Brink's Money Prepaid

3.2 (249)
71 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Brink's Money Prepaid

3.24 out of 5
249 Ratings
4 years ago, queenleo1
Ok but
The mobile upload option is messed up? Doesn’t even take you to the part where you take the pictures of your check?
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4 years ago, @klee2raw
I gave you guys all of my information when setting up my account. Ive gotten emails saying that if identity wasn't confirmed 100% full use of the card wasn't available but you still could use it but when I waited 13 days for my card you guys' representative was no help. Talking with an accent that was not clear enough to understand and literally wasted my time! Whats the point of me telling you ALL of my information over the phone just to turn right back around to give you pictures of my ID? Last time I checked I placed an order for a PREPAID card! If it takes all of that trouble I could've just set up a credit card account or real debit card. And Lets not forget about an extra $3.50 you charge for atm withdrawals!!
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2 years ago, clash player- god of war
Terrible customer service
If I could I would absolutely review this with no stars. I recently received my final check on a brinks pay card and this is the fourth day I’ve been trying to reach someone from customer support, calling and including also sending emails but my issue has not been resolved. The support emails just remind you to download their app. The app itself reminds you to download the app. I’m trying to gain access to my money and there’s no way to do so as of now. I emailed netspend and also customer service and neither has gotten back to me in the past couple of days.
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5 years ago, Jayce0310
I have been using this card for three years and was upgraded to All access so the card can be used like any bank card. One thing I would like to see added is FaceID for iOS. Since upgrading to a new phone that doesn’t have Touch ID, adding Face ID would save the hassle of having to type in the password every time I check my account. Thanks!!
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4 years ago, SteffenG88
After they close my whole account and not gave me access to my own money for me reporting a wrong payment with the card they are not willing to unlock my account without me sending pictures of my SS card and ID card and passport what I denied per email to the Indian accent talking person on the phone. They said they will send me a check over the money in the account that was 21 days ago and there was no check arriving. Everybody on customer service now tells me different Information and my money is not available for me I will take a lawyer and report that companie for fraud.
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5 years ago, aj hershey
I like It
I have my personalized card account with my photo. Right now I’m Upgrading my account to brink all more access. The service is good I never had problem with that. And I received my deposit 2 days before my payday, but in certain case 1 day before. Is all depends the bank and your employer how faster they can process the payroll
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4 years ago, lilBoTTii1
I used this card for Direct Deposits
I use this card to pay my bills and also get my unemployment benefits through Direct Deposits works great for me... The only thing I can’t add it to my Apple wallet because unlike the cashapp you guys don’t let me disable my card and Apple just takes money without asking for a confirmation
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6 years ago, ArellaIsrael
Not 2 days faster!
This card is not good for using to pay your bills using auto-pay. I was told there wasn’t an actually time frame that my paycheck would be deposited into my account. So if you’re looking for you’re paycheck 2 days faster then this is not the card. Great for prepaid loading money yourself but not direct deposit. I’m sure just like others my bills are scheduled and I like to know exactly when I will receive my paycheck each time!
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4 years ago, Mia Miskolczy
I like the card- it’s actually netspend!
I didn’t realize this is the same as netspend. I love that I get my money early. Sometimes it’s earlier than two days. If you’re not getting g it early you need to look to who is processing your money. The card is not going to release money they don’t see coming!
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4 years ago, Hipterrrrrrrr11113222
Brinks is a third party bank that i do not recommend these people do what they want in your account guys be very careful banking with these people they will play you out your money. They had canceled my account even though i told them not to i just wanted to cancel a transaction which they don’t let you do at all closed my account and took all my money. Guys don’t bank with them don’t want nobody making the same mistake like me banking with these people all my hard worked money down the drain😪
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6 years ago, Verlon523
Terrible and always fining you
I would never recommend this prepaid card to anyone, not even my worst enemy. They have fees on everything I lost 8 of the 20 bucks I put on there just to try it out. There’s a fee for even using your debit card at a store and you will be declined if they can’t get there 2 dollars or whatever it is first. Then for using a a regular bank atm it’s 2.50 opposite of a gas station atm where they charge you a dollar on top of the atm fee. Please don’t do it I’m trying to help everybody here DO NOT USE THE CARD!!!
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5 years ago, richey rich56
This card is so bad I don’t recommend it to no one I got paid Friday and still have not receive my check I went to my job and my funds are deposited in the account but when I called customer service they say they waiting on the money to come threw which don’t make no sense when my whole check was deposited in the account then I tried to reset my password never receive a link they need to cancel the whole service they have and start from scratch
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4 years ago, Hfdufjigtff
Getting paid
I wonder if the people complaining about getting paid late is because of their job and not the card this is my first time using the card and it came loaded with money 2 days before my paycheck 🤷🏻‍♂️
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4 years ago, tikituki422
Took my money!
I was happy with this service for a good while, they I tried to mobile deposit my stimulus check, it disappeared, no one could help me. And now months later, they took the money from my new back account saying they cashed this check! Horrible customer service, and they took $1200 from a single mom with no help or direction how to find it. I will get to the bottom of this, don’t use if want ANY customer service when there is a problem.
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5 years ago, Longboardsteez
Promises 5% savings account, which is listed on their website. I have direct deposited thousands of dollars and still have not received the option to enroll in the 5% savings. I called customer support and they said it doesn’t exist. I have emailed the support team with screenshots of the terms and conditions of the 5% savings and they blatantly disregard it and say it’s not available, despite being on their website. I’m fed up with Netspend and Brinks and will be emailing the president for further action.
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2 years ago, zelxer
Good bank
So far I have just signed up for the card waiting for it to come in will update this page after a month of using it
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2 years ago, im payo
Worst expierience in banking
First i get my card blocked then they tell me ill have to wait a month to get a new card but im currently away from home and they wont activate it so how am i going to get back if i cant acces my money smh wont be banking here no more never had this problem with chime,venmo or cash app neather with chase or wells fargo nor frost bank lucky for me i have those to rely on when they freeze your card for nothing
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4 years ago, Causeco
6 years and counting
I have been a member of brinks for around 6 years now and I rarely have any issues with the service. And when I do it’s promptly fixed. Thank you brinks. You truly are a good service
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2 years ago, Prettymrs3
Ratings and reviews
I’ve had this card for years very easy to manage cash back reward and more
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5 years ago, mellemel44
I love it and it’s ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for me
I’ve been with brinks for a year using my direct deposit and I’m paid 2 days before. So if anyone says they don’t get paid 2 days earlier they’re lying. Brinks is the best 🤚🏾🤚🏾
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2 years ago, adjective first name last name
$1.50 every single time you use it.
This is a netspend card rebranded with the Brinks logo. Sure, it does what any other prepaid card does just fine I suppose. However, the fees are astronomical. An additional $1.50 is added as a service charge EVERY TIME YOU USE THE CARD. Doesn’t sound like much now. It adds up, quickly. There are also massive fees for withdrawing cash anywhere. And electronic purchases. Etc. etc. If you can find a card service with lower fees, for the love of God, take that option instead.
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3 years ago, Gmeci Dowell
Horrible App
If I didn’t enjoy the card benefits I wouldn’t give 2 stars, but I literally hate the app ! It seems to be outdated . It crashes all the time & is so slow ! They should really focus on improving this app . My other bank app is amazing and reliable.
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5 years ago, kenwgas
I am very please with receiving my SS check as much as 5 days early. All my transactions are recognized immediately on my mobile phone.
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3 years ago, Tee jaay
My account is locked and they had me fill out the forgot my password thing and I entered my email and there is still no email sent so I can change my password! I’ve been waiting for a while for them to handle this and they still have not. It’s unacceptable that I can’t even get to my own money!
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4 years ago, VJizznieeee
Mobile Check Feature
This feature would definitely come in handy...if it actually worked. I’ve been trying to use the feature for months and it still doesn’t work. When it does and if I’ll probably be using a different prepaid account by then.
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1 year ago, mimi bliss
Unable to login to account
This is the worst app ever, I wish I could rate it with no star. I downloaded the app and not up to two weeks I couldn’t log in to the acc, they kept telling me there is a problem with my account, I called the customer service they did nothing.
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4 years ago, HunchYoHoe
App isn’t even opening up when I click it, it just a open up & says “Brinks Money” & force closes automatically, & ive recently linked it to my direct deposit! This is not how I want my money sitting! Now I have to switch cause idk if it’s even goin to let me see my account or even log back in! Worse app ever for transactions etc.
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6 years ago, Hitman 239
I can never change my address
8 months ago I moved from my last apt into my new place and since then Brinks hasn’t allowed me to change my address and it’s irking my nerves. Fix this please and thank you.
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5 years ago, Tizzy💓👹
Needs improvement
This app freezes up from time to time. Late in receiving text updates. and late on receiving deposits
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6 years ago, Lenny 🤤
Love it
I Always Get Paid 2 Days Faster, Whether Its Morning Or Night. It Really Depends On When Your Employer Sends The Deposit; With Brinks It Posts Instantly, Instead Of Pending.
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1 year ago, NineteenV1
Face recognition
It wont let me use face recognition anymore to login I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times now. I went to my settings to see if it needed access but it says it hasn’t asked for it.
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3 years ago, Navyman21
Not allowing reviews ???
You haven’t allowed anyone to post a review in over 3 months since March 23rd ? Do you not want any new customers or existing customers to stay ??? You’d better start allowing people to post legitimate reviews !!! Unless of course, you WANT me to close my account ???
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3 years ago, hh as wkkann
Has mine as pending deposit because my cash app didn’t match my name
So I don’t understand how you can’t do a deposit And can’t even received a deposit from cash app if both names don’t match the card people have different names on Cash App so think it’s stupid
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10 months ago, @martina50
Brinks money card is a cool and good
Im so happy my atm debit card i love brinks money card is good..and relaks. More save money and load at the stores.. The brinks money card is really good for relaxation and cool because sometimes I load money at Walmart stores. this is not a scam.. i love this brinks money card . they are clients is good person..and chat private
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2 years ago, Natvande
Mobile check load
All of a sudden I need to verify my identity using mobile check load. Can’t use it like I could before. What gives?
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5 years ago, Bsuyv
Daily limit
How much can redraw daily via atm and also via online ? And how much money the card can take ?
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11 months ago, LoveToGoHuntin
Fees for using your own money
So not only do you have to pay to add money but if you use your money do you have to pay $1.50 per car transaction go to PayPal you don’t get charged for using your own money
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4 years ago, agamejunky
Got my stimulus payment today awesome bank for quick processing!
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5 years ago, milazoom
A Useless inaccurate app for a RIPOFF prepaid card
Total rip off prepaid card- 1$ fee per swipe, false claims of being paid 2-3 days early-it’s more like 10 hrs early and yet, you can’t provide me with an accurate balance of my account? This app is a total waste of time!
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6 years ago, Dana_Babee24
This card services are horrible u get charged for everything I try to use credit because debit you will be charged $1 for everything thing u by and the card still takes as debit
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3 years ago, Litebrownboy
Don’t Waste Your Time (or Money!)
Open a FREE account with Chime instead. They have NO FEES & you actually get your money 2 days early. This brinks card is WORTHLESS. The app always crashes, they charge a fee for EVERY TRANSACTION, and customer service is a JOKE.
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8 months ago, Dnt have time for this
Warning Warning!!!
If you value your money and time do not use, They will treat you like a child and tell you how and when you can spend or use your money. DO NOT USE
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5 years ago, another lilyanne
Can’t load checks
They offered a $10 bonus for loading a check, but the app crashes every time you try that.
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2 years ago, YoDoctor!
The ap can't pick up my card to do the mobile banking keeps saying wrong password can't even set one to enable Face ID on iPhone
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7 years ago, trav9400
App wont let me log in
Everytime i sign in the app it sends me to a screen with nothing on it and say “not what you’re looking for?” And my only other option is to return to log in
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6 years ago, O de la pinga
Horrible company
Absolutely horrible company just a bunch of thieves trying to steal your money brinks and netspend are both horrible company’s!!!! I’m upset that I even have to give them 1 start they deserve negative 10 stars
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4 years ago, Pamelafabula
great card
i have had this card for about 5 years with few issues. i am very happy with it ♥️
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6 years ago, Rooster11/70
Direct deposit
I don’t get my pay any faster using direct deposit with this card.
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2 years ago, groovykunt
Is a scam
Does not work this is going to take your information and put you in deep debt 0 stars if I could
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6 years ago, RiriShiney
Please bring Touch ID sign in
Please bring touch id it annoying how we have to type in our password every single time. 😡😡😡
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