Branch: No Wait Pay

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Branch Messenger Inc.
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User Reviews for Branch: No Wait Pay

4.75 out of 5
58.3K Ratings
3 years ago, Keeeee.
A Serious Relief
I switched to Branch after my job started offering it. It’s simple, and convenient. I love that (for my job) there aren’t any fees to take an advance. I also like that the advance comes out of next week’s paycheck and not the current week’s paycheck (other apps take it from the current week’s check, which sometimes puts me in a similar financial bind that causes me to borrow each week until I bounce back). I like having the extra time to be able to pick up extra hours or work a little on my side job to balance out what I’ve borrowed. Transferring from Branch to my bank is simple enough, and the instant transfer fee is reasonable. I enjoy having a plan B for unexpected expenses or to prevent over-drafting my bank account… and Branch is NOT predatory like some other services/apps out there (in my experience). I’ve had absolutely no issues with Branch. I like this service much more than competitors and will not be switching back. My only suggestion is to give an option to advance pay directly to my bank account. I totally get that the Branch account/card has its purpose for some folks, but for me the extra steps are unnecessary. If I could opt-in to pay the instant transfer fee on the same screen that I sign up for the advance, and then it all be done in one tap, that would be perfect.
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1 year ago, I. Almiani
Perfect service
I have been using the Branch account for more than a year without any problem, a wonderful and easy-to-use application, and an ATM card that I use on a daily basis and for all my purchases, as well as withdrawing money from the account from CVS Pharmacy located directly opposite my place of residence. A few days ago, I was deceived by a person who claimed to be a spark customer service agent who obtained information from me - while acting like he was verifying my account- that enabled him to enter my account, change and update the info on the account and transfer money to his account. I immediately contacted Branch's technical support and informed them of the matter. The company sent me an email telling me that they had froze the account and withheld the funds and the ATM card, and issued a new card that would that I would receive in the coming days. The next day, they sent me a message that my account is secured and advised me to log in , change the password, and then return the correct any info or data that was changed by the person who hacked into the account. Today, the stolen amount was returned to the account. Thank you very much Branch
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3 years ago, jackl2021
Good Luck using this App if you don’t plan to have your money Direct Deposited through them!
This app is such a mess now that they have “updated” or whatever they call it. I have consistently used the same debit card as my external method of payment for over a year with the company. The company ADMITTED they were having issues with Plaid AND anyone who had Bank of America. I was no different. So when they went to collect my instant repayment, the Plaid issue caused them to have to use an ACH withdrawal from my account versus repay from the debit card. I have contacted support 900 times after I have not been able to take another instant because Branch placed a block on my card because the ONE time they had an issue pulling my payment back with the card. Mind you they were still able to collect the money using the ACH method. Now supports excuse (and I guarantee you will be the company reply to this comment) will say “oh we had some updates and we just must (all of a sudden) not accept your debit card due to verification issues” OR their other favorite “to prevent this hassle please set up your direct deposit with us there are lots of benefits” So in turn they are forcing me to sign up for direct deposit in order to use instant pay ever again. If you don’t believe me check back for the company’s response once they respond to my review!
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4 years ago, Alex T. Cross
So fed up with this app
After my last pay cycle I was able to get an advance a couple of days later. The next day I noticed my daily balance notification hadn’t updated. Went into the app and it said I couldn’t get an advance because my direct deposit wasn’t detected, which was fine. Didn’t need one. But I did put in a ticket. That was almost two weeks ago and I still can’t get one. Since then I’ve submitted five tickets and I don’t get a response and it’s still not resolved. I’m betting they will take the payment tomorrow for the advance I received. If you can’t detect my direct deposits that are clearly showing on the app then you shouldn’t be able to detect my upcoming pay and not take the money out of my account. This is the worst app I’ve ever used for ANYTHING. After this payment is made, I’ll be deleting the app and spreading the word on ever platform I can to worn others not to deal with Branch. Go to Earnin folks. They have live chat and will get your issues settled in 48 hours or less. P.s. you may not be able to see this message long. The last two reviews I posted were deleted.
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4 years ago, NikkiG33
Used to love it, not loving it so much now
I’ve been using Branch for a while now and it’s been great, up unto the last 2 advances. My pay has never changed and I’ve never missed a payment. It has always been consistent. I build up to a 450 dollar advance loan and just recently the last two loans went down to 300 and 227. Nothing has changed, I have the same pay and the same direct deposit schedule. Plus my money on payday, especially on the last direct deposit of the month, it’s when I spend the most because of my mortgage payment. But that never had any issues or has it affected the limit on my advance. I have emailed customer service and basically they told me that they can’t do anything about it because it’s the system that tracks everything. It’s out of their hands. Now that’s incredibly really hard to believe that they can’t do anything on increasing or decreasing the advance. They are the software developer and they can’t do anything about that??? It just doesn’t make sense.
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2 years ago, Pablo Sal
Failed expectations
I'm tired of going back and forth with my employer and you guys. I've been told all kinds of things and none of you knows how to fix this error that translate to "unacceptable 400" on iphone. I made one last call to you and to my employer support department for your incompetence and terrible service. As a new customer you can know for sure that I will NEVER recommend this platform to anyone in the future. And I will make sure my feedback is heard about your failed and unhelpful service including to my employer and up to corporate and social media. You give poor training to your employees, they don't help us cause they're too lazy but your corporate is worse cause they don't care about unsuccessful customer interactions no one in this company cares about doing their job right. These are the reasons why companies like this one fail to meet every goal, get removed from the market, go out of business, shouldn't even exist in first place. I haven't been able to see my money for a month as a new customer the first time I use this platform cause UNFORTUNATELY my company does payroll with YOU. This is the worst thing that has ever happened to me, it's a scam, waste of time, don't even bother trying. Never work for an employee thats with Branch unless you can setup direct deposit yourself.
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2 years ago, sncvrf
Fantastic Sams decided to use branch services for its employees to receive their tips. In the beginning it was a game changer that made the receival of my tips convenient. Later I had an issue with a merchant charge. The merchant ran my branch card 4 times explaining that I had insufficient funds. Instead,I ended up using my bank debit card to complete the transaction. Later that evening I discovered that my branch card had been charged for each swipe made by the merchant. The charges remained deducted from my branch card . I waited several days before using my branch card hoping that the funds would be returned. I called customer service and was told that the merchant had not closed out the card charges for business that week and that my funds would be returned within two weeks. I waited two weeks and,unlike my personal banking application that keeps a reliable account of each and every transaction I make,the evidence disappeared. There was no proof or record of the transactions that took place on that evening, the transactions just disappeared.I continued to call customer service. My employer gave me a supposed direct number to someone that would assist me and I was directed to the same pointless waste of time. I never got my $30 back. Who is accountable? Fantastic Sams or Branch?
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3 years ago, JessieKaa.xo
Branch is a life saver!
to be honest, i was skeptical at first. I have used other apps that are for “loaning money” and most either don’t work or approve me when i have steady income or they charge a lot for a loan. Branch is amazing!! they are FREE with the option of a tip, which i do recommend because it helps keep Branch running and it doesn’t hurt to tip a little (whatever you want, $1-anything). Branch has always came through for me and one of the few loan apps i actually enjoy using. you get a new card to put money on from Branch so you keep it separate from your other money which i like because it’s like my back up card when i really need help. i recommend this app to anyone. it’s easy and payback is automatic but then after a day - 3 days (for processing payback) then you can get another loan if needed. i love this app!! ❤️
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4 years ago, nicc300
I have had the same direct deposits with the same amount and it’s no longer detecting my deposits because I am unable to get the advance. I don’t recommend this service, customer service does not get back to you. I’ve messaged them twice. Once on my own and the second time was a reply to a old support message I had sent to so I can possibly pay the advance back earlier. They got back to mee almost a week after that message which defeated the purpose cause it was just paid in the regular date. I recommend everyone to us Dave! They also give you a bigger advance. Also I’m throwing this branch card in the dumpster cus it’s TRASH. UPDATE: they now claim I spend all my money on payday which isn’t true because it moved to a credit and savings account. Flawed company and system. The system never detects bank account correctly. I do not recommend anyone use this app. You better off using Dave which gives you a bigger advance and less of a hassle on getting the advance. They also created that trash bank card to steal more money from people who already need extra money so they can profit more off you. It was simple just paying the fee and instant depositing the advance in your account but no, they want to gouge cash. That’s how bad the company is doing.... Very desperate
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5 years ago, AzianKiRo
So it was a 5 until it became a premium feature...
So I was using the app for specifically using the schedule upload so I could see my schedule. My first go around I was at another store with a small crew and I got 90% of them on to add it. Now I’m at another store and I have been trying to get my crew to add it. But either I get told they don’t have the room or they have a set schedule. We also have too much people come and and go. I would understand getting your paycheck early would be a premium feature and maybe editing/swapping shifts.... I would try to get my bigger boss to get this but they already started using a different app. And the only way you can get premium is to contact the team? Too much work for just one person to use. If there was option/setting that showcased different memberships like 99 cents a week for the schedule upload (that I might consider), $4/week for everything, etc... I would consider staying. Other than that gripe, it is a good app for company/store who want to actively stay in contact with your employees... but if you are individually just getting it. Pointless.
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4 years ago, mynameisme123
No help
So the app still says I qualify for an advance, that I meet every requirement, but somehow I can’t have one. It makes no sense and after waiting a week to respond “Greg C” gives the same answer the he replied to here. He says they’ve changed qualifications and requirements but he can’t see if I meet them or not and why. I told them it says I meet them all, assuming there’s some sort of error. He again sends the exact same message. I told him again and still received the same answer. I feel like this started happening to a lot of people this past month and branch is doing some shady stuff....disconnect your banking info and let it go because I feel like they are up to no good. This app was great for a year, no issues. I’ve had no changes to anything. Suddenly it said I met all the qualifications but yet I didn’t qualify. No change in pay, job, bank etc. Everything had been the same as the last 12 months. I contacted them on November 25 to find out why and haven’t heard back. They only have the messages for support but no one contacts or anything. It use to be my favorite app for that but now my mind has changed. Not because of the issue as much as it’s because their “support” obviously isn’t really there.
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3 years ago, Nkubon
Not the best
I recently had $146 worth of fraud on my account from someone ordering from Chipotle Online with my card. I called the fraud number Branch gives, was told they’d cancel my card, which would take 7-10 days to receive, with having no expedited forms of shipping the card and no way to get my money in my account unless I move it to another account with another bank and wait 3-4 days to get it. Then because the charges were “pending” I was told there was nothing they could do until the transactions were “posted”, and to call back then. I called back and was told I won’t hear anything for 45 days, for them to investigate. Yes, 45 days to get my money back! Thank God it’s only $146, but that’s still a good bit of money to wait 45 days for!! I was given no reference or confirmation number or email that a dispute was filed, just told I’ll hear from the fraud department IF they find something. The representative on the phone was completely unconcerned, and could care less. So here I sit, out $146 for 45 days, all my money in my account trapped for 7-10 days til I get my new card. Unreal! The only benefit to Branch is the money spotting if needed and the easy app to use. I’ll be moving my money out of Branch immediately, and will not refer them.
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4 years ago, Mel2189
Don’t use!
Not even worth a star! They are liars, and it’s a waist of time! The app can tell you your qualified in every area, and when you contact customer service they will say, “Recently, there were several new factors taken into consideration when qualifying for earned wage access. Many of the factors were related to historical on-time repayments. However, visibility into the specific factors is not available. We understand that this is a difficult time for many people and that these changes can be challenging. Earned Wage Access requirements are continually evolving, and we do not guarantee qualification each pay period. With unprecedented times ahead, we are doing what we feel is necessary so that we can continue offering our service to as many people as possible, for as long as possible.” So you understand it’s hard times yet you don’t give your customers real reasons why they don’t qualify! Concrete reasons they can fix or work on! Yet, according to their app says I meet all the criteria and the fact that 3 weeks prior I qualified just fine! The app tells you things yet customer service tells you something different! they are not worth it, if you have them leave them, all they do is lie! Save your self the headache!
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3 years ago, LTrain80
worked great for awhile…
Everything was smooth sailing for awhile. I was able to do instant pay cash advances without a problem. In the past month I’m being hit up constantly to open a direct deposit checking account, and I’m being told they can’t verify my pay cycle with my bank anymore, even though nothing has changed on my end. I’ve contacted support twice and both times they said my bank was having an issue with Plaid and this could be an intermittent outage issue, and to keep checking back to see if it gets resolved. (Other apps used simultaneously have seemingly had no issues connecting my bank with Plaid). They seem to be in no hurry to resolve their tech issues and seem to be placing more restrictions on customers who previously had none and for whom nothing has changed. Is this an intentional business strategy to coerce users to open accounts, because it’s really annoying and only going to lose business in the long run. Why should I trust them with my direct deposit when their basic services are having issues? Hey, Branch - resolve the tech and approval issues with your basic offerings BEFORE asking your customers to upgrade.
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1 year ago, pnabhgfyjj
Never got my paycheck. They put wrong routing to thrower bank
They have you sign into your ADP account and they will go in and put their account and routing number for you to get your direct deposit put into that account for Branch. You’re never aware my entire paycheck went into this account they checked marked do not verify to the ADP. I still have not received my paycheck. I have been trying with support they keep telling me to go to my employer my employer already released this check to the account that they put into my ADP. I received my Branch card. The account number on the branch card is different from the account number that they put into my ADP. Now I am out almost $1500 because they cannot put the correct account number and release my paycheck to me. I feel like this is a scam I feel like it’s fraud. I am in the process of figure it out who I need to talk to legal wise to get my money. They took my paycheck. This is coming a week before my sons wedding where I am struggling to pay my bills. I have screenshot my account off of the Branch card and I have screenshot from my direct deposit through ADP that they put in the information not me don’t do it.
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2 years ago, Dizzle707
Hella decent
Overall a pretty legit app, definitely has helped me make rent on time when I was short and payday not til the next week. It can feel lame on payday when the check is small from the deduction but I just remind myself that I’m basically getting the money from that check earlier which after a while you get used to it and it’s nice to be able to get my money early when I need it since living paycheck to paycheck it’s not uncommon to be flat broke the week or payday so having the option to advance is super convenient. Only downside is that sometimes it takes a little bit of time for work to get the hours reported to branch, if it was always daily hours update to it that’s the only improvement really I can think of, and that might be the fault of my work as well. So definitely a solid 4 stars for sure if your work offers the branch service it can be very helpful at times.
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3 years ago, Hailee Michelle
Not practical in today’s climate
This app is getting lower and lower on my list for its usefulness in payday advances. It seemed reliable at first but long term, especially in our current climate it is not feasible (for me atleast). They really can’t help with much on their end so don’t look for it. There’s no payment extensions available ever regardless if you have a good history with them and regardless of covid. And it will automatically pull from your account regardless of your available funds unlike MoneyLion and Dave that wait until they can take the full payment. God forbid you get one overdraft fee won’t be able to get an advance for 30 days. Even if your bank refunds the overdraft fee and even if the overdraft fee was a result of something non preventable and unforeseen they do not care. What’s crazy is even if you’ve been paid and your account is positive you still have to wait 30 days. Support is always less than helpful simply saying there’s nothing they can do. I’ll stick with MoneyLion and Earnin .
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4 years ago, Davidrocks24
Loved using this app and then all of a sudden I couldn’t get approved for an advance
I have used this app for months and it has always been a great way for an advance on my paycheck when I’m in a pinch. I mostly was approved for advances and when I wasn’t they explained why and I was usually able to correct the issue. I recently paid back an advance from them on a Friday and was notified that it cleared on a Monday and I could try for a new advance. However, when I tried for a new advance it denied me. I waited a couple days and still was being denied. The most frustrating part is I met every requirement. The only thing it kept telling me was I didn’t qualify for an advance but there was no reason why. I tried emailing their support team who said they couldn’t help me because they can’t see why I am not approved. It makes no sense that they couldn’t see that info. I don’t want to get rid of the app but if you can’t get approved for advances there really is no point in having it.
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1 year ago, fragile.feels
It works.
My employer switched over to branch and that is how we receive our tips. I want to preface this by saying i use a normal checking account with a mainstream bank, i have most of my bills on autodraft though that bank. I either have to wait 3-5 days to receive my tips, or i have to pay a $5 fee each time i cash out instantly. So everyday that i work, i am paying $5 just to receive my money where it needs to be. I am not willing to switch all my autodrafted bills to my branch card, that is alot or work and then if i want to switch employment at some point i will have to switch them all back. The fees are high, and even cashapp and venmo do not charge that much for instant tranfers, its a percent rather than a higher flat rate. In addition, if i make over $300, i can not cash it out at once because of a 300$ per day limit and i have to pay a fee twice. Im over this and would be thrilled if my employer switched back to our previous pay method
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3 years ago, Paying2Drive🥺
If I could rate no stars that’s exactly what they’d get from me… I’ve been trying to reach them for well over a week and either the “priority support” line continuously rings until it ends the call or a voicemail comes on telling you the voicemail is full!!!! You can’t leave a message for them to get back to you in a timely fashion and when you reach out to support via chat or email you won’t receive a response for a good month and then when you do receive a response it’s from an earlier inquiry and has NOTHING to do with your current issue!!!! For some reason and my calls get rerouted to ddi for my branch support which is redundant at best because you continuously get rerouted between the two never getting an answer just then blaming each other 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 Then I’m told ddi has only 10 employees!!!!! 10 EMPLOYEES!!!!! Really?????? For a nation of gig workers???? Really???? EXTREMELY UNRELIABLE!!!!!! Get rid of your branch accounts and get a different gig of the gig FORCES you to get an app to get paid!!!! 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
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4 years ago, TheresaNKyle
Just when I thought I couldn’t get help
I found this app and have been using it every single month since the first time I tried it, and it has seriously helped me every single month, literally can say it’s a life saver every time I just need to use a couple hundred dollars to get through the rest of the month. It also ensures I don’t borrow so much that I hurt myself for the following month and it also has helped me start to budgeting my funds a heck of a lot better then I was doing. I swear if your like me and don’t have any friends to ask for help and family is just out of the question, then do just like me and get this app because it has become the biggest help to me every time I need it the most. Thanks Branch for always being there for me.
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5 years ago, SadeWallaceEO
Mostly good with very inconvenient inconsistencies
To me this app isn’t consistent with the cash outs. Usually I’m able to take an installment out within 24 hours of them processing my payment. I thought they were getting better because They even let me cash out on the same day with the last installment. However, now I see that there is a 3 business day processing time which is fine. But even after that, I’m still unable to access a loan because I’m being told that they’re “verifying my direct deposit.” Why would they need to verify my direct deposit when I’ve been using this app for months? I work for the same company with the same Biweekly Paytime and the same bank account. Then I’ve emailed customer service over 48 hours ago and still no response. Yet they took the last installment a week ago. I understand glitches, just wish customer service was more convenient. Maybe provide a chat feature?
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1 month ago, VivaciousE
Pretty great
We use tippy at my salon and it auto connects to branch so I’m able to get my tips same day. They’re simple to use and overall I’ve been very happy with them. The only reason I gave 4 stars is because sometimes (like right now but this isn’t the first time this has happened) it does this thing where it asks me where I work but it can’t find it when I search and when I hit the skip button it tells me it can’t set my location ID. I get stuck not being able to open my app. It’s very annoying since I don’t know why it matters for me to open my banking app. My employer doesn’t bank with you, just our tip app connects with you and neither business name will work. It’s an annoying glitch that eventually just goes away but when I want to access my money and this happens it’s frustrating.
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2 years ago, Fhuguyuhf
$10 transfer fees
Like the title says, $10 transfer fees, by far the highest I’ve ever seen. Just a money grab. They use Plaid to do free bank to bank transfers in 3-5 business days, and Plaid uses Plaid Portal, which does not allow you to authorize data sharing which means you cannot perform bank to bank transfers using their platform. There is also no way to contact or review Plaid for assistance. If this is the type of partnerships Branch has, I worry all our pay is at risk. Also, making it so you have to use 5 separate companies to transfer money is needlessly complicated, and is ripe for abuse and technical issues. This all appears to exist to force you to pay the fee. Once again, someone is trying to fool us with the illusion of choice. I wonder what the SEC thinks about this? Update: Support is useless and will spend more time promoting themselves and their customer survey than addressing your issue. If you have a pay problem, it is simply your problem and the money is gone.
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4 years ago, Drac464
They do not care especially during a pandemic
I was out of work sick and on quarantine for 2 weeks so I did not get paid 1 week. After having about 5 perfect loans with Branch of only about $25 and paying back on time, I asked if they could give me one week extra to payback a $25 loan (about 3 days before the loan was due) since I had been sick. They said no. They hit my account for $25, which my bank paid, but also then charged me $35 (which was more than the loan itself) all because branch refused to give me one extra week. Then once Branch was paid they then refused to give me a loan when I needed it most. I guess it’s because my bank is in overdraft, but it’s because of them not being flexible or compassionate for a customer who has been exemplary with past loans. This is too much BS for $25. I work with Brigit and Earnin and they were very flexible on much higher loan amounts of about $100 each. I would use those apps again and again, but I have now deleted Branch. It’s a scam and your typical predatory lender. Don’t get this app.
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1 year ago, stevoc6
If I wasn’t forced to use it might be good
My company decided to make a decision that gives no benefit to the employees that it effects and decided instead of us taking our credit card tips out of the register at the end of our shift like we’ve been doing for 20 plus years. They decided to make us wait a day to get our tips by using branch. This decision screws me over because I pay my bills in cash. So I have to find an atm that doesn’t charge me to use. You may think well that’s not to bad but I can only take out $400 a day. Meaning if my bill is anything above I have to either take multiple trips to the atm or pay a fee to have it transferred to my actual bank account and then travel to my actual bank to get the rest. Of course you may say well you can wait 4- 7 days to transfer money for free. I tell you for my situation it’s not a viable option. Most of this is on my company but the fee for instant transfer and the $400 withdraw limit is on branch.
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4 years ago, pisssssssssssssd
Terrible Debit/Card Good App
After using the app for sometime I decided to try their direct deposit after hearing I could get my checks up to two days early. After requesting my card I was emailed a direct deposit form and after sending it to my HR I was in rolled that same week and paid through the Branch app (yet not any sooner I should add). I was disappointed to find out the Branch card was not excepted in many places including 7-Eleven and Quiktrip. After being declined I called their customer service to find out they did not have a specific list of places the card wasn’t excepted so it became my job to find where the card wasn’t excepted by being declined.I tried to take matters into my own hands by transferring all my funds from my branch account to my Chase account only to find out there was a limit of $300 I could transfer Per day but not before I paid a fee of $5. The rest I would have to transfer the next day for another fee.. terrible card service over I would never recommend it to anyone.
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3 years ago, Stephanieaf8785
I USED to love this app....
This app USED to be super amazing. As a single working mom working as a frontline healthcare worker, with zero help, this app was a Godsend for me. I “make too much” to get any kind of help yet I barely scrape by between paychecks. When I had an unexpected emergency expense, I discovered Branch and the instant pay advance came to save the day! It saved me on multiple other occasions through this whole COVID fiasco - where the responsibility falls on me, is that I kept the app for when I had emergencies and depended on it being there when I needed it. Payday came and they took their payback as scheduled - I had to take a week off work due to a potential exposure situation and was going to depend on Branch to get me over the hump. Except when I went to go take out an advance, it said I didn’t qualify. They have changed their structure so that you HAVE to have your direct deposit out into a Branch Bank Account (vs depositing it into your regular bank account). Then you have to wait until you have had multiple direct deposits before you are eligible. We all have enough stress in our lives and enough other things to keep track of. The last thing I want is another account and have to change my direct deposit info and then have to wait a couple months. I doubt they will, but it would be nice if they would go back to their previous structure.
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7 months ago, Madambuttrfli
Finally through it
I contract with a company who switched to Branch about 2 years ago. At the time of the switch I was not working with that company. I just started working back with said company and realized I needed to update my account information when I found out they process payments through Branch. For some reason I was not able to verify my information as my pay grew. It was the type of issue I needed to go through my cell provider for. Branch was there helping me on the phone or email. They promptly returned my replies, not all companies do this. So today everything is settled and I am happy about the outcome. Thanks Branch.
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5 years ago, ses1290876374
Experienced many issues and support has lacked
When I first started using Branch it was incredible! I am a salaried employee therefore my paycheck never changes so at the very beginning of using the app it was consistently increasing my advance. But then one paycheck it went from $400 all the way down to 165 and they stated it was because they were tracking my direct posit incorrectly. However after fixing it they never increased the amount for my advance. I had to email in four different times before I finally got the same response three times in a row. Fast forward to this most recent paycheck I paid back my loan in full six days ago yet it still states that it’s pending even though it was only supposed to be three days when I write into support I get absolutely no response. I would say that I love this app if they could actually fix the bugs.
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4 years ago, wasye of phone space 🙄
Poor customer service
I had taken out an advance on Jan 10. Now my paydays are bi-weekly so my next payday is January 23. I did the instant advance which cost me $ big deal. Done to find out that 4 days later (January 14) branch decided to process the payback and took back the money I had requested and received as an advance. I have emailed support multiple times regarding the issue and all they can tell me is to reply with the number associated with the account, the issue, and screenshots of needed. Which I have done. The lack of customer service from the support team is making me this close to deleting the app. If the agreed upon payback date is set for the user’s next payday. Then the money should be taken automatically on that day. Not whenever the branch app decides. Also the app should allow its users to contact a human via a 1-800 number. Not email some auto response email that doesn’t even help you nor reply in a timely manner. Horrible experience. Wouldn’t recommend.
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4 years ago, KFBStudios
Sounds like BS to me.
I’ll just leave this here, it sums everything up. I had been approved for advances for quite some time. Up until 2 days ago, in fact, all of a sudden, I’m not...and this is the response when I inquired about the sudden eligibility change. “ Thank you for reaching out. Branch has made some changes to qualifications for our users. There are several new factors that are now taken into consideration when qualifying for Earned Wage Access. Unfortunately these factors are not available to our support team and will not be displayed in the application. We understand the frustration this change causes, and we know that this is a difficult time for many people. I sincerely apologize that this change was abrupt and unexpected. With unprecedented times ahead, we are doing what we feel is necessary so that we can continue to offer our service to as many people as possible, for as long as possible
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3 years ago, KPoe770
I had a branch account for multiple years, and it was fine. Suddenly, I started getting a ton of fradulent charges on my account. I ordered a new debit card, but the charges kept coming on the new card, even before I would have a chance to use it. This happened 3 times, and Branch made me liable for the charges all three times. I would assume since charges were made before my card was even active, that this is fraud committed by internal employees. As a result, I've moved my direct deposit etc elsewhere and requested instructions to close my account. So far, it's been 3 months and Branch has not sent me any instructions, so I suppose my account will just float around out there with a 0 balance, which is fine, I guess. Be very careful before you use Branch, especially if you can't float over $1000 in purchases that you didn't make. I've given up on getting the money back, I just want to warn others.
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2 years ago, ComplexWorld
Raggedy “Bank”
I was forced to use this bank, due to my side gig going under a contract with this company (guess payroll expenses are cheaper and it shows). This non-bank, per them, is incapable of assisting on the account. I’ve had more then 4 numbers to contact trying to resolve a dispute and couldn’t get anyone. Finally after emailing and contacting driver support to find an operating number, file the dispute, receive my money back. 30 days after that I get another notice that says , “we’re still disputing the transaction with the merchant, so we’re reversing your credit” . Sooo every other month I’m going to be dealing with this nonsense. I don’t even want this account but I’m FORCED to use it due to the company making the mistake and posting all payments to this account for all who are contracted. I have two actual banks with tellers and customer support. I absolutely loath this company. You can and should get better!
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1 year ago, SharkDayy
Scam likely ; No idea what they’re doing
I was going to give a long drawn out review but thankfully and unfortunately others already understand my pain with branch. One of my side gigs decided to switch payroll and go with/through branch. I have been waiting and still am waiting for my payment made back on March 10th. Both companies keep saying it’s the other companies fault. Branch has no resolution or answer as to why they can not set up my account with /through THEIR PLATFORM but can say it’s the other companies issue they can’t process something which isn’t true. I’ve emailed and had to wait almost 2 weeks for a supervisor because they also couldn’t give a timeframe when i could talk to one but one will email me to follow up. Im not sure what kind of business you guys run but clearly from my end it’s POOR. I’ll leave it here 🫵🏽👋🏽
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3 years ago, NickyDalton82
Used to love it
I have the the app but will be getting rid of it! I had it for over a year loved it but now all of a sudden I can’t get advance! Nothing on my end has changed! I verify my debit card and it says verified but then I try to take an advance and it say “oops external card can’t be used” how? When it says it verified! When i reach out to customer service they send generic messages back or say switch to direct deposit and you won’t have any issues?? Great way to lose customers! I advise people to use Earnin or MoneyLion! Plus money lion they have a credit account to help people build their credit! I wish they would fix this issue because I loved the app and now unfortunately it’s gone down the drain! Good luck to all the people who use it because after 6months you’ll be in the same spot as me! Having them shove direct deposit with them down your throat to get an advance!
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4 years ago, RikkaYuna
App is not advertised as it should be
So I used the app for quite some time and requested about a couple advances here and there. The one time that I did request an advance, I did it no problem. Had it sent to me instantly, no big deal. But when I tried to request ANOTHER advance, the system kept saying I didn’t qualify for one because there was no validation of a direct deposit, even though I get paid biweekly. Then I had to do all this mess to adjust to qualify and after a while it worked. However once I paid back the second advance, it STILL said I didn’t qualify, saying the same thing as it did before. So I’m like “What the hell is happening here?!” I’m trying to request an advance because I am in a rut and nothing is changing! This app is making me so mad! Something better change with this app and quick
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4 years ago, Whuteva85
Update: Thanks for the generic response. It has not changed my opinion. You don’t even have a support phone number. You are established enough as a working bank for me to trust all of my money with you. Will pay back the advance I was able to get before you gave my bank the boot and will be cancelling my account, as I see a lot of people are doing. I will also be telling people to steer clear of your app. Thank you for absolutely nothing. I have been using this app for over a year with no issues. I even signed up for their card and dealt with having to pay an extra five dollars on top of a “tip” to get an advance. Took out an advance on Wednesday night. Thursday morning I get the notification that my bank is no longer supported and that I should move DD to them. Are you nuts? I am not moving my money to a just established online bank, especially with all the horror stories I have read. Thank you, no.
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3 years ago, UrQu33n
Branch is The Greatest!
This is by far the best way to borrowing money if your low on cash and don’t want to pay all the interest and fees when taking out a personal loan. You do have to have a steady paycheck coming in, the max you can borrow is 500$ and you don’t get that the first time you borrow. If you are on time with your payback when you borrow every time the limit to borrow increases. Remember 500$ is the cap! Please make sure your pay date is correct, because if not your payback to branch want be on time which will cause branch to pause you from borrowing for about 15-30 days! If your considering Branch, you hit the spot! Better than Dave!
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4 years ago, CornYan
Very Poor Customer Experience
I give this service and app 2-stars based on poor process and customer service. Although, I love the purpose of Branch however, there could be much improvement. For starters, customer service is helpful but very slow to respond and resistant to really help with the concern. When your process has a break you should be accountable and responsible for negative impacts to your customer that result due to your system fail. Lastly, if your only means of communication with customers is via email, I’d suggest email etiquette development for your customer service team. Sorry, not sorry... Disgruntled Branch customer
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3 years ago, MellyR1218
In the beginning this app was fantastic . Even though my advances never got higher then 150 for some odd reason I continued to use it . Recently in the last few months it’s been nothing but problems . They lowered my advance to 25 for a mistake they made with taking the repayment back on time . You reach out to customer service and the answer is always “it’s out of my hands” . They take weeks to even respond to your message . Every week I take an advance have worked at the same job get paid the same time and my card and bank info constantly have to be re entered as if it were being removed . Now it’s saying my card is blocked for some odd reason now I’ve been using this app for a year and now all of a sudden it’s a huge arisal of nothing but problems with this app and their team. It’s absolutely terrible !
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3 years ago, Lola J Banks
Not a reliable anymore
Branch used to be very good and now it is not. That’s why their rating is high but please read the recent reviews. They don’t give you a consistent advance like the other apps. Then I have needed money badly on three different occasions in the past year and they couldn’t update my bank so no advance. Another time they couldn’t contact Plaid. They sure were able to collect my money so I must have gotten paid. Their customer service is absolutely nonexistent. I have not received any response from the last three times and just decided to write a bad review this time because my bank account won’t update again. Thankfully Earnin helped me out because I was in need. The funny part is they keep promoting direct deposit and I absolutely would never rely on Branch for my source of income if they can’t even respond to messages.
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4 years ago, Frustrated 6+
The reason for the app is supposed to help you when you need it. The first time you download the app they send you money and you pay it back but after words If you spend too much money out of your account you no longer qualify for an advance. You will the first time but after that you don’t. Don’t depend on this app if you actually spend your money in your account to pay bills and stuff and hope that this will help when you need it. Earnin doesn’t do this. They help you when you need it and don’t get into what you spend your money on or if they think you can handle. They let you decide as long as you pay it back. Even if you pay back the first advance you get with branch they still want to choose how you spend your money and if you get an advance because of how you spent your money. They want you to download the app and get help once but after that don’t ask for help.
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3 years ago, xxKittKattxx83
Used to love it, now not so much
The app used to be great, now for the past 6 months I don’t qualify for an advance because I “spend too much of my earnings on payday”. I have multiple income sources and if I borrow money it’s always paid back. Branch should worry less about where my money is going and more about how long I’ve been a customer and paid back my loans. I may have had only a few instances where the payback was late, but only by a few days depending on deposit availability. Each time I ask support I’m told my ability to advance is reviewed each pay period yet nothing has changed. It would be nice if they were more like Earnin or Brigit where my transaction history doesn’t matter, only my repayment history does. I’ll change my rating when this company changes its policies.
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3 years ago, Tspino12
Wildly inconsistent - support is essentially useless
The amount that you can take as an advance will change on you on a bi weekly basis. You can take $500 dollars one pay period, then pay it back 100% in it’s entirety, get paid again the exact same amount as before. And then for some reason only be able to take $175 dollars as an advance. This causes you to be missing $325 dollars you may have been budgeting for expenses for no real reason. Their support team can’t ever escalate an issue, solve a problem for you, or make any changes on your account, and they take 4+ hours to reply to you just to tell you they can’t do anything for you. Don’t bother with this app, just use Earnin. It’s much better and it’s consistent, they don’t punish their users who always pay them back + fees. This company needs to go out of business, help expedite this please!
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5 years ago, revman89
Faulty & Unconcerned
Okay so here’s the thing....this app has had problems from jump. Pulling teeth out of a dog would be a lot easier then to deal with this app. If you’re looking for an app to help you out for a payday advance this is not the app for it. They always “guess” your payday and it’s always two days after you take out the advance, which then leads you to reaching out to customer support. Trying to get a hold of customer support is so bad you’d think that were communicating through carrier pigeon. And that’s even after you’ve had to resend your email with all the info of your problems twice! So how they can’t seem to get back to is beyond me. The connection to your bank is the part that scares me the most. When I went to go open the app yesterday it had said that I needed to connect my bank again, in which I did for a total of 4 times! Makes me nervous to think that people could be trying to obtain your information. And now it says that I don’t qualify for an advance after paying them back. So there a go again writing my issues on a scroll and attaching it to a poor little pigeon that didn’t choose this life. All I’m saying Branch look at your life and look at your choices because maybe app development isn’t the right career choice.
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2 years ago, Baby Milan
Used to love until they changed the Instant Pay
I used to love love love love love this app!!! It was actually my favorite! & I have used alllll the other apps including Brigit, Dave, MONEYLion, Grain, Cleo, Albert & about 3 others & by far Branch & MONEYlion was my allll time fave until they just now changed that they no longer will be having the Instant Pay feature. This was actually why I used the app & was so helpful to me. I always always paid back on time & was allowed $500 for my pay period which helped me so much but now there is absolutely no use for this app! I do not see why they got rid of it. There is already so many other banks out there for this just to be another banking app. So yes, sorry Branch but I gotta delete you now. Unless you go back to why I loved the app, I will be using MONEYlion for all my services now. Plz reconsider & go back.
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11 months ago, Bouabca
The butler
I believe is the worst app for me now because when I download the app and I started working for a company fetch it’s been six months I couldn’t even start working because I’ve been dealing with this branch customer service. They don’t didn’t answer my emails. No phone calls and they make it so complicated so six months what kind of bank is this, they don’t even know and that is too many hands too many fingers and my issues with the card and it says I already have an account and I’m just wanted to activate a card and a card cannot be activated ASAP so I cannot be working. I don’t know with whom I am dealing with right now I need to have my card activated as soon as possible so I can make some money six months just they have two addresses your account that create a conflict, and they cannot figure it out
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4 years ago, LEETVH
So I would use this app from time to time whenever I would get in a bind and at first they were excellent! Never had any issues until recently; I paid back an advance and about two weeks I was needing a little extra cushion so I tried to get another advance. HUGE MISTAKE! It kept telling me that my bank wasn’t supported which I found pretty odd because I’ve been had the same bank since forever! Well anyway I have to do some digging and basically found out that if I wanted to get an advance I would basically be forced to switch my direct deposits over to their card!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? I instantly tried to delete my account with this horrible app and basically you have to call in to cancel your account with your information and they will follow up with you in three business days!! Yea I will NEVER use this app or its horrible services again
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2 years ago, nolowballers
Worst customer service
This company’s customer service is the poorest I’ve ever seen. Short hours to call them and if u have an issue and send them a message they are slow as molasses getting back to you. We need responses within 2 hours at most and from a live agent. This is our finances we’re talking here. Branch has put a hold on $150 of my money from a $25 gas purchase and this is on day 3 of holding my money FOR NO REASON!!!!! I will be moving my money elsewhere. No reason to kill my weekend activities with my family. Poor responses and they take their time responding and weekends….. non responsive period!!!! I’m done with these people. This is theft as far as I see it. I have no control over them holding my operating money for this weekend and who knows when it’ll be released. I WANT MY FRIGGING INTEREST YOUVE MADE ON THE STOCK MARKET WITH MY MONEY YOU CROOKS!!!!!
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