Bubble Shooter - Panda Pop!

4.6 (467.4K)
225.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Jam City, Inc.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bubble Shooter - Panda Pop!

4.63 out of 5
467.4K Ratings
5 years ago, W. Danger
I love this game! It has no ads whatsoever. (Or at least I haven’t gotten ONE after playing for over 40 minutes) this game makes me want to keep playing! Yet it’s not badly addicting. I can get off this app very easily, so it’s not bad, but I wanna keep playing! I love the excitement of waiting to see how many points you end up with at the end! It’s the best bubble game I’ve ever played! I have no complaints at all. I 100% recommend this game to anyone. It’s amazing because it can be playing by anyone in the range of 3 to 100! (Even older than 100, ha!) but I’m not just saying this review to be nice and make sure this company does well. I never write reviews. I think they’re a waste of time. But this wasn’t. I loved writing this, because I didn’t have to think about what to write. I just wrote. Everything about this game is good. I’m addicted! Gotta go play it again!
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5 years ago, givenup!!!
So sad...
I’ve never reviewed an app or any product for that matter. However, I am so disappointed that I felt like I needed to share my experience. First, I love this game, and I play it as an escape and for enjoyment. But, if you’re playing it for an escape or for enjoyment, you obviously want to have a positive experience. You don’t want to be frustrated with bugs and receive no response from support services in response to three inquiries over approximately a two week period of time. Although there are many bugs with this program that drive me crazy, I am only going to comment on one. They offer various challenges where you can earn rewards. I played the “panda race“ on three different occasions, and I believe I ended up in positions third, first, and first respectively (it’s hard to know because if you don’t get rewards, you never know where you have ended up, although I was playing with in a half an hour of the challenge closing, so I have a pretty good idea). After the first challenge, no rewards were offered. I complained. I did not receive a response. After the second challenge, no rewards were offered. I complained. I did not receive a response. During the third challenge, I complained again midway through. No response. Third challenge ended, no rewards and no response. And I did check my junk mail to make sure that the messages were not misplaced. Bubble games are a dime a dozen… I am going to have to check them out.
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2 years ago, Hasini Kandula
Panda Pop Review
Panda Pop is a very intriguing game with fun experiences and a way to cool down. I love how the game structure is made. It has all those bonuses you want from lanterns to challenges to many more! What I like is that it starts easy from the beginning, underestimating it’s power, then goes higher with intensity. My father rarely plays these type of games. Only this and chess! I love how you can pull a person who doesn’t play games like these into this state where he is at 900+. One thing that concerns me are the bugs and glitches. It is responding very slowly when you want to move on to the next level. I’m at the beginning of panda pop and I experienced a couple times when the tutor froze in the middle, and wouldn’t let me shoot anywhere. I choose all the lanterns, but continued to be frozen. Something that I also want to add - Panda Pop can be very frustrating for those who have a hard time with a level. I think it would be nice to get a skip button in there to certain levels to decrease the frustration people get with these levels. Overall, Panda Pop is a very nice game that has a calm like structure and is very fun and creative! I do request on updating it for better smoothness of the game. Just improve the glitches and add more challenges! Thank you.
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1 year ago, Refchndjm888888
Higher levels have become impossibly difficult
I love this game and have been playing it for a long time. Now that I'm at higher levels though (currently i’m on level 3151), I'm starting to encounter some issues with difficulty. Most of the levels this high up either only give you the only the EXACT amount of bubbles you can possibly use which screws you over if you don’t get the color bubble you need every time, or doesn’t even have enough bubbles and are literally impossible to beat without having certain power-ups that cost money. Even then, you might have to buy/use the power up a couple of times because its not affective the first time. Right now i’m stuck on a level where I used every power up I have, all at the same time, multiple times, and still can’t beat it because the amount of bubbles given for the level just isn’t enough no matter how I try. I used to see this game like a puzzle where the limited number of bubbles was a fun and necessary obstacle but now the game is just impossible to move forward in. Please consider adjusting the fairness of some levels or changing the way you distribute power ups. When I can’t beat levels, I can’t earn prizes that will help me beat these impossible levels. Its just not fun anymore.
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3 years ago, Alice_Please!
So Far, So Good
So far everything has been super fun and they don’t make it too hard, but just enough to where it’s a fun challenge. Practically zero ads which I love about them, (Keep that up developers, please.) I definitely am excited for the more customization options. It would be cool if we could decorate there hair and accessories too! I am hoping for a friends update in the future where you can add specific people, cause right now I lack friends. Nor can we message anyone. I think more quicker easier achievements would be cool. The zen garden is cool, but maybe you guys could add more options? Like I’m not sure if you can decorate a temple/house yet cause I am not that far into the game I do not think. But that would be cool, as well as major updates to the shop. The shop should not just be for buying coins with real money. It should be for buying different things with coins! (Clothes, Different kinds of pandas, boosters, etc.) But know that this game has so much potential that is just waiting to be unlocked! For now I can stay happy with the way it is, but here is to future hope❣️💘
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5 days ago, Ins shekanb
Don’t spend money
I have played this game for a very long time and sometimes I make in game purchases to be able to continue playing. Recently I had acquired 300 coins and I make sure to save them for as long as possible. I don’t really use my coins unless I really need to and if I do use them I never make more than one purchase at a time. So I had a little over 300 coins one day and I logged in a day or two later but I only had 50 coins. Mind you, this is after I used actual money to buy things or activate more benefits in the game. I checked all of my items to see if I had accidentally purchased anything but I didn’t have any new items. No lanterns or anything. I also didn’t play for a day or two so I didn’t use them to buy more lives. I thought it was a mistake so I reached out to support to let them know what happened and see if I can get my coins back but no response. Even if you spend your actual money on this app they don’t care. They will take your money and brush you off like nothing. So don’t bother downloading but if you do, try not to spend any money on it. It’ll all be for no reason anyway since they can just revoke any benefits given to you without a thought. Waste of money and time.
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9 months ago, LaLa7895
They are working hard to ruin a good game
What was once a simple, fun, game has become a restrictive, glitchy, punitive game that is more stress inducing that relaxing and entertaining. They’ve removed Zen Garden (they little fun way to add 1-3 stars per day). All they failure ideas they had in the past still junk up the game. They don’t bother to remove those to make the game more sleek and less junky. The failed, useless things we can’t obtained are just left hanging around for no reason. Anything we enjoy and are able to actually win gets removed. Game behaves as if needs recalibrated. Skill and strategy are no longer a factor. It’s just a “play the level 1-30, depending on when the game says you can win the level”. Balls change colors, go off aim, any number of things to prevent winning level until the game is ready for you to win. Scoring is completely off. You may get one star for a ton of bubbles or you may get three stars for only a few. The game has no real rules anymore. I’ve been playing for years and years. It used to really help with stress management. It’s not really game anymore. I’m not sure what you’d call it. It seems they are working incredibly hard to ruin what was once a nice little game.
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2 years ago, lovessunshine001
Sadly, very scammy game.
I tried to use technical support about issues that I generously attributed to “bugs” in game. For example, the game would hang up whenever a screen came up to prompt you to name a panda “av” you unlocked. Screen would come up after you selected the boost you want to use for whatever upcoming level. There is no reason that screen should not show up after winning a round and BEFORE starting a new level. The game would hang and when you restart the game and come back your boosts will vanish gone. Worse, after you lose a round you are prompted that you can buy 10 extra moves. If you accidentally click you can’t deselect or un approve it. A screen pops up with the only option being “okay”. I closed the game out and then when I returned all my coins were gone. So, I didn’t get to use the moves anyway and I was scammed out of the coins. All in all, I have been scammed out of a dozen boosts then coins too boot. I’m very disappointed. Tech support is useless. The recommendation was to restart my phone like that would bring my items back or fix the scammy game behavior. Find a different time sink to get through covid (or whatever) imo, this isn’t worthwhile and will infuriate you.
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7 years ago, bnw459
In app purchases disappear repeatedly
I liked this game, fun without being a buzz kill. Twice I've purchased coins in app only to have them disappear. I once purchased " Money Tree" in app and it too ceased to work after one day, less than 24 hours. The first time apple quickly credited my account. This time I've reached out to app support to request refund as this seems to be ongoing systematic error. I want my money credited! Now I'm not making in-app buys yet app is charging me for purchases I did not make! I've reported to apple who have refunded money, & developers, who did nothing. Beware in app purchases, I can only believe developers are dishonest as they are not making effort to resolve issue. I'll bet this review triggers another unauthorized purchase as 1st one did. After this review posted, app support contacted me again, this time asking to "discuss matter." I declined. Their first response said all I needed to know. Again, I recommend being wary of in-app purchases as there is major glitch and you may be cheated out of your purchases. You have to contact apple customer service for refunds; apple was far more helpful than app support. So I suggest developers work on fixing issues & improving customer support service in order to keep customers.
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5 years ago, Dgallapis
Great game, some disappointments
I love Panda Pop, and I have been playing for years. Always something new and different. However, the extra bonus games with Bo’s playground cost too many stars to upgrade. I play everyday and will never get to upgrade. Badoon bonus game used to be hard but achievable I no longer feel that is achievable, it has become as hard as the Dojo bonus game and too hard to complete. I dont bother much anymore. Also,I know its extra and nice but I loved that from time to time I was able to watch a video for 10 extra balls. This helped with levels I have been stuck on, 3 doesnt help 5 at least would be most helpful. Also, would be nice to add more ability to earn bonus items like rainbow balls and dragon balls. The game is supposed to be challenging but sometimes I just cant get though a level without help. I only buy extras after holidays if I get cards as gifts. Overall these are suggestions for improvements so long time users such as myself dont lose interest like I am starting to. Still think its a great game though .
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5 years ago, Smithbilt
Game cheats, then wants money
This used to be fun, but you don’t get the colors needed or balls don’t go where they’re sent so then you keep losing. Also the coins seem to disappear when they weren’t used and the money tree doesn’t pay every day. Other rewards don’t come through either. Then the game wants you to pay to get extras to be able to move on, but even then it chests so that you need to buy more. I’ve reloaded and started over a few times and this continues. I’ve bought extras in the previous games, but will not buy any more because of the cheating. Cheating shouldn’t be rewarded. It’s the same as rewarding a thief to continue to steal from you. More people would pay into this game if it didn’t cheat. Cheaters never prosper. Honestly is a lot more prosperous. When I read the other reviews that pointed out the cheating, it clearly showed that it was happening to everyone. When I saw the company that was getting money, it showed me why. It’s a shame that this company thinks it will ever get over on people. Because of this it’s a waste of money to spend it on this game, I’ll be spending with other games and companies. As will my kids and grandkids! Three generations of money that you will not get from me or my family!
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5 years ago, gamer-mum
App not responding!
Help! I am on level 1588 and it is not responding when I click on the level I want to go into. It won’t let me go into settings either when I click there. This happened a couple of weeks ago and I had to click on the challenge in the top left of the screen just to be able to play. Then after I passed a few levels doing it that way it started responding to me clicking on the actual level and everything seemed to be normal again. Then today it started again not letting me go onto my level and there aren’t any current challenges in the top left corner so I can’t even play. I’m so disappointed, I have gotten so far. Please fix this bug so I can keep playing. I hope I won’t have to delete the game. It is absolutely my favorite game and I play it all the time. It’s the only one that I really enjoy playing. I tried closing the app and reopening. I tried going into another app and then coming back to it. I tried turning my phone off completely and then back on again. Nothing is working please help. I would have given more stars and I will go back and give more but I need you to fix this bug.
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3 years ago, Anisha k Toolsiram2012❤️❤️💵
It’s OK
Listen, I played Panda pop for years and I have a few issues with it. One when you dress up you mama panda (or whatever her name is) I feel like maybe they should tell us what levels we need to unlock them. Maybe they show that already but I never saw that and I feel the exact same way about the baskets we should know when we get to customize them. Two I never really focused on creating my tree house with the gems that are rainbow and I never focused on the garden thing when you customize it Maybe they should have a reminder or something I mean Jam City... if your reading this that’s something I kind of kept to myself I’m just putting it out there. Three (final) OK this is something that I Don’t like at all. I don’t like how I always wake up to see a advertisement for us to buy a bundle of stuff and the bad thing is I sometimes click too much to the point where I almost click purchase. I would like all of these bundles to be put together in its own spot. Thank you Jam City for making my day.
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6 years ago, D_boi_
Scam artists. Sad face.
Skilled artists. The game looks nice and fun to play. Well you thought you clicked the “play” button. Wrong. You clicked the “buy” button that popped up on top of the “play” button as you moved your finger towards the screen. Now apple is asking you to confirm your payment. You click no. You downloaded a free game. A free game that earns money from throwing ads in your face, which is understandable. They forcing to “pay to win” is ridiculous in this game. The artists of this game are truly the best scam artists in the world. Turning a seeming simple fun game into a trap. I haven’t fell for the trap but I’m sure some innocent souls have. The developers need to chill the hell out with their trickery. Stay away from the game until it’s safe. Stay away I tell you. Pandas seem innocent. But they are still bears. That will rip your face off and steal money from the innocent. I wasn’t religious until I played this game. I began praying to God that these developers get a soul and use their artistic talents to make an actual game instead of this dark alley scam art. Developers, do something better with your lives. Fix your game and take pride. Earn your dignity back. Quit stooping down to scam artists levels. See the light
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6 years ago, MummiBug
Inappropriate Ads - this has been corrected.
The game is a lot of fun and appears to be suitable for children. However, beware of the ads, as I have brought a particular adult-only ad to their attention several times and they have not responded nor removed the ad. (Note - after writing this, I found that they did respond 6 days ago that the ad was removed but I’ve continued to see it, right up to today). I originally wrote this review a couple of days ago. The ad is not only still showing, but has gone from bad to worse. In this time of sexual harassment being illuminated for the perverse and demeaning thing that it is, ads like this only further the objectification of women. This game is not family-friendly at this point. I will stop playing until I receive a response that all offensive ads have been removed. Update: They contacted me and have assured me that the offensive ad has been blocked. I am upgrading my review because I appreciate their response. I will advise if the ad shows up again.
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6 years ago, Cartographer Guy
Poor Response to Support Request
There are competitions with other players and based on how well some of the other players did (exceeding 2000 levels in a day) it I can only assume they are cheating. If I have bought an in-app purchase to play and someone else has cheated (Panda Pop cheat methods are all over the Internet), then my in-app purchase is useless if I am playing fairly. I have reported this and asked for them to restore my in-app purchased I used to play. They acknowledge the problem and say they “are working on it” but haven’t offered to reimburse me or restore my purchases so I don’t even know what “working on it” means. I find it disappointing and inexcusable to not support a paying customer. UPDATE Jam City’s stock response to each bad review is to contact them for support. However, their support messages (all three) did not address my request to restore my purchases and boosters when I played against people who were cheating. All they said was that they were aware of the problem and were working on it. The games are set up at the advanced levels to require the boosters and/or coins to advance so all I can say is buyer beware.
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5 years ago, Sandrider77
World class cheaters of children!!!
This game is designed to attract children, just look at the cuddlies...so cute! Watch out for the hooks!!! These people will cheat your children & you. After the easy levels, when things become more adult, you learn that if you EVER get close enough to finish a level, YOU WILL NOT GET THE BALLS YOU NEED!! Every time the game defaults to balls you have absolutely no use for...EVERY time!! It is NOT random as the crew claim that it is. Once in a while you may see a chance with a few extra balls... if you check carefully you will see that this only happens when you have NO chance of completing the level. DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE (CHEATERS) ANY MONEY...NONE. It is only another lure to get you to spend even more. You are better of throwing your money straight into the toilet!!! Yes, it looks like fun...but the worst rigged carnival cheaters have nothing on these people. Customer service consists of repeated cut& paste responses worded to make you think they may try to help you. That too is a lie!! You can play if you want, but only if you like losing the same level hundreds of times...your money is not worth what you pay. YOU WILL BE RIPPED OFF!!!
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2 months ago, Shugie10
Out of Control Ads
This is one of my favorite app games of all time and it’s become virtually unplayable since the last update. I used to be able to sail through the levels, only having to watch ads when I specifically chose to in order to earn rewards like extra lives or helpful items. Now there’s an un-skippable thirty-second ad between every level whether you win or lose. Which is pretty absurd considering the screen before the ad begins includes the OPTION to watch an ad, which I never click! I’ve started watching videos in the background while I play this game and then shutting the app down between every level to go play another game while the ads run. I usually end up just sticking with the other game, too, which I don’t even like as much but doesn’t force ads down my throat. I don’t mind being offered in-app purchases or given the option to watch ads to earn rewards. But an ad between every level (some of which take less than 60 seconds to complete) is such a turn-off.
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6 years ago, AtiskitAtaskit
Inappropriate long running apps
When I first installed this game for my daughter and I to play, we both loved it. But now, the ads between every game, and special game feature, and any other choice you make are too long and repetitive. Some are 75 seconds long and some are highly inappropriate. If I’m not on home internet, a lot of the ads bind up my computer so I have to turn it off and re-boot. The game goes into loops and the aims are inaccurate a lot of the time (even with the precise aim option.) There are too many times when you only need one more popper; so, they are really trying to get you to make “in game” purchases; after forcing you to view long ads. I don’t like the rotating smoke screens or instant death skulls. With those things and the other issues, what was once an enjoyable pastime has become frustrating for me and my daughter. Four of her friends and their moms had installed the Ap when we did, but they have all uninstalled it. We the last ones left. More and more we’re shifting to other activities, which is probably good for us anyway.
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5 years ago, Blahblabbfgdvm
I have been playing panda pop for years and will probably never stop as long as I have an iPhone. I truly enjoy the challenges even though I want to pull my hair out when it takes me over 10 lives to beat one level at times. My biggest concern is that this game definitely cheats. Need one more red ball to save your baby? The last 3 colors will be everything but! I’m almost certain this game is rigged to never give you the colors you actually need until it realizes you won’t buy upgrades just to pass it. I’ve also been extremely frustrated with the challenges where you feed the dragon or race other players - when I log back in I receive no updates on where I finished the race and a new challenge completely wipes out the last one. Extremely frustrating when I use upgrades to make sure I’m #1 and the game doesn’t even give me the box of rewards. Besides the bitter, finally beating a level and relieving stress all the while makes the game pretty sweet!
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5 years ago, DelilahMansour
Good, but...
So far I've enjoyed the game. It is possible to play thus far (lvl 99) without spending any money. Just being smart about earning stars to power up lanterns and infinite lives for 1 hour. You get a zen garden and if you're patient, every 12-24 hours or so you get coins and then the power ups at the same expense of a few stars. You can earn a few little rewards here and there with a lot of game play, but game play does get extremely challenging later on without weapons (not impossible, just expect to play 10-15 times without anything extra). The reason I gave this app three stars is because it gives you a money tree in your zen garden....and then takes it away after a few days with no warning. Wants you to pay. If Panda Pop was a one time purchase game, I would've bought it by now, but they seem to think they can squeeze a couple bucks out of people every few days and that's insane. Take note Panda Pop - I'd rather uninstall before I pay micro transactions.
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6 years ago, $ynthia
At first the game is enjoyable but the harder the levels get.. all of a sudden the game starts “glitching”. Few examples: My bubbles at the bottom left corner have just disappeared. I could not switch between bubbles and have lost levels because of this. I finally gain enough stars to activate the score boosting cat. First level played after activating my panda throws up a ball and it just freezes in mid air. When I have the option to watch an add for a free booster it sometimes does not give me the booster after watching the 30 sec long ad. Sometimes the game is generous enough to give you 3 free bubbles if you’re loosing a level but you have to watch an add (of course) to get them.. BUT sometimes when you click on the option to get the free bubbles nothing happens!!!! It freezes again!!! But as soon as you click “quit” oh wow my buttons work all of a sudden. You are forced to buy boosters to win levels. They will say you are not but in reality you are. Its how they make money. I’ve spent so much money buying coins and boosters to keep having these inconveniences!! After today, Im done.. Im uninstalling the app.
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5 years ago, uni-ray
❤️ this game But...
I love panda pop but it does get frustrating when you’re so close to defeating The level and then you lose it and sometimes the ball just glitches and also my money tree went away and it won’t let me get it back unless I spend like five dollars on it and that is so frustrating and you have to have stars for everything and don’t give me started on the lives because When you are stuck on a level it just scratches are hurt and laughs at you in the face almost.☹️ don’t give me wrong panda pops a great game but it just has its downsides too. I don’t want to be a downer so I will list some of the good sides of this game and don’t let the bad sides stop you from getting it so here are the good things about it if you like bubble popping games this is definitely a game for you if you like cute animals this is also a good game for you the graphics are nice and also it has good music on the levels!
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6 years ago, kimbahlay
they ruined a perfectly good game
I loved this game, I played it for hours on end. The graphics are gorgeous, and it’s a fun game. But then the last two updates ruined it. First they started screwing us with boosters. Super streak used to only need 3 wins and you could lose a game without losing all your boosters. Now you need more wins and if you lose once you lose it all. You also can’t store up super aims or ball changes anymore, if you get a free one you have to use it for that game, which means having an even amount of both boosters is near impossible. And they changed the number of extra balls you occasionally get after a level from 5 or 10 to 3. What can you do with only 3 balls?? Not to mention it would take like 7 tries to actually get them. Apparently they’ve also decreased the rewards you get for the belts and stuff too. Then the last update wiped the zen garden and stars. I really enjoyed this game but if they don’t stop being greedy and go back to the way it was I will no longer be playing. It’s just not fun anymore.
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5 years ago, Shortish gurl
Very good for a free game
This game is super addictive. Once you start getting better at aiming you can pass the levels super fast. At some point a few months ago there was however a lot of glitching and I stopped playing it as much. The ball didn’t go where I aimed it, or it swapped the color of the ball I was throwing, or selected one of the lanterns when I hadn’t selected it, I’ve even had it where I have 5-6 balls left and it will purposely only gives out the two colors I don’t need. That problem however has seemed to reduce and it’s not glitching as much so I’m back to play it. I haven’t bought any coins and do relatively well. It’s nice to have a game where buying coins isn’t necessary in order to advance. Does it slow you down? Sure. But it’s not impossible to advance. Thanks for a game with decent graphics and rewards.
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6 years ago, Queueissue
Very fun but pricey and addictive
I have been playing this game for a while, but just realized I’ve spent A LOT of money buying coins. The prices are pretty high: $4.99 for 190 coins, 9.99 for 400 coins, etc. You can go through coins very quickly since it costs 40 coins to add an additional 10 bubbles if you run out, and 15 coins to buy extra lanterns. Yes you can probably play and win the levels without spending money (after a few tries), but once you’re addicted to the game or competing in one of the races, you get very tempted to use up those coins! In addition, they recently started changing the rewards you get. They used to give a lot of bonuses when you completed challenges but now it’s significantly less than what it was. Now it just feels like it’s not worth the money you’re spending while playing this game. Lower the prices and don’t decrease the amount of bonuses and rewards. I’ve definitely noticed the change. Bring it back to what it was!
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5 years ago, dthrbfnfnn
Cute and Love it!
I love this game and it it really is cute to me, so I just liked it anyway. Seriously, I had pulled out rewards and some were actually pretty good! I had no idea and I was determined to win those levels, so I decided to think it is great. Sometimes I played it a lot to keep myself occupied and I just thought all the fun is driving me bananas! Almost every day I played it and I let my brother to watch because he loves to. For almost every month I played it and almost never stop because it is way too much fun, cute, and lovable. I maybe would mastered the app for I didn't fail much and I would be happy to get rewards because it is fun! When I began to play I had so much fun, even when I was watching. I never knew I was so good at it that I was playing a lot, though. So I just liked to play so for a hour, I was lucky.
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6 years ago, M Herrington
Once you pop you can’t stop!!!
I very viciously judge people that spend a lot of time playing online games, and I haven’t had this kind of gaming addiction and subsequent satisfaction since the Candy Crush epidemic of 2013. But this makes candy crush pale in comparison, it is so much fun and so satisfying! They definitely know how to take it vantage of your desperation by having super difficult practically impossible to beat levels at every new stage, and when you are super desperate they will offer you the option of watching a 30 second commercial to get boosters. But I firmly believe and never paying to play an online game so I will take that bonus when I have to. I have a very high stress job in high stress life and I look forward to playing this at the end of the day. But aware, it is totally addictive!
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6 years ago, MehhhAsssssss!_!
I just started playing this game recently and I love it. One issue I am having is whenever I try to do the tutorial for the “super aim gong” it freezes. The screen goes a bit dim and it stops working. I can’t move the screen at all so I have to exit out of the game and go back into it. I tried doing this on both my phone and my iPad. I’m not sure if it’s because of my Facebook account being linked to it or if it is just the game freezing up from some kind of glitch. I would really like to play the game without having the little arrow pop up telling me to “pick up where I left off” after each game I play. If this could be fixed or if I could be helped out in any way that would be amazing. Even though it is freezing up I still think this is a 5 star game. Thank you !!
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12 months ago, vonzie646
Worth the frustration
I love this game. I’ve been playing for at least 5 years. I started playing while deployed in Iraq and reached level 900. The game then became too difficult. Since I was not in an environment where I had internet I couldn’t even buy extra power-ups and became too frustrated and ended up deleting the game. When I returned I reloaded the game and it had changed and it’s easier to get power-ups and had different challenges to earn power-ups which I love. I’ve now surpassed level 1500. There are still frustrating levels but I can eventually get through them. Some levels take a few lost lives for me to develop a strategy to beat but that makes beating them all the sweeter.
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5 years ago, Whispre
Used to be a Great Game. Not anymore
I’ve been playing Panda Pop for years. Once in a great while an issue would arise and their customer support was quick to help and always great about giving a nice gift for your trouble. Lately the total opposite is true. The game is so full of bugs it’s absolutely ridiculous. Aim is off, purchase something with coins and don’t receive purchase, bubbles bounce off each other instead of popping, bubbles pass through each other instead of popping. Right now I’m stuck on level 1659. You cannot pass this level without popping a dragon. The dragons pop death bubbles. This is not supposed to happen. Game support has blamed my inability to use my phone and game correctly. They sent me a video showing me how to pass the level. In the video the dragons did not pop the death bubbles. You can burn through all of your coins, boosters, everything...they will tell you it’s your lack of knowledge and skill. This used to be a great game that challenged your mind. Now it’s just a study in frustration.
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7 years ago, Loulouderbyuk3210
Lost entire progress. Went from level 2709 to level 1.
I've been having issues with lost levels but I decided to keep playing and play the same levels again because I want getting a response from support team. Today I finally received a email from panda pop support team informing me that my missing levels had been restored. But something wrong terribly wrong, instead of restoring my missing levels you you removed my entire progress and set me back to level 1. I had just completed level 2709 today, as I was playing my game crashed and I was set right back to level 1. I've tried everything. I shut down the app, I tried logging out of Facebook and logging back in. I've even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Nothing has helped, when I log bank in with Facebook or using my email I'm still showing as being on level one. Please help me, I'm begging you. I've spent years and allot of money playing this game. I'll be decorated if I lose my entire progress. Please please please help ASAP
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5 months ago, wishing for customization
Fun - at first
In the beginning, I had way more bubbles than I needed to beat a level. A little too easy, but okay fun. As I progress, the bubble count keeps going down and the ads for deals on boosts go up. I’m now on level 212. There are no longer enough bubbles to get through half a level. Or at least, in an order that gives me a chance to win. To advance, I need to replay a level a couple dozen times to finally get the exact color bubbles I need. Of course, I can always PAY for boosts - because it’s never really about correct strategy. It’s about the developers making money. I pay real money in some games for added playing pleasure, but never in a game designed to be fun only if you pay for boosts. Since this game gets miserable hard unless you pay, the description should include that info so people who seek a more relaxed fun can avoid it.
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2 years ago, Tony Harrison's Outrage
Embarrassingly Addictive
I keep setting milestone levels for myself to stop…and then blowing through them. I’ll stop at 1000, okay I’ll play until I get to 1998, alright 2020… I refuse to spend money on this, so I have to wade through a lot of awful commercials, but I work in advertising so it’s deserved. BTW This is a vengeful hunting game for me. Those blinking big-eyed panda babies aren’t being saved so much as picked off. Whatever algorithm the developers use inspired that. Watching one of the last two bubbles change from the color I need to win, to one that I don’t, is diabolical. I docked a star for that as well as the Super Aim booster that actually creates a shakier aim. Also, I’m pretty sure that if you combine 2 boosters after you’ve been stuck on a level for awhile, the developers have made control LESS accurate so you’re subjected to two ads and then have less chance of winning. Another issue is that if you win a timed booster, games loads slower…while the clock keeps ticking down. Those “cheating” algorithms are maddening, but definitely play into the addictive thinking that makes players decide that they’ll be successful in the NEXT attempt. Oh well, time to blast some more babies out of the sky. 👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽•••••🐼💥
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7 years ago, cocosavs
Major bug issues
Seems like I’m not the only one having bug issues. The worst one has to be that at the end of a level, it gives me the option to replay. Before, it would take one of my lives and start the level all over again with however many balls the level should have (30,40,50,etc). Now, it takes one of my lives, allows me to continue where I left off BUT only gives me one ball; I throw the one ball and bam, lost another life. Come on... Not to mention the fact that clicking on the “free 10 more balls” button to watch an ad to get more won’t even click like many other people are experiencing. ALSO, before starting the level, it gives me the option to watch an ad for “free super aim”. So I watch the add, and I am not rewarded with the super aim. No matter how many times I watch. It’s all just annoying and frustrating enough to stop playing the game- which is too bad because I was fairly addicted to this fun game.
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6 years ago, tdot157
Too Many Bugs
I have been playing this game for years now and I have never been so fed up with an app. It is continuously crashing causing me to lose lives and power ups. The worst part is it will crash as soon as I am about to win the level. About time I delete the game, I’ve given it more than enough chances. I am on level 2624 and I can honestly say the game has been going downhill. From receiving only three extra bubbles for watching a video from ten to end of the month coming rewards dropping my more than half. In addition, when watching free reward videos, I do not receive my rewards upon completion. I watched a video for a free sim power up and not only did the game crash when I was about to save my last baby panda, it also used my super aim rather than the free earned one - and that isn’t the first time this has happened. The levels are nearly impossible and it doesn’t motivate me to spend money on power ups and coins if the game is just going to glitch and make me lose it anyway.
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5 years ago, AstrosFan76
Level 27
I’ve played this game on and off for a few years now. I’ll download/undownload from time-to-time, but it’s generally a good game. The last two times I’ve downloaded, I can’t get past level 27. You guys give me a challenging course with 14 balls. Impossible!!! I’ve been in the upper 100 levels in the past, and this is utterly impossible without spending money on your game to buy a dragon or some other magical power to beat the level. In the past I would have rated this 5 stars all day. My last to times playing this game getting stuck at level 27 deserve a 1 star at best. Sometimes when you get stuck on a level, the ball pattern changes so you can move on. I gave this last go-round 20 lives and nothing. I’m done. Thanks for the enjoyment in the past, but due to the past, you get a meager 3 star rating. This is the first time I’ve ever actually written a review. Grrrrrrr...
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7 years ago, zoeygallagher
So basically loved this app. Played it everyday especially during my lunch period. I loved it so much in fact that my phone would die around 7th period. Great, amazing, outstanding idea for a game. Anyways I was playing in 4th period today and was blessed with this amazing notification; "LIVE IT UP! It's happy hour! Enjoy 24 hours of infinite lives on us!" Now you fellow poppers understand the joy I was met with when I received this message.(it doesn't come around very often). HOWEVER I come home, plugged in my phone and sat down to save some babies and I get the notification that I am out of lives. Now I'm thinking some pretty bad words at this point because I thought I had 24 hours of pure happiness. Now I have to wait 28 mins for a heart to refill. Very disappointing. 10 hours ago I would've given this app 5/5 easily not I'm a little iffy. If you're new to the game beware as much joy as if it brings you it can take it away just as fast. -a very hurt popper who just wanted to save some babies
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6 years ago, Chelladurai Simon
I love your game panda pop I have played your game for a year thank you for your game I love this game also how do you update your game and how often do I have to update your game because many times when I tried to update your game I lost your game for a long time and most often I keep pressing the update button your game is not updating at all do you have a phone number where I can call when I run into trouble when I try to update your game I love your game and I love to play your game so please give me a contact number where some one will respond to a call when we need them and help us out at a time when the game jams up and does not work so please give us a contact person who will help us out Thank you Love Chelladurai Simon
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4 years ago, NadavL.
So frustrating!
I have been playing Panda Pop for a while now and I recently had issues with the game shutting down and crashing every time I opened it so I uninstalled it, reinstalled it, and signed back in through the same Facebook. Next thing I know, all but two of my boosters are gone! I am on level 337 so I like to have my boosters there as back up just in case I need them but now they are all gone. I am so frustrated. The other issue I had was ball color choice. Some levels are absolutely ruthless. It’s ridiculous. If I’m on a level that’s mainly gold and red, I shouldn’t get 20 balls and 15 of them be a mix of blue and green. I could literally have one match left, needing one red ball to win the level and I will get five blue or green balls and it’s so frustrating. Then I’ll end up burning through all of my lives and a couple of the extra free lives. I think I’m good on Panda Pop. I really enjoyed this game over any other bubble or ball popper but I’m done.
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5 years ago, completly frustratef
Cannon shooting color balls not in puzzle
This game use to be extremely fun. They use to give you 10 balls by watching a video, now it’s only 3. Also, you use to get helps such as the dragon balls or multiple color balls. Now they put another color ball that’s not part of the puzzle because it’s only 2 colors in the puzzle, so why are you getting a third color. I use to play it daily but now only every once in a while. If I began to play and notice the color I just stop. I’ve contacted support but they have done nothing about it. I have now began playing other game I beginning to enjoy more than this one. They need to start back giving more than the 3 bonus balls as well as some daily rewards for playing. I would not recommend it to anyone else for play. Playing for enjoyment should not have to be this difficult. Maybe a couple of days to try and complete a level but not weeks that takes all the joy out. I had family members to stop playing because of these reasons.
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2 years ago, OrionStarsDiscord
Love the Game, only one complaint
I played this game when I was younger, and I recently re-downloaded and I still enjoy it. My only complain is a small annoying bug. The Winston Monkey thing would pop up talking about Guardians and would make you open the Guardian menu. When you would click out of Winston’s profile, he would ask you to open the list of guardians. However, the screen is no longer operational and would stick onto a gray screen pointing at a gray button reading “Guardians”. I can’t do anything at this point, so I have to close the game and reopen it to play anything, and I have to press the level button quickly before Winston pops up. Other than this bug, the game is amazing! What would make it a 5-star is if that bug gets fixed.
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6 years ago, Amtf2191
Good but new update is annoying
I really like this game and am somewhat addicted. However, the newest update changed the super aim and made me so annoyed. Instead of the bubbles lighting up with the super aim, there’s a jagged predicted bubble line that shows where it should go and isn’t accurate at all. I liked the dotted color line and the highlighting the color bubbles. This change has made me slow down playing and using that feature since it frustrates me. It’s not one of the first games I go to when bored now and it makes me want to stop playing soon. Also there are some glitches where the bubbles about to be thrown change colors. This happened before the update. I would have a green or any other color and I would throw it only to realize it changed to blue or something other than green. That was really frustrating as well. Makes me rethink the game...
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4 years ago, Getting annoyed now
This game was once great. About a month ago though, they completely stopped offering boosters and extra balls if you watched an ad, which was fine with me, it always helped on the hard levels. But I got stuck on a level and couldn’t get thru. So I quit playing. It was frustrating. Then I read in reviews that the free boosters were back. Yay! I tried again and was able to get thru 10 levels and 7 on Badboon Blitz, they were offering free stuff constantly. Then, boom! Level 2533 and level 8 of BB are very difficult if not impossible. Guess what? No opportunity to watch videos for boosters and extra balls. I tried BB level 8 about 20 times and not one single offer for a freebie. None. Nada. Zilch. They know when you are stuck. And then to top it off, I don’t get the ball colors I need. I’ve gone thru 10 balls before getting the color I needed. So I did a little experiment. I went back 2 levels and guess what greeted me??? Free boosters galore! You cheat Panda Pop and I’m done with you.
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6 years ago, Enjoyed it
Pulling back on rewards = less fun
I have completed all current levels through 3080. Every time they added a new level, I’d play through it. It used to be they’d let you go back to prior levels to help complete challenges (e.g. Save the Babies), and participate in races. That was taken away two or three months ago, so the only way to obtain rewards outside of the side Baboon and Dojo games is with brand new levels. Since I am at the end, and have no new levels, I can’t really play to get ahead during these challenges. This is also true of the streaks. I was using the streaks to go back and try for 3 stars on earlier levels. I can no longer do that. I’m not sure what the point is of taking away reward options. It doesn’t make me want to spend money to purchase boosters, and I can’t buy rewards such Super Streak or Panda Belt points anyway. It’s a lot less fun now.
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1 month ago, MnM4JC
Once upon a time
When Panda Pop was NOT merged with the Bubble stuff, it was an excellent game. Challenging, fun, yet achievable. I am one to play only on my skills instead of buying packages to help me win. Call me a penny pincher. But winning based on that, even if it takes a gazillion tries, is worth it because I compete with myself.,,push myself... rather than with others. I have played Panda Pop for years. But since the new merge, the games are not as much fun. The level I am on for instance changes the bubble colors AFTER you shoot right before they hit. Why? There is no way to know what the change will be or which will change or when. So i will probably stay on that level for a very long time or delete like so many others. Oh well! Vent over! Back to being frustrated by mama Panda & her little ones I guess.
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3 years ago, unicorncupcakegirl7
Let’s start... please read.
So I love this game I never wrote a review but I need to tell how I feel about this game... so first you could play the games! Saving those poor little panda 🐼 baby’s... and when the moms cousin comes we make a house!🏙 anyway the thing I like most is.. the dragon combine earth, fire, water, and ivy. And you unlock more things! Now I don’t want to spoil it but I’m telling you all the details. and I like when you get the outfits I like the pink hair and as you know I’m a girl 👧🏽 any way just need one more thing you guys have to fix... when you don’t have neither of the right ball or orb what you do you mix them? Pls fix. Anyway that’s it thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for reading stay safe feel well! 😋😋😋😋😛🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
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4 years ago, Jumpman_Jordan
Panda Pop
I love Panda Pop. I have been playing for years and play pretty much everyday. Unfortunately I hate how when I need a particular color to win the level the next three colors aren’t what I need. Hopefully that problem can be fixed. Definitely not asking for a cake walk to win levels but sometime the levels are pretty difficult just making it to the top. I wish we could win more coins when completing challenges. I hate having to pay for them all the time. 40 coins for a dragon ball is a lot. I wish I could use the unlimited lives when I want to because I can’t sit around and play the game all day. I hate those ads that I have to watch when I run out of lives just to get another life.
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4 years ago, DadDudeTrent
Fun until you hit the 90’s
Death bubbles are ridiculous. Hitting one is an automatic fail for the level and you lose a life. The warning says “don’t hit death bubbles” and shows a picture of a direct hit on a death bubble resulting in death. However, hit detection on a death bubble is very touchy. Say you have a group your aiming for and they’re in the same row as a death bubble, if your shot ends up on the side of a bubble nearest a death bubble (so it’s directly diagonal to the DB) it counts as a hit. If you aim a shot and it’s too close to a death bubble, it’s considered a hit. Even if it wouldn’t be counted on a regular bubble. Game as a whole is fun, point system is a little weird. You end up scoring more points if you use more shots but can beat a level in three shots and walk out with one star. My only real complaint is with the inconsistency of the death bubbles.
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6 years ago, Game Player 353
Ugh - ads not counting down time
The game is good - yes. However, over the last month or so there has been a change that is VERY frustrating - if you don’t complete a level there is often a chance given to receive 3 extra balls if you watch an ad - which is fine. The problem is that about 85% of the time the ads don’t count down so you waste 30 seconds watching an ad and then don’t get “paid” for it. Same thing happens about 40% of the time prior to playing a level - where you are given a reward by watching an ad. Don’t get me wrong - I watch the ads and sometimes download the apps so it’s a win-win. I feel like the developers here could be doing this in order to have the gamer watch a second or even a third ad just to get the help to finish the level. If so then I’m calling “bad form” — Update: as you can see the developer did respond. I commend them for this and hopefully things get changed so I can change this review.
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