Bremer Bank Mobile

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Bremer Financial Services
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1 year ago
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bremer Bank Mobile

4.78 out of 5
19.1K Ratings
3 years ago, Iganuts Von Pighunt
New customer
New customer. I’m very impressed with Bremer as a bank. The employees are wonderful. The app could use some fine tuning. It’s not as easy to navigate. If you have a business account and a personal account (which I have both) they don’t interact. I can’t transfer funds within the apps. Thank you. I’m really glad I found Bremer Bank. Update 2 years later. Bremer has updated their technology to face time, added Zelle, transfers between business and personal accounts are easy and quick. Theses are great improvements. I also have to deposit one check per month at a branch. The tellers know me by name. Great customer experience and great personnel.
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3 years ago, Sherilund06
Your app is very basic. We have a long term loan through Bremer and no other accounts. You have to go to the website to see any statements, how much went towards the principal/interest, if your acct is set up on autopay, and lack of any kind of communication for non checking/savings acct holders, and you can not pay your loan online app or website without having a checking or savings. Guess I shouldn’t expect much though the customer service is hugely lacking at every point from phone service, loan personnel, in person back teller, there is no accountability of ownership of anyone’s mess ups -I take that back. After 3 months of trying to set up autopay and my paper work “getting lost” someone finally took the initiative and stayed on it and set it up himself and followed through with the check up after the fact. Thee ONLY time someone didn’t drop the ball, pass it off. Had I not continuously checked to make sure that my home loan was auto payed and payment was applied I would have been late 3 mo in a row. Fix your app and website to include amenities for your loan holders we should not have to jump through hoops to pay a loan- mobile banking is supposed to be convenient and easy to bank but it’s not. I still have to go into the bank.
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1 year ago, WiggSpitter
Customer service
I love the mini years that I have been with Bremmer. I have not experienced one issue with this entity. I’ve bank that many other banks, and always had issues with those banks, such as pennypinching and overcharging fees for a little hiccups here and there. Bremmer has always been informational. The security has been great and they make it really easy when it comes to finding out information about finances and situating, automatic pay, and other tools, they have to make life easy for managing your money. I wouldn’t use any other bank.
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6 years ago, MIkes opinion page
What Bremer has to do to get 4 or 5 stars
After a period of striking improvement and meeting national IT standards bremer has plateaued. Several of my accounts are still not yet downloadable. the online app is not responsive to face recognition and their is other IT cutting edge parametersThat are not cutting edge or competitive. This is mainly in the area of quick and timely transfer of money between banks. I would ask your IT staff to look at the ally bank. I feel this is the cutting edge of IT customer service at the present time.
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5 months ago, Wpkskier
Very good Banking App!
I'm now a 48 year Bremer customer, and since this as always been our primary checking account, I've always found this app to be simple, easy to use, and not cluttered with a lot of extraenous adds, so I can always do what I need to accomplish very quickly. Even today from Hawaii I needed to make a mobile deposit from my US Bank account & it literally couldn't have been any easier or more efficient.
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3 years ago, M.H.A.345
Needs Spending Categories
The Bremer bank mobile app has worked smoothly for me for years, however the biggest drawback is not having the ability to categorize my spending. Options to put in notes for each expense and categorize in order to track where I’m spending my money are extremely needed. While there are other apps I could download to do this, the convenience and safety are factors that outway the decision to use outside apps. As is the desire to have one quick and easy platform. More than once I have contemplated switching banks for this reason. The Bremer app has a ways to go before it is truly advantageous. Please please please, add a few user options within the app!!
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5 years ago, Ryan::
Hit or miss.
I moved outside where Bremer is found. I can deposit checks for .50 fee. Which bugs me, but no way around it. Fave recognition feature needs fixing to login. When I try to deposit a check it sometimes takes a few tries for it to go through. It's just an outdated app. No support. Works when it wants to. Skip it if you live in the region where there are branches, this app isn't worth the trouble unless you absolutely need it.
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4 years ago, 5MovesOfDoom
Some tech issues
My Touch ID seems to disable at random and it makes me jump through a bunch of hoops to get it back on, all the while explaining these great new features I’ve already seen a million times. Other than that, it’s a handy app to have. I like it, overall. There are just a few kinks that need to be worked out.
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6 years ago, JR in trouble
Mobile deposit issue
Several times I have gone without being able to deposit my check because when I go and take a picture of it a blank white screen appears, not allowing me to take a picture or even back out. I’ve emailed my local banks and they say to try again later or, delete the app and try downloading again. This is the only feature I actually use on this app and it continues to not work, I hope this brings it to your attention. Otherwise I will have to look for a bank with an app that actually works.
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9 months ago, r@t1ngs&r3v13w5
Does its job. Sometimes.
It's entirely counterintuitive to have your app closed on non bank days and yet here we are. I find myself staring at the error message so often and it's extremely inconvenient and annoying (and only sometimes can you use the website to get around this). When the app is actually available it has limited options and is just,, mid. its not the best or the worst but not being able to even access the number in my account is so frustrating.
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6 years ago, Purplemania56
Love Mobile Bremer
This app is amazing End it works flawlessly. I have the iPhone X and the facial recognition works perfect. As soon as I touch the app icon it recognizes my face and goes right to my account. I can view my balances, make payments whatever I need. I absolutely love the mobile deposit! Now I can avoid needless trips to the bank to deposit a check.
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3 years ago, Kwestland
Direct deposit only works sometimes...
App was great and then today I’m all the sudden having issues with direct deposit. It takes forever to load the deposit check page. Then when it actually loads, the deposit to shows nothing to choose from. After restarting my phone and my app, it’s still doing the same thing. Pretty annoying. And now I can’t even log into the app. Says we cannot currently process your request.
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7 months ago, Sapper Thao
Not recommended
This app/ bank is horrendous. Once you logged on, you can’t do anything on the main page. When you try to zelle anyone funds, it will time out or get block constantly for no reason. When I call for customer support they would tell me that it’s on Zelle’s end that this keep happening. Then they tell me to wait 24 hours before doing anything. Everything with them is a 24 hour wait. Why?????!?? It’s super frustrating. I would only recommend this bank for my worst enemy so they can get annoyed just like me.
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3 years ago, CShuck73
I’ve had this app for quite a while now and there seems to always be issues. Weather it’s app not working for some reason. Now I can’t use my Face ID to log in. It says I’m not authorized? I’m settings it tells you to go to your phone notifications. Well that doesn’t help when you don’t need to modify your notifications. Hopefully updates will come soon to help this app run much more efficiently.
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2 years ago, susanphh
Thank you!
I am always pleased with the personalized and friendly service I get from Eden Prairie Bremer Bank. I have used this particular bank for many, many years and I would never change banks due to their support! Thank you all for all you do to make it a special organization!❤️
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6 years ago, CJ Ornelas
Simple, quick, and convenient
My husband and I both use Bremer’s app and it has made our lives easier! Once you’ve setup your login info, it’s quick and easy to access your account. Information is updated in real time. Depositing checks takes minutes. We are very thankful for Bremer’s commitment to its customers!
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5 years ago, rapatt
Deposit check on phone
Wow my son showed me this. Always thought it was more difficult then it was. So excited I got it right !!!! Hard to keep up with all the new tech stuff at my age but this was easier than I thought and so convenient being I’m unable to drive much . So Grateful !!!!!!
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1 year ago, Jason Wrogg
Please add a section where you can look at statements. All my other banks do it. U.S.Bank, RCU, Chase. It is waste of time to go unto the website and do everything else. Update banking information as well faster. It took a whole week for me to see transactions I made a week earlier. And add a place where you can transfer money automatically from an external savings account to refill a checking account if it falls below a certain threshold amount.
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3 years ago, JNYBERG
Online banking
I really enjoy the ease of using this app. Transfers are a piece of cake, and depositing checks using the camera instead of having to go in each time is a breeze and saves me a lot of time. My biggest issue is ever couple weeks the app gives error messages which causes me to have to delete and redos load the app. This has been going on for a few months now.
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3 years ago, pizzacutterwithsauce
Update Application?
I am genuinely upset. I go to look at my account, and it is saying I need to update the application as it is out of date. When I hit okay, it brings me to the App Store, yet the App Store does not have any updates for this app whatsoever. Please fix this, or allow users to look at the app as long as they aren’t ungodly out of date, because one update (which isn’t even available) is ruining any chance of possible respect people have.
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1 year ago, KruPenzie
Do all in one place Banking
I love this app. I don’t have to go to my bank to deposit a check. I have the option in the app to deposit and get real time notifications of my transactions and balances. . This app is awesome and user friendly.
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4 years ago, Ms.KBLB
Not bad
I do see it takes a while for mobile deposit to process vs. going to the bank and my Face ID always gets removed which is a bit frustrating. Other than that I do like the app
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4 years ago, Aspie70
Touch ID function Needs Work
The Touch ID functionality is like living in “ Groundhog Day”. I think in the past 6 months I’ve set up Touch ID hundreds of times only to have it not work and make use my passcode, then have to enable it again. It’s super frustrating and there’s no way to message the app developer to tell them about it. As much as I use the app, it makes me want to change banks!
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2 years ago, Mgeisel1
Bremer has been my bank for almost 30 years. I have my personal, mortgage, and all of my commercial business banking with them. I highly recommend them with all aspects of banking.
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1 year ago, Spotted_moth
Local bank closed
The closing of he branch in Eyota MN has created a tremendous inconvenience in my banking. I have had the same bank account for 43 years, through mergers and transfer of ownership, always with excellent accessibility and customer service. Now seriously I'm considering changing my bank, as there are still transactions that I need to do in person.
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6 years ago, LbScMn
I have yet to experience this app work the first time I open it. Today it has downloaded updates every time I open it and then times out because it just swirls. New updates apparently haven’t fixed everything.
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3 years ago, aadd800
My Face ID is constantly not working. I’ve been getting error messages for Zelle for over a month. The app keeps asking for my phone number to verify but then says that number is on file.
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1 month ago, TinaT ❤️❤️❤️
My Bank!
I’ve been with Eastwood turned into Bremer Bank for over 35 years! They are and always have been so wonderful to deal with! No matter what the issue, they resolve it with efficiency, kindness, and professionalism. I’m a very happy customer! Thanks, Bremer!!!
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3 years ago, Lys561
Not reliable
The app only works half the time. Lately, all I have been getting is a error message saying that the network is unavailable. Instead I’ll have to login through the website to access my accounts. It’s not the end of the world, but it’s not very convenient. I’ve deleted the app, re-downloaded the app and that doesn’t help.
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4 years ago, madswraps
Convenient when works
This app is nice and convenient when it works, but there always seems to be an issue. Unable to enter the passcode, it’ll log me in to boot me out right away, always turns off face recognition/passcode. I check my account quite frequently, so an app is nice, but not when I have to try the app, then still go to the online format.
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6 years ago, aryden08
It’s handy
It’s a really handy app. I use it all the time. My biggest complaint is the fact that depositing checks through the app takes three times as long to actually process than just going into the bank. Also I don’t like that if I don’t have a certain amount in my account and savings at all times I get deducted money. Other than that it’s a nice app.
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3 years ago, PHargr
Wonderful Bank
They are kind and easy to work with. Plus your deposit is listed as the top line item if the day, so you have less of a chance to go over. Love that
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7 months ago, CRVVDB
Recommended for consistency and dependability!
This hometown bank has had my back since 2002. Always easy to talk to someone and always able to resolve any issues! Great place to put your money!
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4 years ago, BJ. D
Bremer Bank is the best!
I’ve banked there for 20+ years at the Eden Prairie branch and they are terrific. Aaron Hoppe and Maria Pearson have both been there a long time and truly believe in customer service. The phone in help line is always great , too. Lastly, the business model of plowing profits back to local communities is stellar.
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5 years ago, jayraysmimi
Love the Bremer Experience
I can’t say enough good things about this Bank! I am in my 70’s and have been a bank customer of at least 10 different banks over my lifetime. I have been a Bremer customer for 20 years. Every Bremer Experience has been exceptional. Personal banking at its best.
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4 years ago, hypercakes
When it works it's fine
The hardest part about this app is being able to sign in at all. 7/10 times there's some kind of error message saying I couldn't use my fingerprint to sign in because they messed something up and then you're forced to do two step verification to sign in. Other times I can't sign in at all and there's no message telling me why. Maybe someday it'll work but I wouldn't hold your breath.
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6 years ago, Me mr j
Very easy to do what’s needed.
Not giving five stars and not sure if it’s an iPhone issue or the app, but sometimes the fingerprint log in does not work. Then I can log in until going home to look up the password. Other than that it’s great!
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6 years ago, 163Brink
Excellent Service
Since enrolling with Bremer Bank in 2011, I have had only excellent service from every department and employee. I’ve maintained my main account with them even though I no longer live in MN. I recommend them highly for all banking needs.
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5 months ago, Bremerhemer
Good customer service/fraud avoidance
Your phone customer service is uniformly excellent. I had a series of phishing problems that the staff was really quick to help. I’m a senior with limited income and this help is very reassuring !!! I’ll take back this review. What is this obnoxious nickname!!!!! NICKNAME DEMAND IS….OB. NOX. I. OUS!
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6 years ago, taylorjoyless
Easy to use!
If you’ve been with Bremer a while, you know that their old version of the app was a sight for sore eyes. After their major redesign a couple years ago, this app has developed into a simple, clean, and easy-functioning tool. Great work!
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6 years ago, b3tadine[sutures]
Deposit Camera
There appears to be an issue with the camera for taking photos of the checks. The buttons aren't entirely on the screen.
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1 year ago, Jill E. B
Friendly Service
I have received thoughtful friendly service every time I have been in there. I appreciate they remember who I am even though I am not there that often. Jill B
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4 years ago, Pidetikoler
We just opened a checking account for my son after he started his first job. The accessibility of the app is great, the staff helpful and being able to transfer funds between accounts was easy and amazing! I love this!
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3 years ago, Shuzza
Terrible app
I’ve had other banking apps that give so much more information and make things so much easier and this barely does anything other than give you a bank balance.I would give it one star but the bank itself has personal service and so I guess they want customers to rely on people which is OK with me.
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5 years ago, M jafar
Your App
It is the worst app I ever experienced . A lot of errors ! Sometimes works and some not working . I went to the back to fix it . They did something . After a day still I am suffering from you system . It is shame !
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6 years ago, Rafi20
Camera button
They have changed the camera button position and that affects pictures
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5 years ago, $$ Money Bags
User Friendly
The app is stable, user friendly and easy to access and use. It has all I need for my on-line banking without a lot of unnecessary bells and whistles. Use it daily and have never had a problem.
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4 years ago, josh 17254820
I recommend using the fingerprint or retina scanner because it makes logging in as fast as DONE!!!! Also great app layout everything is easy and there isn’t too much extra useless crap.
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4 years ago, Girl-on-the-go
My forever bank
We have banked at Bremer since1994. We have always had nothing but a professional experience from the drive thru to remortgaging. We are very pleased with all aspects of our relationship with Bremer Bank.
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6 years ago, Sleepy Lawyer
Amazingly Easy!
Check my balance before getting out of bed in the morning? Who would have thought that was possible? I’m hardly awake, and I’m practically doing it in my sleep, and this is my first time!
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