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Benefit Resource LLC
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2 years ago
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User Reviews for BRiMobile

1.92 out of 5
26 Ratings
12 months ago, Coonrapidsduo
Bad functionality
Can’t tell the difference between deposits and withdrawals under ‘recent transactions’ and other functionality issues not to mention their phone system repeatedly hangs up on me and their “press 1 for call back” feature doesn’t work!
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1 year ago, 34575434677654565446545765444
Horrible but no choice
Horrible. In decade I’ve never had an iPad lock up until this app. Once in, the account balances and plan years are confusing and not accurate (shows more money in current year, shows two entries for previous year. One says zero which is wrong the other show a dollar amount which is wrong). When submitting you have to trick app/click off like exiting any other app in order to get option to submit claim. After an hour and finally submitting claims the recent transactions show nothing. They appeared successful but were they?? No one knows. Devs must not live in this country or in real world - we get email receipts in todays world yet you cannot upload a file, only a photo. What?!?? So load up and screen shot? Dumb. Waste of time. Really a joke and I would never use except for fact we have no choice. Perhaps that’s why devs don’t care about quality.
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6 months ago, Trademark111
Not a benefit
Product not accepted at Sam’s Club even though Sam’s accepts such products (HSA/FSA CARDS) and other credit/debit providers same as Master Card (this one) Additionally, Bri is unwilling to provide a list of in Network retailers where this product is accepted. Customer support told me to do the check and see method. I am expected to drive to the store and walk through the store and then attempt to check out and if that fails, I have to do it all over again. This product is not worth the money it gets. Intentionally by default difficult!
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1 year ago, JohnGageMN
HR: Don't use this provider
My employer recently switched to BRI for our FSA and HSA accounts. I sure hope it saved the company a pile of cash, because the service from BRI is awful. Cards weren't even sent out until 3 weeks into the new year. There's very little information that comes with them about how to use them and differentiate between HSA and FSA dollars. Their website and app are both poorly designed, glitchy, and provide little if any useful information for employees. In short, I wouldn't recommend this provider to anyone.
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3 months ago, 3ajs
Fair, when it works
This app is pretty bare bones. It has basic functionality and works OK some of the time for those basic functions. However much of the time the app is unstable and just shuts down midway through submitting a claim, etc. Looks like it has been over a year since the last update so clearly BRI doesn’t care much. And it doesn’t help that it is challenging to get human assistance when calling customer service.
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9 months ago, ReRe3135
Benefit Resource App
Previously I thought this was a good app. This week my information was compromised through this app. Their appear to be only a few people who use this app. I deleted the app after I couldn’t login. I tried reinstalling now when I try to reinstall it is asking for my login information before I can even download the app. This is not kosher. I don’t trust this app. I couldn’t press a star so my rating is 0 stars.
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2 years ago, Gwen v Rhys
Barely functional
This app is really poorly designed. Cute icons - but you can’t really do much. Once you file a claim you cannot go back to edit/upload more documents (it takes time before I receive a receipt for a bill paid online). Nice idea. Poor execution.
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2 years ago, Rilera
Poor Design
This app is not very useful for reviewing claims, checking payments, and determining why a claim was denied. It’s not nearly as useful as the previous providers app. Needs some serious work as does the website which should be optimized to view on a phone.
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10 years ago, Ina Will
Practical but isn't up to date
I tried to submit a commuter receipt today from the train. Cool concept. I was able to take a pic of the receipt but the dates are limited. Dates in 2014 are not an option only 2013 and 2012. When will you update that?
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2 years ago, Sideburn Slayer
Awful company
This company is awful. I’ve sent them 5 emails, tried chatting with them, tried calling them (on hold for over 2 hours) and simply can’t get through. My claim was approved but was never paid. What in the world is going on over there. Please stay away from this company they steal your money.
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2 years ago, CrazyMutha29
Great new look
New look and feel of recent update is great and much needed!!
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1 year ago, Money jcd
Missing essential functionality
I’ve previously used the TASC app, and BRI mobile lacks essential features including, but not limited to the ability to view claim status and the ability to withdraw balances by direct deposit.
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5 months ago, Tinyzippy
BRI is awful. The customer service is useless. They are unresponsive to emails and inquiries. Call wait times are 30 minutes or longer. The site is hard to navigate and understand. Employers, stay away.
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1 month ago, Oneandonly96
both app and website utterly terrible
honestly, the website is super buggy and the app is probably 10 times worse. It all just speaks volumes about this company. If you were looking into them they are terrible.
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11 months ago, Emmols
Impossible to submit claims
Tried 4 times to submit a claim for reimbursement. Receipt follows all instructions but keeps getting rejected. Chat function on website doesn’t work so can’t get help. So tired of spinning my wheels to access my money.
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1 year ago, Uncle Buck79
Almost useless
App allows you to upload receipts to file a claim but that's about it. View balance, transaction history is short and lacking, no way to view past submissions. Just poor.
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1 year ago, bretswife2020
Not great
Would really like to have a way to store benefit related receipts before submitting.
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8 months ago, Timotheus E
Awful App—plain and simple
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4 years ago, kayleecee05
Reimbursed from FSA, not HRA
I’d give this app ZERO stars if I could. There needs to be a way to indicate what type of claim is being submitted. Using the app, I was submitting a claim for reimbursement of my deductible. With help from BRI’s customer service, I submitted the EOB from the hospital where I recently had surgery. By clicking on “SUBMIT FSA/HRA CLAIM”, I submitted my claim for $1500 reimbursement from my employer. Nowhere was I asked to specify if this was an FSA or HRA claim. I had $500 in my FSA account that was being rolled over for the new year. And after waiting the designated time frame, I was reimbursed $500 - not $1500, and my FSA account has now been depleted. The benefits I have with my employer states that after I pay my share of the deductible, my employer will pay the rest. I’ve paid the full deductible and was following the instructions of BRI’s employees. I’ve not renewed my FSA knowing that I had $500 in the account to use this new year. Not only has BRI emptied my FSA account, they haven’t followed the benefits that I’m entitled to. I’m now needing to get this fixed and wait even longer to get my reimbursement all because the app didn’t have a way to differentiate from an FSA or HRA claim. This needs to be addressed. These are peoples lives you’re dealing with - something needs to be done.
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5 years ago, S.lucas93
Amazing and user friendly
This app is very easy to use, and is essential for when your on the go, I personally read the reviews and was skeptical at first but once you actually download it and login to your account it had everything that a mobile app should have with your account information and love how easy it is to submit claims and requested receipts def recommending this app to everyone!
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6 years ago, Jared a2
All the worst of what an app can be
From the login process to the submissions the process leaves much to be desired from this clearly legacy provider of services. When launching the app, you can see it has not been updated for any of the recent devices based on how it scales on the screen. The login process is the same as the website, with one exception - you can set a 4 digit PIN, but good luck if you want this to stay working. They will arbitrarily expire it based on the app having trouble connecting to their servers. There is no ability to remember your login information without the PIN and absolutely no access to Touch ID. The navigation requires the same Byzantine process as the website making data hard to find, balances hidden and transaction details not easily accessible. Even after you submit receipts it will not clear the need for the receipt or give you detail of if it was accepted.
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9 years ago, A_rachnid
Worst app ever
I submitted three FSA Claims using this app. Not only were they never paid, there's no record they were ever submitted. It let me walk through all the steps, never displayed any errors, but I noticed at the time that none of my claims appeared in the submitted claims list. Total waste of time. Also the navigation was designed by a crazy person. It was really hard to find the FSA claim form---I basically had to tap on everything until I found it. Maybe hidden on purpose because it doesn't work? I use many transactional apps that are far more complex, but this one wins the prize for hardest to use.
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12 years ago, Pezzaz
Works but with some issues
The app opens up fine. Created a pin and can see all my info. Tried to put through a claim for reimbursement. Tried a couple times and got one to take and received the check today. This was great! Tried to upload again today after receiving my check for the other dates and keep getting 'enter start date' as an error. All date are entered correctly. Please fix this as its a great tool for sending in reimbursements.
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5 years ago, Smoke Signal
Needs work!
If you are not Apple intuitive this app will leave you with not processing your claims! No directions on how to operate the app.......lacking is best way to say this app is poorly produced for first timer. The phone help don’t listen well so how can they help you? I will make my hr people aware they need to improve this app or hold classes for new comers to the app they have the responsibility to the employees. BRI get your act together!
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8 years ago, Jim8875
Great app
Great app. Easy to use. I like being able to take pictures of my receipts to submit a claim. Also fast turn around on claim submissions through the app
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11 years ago, Nkendrick
Buggy, but gets the job done.
Claim entry could be a lot faster if you didn't need to retype every piece of information for each claim. Date picker fields are annoying, when you need to scroll to bottom of each list, twice.
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12 years ago, MrDynamo
Best App
I check my balance on the fly which allows me to know how many train tickets I can buy using the card. Great app! Works perfectly.
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10 years ago, Firemansteve6921
Easy to use
Simple to use and works great. Keeps getting better with updates as well.
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12 years ago, ShanghaiSweetie
Good for Limited info
If all you want to know is your balance it's great. Worked easily for me. But you can't see pending charges or claims though it says you can make one.
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12 years ago, Mburke79
It's fine
^^^im not sure what they are talking about. The app is working fine for me. Logged in, checked balance, going to try and submit a receipt later. FYI I have a 4GS - makes a difference???
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5 years ago, tapskilla89
Getting there
The update is much better but missing one thing . Seeing the status of your claims. This was something the old app had that I really liked. Please add this back into the app.
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6 years ago, IDURNINI
Waste of time and phone space
You can’t even do anything except see your current balance. The last update erased the option to submit any sort of document. Don’t waste your time downloading this useless app. Sad a benefit program can’t even offer the benefits of their company in a generic app.
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2 years ago, SJ563412
Not awesome.
Glad the app exists, but it does not allow upload of PDF receipts. It prompts for you to use camera to scan documents but no alternative formats besides accessing photos. (iPhone).
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11 years ago, Paul0722
FSA Participant
Received my first claim check. Everything worked seamlessly and it was quick and easy.
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6 years ago, Vondubb
I get a successful login maybe once out of every 15 tries. Parsing errors. I have had to uninstall and reinstall maybe 10 times now to just check in in things. It worked great for about a year but the last few months have been terrible.
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3 years ago, Hawk3581
Worst app ever for FSA
This is not only the worst app for submitting FSA, but the worst FSA benefit company I have ever had to deal with. I had been using the app, because no real alternative to submitting claims. It decided to submit the last 2 claims I placed twice! Now I will have to deal with calling the company and be placed on hold. Waste of my time. Wage Works is FAR superior.
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11 years ago, nkim421
The app was working well before the last update. I was able to check my balance and submit claims. Now loses all the login info after you close the app. The pin you create doesn't work anymore. It doesn't function at this point.
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12 years ago, 739303
It worked fine for me with 3G on an iPhone. It doesn't have all the detail which is why I gave it 4 stars.
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12 years ago, Lluna i Moe
Works fine
It's just working fine, but you can't see any details of the transactions, only the balance, and that would be helpful.
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6 years ago, kitkattmm
This App is Trash
Straight up doesn’t work. No matter where I am or what WiFi I’m hooked up to, it won’t even log me in (and I’ve tried over a span of MONTHS). The interface looks like the visualization of 90s dial up. It’s just wasting space on your phone. Look online for your balance. #theytried
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2 years ago, kkdod
Very poor app
They don’t give you a detailed overview of your accounts. There is no way to click into each account from the Home Screen. You can’t clearly see your claims history or pending payments.
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4 years ago, Hdhshahdydnejs
Bad user experience, missing functionality
This app is basically useless for me. I only have dependent care. The app does not show any useful information like balance, claim status past claim payouts. Not sure why this app exists. Just takes up space on my phone.
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2 years ago, 熊哥欠费
App and website keep crashing
It keeps crashing, it keep saying I am not members of them, but the thing is I was able to log on few day ago now I can’t. Really frustrating.
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5 years ago, CA Sushi
App is just so plain. Screenshots showed many features like scan, claims, etc., but can’t find none of them in the app. Look onto its latest update history said 2-3 years ago back in 2016. Not sure if the app could keep its security up to date.
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2 years ago, wsr user
Could not even log in
Can’t even log in using existing account info… no particular instructions on what to do if there needs to be a new account. Totally confusing.
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7 years ago, guest_95458984
So easy!
So easy to use and all my info is at my fingertips!
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6 years ago, M. Wubb
I think they don’t have an active developer
No bug fixes, no improvements, in over a year...and there is so much to improve. I guess managers/administrators dropped the ball on this one. They must not use the app themselves.
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7 years ago, Ggreeg
App not working
It won't let me log in
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5 years ago, Nozey34
Good app, but lately it has been listing my recent card transactions twice,,,please fix.
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12 years ago, Hish Mo
It works!
It worked for me in the first try. No complaints, yet.
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