Broadway Bank Mobile

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Broadway National Bank
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1 year ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Broadway Bank Mobile

4.82 out of 5
6.9K Ratings
3 years ago, Christnson
Great hometown bank
I have been a member and customer of the Broadway Bank for many years and have enjoyed great outstanding service in all aspects of banking. We can see and appreciate the bank having expanded the services and branches to better service its growing number of customers and making it even easy to provide more convenient service to existing members. I believe the biggest assets of the bank is the people who work and represent the Broadway. Everyone that I have had the privilege of talking with have always be courteous, professional, kind, and helpful. It’s everything you want a bank to be. Thank you. Allan Staley
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3 years ago, NoahForlee
Almost a perfect bank
There is only one thing stopping me from saying this is one of the best local banks to go with. The mobile application. I have had numerous banks in the past, BofA, Wells Fargo, and etc. All have extremely well or decent mobile apps that allow you to complete your business quick and easy, especially BofA. This app is absolutely garbage and does not represent the bank at all. I LOVE the debit card design, the bank itself, employees, and accounts, but this mobile app almost ruins it all for me. The UI is poor, there’s a big white box covering half of the items on my screen, the slow UI makes it feel like a kid designed the app and the accessibility to get to most used places (such as Zelle) is so hard because of poor UI, the lag, and the placement. If Broadway Bank had an app like BofA, Chase, or even Frost (one of the most popular local banks in SA) who has such a minimalistic and modern UI, that would make Broadway the best. It’s the mobile app that’s lacking excessively, not the bank itself.
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3 years ago, NathanNDG
Finally! Great Mobile App from a Local Bank
I typically stuck to national banks because I assumed they had better tech and better resources, and therefore a better app. Most of that was true before, but I’ve been using the Broadway app for about two years now and it’s just as good. The improvements in the last year or so have been awesome. Love the debit card controls. Love the mobile deposit. Love the payments. Love the Face ID. It also has a high end design that makes it easy to use and navigate. I want to support local companies, and I finally feel I can without sacrificing when it comes to an app and mobile banking.
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2 months ago, MainConstant
Wonderful App
It’s a very well-designed app. I use it all the time and love the fact that I can quickly and easily manage my stuff very efficiently. I have one bit of feedback for the new design: colored tab bar icons are conventionally used to indicate which view you are currently active on. Since they are now all red, it becomes less consistent with system interface patterns. In other words it makes it seem like they are all selected when only the current view should be a red icon and the others a secondary state such as gray. Other than that great app! Lots of support to the team(s).
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3 years ago, bIGsPUN1
Finally depositing checks correctly
I get paid once a week by check and promptly deposit the checks into my business account using the app to take an image of the check and depositing the check with the photo deposit. For years the old ap was kicking back 1/3 of all of my checks and delaying their deposit sometimes for days without me getting any notification that the check did not clear. The new app seems to be better, clearing almost 90% of my mishandled, poorly photoed checks on the first try.
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3 years ago, mytw0b1ts
Why people go with national banks
The process for opening an account is advertised as taking minutes - the 4th attempt it finally loaded all pages of the disclosures and we’re now rounding and hour and a half and I can’t setup online or mobile access because they love having content where you have to scroll and it loads as you scroll but the issue is it’s not fluid at all and takes a few minutes to load if at all. It’s honestly basic UAT/QC testing which apparently is not being done - I’m not even on beta software. For someone that’s coming from national banks where it’s easy and fast and actually does just take minutes this is an awful first impression and I’d urge you to do more thorough testing of your experiences because not everyone is going to be as committed as me to finish the process thru.
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3 years ago, CWThomas
Still blaming Apple.
iPad version barely works for retrieving account balance. Forget trying to use Bill Pay. Says I’m blocking cookies, which I’m not. Tech support blames Apple for the problem. That might be true, but the true customer-focused response would be to get on with fixing the app on the developer side and not twiddle their thumbs waiting for Apple to *maybe* do something. iPhone app won’t complete loading. App appears, but the dreaded spinning wheel is the only action. “You won’t be using the app today” is the signal it sends. 4/4/20 Am told by bank that the update was pushed out by Apple for “bug fixes” and was not initiated by Broadway. Didn’t know such a thing happens so I’ll give the benefit of the doubt. Nevertheless, the resulting performance of app after the update is worse than it was before that update. That’s not good.
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3 years ago, @ndrew4545
Greate mobile app!
I’ve had nothing but great experiences using the app. Very intuitive and I’m able do what I need quickly. Much better compared to some of the other banking apps I’ve used. I’ve only been a customer for a few months but I’ve decided to make Broadway my primary bank. Going to convince my friends and family to do the same. Thanks for your great support Broadway, and for creating a great digital experience for your customers!
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1 year ago, Daldeldura
App update
It helps me do most of what I need I just still give it 2 stars because I believe it could have a more updated look and give more options to manage my account. For example I wish it had the ability to allow me to replace my debit card when it’s damaged or if lost, if the option is there I go back to the modern look. Also the ability to open new accounts instead of having to go to the website, also being able to view my CC like my checking account would be nice instead of having a different app to view and make payments.
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3 years ago, Cyncraw
Can’t tell available credit on heloc line
For years , you could tell How much credit you tell how much credit you had against your line . Around 1. 5 ago , it changed . You only see how much you owe , you have do the addition . With today’s technology , I would think that this could be easily accomplished . I have been promised this would be fixed over a year . I would like one of my other banks to help pt J could move my accounts there since Broadway is having trouble Also , it is ridiculous to have the debit card take up have the phone app . The real I FP you need is too small . Not a good app , but helpful if you know how to work around it
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12 months ago, Tom Culwell
Possible improvements
I enjoy using the Broadway Bank app, but have some suggestions for improvement. When making mobile deposit, I should NOT have to click on the account number for every check. 1) After depositing a check, it should remain on the same account until I change it manually. Regularly I am depositing multiple checks & almost always they are into the same account. OR 2) Have a toggle like switch for the customer to select what they prefer: A) Remain on the same account for additional deposits until changed manually. B) Clear the account after every deposit & require the customer to select the account for every check deposited. Please make this easier for your customers. Thank you
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3 years ago, Broadway Bank account holder
Mobile deposit
I used this app for mobile deposit for the first time. The app said it accepted the check though later said it was declined because it wasn’t endorsed on the back however it was in fact signed. I didn’t see the inbox message until nearly six months later as no one from the bank contacted me. Broadway bank did not retain the image copy so I have no way to track down the issuer of the check to request a new one. So I’m out that money. I bank with three other banks and have never had this issue with any of them. Thank you Broadway bank.
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2 years ago, MattyFrank
Deserves no stars
Like a recent review, love the bank, the folks in the Boerne bank, but I like to deposit check through a mobile app and this one is a disaster. I have not been able to even access my account for over a week. It will put you into a loop that does not connect and then a window that says “Unable to connect, try again” and it does it all over again. I turn off my router, restart everything, delete the app and download it from the Apple Store again. Log in and it still does not work. ID and password are correct.
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3 years ago, GmaWildchild
Exceptional bank
Broadway is always looking out for its customers! When they see something that is unusual they will block it until they talk to you. They have all these securities in place to protect your identity. Have been banking here a lot of years and never once had a problem.
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3 years ago, Xanjess344
So Slow
App is extremely slow, especially when I opened a second account (Savings) to go along with my checking account. It seems like it takes forever for it to load when you have more than just 1 account. There's also the issue of often having error messages returned upon attempting to login at random. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Just seems like a very poorly designed app and it's made me seriously consider switching banks just to avoid these usability issues.
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3 years ago, Papa Heck
Painfully slow
Whenever I want to review my deposits I have to muster up the strength. It’s a serious waiting game whenever you want to look at the details of any past deposits. Very frustrating as I have to do this with every mobile deposited check. This is literally the slowest app I use.
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3 years ago, happy budyomer
I have been banking with Broadway Bank for over 50 years and have never had any problems. Your mobile app is very easy to work with. Appreciate your care. Everyone I encounter either in person or by phone has been very friendly and helpful. Norma Halfmann
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3 years ago, Large breed owner
Pmt options
You would think with all this technology and all these new apps, you’d be able to make a regular auto payment with any account you want. Instead you’re forced to and kris your transfer limits or get charged, just to make an auto pay from my savings account or whatever account I choose.
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7 months ago, Makomel
Has all the functionality needed with issues
The app and website have all the functionality I need. But there are issues. The font is very small and on the app, even with the system settings to make all fonts large the app does not honor it. The statements are printed is very tiny print as well. My 94 year old mother has extreme difficulty reading it. (Her other banks print in extra large font.) We want printed copies of statements at all times, but their app lets you choose one or the other eliminating the one you do not choose. No other bank does this and I've banked at 7 other institutions. I have reported these items over a year ago, and seen no improvement so far.
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3 years ago, WilArnie
Great App
I use Broadway app for transfers, Zelle, and I love that I can keep up with my credit score . Everything is on your front page, you don’t have to go searching on multiple pages. My favorite is Fast Balance where I can get a quick look at my balances at a glances.
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3 years ago, Mable &Eric Goldsmith
Why still banking w Broadway for over 30 years
Great leadership ! Over 30 years have encountered professionalism at all levels including Security officers. You find fast friendly associates whether it’s drive through or walk in . Always ready to assist you with a smile !
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2 years ago, mvalen1611
It is a bit annoying to have to choose Face ID three times in the beginning of each login. But the great thing is that I don’t have to drive to the bank. So my comment is probably not very relevant! Have a great day and I will try not to be so spoiled!
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10 months ago, jlind793111
Great Bank. Terrible technology.
Great bank with great people. They really support the local community. However, the app and other internet banking technology is terrible, the business app is also painful. I thought it would have gotten better after the new app rollout and getting through some bugs but I think it’s just the underlying app itself, the technology behind the app is bad. I bank with a number of other institutions whose app technology is leaps and bounds better. Broadway - check out Texas Tech FCU or GECU.
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6 months ago, Mink Studio
Customer service
I truly feel like a VIP at Broadway bank. Their staff is not only professional and courteous, they really try to make you feel at home. I have recommended Broadway every time I’ve had a chance…
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2 years ago, Lucky4now
Very dissatisfied
I have been w this bank for over 21 years and just this year I have had the most incompetent people helping me w my account. I am considering finding another bank to put my money in. 😔😔so sad to say!
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6 months ago, Glantrip
Broadway Bank has always been a great place to bank , I’ve had a lot of long distance travel and they have met every single challenge that has come up ! Thanks again team Buda
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8 months ago, Tío Patwin
Every experience, with the exception of not being notified that checks would take so long to clear because my account was new, has been quite pleasant.
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3 years ago, BBJFP
Easy to use, vastly improved
Love the enhanced mobile deposit features, along with the easy to find balances and transactions. Also like the easy account to account transfers.
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3 years ago, CyberJock!
VERY Happy With the NEW Online Banking!!!
Love that both online and mobile banking interfaces are synced up showing all my deposit and loan accounts. Happy with the Customized views; Zelle, iStatements and account alerts just to name a few! ☑️. Cheers to a great product line!
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1 year ago, Or chid
Fast and Convenient
Love this app. Internal transfers are fast, secured, easy, and way to go during a pandemic. Great for people with mobility issues like me. I have moved to another state but keeping Broadway as my bank because of its excellent services.
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2 months ago, Muff1122
Good Choice
Broadway Bank s very customer oriented both in person and on line. Easy to bank on line. Please do not change the current system. Our branch bank is wonderful!
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3 years ago, BnbCust
Always Getting Better
Broadway Bank is focused on making sure I have a great banking experience. The app is easy to use and has a lot of great features to help me do my daily banking.
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6 months ago, Kirk Ahrens
constantly locks me out
this app is clunky and terrible. why is it when i put my password in it says it’s wrong, then when i go to change it, it says my new password can’t be my current password? seriously? then it locks me out and i have to call the customer service line which takes 30mins minimum to be connected with anybody. when the app does let me in, any time i want to go to a setting or different page, it lags terribly and 9 times out of 10 i have to “scroll to see more content”. why not just have it right there on the screen when i click the button? why do i have to scroll unnecessarily? seriously whoever designed this app should stop designing.
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3 years ago, 1 wild woman
Better Than the Big Banks!
Though Broadway is a mid-size regional bank, their electronic banking does everything the big and IMPERSONAL banks offer. And they still have a hometown personal feel!
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3 years ago, dlfaust
Better off using a browser
Key features such as paying bills only report cookies are blocked which implies the app is mostly an app icon wrapped around the web site. Opening the app on a tablet in landscape mode used to state an unsupported browser was being used though this issue seems to have been addressed in late July 2021.
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4 months ago, Pooker57
Broadway Bank
I love the customer service. Always makes me feel important and has patience in making me understand. On line banking is great as welll. I love my Broadway Bank!!
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1 year ago, Luz’s
Best Bank
I have been a Broadway Bank customer for many years and I am very happy with the service I have received throughout the years.
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3 years ago, Cats6458
The webpage is slow and sometimes glitches
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3 years ago, orbi 2
The bill pay option should send out within 24 hours.
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1 year ago, Don L. C.
I have been a customer for 47 years and have always been very pleased with the service the bank provides.
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2 years ago, Barbara L. B.
I have been Broadway Bank for more than half my life and they’ve always taken care of me. Highly recommend!
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3 years ago, Budababe
Easy to use
The Broadway Bank App is easy to use. I love the Mobile deposit Feature and many others!
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3 years ago, stephanie1227
Easy banking on the go
Very easy to use and love the mobile deposit and being able to see my credit score!
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1 year ago, diorsey
Not easy to see
I use the accessibility feature and fonts are bigger for most app and the system. This app does not use this feature and it is extremely hard to see the buttons and labels.
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11 months ago, a0o00gx
My family has been customers of Broadway Bank for over 50 years … we love Broadway
Show more
3 years ago, Shiloh37
My account
I’m super happy with this app. It’s easy to navigate. And I really like how it gives me the my available and current balance. You guys rock
Show more
2 years ago, sauer krauts
Terrible app
I haven’t been able to logon via the app for weeks. Regular website works fine.
Show more
3 years ago, Happy Retired 2021
Customer service is the best!
Such great service. Walk into any beach and see. This level of service is so refreshing these days.
Show more
3 years ago, Chuck5638
Easy to use and fast.
The app is very user friendly for banking right on your iPhone.
Show more
1 year ago, Beautiful Ms Pat
Awesome Service!
The people at Broadway Bank are always professional and very kind. I wouldn’t switch banks for all the tea in China! Thank you, Pat
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