BrightStar Mobile

4.5 (1.2K)
50.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
BrightStar Credit Union
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for BrightStar Mobile

4.5 out of 5
1.2K Ratings
3 years ago, Vinucete
Zelle Needed
As soon as this app and your mobile banking website offers transfers with Zelle, I will make this credit union my main banking option and I will set my direct deposit with you, because I love all the perks you offer. I just simply cannot afford waiting 3 days for a payment to be delivered to another person, at another bank. Update: All the updates included the touch ID and having a user name are very appreciated. I still miss Zelle, someday it will come.
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4 years ago, Lolzmeowz
Why was this app updated recently???? The feature that indicates negative and positive amounts in your account was changed and it’s now harder to tell the difference between amounts.. When an amount was deposited into your account, it would be in green with a plus sign to indicate such. (Very easy to see.) When an amount was deducted, it would have a negative sign next to it, to indicate it being deducted. Now the only difference between the two is that amounts being deducted are in parenthesis and amounts being deposited don’t have a parenthesis around the amount. This is the dumbest update you could’ve possibly thought of. This is harder on your eyes and takes longer to determine which amount it being deducted or added into my account. I’ve been using this app for over 4 years. I cannot believe someone actually thought this update was an “improvement.”
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1 year ago, FayLeif
Has it’s uses
I wish it actually sent you balance notifications like what you actually have in your account instead I have to go in every time just to check. It's a bit inconvenient. I’ve even set it to notify me of the balance and it just tells me that it’s met the criteria but not the actual balance. Makes keeping track of your finances that much more tedious. I don’t put all the blame on the app but rather BrightStar itself. I like being able to see my account faster instead of using a browser but I have to type my password in every time and I have to do things manually it’s kind of annoying.
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3 years ago, TeknoNolan
App Doesn’t Show Correct Funds Availability
This app has lots of problems and will cause overdrafts if you aren’t careful. It shows pending charges but only some of those charges are deducted from your available cash balance- so you have to add all those charges manually and find your correct ledger balance— finding that isn’t easy because it also shows charges out of order at times. For mobile deposits, they only show 2 statuses- submitted and accepted- there is no indicator that a deposit is rejected and there is no indication that an accepted deposit is on hold. I don’t recommend using that feature. I love the people at the branches, but this is the worst banking app I’ve ever used.
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4 months ago, jconde20
The bank has changed
This bank used to be good, now with all the changes their online banking is very confusing, the direct deposits are on hold extra days, I have to wait too long for a customer service rep to come on the phone. I have tried to refinance my car with them twice and I have been denied with 3 years of payment without being late. I don’t feel valuable as a customer
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1 year ago, Ellenrose329
It would be very helpful if you could send message alerts using customer phone number’s to what their daily balance is. Also send an alert when their debit card has been used and where with new balance. This way we can keep on top of our account better. Other companies like Netspend do this. It’s so helpful. Also, how do I print out my account info? You don’t have a place to push print.
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3 months ago, Ezmoney305
Bright star app
This app would be better if it had some up grades like Allowing you to Zelle and having a credit resource that allows to see you usage and creates payment plans to help you boost your credit score and awareness. This is a credit union, You guys should give daily credit and money management tips. This app is plan and out dated like the branches. You can’t even make a credit card payment without leaving the site. Haven’t seen any changes sense I started banking with this bank 15 years ago! It needs to be more user friendly!
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4 months ago, furryvision10170
Very Easy To Navigate and Get Bills Paid
I have been a member of BSCU for years now and I appreciate the app for online banking and being able to see my accounts quickly. The ease of being able to transfer finances between accounts like my checking to my car loan is very convenient.
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3 days ago, En Tea Jay
Best bank we’ve ever had
We’ve been with BrightStar for some 12 years now when we worked for the State of Florida, but when we retired and moved to North Carolina we kept this great bank. The customer service and all their personnel are fabulous and they treat you like family. They are unparalleled in service, convenience and efficiency. We highly recommend this great institution.
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1 year ago, Cherry "G"
Best Bank
I have been with BrightStar for over 10 years and throughout the years i have nothing to complain about. I especially LOVE how they protect me and my money, if the system notices something unfamiliar they will not allow that payment to go through. Thank you so much BrightStar for the wonderful service i’ve received through the years🙋🏾‍♀️
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2 years ago, Fantastically Me
Real time view
My husband has two other banks and I can honestly say his apps are not as fast as mine the moment I take out put in or make any changes to my account it instantly shows on the app I love the fact that it’s real time I’ve never had any problems with it I cannot say that for my husband I wouldn’t change for anything
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3 years ago, LowAttentionSpan
Mobile Deposits
Overall the app works great but I have been unable to do mobile deposits for months. Continuously getting an error that it’s not signed or marked for mobile deposit. This issue has been reported with no success. There are not very many BSCU Branches or shared credit unions available in my area so without this feature, I am forced to deposit money into a different bank account which delays my financial goals and restricts my use of funds.
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1 year ago, Buddy6050
Excellent Banking App - BSCU
The BSCU app is very functional and intuitive to transact business. Almost all good - great service. My only criticism would be regarding the optics used to deposit checks. Acceptance rate could be a little better. 2x I had to go to bank in person, because the deposit would not work online. Very minor matter.
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4 months ago, Needs a fix or two
Needs improvement
Pros: The Basic function of checking balance or filtering thru transactions is good. It’s Helpful to find branch locations that BCSU affiliates with in different cities. Cons: The mobile deposit process is annoying and requires multiple picture capture attempts to get one check submitted for deposit and the feature of doing a “quick view” of the account balance literally never works so it should just be removed.
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2 years ago, de espana
Awesome banking app
I have used the BSCU app for years to manage our accounts and to stay on top of payments and transactions. It’s super easy to use! I make car payments and check on our finances easily from my phone all the time. I love this app snd the convenience it provides!
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3 months ago, fjsidkx
Requesting Card
The app is fine for the most part. But for years now there hasn’t been an option to request a new or replace card (debit or credit) I haven’t had a card for a few years because I just do not have time to go into a bank and talk to someone, nor have the patience to talk to an automated system. Being able to request a new card that has expired would be great. Also being able to receive zelle would be the best thing ever
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3 years ago, Eangel
Great Banking
I like banking with BSCU. It’s convenient to my home and the staff is super friendly. I like the app but the online check deposit does not work properly, that’s why I gave 4 stars. It will let you take pictures but won’t deposit the check…very frustrating. Other than that, great banking.
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2 years ago, Zoejwettin
Brightstar has closed my accountdo not understand why I can see my accounts
Brightstar has closed my account without no letter I do not understand why I can see my accounts in app as if their gone I will contact and go to branch this is a big inconvenience for my job
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4 months ago, TheoCarolina
All my banking needs
I can deposit my checks, transfer to other members, transfer from checking to savings, and vice versa with ease. Also, paying and checking my credit card is done with a couple of taps.
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2 years ago, tmiller93
Thank you
I have enjoyed using the app, but sometimes it has been a bit slow to get to my accounts , when I needed too the most. I’m a over the road driver and sometimes I can’t get to a Publix up north and I need the app to respond as que. An as of lately it doesn’t update after transaction leaving you with a false account balance
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3 days ago, Ellie's Mom 7
Mid Review
The app is simple to navigate but can run slow and leave to the website for certain options like credit card. I wish it had a Zelle option.
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3 years ago, Drewhg
Works but….
My only real complaint is the ability to deposit checks from the app. It has to be perfect and takes way too many times for it to accept the pictures taken. My other bank never had this many takes to deposit a check. It is very frustrating.
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2 years ago, yamiareli
Customer review
The application is not as up-to-date as others, it is not as easy to follow as the product or other needs. Also, Zelle is not available to make easy transfers. The transfer option makes the recipient click to accept and other steps. This is not as easy and simple when you have to call clients and show them how to accept funds. Overall, not happy and feel that updates should be done.
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3 years ago, Hey Shon
Upgrade You
I’m truly enjoying the new design. I’m able to balance my account and transactions without call the customer service number once a week. Thank you for hearing my concerns and for the upgrade
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8 years ago, trawlergirlrae
Needs work
The app works. It's extremely basic and needs work. For instance, when using the bill pay feature, the date does not default to the soonest available. It's up to the user to guess - very annoying. What took my review from 3 to 2 stars is I made the effort to try to find somewhere to submit any requests for enhancements. I just keep getting routed to the BrightStar Credit Union main page. Really annoying.
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4 months ago, ilegart
Review: The app is user friendly and there’s been no logging in issues. Thank you
We’ve never had any problems logging into our account. Thank you BrightStar for providing a secure a easy app.
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4 months ago, snookiNmimi
Extremely Easy App
BrightStar app is super easy to have, nowadays there’s apps for everything. I just feel like it’s just easier on my end, to get everything done on the app and no complaint.
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1 year ago, TAJsMom4Real
User Friendly
I am able to do all my transactions through the App. Whether it’s paying bills, check balances, transfer funds or travel memo… it’s all readily available.
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3 years ago, lis amejores
I am greatly impressed aboutGreat services you offer to your customers.I love these corporation and highly recommend to everyone your bank and services, thank you for being there for us!!
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8 months ago, Johnny’s #1 Girl
Love it!
I only recently downloaded the app after being a member for 20+ years. What was I waiting for?!? Since I moved away a short time ago, it’s made my banking soooo much more convenient. 😎
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1 year ago, Not-so St. Nick
Crap reliability
Mobile deposit feature is absolute crap. It consistently fails with a message about wording required. The app tells you to put: For Mobile Deposit Only at BrightStar Credit Union. BUT, when you do so it WILL NOT upload, saying you MUST use: Mobile Deposit only at BrightStar CU. BUT, still a fail! It just keeps REPEATING the same messages over and over…until you drive to the bank.
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2 months ago, TyeDyeBud
Stuck on a page tried everything
Page stuck
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3 months ago, Best credit union in Florida
Great improvement in providing the available balance of accounts
You guys are doing a great job with this online banking experience. It’s a pleasure and privilege to be part of the BSCU family.
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2 weeks ago, panka
I love this app
I love this app Because it does everything except deposit cash but it keeps me from going to ATM machines and allows me to use all of my Apple Pay‘s at the register
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1 year ago, Peanut's Place
Everything in the palm of my hand
I’m loving the app and the fact I can nickname my different accounts is super helpful!! Everything that I need is literally in the palm of my hand in the app.
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3 years ago, run4fun02
New App
Ever since you got the new mobile banking app it has been fantastic. It easy to send money to family and pay my bills. Thankful for the upgrade.
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1 year ago, Beachn1101
Better than a bank
Love my credit union. Better service, great locations, and staffed with professionals. I have been a member for over 30 years. Thanks BSCU. Keep up the good work.
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2 years ago, TriniJu
App user friendly
Instructions were Easy to understand, making a deposit is as simple as ABC
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3 years ago, Eze1986$
It’s effective. The he transferring of money between accounts either might be a bit obscure, I lost myself. Overall performance for a credit union is excellent thought. Hence, my 5 * review.
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2 years ago, matadorr0
BrightStar Credit Credit Union
Yes—this is a fine App that I use every(other) day for most of my banking needs. I would recommend it wholeheartedly as a functional, user-friendly and reliable app.
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3 months ago, mscoolj
Ease and Convenient
I like the fact that I do not have to lug out my laptop… Even though I’m a Newbie, I feel less exposed! Thank you Brightstar! I’m holding my bank in my hands!!! Jrj
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3 months ago, Mejdbwuwkegvf
BSCU App Rating
So far so good. The app is user friendly. If the company continues to invest in enhancing the user friendly features it will only benefit BSCU and could possibly increase the amount of customers.
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4 months ago, pphhgge
Bright Star - mobile deposit
You guys need to update your software. Over and over it tells me the deposit doesn’t match the ck!!! I can’t make it any clearer. My handwriting is great. I can’t imagine how sloppy people ever get a deposit to go through! Please fix this issue!!
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1 year ago, ArtNest
Great App
Let’s you transfer funds between accounts - keeps you up to date on what funds are available
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2 years ago, monicaft.jiji
Such a great app!
I love my BSCU online banking app! Everything is super user friendly and easily to understand. My favorite are the security alerts you get when there’s an incorrect sign in.
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3 years ago, younggoddmo
Easy to use
I love using the app only thing is it’s lacking is being able to use zelle without a quick way to send money i find it kinda hard to use this bank primarily.
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1 year ago, Kayrusnak
Download for sure
User friendly app that is easy to track and manage account.
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2 years ago, Robin doof
Great app for my credit!
Easy to use and see what my status is on the payments I did. Easy way to pay off a bill
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9 months ago, Ruthindavie
Great App
This app allows me to check my Bank account along with my Credit card. Never had an issue. Been a member since 1978!
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2 years ago, Menalik
It’s ok
The app is ok. I can log in and it shows my balance. The only issue I have with it is it doesn’t bring you to the login screen the next time the app is opened. I have to force quit the app and reopen it again. Must be a bug on iOS.
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