Bring! Grocery Shopping List

4.8 (9.2K)
97.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bring! Labs AG
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
15.4 or later
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User Reviews for Bring! Grocery Shopping List

4.81 out of 5
9.2K Ratings
2 years ago, agrisan.georgiana
Great app!!
I don’t usually take time to review apps but I feel like I have to with this one. I didn’t even realized it’s been 3 years since I’ve been using it on a weekly basis. I’ve tried before this app using google docs, notes, other apps but none of them lasted until I found Bring! I was looking for an app that I can share it with someone. I found it! Now with my partner or when we had a trip with friends to have one shopping list, divide in the store, get what we need and meet at the register. Not only we saved money, trees(paperless shopping list) but also a lot of time. Even this year when we had to stay home. We would go grocery shopping once every 2 weeks. So we would start the shopping list and add things to it whenever we would think of something. If my partner would go shopping and I would be at home, I remember something I would just add it quickly to the list and he would be notified. It’s honestly an amazing app and it improved my life! I also shared if with my friends and now they are all using it and they are impressed how great it is just as I am. Great job Switzerland!
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6 months ago, riteapple
Surprisingly Simple and Very Useful
Bring is an easy app to get you started in creating Grocery Lists. It sync’s easily between iPhone and iPad. I created my lists by Store Names of which I shop at and items I get at them. That makes it easy to differentiate between multiple grocery lists and items unique to a store purchase. What would really be a great couple of additions to the app is having a checkmark to click on the item to note it is needed at the next grocery shopping visit. That way you can separate the need to have’s from the ordinary ones maybe needed later but not at the next grocery shopping day. Finally having the capability to copy a grocery item image and paste it to Bring grocery list item. Saves Photo app from growing more from saving it to the Photo app and also quickly completes the listed item on the Grocery List.
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1 year ago, Dumbhead
Very good but with bothersome quirks
I wrote the following review in April 2023. The development team was not able to replicate any of the quirks that had been plaguing me. So I finally switched to another app and it is working well with no quirks. “I have used Bring! for several years and have been very happy with it. Recently, however, I seem to be finding some quirks with it, and the development team has not been able to replicate them. One quirk is that sometimes a single item will disappear from my list when I open Bring! on my Apple Watch. And once it has disappeared from my Apple Watch, I find that it is also missing in the iPhone app. Another quirk is that sometimes when I dictate an item on my list, and select from the icon choices that Bring! offers, the app picks something other than the item whose icon I selected. The results of these quirks are first that I need to double check everything I have entered onto my list and second that I take a screenshot of my list ahead of time and can check that in case some items disappeared from the list that my watch displays.”
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5 years ago, D. Hill
Bring is a very inventive and design friendly application that looks to fill all of one’s shopping list needs. To start off the design itself is creative with an artiste flair and colorful backdrop. The app is easy to navigate and use with a simple touch allowing users to use the default lists provided or create their own. Adding items to the lists are easy with a simple tap to an item that is listed in the provided category. I have yet to test the extensive database but items that are presented can be detailed with more information relevant to how you shop. Instead of manual entry Siri can be used to add items making the process as simple as can be. The app also works as a sounding board for recipes you want to make for certain occasions with a section tailored for inspirations. What makes the app even more special is the social element of it being tailored to serve as the source list for everybody in your network whether it be family, friends, housemates, etc. At a moment’s notice anybody could be alerted to what’s needed or what is available in the home.
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1 year ago, Glacials_bc
Wildly simple and helpful
Bring is so brilliant in its simplicity of UI and functionality. My spouse and I have been using it for years using the share feature. It’s very easy to check off items while shopping because of the big UI and touch targets, and easy to see the icons at a glance. They have inbuilt autocompletions for 90% of grocery items that come with icons. The coolest simple feature is its ability to tell when you’re out of something. No fancy ML/AI or photographing your fridge, it just keeps track of how much time generally passes between when you check an item (purchase it) and when you uncheck it (need it again) and nudges you quietly if it thinks you may be out.
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2 years ago, PowerObject!
Icons are mediocre
Everything in this app is great and modern. However, the line art icons are like a lazy wasted effort. These icons are HARD on the eyes in ability to identify items as we need to read their TEXT most of the time to recognize them which is very unintuitive. Just look at other grocery apps that are using real, colorful and BEAUTIFUL icons - which are EASY on the eyes, very appealing and easy to use. Real Icons make a ton of difference in UX! Please use real, colorful icons of items and I’ll gladly give you a 5-star review and also buy your app. Another suggestion is to offer a one-time purchase option for an app like this that gets used just once in maybe 4-6 weeks. Also, I couldn’t find a way to set item quantities - these should be settable using + or - buttons, not a box to type quantity and description (should be ZERO data-entry). Just see other grocery apps like GLIST app and Grocery List app and the Instagram tutorial video inside the app
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3 years ago, mikey_n
Where's Apple Watch Version???
Love the app but not adding an Apple Watch version is a huge missed opportunity. Having to pull my phone out to check the list or even add something on the fly is frankly pretty annoying especially if you have an iPhone Pro Max. I find it difficult to believe that you guys test this app during a full shopping experience because shopping around with your phone out in one hand at all times just to check or cross off your list is VERY combersome and just plan annoying. For those of us that have an apple watch, it would be more convenient to have the app on our watch while shopping so that you can view, edit, and add to your list at a quick glance, or "flick of the wrist". I'm imagining adding to the list using Siri on my watch, right? Or just simply Turing my wrist, taping the item I want to cross off, and continuing down the aisle without needing to pull out or hold my phone. Your shopping list competitors on the app store have an apple watch app...
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5 years ago, SAD 👎
Can’t attach any of my recipes / NOT compatible with old tablets
I was looking for recipe organizer and this app has high rating so i tried it but there is no way to attach a picture/s or pdf for the recipe. So sad!!! aside from the app is NOT COMPATIBLE with old tablet repurposed as a fridge tablet to reduce e-waste. But exploring the app there are a lot good features that enticed me to switch to this app but the recipe organizer is the DEAL BREAKER for me. Most people DONT HAVE TIME to TYPE EVERYTHING in the recipe, or type in the recipe book and sometime you just have a moment to capture the recipe and make the list for the grocery and bring the recipe with you and viewing on the go is the most functional item in the app. In conclusion, the recipe functionality is as important as the grocery, cards and sharing options. I really hope the developer will put this adjustments help breath a new life to an old tablet and help our environment. (My old tablet has apps working but separately that addresses the recipe and grocery. The good thing is that the grocery app can just copy from the recipe app but it will great if it is just one app) Hope this helps!
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1 year ago, RandyK85
My favorite grocery list app, but could use some polish
This is one of my favorite apps because it does everything you’d want it to do. The list interface is great, I love the personalization of the list order, and it’s integration with Siri and Alexa makes it very convenient. My biggest pet peeve is having to change the category of an item on the list when it doesn’t know how to categorize it. The steps to do so are cumbersome and time consuming, but I think it’s an easy fix. Currently, to change the category I have to long press on the item, select change category, select the new category, select “done”, then select “done” again on the next page. If the number of touch point could be reduced to 2 at most, or if the same feature could be implemented with swipes or whatever, that would be the cherry on top to rate it 5 stars. Great job on this app!
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6 years ago, mlithaca
My fiancé and I were using GroceryIQ, and the reason for the switch was so he could use a grocery list on his smart watch. I was skeptical of both the reason for switching (!?!?) and this new app, but was willing to give it a try. It’s been a pleasant surprise! The interface is cleaner, the interactions intentionally designed, making it fun as well as functional. The list is replaced with icons instead of text, and changes the shopping list into a bingo card like table for you to click through. You can customize items and lists, and there is still groupings per aisle/section. I like the Inspiration feature, which has recipes which you can simply add all items to your list. You can add your own recipes too, another plus. Only drawback ( which could easily be fixed in a future update) would be that recipes show up in metrics. Not a dealbreaker, but choice of units would be nice
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4 years ago, JoeHef
Was a Good App for A Long Time Until...
I used this app for many years and enjoyed it. Then one day....... it stopped working on my watch. I tired diligently to fix the iss. I would try and log in to the watch and found that it had a weird email address, one that I had never owned. I logged out and logged back in and when I look at who I was logging in as, same strange. I was loyal so I waited, thinking it’s a bug and it will be fixed. Three months later no charge. I give up. Moved to a new program, Anylist, and deleted Bring! If you have the same problem I suggest you do the same. Guessing Bring! Decided to save a little money on development and broke something that they don’t know how to fix.
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3 years ago, Gbratings
Not improving
I used to really like this app because it originally was so simple and easy to use, but in recent years they’ve added features and changed the user interface in ways that made it worse not better. The deal breaker for me is that the method for entering new items moved from the top of the screen to the bottom, but when you touch it, it jumps to the top. That’s being fancy for the sake of fancy, while also jarring to the brain. Also, that change seems tied to the new “suggestion” feature that I find useless and intrusive and which of course cannot be turned off. An app that is used to store and organize my information should not be pushing new information that I don’t want and don’t need. The older versions were much better suited to the purpose.
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2 years ago, Ntinda
Most useful App on my phone!
We are a family of five -the BRING App help’s empowering each one in my family to make sure we have everything we need. No more Mom can you bring and I have to remember or write it down. If they take the last item, like Deo and don’t put it in the App, it’s no more my problem! Love it! We even use it with friends and extended family- like for Thanksgiving or Christmas . Who brings what and have they taken it from the list takes so much pressure of. Absolutely recommend this App to everyone. We lived in Switzerland before, used it there and it also works here in the US!
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6 years ago, Brat920
Needs more flexibility
I really like this app for it’s ease of use, but there needs to be more flexibility with the preset categories and preset items to be purchased. I would like to be able to change list categories that work for my grocery store and my shopping style, i.e. I would like change “Household & Health” to 2 or 3 separate categories. Cleaners, personal care items, and pharmacy are in 3 separate areas of the grocery store. I would also like to be able to delete preset items that I never use. This would clear some of the visual clutter as I add my own items to the list. I would also like to be able to clear the recently used list. If I buy a one-off item I don’t really need to see it in that category. Hopefully some of these issue will be addressed in a future upgrade.
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4 years ago, Mr. Daniel A.
Help save lives, bring back old Watch app!
I transitioned to the standalone Watch app and it doesn’t have the same level of detail it used to have have when it synced with the iPhone app. Adding items from the watch is frustrating and I don’t even know which password I’m supposed to be using to log into the Bring Web site. The old app wasn’t only convenient, it was safe. COVID-19 is running rampant in my city and I don’t want to risk infecting my phone by having to hold it in one hand to see the shopping details I need while I get groceries and push the cart with the other. It’d be easier to look at all the information on my watch and check off items as I go and then only have to wipe the Watch screen once I’m done. I can’t be the only one who is begging you, please make the new app continue to have the option to sync to the phone, give people the means to do things one way or the other.
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6 years ago, LucyPearl48
Easy, Convenient. Minor Hiccup.
I love the ease of using this app. I especially LOVE the icons instead of plain words and the ability to add your own ingredients and to create different lists for various occasions. The one issue I’ve had is deleting lists. I just downloaded the app this morning, so there was a small learning curve, which means a few deletions. Whenever I tried to delete a list, the app locked up and I had to reinstall it. That happened on my iPad and iPhone. So now that I know that’s an issue, I’m being extra careful in creating/naming my lists so I don’t have to delete. I hope this minor issue gets fixed soon. Otherwise, I love it!
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5 years ago, Skip113
Common sense seems to have been lost
In looking at all the different things one can use “Bring” for. The most glaring issue is while u can take a picture u can not use it anywhere in the app unless u are in settings. It can not be used as an Icon???. What is the point of taking a pic that one cannot use in the app. This obvious lack of common sense by the developer needs to be fixed. It is just plain stupid. The app seems to have new bugs also. Changing or adding things is suddenly more difficult . I would not recommend in its current state. It has incredible potential but it needs a good dose of common sense.
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5 years ago, Quirky27
What led me to choose this app
Recently some of my favorite apps changed for the worst, such as charging large subscription fees for services that previously only required one-time-only small fee. I mention this because those changes to other apps was the catalyst for finding this FANTASTIC app!! This app has been a great way to communicate with my partner about grocery store errands, the app has subtly encouraged me to buy more fresh fruits and veggies, and I have found it easier to stick to my shopping list than with my previous app. I’m really enjoying this app.
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6 years ago, ArmadilloMagic
Fantastic Shopping App
All four family members use this app. With the Alexa integration you just ask her to add something to your list. Then when you are at the store, you just tap them away when they’re in your basket. All of our iPhones and the web app synchronized almost immediately when an item is added or removed. When you create your own items, they stick around for a while. Eventually they work their way down the list and disappear. I wish there was a way to save them permanently. Other than that, the app is simply beautiful.
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6 years ago, SB0705
Handy App
Love that you can share the lists with others, keeps me and my husband up to date with our groceries and from buying double. We don't have to call each other every time one is at the store to check if the other has bought the items, or what items are needed. Easy to use interface, just tap on the item cards as you shop to get rid of them, and tap items to put them on your list. Then you can send a canned note to the people you share the list with to let them know the shopping is done.
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2 years ago, Baked_Baker420
App is great
I love this app, my family and I have been using it for a few years. We wanted something that would allow us to all connect, and add photos (my mom is very brand specific when it comes to her groceries!) I have a suggestion, which (imo) would make it 5 stars. Instead of the generic photos on everything, I’d love to be able to assign a photo instead. Like the specific milk I buy, a picture of the milk instead of the cartoon-y milk icon. Would save a step of opening the item. (Please forgive me & point me in the right direction if that’s already an option)
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6 years ago, WritingReviewsOnHere
Best on App Store!
I’ve been using this for years. It has no ads. The interface is amazing. It’s free. My girlfriend and I have absolutely no issues with it. She can add groceries and send me a notification about it through the app. I can get the alert and get the items while I’m out. I can do the same too. It’s great to have multiple people work off the same grocery list where it syncs what ever is added and removed for all users. I’d honestly pay for this app if it wasn’t free and I’m surprised it is free. Thanks for making such a user friendly and beautiful app!
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3 years ago, Edge035
A good app. Wish that tapping on a list item would allow you to view/edit the item instead of scratching it off the list. It’s so easy to accidentally remove an item. I’d prefer to either swipe to remove from the list or tap a check box. And I know it would probably mess with the aesthetics of the app but it would be handy to be able to use an actual picture of the item as its icon instead of having to tap (oops, just accidentally removed it again), I mean, press and hold on the item to view the picture.
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4 years ago, Cateperry77
Best shopping app
I started using this app many years ago. I am able to add my family so everyone can participate in adding to the shopping list or doing the shopping. No more hand written lists that get lost or forgotten! It also lets you notify people if you’re going to the store. They have expanded now to suggesting recipes that you can use to add to your shopping list. I honestly haven’t used other lists but never had a need to use anything else once I started using Bring! Definitely recommend this app for anyone!
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1 year ago, Grapesgirl1982
Need more flexibility
I just downloaded this app because it works with Google Assistant and I’d like the ability to verbally add to my grocery list as I’m going about my day. Unfortunately, I don’t think this app is going to work for me because I need the ability to sort my groceries by aisle and your sort options don’t allow me to add my own. It looks like you tried to cover the basics but the way my store is organized, I need more flexibility. It seems like changing the name of your sort lists or the ability to add should be a pretty simple fix so I’ll hold on to the app for now and hope for an update.
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4 years ago, DocZaxa
Fantastic app for lists! Sync and updates to keep our family on the same page.
My wife and I have been using this for grocery lists and home supplies for nearly a year. It constantly updates and keeps us synced so we always know what we need. I recently started using it for work lists as well and really like it thus far. I enjoy the use of icons over just words. It helps me for some reason keep things organized in my head.
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5 years ago, FDV8
Cool UI but lackluster options
Not sure why so many people are giving this a high rating. There are way more user friendly shopping list apps out there. With that said... the user interface is very cool and love the sleek feel and the large icons. However the lack of customization with the lists is a deal breaker. The isles are small and there are way more isles in grocery stores then what’s allowed here. And also we should be able to edit the isle names and be able to add additional isles. This is standard amongst many shopping list apps. Will consider checking this out again if they ever decide to include those options. But for now there are way better options out there.
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5 years ago, Isabel.Anderi
A real helper! Surprisingly handy app. You can share your list with a friend for easy shopping. All products are recognized by the app. Easy to add and subtract items as needed. Plus, you can keep separate recipes as individual lists so when you want to make that dish you automatically add all necessary products to your shopping list. They even understand that some items, like sugar, are usually on hand already- these have a separate slot and are not added unless you manually do it.
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3 years ago, vckyw
Huge fan!
Huge fan of this app, been using it for over a year now. I love the inspo page and also how you can do collaborative lists—makes for easier roommate/events purchase planning. Plus, really happy with the frequent icon updates/packs. One suggestion I’d love to see is the ability to customize the size of the icons/lists—being able to see more of our lists on the screen at once would be really great!
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6 years ago, jenkramer77
Best thing ever
I heard about this app from a client of mine. It’s fabulous! There are 3 grocery shoppers in the house and we always ended up with extra cocktail sauce and no toothpaste. This fixed the problem. I can ask someone to put soy sauce on the list as I used the last bit of it, knowing it will be purchased the next shopping trip. It’s great because I always leave the paper lists at home and have to guess what might have been on it. I love how it updates automatically to all the users. Awesome app
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8 months ago, Gaialover1129
Love this app. Allows hubby to do all the shopping better than I (he sticks to list). Anything specific I can add a picture; arranged by aisle, can tell Siri to add to list when hands are busy, can see what still needs to picked up maybe from another store or for next time, list is fluid and in real time, requires only a little effort to add something not there (which isn’t often but I’m in the US.
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5 years ago, Jodik990
I don’t know if you have to start charging a little bit of money for the app so you can hire someone to spend time on making it less irritating or what??? Such time wasted just trying to edit an item, create a new item, or edit a newly-created item. Sooo easy to unintentionally remove an item from your list while just trying to edit or without even knowing you've done it. Should have a list of regularly-purchased items to choose from. Should be much more user-friendly. When I’m motivated to get things done, I need my tools to work. To Creators: You must have no idea. HAND THIS APP TO YOUR TECH-SAVVY, EFFICIENT NEIGHBOR AND GIVE THEM FULL PERMISSION TO TELL YOU THE TRUTH. They’ll think it’s ridiculous and a waste of their time.
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1 year ago, Sands mine
Shopping happy
Bring has everything you need. Make a list. Access it easily. Even save your shoppers membership cards in the app for easy scanning at the cash register. My wife can add items while she’s cooking and I’m in the store. I do hate how hard it is to organize the list the way things are set up in my store. That’s a huge flaw. But I haven’t found anything better. So it still gets 4 stars by me. And this also works well with Alexa. “Alexa. Open bring and add cheerios”
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4 years ago, Neutral Rater
Cool App But....
This is a great app, that all in the house can add items. It is also easy to use and worth using. Here is what I don’t like. The options are broken into groups. Example dairy, meats, etc; but when you add an item to the list it does not group things together or use colors for different departments. It would be nice to have those features, b cause then you wouldn’t have to retrace steps because finding items on your list to remove or know that you have gotten everything is time consuming or you have to go back to areas you have already been.
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4 years ago, Khys
Cross town list
This has been really useful for our household. With 3 adults we never know who will be available to do the shopping, with Bring! we all have it and can let the others know we're stopping in case there are last minute additions. I'd give it a full on five stars if it allowed me to remove items from the main list that we will absolutely never buy. Also, I paid for the premium app and still have a commercial banner. 😟
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3 years ago, FabCricket
Breezy list making
This app has cut down significantly on grocery shopping strife in my home. I love that accounts can be linked so that we can all add and clear off items from lists. Never again do we run home from work to riffle through drawers and counters to find hand written shopping lists. A bonus: I love pretty, clean looking apps. This fits the bill with its simple line drawings of items and clear interface. Great work, team!!
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11 months ago, Tatertotterton
Alpha please!
Love this app! There are lots of great features. One particular thing I like (that other similar apps lack) is that if I accidentally touch an item and it goes away, it repopulates that item immediately below the list so I can find it easily. But there is one thing I would suggest: I would really like the option to sort my lists alphabetically instead of only by category. Sometimes my aging brain just needs that extra little nudge! Thanks!
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3 years ago, shutesy
Bring is the “thing”!
This App has changed our lives, financially, for the better. We both are shoppers and spenders and we never knew where the money was going; now because of Bring we have categories and limits—and a record of everything! We faithfully save our receipts, record the info into Bring; it’s fun and it’s easy! Thank you, Bring!!
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6 years ago, Um No name
So far, so good...
Seems like a very efficient app, great for organizing with icons! My only suggestion, some icons/items just don’t apply for me or my family. When clicking on the item to edit it, I tapped the trash can to delete the item, then an “oops an error occurred” message popped up. I would like the option to delete an item like “Quark” or cigarettes all together since I know I’d never need them. :) So the option to add or delete items would come in very handy to improve a great app. Thanks!!
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4 years ago, annag42
seems to be working again, but uses fb sdk?
Update: The app does not currently crash on opening anymore. However, I have never connected it to facebook. According to the developers' response, the facebook SDK was apparently part of the problem. So, I'm not at all sure why I would have experienced that problem. Anyhow, it seems to be a useful app, though I'm still trying to figure out how to export reports on what I've added and removed and marked as active or inactive, and when. If I can't figure that out, I might phase out my use of it, in favour of something that offers records exports in csv (or tsv or pipe-separated) format. Previously: it keeps closing itself, whenever i try to open it. maybe it usually saves paper, but this app's a waste if i can't see my lists. i guess maybe i can't put in my shopping order today, after all. oh well, maybe tomorrow.
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4 years ago, mbritb
Not for me.
I have a Google Home Mini and saw that it could integrate with Bring! and saw where it was an award winning #1 app for lists! Sign me up!! I love lists!! However, it's not for this list maker. I do love the large icons and colorful, simplistic design. When I saw that, I was excited!! But it's not very easy to use. Adjusting the quantity was awkward, they don't have a section for canned goods, when you "buy" an item the quantity doesn't reset (mainly because you're basically just using the description section to type in a number). What would be nice is to tap "milk" twice and it put two milks in the to-buy section. Or a little section with a + and - so I can easily adjust quantity...or something similarly simple. And also have the quantity reset when I've "bought" said item. I'm still going to use it for a little longer to see if it gets easier but my initial impression is not the excitement I was hoping for.
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4 years ago, SparrowDee78
Apple Watch woes
Update: back to five stars with dev / support reply. Thank you! :) My main reason for using Bring was the great watch app. I was pleased to see the watch app is still available as a standalone app in the Apple watch App Store. However, I cannot log in to the watch app with Google’s authorization, which is how my Bring account was created / logs in, so I still can’t sync between my phone and watch. :/
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4 years ago, WndyCty_Guy
Was great until the apple watch was discontinued
I y u sed this app all the time. I could ask Alexa to add things to my lists. I could check my lists on my iphone. AND I use to be able to access my shopping lists on my apple watch. To me, that was the deal breaker. To be able to shop without holding a phone in one hand while pushing a cart and grabbing items. It seems the Apple watch portion has been removed. Now my shopping is an annoyance juggling my large iphone to view and check off my list. I hate it. I want the Apple watch support back and I’d give this more stars for sure!
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12 months ago, bp328i
An issue I’ve noticed lately
I’ve seen one other review with the same issue. I will create a list on my iPhone and then when I open the app on my Apple Watch it remove several items from my list on both the Apple Watch and iPhone. I’ve tested this several times even taking a screenshot of my iPhone to make sure I wasn’t crazy. I’ve been using this app for several years now and just started noticing this behavior of the last couple of months.
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6 years ago, Apple Pie 56
This is a wonderful app
This is a wonderful app. I really like how you can create your own items. 🙂However, I would like it if you could have more than one account open at once and switch between them without having to log out and log back in again. This is the only reason I gave this four stars and not five. Other than that, it’s a wonderful app. P.S. I also like how they keep sending out updates and improvements.😊
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4 years ago, beyondux
Barring one issue, the app is fantastic!
Bring! does everything I expect from a shopping list app. The convenience of easily shuffling through stores and tiled list works great. The only improvement the interface needs is that accidental taps on any of the tile removes the added item. The convenience of removing any item easily is cool, but a huge inconvenience if I tap anywhere by mistake. That’s a bummer as remembering what I deleted, especially if its a long list, its very tough. Can be resolved in many ways: A. Hold a tapped item for 5 secs before that is removed, so any accidental taps can be undone. or B. Allow removing only on a double tap or C. Have a deleted items list accessible somewhere This could be an easy fix. Hope you guys will look into. Good job otherwise!
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6 years ago, Mersaultx
Great App for Sharing Shopping Lists
My wife and I have tried several apps to facilitate shopping trips. The app makes it incredible easy to create shopping lists and add items. The user interface is easy to use and looks great. After using it for several weeks, we have not had any issues with the lists syncing on our phones. Overall, very pleased. High recommended!
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2 years ago, kavinapoe
This is what I’ve been waiting for!
I thought using the native Apple notes app was good enough for making lists for weekly grocery runs but this app is going to make it so much easier. Now other family member can go shopping and get the exact right items for us because you can add photos on any items.
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3 years ago, G770
Great BUT...
If it had an option to view items as list instead of the big bulky icons then it would be perfect. Going through the store looking at the icons in random order (even category isn’t so helpful) is annoying. There should be an option to toggle between icon view and list view. And ability to choose how to sort the list (alphabetically or by category or importance etc) would be best.
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5 years ago, LilbusyBuzz
Great with room for improvement
Great app for making groceries lists that you can share with others. The auto text organizer when you’re typing in an item can be annoying if it doesn’t recognize what your item. Also wish they had more icons. It’s easy to accidentally add things and because it auto completes, people you share the list with may not realize the accidentally added items.
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