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4.8 (12.3K)
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12 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Brushstroke

4.81 out of 5
12.3K Ratings
3 years ago, Velcro Head
I won Christmas this year!!!
I made a picture of my Mom’s old dog into an incredible looking painting, ordered it straight from the app, and shipped directly to my parents’ house. I did the same for my sister with a painting (from a picture) of her three boys when they were younger. They both cried tears of joy and couldn’t believe how well done they were. They both told me it was the best gift they’d received in years. The paintings were professionally framed, canvas taught, hanging wire in place and the artwork was ready to hang straight out of the carefully packaged box. All of that said, if you’re interested in having a physical painting ordered from what you created from your picture, be prepared to spend $80-$150 per print depending on how large you would like it. I think if you find a piece that you are really proud of, it’s worth the price tag. If you’re not interested in spending big bucks, you don’t have order them, you can save them to your device for free. Anyways, this app is dope. And it helped me win Christmas.
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3 years ago, Janie DuBois
Great tech held back by clunky, nonstandard UI
This application would be great. It does a pretty good job turning photos into paintings. But the process of importing photos is clunky; the user interface controls that it uses are non-standard. Its photo picker doesn’t deal with nested albums. And I can’t search for photos by name or title or face. It should just use the normal Photos picker, which would be able to handle all those things. It’s difficult finding the photo that I want to use in the application. It also doesn’t have an action extension and it doesn’t handle drag and drop. Because of this, if I have an photo open in Photos, I can’t open it in Brushstroke. We have to go hunt for it in Brushstroke’s clunky nonstandard slow UI. It also resets its settings (like filter and canvas texture) every time I reopen the application. It also is difficult to switch between the filters I want, since there are so many filters (dozens), and I use only a few of them. I should be able to save my favorite filters, instead of having to scroll through a dozen filters every time we reopen the application.
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6 years ago, Lensist
Excellent app!
I’ve been a professional photographer since the mid-60s. (Remember Nikons, Leicas, and Hasselblads?) Since so-called retirement I have dabbled with image manipulation having determined that absolute reality was highly overrated. So far I have been displeased with what was available. The discovery of Brushstroke was a revelation. This app is exactly what I have been looking for. I can recommend it unreservedly to anyone looking to see the world in different, and exciting, new ways. The customer service is also outstanding and very quick. If you have a problem or a question about the app they are on it right away. You are missing something if you don’t have it.
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6 years ago, Valhollo
There’s a problem.. update: It’s fixed !
(Updated to say it’s exactly what the developer said it was. Simple fix, all is well.) I’ve always loved this app for so many reasons, but recently there has been a glitch in the near center of every uploaded image that looks like a white scratch. Close up it looks like a line and two dots. It appears on any image I upload and stays there saved to my camera roll. I have to take my finished image to another app to erase the glitch. I hope it can be fixed.
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6 years ago, Your nameistaken
Good app but...
It’s a good app in almost every way except that it refuses to allow the user the choice of not using the camera. Why is that a problem? It’s a huge problem when the camera turns on and is live either looking in my room or at me. I only wanted to use my Photo library. It wouldn’t let me. I’m not happy about this because so many off the apps I’m interested in are made by one owner. Now, if I were to purchase one, I have to wait until I’ve paid to find out if the rest are like Brushstroke. Yes, I saw those icons. Each time I touched Photo Library, I was taken to Camera. Didn’t work . It’s not that I can’t figure out how to use the app. Maybe it just got stuck on Choose Camera. That’s possible. The app works for others.
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6 years ago, Deletonator
dev comment on camera access
In another review a user complaint about the access to the camera, which has to be given. Otherwise tje app will not function properly. The developers statements could be interpreted that user / iphone has an issue (please reboot and reinstall). This statement is misleading. the app asks once for accessing the camera (true) but asks again (!) to get access if you want to only allow access to the photo library („Camera and Photos Access is required“). Furthermore it says: „To take photos and access existing once, the app needs permission...“. So, the reviewer was correct on his statement. A functional bug
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6 years ago, Pumasalad
I made a cool version of a photo within 5 clicks when I first opened this app. Very pleased with how it turned out. I decided to order a canvas print, but found I was able to order it from the same printer for 1/2 price by ordering directly from the printers website instead of thru the app. We are very pleased with the print hanging on our wall and we get lots of comments on it every time we have visitors. So, to recap, the app is cool but the printing option from within the app is too expensive. Save the artwork and upload it for printing via the web for discounts.
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1 year ago, Mikey Mantle
BrushStroke helps me see various aspects of a photograph by giving them extra emphasis in its “paintings”. I see the possibilities and compare them to the image I’ve already formed in my mind. It helps me plan my painting; get a better sense of how to approach it. Not all of its choices are well suited to the subjects I select, but that gives me a better idea of what to select as my subject if I were to choose a different style for a painting and still use a photograph as my starting point. So, in that sense, it is also art educational.
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6 years ago, Tfrog5489
Way awesome!!!
This app is so much better than the real thing because you don’t have to worry about making a mess and having to clean it up and I love the fact that I don’t have to worry about spending an arm and a leg on the real thing and I would strongly recommend this app to anyone who likes to use their iDevice as a painting area and not have to worry about getting your clothes all dirty. Don’t listen to those naysayers who give you bad ratings because this app is so awesome and way cool. 👩‍🎨
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3 years ago, IrishPirQueen
Emphatically Recommended!
I bought this exceedingly cool app several years ago! But I haven’t used it in some time. (I Love photo apps). I do remember it fondly. I just tried it! This most creative app still works as well as it always did! The developers are not dangling carrots in front of your nose., trying to line their pockets. Rather they are providing an attractive app which is sure to serve as a muse for all sorts of creative endeavors. You’ll feel revived, enthused and raring to go. There are oh so many possibilities to help you make some of your prettiest photos into colorful paintings. Certainly I’m going to add the reasonable packages. It’s the least I can do for the developers that could inspire turning your photos into your own Monets, Manets, Degas and all the other Impressionists! Take a photo and GO CREATIVE!
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2 years ago, Retired Puzzler
Picture to painting
I took a picture of my wife while drifting down the Missouri River. The picture was ok but after working with Brushstrokes I created a very nice painting. Floating the rivers in Montana is a favorite pastime for us so this celebrates those events. This was a Christmas gift to my wife and I had it printed on canvas. It came out great and now hangs in our bedroom. Their customer service was great and very responsive! Over all I received a great painting and good service I’m very pleased.
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3 years ago, Chicbee
This is an excellent artistic app. It is easy to master by experimenting with each setting. I discovered the way to vary the intensity or degree of each is accomplished simply by sliding my forefinger from left to right across the image and back and forth until you like the effect. The app signs the photo with your name by default. You can pick the color or remove it entirely. I would recommend this wonderful app to my Flickr friends.
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7 years ago, Wallabychamp
Really impressed
This is such a cool concept. I can take any picture and turn it into a painting with full control over every detail. So much potential! Then I have the option to sign it, share it via social media, or actually have it printed, framed, and sent to my house. Outstanding! This app has become a major tool for my decorating as well as gift giving. I love it! I'm working on my 7th picture now! Update..... still great! Loving it!
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1 year ago, art is necessary
Best app for creating photos to art
There’s no other app like this. I use it constantly and find it very easy to use. It’s also FREE and I purchased the add on for a one time small fee.. I would buy more once they create more…I hope they add more filters soon since I have memorized all the originals and added on the bundle. I would like a cubism filter and more abstracts.
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2 years ago, kingofzombies
Not impressed
There are a couple better traditional style painting filters available in the app store. It is disappointing that there is almost no ability to control brush marks. You are stuck with the app presets and changing gimmicky things like canvas texture and hue. Getting something that actually looks like like paint and works with your image is almost impossible. If you are an experienced artist this will probably disappoint, I suspect the many positive reviews are from hobbyists. The lack of a free demo or high res sample gallery on their website makes me feel mislead and I've requested a refund.
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5 years ago, georgieat5
Well Executed, Great App, Professional Results
I originally found this app to be a bit confusing, I am an artist/designer and have tried lots of paint apps that I could use professionally and quickly add well thought out filters. I do use photoshop almost exclusively and get great results but was looking for something that would quickly and easily give me a painterly result. I love this app and highly recommend it. The tech support responded quickly and solved my question with precise instructions.
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10 months ago, Cybertuxman
My creative ideas come to life!
This is for anyone who ever felt powerless paying a so called artist to create your vision only to find yourself with less money and no realization of the vision. You don’t need to pay anyone. You are creative already, you were just lacking the tools for success. Do this, you will thank me later.
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7 years ago, Kaull girl
Helpful tool
I have recently started painting. I am decent at painting a realistic painting from a picture but have always love abstract art better. I couldn’t figure out how to learn to do it. This app helps me turn my photos into abstract art so I can use them to learn, and gives me interesting photos to post on social media. Cool all the way around and easy to navigate.
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6 years ago, Great Alzheimer's antedote
Amazing possibilities!
This is such an amazing app. I have tons of flower and landscape photos and this app turns them into works of art. I can’t wait to have one printed. I have a question though. I have albums from my Mac loaded to my IPad. Can those album names be sorted alphabetically when trying to find a photo to use? That would help tremendously. Thank you.
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7 years ago, Klzuber
Great if you print yourself...not if your order
I love all that I can do with this app as long as I print it myself...I ordered a picture that I had converted to a disappointed...the color was way off and now I paid for something that will never see the light of day...learned my lesson...only order from the best sites...this isn’t one of them
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6 years ago, whoohouse
Customer service LIVES
Having trouble figuring out how to navigate the Ap. I first expressed my frustration and then I received n A message from the developer. Wow. They do take pride in their Ap and are concerned about users. With the instructions I received all is going Wonderfully Well. I thanked them and then got even more information. My new recommendation is GET A COPY FOR YOURSELF
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2 years ago, SkylerJune
Fantastic app
Mostly free, gives a truly authentic paint look. And the add on pack is only a dollar and is totally worth it. Much better than the AI apps popular all of the sudden these days that don’t give good results. I’ve been using this app for a long time now and it’s great. Always gives good results.
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5 years ago, RoJoWo
Worthy of Five Star Rating.
Not many offerings at the App Store rate five stars; this is one of them. I did the math once, and seem to remember something like over seven thousand permutations possible per picture. Some might not like the occasional rendered result, so move on to the next and you most probably will be pleased with the results. In short: Worthy Shtuffe!😎
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5 years ago, Loydc1974
Love it
As an old school artists who is just breaking into the digital artwork world I cannot say enough about the ease of this app super simple to use and the results are spot on for the type of stuff I create... I never give 5 stars to anything but this app gets 5 +1,000 more just a great tool to have in your artistic toolbox.....
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6 years ago, MWesson
Really not Impressed
Would like my money back. When you open a photo and select “Paint” the photo appears with photo processed at 50%. Moving the slider to 0% still shows the photo with paint effects. I would think that at 0% the photo would appear without any paint effects. Also, could not discover how to change brush size or apply adjustments / effects to selected areas of the image. For me, most of the preset templates are not useful and there is no option to create your own.
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5 years ago, Sunnygirl_mia
An artist’s dream.....
‘Brushstroke’ is an amazingly supportive and highly creative environment that makes available for each artist almost unlimited applications of various mediums, techniques, and materials, allowing each individual artist to plumb new depths in a quest to adequately explore one’s highly personal sense of artistic expression and imagination! A brilliant platform; Bravo/a, Developers! 😁🙏🏼💕
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10 months ago, v00ski
This is great
For years I have used a few "painting" programs and some were ok but they always needed to go into photoshop to be of any quality. NOT SO WITH Brushstroke. They deserve a lot of credit putting out a free version. I’ll be asking for the Pro version for Christmas! Great work programmers!
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3 years ago, Inja1148
Nice app
This app does a great job of taking a photo and making it into a “painting.” Ironically I have seen people post “paintings” they claim to have painted themselves, but because they are so perfect it’s obvious they have been done on this app. I suppose that’s a form of flattery since it creates a painted look so very well!
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7 years ago, grmdodger
Excellent app
I’ve noticed a few things that can be better. When saving and for printing it needs more resolution/pixels. Also when going into photo app to choose a photo allow for more choices such as favorites (folder). I love it but print quality is not up to par.
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3 years ago, Scottibot
Loved this app for years!
This app makes the most amazing artwork of your photos. I “lost” it for a while and couldn’t remember the name. I’m thrilled to find it again. The options seem endless. It really boosts a person’s creativity. Absolutely fantastic app!
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4 years ago, Xizier
Great! Will be better without filter automation
I really like this app and all its painting filters. But I think it’d better if the app does not automatically applies a filter when importing the photo, because that way we can see a contrast between the original and the effect afterwards. Hope to see such improvement on the next update. :)
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4 years ago, Persicoe
One of the Best in its kind
I have had this App for few years now. They have been honest with their purpose and have delivered what they promised at a reasonable price. I am very happy with this App and have created several paintings from the pictures in my photo album that resembling art works by a master painter.
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1 year ago, Eitanthestrong
I have really been enjoying Brushstroke for several years. It is one of the easiest graphic art tools that allows you to turn your photos into paintings. Kudos to the team that put this together. Signed, one happy user!
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6 years ago, Beatrice's iPod
I’ve taken countless pictures on international trips and would love to hang them but wanted something other than a photograph. I googled “paint your photograph” and stumbled upon this app. Oh my goodness – it’s worth triple the amount. I’ve been sitting on my couch colorizing every photo in my album. I’m literally obsessed!
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7 years ago, Awe Heal
Easy to use (and abuse)
This app reminds me of a lite version of Abode Illustrator's feature to turn photos into paintings...but waaaay easier to learn/use. I make a lot of greeting cards and this is my go to App for making them. My friends and family now request them! 28-Jun-2017 UPDATE: more filters = more fun.
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7 years ago, The Ignoble One
Easy, Feature-Rich App Changes Any Photo into a Painting
Brushstroke is an amazing find. With a few easy clicks, any photo can become a realistic looking painting. You can even see the brushstrokes! (Hence the app name.) Want more detail to come through from your photo? Less? Tons of presets make it simple to adjust the effects to your liking. This app isn't made for photo editing. It does one thing and it does it phenomenally. You can even sign your "painting" like a true artist. There's no better app that combines ease of use with such impressive, realistic results.
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3 years ago, philsy3
First experience
I haven’t had much time to use the app I only downloaded it yesterday. That said my first tries were tough because there are no directions. You have to go by instincts and intuition… Or trial and error. There’s no help page, instructional page or video to guide you. That said after playing with it first first attempt turned out ok. I just wish you didn’t have to spend so much time figuring it out by myself.
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5 years ago, OldSilvah
Love this app - responsive developer team
Loved this app but was not opening on my iPhone X. The develop a team reached out to me and suggested deleting the app and re-downloading it. I did that and all is good A few months later I am trying the same remedy as the app no longer opens.
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5 years ago, fransdottir
Versatile tool
I find this app really easy to use and also versatile. I use it to help determine whether my photographs will make good paintings. It helps me simplify and group my values. I have recommended it to many of my artist friends.
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11 months ago, TlmTlm1969
The best photo filters I’ve found
I love this app. I wish there were some way to know which filters I used to create a given image, so that I could recreate the effect without going through all of them again, and guessing.
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5 years ago, Buildmonkey
So far, so good! I have a couple of other apps that I also like. But I like brushstroke because of the detail that I can create in each photograph. It also helps me see color options that I would not have thought of.
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6 years ago, Wolfhow1
The best painting program fir the iPhone. I’ve tried many and enjoyed using them, but this is at least an order of magnitude better than the best of the others. It hits the sweetspot between complexity and simplicity. Additionally, it’s fun to use.
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7 years ago, Mdarnell514
Definitely worth having - Best Sketch N Art Filters
That I've seen on any app in the store that are easy to access and adjust. Totally unique filters I've never seen anywhere else also. Great signature feature too.
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4 years ago, nm_g
Saved photos disappear
I really like this app and find it robust but will likely no longer use it since every time I save finished projects to my camera roll, they disappear the following day...nothing like working on something, tweaking it just right only to have it vanish from your phone/albums.
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3 weeks ago, Madameditor
Amazing App
This app enables me to take photographs that might have certain deficits or problems and turn them into fabulous paintings. And the options are endless. Thanks for making such a fun tool!
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3 years ago, Rainmvr
5*****!!!!! learning What can one do to avoid having photos preprocessed when they open?
Only alearning process, I suppose, Otherwise, I still am giving it 5*****! love the nonpolitical potential for growth and change in my photos.
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5 years ago, jhorne52
Absolutely Awesome
Wow, this app is beyond all expectations. You can take any meaningful photo and turn it into the right style, color, and type for your special place. Unlimited options to achieve the perfect solution for your decor!
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6 years ago, Mary and Buddy
Works great
I had restrictions on so I had to adjust some to give it access. This app has a lot of filters. Would prefer a slider when adjusting and maybe some undo buttons. Aside from that it’s very nice.
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5 years ago, Peonywitch
Love Brushstroke!
The biggest problem with this wonderful app is where to stop! I’ve been able to quickly, easily transform family photos into “paintings” worthy of framing & hanging, which I intend to do. Love Brushstroke, big fan!! 👍👍
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5 years ago, linkybink
Never liked painting editors til I tried Brushstrokes
This app is so user friendly with lots of options. Being a photographer and former painter it seemed like cheating to use an app. Thank goodness I took the leap. Brushstrokes is my go to photo/painter. Every time I use it I’m delighted.
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