Breakout®: Boost

4.4 (3.3K)
12.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Breakout®: Boost

4.38 out of 5
3.3K Ratings
6 years ago, GlaringTexas80
It’s ok
The game is mostly a good game to play until you finish it. After that you can play at different speeds, but it gets boring after that. So you’ll need to pay for more, which is fine I guess to those who like this game a lot. Might as well buy a 2600 and play on that for even more.
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2 years ago, NewHal
Played in the 1990s on Atari Console
One of the early versions had the ball controlled by a magnetic lash, I miss it! Breakout Valentines and Challenge are 2 of my faves, though I love all of the packs. Slide a ball through a steel-brick is 1 trick. Break out 2 or more bricks simultaneously to make extra point bubbles drop quicker; don’t miss a single one of those to keep your score ramping up! Sometimes the trick is to not accept a ball-modifier bubble! Sometimes to slow way down helps you capture more points, especially near the end of a level lest you ‘overload’ your ball and it can’t accept more points because it’s already carrying a doubled ball into the next level! Enjoy! HapnanHal awaits you!
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6 years ago, Jimwebber
Needs fixed!
Something is driving me crazy on this game. When you have multiple balls on the screen and when you break the last brick on the screen at the precise moment that one of the other balls exits at the bottom, the game gets confused and thinks you lost your ball even though there are others left and it take a ball away from your balls remaining (when in fact you actually made it through successfully at that level). Then at the next level when you begin, it starts with two balls instead of one. This results in a lost ball that you shouldn’t have had done. This glitch needs to be fixed and an update sent out. Thank you.
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7 years ago, Furface Greybeard
Great for training reflexes
I love this game; great option is I'm able to adjust the speed of the ball. This is the only breakout game I found to do this. I'm 61 and started slow and gradually speed up as I get better. Out of hundreds of games I own this is in the top 5. Hope they keep adding levels. Just jumping several speeds can make it challenging. Someday I might be able to crank it all the way up. Keep up the good work. Can be habit forming.
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7 years ago, Red Dot Football
I am an 80s gamer, Atari 2600 in '81, and to control the speed like Keanu dodging bullets in the Matrix is a nice touch especially when encountering a couple dozen balls, so if you have been disappointed in the classic remakes like me you won't be here, it is just a game you can play for a few minutes here and there.
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7 years ago, ZLaughingdog
Great Oldtime Favorite
An old favorite for sure. Too bad you have to pay for extra levels though. I wasn't happy with just 10 levels so I had to cough up for the extra ones. Over all I give it 5 stars and play this game a lot and would recommend it to friends.
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4 years ago, Hardwarechick55
I love it
I'm not a big game player but sometimes I just need some downtime. This game keeps me on my toes and at 65 years old I'm sure it helps with my hand eye coordination and whatever else. I don't have anything negative to say about it. Oh except that we need some new challenges. Thanks
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3 years ago, palealien
Very, very close
I am loving this, the play seems right on. I really do,hate the finger control though, I must have chubby digits or something as I find it to be a little sloppy and makes it hard to put English on the ball as much as I would like.
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8 years ago, Maxedwell
Great Game
I had this game on my old Atari 400 and spent many hours playing it. This is an updated version that plays without any glitches and I've purchased every bonus pack offered. Love some of the modern touches (acid and fire balls) and the x4 and x12 bonus bricks.
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8 years ago, Jball456
Better than the original Breakout
I liked the fact that I could download a free version of the game so I could decide if I liked it or not. I did and ended buying additional packs to add to the base game. Breakout remains what it's always been, just good clean fun with no "blood, guts or gore.
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2 years ago, weatherafficianado
Nice take on an old retro game. The thing is, it does not reward all the points earned on the various screens. For the fifth time it failed to reward points that would have put me in 1st place globally. Otherwise, a great way to waste time.
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5 years ago, Destiny3241
Fun Game, a Blast from the Past
Super fun game! Please always have this game available in the App Store. Times will change, programming will change but this game must always exist, for years to come. I would love to see more and more variations.
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3 years ago, stuck too long
Good game
It’s a great game but a few stages of the game are almost impossible to beat. On the 40 game stage 23 is very difficult to get the ball in and when I did, it came back out. Several times I lost 7 balls on this stage alone. It needs to be fixed to fairly play the game.
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7 years ago, JoeyBeney21
This game is one of my all time favorites. I started by playing this game on the Atari when I was young. This version completely embodies the Atari version with more visually appealing graphics to go through. Keep up the good work!!
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5 years ago, guest 7661
For Atari and touch screen lovers
I have played an Atari before and this game is so much like it this is perfect for 90’s kids of course don’t take it from me I’m a child with a lot of knowledge. Thank you for reading👌
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1 year ago, Chuck Bovey
Please help! Unable to pause game w/out deleting & reloading
I’ve bought all of the breakout games & I love them, but anytime I play & pause the game, I have no choice but to delete & reload them. I’ve tried everything to get these to play. If you’re the developer: please help!!
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6 years ago, sumthinsnazzi
I wish there was a way to obtain more lives mid-game. I wish you didn’t have to start back at level one when you die. I wish there were more level options. Otherwise, fantastic and addictive game.
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6 years ago, PastorUPCI
Amazing game!
It has everything the original game had, but with better graphics, amazing controls, and doesn’t even require Wi-Fi (unlike those Sonic Classic games). Definitely a great game!
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8 years ago, Ben Bangs
OK, but not perfect
It's fun enough, but since the screen is the controller, it's all too easy to BLEEP UP and LOSE a ball, or even change the speed unintentionally. This makes it the type of game which should really be free. Better luck next time!
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8 years ago, SuperDuty06
Just like the original
Love the game but the audio mute doesn't work good ... Everything I reopen the game the music plays and I have to unselect, then reselect the audio mute ... Please fix that ... Other than that, great game!
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11 months ago, MauveTomcat135
This is awesome. I like the classic Breakout gameplay. The Fire and Acid upgrades make the game so much easier. Only problem is the purchases, but how else are they supposed to make money?! Great port otherwise.👍
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8 years ago, RADEA1956
Breakout Boost
An old favorite has returned! The trial version is quite fun but to really get into it you will have to buy the other levels as well. It can be very addictive and a good distraction while waiting for an appointment!
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8 years ago, Fdcisdcnfgdkcvkd
Why don't they have a lefty mode? It is so annoying that I keep bumping the x2 points whenever I'm playing. Just switch around where the point thing is and the actual game
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3 years ago, Lanisssss
Love it!
Great game play and feels a lot like the original. I don’t mind buying the expansion packs because they keep the game fresh. Love the fact that there isn’t an ad in sight! Great job dev team!
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8 years ago, Great Granny sjc
Loved Pong in the TV MANY years ago
When I saw the ad for this, I had to have it. I'm only in a lower level, but I'm enjoying it once again in a newer modern format.
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2 years ago, Capt'Crunch
Breakout is a pretty coolio game
It’s awesome and probably one of my favorite Atari games, however I hate that you can only play the ten first games and I hate that there are in app purchases 👍👍👍👍👎
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8 years ago, kc2kth
Abandoned? Broken support, in app purchases
I'm not sure if Atari has abandoned this game but it sure appears so. Trying to restore missing purchases in app does not work, hangs at 'please wait'. The app support link in the App Store sends to what appears to be a nonexistent page on Atari's site. Disappointing since I've had this game for quite a while and did have some purchased content.
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7 years ago, Stevetaqatar
This game is really fun. It can be real challenging. I think it might be awhile before I can complete all levels at max speed. Highly recommend.
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7 months ago, benmazing2
Atari on iPhone
Breakout is a big classic, and since I just found out that there is an official iPhone game for it, I am happy
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8 years ago, Wickedgoodbaker
Hours of Fun
This nostalgic Atari game was my favorite in the god old days. I'm thrilled to have the app available. The game play is the same as the original but without the jot sticks.
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5 years ago, Florida Jimmy
It’s decent, but limited
I know it’s free, but I’ve essentially maxed out the free 10-level version, completing all 10 levels without losing a ball. Anything else will cost money. It’s a good game, though.
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8 years ago, patmicom
Overall good with one flaw
Overall it is a good game. Unfortunately, the speed control is directly to the left of the playing area. It is very easy to accidentally change the speed.
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4 years ago, bullshark17
During covid19, this is a excellent way to kill time. Great game. Wish there were more levels without the $$$
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5 years ago, Trepin
Liked the Original, Loving the Remake
The speed level slide, various levels challenges and different enhancements/ features of the balls are great. Atari 5200
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7 years ago, DInTheCity
Love this game! Perfect layout!
I loved this game when I was a kid growing up and this version does it justice!!!! It's awesome! I love that I can adjust the speed so easily during play! Fun & calming!
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7 years ago, Art.mother
Breakout was my fave Atari game
It takes me back a few decades to better days. I loved it then and glad to have it back. Thank you.
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8 years ago, Dave and son
Original breakout.
It was just like the original Atari game when it was popular back then and it was the hottest ticket in town
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7 years ago, Restnhim
Shows my age!
This game really is all I expected. Reminds me of the old Atari game which,like anyone who has played, it was and is addictive. Thanks
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8 years ago, boo-mommy
Classic and fun!
I like the layout and the ease of adjusting the speed. Also like that you can slide below the line, not blocking it with your finger.
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2 years ago, Flying Bus
Needs only one thing…
Apple just needs to add a knob so it feels like the real thing!
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8 years ago, dalsinger
Back to childhood Atari game
I remember playing this on an Atari game system when I was younger. This version is just as much fun now as an adult. And more addictive!!
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7 years ago, iam silver moon
Wow very good 😊
Nice application 👍 l have it in my phone long time every day i work with it really helpful .. thanks to all developers in this application ⭐️❤️
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9 months ago, kimkas77
Can’t open/can’t restore purchases
This game keeps crashing. I don’t se an update but the game is definitely different and I can’t restore my purchase to get to the locked versions. Gave up and went for the free games but that keeps crashing on me too.
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8 years ago, jpitnc
Loved it
This app was much better than I thought it would be. And it's fun to play. 5 stars plus for a great app
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7 years ago, BJ1219
I love this app! My wife said she didn't want to play....until she tried it once and now the house is dirty🤣
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5 years ago, sharkstorm2018
Old school, but don’t like that phone has to be sideways
I love everything about this game, but I really wish I could play it with my phone straight up instead of on the side
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1 year ago, H@nn@h Singer
My review
The game is so so fun it needs no internet )and I’m not playing it well I’m driving
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3 years ago, Fx good times
Like Old School
Good stuff right here. It reminds me of the games when I was a kid. Just like old school.
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3 years ago, joelsanch3z
This Break Ball game is fun
Can’t wait to pass every level and buy all the stages. Worth every penny.
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2 years ago, Gr8granny16
I love love this game. Takes me back when I played with my kids.
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