Bristol West Insurance

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Farmers Group Inc
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5 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bristol West Insurance

4.68 out of 5
1.9K Ratings
2 years ago, JenChatt
Great company, top-notch customer service
My agent found this insurance company for me and I have been insured by them for almost 2 years now. I have not had any issues with customer service or making payments. I do wish I could get a lower rate but it was the lowest rate out of all the insurance companies so I am grateful. The app is amazing providing a copy of your insurance card in case you lose yours or miss place it. It provides all your information regarding your insurance coverage and all other documents. The best part for me about the app is the convenience of making payments. I have mine on auto withdrawal and I do believe they send you a reminder before they withdraw the premium. All around I’ve had great experiences with this company and plan to stay with them for a long time. They do offer discounts such as going paperless for your bill, and a few others which is really nice. I highly recommend Bristol Insurance Company and their app if you want a no hassle with great customer service insurance company. Thank you Bristol Insurance !!!
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1 year ago, Elizabeth1175
The easiest process during one of my most difficult times!!
My husband passed away on May 20, 2023…yes just 2 weeks ago. The bills don’t stop. My car insurance premium was due. I knew I had to get a cheaper, more effective policy. I started looking online thinking man this is going to be a pain!! The Bristol app appeared so I downloaded it and went thru the process. I’m not much of an online/app type. Not only was the price so much better then what I was paying with the prior carrier but the process was way to easy!!! I was waiting for a road block of some sort…NOPE! I hope if I ever need to file a claim, it’s just as easy!!! During one of the most difficult times of my life, planning my husbands funeral, this was the least challenging things I have had to do. Thank you for making the process so easy for me..and a lot less expensive!!!
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2 years ago, TownleyFamReview
Farmers insurance
Alexandria Clark was the agent that contacted me with my insurance quote for Auto coverage. She was very knowledgeable, explained everything and did her best to help me get the coverage I needed. I appreciate her taking the time to help me, she was friendly, nice and my quote was just what I needed, insurance is very important so I don’t mind paying for the assurance. The price was definitely worth the cost in my opinion. The awesome thing about buying insurance is the longer you stay, the better the price. Good things come with time and I would definitely recommend Farmers insurance to anyone. Thank you for my Auto coverage “Farmers” can’t wait to develop our relationship in time. Sincerely AmyJTownley
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only insurance company that gave me a great rate
I know these past 6 months insurance has been increasing ridiculously high. I planned to originally get a new Kia or Hyundai and everywhere else either wanted sooo much money down or denied me for those vehicles. I ran vin numbers to get insurance quotes . Not to mention i have a horrible driving abstract since driving at 17 and im 33.. so of course i grt higher premiums but Bristol West was the cheapest for me and the process was quick and simple! i recommend them! great experience
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11 months ago, autumn freada
Bristol west insurance
When calling around for insurance Bristol west was the best price for what I wanted so I paid for 6 months . When I went to renew my rates went up , but I still paid another 6 months. Then again the next 6 months it went up again over 100 dollars. It should of got cheaper coz I didn’t have to file SR 22 any more. And so I found another insurance company . Then I get a letter stating I owe 25 dollars for cancellation fee and if I didn’t pay it will go to collections. And so I paid it. Then I keep getting I owe my premium and if I don’t pay it’s going to collections . I have called so many times, sent her copies of my new insurance and still nothing. This better not go to collections … I canceled, proved I cancelled and still nothing. I f this is how they treat people I suggest stay away from them.
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5 months ago, RebekahS386
Easy to use, concise app
The app is very easy to use and navigate. It keeps me logged in so I don't have to redundantly keep logging in to an app that is on a locked phone. It doesn't freeze up or crash. Making payments and getting proof of insurance is quick and easy. I like the "fact" pop-up that entertains as the app opens for me. I am awaiting hopefully to see options like split payments and maybe a section where itemized pricing can be viewed, also maybe a section about learning more about automobile insurance for when I get a spare moment.
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4 years ago, Okokalrightxx
Get any insurance company but this one!!!
Worst insurance I’ve ever seen. Got tired of Geico increases and switched to Bristol and it’s been nothing for a clown show. Sent in requested previous insurance paperwork five times now before manually uploading to my policy and now the documents they specifically requested are not the right documents. Trying to charge me 300$ now a mo th instead of the original 200$ for two vehicles because they say I don’t have proof of prior Insurance which I had for 7 years straight with Geico and provided. Apparently this company is just a bait and switch company. Wouldn’t recommend this company to anyone with a clean driving record and no lapses. May be good for drivers that can’t get other insurances and want to deal with hour long hold times and false answers.
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5 months ago, Jonny0007
Simple and easy to use
Bristol West was able to beat the auto insurance rate I was paying at Progressive (I don’t recommend that company). This app allows me to keep track of everything. I usually use it to access documents and view my premium schedule. I can also go over the details of my policy (the “Declarations Page”) when I need to recall my coverage. I have no complaints with this app. It’s simple, easy to use, and does the job. 5-Stars!
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4 months ago, bipolarcub78
Insured me when no one would
I didn’t really have many options. I have a Camaro, super expensive insurance. Insurance that I couldn’t afford. I thought it would be easy to change insurances. Nope, if you have bad credit they don’t want you. Unfortunately, on disability, you sometimes live check to check. So, I thank Bristol for taking a chance and producing a lower monthly rate.
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1 year ago, Nillabeenz
Bristol service and app
I was on hold 3 times to get my insurance and trans to get a quote I had already gotten turned into a policy. I got hung up on 2 times and the man told me it was going to be more then the man I spoke to previously. I had to tell him again why it should be cheaper including the fact that I had insurance already and wanted paperless to make it as cheap as possible. However it is nice and cheap insurance so I’ll give them 4 stars. The app is easy to navigate as well.
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4 years ago, Cosmina.broom
Bristol auto insurance
Amazing company, very patient, very knowledgeable and helpful with honesty and loyalty and great customer service care and saved me first day and already a saved 2,200 a year already very happy and switched right away couldn’t pass up their prices and they have been so great thank you Marco for your amazing patience, amazing honesty, knowledge and you are absolutely amazing at your job truly appreciate your help, knowledge, kindness and patience.
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1 year ago, HungryKing811
Great company!!
I have had to get a hold of Bristol West a couple times. They have been very easy to get a hold when I call I get a person right away. The people I have dealt with have been focused on me and what I needed. They made things easy to understand I felt like they truly cared about me. I have always felt as if I was just a number to other insurance companies.
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2 years ago, Qiana Ebony
Bristol makes it easy to get affordable coverage, with the best rates. Especially if you’ve had a DUI. The app is extremely easy to use. I’ve filed a whole claim through the app, and of course communicated through email or by phone with my appointed insurance agent. You’re able to upload photos of damage to your vehicle there as well. Great app, 10/10!
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8 months ago, dusty96!
Highly recommend
I highly recommend this app, it rarely ever keeps you out of the app. Always able to log into pay your bill and check your insurance etc. over all highly recommend. Bristol west have me the best rate that I can afford here i am several months later and still have em as my insurance provider.
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3 years ago, jc694
Bristol West insurance
Never had any problem with this app. Once I originally logged in, it has been so easy every time after. You can look at the ID card, print it, look at your policy, add or remove a driver, see the payment schedule, history, everything! It’s the easiest and most useful app I’ve used ever!
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1 year ago, KeelyGMamaX3
Low rates and easy app
This is my second go around with Bristol West. They’ve been the lowest rate when my insurance has gone up. I had them years ago before most companies had apps and I’m so glad they have one now! It’s very easy to use, all my info if accessible and I can add my ID cards to my Apple wallet! I love the app.
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6 months ago, BluJay830
Automatic bill pay edit
I used the app today for the first time, I found it easy to edit automatic payment method, I was able to erase old methods and add a new one. Now I will see if it works smoothly even though I did the change one day before the due date.
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3 years ago, Raphael Saadiq
Dean is Excellent! Quick quote and coverage in 10 minutes!
Not only did I get a quote and auto insurance in less than 10 minutes by Dean with Bristol West Insurance which is part of Farmers Insurance, but the rate was extremely lower than Liberty Mutual and Dean was phenomenal. He even offered to meet me for lunch at the restaurant I bartend at…. EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE! MAKE SURE YOU ASK FOR DEAN OR AMY!
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1 year ago, OfTheFallen0nes
The best!
I’ve been with Bristol for going on 4 years now. So far everything has been fantastic! Everything I can want from customer service! Very helpful and friendly agents! I’ve never had to submit a claim nor have I had a accident. So can’t judge them on that!
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2 months ago, Hhfdhhghfhjjhfdv
New to company but love it so far!
I'm relatively new to this insurance company, but each person I've had to communicate with both verbally and on written communications has been clear, kind, professional, and friendly. Nothing seems complicated like most insurance carriers.
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2 months ago, kimberly jacob
Auto Insurance
I believe they’re the best they gave me a decent quote. They help me through the process. The agent help me while I was on my phone to put the app on my phone. He made sure I got the ID cards and all the paperwork he explained all the billing information I think they’re a top 10.
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3 months ago, nobody#69
I honestly didn’t think these guys would accept me since I have an SR-22 on my record, but the app is simple and easy to use honestly, even if you think it’s sketchy, it’s really not. They actually made sure the user is in fact ready to use the app for how easy it is!!!!
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2 years ago, Trisharees
Makes life simple
As a mom and n the go, I have no time to sit on hold. This app makes life so easy. I always have proof of insurance on hand, filing a claim took a couple minutes, payments are automatic. They take care of everything, which means the world to someone like me, who forgets everything.
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1 year ago, aka nica
Simple to use.
If your like me, your constantly checking on your bills this app is so easy to use by opening it, your questions are answered. And if you need more help one call can take care of all of your unanswered questions. There services is awesome.
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2 years ago, Ruubaee
It makes having to pay bills a lot more easier and also being able to see your billing schedule along with other information.
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1 year ago, B-alexis91
Bristol West Review! Brittany
Great company! Great customer service representatives! Only thing I don’t like is that it’s more expensive for me to do auto-pay! Not sure why but oh-well! I love the company so not worried about one little thing. I would recommend Bristol West to anyone looking for insurance.
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9 months ago, Lyiah💜
Bristol west app
This app is perfect to view iD cards in a breeze, make a payment really easily never gives me a problem, and gives easy option to email your ID cads for proof of insurance without any problem. Amazing app never disappoints
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3 years ago, sharkdude
Easy to use and accurate
Easy to access. Very easy to login I can find all of my policy information in a couple of clicks. I can view and print my ID cards without any trouble. Finally I financial app that makes sense.
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1 year ago, GeneralCrass
First Time Insurance
This app makes it easy to settle up all your insurance and insurance billing. You still have to call the customer service line to add vehicles/parties to a policy. Viewing is easy and navigation of the website is foolproof. Needs to add more features for full coverage client IE; AAA Support Directory and Mobile Quoting.
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2 years ago, DeeGummieman
Issues with App
Bristol west is a Great car insurance company , however i always have issues paying my bill through the app, its always telling me to contact customer support and i have to try 3-4 different cards before it works. The Devs need to look into the app
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5 months ago, cbut go ji
Hazel is an excellent agent! She helped me get back on track with my car insurance! She also keeps in touch with me about my policy, which I’ve never had an agent care for so much for. I greatly appreciate her hard work, thank you!!!
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5 months ago, Bristol West with ease
Great experience all around
The app is easy to navigate, everything you need is available and right there at your fingertips. From beginning to end this has been great!
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2 years ago, ERICALABRA
Love the app. So easy to make payments and check policy. One click away to checking when my payment is due . I’ve lost my card so many times so anytime I got a new one, it was super easy to update my payment !! Love it
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3 months ago, Jason Franklin 620
Wonderful service
They get all your needs down and they do it with respect, they know their job and the best part is they are very affordable. I will continue to do business with them.
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6 months ago, Devin-J
Very satisfied
I needed a cheaper insurance plan and while this is a touch more than I wanted to pay it works for my needs and I am happy, I only wish there was a roadside assistance option for my plan
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2 years ago, Sweetdrw
Availability of Information
Needed to rent a car and did not have a hard copy of my insurance card. Really liked that all information needed was available on my phone. Instant gratification is a good thing!
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3 years ago, rickycoder
5 out of 5 Stars!!!!!
This app has everything you need to access your insurance documents. Simple functionality and simply saved me a long wait for customer service. Great App! Set the example!
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3 weeks ago, Jval909
New insurance
Grateful for the experience I received and great customer service and their app is always up to date no problems accessing or paying bill online .
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3 years ago, alogood
Easy to use, clean & functional
Love that they have an app where I can access my ID card digitally, view/change details and even has an option to enter a claim there.
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2 years ago, KSM Morton
Do not use this insurance
This company has had so many problems with accepting payments. And if you make a payment it won’t always show that you did so they’ll cancel and then charge you extra. They’re charging me after I canceled service all together so just all around shady. Terrible customer service and just so bad for customers who have perfect record. Find a better company for your own good
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3 years ago, travis stoner
Auto insurance
So far the best insurance company I’ve ever had great customer service I will always be a member with them I can’t wait to see what the future holds highly recommended this company for your insurance needs
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5 months ago, Feldmanjosie
Bristol west car insurance
I’m really like being with this car insurance company the app is the easiest to navigate. I can find everything I need and quickly. My insurance agent was very informative, helpful and very nice.
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3 years ago, .:Jenna:.
Easy to use app.
i was able to print and look at my insurance cards and print only the ones i need. it was super easy to make claims and make payments. i will keep using this app. thx
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12 months ago, Moparram@21
Bristol west insurance
Best insurance company I have ever dealt with. Their staff is amazing and helpful. They are with you threw the process from step one all the way to repair process. They will help you and take care of any issues you have.
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2 years ago, jmoneymann101
Scam!!! Do not recommend!!
This company scammed me into multiple months of additional payments and even after I contacted them and provided them with the proof that I sold my vehicle once my policy had ended they would not refund my money even after I called there policies to be refunded. I was every company I have ever been involved with this was by far the worst customer service I have ever received. I would not recommend to anyone!!
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2 years ago, Gilbert5.0
Totally worth using the app
Using the Bristol App makes a difference when making changes to your account, it gives me more confidence in trusting a company
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2 years ago, GodschildPDD33
Auto insurance
Bristol West allowed me to get access to reasonable car insurance. Their customer service representatives were very professional, understand and very helpful. I highly recommend this company.
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11 months ago, worst refund rpg
Overall very solid
Standard insurance company. Good rate for my situation. App on the phone provides everyone you need from id papers prove of insurance, bill due date, what coverage and deductible you pay
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2 months ago, Conchita03
I have access to my policy, my insurance card, payment date and amount. I can also start a claim no matter the hour or date.
Show more
3 months ago, DarkLunar3214
Seriously reconsider this insurance company!!
Yeah, worst insurance company ever. Good luck trying to get anything done on this app at all after your first payment. Customer service is horrible. They cancel your insurance randomly. Put you on hold for hours and overcharged me for 6 month due to their own error, but will not correct their wrong. Also still waiting a month for my premium's refund LOL Good luck!
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