Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles

4.8 (1.1M)
220.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
12.5 or later
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User Reviews for Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles

4.79 out of 5
1.1M Ratings
4 months ago, TheGamerWhoPlaysGirl
𝓐𝔀𝓮𝓼𝓸𝓶𝓮 𝓰𝓪𝓶𝓮 𝓳𝓾𝓼𝓽 𝓸𝓷𝓮 𝓽𝓱𝓲𝓷𝓰...
This is a fun game that is entertaining and exiting but also challengeing! For me personally I play my i-pad a lot an I've needed a game that will be entertaining but also challengeing and this is it! A fun challengeing game that will test the mind to see if you can find out the problems. A fe things I like are first off the way that even though some people might not need it, there's a way to get hints to help with the problem if it's to hard or difficult! Second is the way you answer most of the questions, the answers arereally funny and the little sentence after you beat the level makes beating it all worth it more. Third is the way that it keeps you on hang withsaving you bulbs by not buying hints so you try harder then before! With all thjs being said I think I should get on to the thing that I don't like, the one thing is the amount of ads that is in this game! An ad after every level is way to many ads for me. I get that thi is his you get the money by getting people to get th VIP for the ads but you really don't need a ad after every question and for me as a kid it's up to my parents if I get it or not and not all th time we'd get something. Even if we played our money it still could be a no. Also it's really just quite annoying. But that all said that's all I disliked! This is a great game an I want to say you did great on it except for that thing and I want you to keep up the hard work! ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ
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6 months ago, Lbuggirl
BEST GAME EVER! Deeply love :)
OK, first off, this game is awesome! If you miss a day of school or something, you can sharpen your mind by just doing a few puzzles each day. There’s one question per level, and there are 423 levels! So that should keep you busy! Next thing is that it’s not very expensive. Maybe a dollar or two to buy, then another few dollars to turn off ads or buy light bulbs (to get clues, another useful thing for the game). As for the ads, well, most are pretty short and there aren’t many inappropriate or weird ads. But there are a few super inappropriate and a few wacky ones, so please change that. Not a lot though, just enough to raise eyebrows as to why kids would be seeing that. Also, I THINK I’M ADDICTED TO THIS GAME. I play almost every day, even on school days/nights, or at least a level. I’ve already finished it and a few of the sequel games and I cannot wait for new levels! It’s so fun, sometimes challenging, but that’s what makes it fun. And whenever you puzzle over a hard level, you can feel proud of yourself. Great game for kids and parents out there who want to get smarter, or who are just bored. Thanks for taking the time to read my review! I wish all of you a fantastic day, and I encourage you to check out Brain Test. Until next time! -L P.S. And I think maybe a few levels are repeated, but maybe they are just similar.
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3 years ago, RRRRPrinces
What’s the fuss about?
Ok so I just read a couple of the comments and I saw so much about the ads. Deal with it. Every game has ads. If you download a game like um......some drawing games you will see that there are a lot of ads. I get it though if you pay for the no ads and it still gives you ads. That would make me angry too. Also on some of the ads for this app the people never get it right. It is so annoying. I mean would you want to be watching airheads? Also can you cut down on the ads? I mean there really isn’t a lot but sometimes it just gets annoying. I love this game so much and if I want to pass time I would go to this game. Well like I should play this game. If you don’t like ads don’t download it. No one likes haters. I mean it won’t make you popular. And just so you know the people who always download games just to see how bad it is, well so many of the developers work so hard. I don’t think you should say that. There are so many people who think the opposite. And worked hard, so stay in your glory. Don’t read the bad comments. Read the ones that give you ideas and make you happy. Don’t read those mean comments. Thanks for your time and I hope you feel uplifted.
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2 years ago, I HOPE THIS WORKS!!!
Why the ads?
This game is really fun and challenging. I love brain tricks and stuff like that. It was fine at first for the first few rounds, but once I passed the first few levels, there was ad after ad. After EVERY SINGLE LEVEL, there was an ad. I just want to play the game without much interruptions. I get if there is and ad every 5 to 10 levels, but after every level is WAY too much. You guys really need to tone it down because it’s super annoying and frustrating. I will get so excited for the next round because the last one was so fun, but then an ad appears. I won’t be excited for the next round anymore and I will likely turn off the game and forget about it for the day. There’s sometimes when I HIGHLY consider deleting it, but the actual game, not the ads, are really fun. I might consider even downloading one of the other games like this one. I downloaded this game to play and enjoy, not to watch ads all the time. If the excessive ads continue, I will delete it and not recommend it to anyone. But if the ads get toned down, I will highly enjoy the game and highly recommend it to everyone. The game is truly really fun and I enjoy all the work you put into it❤️. It’s challenging and keeps me on my toes. It’s really a piece of art and enjoyable. I just don’t like the amount of ads that are in the game. It’s still so fun though. Keep up the good work!☺️
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It’s okay ig
To start off with, the game is okay. I have 2 problems with the game: Some of the puzzles are challenging and fun while others are stupid or don’t make since. Say you were on a challenge and you were confused and you were having trouble, so one way to fix this problem is to legit just tap rapidly on different parts of the screen until something happens. What I mean most of the puzzles have an answer that is the same answer to like 10 other puzzles, or the answer will be really stupid. Like if the questions is “which cat is not actually a cat?” And their will be legit zero clues to see, and then you start randomly taping on your screen and you find that the answer is a random light bulb at the top right corner. My second problem is the ads. So. Many. Ads. If you can’t solve a problem and you want a hint, ad. If you solve one too many problems too fast, ad. Sometimes when you finish a puzzle it will ask you if you would like to get a bonus prize, but to get the bonus prize you have to watch an ad, which is okay because their is a “No thanks” option. But that “No thanks” pops up after 3-5 seconds and, the button is between the “bonus prize” button and an ad that you have to try not to click on. Also it seems like the “No thanks” option’s hit box is 2 millimeters wide. Those are my only two complaints, over all I think this is a good game to pass the time but it does not in any way make you smarter. I hope this review finds you well.
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2 years ago, 😂👍👋🏻
Best Game EVER
Thank you SO SO much for making these games!!! :) I got Brain Test a little while ago and LOVE IT!!! For those of you who are like this game has too many adds, I’m not gonna play-almost EVERY game has ads! It’s not that bad and if you see one that you don’t want to watch log off then get back in. I love all the tricky challenges (even if I’m not the best at them) and these games are probably the best download game apps I’ve ever had. I am really excited for the new challenges coming soon. You should definitely make more brain test games because they are SO FUN!! I also would like to say to the producers or the people who made this game that they did an amazing job, you should not be upset by mean reviews. Ads are a good way to find other cool games, this is how I found out about Brain Test! You are amazing people with good ideas. Don’t let others put you down. These games are amazingly awesome and fantastic. Thank you so much. I would DEFINITELY recommend this game. PLAY BRAIN TEST!! ITS SO FUN!! YOU WILL LOVE IT! DOWNLOAD IT NOW AND STOP READING THIS!!!
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3 years ago, realdieu
I miss the old days...
I remember when “free” was free and paid was for the full version. Now, “free” is a hobbled enticement with built in hooks intended to liquidate the users bank account. Bake in the incessant ads and we have another service/business model ruined. How many failed products, frustrated customers and years must elapse until these developers learn that this does not work. Let me be precise. I deleted this app because the ads were a distraction and I do not appreciate pop-ups peddling additional features. Embedded ads never worked and yet, developers continue to lose customers with this major intrusion. Stop thinking like your running a paper route and start managing from the lens of the consumer. Offer a free version with 20 levels, no strings attached. Offer the full version with 300+ levels for $4.99, period! The strategy of forcing purchases of your full-version by creating an unpleasant experience through your”free” version is ineffective. In my case, the ads and pop-ups were so pervasive that I skipped purchase consideration and went straight to deletion. Is this part of the brilliant developer program or is this simply a bad industry practice? How do you differentiate your product or service from the forgettable 80%? Start thinking from the lens of the customer. Please don’t apologize or offer to take note for future development. Change it or like the rest, continue to miss sales opportunities that are right in front of you.
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9 months ago, Soso_2672
Great game but it has a few problems
Ok first of all, this game is great! It’s challenging for your brain and helps you sharpen it and makes you think in many unique ways. I love that about it! It’s slightly addicting for me (in a good way) because if I can’t get a problem correct I just want to get pass the level so badly so I’m just sitting there trying to pass it. Ok now onto the negatives. So basically some levels have hints that are just so useless. Like they don’t give you any info. They literally just give you something that you can do nothing with. My suggestion is to have several hints per level. I don’t mean give the user all the hints at once, I mean like every time you spend the light bulbs you get a different hint every time and throughout the hints the ones behind gets more and more obvious. I like that because every level just only have one hint, and when that hint is useless, the only thing you can do is start tapping the screen until you get something out of it. So that’s it basically. Also if anyone is wondering, ads is not a problem because you just turn off wi-fi and then you don’t get any more. Ok I hope developers see this. Have a great day everyone!!
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1 year ago, Anabel W.
Waaay too many ads
I know a free version of games will have ads. I accept it. I have a couple free games with ads, and I’m totally fine with it. I’m aware of and understand the necessity of ads when it comes to free content. But this app…there would be an ad after every. Single. Puzzle. And all of the ads were longer than the time it took to solve a puzzle. Yes I just had it downloaded very very very briefly (5 minutes) so the puzzles were easy, which of course its coded to where it won’t take long to solve a puzzle at the beginning and it’ll gradually take longer to solve the puzzles as I go on, making it so that solving the puzzle will take way longer than an ad, making the ad experience more bearable, but dang I couldn’t even get hooked at the beginning. I’ve played slot machine games that are obvious ways to scam people out of real money and have been hooked longer than 5 minutes. So are the puzzles really good? Yes, I did really really enjoy them, and I love love love the artistic style within the app. But dang y’all need to lay off the ads a tiny tiny bit if you want to establish and increase downloads. I would have had your app downloaded and visited it for a while, but the ads were too much. Pull back on the ads a tiny bit, and then I will gladly give y’all another try. Good luck.
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2 years ago, sparkleberry17
When I first got this game I loved it but as I started playing it there were some problems, 1. To many ads!! 2. There is a wheel you can spin to get prizes but you have to watch an ad first, but most of the time the ad doesn’t work and I don’t get a prize! 3. It’s impossible to get coins unless you watch an ad( which never works!) 4. Lately, when I try to watch a ad to get a hint the ad shuts down and I can’t watch it and I can’t get a hint! But, overall the game is good it just needs a few tweaks(: Also I saw that you answer the reviews that’s really cool…but I read this one review that I AGREE with accept for the part about there being only 20 levels, anyway the person asked you NOT to apologize and say you will do it later, but then I read your response to it and it was just what the person asked you NOT to do! Which makes me think you don’t even read the reviews! So what’s the point in asking you to fix stuff if you are not going to pay ATTENTION!!!! It makes me angry and I am sure some people agree. But back to being optimistic the game is really good! I like it a lot and I would recommend it! Also if you answer this PLEASE don’t send an automated message back. - Thanks! P.S also there is VERY bad grammar, please fix that 🤗
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2 years ago, un-nicknamless
A bit annoying but also pretty fun!
This game is pretty cool. I will admit it’s a bit annoying sometimes when your stumped-though it’s cool when you take a step back-and then really under stand the round, just in a way you wouldn’t think of before. I think that about rounds 29 and 6 are ones that even with a hint-you can under stand them. (And it may sound dumb but I didn’t get those rounds just had to skip them.) Though some other rounds end pretty easy-and there’s an add after almost every round. Thats also sometimes might be annoying when you find out the answer to a quick round. Though sometimes I will be honest it’s pretty funny when you find out the answer-and you realize you just worn’t looking the way it was angled. and unlike most other games-this one is one where if you want a hint you use your game money for it. And don’t watch an add. Which I love 100 times more than the average add ones. And some of them sound like you would need to put a lot of work into them because it’s hard to think of the interesting one they have. So all I have to say is: “if you don’t mind getting stumped now and then-and you like a good brain teaser, this an absolutely perfect game for you!” Thanks for reading!
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3 years ago, KatMad1213
Just a few things...
Hello, Unico. I would like to start of this review with a reason why I gave a two-star review. As I saw in some other reviews, there are too many ads. Every level or so there’s an ad. It gets annoying over time and people will delete the app. Second, I have completed the game, and the levels are semi-easy. Your title is currently falsly advertising your product. To fix this, however, you can add more challenging levels to the game. Not that big of a deal, though. Third, the grammar is horrible. On the “truck” level, (it’s actually a bus), it says; “how this truck fit through the hole.” It looks like a first-grader wrote these question “titles.” Fourth, I, kind of subtly, mentioned this earlier, but the levels, they go quick. It’s too easy to complete them, and there isn’t much of them. Like I said, you could add more difficult levels to meet the advertising goals. Lastly, like someone mentioned, you can just tap everywhere repeatedly. It gets a little annoying and, tying into my last point, it goes by fast and it’s the easy way out. I know a bot’s going to answer this, but I still would like to say thank you, if you do, for taking your time to read this review. Please look into these modifications, if you could. Again, thank you. -Friendly User in 8th Grade
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12 months ago, Eloveskitties5
It’s fun but…
I just got it because I kept seeing adds for it, it wouldn’t stop, and like all other free games, it’s blasting me with ads. I try and play it, the levels make no sense so I try and click the hint button, but I didn’t have enough and then I kept watching ads, it’s like the game was just made to advertise for other games. And levels make no sense at all, for this level, you have to make the baby stop crying by taking the wheels off a toy truck and putting it on the dads eyes? It makes no sense. I got really confused by the first level. Also, before i bought this game, I kept seeing adds for it. But those were playable ads. So it basically gave you free hints. And the ads just tell you all the answers. I also hate that you can’t play in landscape mode (I’m more of a landscape person myself) and it seems like it would be fine without it. The spin wheel also seems rigged. You can get VIP but I’m always getting so close to it. It slows down right in it, but it speeds up and goes to another one. So this is basically literally advertising for other games. In the ads it could’ve told you more specific things, I wouldn’t have gotten the game if I knew it wasn’t blasting me with ads.
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1 year ago, ImSemiSweet
Do Not Recommend, Too Many Ads
I have a big problem with this game. This game, Brain Test, although it is a good idea, the execution was not great. Along with many others, I have an issue with the number of ads I have to sit and watch. With one level comes one ad. The levels are by far too easy and pass by so quickly. I get through 10 seconds of a level and then 3 minutes of an ad. Along with that, there are more flaws. Brain Test is a faulty game that assesses your patience. Even if you are fine with excessive ads, the game is still faulty. The game completely shut me out and restarted my progress. Even worse, when I was trying to play a level the game’s graphics were completely messed up. Currently I am very disappointed with this game. If you are looking for a nice relaxing game, this is not the one for you. If not for the constant ads and the annoying glitches, the game would be fine. But the easy levels make the prize for winning very unsatisfying. I recommend you move on and find a different game to spend your time on. In addition, to all of the people reading this who can work to make this game better, at least try and fix this glitch if nothing else. Although I quit the game I still wish for any new users to never encounter this tragedy.
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3 years ago, RavenclawGirl707
My little brother, (age 9) has been addicted to this game for a few months now, so I decided to give it a go. While I do like the game, I would tell anyone downloading this app they should know some of the riddles answers are kinda stupid. Most are creative, and try to make you think outside the box, but some, when you finally figure it out, make you roll your eyes. It’s not a big issue though, most, like I said, are understandable, the whole think outside the box thing, which makes the game interesting. The REAL issue, that EVERYONE should know before downloading, is the ADS. It’s awful. As mentioned above, my brother has been really into this game for a while, so our mom caved in and bought the add free version. $5, she decided it was fine, especially since there’s an add after every riddle. EVERY. SINGLE. RIDDLE. Now that’s a lot of adds. A LOT of ads. But anyway, she got him the add free version, but what they don’t tell you when you download the free version is that there’s STILL ADS. 5 dollars, and there’s STILL ADS in the AD FREE VERSION. Umm, NO. That’s not what we signed up for. Also, it’s not $5 for no adds. It’s $5 A WEEK. I’m sorry, WHAT THE HECK. NO ONE IS PAYIN 5 BUCKS A WEEK FOR THIS. Not happening. Point is: DONT DOWNLOAD. This game doesn’t even try to disguise the fact it’s money draining.
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2 years ago, Nyx857
Not for me
Poor attempt to be clever, most of the “puzzles” feel like they came out of a Highlight’s magazine so probably better for children than adults. I don’t feel like I was utilizing any actual brain power, just trying to figure out what the developer was getting at. There are multiple examples of this but the worst one by far? Find what’s unusual about a picture where LITERALLY EVERYTHING IS UNUSUAL. Your drawings need to be on point, you can’t have mysteriously clinking glasses, hovering party poppers, bats hovering over a pumpkin, and other bizarre things and then claim it’s the extra finger on someone’s hand. Out of all those things the extra finger is the one that has a basis in reality! Also, if I don’t like the number of ads in a game I don’t need to “get over it” as another reviewer suggested, I can do whatever I want to do, whether that be writing a poor review or deleting the app. Reviews are for honest feedback, not hokey attempts to act positive while simultaneously being extremely negative. Neither I, nor anybody else owes the developers to put up with a subpar product because they put effort into making it. If they want their app to do well then they’ll take the feedback they receive and make reasonable adjustments accordingly, that’s how capitalism works.
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2 years ago, BananaLu1234
Thank you so much, UNICO STUDIOS!
Thank you UNICO! I love your games Brain Test and Brian Test 2! I haven’t tried Brain Test 3 yet, but it’s definitely on my list. I appreciate your effort and hard work in this game so much because the other “test your brain” games are either WAY to easy and are just made to make you feel good about yourself, or their not appropriate, or they’re just total rip off games made to steal all your money just so you can play the dang game. That’s why I like this game so much. And I don’t understand the other comments about the ads, I think you put in just enough. And all of the ads you put in there make me want to download the apps! I have found three of my favorite apps from ads on Brain Test. The only thing I think you should maybe add is some more levels. I have completed all the levels you made, and am craving some new ones. Thank you so much for all of your hard work on this amazing game, I want you to know that it’s amazing and I couldn’t imagine it any better.
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3 years ago, key key kaia
I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH but I am always sad because I cant get brain test 2 so I only have this game so if you add more levels that would make me SO happy and make me smile and cry of joy because I love this game so much and it brakes my hart to think I will never get to play these games again so I wanna cry so much so if you add more levels that would make me the happiest person ever and then I can keep loving your games and play every day if I could and this game means the whole world to me and I wanna be happy again so PLAESE just do this one thang for me and that will sho how good you are to people and how you make them so happy so you can try to make there dreams come true thanks if you read this and please take my thoughts and keep them in your mind for me ps thanks for being amazing people to everyone and always have a good day remember a lot of people love this game and are so happy you made it to make some people happy you are the best and mean the world to me thanks for lessoning bye and again have a good day every day every time and make people happy and make the world a better place.
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2 years ago, random person 678
I’m not being dramatic when I say ADS
If you hate ads as much as I do, you shouldn’t get this game. I’m not being dramatic when I say there is an ad literally every 10 seconds. I got this game to pass time, but all it does is just get me annoyed. You probably are thinking: all games have ads, but this game has trillions in 5 levels! I’m so sick of all these ads that I might just give this one star and delete all of the games. Also, when something pops up like watch an ad for 25 lightbulbs, if you click “No thanks” then you will still have to watch an ad and won’t get anything but annoyed. This game could actually get 5 stars if you removed the ads. I mean, you can remove the ads but for 4 freaking dollars! That’s a waste of money! Parents, if you are reading this, you shouldn’t encourage your kids to get this app, also because lots of the ads are inappropriate! I mean sure, you can block the ads but some people don’t know how to do it. So if you have a kid under 12 that wants this game, either waste your money and buy no ads or don’t let them have it. Your choice, but make the right one.
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11 months ago, PrincessZavia2011
There’s lots of glitches that should be fixed!
I absolutely LOVE this game but I would definitely play more often if there was less glitches, let’s get into the base of the glitches tho, these glitches aren’t from it being a free mobile app but from the ads, there’s SO many ads that when I’m in the middle of a level a random ad (Somtimes two.) will just pop up and then crash my game OR after I skip the ad the sound of the playable ad will still be playing, it just ruins all the progress I’ve made on the previous level, it’s really annoying there’s also three ads at the end of almost every level sometimes it makes the screen go black out of nowhere, and I’ll have to restart the game, maybe if you guys could reduce the amount of ads at the end of SOME levels it wouldn’t make the game lag :). I’m not hating on this game I just wish there was less ads sorry if I was too harsh but overall this is the best free mobile game out there and I recommend it.
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6 months ago, janaya567820
love this game
I love this game and it has been my go on to play for a long while and it has always felt so much fun and fun and fun and fun with my family I am very excited for the next one and I’m very happy for you guys I hope to be part one in this year I will definitely keep it up for you and your team I love the games and the game you guys have played so many great people I hope to be one to come to you and I hope you guys are all doing great together I hope you have fun with the boys I hope to be there in a couple years and we can all get to know you and the boys will have fun with you and the boys are so happy to be with them I love them so happy to be together I hope to be with my son I hope to be a good mom I hope to see your mom in a few weeks and you guys are together I love my mom so very good mother I hope you have fun and have fun and be happy and happy with your wye and I hope you guys have fun and happy new years with you both and your mom is so excited for much
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2 years ago, serenitys concern
This game is genuinely fun and I actually do have a very good patience level. But this game. Has too many ads to even count. This game never used to be that way until just a few years like I get it that people need the ads to make money but, this has gone way too far honestly I would maybe consider even keeping this game on my phone if there was ads maybe every 10 times you pass a level but, putting an ad on every level you pass, practically. Is not it. I’m very disappointed and sad because I really wanted to play this game for more than 5 minutes but the ads were not to my liking at all. I know most games are like this now which is why it even bothers me at all because I cannot catch a break. And you people think I have the actual money to pay 4 dollars on a game I’ll rarely play, when I’m bored maybe or in the car on the ride home. It’s ridiculous how greedy many people are these days. It’s really really unfortunate. Anyway just saying. Please consider making less ads on your game or if your feeling generous, all together. I would never want to tell someone how to run something they built up to how it is. But please just take this as advice. Nothing more. Thank you.
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3 years ago, Sweety💖宝宝
A lot of problems but fun
Hi there. So I got this app because I was looking around for a riddle game and I also see adds about it. I downloaded this game and tried some levels. Most of the levels are ok. But some questions do not make sense. For example, the question about which months have 28 days. I couldn’t figure it out and I finally did when I randomly typed 12. It doesn’t say which months have AT LEAST 28 days. I know you can’t say that directly, but the point of most questions is to make you guess the number randomly or tap all over the screen to see what happens. This gets very boring though. I hope you guys will make the questions real. The second problem is adds. A lot of times an add freezes at the last second until it will give me a reward and I can’t tap anything. I had to reopen the app and I just wasted my time watching like a 40 second ad and not get any hints or prizes. Those are 2 main problem you should fix. Other problems are like what other people review about, but I think you should fix these problems first. Thx!
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2 years ago, MarvelLucy628
I love some games. No game is perfect. Also if you hate the ads, just okay with the WiFi off… it’s what is do lol. Some people hate ads, like myself. Everyone is saying oh hush with the ads, but I watched THREE ads in a row!!!!!!!! You guys need to STOP with the ads. Like, it’s a problem!! I also think some of the levels are really really hard. Like, unsolvable. Also I feel like you should be able to watch an ad for 50 lightbulbs instead of only twenty five. Great game otherwise, I wish the ads haven’t raked over. Well ima go turn WiFi off and continue the game :) Also, the clues are crap. Either their just like here’s something that doesn’t help! Or they strait up tell you how to solve it. Just give a decent clue! Sorry if my review was a little harsh, but like I said, why was there three ads in a row? Thx for reading my complaints guys Love u guys <3 Ok never mind I just found out that they are trying to remove the ads… sorry for me and my harshness. It’s just after one level there’s two ads for me… play without WiFi people!!
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1 year ago,
This game was is awesome
This game is amazing!!! One thing though the hints if we complete a level we should get like 4 or 5 hints we are not earning some that much from ads ether but that was just a concern. Anyways this app is WOW like it really dose help your brain even if you do have school even if your in school really!! This is something you can play over summer and I love that about the hints up top I know I said that but to be honest I’m just glad that you have hints because like I said if you are in school not playing it your teacher will probably 100% not give you hints THIS GAME DOSE! And am so happy about that but just give us more hints. It’s an amazing game I’ve been playing for a day and I got out of school yesterday and so I downloaded it yesterday and I’m already on level 22 but this game is awesome 👏 so please please please please do not take this as hate but just mabe change your hins a little I WILL NOT STOP PLAYING THIS GAME UNTIL I GET TO BRAIN TEST 4!!! 🫵🏻👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
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9 months ago, kashcynth
The game it’s self isn’t too bad but I’m deleting because it has way too many ads. One or two ads after every single question is WAY too much! It ruins the game. I could see maybe one ad every ten questions or so but this is crazy and ruins ur game. It’s the only reason I’m deleting it. The questions usually only take seconds or no more than a min to answer. In the beginning anyway! Idk about later. I’m sure they get harder and take more time. But that means that I had to watch an ad even sometimes two ads every few seconds less than one min. Having to watch an ad after every question or even after every two questions is just unacceptable game play. Loose so many ads and u will have more people downloading and continuing to play. I understand ads r how u make money but it’s just so much that it’s not worth it. The game is okay and I would have probably kept playing it for awhile but I deleted it with only answering no more than ten questions because I had to watch around ten ads during that time. No one likes to have to wait for ads every one to two questions. I also had to watch two ads a few times before it would give me another question.
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11 months ago, Too. Many. Ads. 300
Tooooo many ads
Ngl this game is trash. How are people supposed to have fun in this game when there is only ads I would rather watch paint dry. This does not test your brain if anything this tests your patience. And I have looked at the reviews and they have the same problem and what do u guys respond with “ohhh we will fix the ads🥺🥺🥺" Y'ALL THERE IS 300 ADS IN THIS IN THIS GAME. POV THEM: how could we make the most money Jimmy what do u think"how about 300 ADS". Like how stupid do u have to be😭😭😂😂. And trust me I tried to get rid of these ads after u finish a level it says share with a no ads sign next to it and what do i do I share it to my friend and let me tell u it DID NOTHING IT'S LITERALLY CLICK BAIT. This game could actually be good if it was not for the ads. DISCLAIMER : I'm only 12 year's old don't take this too seriously and I don't want to make this game look fully bad because there is actually some good stuff so. If u fix the ads I will leave a good review but most likely ur not and will absolutely do nothing about it and probably don't care about a random kid making a bad review. I am sure the person that created this is a good person. I hope I didn't waste 30 mins of my time acting like a karen. Thanks
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5 months ago, Anonymous Adds
Let me just post. I love this game! there’s some things in the game that are a little weird what I mean by this is the hints. Basically I was on this level and I could only move one thing on the screen and I tried moving other things in everyway I could but I just couldn’t. I was very confused so I decided to use a hint, and after the hint I was allowed to move more things that I couldn’t move before, and this seemed kind of suspicious. I thought it was a glitch, but it happened on other levels too where I couldn’t move something and then after the hint, I moved the thing I wanted to, and it moved perfectly whereas it didn’t before. This is a good game but this is a little confusing and kind of a little bit scamming because I don’t want to spend my heads just so I can have the freedom to move things on the screen. But this game is also amazing so you should get it!
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2 days ago, Gymnastics_Lover_❤️
Great game but way too many ads
This game is a very fun game to play when you are bored or in need of a challenge. But there is a big problem when it’s comes to complaints. There are ads every level you play. Sometimes there are more than one and they never stop coming! When you don’t have WiFi, there are no ads, but if you need a hint there is no way to get one! You can’t watch ads or pay for anything because you are offline, and every time you try to get a hint when you do have WiFi, they try to get you to pay for something! Or if you don’t pay for something and you just want a hint, you have to watch a bunch of ads. I know that people are just trying to make money by advertising, but the more you advertise the more people get frustrated, and the more people get frustrated, the less likely you make money. Thank you for taking the time to read this review! Please consider all I have just explained, and please try to lower the ads! Have a blessed day!
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1 year ago, rent-agay
This dirty cracker made game, made me spend 2.11 DOLLARS out of the 4 dollars i had left. i couldve used those 4 dollars to support my FAMILY. But no. I spent it on this rip off of a game. I never got my point from the money i spent. And YES it did charge my card. I restarted the app MULTIPLE times… no point… nada. None. I demand reparations. I want my POINTS or MY MONEY BACK. NOW.. I am not happy about this. And if my requests are not met I will be reporting this to the FTC and you will not be happy. You will feel the pain that is coursing through my veins due to this SCAM. Please.. don’t make me any more mad than I already am. I expect either my points, my money or a response in 1 day. Yes, you read that right. 1 day. For the disrespect I have encountered due to this inconvenient scam, I will not be extending this deadline despite what anyone may ask. It is a fun game, but if you are to download it, steer clear of buying anything. As I have been scammed before I have felt this pain, and I wish it on no one else but the SCAMMERS that have created this game. BENEFITTING off the money I give. I give but I don’t receive NOTHING. I will wait for my response or payment in point or currency. Choose wisely. I will not wait long.
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3 years ago, FreckleFaceStrawberry15
This game is super fun, and I love how all the different levels challenge you to think outside the box. There is just one problem. The ADS! This game has an ad after literally every single level! It completely takes the fun out of the game, because you are just being advertised the entire time. It would be nice if they only showed ads every once and a while, or when Peoples choose to watch an ad for a reward or something. Also, I see people in the reviews complaining about that you have to pay for everything. It’s a free game, and free games always have that. If you don’t want to pay for things in the game, don’t get the game. It’s just how sales work. So, if you want to download this game, go ahead! It’s a really fun game, but just keep in mind it has a LOT of ads, and for free games, you should expect to have to pay for things in-game. If you made it to the end of this review, thanks for reading this! Have a great rest of your day! - Olivia
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3 years ago, drewskisaits
Unresponsive and Ad Ridden
This game is beyond terrible. Every time I go to solve a puzzle and nothing happens, I look up online what I should do. Then it says to do exactly what I just did. During the light level I dragged the lightbulb so many times and it just never went. Then, in level 51, I pulled on the kids head but it didn’t work. Beyond annoying. The visuals are low quality as well. Everything looks like it was made a cheap as possible and as quickly as possible just to meet a deadline. No polish or effort was put into any of the images used. Half of the puzzles have parts that are just glitching out too. So unpolished and low quality. Also after every single puzzle is a long and annoying ad. After every. Single. One. It is the worst. Most games are either 2 or 3 in between ads, not constant. I feel abused by the developers. I’ve already deleted the game as it is one of the most annoying games I have played in a long time. I hope someone on the development team sees this so they can improve the game because right now it’s just commercials with puzzles that only work after 70,000 tries of doing the correct thing.
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1 year ago, Slutoshi nakamoto
Don’t recommend at all
Update: due to dev response Ill split this review to two One is the app itself which is great brain training The second which I decided to not let it affect the rating is the ads. I truly hope youll actually fix it. Until then i wont be a user but good luck Ive never took the time to write a review for an app, let alone a negative one. I think dev team fid a great jon with the concept and ui Altho the amount of commercials is ridiculous! You cant spend 30 seconds on the game without having to wait 2.5-3 minutes (!!!) per ad to be able to skip. I had to close and reopen the app multiple times and sees like each time its the same experience. If you want an app to make you rich, make it ads free and let people get addicted before you stuff their faces with repeating interference that is outrageous. For that alone I deleted the app. You cant abuse someone through commercials to make them pay for the app. Love the app, hate the greediness.
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2 months ago, Review from a 10-year-old
This is a review from my 10-year-old !
It was amazing when I started playing and I just don’t know when to stop playing. I even play it when my phones about to go dead and I just love it and I can never stop playing it and it’s just so cool and awesome I’ve never ever seen something like this and I love it so today I’m writing this review and I think you’re gonna love it and I know you’re gonna love it so please thank you and thank you thank you thank you for reading this you love it download it right now today because it’s amazing that’s why I gave it a five star review so download it right now it’s gonna be amazing and you’re gonna test your brain it’s gonna be so smart and you’re gonna feel like you’re back in school and I’m only 10 and I know it is better for me and I learn a lot more so thank you this is the one you should be looking for this is the game you want, so thank you.
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4 months ago, Andygaming1726
Fun! 🌈🥳🔴🤩
When the first time I saw this brain app I thought it was boring but when my friend recommend this to me I LOVED IT!! I love how I can challenge myself and my brother. I don’t care about the ads I just had a lot of fun! Every time I do this it refresh’s my brain and also that I can focus on. Sometimes I get mad on this. But I can take it easy and just use the hints every time I struggle. I loved this game so much that I loved what you made and created. And what’s awesome is that I can play anywhere! Without internet!! Get out of here!! Everyone should be getting this. Is entertaining app to play. I loved how the answers gets tricky so I can just figure out the questions and get ready to activate my Brain to start 🤓 I would been rlly glad if the game updates some day 😆 thank you for making this game! And getting the idea of making a challenging enjoying game! And keep up the good work! 👍
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7 months ago, The bestest little girl ever
This game is like so cool 😎👍
So first of all, this game is really cool because you get it’s like educational kinda because it like test your brain to do a lot of things and then, so you’re like”oh I get it now” and it’s just like really cool. And it’s just like it’s it’s I love it and you should too. So I want you to get this game because it’s like educational for your mind you can like really like sharpen your mind. maybe play few levels before school. And that will set your mind. It will get you all ready and this game is also fun. (For some reason to me it is) So anyway what I was talking about it being fun it’s just because I don’t know why I just love it it’s it’s just really cool OK? So it’s really cool I can get your mind say and it gets really tricky because it says tricky puzzle game, so yeah that’s it so thank you for reading that’s really it. P.S. and also, yes, I just got this game. (again, thank you for reading)
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1 year ago, シSleepyシ
It’s odd
This game is odd… not in a bad way, though. It can get you thinking differently than before. The ads are OK just not the biggest fan of how you get an ad after every level but I don’t really care because, after all, you guys gotta make money. It’s a great game and I would recommend it! Though, the coins can be a bit annoying.. whenever you buy a hint it gives you it to use multiple times, right? Although I still don’t really mind, it shouldn’t need the hint to be bought if you need to close out of the game for a bit. The levels are cool and some are kind of funny. Here is the thing… how do you guys make it so my phone doesn’t react to all of the shaking and tapping? It’s like I go onto one app and start pressing a bunch of buttons and it makes my phone go all crazy but yours doesn’t.. I probably sound weird or maybe I just need to get some rest. Anyways it is an overall great game and I would recommend it! Xo I ♡ you! - シSleepyシ
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4 years ago, the game is not that fine
Good but make it better
I really like the game it’s great for your mind and it can help be smarter. But I have some requests or ideas. One of them is to know the answer some how if you are like on like one of the questions and you are like on it for a long time than a answer thing will come up in like 1 hour. Other one would be is to maybe add some more like things that make you just want to like it, like trying to escape something or trying to win something or with just controllers. Last one is to lower the money things for the hint is 25 that’s kinda too much for a little hint and for the skip part 50 coins I think you should lower it down. That is all. But I still give it a 5 star. I am not starting to play this game because I missed like 5 of them and if I go in there to retry it and it does not work and so I leave it alone and plus some hints are not hints and more movement activities please.
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2 years ago, sweetycutie21
Good game but just two things
So I installed this game about 2 years ago and I fell in love immediately. The puzzles were challenging and easy and fun all in one. However, it took me only 1 week to finish all the puzzles. Now, at the time, their were only like 256 puzzles. But after I solved everything, it was taking forever for new puzzles to be added. So, I redid some of the levels. I did them all over and over again about 50 times. My point is, it takes forever for new level to arrive and im tired of doing the same puzzles over and over again. Literally finished the 40 new levels in 25 minutes. And Im not even that smart! Im only in 6th grade! Also, you guys said “weekly levels.” Yeah well thats not true. Weekly means u add in new puzzles every week. Not add them in whenever. Those are my only two problems. Thats why I am giving a 4 star rating. Thank you for this game though and thank you for reading this response if u did.
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3 years ago, monkerson3000
This game was actually ok. I have a couple problems though, prob 1: way too many ads! The ads are unbelievable! Some people do not have the money to pay for the no ads pass. Some are smart enough to spend their money on other things… that money can be spent on literally anything else. Prob 2: not enough levels. So I played all levels, beat the game and re- did all the ones I lost. I know you guys have the weekly thing, but I don’t like to wait that long, like I said, the game is great except for these problems. I really don’t understand why you would put at the end, “more levels coming soon!” When, 1: you made brain test 2, and 2 you could easily add the weekly ones to the actual thing. It would make people a lot happier! Prob 3: too easy… or too hard… I was reading through the comments and I heard a lot of “it’s too easy” and “it’s too hard”. I kind of have the same feelings, either they’re too hard or too easy. Honestly the game should be rated 9+. Also if you add more to this game or add to brain test 2, make them in the middle! Prob 4: Inappropriate ads. Ok there are some ads, that would be scary to kids or people who just don’t like scarier things, (ex: zombies, shooting, blood… etc) some people don’t like those things and there is a lot of ads! Which may lead to deleting the game. I will advise you to fix all these problems for better reviews!
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2 years ago, ffkkdkfjfjdjfmfmdmd
Two complaints ✅ ❌
First of all, there is way too many ads. Every time you finish a level there is an ad. I have learned that when you finish a level it will give you the option for a bonus prize along with the coins, and click on it for the ad, because even after three to five seconds when it gives you the chance to say “no thanks”, it STILL GIVES YOU AN AD. It is driving me nuts and i cannot stand it. Please help. I eventually deleted the app and the cloud data because it was so annoying. Second, some of the levels are not creative and overall, just not very clever. If you find a hard level, just spam click everywhere until something happens. That brings me back to ads. If there is a hard level and you’ve tried spam clicking and it wont work, you need a hint. Guess what you need for a hint? You guessed it! AN AD 😱. I would become a VIP only if this game was a little bit better. Thank you if you read this and please AT LEAST FIX THE ADS.
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2 years ago, Persephabun
(TW: contains talk about OCD and compulsions)
Fun, but in level 227 the prompt is “I have OCD, help me!” Where you have to sort the balls by color. I just found it kind of inappropriate. While some OCD sufferers may have a compulsion to sort things by color, many people with OCD don’t. It seems kind of wrong to incorporate a mental disorder into a game. It wouldn’t be funny to make a level be about depression, so I don’t feel there should be one about OCD. Not to mention the screen after you solve the puzzle says “Phew…I can calm down now, thanks” which is very wrong to me. People with OCD have compulsions to cope with their intrusive and/or disturbing thoughts. Sometimes they fear if they don’t follow the compulsion they will die or something terrible will happen. Compulsions don’t really help, and saying they “can relax now” is wrong because there often is no escaping intrusive thoughts. Still a fun game but I wish they would change this level! Written by an OCD sufferer.
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4 years ago, dawnn510
I downloaded this game at about 10:00 this morning. I have been playing, off and on, all day long! It’s super addicting! I really love this game so far, and I am already on level 187, and it’s 9:08 pm. I decided that, if I can get to level 187 in just one day, it’s definitely a game that I should review!! The ONLY thing I really hate is all the ads! After every 2 levels, or sometimes, after only one level—and each level is SHORT, so it feels CONSTANT!!! It’s soooo annoying! I would totally purchase this game to get rid of the ads (some are a full minute long). I miss the days when you could purchase a game outright and play it at your convenience. Now, everything is “free”—with a TON of ads, and so, “free” is NEVER free! That said, the game is wonderful and really hard to put down!! I feel just a little smarter after every level!! Haha!
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4 weeks ago, Rosie_Rosebud69
Ads are super long and often
I actually like this game and downloaded it for CashWalk but my issue is the ads. It seems like ads on mobile games are getting longer and longer and this is so messed up and should be illegal. On top of that I got two ads nearly back to back. I was forced to watch a 40 second ad and then got to play one level only to get ANOTHER 40 second ad immediately after! No way am I doing that. It’s bad enough game devs want us to watch long reward ads but to force 40 second ads on top of the reward ads as well is way too much. So because of the super long ads I can’t give more than 3 stars. I get y’all need to make money but you can get plenty of money with reward ads alone or at least cut the timer down on the ads. Edit: Gotta drop it to 2 stars. 40 second ads are every other level. Edit 2: Ads are shown in the middle of levels as well if you take too long or click too many times. I thought I found a good game but this one is no different than all the others.
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3 weeks ago, ✨Axolotl Queen✨
Puzzles make no sense
The puzzles don’t really make any sense. Like “Which one is the slowest?” Hmmmm, maybe “reasonable answer”? Nope! It’s the WORD. This game is pretty good, but I just wish the puzzles made sense. Another thing; ADS. Every puzzle you complete: Ad. Every hint you get: Ad. Randomly ads just pop up, and then the tiny little X button is so MICROSCOPIC, I end up clicking on the ad a gazillion times. I understand they need to make money, but it’s kind of annoying. The puzzles are creative, but they make no sense. The ads are necessary, but they’re too much! This game is pretty good, besides all that. Thanks for reading! Edit: Ok I found this AMAZING HACK for ads! I reinstalled this 3 years after my review bc I got a new iPad, and if you play with no Wi-Fi, such as in the car, NO ADS! (I have a hotspot but I turn it off for the hack) The downside is u can’t get lightbulbs, but if u turn your hotspot back on or go inside quickly, you can get some, then go back to playing ad free! -AxolotlQueen
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5 months ago, Milly poly
it teaches your brain. It helps your brain grow. you could also play this game on the weekend and helps your brain skip to the next level to learn just like school so school isn’t for the weekend. You could also play this game on the weekends it’s just like school you could just do it for 20 minutes. This is a great game to help your brain growand develop new things but also is trying to be funny so would write this for because first it’s funny I like that but it doesn’t usually teach your brain like on the fourth. I think I think on the fourth level I think it says which is closer to us, and it gives you the option of the moon or the sun. I chose the sun because it’s closer but it said the moon is because us is closer to the moon like the word us the first option is the moon next to the word us in the sentence so it’s trying to be funny but I love it so I’m waiting. I’m reading this five. I mean four.
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3 years ago, JOJO BIZZ COOL
Good to test your brain
This game is a really fun game and I love to play it for fun I like the little levels to test your brain so you can get smarter I like how you can skip if the hint doesn’t help too this game is super fun I played this for 2 days and I always want to play it and speaking about two days I am already pass level 100! I am really interested in this game when I first saw my sister playing it it looked sooo fun so I decided to play it myself! And I would love it if you could update the game more! And if I still want to play or restart then I always go back to level 1. And I always go to the other level if I already passed the level but the 2nd time is didn’t understand. I love the little stuff you can do. And it is really fun! I love the levels where you have to put your finger on the crack or thing to win the level!
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4 days ago, i.luv.kittens.+.puppies❤️
Really fun and challenging
This game is soooo annoying. A lot of the hints are dull and don’t help or don’t make sense and so then you just spent a bunch of lightbulbs on a dull hint. I might change my rating to five stars if you guys fix the hints to make them more helpful or make them more cheap. Whenever I would touch my screen, the game would not react and would not let me get past the level. Not fun when it glitches. BrainTest is also boring because all you do is solve levels. Please fix the glitches and hints and maybe make the game more interesting and fun. Ok, now you probably know what I’m about to talk about. ADS. There are WAY TO MANY ADS! I know every game has ads but I mean… COME ON. At least not after EVERY SINGLE LEVEL! I know that you may not be able to do a lot or anything at all about them but at least try because everyone knows how annoying ads are. Thank you for reading!! 🌸
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5 years ago, ItsAnhAgain.
Removing ads.
(This is my first time writing a review! ;-;)This game is a great game to stretch your brain and all, but I enjoyed it at first, then came the ads. I got sick of the ads, and wanted to buy the “remove ads”. it was 2.99$ (I’m pretty sure) when I pressed it, it went to something that was 4.99$, I thought I read it wrong and bought it. A few minutes later I realized I bought the wrong one! It was my fault, yeah. I got mad at that point (not that mad) and bought the ‘remove ads’ once again. THIS TIME, it was the right one. Obviously, it didn’t remove ads STRAIGHT AWAY, i know it had to take some time. So I waited an hour, and tried... Still not working, ads still appear, so one day later I tried again, still not working. Two days later, still not working, 3, 4, 5! I don’t know if I have to wait long, or it’s just some glitch that’s gonna be fixed or something, but if this is happening to you or others, please tell me what I should do to get it working. Continue to wait? Or...
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4 months ago, Skinnybaker
Thinking outside the box is one thing, but this game goes WAY beyond that, and not in a good way. For example, one level has a crying baby, and your job is make the baby stop crying. The answer? Shake the bejeepers out of your device…why on earth would a game for children show that shaking a baby is a way to stop its crying?? What is wrong with you??!! On a few other levels, the lack of a logical answer means that you shake the device, which often has no reasonable connection to the situation. Come on, developers, thinking outside the box does not mean that the solution is completely devoid of logic! Requiring a different/ unusual way of looking at a problem, yes. Utilizing puns or word plays, seeing something literally or figuratively (whichever is less obvious), sure. But too many of these are just random unconnected actions which supposedly solve the problem… Some are just fine - tricky thought processes needed, and those are fun. But others just made me think, “ how completely ridiculous!”
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