Brother P-touch Editor

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Brother Industries, LTD.
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Brother P-touch Editor

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3 years ago, PereMc
Brother P-touch Editor Review
With years of experience behind them, and reasonably good printer and labeler interfaces in the recent past, it seems logical that an upgrade to this application would have been easy to accomplish. Instead, Brother was months late with a working application and seemed intent on re-inventing the look and feel that Mac users expect. I even thought I had to buy a new label printer in order to use it with the newest Mac OS, because they promised that the combination would work out of the box. They simply lied. That said, it now works perfectly well, once you figure out how to do things that should be really easy - but aren't.
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1 year ago, Mav2u
Mac Support is still garbage compare to Windows
The software is massively crippled compared to the windows software. It is almost a punishment to have to use this software now on a mac. Thanks Brother for purposely and continuously dropping the ball. Zero support for making your own templates. Absolutely zero support still for Datacom/electricians and such on Mac. Would be nice to have that cable lable creator or patch panel creator. YET, we still have zilch!!! Your software is the only reason we stayed, but now, it is abyssmal. Why? How hard is it to add the abilty to create custom tape templates, offer custom templates, allow us to create with better refinement using custom rulers, margins, ect... to create and distrubute our own templates to the rest of the office people to use. Yet, nothing. It is almost as if you just stopped caring about the product in general. Wanted to upgrade to PT-E550W handhelds but the Mac Editor is such garbage, we might as well pay half as much to buy the Epson or Dymo Rhino, at this point you are no better than them at twice the price. Wake up Brother!!! You loosing the industry becuase your software people are out of touch!!!!
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10 months ago, omniasoft
Get ready for a mediocre app experience
First, know that Brother doesn't care about Mac users. A Brother support agent freely admitted that there's no way to export a template in the app and suggested I use a Windows machine instead. So at the outset know that you're getting a crippled piece of software compared to the Windows version. Second, the inability to export templates (and then transfer them to my PT-D610BT) is a huge pain for me personally since I was intending to use the device primarily to create QR labels "on the go." The PT-D610BT doesn't have QR templates installed by default, and without the ability to export and move them to the machine is a huge drawback to the app—albeit a subjective one. The app does what it needs to do in terms of preparing a label, generating dynamic values from a CSV file, and sending to the printer. So that's a plus (and the reason for 3/5 stars). Besides the glaring issues related to export/transfer mentioned above I would enjoy seeing the ability to dynamically alter an image based on a value in the dataset, and use additional fonts that aren't standard (e.g. ones purchased), but unable to transfer or get them to work. The app works for basic label printing, but if you need anything a bit beyond that you're better off (apparently) buying a Windows PC and using the app they've built for that OS.
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2 years ago, D450 background Color
allows for white on black background with some effort
the D450 doesn't seem to provide a way to print a simple label (white/black .7" media) with white foreground text and black background. So I dounloaded the P-touch editor and found that it doesn't either. But... It allows image imports, so I selected the black/white media, typed my text, did a cropped screen grab of what I wanted then imported that black background/white foreground image back into the white/black media setting and printed what I wanted. You can also import a black image for instance then put your white text over that! So while it was a hassle, and brother in the p-touch editor should enable changing the "Background color to that of the label - I was able to with the PIA workaround. :-)
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2 years ago, CosmoC
Able to start
After upgrading to Monterey I could not start P-Touch. After many help desk tries, I finally found the problem, at least on my system. I believe this application is not able to handle duplicate fonts in the system. Other apps obviously do, but this one does not. MacOS on my account has been updated many times and my account has seen a lot of fonts. I saw a Brother FAQ regarding removing the User Font folder, but that isn’t a great idea, since those fonts support programs I actively use, so I investigated further. Here are the steps taken. 1 - Use Apple Font Book and validate Fonts. Remove fonts with issues. 2 - Go through the User Folder looking for duplicates and deactivate duplicates in the User Folder. (manually resolved) 3 - Go through the Computer Folder looking for duplicates (automatically resolve) 4 - Start Brother P-Touch Editor - Launches successfully. A troubleshooting step that started this effort was to boot in Safe Mode - P-Touch started without problem. Then I Logged into a different users account, or the Guest Account - P-Touch started without problem. Then scoured the Fonts for bad or duplicated fonts.
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1 year ago, Joseph.D.
New Mac Pro and the PT-P700
So far so good. When I first received it and hooked it up, it didn't go well. And reading the instructions which are so small was almost a joke as you can barely see them. First thing to do is go to the Brothers website and down load the app which will send you to Apples APP store, then update the software / label maker for the OS with the printer plugged in and turned on. I use the app, which is really easy to use and understand. to print from the app do not have the P-touch lite program turned on the printer and make sure you have the cut button off as well... another thing... you wont see it but the tape is cut in the back going horizontal ... which I felt like an idiot after realizing this ... Now I can upload my logo and print them out on the stencil tape so I can use it with my electro etching on knives. Works like it should. I lot cheaper than buying stencils and art charges. You can add names of your customer or the type of steel used... with high quality.
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3 years ago, ScattergoodBaines
Getting better ...
I've been using some version of Brother's P-Touch editor for years. It's a clunky interface, but it keeps getting better. No where near 5-stars yet, but it's a solid 3-4, and I'm ok with 4. Cursor navigation, cut and paste, CTL-arrow doesn't take you anywhere. You have to navigate text with trackpad/mouse or arrows. I have a bunch of Brother printers, and can't rename them in the software. Instead I printed labels to match the static IP addresses I had to create for them. The printers themselves are solid products, but they don't work as one would expect -- a topic for the hardware, not software, reviews.
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1 year ago, Casey Shroyer
Very Intuitive!
Lable Maker program can be tedious. But it offers a mass amount of options for any lables you might need. You're not really limited to what you can do with this machine and / or program as long as it's within reason. I'm sure there's so much more you can do with all the different sticker lables you can buy. I am a new user and we're currently using it for our mechanic shop. Trying to organize the nuts, bolts, and washers are a pain but this lable maker makes it so much more professional looking and productive in the long haul.
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3 years ago, Hagwell
So Glad I've traded up from earlier Labelers
This program just works!! Such an improvement from the manual PTouch labeler I started with. And the iPhone tier. This app seems built for the PTouch labeler that connects to both Mac & Windows devices. It's simple to make a variety of formats, exactly as shown on screen. Plus, having the ability to use wider labels is a huge advantage. Took me a while to find instructions for using the chain print function, which saves a LOT of tape. I was unable to find this in users manual, so had to search further online.
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3 years ago, NJBeachbum21
Mac Version of Editor - Limited Options Compared to Windows Version
I just converted to a MacBook Pro running Big Sur 11.3 and noticed that the Mac version of the P-Touch Editor cannot open Excel spreadsheets (.xlsx) for the database like the Windows version does. You have to open the spreadsheet in Excel first and save it as a .csv file, then open the label template and re-insert the fields. It's a real pain in the neck if you have a lot of templates, or templates with mutliple fields. Not a seemless transition at all. Also, the templates wizard is not available on the Mac version of the editor. Hopefully, Borhter will update the software and respond. I was very happy with the Windows version, but not so much with using the editor on a Mac. Very disappointing.
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3 years ago, eebsan
Brother has messed up the OSX version by not putting the [template] folder in an easy to access location. Furthermore, most of the default templates are useless. I would recommend they simply use a folder system that the user has full access to either in ~/Documents or ~/Library etc. Also as other users have pointed out, the [save as...] feature is missing in the OSX version. This is basic stuff. It doesn't appear that Brother is testing their software carefully on OSX.
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11 months ago, Jim Manger
using with a D-610BT
Editor works great. However label maker can't print from a mac, but this is a workaround - In the past I would print from a different program to an older version (D600) with a USB cable but Brother decided not to make a driver making my life more difficult - so I won't be using a Brother label maker for inventory anymore. For making a small run or a single label, this ediotr works great and offers decent options including printing pictures - even an EPS file. Great program!
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5 months ago, Bonus mom storing stuff
Nice Office Addition
This makes labeling easy! And there are so many sizes and different types to use. I always use if for shipping but mostly for marking storage containers. It makes everything neat and tidy. The database makes it easy to store addresses. Here is a great hint - when you put things in your basement to store, add a description, owner and date on the label. When your kids have not picked their stuff they stored in your basement when they went to college - its all about accountability!
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2 years ago, SpunkyBill
Much Easier on Full-Size Computer Screen
Pretty good app overall... Would I like more layout abilities? Yes, but then it might be too complicated for new users. It works fine the way it is and it's much easier to use on my 27" monitor than the LCD display on the unit. (Oh, yeah, the price is right, too -- free ;-) Make sure you understand the "printer" the app is looking for is the P-Touch unit--not your desktop printer. Although the P-Touch *is* a printer (of sorts), I consider it a label maker. Whatevs :-)
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1 year ago, C0MPASS
Oh So wEirD, but it works, most times
This app breaks most rules in application document saving. I won't go deep into it here, other than to answer the question: "It's them, not you." There is no save-as, only save, but you can open an old document and Duplicate it, then click in the title bar of the document window to change the name and Save it without overwriting the old label. So yeah, they're smoking some of the good stuff, and have never read a GUI design book in their lives. That said, until I find something better, this is my one-off label maker. I wish the adhesive was stickier, it is NOT safe to use this as a mailing label alone, you MUST cover it with clear wrapping tape to secure it down, and it will curl up and off some cardboard and most plastics. Also, since this latest release, it crashes every time I quit it. Doesn't seem to do any harm, but geez, that's just bad programming.
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2 years ago, lov2krz
BT Does Not Work
I really like the idea of being able to wirelessly print labels from my Mac to the PT-D460BT, however it doesn't work. I paired the label maker to my Mac and made sure the Mac and label maker see each other. I've tried to print wirerlessly for over 30 minutes and keep getting a "Cannot communicate with the printer. Check the connection." error message. I can get it to print with a micro USB cable attached but the whole idea was to be wireless. Now I have to have the label maker on my desk with the Mac. Very dissapointed in BT ability to print from my Mac. Otherwise the PT-D460BT is a great label maker except for the loss of auto tape cutting which I had on my previous Brother label maker.
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3 years ago, Celtic Lass 4
Confused about getting a new label
I'm sure when I used the P-touch editor before it had the capablity of setting up a new label after you saved the previous one to your computer file. I haven't used it in a while but I seem to have to go out and choose the editor again to get to the screen that allows me to choose New otherwise it is over writing the previous label and when you go back to the saved copy of the original one has changed
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3 years ago, Dannynysus
Very good but could be better
The only gripe I have with this program is its keyboard navigation capabilities. You cannot hold down the left or right arrow keys to move between characters, you have to hit the key for every step which is very annoying. Additionally, the word skip shortcut (option arrow key) does not work but the line start/line end shortcut does (Cmd arrow key). If this functionality could be added, this would be a 5-star app; without it, it is not.
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3 years ago, DPI123423232
very important feature is now gone
For a label printer, the menu command of "save-as" is critically important . Because you simply pull up last label, with its formats and edits, enter the new address, and select save-as to a new label. Attempts to get "save-as" have failed, including changing drivers, etc., etc...... And tech support couldn't understand because their system had the menu command. Spent hours trying to fix. I have been happy with the QL 700 for years. Does all tech eventually become unusable? And its always our fault. And our job to fix. Not our problem is the new planet wide anthem.... D
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3 years ago, MT-payshunz
P-Touch Editor 5.3.6
I only have a couple suggestions for the Mac version of this software: 1. Change the Print Media o use the DK-XXXX labels on the label cartridge. Currently the software uses, for example, 0.66" x 2.1", while the label cartridge has both 17mm x 54mm AND 2/3" x 2 1/8". Bizarre. 2. Make a 'double-click' work to select an entire word in a text field. While double-clicking the text box chooses all the text in a field, you can't then double-click a single word to select it.
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1 year ago, JRowe26
Love this!
I needed a new Ptouch printer but I was a bit hesitant to spend $100 on one. Luckily, this one was on sale at Office Depot for $20 off and after looking at all the features, I went for it. Its been about 3 hours and I am loving all the features and options this label maker has. I'll probably be up all night labeling everything in sight in its own unique way but what else am I going to do on a Friday night lol
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4 months ago, marconey
Reliable, very handy!
This is one of those things that you appreciate more and more, the more you use it. I have been using it for more than a few years now. It's indispensable. It's VERY handy for a myriad of things! It came with basic supplies but I got more label rolls - get the larger one which can also accommodate shorter/reg. lables when you change the print orientatiion. Overall, I love it!
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3 years ago, Cperiod Lperiod
Versatile Comprehensive Efficient Intuitive
All the superlatives go to the P-touch App in concert with the Brother QL-1110NWB Label Printer. The installation, setup and intial use is easy – less than 45 minutes from unpacking to first label using WiFi (my communication choice of other options USB, Bluetooth). Comprehensive selection of label formats and integration with address database. Easy to drop in alternative label packages to produce high-quality labels for various applications.
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2 years ago, nsemenko
Won't tell you where a print job stopped
Overall this app is improving, but one critical missing feature is when a print job stops due to an error, it's hard to identify where it stopped. Many things caused big print jobs to stop (out of paper, cover open, jams, etc.). When this happens, the app simply quits the large job, and you can't tell where labels stopped printing.
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3 years ago, Kurt Bendl
So much better than pounding them out by hand!
I've been doing labels by hand for years. The auto-numbering feature is worth its weight in therapy sessions! So much time savings and so much less stress. This software is much better than the stuff from Panxxxxit (which is Windowz only.) It's so easy! I'm NEVER going back to pounding out labels by hand. Get it. Your life will be better.
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2 years ago, wiseceo
A MUST in Business and Life
This printer packs a punch! Out for Dymo. This Brother printer stays connected, gives consistent results, and never lets me down. It is worth the time to learn to use the varying label options and use it for everything from product labels to shipping labels. I love it! And retured not one but two Dymo printers that we a joke and never stayed connected. I warned their new owner to switch to Brother ASAP!:)
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9 months ago, Jigggggggggggggy
Where are the pre-loaded templates
I thought pre-loaded templates or templates available for downloading would be available. I have not yet found any. The ability to add text boxes and images and such is great. However, sometimes I just want to open the editor, type something, and print. Unfortunately, users always have to add text boxes and such...which is too involved for making a quick and simple label. I wish there were two modes based upon the nature of the work at hand.
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3 years ago, BasenjiBuddy
Decent, a bit clumsy at times.
Overall, this version of the P-Touch Editor is capable. It's a bit tough to use if you're visually-impaired, but at least it (mostly) supports dark mode. Our Brother PT-D600 is well-supported, and it's easy to quickly crank out a label or whip up something more complex. Most vendor software of this genre is terrible, but Brother does a much better job of supporting the Mac than most.
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1 year ago, ogdoad
Simple, easy to use, no drivers, great app
Connected via Bluetooth to my label maker instantly. Very easy to use interface. Fast and efficient. I was able to figure out how to make a custom label, import a CSV, and print a batch of 20 labels within a few minutes without reading any instructions. More software should be like this.
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2 years ago, !jlb
Best Label printer
Needed a small label printer for my business but didn't need the Fedex type mailing labels. This fit perfectly for me as I can keep it next to my computer and create name and Ingredient labels for my products lthen save them for future use. I would definitely recommend any Brothers label printer products that suit your particular needs as they work great!
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2 years ago, Mostly Marilyn
Only 1 negative design flaw
Have used Brother P-Touch labelers for years. Bought the Cube Plus for the Bluetooth and USB capability, but unfortunately, I cannot use ttf fonts on my computer, am limited to only fonts from Brother, many of which are obviously geared to an international market. Seams like the inability to use ttf fonts could be corrected via a software upgrade. I love that my older TZe tapes are compatible with the Cube Plus.
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3 years ago, KBDesert
Latest software a step backwards
I dislike everything about this latest version. Used to be easy to create and save individual labels - no longer. Not sure why text on the label is now fuzzy onscreen. I'm trying to create simple USPS scannable labels...but this software seems to be written for creative designers who want to make their lavbels visuall appealing. Will be replacing this printer with a non-Brother model asap.
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9 months ago, Mrjomo
Just 4 stars because...
In older versions, I was not used to linkages between "text size" and "text-box size". These things may well be preference settings, but I am accustomed to making my own choices, not having the app think for me. User interface is much elegant, prettier and slicker. I hope to become better friends with itas time passes and I use it more.
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9 months ago, Old_novice
Could be worse.
The P-touch Editor enables me to create and print labels, but it could be much, much better. To start with, how about this: Provide an option to automatically layout text boxes on the virtual tape with a user specified, preset spacing between them. That is, don't make me keep dragging the textboxes to position them on the tape every time I add a new text box or edit an existing one. Just automatically reformat the virtual tape so that all textboxes are evenly spaced.
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12 months ago, Paul R T
Great App.
I use a MacBook Air with the P-Touch App. and it works great with my Brother P-Touch D410. There is one thing I wish they could fix. On the Mac App they don't use all the normal Save commands. Most important is "Save As" which allowes you to save and rename a file at the same time, thus creating a new file. And this should not overwrite the original file.
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3 years ago, martimer
Great to have. but...
Sure would be nice it it were a better editor. It is "primitive" in that things like cursor key support (crl-cursor does not skip words, etc.) and WYSIWYG (put the cursor somewhere, you might be off by a character or two!) are missing. Better text editors are easy to write as tutorial software (thinking RealBasic (now XOJO) or LiveCode here). But it is better than noting by a long shot.
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3 years ago, Quiet Corner Chris
Sort of Works, but Very Buggy
This software mostly works OK, but it's very buggy, and those bugs wind up making you waste lots of expensive label stock. For instance, it will often only print part of a longer label, making the part that it does print useless, so you'll have to try again. It'll also sometimes add vertical lines at the edge of the text of a label, which will make it unusable as a label. This app really needs to be properly debugged and reworked to at least be reliable at the one thing it is supposed to do.
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4 months ago, DJ Nativus
Keeps failing to communicate with P610BT over bluetooth
Sadly, this app is having so many issues talking to my Brother P610BT over Bluetooth. My Mac says it's connected and the label printer says it's connected but it always fails to print. I have tried everything in their FAQ with no luck, including rebooting the computer, the printer, and the application. It always fails. It used to work fine but doesn't appear compatible with Sonoma.
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2 years ago, macaddict68
macOS Ventura
I have had no issues with the software until testing macOS Ventura. The app will open but as soon as you try to create or open an existing document, it crashes. Hopefully, this can be resolved in a future update. I know Ventura is still beta so understand development of the app for compatibility may still be underway.
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9 months ago, Retired RN EDUCATOR
Having Fun
I am a retired Nurse Educator so I like to be precise and orderly. After and initial frustration with selectiing the printer which I attribute to not reading the directions carefully enough, I am having fun. I have a lifetime collection of coins that I have been wanting to catalog for many years. The versatility of label size, graphoc interphase and more is great. Love it!
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2 years ago, Echo Charlie Matt
Won't Launch, Brother Support Useless
Running intel-based MacBook Pro (2019). Upgraded Monterey to 12.6 and P-Touch no longer launches. Spent over an hour on phone with level 1 and level 2 support uninstalling and reinstalling in every way imaginable and, at the end, the tech said, "huh. I'll have to look into it." He then silently closed the support ticket a few hours later with no further updates (or fix). Bottom line: beware. Brother this works great until it doesn't, and Brother is going to leave you hanging.
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3 years ago, Ecto-1A
Better Than Better
This thing does it ALL. I prefer using it via my computer rather than the device itself. The device's UI is great, but navigating on your personal computer is definitely an upgrade. Would recommend for anyone into organizing.
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2 years ago, BBenton
More field options
As it is now I have to export my Apple contacts to an excel spreadsheet because if I connect the app to my contacts directly they only offer a handful of fields. If they expanded this then I would not have to go through this step. On the pro side I like that they keep making the app better.
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2 years ago, Dr.X_in_FL
Missing some basic things that the old version had - Made me loose work!
So i upgraded to this version from v5.1 and one of the key things thats now gone is when saving something as basic as the save as option is no longer there! I have templates i use and some i then load the modify and then will use save as for a new one but now thats gone and if you accidently cliock on save it overwites it with no warning! very bad of Brother to miss this basic open out! that use to be there
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2 years ago, ncgent
Immediately crashes with Monterey 12.2 install
After downloading 12.2 to my late model imac this app crashes immediately upon trying to open to print with my Brother label printer. I have used the same printer for years through numerous mac OS updates with issue. Trashed and reinstalled app several times with same result. After the same OS update none of the other almost 200 apps on my machine exhibit this behavior. Brother offers no help, advises the Apple App store is the only source of current software for their printer.
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2 years ago, JESCHRO
Unit won't print entire label design.
I'm using the P-Tough Editor on my Mac and I'm burning through feet of tape trying to get this to print the entire label. It prints about 3/4 of it and then cuts it off and prints the next one the same. Last time I had to print labels, I remember spending several hours over the course of days with the support team trying to resolve this, and finally found a way to do it. It was so simple, as I recall, that I didn't make notes about it and now I'm back in the same boat. Someone please help!
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3 years ago, Cal bear too
finally works on MacOS Big Sur
The Brother OS11 driver didn't support the older P-touch PC at first, but now it does. At first I had serious trouble with font and object rendering and had to bring out an older Mac in order to print labels. No more. The new editor takes a bit of getting used to, but it is pretty nice.
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1 year ago, Sdl18A
Great machine = Brother PT9500
I have this accessory and use it with a Mac laptop. It prints great. Runs really well and never let me down. I print hundreds of labels for inventory, computer equipment, storage boxes, etc. I even print labels for some power supplies that I designed -- mainly buttons and LED labels for prototyping. Really nice job, Brother!
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1 year ago, Ronlap
Had to buy a new printer -- UGH
Apparently Brother couldn't get their keyboard / USB printer software to work with the latest version of MACOS, so you have to buy a new keyboardless printer. UGH! And even though the printer uses Bluetooth to connect to phones and tablets, they somehow couldn't get BT to run with a Mac, so you have to use a wire. And if your Mac is USB-C, you have to buy an adaptor. Brother should only get 2 stars for screwing over good customers, but I am giving them a charitable 4 because the softwre does work and is reasonably easy to use. But honestly, if I didn't have a drawer full of TZ tapes I would have moved to a different system in protest.
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11 months ago, Ру бу
Apple users - don't bother
Summary: Can only print via bluetooth from iOS (not MacOS). MacOS wired (USB) connection does not work. And the iOS editor is (not even) a joke. The printer can print over bluetooth from iOS. But the iOS editor is rudimentary to say the least. The MacOS editor is good. But cannot export label designs to iOS. The opposite works - label created on iOS can be exported to Mac. (why would you do that?) Worst part is that I cannot print from MacOS. Neither via bluetooth (by the way only wired connection is "supported", at least on paper), nor via USB. To be honest - when I bought the printer I managed to print from MacOS via cable. With regular restarts here and there, but somehow it worked. New laptop, new OS (on both the old and the new laptop) and here we are - cannot connect the printer to the laptop.
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