Bubble Ball

3.8 (158)
13.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Nay Games LLC
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bubble Ball

3.83 out of 5
158 Ratings
10 years ago, Hndsjjffjckgk
I think this game is pretty good for a 14 year old who made it. :)
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1 year ago, Whoa trippy
I grew up with this amazing game. I remember playing it on my dads phone when I was 5. It is such an experience and each level is a fun new adventure. When it gets difficult it takes time and practice you will get it eventually. over all epic game. I wish there were more like this.
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8 years ago, Swiftlymelons
I found out about bubble bounce because I was watching the news and I saw you and your game. This inspired me to create my own games, but then I wondered how a kid like me could make an app. I studied and then I made a couple games and thought back to how you made such an amazing game.
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10 years ago, GameG3n1us
I'm amazed that a 14 year old kid made this game but that doesn't change the fact that this game isn't that fun. A lot of people love it but the game gets boring after a while. You just do the same thing over and over trying to get the bubble ball to the flag. I wouldn't recommend this game to a friend. I will still be looking at his future games though!
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4 years ago, texs fan
mostly hard
can you please make level five easy because I can’t solve it ps I’m impressed by what you did awesome
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3 years ago, djalixer
One of my favorite games ever
This is a simple but very fun game. I went through all the puzzles. As many as there are I wish there would he more.
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7 years ago, Irjgisdkkfckjv
A 14 year old made this!!!
Man dude a 14 year old made this!! Btw if you are reading this please teach me how to make games like this. It's been my dream since I was four!!
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9 years ago, LRN0578
Gr8 job kid
I am impressed that u made this app when u were 14 I will buy more of your awesome apps in the future
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10 years ago, Allenesia11
Just read about a 14 year old making a awesome app so I downloaded it and it is a addicting game
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10 years ago, Joe boy 1
Good app
Nice job and I can't believe it a 14 year old made this game The only thang that it needs Is Game Center support Other Wise great app
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10 years ago, Wizard7434
Awesome Game
Can't believe a 14yr old made this. All I can say is here comes the next Bill Gates
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9 years ago, Crystal M~T
bubble ball
Hands up to this young man !!! people this is a must have
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6 years ago, SuperJew837
Awesome game
I’d like to see it be updated to work on iOS 11.
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9 years ago, Imggejsoqvroc
Shutup haters
This app is so awesome and it was made by a 14yr old now thats amazing
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7 years ago, Soundman176
Does not work with IOS 11
2 problems. The extra levels I purchased did NOT transfer to my next iPhone. Second, none of it works with IOS11
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13 years ago, DagneC
Bubble ball is a cute game,but it is boring too. Nay Games LLC, I think you should add more sound, color,and a little bit of action. I will rate more when you add those. If it stays like this it would be a TOTAL waste of my $0.99!!! Oh, and another thing: MORE LEVELS!!!!! So please add the stuff I said or my dad will be SOO MAD! Plus, I am not afraid to delete it from my iPad2 to show how boring it already is. I recommend you change it to something similar like, fastball and fastball2. Remember to change or I will be mad that I wasted my money!! At this time it deserves 3 stars I guess. When you add those it deserves 5 stars!!!;.(
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10 years ago, Stallworth Fam
This game sports no purpose. It is a meaningless romp through boring and generic levels, with you only having to get the ball to the flag. Boring
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9 years ago, happy shine
It's not only stupid, it's dumb and hard. I don't even know how you are suppose to play it. It's hard and dumb. I don't recommend it.
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8 years ago, LifeFinder2011
Love it!
Love this little game. Challenging, thought-provoking, & fun!
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10 years ago, Mario7805
That's cool
This is a cool app and that a 14 year old kid made great job😃👍
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9 years ago, 1234567890Nick04
I think it's awesome that a 14 year old made it but it is not very fun. The game itself is boring but I am still very impressed that a 14 year old made it
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10 years ago, Wenstylie
I hate this game
It don't even tell you how to play the game it's the worst game in the App Store I don't even now how it got voted number one
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10 years ago, AzinSF
Love this game!
It keeps me on my toes, physics-speaking. :-)
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9 years ago, No godo deed
Foos Job robert i want to make an App to
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7 years ago, Dtchgcjgcngcghchg
Please move menu to other side of the game screen! Driving me mental.
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9 years ago, Al J Griffin
I have nothing else to say, but I'm bored. make it colorful, rewarding,ANYTHING!
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10 years ago, Pink pin and pup
You are amazing 14 year old
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10 years ago, Unknown sj
Bubble ball
I love this game I is fun.
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9 years ago, Little bit good
I just downloaded this game and at level three was soooo hard I hate this game
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10 years ago, Mamamamamamamkdjxkcpahxbdij
Love it!
Really great app, good job Robert!
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7 years ago, Anwar166
Update ur app
Plz update ur app to be compatible with iOS 11
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7 years ago, You Horrible
For 2-5
This game is waaaaaaaaaaaay to easy. All you have to do is make the bubble go to the flag.
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10 years ago, Zah Christian
It's Not The Best App
It's a good app, but it gets kinda boring after a while
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9 years ago, Maverick13.4
Could not understand
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9 years ago, Toby Miller
Lvl 4 blows
It's not possible
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8 years ago, Meme😠
This game is the worst ever
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10 years ago, Baraka5617
No effort !
No effort to create this game
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9 years ago, Coolloooo broozi
Good for a 14 yrs. old, but bad for an app.
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14 years ago, Mister-Moose
Excellent first program!
Bubble ball is a lot of fun to play. The levels are creative and many a challenge to complete. A must download for everyone. The programmer is 14, the program is 4000 lines long. I applaud this young man for his outstanding first entry into the app store. I am a high school computer science teacher with one of my classroom topics covering programming (VBscript, VisualBasic, QB64). It's a real challenge to get today's Xbox addicted youth to actually sit down and think. Thank you Robert for giving me some motivational material to use in my classroom. I'm looking forward to your next app, you have a real knack for this.
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14 years ago, BatmanFan1221
Bubble Ball
This is an OK game. It's fun for a while, until one of two things happen: 1.) You beat it, there's only 21 levels, needs more, it's only version 1.0 and when there's problems like this and number two they need to be fixed. 2.) Very, very poor touch sensitivity. Sometimes you'll be able to move the pieces about as you like, but a lot of the time you'll have to try 1,2,3,4,5, and maybe even 6 times to move it somewhere and them have to do that again to move it somewhere else. Also, if you want to rotate the piece your working with, you have to tap it a whole lot of time to get it where you please. But, OH-NO! you just tapped it one to many times?!?!?! Never fear, just tap it again and again to get it there. Three stars for this game is being very generous. The graphics are border-line awful, there's only 21 levels, and with very poor touch sensitivity, it's a good thing this is a free app, it wouldn't be worth $.99. My opinion, since its free, go ahead and try it, but it won't be worth the space it takes up for that long.
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13 years ago, tab1075
Supposed to be free!
You have both a free & pro version so why do you keep updating the "free" version with pay-for add-on packs? I understand you want to make money like any other app maker, but even the biggest app developing companies offer more free levels with updates now & again. Your last 2 or 3 (at least) updates have only offered more levels on the in-app purchase pack. That's just greedy. You're a teenage kid, so whoever is guiding your business decisions has a lot to learn themselves. If I see that you're willing to offer your free users some extra levels, I'd be a lot more willing to pay for the add-on packs or pro version. Only 2 stars until we start seeing some new levels for us "free" version users.
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12 years ago, Manthony1
Great responsiveness from the developer
There was an issue with the app opening in the new iPad. I sent an email and got an almost immediate response. They were aware of the issue and were working to resolve it. Great thanks.. Then something amazing happened, a while later I get another email telling Me it's been resolved and approved by apple. The updated version should be out soon. When can you say you've gotten a reply from a "problem" email, let alone another email informing of the fix?? Thanks again for you responses and willingness to resolve issues...w
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12 years ago, Zim of rite
Decent game
I was very impressed with this game at first, and the fact that it's developed by a fellow 14 year-old is super cool. But it feels incomplete, with no music or background, it gets boring quickly. Also, the way Nay is monetizing it is ridiculous, the game has level packs, but you need to release the occasional free pack to keep your customers with you. The game also has numerous bugs that need fixing first, it's been more than a year and he hasn't fixed many bugs. It's honestly not worth buying the pro version until we get bug fixes and a better UI. Overall, decent game, better go with the free version for now.
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13 years ago, Emerica6708
Great, fun game
I love it, I like that there is luck involved, it's just a basic game with pretty good physics. I love the simplicity too. Only thing, there is a glitch where the ball looks like it's spinning, it will jump in and out of the walls and glitches around real jerky and the green arrows won't affect the ball when it's spinning like that, it's a rare thing it seems but sometime it happens and there is no other way to beat the level so you just have to deal with it. Pretty much a fun and basic game which, like all others, has a glitch or two.
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13 years ago, nochacho
Great game!
Found this game while browsing. It's awesome! Our whole family enjoys it- ages 13-44. Even my engineer husband has fun with it. I love that there are more than one or two ways to solve the levels, too! Boring? Only if you don't understand how to play it, (which isn't really that hard to figure out) or you have ADHD and trouble with being patient. It's nice that you can spend one minute with it or an hour and still have fun! None of us have had any problems with this game. We look forward to future updates! (btw we use the free version).
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13 years ago, allan_vcr
Latest level and in-app purchase levels are buggy
Downloaded the update on my iPad, but now, after playing each new level the game says you've completed, so you have to go back to level select each time to get the next level. Level 66 (for example -- the second one I tried) has a bug where if fails to run after one unsuccessful attempt, forcing you to go back to select the level again each time it fails. This I think is part of the 99 cent in-app purchase. In any case, bugs need to be fixed -- the initial free version seemed fairly simple but worked flawlessly, but quality has gone down significantly.
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13 years ago, jstPa55inThru
Great concept
I give the game 5 stars because it really is a great concept, and I believe that the developer should flesh out another Bubble Ball game that has better puzzles and a more catching playability. This Bubble Ball game is pretty fun for a little bit, but the increasingly hard puzzles just aren't there. The graphics are below par for even this simple game. While it is sort of a letdown, I would recommend this game and recommend everyone rate it high so we can get even a better game out of it!
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13 years ago, michaelkent94
Pretty good game
I have been reading these reviews for a while now and would like to point out that I am quite amused. To all of you older people out there that are completely technologically inept, it is not that amazing of a feat to write a simple game such as this. Just because you have absolutely no experience in the field doesn't mean you should bias your views on the fact that the developer is 14. To the person who said the number one free app is developed by scientists: "science is to computer science as hydrodynamics is to plumbing."
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12 years ago, phr0ze
It's ok. Needs more.
I burned through the levels very fast. Most levels really only need 1-2 shapes. Not all that are provided. Sometimes the physics are wrong too. some shapes are very hard to move from the top of the screen. The iPhone wants to pull down the quick bar. Needs to mark levels based on number of shapes used. Ie, put a 1 in the star if only 1 shape was needed. That will quickly give some replay value. Needs more levels. I know there is a pro upgrade but it's still not enough. I finished the first set so quickly, the pro will not take long enough to make it worth the $1.
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14 years ago, John Gemlo
Fun and challenging.
I enjoyed the game. Some of the later levels require creative thinking to get through them. Reminded me vaguely of Lemmings. Constructive criticism... the elements were difficult to select at times. This was inconsistent. Sometimes you could pick a piece and move it with ease. Other times it took several to many attempts to pick a piece in order to move it. Had fun playing it on the plane. Keep the levels coming.
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