Breitling Reno Air Races The Game

4.3 (258)
275 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
10 years ago
Version OS
5.0 or later
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User Reviews for Breitling Reno Air Races The Game

4.34 out of 5
258 Ratings
9 years ago, 5horns
Developers Please Read!!
I've loved this game for a couple years. I'm a former fighter pilot and a professional photographer each year at the races. The only major improvement I can recommend is that the plane should not lose speed based on bank angle. The plane doesn't know it's relation to the horizon and an unloaded bank has less drag than level flight on a real aircraft. The game would be extremely realistic if speed was lost when more load or pull is applied instead of with increased bank angle. As it is now, you can go faster with full rudder and a more level wing, which is messed up. Otherwise, I can't get enough!
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10 years ago, JWBrown
BEST air racing game available
As a long-time fan of Revo Solutions other flight games (the Sky Gamblers series), I remember playing this game for a while when it first came out. I was very pleasantly surprised to see it updated for iOS - I was afraid it would die off. Instead, this game is having a well-deserved resurgence. Like the other Revo games, this strikes exactly the right balance between sim and arcade. No IAPs or other hidden costs, upgrades are earned by winning rank. Because experienced pilots have upgrades, prepare to have your clock cleaned in online games - roll with it and work yourself up as well. This game is a serious challenge, and never grows stale!
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10 years ago, CurleyJayhawk
Good Game
I feel like the rudder is next to useless and the P-51 Mustang is way underpowered. Opening cinematic is amazing and graphics are great. However full dusk of full dawn puts a heavy red shade over the screen and that is a bit annoying. Defiantly recommend this game to anyone who like aviation of seen a stunt show.
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3 years ago, B2-unbeatable
Okay, i want this game to work for ios11. What can i do to get this game to work. This is the best air racing game made. And i love aviation so much this is the one game that Id play everyday all day. Please i hope you make this game work for ios 11 and later. Please keep make this game available or if theres another game that you are making please let me know. I like this game a lot.
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4 years ago, Rob from SF Bay Area
Really Great Game, but please update the iOS
I loved playing this when I was younger, but then I stopped for a while. When I came back to it, I discovered it doesn’t work on my newer phone. Developers, if you see this, please update it to the most recent iOS. I would really love to play this game again.
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9 years ago, cj5905
Hours and hours of wasted time.
First off, nobody likes a cheater, and that is what this game does. If this app is representative, of the integrity of this company, then I'd rather proudly own a timex. You play for hours to get upgrades, and in the end? Racing in the unlimited, and jet classes, if your ahead, you get slammed into the ground, slammed into the pylons, all of your control is lost, and in general all of your upgrades, are gone. Of course, this only happens in the final race, so that all of your effort to get to the final race, Was A Complete Waste Of Time!!!!!!!!!!!! To the developers....Stick your pylon up your race. Deleting in 3......2.......1
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7 years ago, Wayne O. 1234
Best Ever - Please upgrade to iOS 11
My family sets up a wifi server and has hours of fun playing against each other. I recently unchecked the "Assist control" in the options and now it is more like flying a real plane. Much harder, but I am still having a blast. Have owned this game for years. One of the best, hope I can keep it in iOS 11.
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4 years ago, Epic Rhino Films
Not updated can’t play
The truth is that this is my favorite game of all time on the Apple App Store. The problem is that the game has not been updated. As I have updated my iPhone throughout the years I became no longer able to play this game. It’s a shame. It was never updated and the game did not have the formula one race class.
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3 years ago, sjracer
Great, but abandoned
This was one of my favorite sims years ago. It’s a real shame that the developer appears to have abandoned it as it no longer works with newer versions of IOS.
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9 years ago, Rahooter
Amazingly fun game
The game is a blast the upgrades are nerve-racking but that's just the way that is, I believe the peak is level 101 the game actually does an "end" o of progression at least at a certain level
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5 years ago, Kirby M.
I had a phone before this phone, and I had this game on that phone. It was so much fun! But, it will not work on this phone, and it says it must be updated to work again.
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7 years ago, LMA1964
Update to iOS 11, plz
I have had this game on my iPad for almost 2 years. It’s very entertaining and fun to play. Unfortunately it no longer works with the iOS 11 version. Is there any possible way for it to be updated to work with the latest iPad version.
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8 years ago, MikeConcepts
Sever is dead
It is no longer possible to play in multiplayer mode as the server for this game is no longer running.
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4 years ago, stradboy
Update please!!!
I used to love playing this game but it has not been updated in a very long time. Could you please update it? It is truly a gem!
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4 months ago, huynhcity
Now This is Podracing, But Kinda.
I played this game for very long time and I kinda missed for years. We need an update for this game.
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9 years ago, The bob.🐗
This game is very detailed and thought through. After hours of game I have confirmed this game to be very good. The graphics are spectacular, the interactions in the choose plane section are put together very well, and the plot, and setting is so realistic, and interesting. Please play this game! It's not famous enough yet.
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9 years ago, The magic poo
Well thought out
It's a good game with bad up close graphics but you won't notice because you'll be flying of course and the simulation of flying is great.
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5 years ago, Ausome man1657
I love this game please update for ios11
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6 years ago, TURNnBURN!
David Taylor TURNnBURN
So sad to see it go had alot of friends back there had many hours of fun i wish it was still there
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9 years ago, Tapsub
Love it it's great.
It needs new maps and aircraft though besides that it's one of a kind good work
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4 years ago, Dicklover92
Please update this app, I remember i used to play it a lot when i was younger and I'd love to play it again sometime!
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4 years ago, dshoberg
Loved this app
Please update to the latest ios so I can use
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4 years ago, Ryan🛫
Please update iOS
Pleas update it to the newest iOS please I used to love this game
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2 years ago, rara041
Update please
Show more
5 years ago, Ejdjfjdn
Pls read urgent
I played on my iphone 5 but now I can’t play because no iOS 12 support
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6 years ago, AlMulford
Please update this app to work with the latest iOS.
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5 years ago, Sodl_19
Please please pleaseeeee update the game to modern iOS I bet you!!
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6 years ago, the p-51 ace
So fun
The graphics look good so the aircraft.
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7 years ago, Malkasian
Update for iOS 11
The developer need to release an update for iOS 11 support. I used to love playing this game! Please being back support!
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7 years ago, Fiddled leaksjdjxmsod
It's not bad but A it is hard to rank up B it needs more planes and C I thinks it's dumb to have a "CLASS" for planes but otherwise I love it
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5 years ago, JoSh_BoNa
I had this game but now is not avaiable to ios 11
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7 years ago, seedyh2008
Please! Thanx for great app.
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13 years ago, Radiokaos
Great Game and shows the course very well.
This would get a 5 star rating but I'm having issues with sound. Probably due to the fact I'm using a old POS 3G with version 4.2.1 OS. Thanks for the great game and maybe this will give some insight to what the air races are all about. Red Bull and The National Air Races in Reno are not the same and this really shows what The National Air Races in Reno is all about. No time trials, no single airplane race...nothing but true racing the way it was in the past when airplanes first started racing back in the 30's, 40's, and 50's. If you are going to add new maps do the Cleveland, and Bendix maps from the old school days. Can't wait for Sept to see the real races.
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6 years ago, up date app
Update this app for 11.0
Update this app.
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13 years ago, Dphotos4u
Great Flying Game
This has the beginnings of being the best flying game out there. With a few changes I would pay for this. Developers please listen to some suggestions. It would be great if the plane could be landed at the airstrip with landing gear. Your graphic and handling are very good. Instead of an air break a throttle would better. The ability to just fly around without a race. If the plane crashes into the ground or another plane then the game is over. Make this into a warbird theater. Make the game like the Red Bull series. I sure hope you keep working on this App and come out with some new games. So far it is one of the best at flying. Good job and once again I would have no problem paying for the next one.
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13 years ago, Alden F.
Fly low! Go fast! Turn left!
One of my favorite racing games for the iPhone! Being a huge airplane nut, this is right up my alley. But unlike other aviation racing games, this is playable. It's just hard enough, that you aren't going to be winning every race by laps, but not so hard as to discourage you from continuing play. And I love the addition of the Championship mode; it just ads a new dimension to an already great game! All I want now, is the other classes at Reno. I would love to do the Formula One, Sport, and Super Sport classes, along with the included classes. But as this game sits, it's still great, and well worth the money! I highly recommend it!
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12 years ago, Mr. Lucas Brice
Mostly Great
On the whoe, this is a nice app. It works well and the graphics are great. my problem with it is that the user interface (not for game play) is organized strangely, and there's no documentation other than a cursory Help section. I found myself trying to figure out aspects of the app in vein, and discovering how other things worked later on. There needs to be a section where you can practice flying without being in a race.
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13 years ago, Whattheheck3354
This game is really fun, but the only thing i dont understand is what does the intro have to do with the game? It looks like it was taken out of a movie( which im pretty sure it wasnt, it just looks like it is.) also, it is really hard to get it to connect to a game, even when i have a good internet connection, but offline mode is still great too. Also has really good graphics, but i usually dont care about graphics, just gameplay, and this game has very fun gameplay.
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13 years ago, Arfneb
Reno for the rest of us
There's only one course because it's RENO! I've only spent a few minutes with it, but for a Reno Air Races nut this is terrific, and it's free. Very impressed with the quality of the graphics. I've always sucked at flying games in general, but the controls (augmented by the game?) are very easy on this one. Only smacked the ground once on my first lap. If they were to add more planes, and maybe even some of the other classes I'd give it six stars. I wanna fly the "Buick!"
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13 years ago, Water Tech
Breitling Reno Air Races is Superb
The best air races game I've found. Superb graphics and responsive flight controls. Challenging and yet highly rewarding. My compliments to the developers for their attention to every detail. You can't go wrong with this one. Although the compliment of included aircraft is super and with experience you earn access to additional aircraft, I would love to see additional race planes This one is so good I'd gladly pay for it.
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10 years ago, CaptKlaus
Awesome Game!!
Finally, the Reno air races air on mobile. The planes are very realistic as well as the track. You get most of the classes except for the sport class. The only thing I recommend in the next update is to allow yourself to record your race then watch in either on board the plane, or from the grand stand position. Also, make the takeoff and landing for the races manual. Let us do them. All in all, great game!!
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12 years ago, dcharles
Online play not working
This is one of my all time favorite iPhone games. I really wish the Red Bull Air Race game would have this level of controls. Sadly, multiplayer online has not been working for me for over a week now, which IMO is one of the best features. It doesn't take long to get good enough to be able to easily beat the computer. Fix the online portion and I'll give it 4 stars. (5 if you remove the unnecessary profanity from the intro video as well.)
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10 years ago, "Capt'n"
Not for IOS 8 !
This once five star flight sim is not for iOS 8. If you are running iOS 8 forget about this flight sim. You cannot advance beyond your current flying session as the Brietling app will not save anything once you leave the program...nothing, not even the type plane you are flying. If you are running an earlier iOS then this sim is five star.
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13 years ago, xxxdarkdragonxxx
Good reno
It's really good. Clean graphics and everything. Also it's really fun, it feels like I'm riding on a real plane. One reason I give it 4 stars is that there should be different areas which the courses are in. The same old course over and over again gets a bit tiring. Also, I wish there were more tips and tutorials into being a better and efficient piolet. Lol.
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12 years ago, Smitheva
This is by far the most beautiful graphics that could be imagined for a racing game for war birds. The classic P-51 is remarkably reproduced with a very customizable paint job. (That's my favorite part.) Anyone who enjoys classic planes or flying in general should get this. There should be a mode when you fly your own airshow, and can then watch it from the ground in a replay. Well done
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13 years ago, Nano#
It's so awesome
I've been playing this game for a couple of days now and I can't get enough of this. I love the Reno air races. And wish I could fly like that. This game is the closest I can get to the races. The only thing its missing are all of the other classes of the air races:T-6, jet,sport,formula one classes. Bottom line it's an awesome game, get it!!
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13 years ago, Breitling watch owner
Graphics are good but the game physics are TERRIBLE!
As a professional pilot, and a fan of Breitling watches, i am really dissapointed. Breitling- I would suggest next time having a few pilots involved with the development. Or at least someone who as been to Reno at least once! -Airplanes do not slow down anytime they are rolled into a bank. Increased drag in a turn comes from pulling Gs not from bank angle. -Over boosting an engine will not cause high oil pressure. It would cause high oil temperature which would lead to low oil pressure (and thus engine damage). -You dont use the rudder to "steer" an airplane. Seriously? I can't believe i had to say that. There are many more faux pas in the game but those are the ones that stuck out most to me. While i appreciate the thought of having a free app to market your watches, i respectfully feel you seriously missed the mark. It makes me want to sell my Breitling.
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13 years ago, Luxor-One
Unique in a VERY good way!!
Finally something different regarding aircraft. Reno air racing has always been an amazing spectacle. Now I can race these thoroughbred aircraft in a very well done flight sim model. Been a flight sim addict for years and this hits a niche that has always interested me. Kudos on a very well done flight racing sim!!
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13 years ago, ScottB
Awesome update!
Great game. Hard to believe it's free. Love the jets and biplanes too. Controls are much better, and those annoying crashes at start are GONE! wonderful app. Developers should help some others fix their games. That's you EA and others... Update: still occasional crashes on startup. Wondering. if it's some running 1.0? Still awesome!
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13 years ago, iPhone OS 3.0
Only thing is change the prop animation. All the planes have a three-blade prop animation but none of the planes (except the Yak)?) have three-bladed props. Easy fix that would add loads of realism :) And, make blowing your engine easier to do and/or make it so you can fatally crash. The game needs to be more challenging ;) Maybe in-app purchases of Upgrade Points..?
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