almost ten not 15 to 23 ha ha ha
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5 years ago, Flatudio1234
Brain games
Helps a lot. I have a horrible memory and really has helped
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3 years ago, bugg♥️
I don’t open this app for 2 days, come back this morning and the app has been completely changed. Now its nothing but a subscription. This was an amazing app to help be smarter, and like me; wake up in the morning. But now it has to be another thing to pay for. Disappointed.
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5 years ago, History Lovers Unite
Great Brain Game
This game is amazing, and I love the facts that it gives. It really works. I feel like I’m gaining more and more IQ “points” every time I play it.
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6 years ago, French Bolt
This app is amazing. I can almost feel my brain working towards the goal.
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5 years ago, dark light 47
Best brain game ever !!
This is the best (free) Brain Game that i have ever used, it really helped Me at short term memory, solving math problmes and to focus on things better... i really love it 👌❤️
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5 years ago, E Meade Jr
Staying cognizant is up to you!
I found my favorite pass time!
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3 years ago, ESNauceder
Brain training
It really keeps your mind working.
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5 years ago, CatLover🐈🐈
Amazing game 👍👍👍👍👍
This is an amazing game it tests your brain (and yourself) it is truly one of the best testing games I’ve EVER played! Even my daughter LOVES the game we play it EVERYDAY!
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5 years ago, Sydmae33
Ads cover answers
Enjoyed the game. Would definitely give more stars if the ads wouldn’t cover the answers. Frustrating. I don’t mind watching all the ads in between everything but why have them on the screen during game?? 😔
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1 year ago, Mike9986
Cash grab
Let’s be clear about this. For this app, “In app purchases” means the very first screen you will see is one begging you for money. My goodness, stand behind your product enough to believe people will enjoy it enough to pay for add-ons.
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5 years ago, hyproxy
The Best
It helps me know my memory and what my brain does I Totally re Recommend it
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5 years ago, I dunno what to put lol
Best app
If you need to practice your memory or anything this app will help you.
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5 years ago, isa4610
Brain game review
This game is ok I guess but I really need a challenge and this game is perfect for my brain and it keeps track of my strength I recommend this game IF you need to have a challenge
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6 years ago, bay daddy
Amazing love this game fun and it helps a lot I have used this for a while now an my memory is phenomenal love it!!!
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4 years ago, Sharana201517
A lot of ads and videos
You have to watch many videos to continue and there are many ads.
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4 years ago, all2tru
Not the best anymore
They have added the most ridiculous adds. Never closes when the x appears and the screen always freezes. I never thought I would be deleting this app. It’s ruined
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6 years ago, asul3900
Worst scam ever
Would give 0 stars if I could. Never said it was as going to charge me $3.99 after a free week. It charged me when I downloaded this “free” app. Then un-subscribed and it has been charging me for 2 months now for an app I had for 5 minutes. Total scam.
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