BTT Remote Control

4.8 (777)
6.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
folivora.AI GmbH
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
10 or later
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User Reviews for BTT Remote Control

4.83 out of 5
777 Ratings
8 years ago, feltgud
Purely Amazing
You're laying on your bed, watching Netflix across the room. You feel cozy and at peace. When suddenly, a popup appears on your computer.... We've all been there. And this is the tragic truth. We must get out of our very comfort to enjoy your media. A sacrifice we all agonize... Until now. BTT Remote has landed; stationed at your hand. With a flick of a finger, YOU can control your computer in infinite amount of ways! It will make your quality of life the most blissful state you can ever imagine. Buy it. Feel it. Caress it. Love it.... This decision shall never be regretted, thy generations over centuries will be at peace, thankful for serendipity.
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6 years ago, fonehome
Update causing volume issues
Latest release on the iPhone X causes the volume of the iPhone to drop to one bar upon launching very time. Then controlling the remote computer using the iPhone volume keys is unresponsive many times getting stuck on high volume but not responding to volume down button. Also any custom volume control brings up the mouse cursor and playback controls in video apps. Also still waiting for the this feature below. Please add auto display off when putting phone face down as Mouse Pro does. Really useful when watching a show and being able to turn volume up and down while having the phone face down on couch and on while the screen is off to save battery and screen. Nice to have the phone on so one can always quickly change volume when needed.
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5 years ago, tuncoztemir
Simply Amazing
I think we’re just lucky that someone produces an incredible program like Better Touch Tool and enthusiastically develops it with time to add more features. And all the new features are always amazing and work great too. Apple is lucky someone’s doing these things for Mac users. I don’t know how I would even use my MacBook without better touch tool, and this app is an addition that is perhaps not as essential but a beautiful touch that’ll come in handy sometimes.
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6 years ago, SwiftGaruda
Super useful for anyone with Touch Bar Macs
Create almost any kind of custom action for your Touch Bar with super customization? Sign me up. Plus the included iOS remote app really came in handy for some audio engineering purposes. Basically added Touch Bar actions to Adobe Audition and also included them in the remote app - silent marker adding and renaming!
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4 years ago, JSchaeffer
Great MPU suggestion!
I heard about BetterTouchTool in the past, but after listening to the Max Power Users podcast that reviewed all of its capabilities, I was surprised at everything that was included. Then when they described BTT Remote, it sounded like exactly what I needed for my entertainment center MacMini, so I decided to give it a try. So glad I did - this app is a Swiss Army Knife!
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5 years ago, cpldo
Possible to revamp this?
Id be willing to pay quite a bit to see this revamped to a type of macropad for the mac (“external touchbar style”). I don’t know if this is possible or in your interest but just wanted to bring that up. Other than that, as it stands, the app is fantastic.
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6 years ago, Lem0nDropz
3 finger gestures are nice!
Finally, a better way to control my computer. The three finger gestures work very nice with macOS’ built in swipe controls. Have used air mouse and others in the past, but I like BTT remote the most. Now I only need one app open to control my Mac the way I want to!
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5 years ago, ball-of-whacks
Phenomenal app
I’ve used this for several years across several devices, and it has not failed to delight me. Recently got the lifetime license for my wife’s computers too, and am considering upgrading my parents’ devices as well!
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2 years ago, Thedoty
Cant install necessary component on Mac without being forced to install chrome extensions
After you download the app, it tells you to go to their website to install the portion needed on your Mac. This website attempts to force you to install a chrome extension (which will be able to collect all of your personal info and data) before letting you set this up. Total waste of time.
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8 years ago, Jgon
BTT Remote!! Amazing
I usually never rate any app, however, this is a must have app! Trust, I have my Mac connected to my led tv and I can use my iPhone as a control. I'm able to control my Mac from my iPhone!! But seriously must have!
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8 years ago, Squidouche
Five star app with frustrating bug
The features and functionality of this app are great. I use it all the time as a remote when streaming video. However, it consistently freezes every fourth time or so when reconnecting after closing the app or turning off the phone's screen.
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6 years ago, Nikkyr44
I’m obsessed
I’m honestly obsessed with this app. I’m currently going through the 45 day free trial and it’s so incredibly useful. I’m able to use my laptop from the confines of my bed without any worries!
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5 years ago, cr00kedsaint
Three finger swipe
App is flawless, except for the ability to swipe between apps when in fullscreen. Would love the functionality!
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7 years ago, cosmicpersimmon
Incredible app totally worth PRO
Get the PRO upgrade for the desktop app... It will automatically upgrade this iOS app to PRO. once you set up some commands it works very well.
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8 years ago, Prosopopoeiac
could not manage without it
this lets me use my iPad as a big touchpad to control my mac. it's like having a portable keyboard and mouse in my pocket.
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7 years ago, Rockster160
BetterTouchTool is my favorite Mac tool! It works great, and the BTT remote is the best mouse app I’ve found- especially one that doesn’t destroy the battery life.
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5 years ago, Lazy lime
Great app but could use some stuff
I love this app and it works fine but I really wish that the controls were customizable
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4 years ago, Jack Brannen
Amazingly useful and effective. Works flawlessly, too. A must-have.
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6 years ago, Elizab3thTX
Double charging can’t reach company
I bought the license through the app but it won’t give me the info to register with the computer. I tried to contact the company but there isn’t a clear way to do it. I’d love to get this cleared up cause the app works well.
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4 years ago, dvnnydidit
Once you get a hang of it it's really nice and convenient
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8 years ago, usrfrndly
So helpful
But tool and btt remote are game changers. This is the most useful app I have.
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6 years ago, prohtex
Bigger buttons
Badly needs a “launchpad” type layout where actions are easily triggered with large tap areas, not tiny list items.
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3 years ago, TheeMZA
Purchased License 4 MacBook = No iPhone
I just purchased a single license BTT App. for my MacBook. The BTTRemote App for my iPhone is supposed to be free. It’s not working. IOS App keeps telling me to pay $6.99. The MacBook App works fine. What gives? I can’t find how to contact the developer
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5 years ago, Jesse Paine
Perfect combo
I use the laptop app a hundred times every day. Love this app suite.
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2 years ago, paulbarton9
This app is fabulous
This app is fabulous
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7 years ago, Dshanto1991
Need an update
This app needs to be updated to interface better with the new iOS and OS.
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1 year ago, gLaNDix
Used to be good
Mouse no longer moves. Restarted reset every thing. Nothing
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6 years ago, Jeeftor
Great but no Bluetooth support
Awesome app. Please implement multi peer connectivity framework for seedless Bluetooth connection!
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3 years ago, Yoitsbarger
100% amazing!
The best companion app
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5 years ago, StarvedArt
Love BTT Hate the remote
This app desperately needs to be shown some love. A brand new UI would be great... but I feel like this app has sadly been abandoned
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12 years ago, MaxPenny42
Well done!
I just downloaded this app. It is simple but elegant. The onscreen mouse pointer is much larger than the one activated by the Macs physical trackpad which makes for easy use from a distance because I can easily see what I am pointing at from the couch. I use it to control Netflix on my external monitor from my couch. I have used the better touch tool app on my Mac for years and love it. It is a perfect app and I was happy to pay 2 bucks for this just as a thank you for BTT but this app turned out to be awesome as well. Ok so I just discovered the customizable gestures. This app really is just as powerful as the Mac counterpart. Again my main use is for controlling Netflix so I set the physical volume up button on the iPhone as "cmd f" which toggles full screen. The volume down button dims my macs display so that only the external monitor is on. And shaking my iphone activates the return key which pauses or plays the video. Honestly this is just too cool. I am so pleased with this I may skip buying that bluray player with Netflix support that I was considering because I was tired of getting off the couch all the time to skip to the next episode.
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8 years ago, nurikaakasouliloquy
Perfect companion to an indispensable OS X app
BTT on OS X makes it ridiculously easy to set any keyboard or mouse gesture you can think of as a shortcut to do a gazillion things, running apps / scripts, changing settings etc, either app-specific or system-wide. It's been working like a charm for me year after year, with regular, stable and well-thought updates. It's recently switched to a pay-what-you-can model, and the brilliant developer saw to it that BTT Remote full version owners were able to acquire a license. The original app makes using a Mac ridiculously faster and more efficient , regardless of whether the user prefers keyboard or the trackpad predominantly. The app is everything you could possibly expect in a companion app, and perfectly stable and fast. If you are a Mac user and haven't downloaded the OS X app, you absolutely should (has a long fully-functional trial period). Once you start using that, you'll most likely come back to this.
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9 years ago, Pastamus
Worked where iTunes Remote didn't!
This app is incredible! I am extremely lazy and I don't want to get up from my bed to control my music from my computer. I tried using the iTunes remote app, but I live in a dorm with an enterprise network. I went out on a limb when buying this app because I didn't know if this would work either, but after using the manual connect with IP address and port, I was able to use this app with my Mac without a hitch! The sheer number of things you can do with this app is amazing. You can basically control your whole computer with the touch pads and the custom commands. I haven't found any bugs so far. There are two touch pads for some reason that was not very intuitive, but they both work very well. I love this app, and BetterTouchTool on the Mac. I highly recommend this app and I look forward to using it daily!
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12 years ago, sdraymonds
More awesomeness from BTT
I'll be honest: I bought this app without even investigating what it could do simply because I felt the developer should be rewarded for the amazingly free and indispensable Better Touch Tool on the Mac. Seriously if you haven't downloaded it by now, what are you waiting for? This new remote feature takes the usefulness of BTT to a whole new level. The combination of simplicity and power once again has me in awe. I am sort of obsessive about remote access to my Mac so I've tried almost everything and this app is by fat the easiest way to interact with my machine. Love it. Be advised though: unlike LogMeIn or Splashtop, this app doesn't show you your Remote Desktop. It just allows you to control it. Still well worth the money.
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12 years ago, ThomPattersonWI
Way better than I expected
I've been using Better Touch Tool on my mac for well over a year now, and have always loved it. Its had its bugs, but the developer is very quick to release updates. I had high hopes for this app, and it exceeded them all. You can use the keyboard (with all media keys), use the trackpad (multitouch, with custom gestures), access the menu bar of any running app, access the file system and open documents (on your mac), and I am sure there are many more features I just haven't found yet. I won't need to use my wireless keyboard and trackpad anymore to watch streaming content on my TV, I've got this app!
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12 years ago, Bakari C
I use BTT several times a day on my Mac. Next to Keyboard Maestro, it's probably the most used app on my Mac. Now with this remote app, there's no telling how much can be done with it. BTT has at least a hundred actions, and I don't think there's a remote app in this Store that can come close to what this app can do–not even those remote screen apps. So yes, thanks for this work. I gladly paid for it. This developer deserves every penny he earns for the work he does. My only little suggestion would be is to get rid of the two fingers in the app icon. They make the app seem cheap and ill designed. Users of the app will understand its purpose clearly.
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9 years ago, Duranimal_
Reliable for years
I don't know the developer personally, but I feel like I do. I work for a highly recognizable technology company, and recommend BTT and BTT Remote to hundreds of clients. This app and its sister OSX App for the mac have functionality and use that are unparalleled. Most office, living room, and bedroom setups can make great use of this wireless connectivity. i.e. My bedroom has a MacBook Pro setup with my flat screen and I utilize BTT Remote to operate its keyboard/mouse. Friends and family are always impressed by the custom trackpad gestures supported by the OSX App. Thanks for this great update, this new GUI looks awesome! I can't wait to see and experience more!
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12 years ago, rolleix
Amazing app, one thing to improve
Amazing, little useful app from creator of BTT. Everything works flawlessly, this is a product of a huge effort, that's apparent. Little touches such as cursor getting bigger when controlled from device is very well thought out. One thing and this would be the perfect app: Add actual remote support on its own screen. I use Keynote a lot and I need to press next, before or those kind of few buttons without looking at the phone, and phone's light closed down not to distract people. I can add buttons the normal way, but their click area is so small that I can't tap without looking down.
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9 years ago, Bw-photo
Wonderfully and thoughtfully developed software
I have been using Better Touch Tool on my Mac for two years now and have been very happy with it. I recently bought BTT Remote and I am also very impressed. It's very easy to use, setup, and customize. It's very well thought out. I also like that it is in constant development with features being added and fine tuned regularly. I use Better Touch Tool to fix the trackpad gestures apple broke and BTT Remote when I have my Mac connected to the TV. Thank you for making great software, I would recommend both to anyone!
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10 years ago, Jedi776
Worth every cent!
BetterTouchTool (the Mac app) on its own is indispensable with its highly customizable gestures and shortcuts but using it with BTT Remote takes my couch potato-ness to the next level. BTT Remote works flawlessly with my Mac most of the time unlike some of the more expensive hardware (read >$70) I purchased in a vain attempt to control my Mac from a distance. Trackpad usage is slightly cumbersome because the iPad and iPhone touchscreen cannot match up to the Magic Trackpad’s trackpad smooth(?) surface at this point so but creating "Action Gestures” allows me to minimize trackpad usage.
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9 years ago, 2oh1
Better than Great. This app is ESSENTIAL.
BTT Remote is an excellent trackpad app, but honestly, I don’t even use that feature I use BTT Remote as a way to turn my iPhone into a remote control for my Mac, and I love it. LOVE IT. It’s easy to do. Download the BetterTouchTool app for your Mac. In the settings, create a bunch of actions for BTT Remote. When you open the BTT Remote app on your iPhone or iPad (or both) the actions you set up will be there in a list. That feature alone is worth ten times what the developer is charging for this app. Seriously, BTT Remote is outstanding.
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11 years ago, Prietoguy
Fantastic! It just works.
Like many other reviewers, after trying many other apps out there for Remote Desktop controlling, THIS APP IS IT! Look no further. What I love the most is that once connected I can control the volume of the computer (playing pandora in the living room) by simply using the volume buttons on my iPhone. And I can toggle play/pause just by shaking the phone! Worth every penny! And the desktop app is great too. I use just about every app this developer makes. He is good!
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12 years ago, Andrew J Freyer
Support BTT and get another awesome app.
I'm going to say what the other reviews have also already said - I bought this to support Andreas. BTT is the only app that I absolutely MUST have on my Mac. However, I was pleasantly surprised that this remote is actually very awesome. Quick reasons to buy this: (1) Its wicked fast - way better than any other trackpad app I've used before (and it doesn't require an additional server, since I'm running BTT already) (2) Cursor automatically magnifies when in trackpad mode - very easy to see (3) Automatic gestures are great, just like BTT. I can lock/mute my computer when I'm in a meeting on the other side of the building! (4) You can access any menu item of any item from a list on the app (not from tracing the mouse through the menus). This is GREAT. (5) Support Andreas Hegenberg and his awesome free application BTT! You won't be disappointed.
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10 years ago, classical-guitar
Great app
I mainly bought this app to support the dev since I love BTT on my macbook pro and recommend it to all new mac users. I’ve tried apps like this before but never really cared for them, especially because they never got updated and required yet another server running on my machine. This seems like it gets good attention from the developer and what’s even better is I already have BTT installed on my computer so everything just works. I highly recommend it
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11 years ago, imaraginasian
Perfect App, Perfect Support!
Extremely pleased! All the features I wanted work flawlessly, even a few surprises like Retina Pointers when you start using the trackpad! This is the real deal, and since you're just going to run Better Touch Tool anyways, why run another background process when BTT is always running!? I was too dumb to disable sounds in notification center, I sent a support email and received a response over night! Get this app.
Show more
12 years ago, Stever777
Astonishingly good
I've purchased 2 different "remote control" apps that let me control my desktop and laptop using my iPhone as a remote control. BTT Remote and Better Touch Tool for the desktop are both free, and both of them completely blow the paid apps out of the water. In fact, I'm quite puzzled why this isn't a paid app. It's easily worth a fair amount of money, considering its flexibility, stability, and well-designed UI.
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11 years ago, ilovetoski93
The best trackpad app on the market
This app is by far the greatest trackpad app out there. Not only is it a trackpad but you can control your entire computer with custom jesters and shortcuts. There is a keyboard that you can activate to type, you can see all of your files and easily navigate to which file you want opened directly from your iPad, and multi finger gestures work! This app was easily worth the money I paid for it and much much more.
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12 years ago, otterman
Cheap, Easy & Useful
Like another reviewer below, I have been using the free BetterTouchTool on my Mac for awhile and wanted to reward the developer whether I used this app or not. However, this remote app is so well done that I expect to use it daily (I already have BTT run on startup so I won't have to add yet another startup app to drag down my aging 2006 MBP). It auto-detected my desktop immediately so was available within seconds. How much easier could it be? Well done!
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12 years ago, brandinojalapeno
The best. Worth way more than $2.
This is 10x better than any remote or trackpad app I've seen, and it's priced lower! There are features others don't have and execution is far better. It seems very stable, responsive and it connects quickly to a server app you would already want to have installed, since it adds a whole list of extra options and functionality to Apple's limited trackpad customization options.
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12 years ago, parterburn
Dev is ON it
I easily spent the $2 to show support for the dev as I use BetterTouchTool about every 4 seconds. The remote app's integration with it is the magic here. You won't find ANY remotes like this in the App Store. In terms of support and new features? I submitted a bug and literally <2 minutes there was an update for BTT fixing the issue, and my feature request was announced as being included in the next iOS version update the same day.
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