Bubble Cash

4.6 (119.9K)
352.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Papaya Gaming
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bubble Cash

4.6 out of 5
119.9K Ratings
1 week ago, Jon Sina🤠
Looks good
Hеllo! If yоu want to рlаy in thе bеst onlinе саsinо, install the «Plimko Voyage» aрp, all nеwbies get a bonus with their first dероsit, i’ve already withdrawn $922... Аs for bubble cash - downloаded the game to see if it wаs fоr real. Saw the option to have yоur winnings gеt deposited directly into yоur bank account. I entered my debit cаrd information and dеselected the box to save my cаrd information, thinking it would help as an extra safeguard for getting my information stolen, and I was curious to see if it had done anything to my bank account. So, I log into mу bank accоunt app and I see 5 transactions, one for $35, anоther for $5.82, and another for $4. I will be in cоntact with customer service hoping to get a rеfund because nowherе in the tеrms and cоnditions or in any of these reviews did anуone state that there is an initial charge mаde to a financial account, nor did the gamе directly tell me that I was purсhasing somеthing thrоugh the game. I thought I was just linking my bank account. I am 40 years оld, married with a 8 to 9 month pregnant wife аnd 5 yеar old kid and I’m the only one working. This game gives a false hope to actually win money like all of your ads portray. I was legitimately hoping that this could help bring extra money to hеlp my family but now I’m morе than likely going tо have to figure out some way to make up for unknowingly wаsting $32 on this stupid game
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2 years ago, Bribaby1907
Bubble Cash Review
I find it really soothing and enjoyable, I haven’t won any money yet, I just got to level 2 (literally just down loaded it) it hasn’t given me anything except gems. I hope that the money winnings are true as it’s so hard to find a reliable and real game with real winnings. I read other reviews saying they got 200+ dollars but it looks like you have to actually pay to enter the money winning ones and I am broke ! I’m a full time college student, stay at home mom, who’s unemployed trying to become an influencer so I do not have the money to put into games just to get money back (that’s sounds like a scam to me like those hackers who try and say if you give them so much money in cash app you get double back but they are really trying to take your money and information to rob you dry). I’m not saying that this game is a scam I’m unsure right now as I haven’t been able to even play anything other than the one for 20 gems and all you get is gems back. Hopefully I’ll win actual money soon bc I could use the 200$ tbh. Other than all that the game is decent, no interruptions with ads so far so I enjoy that !
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3 years ago, BenevolentRose
Don’t play for money
The amp draws you in, promising that you would be able to make money. What you don’t know going in however, is that they have credits that they will mix into the money that you cannot withdraw. When you play a game, it takes more from the withdrawal balance than it does the credits and you end up losing money because it ends up becoming money that you cannot withdraw. If you are a consistently good player, you will find yourself inexplicably less lower on the rating where you would actually win money. I am convinced that the ranking is rigged so that you make just enough money to want to keep playing, but not enough money to actually get any bonus as you play. And then when you want to withdraw your money, there is a one dollar fee. All of that being said, the game itself is fun. When you play using the diamond credits and you don’t spend any money, it’s a fun, mindnumbing way to pass the time. I just don’t like how they draw in customers by using a sleazy marketing strategy as to promise that you will make money when you do not. I do like how you can choose to watch more ads and you get diamonds in return, instead of getting a barrage of ads every single time you play a game. For that reason alone, it gets two stars instead of one. If it didn’t brand itself as being a way to make quick money rather than just being a fun, time-consuming game, it would’ve had four stars. But I don’t like the dishonesty.
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3 months ago, evavee
Love it at FIRST, now it’s a scam
Ive been playing this game, and love it at first. Yes you do win money. Yes, it is very addicting to play. Ofcourse you win some and lose some games. I have won plenty of times. Also, the bonus cash you win you cannot deposit. If you reach a certain level 100’s-200’s you lose all of the fun tournaments only being left with the basic ones which then you are playing against random bots making (70,000) end of game. It’s ridiculous. When you write them asking what’s going on, they say it’s the algorithm and you are playing against players on your skill level which is a complete lie and scam. I have written them asking them to permanently delete my account and each time they respond (till this day) with questions as to why I want to delete it or telling me to just delete the app so I can play in the future instead of just doing as I asked multiple times. It’s super frustrating and they keep ignoring my request. Again, it’s fun while it last. But you end up getting shadow banned in the game if you are winning too much, or continue leveling up. They definitely give you the run around and it’s unfair because I really did love the game. I also know that my cousin plays the game (so referred her, and she gets new tournaments daily and it’s frustrating to see that they keep lying to me). I wish they had a way to still keep their high level players because it ruined the whole game for me. Sadly.
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2 years ago, 나나누눙가라인아ㅏ
Not a scam I’ve actually won good amount of money but
I’ve read through some other reviews for this app and yes it may be easy to think this app is a scam because I have spent a good chunk of my bank account out of boredom and didn’t win any in the beginning. The game is addicting and fun. after building my skills and getting better at it I was able to make the money I’ve spent back into my account (which they process refunds for the money you have spent) and I also made good amount of extra money from this game. It is not a scam. But i do agree with other reviews saying that the tournament becoming very stingy with winning amount with the games. It’s a pretty easy math to know sum of the amount each players pay to enter tournament and the prizes they give away. They still make money just for people to want to play tournaments no matter what and seeing there are looots of people playing this game I don’t see why they took away those tournaments. I’ve emailed them multiple times about this and only good answer I had received was that they are working on the algorithm. I still do play this game but smaller prizes like $20 dollars each game is kind of tiring me out. Especially after already experiencing like $100-$200 prizes each game. I really hope they do make a change and get those tournaments back on the feed. If not I might just fall out of it as well.
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1 year ago, mybabybobo
SUPER rigged, SUPER scam, SUPER not legit
Bubble cash works very very hard at finding ways for us NOT to win. They work VERY hard and taking our money and putting into their pockets leaving us with nothing. To start they have taken away any game with a decent payout. There are 6 lame games with minimal payouts or play for gems. Find a different app to play there are plenty of apps that don’t scam you, they have decent payouts and way better game options right from the start. If you do happen to squeal out a win this game doesn’t pay you when you do win and request a payout. They have taken away the friend requests!!! They now let you invite 2 friends that it just a measly 2 friends to play their low payout rigged games. It’s used to be unlimited then they took that away and gave you 5 and they just took the 5 away and left us with 2. They used to have summer jam a great payout game but now you have to play until level 20 then they will let you play summer jam. So now, you have 6 games to choose from and very little opportunities to get bonus cash so the ONLY way to get to level 20 it to keep adding your own money but you WILL NOT WIN and get to level 20 without putting more and more and more of your own money in. I am telling you don’t waste your time on this app! There is nothing fun about it, and it is a complete waste of your time!!! They will not let you win anything, they keep fixing it to make it impossible for us to win..I know this from experience!!!!
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SERIOUSLY, you should delete this app and DO NOT DEPOSIT any of your $ into this ridiculous scam! I have played the game for over a year. The developers have been consistently changing their app and not to make the game play better, but to make our chances of losing better and the developers chances of winning higher! I know this because I have played the app for over a year and I have played the changes! It USED to be fun key word USED! Developers have made the game impossible to win more than a couple of dollars here and there, they have taken away the 30 friend invites, reduced it to 5 and now 2 invites! Why??? Because they don’t want to give us bonus cash instead they want us to deposit our money into a game that IS RIGGED! You’re playing against bots! I used to be able to clear a board and have decent scores. I get I can’t win all the games. However, now I struggle to come in 2nd or 3rd. Sometimes my scores are not even 600 and the winner is OVER 10,000! Come on that’s not even possible NOBODY has a strategy that amazing UNLESS you’re playing against the developers algorithm! Developers say the cards are the same there is no possible way, my score is 600 and every card I flip is a red and the winner again is over 10,000 if they have the same cards. Oh yeah, they get a high score because we’re playing against bots. That is why I say DO NOT DEPOSIT YOUR $$$$ you will ONLY BE LINING THE DEVELOPERS POCKETS and EMPTYING YOUR OWN!!!!
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1 year ago, baldisbx
“ win real money games “
I’ve seen a lot of reviews about how the game isn’t real and you won’t win any money. First, you should not take those in game advertisements and the amounts of winnings they show you ( if that’s how you found this game ) that is just for advertising purposes only to get you to play. Second, if you think you can make money from no money playing a game to win money, you’ve already lost. You have to put some money in your account to play with in order to have a chance at winning. They might offer games that uses gems or coins to buy in a game with a cash prize but your playing against multiple people you’re not always going to win. I have a few of these games bingo blitz is my favorite or was until they upped the minimum deposit amount from 5$ to 10 but I’ve put money into these games and I’ve won but they are not a quick easy free way to just win hundreds of dollars, those who do have spent hundreds. To the girl who’s a stay at home mom in college maybe try DoorDash or something like that for extra money because you won’t get anywhere playing with gems and coins hoping to get a real cash pay out. These games are like casinos you’re going to lose before you win but you have to spend money or just play for fun if you don’t have the funds.
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3 years ago, VenomOfGod
Used to be a 5 stars game
Used to be great game, there were high roller tournaments with high entry fee up to $75 or so, and you can win $100+ but they got rid of those. Now the highest tournament is just $15, and everyone scores 40k-50k all the times even though their name isn’t even on the leaderboard (aka full of cheater players or bots). Also they make it harder and harder to withdraw, used to be you can withdraw anytime and get ur money real fast, never more than 3-5 days. Now you can only withdraw once at a time, and wait almost the full 14 days before they process your withdrawal, by the time ur first withdrawal was done processing you already lost the rest of ur money while waiting. This game is legit, based on the math it looks like it’s operating like a poker house where the house take commission for every tournaments, but I think the company got greedy and slip in bots as players into each tournaments to win the prize money on top of getting the commissions. Because scoring 50k+ on constant is just impossible for a human, and somehow the player’s name who score 40-50k EVERY TOURNAMENTS are never the same. I’d play tournaments every 3 minutes and for 2 hours straight each tournament winner scored above 40k but they’re all different “people” or different player names to be more precise. So you’re telling me there are hundreds of players who are able to score upwards 50k on constant? Yeah right.
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2 years ago, Dezzy Lou
It’s Rigged
I didn’t want to give a single star to this game and I’ve been playing now for over half a year. It doesn’t make sense that once you get to a certain level, you STRUGGLE to win a single game! And it has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with skill. Oh no, but it does have EVERYTHING to do with controlled gameplay. Because it’s one thing to shoot and miss due to a lack of skill, it’s another when the ball you’re shooting keeps shooting the same color over and over and over again KNOWING that it’s giving you the one color that you can’t possibly get to. Like having 10 rows of red and only one yellow ball to clear (which the yellow happens to be dead smack in the middle or waaaaay up top on the right/left corner) and instead of red you get 6 yellow balls shooting out back to back to back creating more rows of balls and no chance of you reaching that yellow ball because it’s surrounded by uncleared red balls. You then think “ maybe everyone else is getting the same “ just to find out once your done that your the last one to finish and everyone else finished with scores 10x higher than your own. All because you kept getting cheated out of receiving the appropriate color. And guess who controls the color of the shooting ball? Well it certainly isn’t me. At lower levels, I feel they truly are skill based. But once you level up, skills are no longer useful and you have to hope for a fair game.
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1 year ago, cheatingtheircustomers
Waste of time, the game is rigged and you will not win
I have no idea why anyone is playing this app! I am deleting it after this review. I’ve payed this game for several months now and I have seen how they manipulate their game so we cannot win. When I first started playing it was a completely different game. It was actually fun and you could win money but the more you played the harder it became. You had unlimited friends request so you could use bonus cash. None of that is true any longer. The games are so rigged you can win a couple of $$$ and that is all!!!! They have taken away the high payouts and left 6 games 2 of them gem games and the other 4 are seriously hardly worth your time. What is the motivation to play this app? NONE!!! It’s rigged (no matter how high your score the bots will beat you) payout are SUPER low not even worth your time, and you can invite 2 friends now. So, there’s no chance to get bonus cash. 2 friends equals $2 in bonus cash. This game used to be fun, but now it is completely worthless, zero motivation to play bubble cash! Deleting this app and continuing to play bubble pop 10 games to choose from, great payout options high and lower payouts. 15 fiend invites at $3 bonus cash each. Why would anyone waste their time and heaven forbid put a single penny into this scam!!! You will NOT win they have it so rigged they ruined everything about this app.
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11 months ago, Bea_utiful247
Real Bubbly $Money$ Fun
This is my hands down favorite game and I love that i can play and win real money too or i don’t have too, i love that i can still play even if I never add my own money but can and have won real money and have actually cashed out and received my funds. This is one of the only real cash games I’ve ever played and not only cashed out but didn’t have to watch a million adds before I could win/ collect/ deposit or withdrawal you have to try it to believe it and what’s even more Mint about this game is the diff end deposit amounts available and the diffrent promos they always have so not only am I multiplying my chances to win 9 out 10 times when I do add real money I always get a little boost that helps my money go farther and win me more or just keeps me playing the game period because I am able to enter more tournaments increasing my competition and improving my skills and making some friends and real money along the way. So what are you waiting for? Get this game and have fun making so easy extra cash
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9 months ago, -/).?:!($2@294730;@(!?'didhao
They will say it’s not a scam, and it will feel like you have a real chance but the game in its self is rigged. When you first start you will be really good at and feel confident you can win a little money here and there. Then all of a sudden you can’t even get in the top 3. You will start noticing that the color of the bubbles will change color in the air while you are placing them. You will starting only getting the colors you do not need so you cant clear the board. Recently I played one using the money I earned which had me in 3rd place and only needed one more player to complete and when it was over I dropped to 6th place earning me no money…that just doesn’t make sense. I’m starting to feel like half of the people I am playing against are just robots to keep me from earning money or even gems at this point. It was fun to play but when you add all the glitches, the questionable tournaments it becomes frustrating. I don’t expect it to be super easy since it’s for money but watching myself earn almost every time and then dramatically change over night to not be able to earn but only once every 15 plays is very discouraging when you see real problems. Shame on the “influencers” the developers pay to say you can earn a decent amount of money only a couple hours a day without paying into it when it’s just not true.
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1 year ago, suchafakeriggedscam
PLEASE DO NOT deposit ANY $$$ into this app!
PLEASE DO NOT deposit ANY $$$ into this app! I have played this app and their other games for a while now. Recently, they have changed SO much and have made it impossible to win any money. Well, except for a couple $$$ here and there but NOT enough to cash out. They have locked/taken away the higher payout games, taken away most of the invites now you can only invite 2 people which means you ONLY get $2 worth of bonus cash and that is it!!! No other opportunities to get bonus cash. So, they have taken all of this away so you/me will deposit money into their game because we can no longer use bonus cash. The game is so rigged you will not win and get our ahead. I am a fairly good player and I have tried and tried but they have made this game impossible to make any money…Please I am telling you DO NOT give them your money. If you can’t win playing with the with their $2 measly bonus dollars don’t think you’re going to win depositing your own money! There are MULTIPLE apps that give you unlimited invites and some give you 15 at $3 each invite of bonus cash, un-rigged games and they actually pay you out when you win unlike this app. This app does not pay, games are rigged and look at the developers responses to reviews. It’s cut and paste. I have deleted this app since it is a complete waste of time…
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1 year ago, youwillnotwinitsascam
DO NOT DEPOSIT MONEY INTO THIS APP! I have played this game for about a year now. The app is continuously changing to make it harder and harder to win. If you deposit your money DO NO EXPECT to win it back, you will not! This game is a scam, this game is not legit, this game should be taken OFF the App Store! Read the developers responses to the negative reviews it’s the same a cookie cutter response. Claiming they’re legit, if this app was legit and if this app was not a scam I would not be leaving a negative review. They keep TAKING AWAY the friend requests, it was unlimited and then they reduced them to 5 and now you can only invite 2 people. That means they’re only allowing you to play with $2 of bonus cash. The games they offer are absolutely horrible now. They took away the games with the bigger pots like summer jam, you can’t play it until you get to level 20. Don’t think you’re getting to level 20 using gems, it will take you a year! So, if you want to get to level 20 you need to continuously put in your own money and you will lose it because the game’s algorithm is set for us to lose. You will not make your $ back and you will not make enough to cash out! The developers have changed this app and made it impossible to win and they’re keeping your hard earned $$$…Please be smart and do not download!!!!
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2 weeks ago, Lisag1975
Bug took real money support ticket instant closed
Update : Interesting response. Clearly they did not even read it Pop up offer wouldn’t take no for an answer. I sent in a ticket about it and got immediate response: “ Hello ****, Thank you for reaching out to us! We are currently experiencing a higher volume of support requests than usual. To help you find the information you are looking for quickly, we’d like to suggest an alternative resource. Our customers have found our Frequently Asked Questions incredibly helpful in resolving their inquiries. As such, we are closing your ticket request.” I sent back “Wow. You immediately closed it? Ya will never deposit money in this game. “ Here is the response I got: ” Hi Lisa, Thanks for reaching out. Our goal is to provide you with a fun, fair, and entertaining experience. In this case, as I understand from your emails that you aren't having the most entertaining experience, I would like to offer you to close your account for further play in order to refrain from any further unnecessary frustration. This action is irreversible, so please take this into consideration when making your decision. Looking forward to hearing back from you! Best Regards, Zoey”. Since I already deleted this shady mess, I told our delightful grammarian here to proceed. lol. Oh this developer has gotten arrogant about customers.
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1 year ago, appstorepleaseremove
I am telling you, save yourself the frustration and delete this app ASAP! I’ve been playing this app for close to a year now. I have seen the different ways they have rigged the games by playing for so long. It seems like papaya games main goal is to rig their games so we cannot win. If you win anything significant they rig it more or take something away or change something. Papaya games wants us to deposit our money into their game but will NOT, cannot win it back! I have won $13 and I withdrew that $13 and guess what Papaya games WILL NOT PAY ME OUT!!!!So, not only is this game almost impossible to win any $$$, if you do scrap a few dollars out of them THEY WILL NOT PAY YOU OUT!!!! I have emailed over and over again, and nothing! They will respond to this review like they do other negative reviews acting they’re concerned and they want their customers to have a good experience and I should email them to get this resolved! It’s a boat full of lies! They want to look good for potential future customers! If they cared they would have paid me my $13 and responded to my multiple emails and they wouldn’t not continuously be changing their game to rig it so we can’t win!!! I have seen it, I have been through it and I am telling you DELETE THIS APP, DO NOT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT DEPOSIT ANY $ into this app!!!!!!!!!!
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7 months ago, Mia_AirHeart
Used to be awesome
So I’ll preface saying that I have never deposited money into this game. I don’t know if they still do it, but when I first got this game in late 2019/early 2020 you didn’t have to deposit any money, and they gave you gems to play with. From there I earned a 133,980 gems and $266.7. Now I earned the money from tournaments that I used to play, using the gems that I won from other games. There’s two types of non cash games you can play, one for gems and one for money. But the money one is a rarely win type game. So I got all my money from tournaments which they hold fairly frequently. Now my newest issue is with these tournaments. Now you can only get tokens for playing cash games. I don’t want to play cash games, it’ll eat through the cash I’ve earned until they try and force me to deposit money. I’m not going to deposit money. Full stop. I’m not even going to withdraw, but I really enjoyed watching myself ‘earn’ the money. Any time there was a tournament I’d get so excited and play for longer than I should have to get the money prizes. It makes me not want to play now because I won’t get to watch myself earn anything because now I can’t participate in most of the game. Game makers should change this back to the way it was. It was more fun 3 years ago.
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2 weeks ago, Slhvm
You can win actual money, but here’s the catch…
I’ve been playing this game for awhile now. I finally got to the point where I was winning pretty consistently and making decent money to be withdrawn…. But there’s a catch. Every time you earn bonus money, it can’t be withdrawn as “real money,” but it’s also the last amount of money the app uses when you’re playing games. For example, if you had $20 in real money and $10 bonus cash, the app chooses to use that $20 over the bonus cash. So if you lost that $20 in a game, you would have $0. Kind of lame. And also, when you go to withdraw money, you forfeit your bonus cash too. The other BIG catch to this app… when you start to win money and actually go to withdraw it, they take away games from you. The top-dollar games suddenly disappear, and you’re left in a bracket of the same like 10 people that are all averaging 40,000 a game. At that point, it’s nearly impossible to win unless you’re a legend So yes, while you can actually make money at this app (yes, confirmed several hundred dollars in my bank account), they basically “cap” you so you can’t make too much
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1 year ago, TarotReader11
Play, but only for fun
If your mindset is to make $$$ playing these games…..stop now. Play for the love of the game, but you’ll find pretty quick…that you’ll win some and lose some as well. Unless you deposit (and quite often) you’ll see a pattern almost immediately. I’ve never attempted to withdraw money, mainly because you will win and then lose quite a bit no matter how high your score is. Funds run low, your prompted to deposit. I play for fun and don’t mind depositing a little bit here and there but I do it with the intent to continue enjoy playing the game. You can play for gems and there are times when that’s all I will do. But then you’ll find you lose all those as well. At some point you’ll be topping off with $$$ if you want to continue to play these games. I totally understand the frustration and anger those have when you’re constantly being misled to believe you can actually win money. I’d first need to win a game worth trying to withdraw money for. You will only win so much and then it seems you lose after one win so what you did win gets depleted. It is a cycle for sure.
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3 years ago, Dominick0390
Come on when someone scores over 4000 there is something rigged or there is cheating going on! You guys need to do better on policing your games!!!! It’s unfair , and not to mention it is scamming people . This is going to be reported!!! If you don’t do something better !Don’t fall for the game! It’s funny how all the negative reviews are all pretty much the same complaints! That tells you the game is fixed. Funny how you win and after couple games you start to lose! You all of sudden can’t get bubbles to go through a hole , you notice that players score always end up more than yours even if you score high. Pay you win for bit, then you lose until you pay! Also it has to be fixed when you beat the game in just thirty seconds and s ore high but wait another player just beats you by little ! Fixed! There are only so many strategies and when mathematically you know it’s impossible to score so high but wait someone does score mathematically impossible high!!! If it isn’t fixed then the company should do better research and security! People are going to start making complaints to there banks and ask for the money back do to fraud! Fix your issues! Ps don’t bother sending your so called response . It won’t matter till you actually do something
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4 years ago, Mzmaribelle
Finally a game that is not a scam!!!
I’ve downloaded so many games that tell you that you can win money playing and none I mean none are legit, and fast to earn I downloaded this game a few days ago and I’m a stay at home mom that’s why I’m trying to gain cash somehow lol what better way than to play games so like I was saying I downloaded it a few days ago and realized you can win money either by depositing money and win money faster or win money after you reach 90gems and try your luck in a tournament now you won’t win $10 in your first games unless you deposit but anyways so I just won $12 yesterday Sunday and today Monday it was already in my paypal account ofcourse you don’t have to withdraw it right away like I did but I wanted to see it it really payed you and I must say this I my favorite game now I’m not sure if solitaire cash is from the same developer but it’s rules are the same so it probably is so from now and on I’m only playing those two games :) thank you so much bubble cash :) and no I’m not an employee or nothing of the sort!
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2 years ago, Svefn
4 stars for gameplay, 2 stars for cash wins
First off I suspect this company and others who falsely advertise how “instantly” users can win jackpots amount of cash (looking at you cash solitaire) will come up against a class action lawsuit and have to pay a settlement. The practice of advertising your cash games in this fake way seems predatory at best. Now on to the gameplay. I first got this and put only 10 dollars in. I was doing really well and had doubled my money after some time but then once my finger accidentally hit play on a 12 dollar game I was basically back to square 1 having had lost. I’ve since spent time trying to claw back my winnings. The gameplay is actually very very fun. Just don’t expect to win big easily. I do the lowest risk games with fewest players as they are your best shot of cash winnings. You either have to be extremely good or lucky to win big bucks at this as those higher stakes games have so many more players, hence the chance that so many more players are much better than you. Basically, it’s a very enjoyable time waster that may only just barely give you 10 or more bucks in a month or two.
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12 months ago, apple remove this app please
Game is totally rigged and it doesn’t take long to figure that out. App also does not payout when you win and request a withdrawal. It’s been over 15 days since I requested a withdrawal and 8 unanswered emails. Not a single peep from the wonderful caring papaya games, oh that’s because they’re too busy adjusting their algorithms to rig their apps and rip us off and creating more ridiculous pop up’s that beg us to give them our money! Please do not deposit into the is app, it’s a scam, it’s rigged, they’re not legit and they won’t payout. Read other negative reviews and read the developers responses. The developers say the say thing, trying to make us believe they care and that they’re legitimate. Legitimate companies don’t rig their games, they pay out their customers and don’t ignore their emails. Legitimate companies wait until the customer leaves them a negative review to respond and then act like they care. Bottom line, the devs have rigged this app so it’s almost impossible to win any money, it’s not strategy or luck it’s the devs algorithms. There is no way in an world that the world tournaments are played fairly! It’s impossible and it’s more than obvious with the balls that are dealt and the scores. Don’t give them your money!!!!
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3 years ago, joeytool
rigged games / scam
Let’s take it from the top. When first adding money to my account I added $5 and my account got locked and I still saw the money leave my PayPal. I emailed support, to which I got no response. After being scammed, I re downloaded it and added more money, this time it worked. After clicking the x on 30 pop ups telling me to put money in I finally got to play. And after playing I noticed that when I got a score of 20,000 somehow there was another player that got 27,000 and another one that got 25,000 making it so I do not win. And it is the same on the opposite, I would play it like a bonehead on purpose but when finished, I noticed that other people got low scores as well but they still got higher than me so I would not win. And don’t even get me started on bonus cash, you will spend all of your withdrawal able before you spend your bonus cash. I was trying to ditch the bonus cash before I cashed out, because it gets forfeited upon withdrawal, so I played a $5 game, only to find out that I spent $5 of my own money, not the bonus cash. It is all WHACK. But I will get a response in a couple days saying “we apologize about your experience” and then give me a support email that doesn’t reply. Just don’t do it.
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5 months ago, QueenT1999
CHEATING SCAM - Hope this game is banned!
The only objective of this game is to steal money from hard-working citizens. You can tell that there’s a lot of cheating going on in this game. You have to put in money for you to win any type of prize, and then it would be bonus cash that you win mostly this game will do whatever it takes to cheat and take your money. If you get a bad hand you say I was just luck of the draw but it is not. It is 100% a cheat because they will give you five balls of the same color that you do not need instead of giving you the color that you need and not only that, even if you have a good hand they will make the computer play against you to give them and illegitimate win because it’s impossible for anybody to beat you if you beat the game less than two minutes so I know this game is cheating and I hope it’s banned on every platform. I would love to see this game and it’s creators dismantled. I hope they never design another game in their life.
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10 months ago, d D fh dknbl
They won’t let me play
So I won a lot of money on this game and then they took away all of my VIP and star tournaments where I can no longer play big winning games I questioned it over and over and over one day I went onto my boyfriends account on my phone and played to see if he had the VIP accounts and he did and I didn’t. Then they turned around and canceled my account and banned me from playing any game again I can’t even play any other games that are with this company. They punished me for calling them out. Every response that you get on here is a generated response it’s the same thing over and over and the same thing to email you back it’s horrible I really enjoyed this game and put a lot of money into it and want a lot of money out of it. I played for years and they banned me because they said I had multiple accounts when I didn’t and apparently in their fine writing that nobody reads it states if you do this they will ban you maybe they should make that writing a little bigger for people to see all I did was sign into his account to see if he had the same as me and he didn’t he had more opportunity than I did and he was a new player and I played for years.
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10 months ago, Berri1977
Love this game!
You can win real money! It is true the more play the more likely you will be matched with people of similar skill level. In my experience with this game you need a fast and reliable internet connection. The device you play on can make a difference too. The only complaint I have is sometimes you have to wait to receive your money. When I was cashing out small amounts I got it really fast. So I’m guessing that when you cash out lager amounts they are doing their due diligence to be sure you are not cheating, which is really a good thing because it keeps the game fair. I have seen extremely high scores at times that I do not think are humanly possible and most likely bots. It doesn’t happen very often so I feel like they are catching them and removing them from the game. Support staff is great! They respond within a reasonable amount of time and have always resolved and/or explained my issue. I truly love this game!!!
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2 years ago, Gigantic titanic panic
Right when you thought you made money… you didn’t.
What infuriated my soul is that I have been playing this game for so long and it is always the same! Last night I one back to back games and made 20+ dollars. This morning when I woke up I lost 11 games in a ROW and was at the BOTTOM of the score list. Not to mention even though I was completing the game in like 20 seconds the players winning money had scores of 30,000+…. Soooooo please explain how last night the same matches I was playing and completing in the same amount of time and winning first place all of sudden turned me to last place… well it’s because of bots. And no matter how good you actually are, a bot will win. It’s also a psychological trick because the game basically gives you hope when you win money and then you continue playing and suddenly your skill means nothing because you’re versing a computer and boom you lose all the money you won and then what do you do… BUY MORE CREDITS which ends up giving the creators profit. It’s an exhausting cycle and I’ve honestly won 100’s of dollars during the time I’ve played this game but I’ve never taken any of that money to the bank. So unless you can beat a bot… save your money!!!
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3 years ago, Womill
Rigged, and I implore you to read this
Im a avid gamer if you will, I have put thousands of hours intro triple A studio games such as half life and the COD franchise, thats just to let me a little credibility, now this game in and of itself is rigged. First two games I play I do awesome, every game after that!? Rigger,blatantly. Taking lower ranked areas of the game on is pointless, every time i score big, a opponent will next to always outplay me, wether my score be 1,500 or 15,000, it doesn't seem designed to be fair and balanced, and I noticed the devs regards to these types of reviews, they try and shut you up and reduce your credibility with whistle blower statements and bland arguments, like a big corporation today if you will. Heres a little statistic, on average the “people” will score higher than you 90% of the time, around 80% of the time you earn nothing, , only 20% of your matches will be wins, since “everyone is served the same hand” how come the scores vary so little? They should statistically be dramatically from brain death to elite player, as every game in the planet is. It just smoke and mirrors, no such thing as free money. I will get some automated or personal response from the devs within a few days shooting me down though
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5 months ago, Babelfish80
Slow to pay out and they blacklist you if you win.
I’ve been playing this off and on for over 2 years. I rarely deposited money, but played with the bonus cash and free coins. Before Christmas I got on a hot streak and won about $1300. They paid out the first $650-ish after making me complete a W-9. However the last $575 I requested before Christmas still has not been paid and it’s almost the end of January. The FAQ section of the app says that withdrawals take 2-14 business days to be processed so I emailed support. They replied saying that actually “withdrawal requests take up to 90 days to be reviewed and we will contact you and explain the status of your request after it is reviewed” implying that I may not even get my withdrawal at all! To top it off, they’ve locked down the game so there are only like 4 tournaments I can play, and all of the opponents score ridiculously higher than I do even on the free coin game so I barely win even the free games any more. All that to say, if you want to play the free version go right ahead. But think twice before playing any cash tournaments if you hope to actually get the money you win. Seems like false advertising and pretty shady practices.
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1 year ago, Bailey010614
Don’t win too much, they will make it stop
I USED to love this game! Once I started winning a lot of money I noticed the limited time really high winning tournaments disappeared. Then as I kept winning, the challenges for bonus cash disappeared. Then the stars, where you win bonus cash based on who has the most, then the $35 and $5 tournaments with high payouts were gone. Now I have a total of maybe 5 games that would take me forever to accumulate enough to even be worth withdrawing. I’ve contacted customer service multiple times and every time I get the same response, VERBATIM, saying they are “updating to make the app better”. So, 1 it’s clearly scripts that they send and no one there actually talks to you explaining why they did the sketchy thing of making it worth your while to even play and 2 they are lying because multiple people in my family, who aren’t very good and haven’t won much money, have ALL of the high payout tournaments, challenges, etc. which just proves they don’t want you making too much money or they will make it basically impossible to win a lot. They are frauds, liars and do whatever they can to make it impossible to win “too much” money. It’s a joke!
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3 years ago, John Grisham IV
Scam: “Skill-Based Cash Tournaments” are Rigged
I have been playing this app for about a month now and I do not recommend spending your hard earned $$$. The game is as addicting as any typical gambling or betting/wagering. Every game is rigged from the beginning, and set just like a lottery. It is obvious when the computer has allowed you to win a game here and there and THEN after each easy game you can tell that they are throttling you, and putting you up against fake users with generic names that look completely made up. One game you will score 26,000 and everyone else will score low numbers like 7,000 and it will flip flop. Then the next few games they either delay the tournament results (“searching for opponents”) so that you deposit more $$$ while waiting for your winnings. Meanwhile, you have started playing new games that you will loose and you completely forget about the other $200 you just spent on tournaments that are still active. Yet, they are able to match up players to the most recent games. It blows my mind every time and I have lost so much money. INSTEAD OF PLAYING THIS GAME FLUSH A COUPLE $100 BILLS DOWN THE TOILET THEN TAKE A GOOD HARD LOOK AT YOURSELF IN THE MIRROR. And ask yourself, “am I dumb enough to give these cons my money?”
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2 weeks ago, AlleeMajor
Addictive Gameplay Makes Bubble Cash a Must-Play!
Bubble Cash is a delightful mobile game that captivates players with its addictive gameplay and charming design. From the moment I started playing, I found myself drawn into the colorful world of popping bubbles and chasing high scores. The mechanics of Bubble Cash are simple yet engaging, requiring players to strategically aim and shoot bubbles to create matches and clear the board. As you progress through the levels, new challenges and obstacles are introduced, keeping the gameplay fresh and exciting. One of the things that stands out about Bubble Cash is its intuitive controls, which make it easy to pick up and play for gamers of all skill levels. Whether you're a casual player looking to pass the time or a competitive gamer aiming for the high score, Bubble Cash offers something for everyone. The game's vibrant graphics and upbeat soundtrack add to the overall experience, creating a fun and immersive atmosphere that keeps you coming back for more. I found myself constantly striving to beat my previous scores and unlock new levels, making Bubble Cash a truly addictive and rewarding gaming experience. In conclusion, if you're looking for a game that combines simple yet challenging gameplay with colorful visuals and addictive mechanics, Bubble Cash is the perfect choice. I highly recommend giving it a try—you won't be disappointed!
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1 year ago, papayagamesisnotlegit
This app is a scam, it’s not legit! This review is from my experience and I want to help save anyone I can from losing your hard earned $ thinking you actually have a chance of winning something from this app, you DO NOT, you will NOT win $, please DO NOT deposit!!!! Play for free… It’s a scam and you’re not going to win your $ back. I have played this game for over a year and papaya games has recently changed their algorithm and you can NO LONGER WIN $! You may be able to win a couple of $’s but not enough to cash out. The bots are scoring crazy high scores and a lot of the time I can’t clear the board because I start getting random colors and I’m left with a score horrible score. I’m not a beginner, I’ve been playing this game for years and again this app for over a year. So, it’s pretty frustrating to get beat over and over and over again against bots! It’s not strategy it’s not that I’m a horrible player it’s that you cannot compete against papaya game’s algorithm. You’re a fool if you deposit any $ into this app, if you do you’re literally just GIVING papaya games you’re $, they will not let you win, papaya games is the ONLY winner!!!
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3 years ago, LCC_Modified
Fun time waster, don’t spend money
First off, it is a very fun little time waster when I have a bit of down time during the day and just need to get my mind off of things. However, this game is definitely a business in every sense of the word. If you leave a negative review, they will respond with the “we are a legit business” response which means they are in the business to make money, not pay it out. Some will get lucky and win some money from this game but most will not. Do not waste your hard earned money on this money grab. Majority of the time you can not even cash out your winnings because it’s all in their “bonus” cash when you attempt. They claim you are playing against people of your skill level, this (as many have stated in reviews) is completely false. You are clearly attempting to beat the high scores of bots. The company can claim whatever they wish on this factor, but they are clearly bots playing against you as you level up. The company can respond to this review with whatever generic response they wish to attack it with in an attempt to make the negative review seem far fetched, however, they are only showing their true efforts with each false narrative response they respond with. Again, fun to play but not worth spending money on. Especially when they push about 7 different offers when you open the app plus a constant push of “winning tips” that all involve spending money within their business.
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1 year ago, TRenee67
Loved it! Over it !
Been enjoying for a while, time to retire the game tho. The risk is not fair and accurate. For example, 20ppl pay an entry fee of $5 which equals $100, but the prize pool is $70🥴🤔 Im not sure if you all need your cut too but it just doesn’t sit right with me. The prize pool flucates and offers different varieties, however if you advertise it like you can win some real money let’s level up these prizes. I’m on level 40 and once I pay $20 plus dollars to get to level 42 I get 10cent 😑😑 and maybe 20 or 30 gems separately, wow. We play with all this REAL MONEY with PayPal give us a bigger advantage to win more money cause rn it’s not balancing out. If 20 players are putting in $5, or 7 players putting in $15, either way incorporate the missing $30 and spread it evenly so We can all win something or 2. The prizes for top winners are fair and accurate. I withdrew $55 and only got back $45 and I don’t even see where it was credited back to my account. Officially done with this game.
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10 months ago, RileySkylarsMomma
My husband and I are both addicted to this game. However, I’m having a difficult time getting it to load when I first open the app. I have an IPhone 7 and it will load to 50-55% and then freeze for hours. Some days I can get it to load like In the morning time pretty quickly then that whole day it will load right up. But the days that it freezes and won’t load up I have that problem the whole day. My husband has a Samsung and his never freezes. I’ve restarted my device, checked my service, updated the app, and even connected to Wi-Fi to help it load. Is there something else I can do to help with this issue. I hate missing out on my daily rewards just because I can’t get it to load!!! I want to continue to play this game. Please respond if there is something that will help. Thank you in advance!!!
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1 year ago, flappy bird😃
If you want money DO NOT download
I don’t have a very busy schedule and thought this would be a fun, time consuming game with money involved. And I’m being genuine about the fun and time consuming part. But there is NO money whatsoever. Here are a couple or reasons I feel this way. 1. I strongly believe that winning a tournament is out of solid luck. I also believe that there are fake robotic characters playing against you throughout each round. I spent almost $20 trying to win some “ lose some win some lose some game”that is completely utterly rigged,“ The games are rigged which is unfair. I am what is very very infuriated by this. 2. After a while of playing the game gets really laggy. And there complications on my end because I constantly checked my internet and I didn’t see a problem. This is a complication that needs to be fixed. Besides those this great game. The only reason I gave it to two stars it because of those obstacles. Also, If the creators of the game or just honest and didn’t mention money I would’ve gave it 4 stars but I despise the dishonesty.
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4 years ago, REBUMAN
This game is stupid. I got into it for a bit and won some money which was good. But there comes a point where almost every single game you’re playing and it will give you every color ball EXCEPT the ones you need. I will literally have a whole line of blues that i need to pop in order to get to the rest and it will give me everything BUT blues over and over again until theres almost no time left for you to be able to clear the board. Oh and if somehow i was fast and still managed to almost clear the board with 20 seconds left, it will do it again. It will give you the colors you don’t need until time runs out. So of course you didn’t clear the board so you have a very low score and finish last place. I gave it the benefit of the doubt, but when i saw this same thing happening with almost every game, i gave up. I cashed out my “available withdrawal” balance. HOPEFULLY i actually get it. And im done playing that is all too frustrating. You do win, when you deposit money. If you haven’t deposited any money in a day or so, you start losing and this starts happening. I’ve been playing every day, and confirmed this happens every time. So stupid.
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2 years ago, bloodofjesus23
Don’t really like leaving Bad Reviews :(
I’ll start by saying I don’t really like leaving bad reviews :( But I spent about $40 on this game at first two games I was winning at least I thought then every game I would spend money into it was like designed for me to loose like the balls would purposely have ball colors that couldn’t connect with their right color section. It was like the more money I spend I lost kind of like a cycle to keep you paying but not winning it’s so weird. Also if you enter a game that says 1st place winner will receive say like “$100” that money is actually split between the 1st, 2nd and 3rd player I thought that should be made more clearer. The game is actually pretty fun I just cannot stand the idea of keep putting into a game that is set up for you to loose , while you keep paying. I’m not saying it like everyone is suppose to win 1st player everytime so I hope you understand from previous sentences. We’re living in hard times and I’m a stay at home mom and no one wants to feel cheated.
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2 months ago, Professa79
Game is Rigged after update
I have been playing this game for a while now, had some good winnings and also loss money as well which is fine. After a big winning they remove all the big money games and you are only allowed to play the one dollar and three dollar games which I reported to the customer service team numerous times and they tell me that it’s normal, that is not normal because I started another account using my wife’s information and all the big games were there. I again call customer service and they reminded me that nothing was wrong bc and that’s how the games is set up. So as long as your losing you can play any of the f gf Ames but if you win they will limit you to the 3 dollar game at max. Now the have a new update that once you get down to two colors it will one spit out one of those colors the rest of the game causing you to have a very low score and ultimately lose your money. I will provide screenshots if it allows me to do so, I do not recommend this game at all. It would not allow me to provide screenshots but if you chose to play don’t say you were not warned!
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2 years ago, JaiLynne09
Fun game but one must be careful with deposits.
This is a really fun game and yes at times you win and of course times you lose. I understand that the creators have written that each person competes with those of his or her skill level. I, personally, have won and lost and cannot seem to ever break even. I am not one who gambles so this is new for me. I do believe it would be great to have this or a similar game that did not require using money. Yes, you can play with gems earned but it would be even better if we were able to choose an entire game with “pretend” money or what my generation referred to as “monopoly” monies. All in all it is great. I do warn others to keep a close eye on what you purchase. It is very easy to accept the “VIP” deposit with bonus cash, but I’ve also noticed each time I deposit I will win a few then start losing. I do hope each player in a match is playing the exact game as every other competitor in the match is playing. This is why I like playbacks. Then you can watch how each person in the tournament played the game and learn from our mistakes and grow as players. Just enjoy, and as I previously wrote, do keep an eye on what you spend. The deposits add up quickly. I am personally still playing but if I continue to lose and not break even I most likely will have to stop playing with my money and just play with the gems. Enjoy and be cautious too.
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1 year ago, stopplayingthisapp
From my experience over the past several months playing bubble cash and papaya games other apps. These games are constantly changing and not in a good way. They have made it pretty much impossible to win and if you do win, the payouts are ridiculously low! The games are 100% rigged and they have gone through different ways of rigging their games and it’s obvious. They have taken away the higher payout games and they are no longer available unless you get to the higher levels. They also keep reducing the number of friends you can invite and now it’s only 2. There is really no chance to get bonus cash in this game anymore they have taken that away. So now if you want to play the higher payout games you have to dump in a lot of money into this game and YOU WILL NOT WIN IT BACK and YOURE ONLY FUNDING THE DEVELOPERS!!!! They have rigged and made this game literally impossible to win anything more that a couple of $$$. Papaya games has sucked the fun out of playing this game. PLEASE DO NOT deposit a dime into this app, you will not win and you are only making the developers richer!!!!
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2 years ago, koryoko
Meant to make you lose
I did a study on 3 different phones and spent 50 dollar per phone so you don’t have to. You have a 1.4% chance to actually win money enough to cash out and they fee you for doing so so you lose even more than you make. I made a whopping $6.70 after spending 50 dollars to actually play the game. Again, 1.4% chance to actually win money. You’ll notice the game starts to purposely put small clusters of one color and give you that color continuously so it bricks you. It purposely makes you lose. You can say, “oh that’s just unlucky.” Well, this always happens after you win a game. You will guarantee it if you win 2 that the game gimps you. It will always place small clusters far up and give you that color so you’re delayed and can’t progress. Do not give this company money. Don’t bother even playing for free. You’d need to play a total of 90 free games to get the gems to play enough to get real money and that’s in CENTS. 90 games to get to 20 cents, 10 dollars to cash out. That’s a total of 3500 games you’d have to win in free mode (no losses) before you can cash out. It’s a scam.
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2 years ago, f-youoverandoveragai
Beware if playing for money
I wish I could post a photo in the review to show proof but in short, I was only depositing about $5 at a time for funsies. I a screen shot photo that I have as proof, I won $5 and $2.20 so should have a balance of at least $7.20. Played four games at $1 each which would still give me a balance of $3.20. Won three consecutive games for $1.40, $2.20 and $2.20 but here’s the weird thing, I don’t even know how to explain it but as it was adding funds to my account, I noticed it was deleting it as well!! In the end, I should’ve had a balance of $10 but in my photo proof, showing the above mentioned transactions, my balance was on $5.10. When I contacted customer support they treated me as though I didn’t understand that I was playing for money. I did give the game 3 stars because it is fun and addicting and because I was refunded for the money I had deposited that day as I had requested but only feel it’s fair to warn others that something seems a bit fishy…
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2 years ago, Superbat211
Has to be rigged.
Ok here’s the secret: you get the board down to two colors and then you throw bubbles without popping them until the board refills, then you pop them all (almost) and repeat as many times as you can with the remaining time. I am giving the secret away because I have literally cleared the entire board with 2:40 left and then proceeded to do so as quickly as humanly possible. I filled and popped the entire board literally four times and scored 36k points and won. I believed I was a god. I’ve gotten really good at this and now all of a sudden there are people scoring LITERALLY 59k POINTS… dude like what? It’s actually physically impossible to score that high, based on my above mentioned game where I got down to two colors with 2:40 left. I’m sorry but either people have figured out how to hack the game, or the game is putting in fake players to keep others from having win streaks. If someone can explain to me how you can score 59k points, I’ll gladly admit I’m wrong, but that is seriously just actually impossible. I do not buy it whatsoever.
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9 months ago, Pic cross addict
Bonus Cash is a Scam
They will comment on here saying it’s not. But it is. And here’s how I know. I had $4 in bonus cash and $6 in redeemable cash. Since you cannot keep bonus cash after making a withdrawal, I decided to empty the bonus cash and not bother getting more of it considering 1. You lose it all when you do a cash withdrawal, and 2. When you bet money, they draw from your redeemable cash FIRST. That’s the first thing that made me mad and made me decide to avoid it. So, I had $10+ in my bank total and decide to clean it all out on a $10 bet game. I got 1st place and won $16. Now, if it’s $10 out, THEN $16 in (all redeemable cash). But no. I only have $10 in redeemable cash and $6.80 in bonus cash. HOW?! HOW did I win real money and my BONUS CASH WENT UP?! It’s because you’re scamming people. Plain and simple. Either that or purposefully misleading them. Either way, this game is hella sketchy to me now and it makes me not want to play anymore.
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1 year ago, Blueeyes26
Needs a little more transparency
I enjoy playing this game, like every game there is a combination of skill and luck but I believe the makers of bubble cash should include the details of how the scoring works. There are some obvious thinks like the cleared board bonus is always 1500 but I would like to know how the score works in comparison to finishing before time runs out and when time runs out. How is the time calculated into the score. It just seems like the max score is unknown and there is always someone achieving a score that seems impossible. I also think it would be nice if the makers encourage users to use real pictures to help with knowing we are actually playing real people and not AI or just a random user created to make sure we can never achieve first. All though I have gotten first place it is always in the gems tournaments. The ones where you can win actual money I have not achieved first yet.
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2 years ago, EarnestBaly
Illegal and dishonest.
It’s really sad that this game is being used to lure in desperate people and try to grab their money. On social media sites I see it advertised as “Soandso makes an extra $400 a month playing this game!” The truth is you will never make any money playing this game. After running the program sage while playing free games for gems vs cash games there was a HUGE disparity in how the odds flipped. For a game that touts itself as being totally luck based and random you would think this wouldn’t happen, but the software I used has shown me that this isn’t the case. Difficulty is highly increased during cash matches and immediately after a new “event” begins. This is based out of a pool of games played both free and paid(I submitted $10 for the sake of seeing if sage could actually show a difference” I hope this review can steer away some people from this con. I will be submitting my data to the proper authority as well so hopefully I can get this game SHUT DOWN. There are plenty of free to play bubble shooters that aren’t out there to con folks out of their money, I suggest looking for one of them.
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