Bridge Constructor FREE

3.4 (467)
104.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Headup GmbH
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
7.1 or later
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User Reviews for Bridge Constructor FREE

3.4 out of 5
467 Ratings
6 years ago, GoodyBoi07!
Good at first, but...
I thought at first that I really struck gold when I first came across this game, I did the first set of levels, you have to BUY THE NEXT SET OF LEVELS!!! I think this is a really fun game, but the purchase of the other levels is not worth it. I think you should get this game, play the first set of levels, then delete the app. I hope you take this review into consideration. Thanks, bye!
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4 years ago, ACSS-333
Fun at first but after a while ...
I loved this game at first but after 5 bridges it’s almost impossible. You have to buy you’re way through, You don’t get a lot of materials and help and once you use your coins for hints you press the hint button and.... it says “buy 60 coins” you press it and it says “sorry, you’ve spent all your coins in the non-free version you can buy them” it’s VERY frustrating. Plus there’s to many adds
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7 years ago, yeahthiggz
Too many ads
Great game, but you have to watch an ad between completing every level, and you only get the first like 8 easy levels before you have to pay for the rest... Fun, but not worth buying.
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6 years ago, bridge gamer 2,ooo
This game is awsome but...
I finished the first level and I tried mainland but I had to buy the dumb explosive truck I was very disappointed and I did not delete it but quit however the person who created the game should read this thank you p.s I play ROBLOX now Sinsirly. Player
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12 months ago, Ssme28
You made my autistic son sit through ad after ad and then you wanted him to buy the game… we tried to buy, but not available… so thanks for the meltdown… I appreciate that adventure… if you’re going to have ads then the main game should be free… two stars is too much.
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5 years ago, Hannah RHodes
My childhood
Thank you so much for making this. This game was my favorite game when I was little! I hope that if there’s a update it will make everything free! #bestgame😁
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7 years ago, Kuba7712
Too many ads
Every time I beat a level a ad pops up it's so annoying besides that it's amazing and it's the mobile version of Poly Bridge
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7 years ago, Trouble tap
Built it
This app would be spectacular if you could use any of the following phases without paying for the app. Additionally there's a pop-up ad after every single thing you do… If it wasn't for the forethought the developers used, I would've only given one star.
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6 years ago, Jerry chuck
Pay to play
You can play the first level but they charge after it is completed. There is plenty of free games out there, this one is nowhere near special to pay for levels. I thought it was going to be a cool game I could play on a regular basis, but nah they want to be money hungry leaches. Just like all other penny pinching pay to win apps, smh...
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5 years ago, R1_Rider
What a ripoff, total bait and switch
If this game is supposed to be free to download and play and then it should be just that. Instead you get a few simple easy to pass levels then you are required to pay for all other maps/levels. Such BS. Stay away from this bait and switch ripoff.
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3 years ago, KayleeB05
After the first few levels, this ad kept playing in repeat and I had no way to get out of it. I’ve tried to exit out of the app and get back in, but the same ad plays over and over and I can’t even play.
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7 months ago, US F1 fan
Don’t buy
1. The purchased upgrade is only good for a short time. It says nothing when u buy that the app is only good for a short time period. 2. The app doesn’t have a “close” button…why would Apple app controls approve this with such a glaring error.
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2 years ago, rocket hog
Please don’t download
At first the game was really fun but after the first part I guess it said to get the full version to do that part so the game lures you in to pay it lets you have fun then it makes you pay so I highly recommend NOT DOWNLOADING THIS GAME (sorry for how long this is and caps).
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7 years ago, Bass master 12
Don't buy
This game is a complete waste of time; it's unchallenging, boring, and rather pointless. The graphics aren't bad, but the physics are unreliable, at best, and the whole idea simply makes a pointless game. I bought the free version and I wouldn't think of spending money on such a foolish game.
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9 months ago, candace833771
It was good but there’s a Catch
For the first world it was awesome what you’d expect from a bridge building game but for the other worlds you have to pay. So it’s a goood game but you have to pay for more
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4 years ago, Genius Judge
Why only one level...😠
I like this game. I might give it five stars- if it had more than one level, that is.
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6 years ago, Eeeaaahhhooo
Fun but
The same add keeps coming up and won’t let me exit the ad
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7 years ago, Noanshs
My first day I got this I played it all day but you can't go to any other place accept mainland
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6 years ago, Cbs2gs
Way way too many long long ads! Can only play first level and then your asked to pay. Had fun while it lasted but I Deleted!
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5 years ago, Tfronza
I’m with goodboi07
You have to pay for the mainland
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6 years ago, Bbbbbbbbbbntrezjvhddbn
Way to many ads
The game is fun, however the 30 second ad ever screen change is doing way to much! I’ve spent more time watching the advertisements then I have on actual game play.
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6 years ago, RAK759
Too many ads / limited levels
An ad after every level in the free version. Can’t get past the first few levels without paying for the not free version.
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7 years ago, davidsulik
Too many ADs
You have to watch a Video ad between every level, and the game isn't good enough to buy. Waste of time downloading.
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7 years ago, Shittyazzgame
If I could give 0 stars I would. You spend more time watching advertisements then you spend playing the game. Advertisement after each level
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6 years ago, Dhsnjsjehhs
Too many adds
It's a fun game but has too many adds. Like after each level there's one that u have to watch.
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6 years ago, Advacora
8 levels - 15 ads
It’s free but more of a demo. You’re forced to watch an ad after every level, sometimes in between a level, and occasionally the game will freeze and crash after the ad. You don’t play the entire game. Just a small preview. If you own a laptop, the same game is on some online flash games websites, for free, fully unlocked. Don’t waste your time or money playing on iPhone.
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7 years ago, CAS4127
Waist of money
There is ads between every level, you have to pay to get the full version to even get more coins (1.99) and you have to pay for more levels. Waist of money DO NOT RECOMMEND
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2 years ago, fyagd sud
this game is the worst i ever saw
this game is so bad it is hard to build and the Tutorial is the worst i ever seen the tutorial barely help u and i cant see this game again
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7 years ago, An4542111
Difficult to control
It can be frustrating to get the touch screen in this app to cooperate
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4 years ago, Grannertant
Obnoxious Ads
Played the game for 60 seconds and was forced to watch 3 minutes of ads. Swiftly deleted and will not play again because of this.
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4 years ago, u ate a poop
Cool when it breaks
What the title says
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4 months ago, Mom 68
Make it more popular
Good game
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6 years ago, Hi and hellos
I kinda like it but.....
When I downloaded it again it was stuck so and you have to pay for it and I deleted it please fix 😭
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6 years ago, HollywoodMOV
Advertising out of control
This game is decent but there is a minute long video every time you do anything. This is a pathetic cash grab on a game that’s been rehashed 100 times. Unreal.
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7 years ago, Spitzchris
Plagued with ads
Way too many ads, you'll spend more time looking at those then playing the game. Don't waste your time.
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4 years ago, Whisper8152
Click bait
You only get to play 8 really basic tutorial type stages. Then the game ends unless you buy the full version. Nothing free about it.
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4 years ago, NavyChief_08
Controls are sketchy and first thing that pops up in your face once you click to open is ads. Dont waste tour time...junk
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6 years ago, simuble
Garbage app
The app completely broke my phone so know I have to get a new I phone and I had the iPhone X that broke garbage app don’t get this or the full version
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6 years ago, Bloodangel7
Bridge Constructor Free, lame.
Too many ads, not enough “free” levels when you consider the plethora of other “free” games available. Configured as is, a total waste of time.
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4 years ago, VonArndt
I hate it
Pay to win on the Second level
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7 years ago, SomaliWanna
Way too many ads unplayable
Ads ads ads not even a fun game one star is a gift do not download
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6 years ago, Brychance
Pay to play
Takes 6 mins to play all the free levels. Then delete. Waste of time.
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7 years ago, fallout man101
Zero if I could
Can't even download not buying again
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4 years ago, Johnnyjr2009
Worst game ever...
First so many ads second after the first few games you have to pay for the truck to get to the main land..BRO JUST TAKE AWAY THE GAS TRUCK IN THE FREE VERSION BRO JUST STOP
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7 years ago, Progamehunter24
Too short
i did every thing in 20 mins no fun
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6 years ago, RC Cop
Please take this app off my purchase list
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6 years ago, Takingwolfman74
Bad app
Good at first but then you have to pay to play more.
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7 years ago, Matt Varn
Ads, ads, more ads. Don't waste ur time
Per the title, don't install
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3 years ago, jjjgfyvfhcergkifxrgbux&
Stinky game
The bridges cost to much and glitch’s a lot I want the exploding tank
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5 years ago, ue)jjsjmsjsj
This game makes me pay money on the second bridge 😡
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