Bristol County Savings Bank

4.8 (779)
51.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bristol County Savings Bank
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bristol County Savings Bank

4.84 out of 5
779 Ratings
10 months ago, portugal number one
Great app
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1 year ago, To-Be long time player
Login Screen Not Working
Cool that Face ID is now in the app but the app continues to fail to open and let me sign in.. it gets annoying not being able to check my balance. Gave 3 stars because the app has improved but still an issue, and still annoying
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2 years ago, kkatreallyneedsanametouse
Never opens correctly
The app can be easy to use but it only half the time opens correctly. Error messages are always showing up . Not sure why they don’t fix that.
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1 month ago, Jay8277
Glitchy app
The app keeps glitching and I have to re-open it again to make it work
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1 month ago, Ferreira sherri
Changed the process
I do not like this
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6 years ago, lbk145
Bring back the old app
I really don’t like the new set up! All I want to do is quickly scroll through to see my transactions. Before it was all laid out quickly and easy to see. Now there is too much information and I have to scroll through two pages. So much easier before.
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4 years ago, Chris Janeieo
Wow really that’s a fix
So I guess 1 week ago this app was updated to fix bugs and navigate site with ease well just about one week ago I started having trouble with app I would tap icon would half load then go to Home Screen never letting me in app then after three tries I get in log in go to transfer funds and the wheel of death spins spins spins and nothing ... waste of time and space on my phone .I know it sounds like first world problems but what the hell some one is in charge of it just do your job is that to hard to ask you get paid to do something do it right at least so the fix wasn’t to good thanks hopefully a new fix will correct this issue .
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10 years ago, Andrew DeMello
No good
App doesn't allow me to pass the security questions. Such a waste. I understand some bugs need to be worked out with new apps, but that DOES NOT make me feel comfortable about putting my banking information on a defective app.
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4 years ago, Cbomb98
This app never works
Since I updated the app there is a network error every time I try to log in. Half the time I can’t even log in to see my bank funds or transfer money as needed. I think I will be switching banks if this doesn’t get fixed as well as a few other people I know who are all having the same issue. Also since the update I have lost the ability to login with Face ID which almost all other banks have the feature. This needs to be fixed.
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8 years ago, znera143
Not bad
It does the job but could use some improvements. When it's time for your password to change you can't do it on the app and it won't tell you it needs to be changed it will just lock you out. There should be some notifications added for low balance, deposits, withdrawals. It does a basic job as I said but could use some improving.
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4 years ago, olcout
Error message
Keep getting error message on the app. Have to delete and reload app and redo all information.
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6 years ago, smarieec
Absolute worst update
I don’t know how to use this app and I’m a millennial so I should. I can’t tell how much money I have, my checks won’t deposit via mobile correctly, and it’s so much more complicated. Please change it back to its original, easy setup. This is way too complicated and is causing me to have to take a trip to the bank to find out how much money I actually have. This is making me consider switching banks.
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6 years ago, Gierzy
It’s Great!!!
Makes my banking life so much easier! I love Bristol county savings bank!
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4 years ago, AJ4391
Awful and getting worse
Is it more or is this app getting worse with every “update”? You log in on your iPhone and you get a blank screen that says Session Expired right after logging in! So then you close the app and log back in again to actually view your account! Infuriating!!
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6 years ago, ShsjjskKjxx
Switch back to the original app
This app is not nearly as good as the first. From logging in to just depositing checks from mobile, it is very confusing and requires more “clicks” to complete tasks. The overall look is messy and is essentially the same as using internet banking, but worse.
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4 years ago, skhwbrnfjsiauwgvrbxkzk
Not that great..
Half the time there’s maintenance on the app and your account balance won’t update, transactions won’t update. It can also be extremely slow, not load anything, and it doesn’t look that great.
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6 years ago, NerdyPatriot
Latest upgrade
Large latest update made setting up FaceID/TouchID way more complicated and the app now appears to be what looks like a terrible port of the mobile website. Step down from the previous app.
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3 years ago, JoeChalk
Error message for months
Can’t access my banking info for months now. Every time I open the app I get an error message saying “cannot access required network resources”. Lazy programming. This is coming from a programmer too (:
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6 years ago, Irza569
Will not update
For the past three days it says it’s downloading updates when you open the app. Still will not Work. I’ve tried opening it on three different phones. None work.
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10 years ago, Lemonade23
So much better than previous app
This app is great! It's easy! And it uses your BCSB online banking username and password. Easily check account balances, transfer funds and even deposit a check by taking a photo! Love it!
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7 years ago, Everynametakenz1739
Can't even log on , asks ridiculous security questions. Asks what street is closest to your address and lists 4+ streets. Why would I be aware of every single street and it's distance from my address?
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4 years ago, sskm95
Horrible update
Since the last update the app isn’t working. I’ve used this app for years and have not had any issues until now.
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6 years ago, SMH356
Never works
This app has always been terrible, even worse now since they updated the website. Now it never works at all.
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6 years ago, syvanna13
Says there’s a new app I have to use
Says there’s a new app I have to use but there isn’t any other apps available in the App Store. It won’t let me log into my account without this “new app”
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4 years ago, armj51
Never loads
Horrible App.. as soon as you touch app to open it, it just spins..spins..spins... no matter if its 5pm or 5am the app does Not work. And yes I Know I can call the bank, but if thats the case then why the hell create a crappy app?
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10 years ago, Kurt Weineck
Cannot Sign In
I can't sign on. It won't let me past the security questions. A message pops up saying "We are currently unable to process your request"
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4 years ago, Grizzmatik
This app is garbage. Constantly have to use the actual website for bank rather than the app. It never loads to let me login. FIX THIS PLEASE BCSB, YOUR BANK IS TOO GOOD TO HAVE A TERRIBLE APP
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6 years ago, ddyson42
Where is the new app now that you locked me out of my account. What a joke.
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4 years ago, snap gone trash
Would give 0
You are a bank. Hire someone competent to make a competent app.
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3 years ago, Ca1vin04
Hasn’t worked in other a month!
Haven’t been able to log on to the app in well over a month, claiming “network error”. Friends on android devices have had no issues with their app this entire time. Very frustrating
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