Bubble Shooter: Pop & Blast

4.5 (317.2K)
179.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Ilyon Dynamics Ltd.
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
15.5 or later
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User Reviews for Bubble Shooter: Pop & Blast

4.53 out of 5
317.2K Ratings
5 years ago, Mookie1015
Aggravated fun
I have been playing this game for guile some time. I managed to make it to level 3000+ and there were no more levels to play and waited for more levels to be added, once the new levels cam in there were certain features that were removed. Like for example say you ran out of shots you would get up to 3 additional shots to use after watching 3adds for a total 9 shots. The problem with that would be there would only be one odd color bubble and you would use up your shots and then almost be forced to buy additional bubbles. Now that option has been taken away. Some levels give you the 9 shot availability but you can’t select the 10 more shots like it once had. Now it gives you one ad maybe or gives you a message saying “sorry there are no videos to watch”. Since this update has been applied and additional levels added it’s not worth playing as much as it was in the beginning. However, some of the new features are nice it becomes more aggravating to play. Some of the bubbles change color mid shot. I guess the developers will use whatever tactics they can to spend money on the game.
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5 years ago, asdfsimsfree
Impossible after new update?
I’m not sure if it’s a coincidence but it seems the game has gotten much harder after the latest couple of updates. I’m stuck on level 1582, so I decided to update the app to see if it was a bug. No luck with 1582 after the update so I tried dozens of older levels and they’re also much more difficult than they used to be. Many of the levels leading up to 1582 (like in the 1570s) were also extremely hard and not very fun. I had to buy several power-ups/extra moves to get through the last 10 or so levels, when normally I could get through the levels in a few tries without much need for power-ups (unless I really wanted to get a level over with). Also this is a bit nitpicky but it’s annoying that the game asks if you’re sure you want to restart a level because you’ll lose progress. The game used to seem like it ran smoother before it asked that every time. Also almost every time I enter a level, even if it’s one I’ve completed before, the game tells me about the special kinds of bubbles in the level (like ice bubbles or the bubbles that turn to stone). It’s a bit annoying that this info pops up almost every time I play a level. But mostly it’s a shame that I can’t move forward in the game anymore. This is my favorite Bubble Shooter app and I’ve been looking at other ones since this one has become too difficult to be fun (1582, for example, is so full of stone bubbles that fireballs and bombs aren’t even really effective).
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12 months ago, Snarcki
Purchase Push
I have read similar comments regarding feeling pushed to purchase additional coins to get past a level. This seems to occur more often after you have purchased prior coins for levels. I also noticed you can be down two colors to almost pass a difficult level and may need one specific color but the selection will give you a color that is buried underneath the color you need. That color will be just (one ) while all of the surrounding colors are the obvious same. This is more prevalent when the option to watch a video is available for additional shots to be added. Sometimes you will have two chances to watch a video or maybe one but each time it comes back with ball colors you don't need. Almost like intentionally sabotaging your chances of beating a level without making a purchase for extra balls to shoot. When that happens you will be so frustrated you will end up purchasing more balls. I have had this game downloaded and played for YEARS. Since I have deleted the app I don't recall the level I reached but it was pretty high since it has been over 6 yrs or more. I have taken breaks from it because of this push. Each time I want to keep playing and give it another try but I have reached my latest and last day of being so frustrated. I am finally deleting it because its not worth the aggravation. These type of games are to relax not give anxiety and frustrate.
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4 years ago, ajdmtf
Honest review
I’ve been playing this game for years. I’m on level 4000 something I believe. I used to love playing this game but the levels have become nearly impossible to complete. Not in a fun challenging way but in a “we want you to spend money for coins” kind of way. For example, I’m playing a level and I have 8 shots left with 2 color choices. One of the colors I need 2 shots to take it out and the rest are the same color. The bubble options give me 8 of the same color instead of both colors. Then to add insult to injury It doesn’t give me the watch ad for more shots option. Problem 2: when I have a few shots left and an ad will give me the 2 shots I need it says no videos left. Then I replay the level and I’m somewhat close but not as close as the first time I get the option for 2 videos. Make it make sense! Problem 3: sometimes when you shoot the bubble it doesn’t go where you shot it, it goes a shorter distance and it only happens when it’s going to be a play that gets me an explosion or a fireball. Problem 4: the new update added in the cards that give you extras, and then you get little packets and if they reveal your card 9 times you get that prize. All of my cards only need one more of that card family and for the last 2 months I don’t get anything from the packets. This game has gotten worse since I first got it. I don’t even recommend it anymore.
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2 years ago, schambless
I never write reviews for anything but I feel this is important for people who are playing this game to know. This has been my favorite game for a long time and I would have rated it a 5. I was over level 1500 I believe. I love all the levels, challenges, card packs, etc…. Ive always been able to eventually beat the levels, even the extremely hard ones. However, I recently had a new 3-chest challenge pop up. There was a small medium and large chest. You had to beat 5 levels to open each chest for rewards. (Keep in mind, this wasn’t even the regular game levels) I moved fairly easy through the first 2 chests. I was on the last level and had used up most of my boosters and ran out of shots. I was DETERMINED to finish this challenge. I’ve never EVER made any game purchases, but thought what the heck, I will buy a few so I could finish the challenge and it would remove the ads, which I hated anyway. After, that I went back to regular game play and now all the levels are EXTREMELY difficult that they are unbeatable without making additional purchases. I’ve always been able to eventually beat the levels of the regular game but now, even with boosters it’s not achievable. It’s as if the game version immediately changed to a more difficult version once I made the purchase. I will not be playing this game anymore. This is deceptive and gaming platforms should not be allowed to do this.
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5 years ago, Giygus007
A fun time waster, but...
This game works, and does exactly what I wanted it to do; pop bubbles. However, this game is designed to get you to either spend money or try over and over and over again to get to the next level while it throws endless “challenges” at you that are designed to be gateways to prevent progression. For example, at a certain level they introduce soap bubbles. The soap bubbles spread quickly and prevent combos. So if there’s a soap bubble and you don’t pop it right away (by hitting it with the same color twice), it spreads and covers everything around it. The game also seems to never give you the color ball you need to make that crucial play. If there’s 20 blues and only one red left, and that red is buried under layers of blues, the game will give you a near endless supply of red to fire knowing you cant even get to the one red on the board and when a single blue was all you needed to clear the level. It’s purposely cheaty to get you to buy those coins so you can afford the few power ups available to essentially cheese the level to get past it. And it limits the number of balls you get per level, so if it decides to screw you with colors you can’t use, to bad, better spend some money. Frustrating. It also drains your battery life like no ones business. Play for an hour and your battery is down to 20% from a full charge.
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1 month ago, Skinnybaker
Two small but annoying complaints
I have played this game for many years. It has overall gotten better as time goes on. My first complaint is those stupid packs of cards. “Tap to open”, “tap to continue”, over and over. I do not find that I need anything I “earn” from the collections. I have no idea what I am supposed to do with the coins. The newer “weapons” are nice - when I first started playing, there were only bombs and fireballs. My second complaint is that if I earn a bomb or fireball by dropping lots of bubbles, and don’t use it in that level, it goes away. Bombs and fireballs seem to appear one at a time at intervals, but ones earned by hitting a particular bubble go away if not used in that level. I am now at Level 2013. An additional annoyance has appeared. It has only happened a few times, but they have been critical shots: there are bubbles which open and close, alternating with each shot. A few times, I have carefully set up my shots so that I can hit a group of bubbles when they are open. I line up the big shot, release my bubble, and just as it hits, the bubbles close. This has caused me to fail at least three times in the last 10 or 12 levels. Extremely irritating!
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6 years ago, Lkg8299
Good At First Then.....
At first this game is crazy good but when you get into the higher levels I believe it gets next to impossible with the amount of shots you get. To get more shots you have to use up all of your earned your only option is to purchase shots which is what the developers want. This is by design. Really frustrating. I wish they would change this. By the way, I’m on level 1709. Also it’s sad because I purchased this game. Why are the shot bubbles not random. The developer purposely constantly gives shooter colors that you can’t use. Please don’t make me email you about these things when everything can be rectified with an update. I get so frustrated that I have deleted the game from my phone only to load it again later. Everybody has the same complaints listen to your customers especially the ones that have given you their money. Better if you don’t purchase this game like I did for way, way too many unbeatable levels.
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3 years ago, Jacqueline Ann 1964
Down to one
Edit: I reduced the stars since the developers didn’t address my 1st review and just dismissed my questions…… I’ve deleted this game !! I like this game, but there are definitely some issues, if you’ve gotten all the way to the end and only need a couple bubbles, but all that’s left are colors you do not have. Do you want to talk about frustrating, you get all the way to almost the end, and then boom you don’t have any bubble colors that match what you’re trying to finish. Some of the levels that say they’re hard, are the easiest ones to solve, but then yet other ones that have no marking of hard kind of hard etc. sometimes it takes me days to try and get the three stars. I’ve now get given up on accumulating the stars, to me it means you completed it, beat it… So when you go through a whole game, and you’ve done it the first time, you’ve popped all the bubbles… And you still can’t get all of the stars to move to the next level. Yes I know that you don’t have to have the stars, but to me that’s part of the win in each level. Reading previous reviews, I see that many people have issues with this, I’m only at 1:57, I see people that are in the 1500s, saying that there is now an issue, I sure hope you guys fix it soon.
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3 years ago, Good ap..
Game used to be fun, constant cash grab now
I never review games but I thought I’d leave an honest one for anyone thinking of trying this one out. Back when I started playing a few years ago it was pretty fun, with all the fun colors and sounds, not to mention the prizes and achievements you can get. But as of the most recent update, the game has been rendered nearly unplayable without coins. Some observations: -You’ll be playing a level, and the game will give you colors that are unreachable so you can’t even use them, multiple times, wasting your “moves”. -If you run out of moves, the option to watch an ad for 3+ moves only works 1 out of 10 times and you’ll often find yourself just watching ads for nothing. And weird ads too. -When you aim to hit a color that’s kind of cornered off, the game will glitch landing it somewhere else, usually in the way of other colors. Also maybe this is just me but sometimes the light blue and green colors are hard to tell apart when they are high up so sometimes I’ll throw a green and it’s blue. Anyway, the only thing that I guess is good about this game is that you have unlimited lives, but I can only imagine the cost if there weren’t...
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5 years ago, MFMasterton
Requires micropurchases
All of the innovations added to this classic game are unnecessary, but a couple of them are kind of neat (bi-colored bubbles, black holes, reflective top surface). A few are dumb (chains, locks, slime, the mouth ones, etc). Others, like the "soap" are just awful. It requires you to get two bubbles in a row of the same color in order to remove anything, and levels with this stuff devolve into a pure game of chance. I have now reached a level where it genuinely seems impossible to progress without micropurchasing powerups. In bubble-shooter. I feel the concept of spending actual real-world money to beat a level of friggin bubble-shooter is just mind-bogglingly absurd, so this is the end of the line for me. In addition, for how simple and mindless the game is (and should be) there is WAY too much meta-gameplay. Constant pop-ups about "quests" and "playing cards" and "leagues" and other bs, and like eight different types of currency ch-chinging (you can't use it in-game unless you pay real money though). The net result is just that you have to click through twenty screens in order to begin each level. To add insult to injury, this extra-curricular nonsense is very buggy and the app often hangs between levels requiring me to force-close it.
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3 years ago, jbn3
Very Easy—Then Extremely Difficult
I was very much enjoying the easy play of this game. Something I could play without a lot of thought, and yet addicting. Perfect. Even the “super hard” and “extremely hard” levels were fairly easy. I always ended with many bubbles left over. So I bought the Starter Pack, mainly to eliminate the ads. Again, perfect….for a little while. Then instantly the game got extremely difficult to pass levels. I had a “first try” streak of over 275 levels. I used all my accumulated coins and power ups trying to save my streak. I could not, and then found out EVERY level is that difficult. I’m not sure if it was an update, or just reaching a certain level, but now I can’t hardly pass a level. I might just be done playing. Update: what a stupid response from the developer! I complain the the game went from super-easy to extremely difficult in ONE level. In most games there is a gradual increase in difficulty. But this game—it was like a light switch was flipped. The response had nothing to do with my main complaint!
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5 years ago, Kranta91
Good time waster, feels too hard sometimes
I have been playing this game for about a year now. It started out as a time waster for travel, but has become far more frustrating than it is worth to attempt that challenge. Not to mention it’s worth literally nothing to get 3/3 stars on a level. I don’t know if the ball bouncing off the grey line at the top was always around but it make the game much harder. I also feel like some levels it’s near impossible to get three stars even if you max out your power ups. Unless you want to put down some mad cash. I also feel that the game plots against you. I will be around 100 points from 3 stars with 10 bubbles left and a simple red will give me the win but instead it gives you every single color but the one I need. It’s even drawn 5 of the same color in a row which is BS. Also, the levels change each time you reset the level! What is the point of being a level if it changes every time you load it. This game is definitely fun and overly challenging at times. Do yourself a favor and avoid the challenge of getting three stars.
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3 years ago, WoodsHeart Gal
Fun & does require some (Very simple) strategic planning
But not so difficult it becomes frustrating and Delete fodder. So far I’ve won every level, I’m on level 500. The “hard” levels are a bit more challenging, but as it seems the pattern changes, at least somewhat on every reboot, you Can win those levels on the second or third try. I might be wrong about the pattern changing But all I do is adjust how I play a little, like popping bubbles on different sides or up the middle to get to the few at the top. Then those can be obliterated using the special power tools available once each game. There are 2 of those. Trust me, you’ll eventually Win, unlike some, heck Most of the other games I’ve downloaded. When I need a bit of near mindless fun, this game is awesome. As stated previously, you Do need to utilize some strategy so it’s not boring. But really all that involves is popping the Highest bubbles you can so that those underneath give way. Easy Peasy. I Especially Love and am beyond grateful that I can win Without paying Any money. I’ve been foolishly sucked into games I’ve spent stupid amounts on to replenish lives. Kicking That dumb habit and deleting those Today. I do wish the developers would provide some incentive way to earn extra lives but I’m quite satisfied as it is. I’m enjoying this game, immensely. Thank You!!
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3 years ago, Can't Get Past 10?!? Annoyed
It’s definitely rigged and it’s irritating
I do like this game. I’m good at it, i’ve been playing it for years and I am always in the diamond league and always get first place. I love it and play it a lot. But, sometimes it’s like the game forces you to purchase more moves. It purposely gives you bubbles that aren’t the right color at the very end of a level you’ve tried to beat 30 times, forcing you to either start over once again or pay $1.99 to buy more moves. Also, it goes through phases where like 10 levels in a row will either be really easy, no matter what the game has labeled it as (hard, extremely hard, etc.), and then 10 levels in a row where they’re ALL very difficult, regardless of what they are labeled as. I’ve deleted the data and restarted multiple times (got to a level in the 3000s) because it forces you to purchase more moves. I know they do this to make it hard, but it seems scammy to me and I wish the moves were more random.
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3 years ago, TheVeryFluffySharkFreddieJo
Please for the love of God just let me go from one level to another
You always make me wait until the little goal bars fill up then you force to to open a gift than you force me to open a pack of cards than even more stuff has to go into the circles on the side or something and it takes up so much time in between each level and you also often make me open cards at the end of a level two and there’s a panda for some God forsaken reason and all of it is completely unskipable. I don’t wanna spend five minutes watching the achievements or cards or some panda or whatever the frick I just wanna pop some bubbles so please for the love of God just put like an “x” or “skip” button in the corner so I can just go straight to the next level because I like the level version but I hate all the stuff I gotta wait for between each level and it is slowly driving me insane and I am losing it please God just spare me from your Gotdamned cards and achievements and whatever the heck is going on I just wanna pop some bubbles
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3 years ago, Meater D
This game cheats to get you to spend money!
You will be doing good on any given level, and all of a sudden the game will only provide you with unusable bubble colors until you only have one move left. The game will then provide you with the color you need, but you will still lose. At this point the game will allow you to watch an add for 3 moves, unless it is possible to win in 3 moves. If possible to win in three moves the ability to watch adds disappears and you have to use ten coins to continue to play. This is in hopes that you will run out of coins and be dumb enough to spend real money on a cheating game. Thank you for responding. Though I don’t think you guys understand the problem with your game, as several other people have had the same complaint. It is fine if a level gets harder, in fact that can make a game fun. What is stupid it when a level becomes impossible, because the only usable bubbles are red, and the game only provides yellow bubbles. That doesn’t make a level hard, it makes the level impossible. Yes the game is free. Players are free to play the same impossible level over and over.
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2 years ago, Cat Williams 100
Bad customer service
Several occasions I have tried to get in touch with the support team. Every time I’ve done it I get no response. I like playing this game but one thing I can’t stand is if I purchase coins from a game and it turns around and crashes start cycling after I purchase it then won’t continue my game and I have to start over I have a problem i’ve been playing this game for at least three years or maybe less and I’m finally done if they don’t repay or send me my coins that I have lost because of their game not my phone the game I’m going to have to take further action I have pictures and videos of how this game has been glitching it doesn’t happen all the time but when it does it pisses me off and that’s not easy to do please fix this issue as soon as possible plus on top of that change the prices back to the old prices you don’t have that many people playing this game if you want more money Build a better game with less glitching so the people that actually have your back can get their moneys worth🤔
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5 years ago, bacabam
This game is addictive
The game is challenging and fun but there are several things that are definitely misrepresented. If you buy 5 more shots you specifically say “get five shots PLUS a fireball. NOT TRUE!!! If you use the fireball you only have four shots. With your 15 coins you are buying 4 shots plus a fireball or 5 shots and no fireball!! I experience this with all 3 Bubbles games I play. Another thing I think is wrong is that if we earn a fireball or bubble drop on the last play, it should be available to us before the game shuts down. It was earned during the game time and should be able to be used within that game time period. Also, I don’t like getting bubbles over and over and over right behind each other in colors that are not even on the board. I am so frustrated when I’m down to the last ten shots and not one bubble is a color on my board.
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3 years ago, Mariah LaDeane
I have made it through thousands of levels beforehand and just recently downloaded the game again and all of the levels reset since I deleted the game a few years ago. I haven’t made it very far yet, this is day two and everything was going fine until level 65, I had made it through all of the previous levels with 3 stars beside this one where I got 1 star(I’m a little obsessive when it comes to getting all 3 stars). I replayed level 65 more than the amount of levels I have actually completed, I went through the levels and got past 100 and then I used my boosters to go back to level 65 and I finished it in 2 shots! I STILL only received 1 star for finishing that level in two shots. There is no possible way of finishing this level and getting all 3 stars and that is something that is extremely upsetting to me when it comes to gameplay because I can’t let it go and I become obsessed. I don’t know if I want to keep playing if it is going to continue like with impossible levels.
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4 years ago, omfgowen
Needs improvement.
To keep it short, I’ll keep my complaints in 3 points. 1. this game subtly prompts you to pay to play as the level progresses. I don’t mind the increasing difficulty, but it becomes a problem when the color of the balls is what makes it hard. I have encountered the same situation where either I only had 4 turns left and the game continues to give me the wrong ball color, which in turn FORCES YOU to either use a boost, or restart the game. This essentially hinders progress unless you execute the level perfectly hitting every color, or use a boost. 2. The controls are beyond sensitive, often inaccurately landing from where you wanted it to go as you release. The path often shifts after the release of your finger, which makes it not user-friendly for players who have a harder time keeping a steady hand. 3. The pause menu during gameplay is not optimal. 85% of the time I tried to pause the game, it would rather shoot a ball towards that direction. The pause button needs to either be moved and have its size or sensitivity increased.
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4 years ago, T~Dolla
Can I Win?
Greetings, I'm reaching out because I have been a faithful bubble shooter player for years and have finally made it to the Royal Hall! Although I was super excited to play that last level and make it to what I thought was the end, I was extremely disappointed to find out that there were even more stages to be played! You have to understand how discouraging discovering this was for me! With that being said, I guess my question is . . . can I actually win Bubble Shooter? If that's even possible, how many more stages is it? I mean, I would like to push through and play, but at this point, I really desire to know what I'm up against and whether or not I can actually play this game to win. Please, please, please get back with me and let me know something - I'm desperate. Thanks!
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5 years ago, PenguinsPanthers95
Getting worse...
I really enjoyed this game when I first started playing it, but after several updates I’m noticing that it’s getting worse through the additions and subtractions of certain features. For example, at one time when you aimed a bubble, you’d be able to see exactly where it would land because there was a white bubble at the end of the aim line mapping out the path for you. You guys got rid of it, brought it back, then got rid of it again. What gives? I’m so sick of barely missing my target because there was no assisted aim. Secondly, and I just recently noticed this today, why am I getting colors to shoot that are no longer left in the level? For example, Let’s say I have six green bubbles left and a few red and blue ones left. But the next two bubbles lined up for me to shoot are both yellow? Why? It’s a waste of moves and I end up having to restart the level. If there’s no yellow bubbles left, stop giving me yellow bubbles to shoot? Should be a no brainer.
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3 years ago, jayasuriya
Game listens to my conversations
While sitting in my car today waiting for a pickup order to be ready for takeout, I opened the game to play a couple rounds. But as soon as I opened the app, the cars Bluetooth suddenly picked up as though I was on a call. I minimized the game, but the call stayed connected. I closed the app (killed) and the call disconnected. I repeated this many times with my car picking up the call each time. Later, I tried it at home and not connected to the cars Bluetooth. Instead I was listening to music via AirPods but when I opened the app, the music stopped playing and would only restart when I manually press play in Apple Music. This app is clearly listening to conversations to help with targeted ads.... which makes sense since those ads are clearly targeted, but is really not okay since I never consented to this. To test this, just open the game and say something random like “adult diapers” many times over... the ads will show you adult diapers. This is just creepy and unfair and I’ll be deleting this app for this reason.
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4 years ago, unfortunate member
Why is this last update not very good
I’ve been playing this game since I had an iPhone 4 and its fun and I like the challenge with some that are almost impossible to beat. I would like to know why the “win extra shots” doesn’t work. I have played #3855 at least 15 times and get down to needing 2 more balls to shoot and cannot get a free extra shot to win the game without using coins. In the old days, you could win shots 3 times on every game. Sometimes very necessary to have the option but why have you taken it away??? Also the daily bonus time keeping is weird and will reset if there’s too much time past 24 hours. The game is great, please keep it simple fun and still enjoyable with challenge, but not ridiculously challenging that it can’t be won without using too many bombs/ fireballs. Thanks for creating this game
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4 years ago, SuperrStat
Makes It IMPOSSIBLE To Win 👎🏽
It should be a lot of fun, but with all of the impossible ‘roadblocks’ the designers built into the game, it’s just frustrating. For just two examples: ➀ There might be a color or two of bubbles at the top and a variety of different colors blocking them below. In order to reach the colors at the top and win, you must first pop all of the bubbles at the bottom. This would be fun if you were given a fair chance by receiving random bubbles of ALL colors to shoot. The problem is that you are NOT given random bubbles of all colors. The only options of colors that you are given are colors of the bubbles at the top - making it impossible, shoot after shoot to pop any of the bubbles at the bottom which means you never get the opportunity to reach the top bubbles and win. That’s not fun. The bottom line is that it’s NOT a game of skill, it’s completely a game of chance. And so, what’s the point of trying? ➁ It’s cool when you earn an ‘explosion’ or a ‘laser’ that knock down several bubbles at a time. The problem is that when you don’t use these earnings in that particular game because you were able to win without the, they don’t carry over, they get forfeited. The bottom line is that in order to advance smoothly from one level to the next, you must purchase tokens. And, at the moment of doing that, it now is no longer even a game of chance, it’s just a futile exercise of buying a chance to win.
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2 years ago, Rogbro7198
Money Hungry Game
After these latest updates, they only offer 3 extra shots for watching a video. That’s ok, but I’ve noticed it only happens when there’s no way to finish the level. If you only need a couple of shots to finish, you don’t get the 3 shot option. Your required to use coins so eventually you run out, then have to buy them. These people want to just rip the players off. Update: Now if your close to completing a level you either don’t get the option of watching a video for 3 moves, or conveniently there’s no video available. I was told it’s because of Covid. That’s a lie so big it’s laughable. Especially when there’s no problem playing one between levels. Just now was told 4 times there were no videos available to win extra moves. So I use coins. Guess what? A video between levels. These programmers are thieves. Update. Now you get bubbles with no color match. Just got mine right at the end. Lost everything. And if they deny it, I have a screenshot
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5 years ago, agitatedplayer
Game Play and Graphics are Great but the Mechanics aren’t
Every few updates or so the developers change the look of the game- the bubbles, the shooter, the graphics when a slime ball explodes. I haven’t noticed it slowing down gameplay or making things difficult. Between levels there’s usually an ad to watch; it was miserable during 2018 because every other ad was some political alt-right man sitting in his car yelling at his dash cam and holding up the bubble popping but 2019 is an off year for US politics and it’s not an issue. Overall the game is fun but there’s been a recent update that I can’t stand- the leaderboard. I have plenty of games with leaderboards and queues and group play and this isn’t one I wanted to be one of them. I don’t care how fast Karen and Ahmad are advancing levels or finding beach balls, I just want to play. The mini-challenges are another feature I don’t care for. One every now and then is fine and interesting but I seem to be trapped in some Royal Race of non-stop mini games about finding beach balls or baseballs or treasure maps. The graphics are distracting and going through the ranking after every level is time consuming. I enjoy the personal challenges (a prize every 20 stars or 80 fireballs). If you enjoy microtransactions in game and want your bubble blaster to be a communal activity then this had evolved into a great app for that!! If you just want to pop bubbles with no other frills or fuss, this is going to annoy you.
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4 years ago, kristen7917
Are you ever
Bless your heart, it's like you have no reading comprehension skills. Your obvious stock response has nothing to do with anything I said. It's not the coins, dude. I've got more than 20,000 of them. It's that your selection algorithm cheats players. It's that you're calling them "puzzles" when they're nothing more than games of chance. There's no skill in this, it's a waiting game to play each level enough to eventually get useful bubbles if you don't want to spend hundreds of coins per level. These are not puzzles to solve, they're maddening game levels designed to frustrate players into spending money. They're not "challenging levels" they're game designers ripping people off. This game is not fun any more, and your pathetic response to a player pointing that out is a pretty clear indication that you're not interested in letting it be fun ever again. ------- Are you ever Going to let this game be fun again? It hasn't been fun since you got so money grubbing that it might as well be pay-to-play. I keep hoping it'll get fun again, and yet every update adds junk that no one wants and makes the algorithm for bubble selection more prone to useless bubbles. I've deleted apps for that kind of deliberate malice towards players and have only kept this one because I've put in well over 4,000 levels worth of time and effort. Please. Let it be fun again.
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5 years ago, Gustofitz
Ready to Delete this Game for Good
I am on level 3800. I’ve been stuck there for several days because I have been able to access exactly six ads to extend my play. Note that those six were spread over about 18 attempts, one ad per game. Approximately every third game, and never enough to beat the very difficult level. I’m not willing to use up all my game coins so that the developers can attempt to con me into spending actual money to pop bubbles. I did what is always advised: I wrote to ilyon support. Waste of time to receive a canned response: “ Please note that we are introducing a new and improved store that will only give you relevant offers that will help you advance in the game as part of our attempts to improve your game experience. As a result, the number of video offers may have been reduced.” Seriously? I see ads for games to download. Exactly how are you going to target ads to me when you know nothing about me? And how is forcing me to spend money going to “improve my game experience”? Greedy. I should add that although “There are no videos available” to extend my game, a video plays every time I end a game because I’m out of moves. B. S.
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5 years ago, shootist73
Update makes game less fun
This used to be my favorite game. My game got stuck after I had won all the levels and had just gotten new ones added about a month ago. I deleted the app and reinstalled. The new version doesn’t have the same “rules” as before. Bouncing bubbles off the top now takes away from bubble count and you can no longer strategically use lasers to effect surrounding bubbles, a significant strategy prior to the update. Now the laser beam just incinerates your same color bubble with a puff of smoke. Very frustrating indeed. Update: bouncing from the sides no longer effects the count Lasers beams are still terrible and cannot be used as strategy Way more ads than before and stars seem to be arbitrarily assigned A level completed with over 20 shots remaining should not score only 2 stars but some of them do. Other levels give three stars with the first shot with many remaining it seems too random and illogical.
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5 years ago, The struggle is so real
Fun most of the time.
I really enjoy this game when pretty much all the time, but as someone who prides themselves on getting all 3 stars, this game can be a nightmare. Some levels require a specific order of colors to even get all three stars, and with the next color being random it becomes a game of tedium and patience. I think the random colors can be fun for some levels, but for others that you can’t improvise your way out of it is just a matter of luck. I really do want to try and get 3 stars on as many levels as possible but it just seems impossible without saving up for a bunch of extra stuff to brute force your way to 3 stars. If you just want to play some bubble shooter, classic or modern this is definitely one of the best games for it. If you don’t like waiting to get lucky enough for the game to allow you to win, then this might not be for you.
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4 years ago, Jillrb97
Update to my update
Annnnnnnd they ruined it. Just when they were on the right track to make this game awesome, they reverted back to old ways. The new weekly challenge update is AWFUL. Instead of just running out of lives and having to wait or buy lives, if you fail ONE level, it sends you all the way back to the beginning. I don’t know who came up with this layout but it is horrible. I usually pass the floating chess weekly levels in a few hours or even a day or two. I’m on day two and I’m STILL on level one. The bug bubbles are awful. They never go away. And they switched out the wheel again to just 3 more shots in exchange for an ad. The catch is you can only watch one ad and get 3 more lives—that’s it. The new weekly challenge is actually impossible unless you spend dozens of coins. I was really rooting for this game. It was doing so well with the updates and then they just reverted back to being worse than before. This is really disappointing.
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4 years ago, Ginger taps
Love the game! I have reached level 122 and messages that videos aren’t available at this time are popping up repeatedly. I have found this extremely frustrating as I have started over at the beginning several times. Each time as I’m almost at the end I reach a spot where I need the video option and all I get is the message that no videos are available. What’s with that? I have played the game over from the beginning several times and it doesn’t matter how far I get, I can’t finish playing as I don’t have 10 coins or the right color bubbles to continue. If viewing a video is required to continue please have one to view!
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Good and Bad
I love(d) this game! I had it on my old phone and lost it when I had to get another. I searched the App Store looking for the same one so I could start over (because after reaching 700 on the old one it never updated with new levels). Now that I've managed to find it I'm disappointed in the new features. It's a hassle to get through all the pop ups before playing and the bomb and fire bubbles are so hidden I forget they're there most of the time. As has been said by many reviews the colors are not good. The old colors were great! It was easy to tell what was what but now the game is to stiff and the bubbles have this shiny effect that isn't doing what I imagine the designers planned. I really love this game and don't actually mind the ads that come with it. These new updates however, have managed to actually set the game back a couple steps.
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4 years ago, RaniToss
Obviously Made So You Must Pay
I started playing yesterday, and I thought it was pretty fun. There are several thousand levels, so I thought I could play and gradually get better with each board. I’m the kind of person who likes to get 3 stars on each level, but once I got to level 122. No matter how many times I played, I couldn’t do it. I had to have played the same board over 20 times. So, I said okay, I’ll just go beat some other boards, get some coins and come back to it. However, after playing the next level, it was difficult to beat too. The most frustrating part is when I’m aiming for an area and the ball goes exactly where I don’t want it to go or when they give like five colors of a ball that you don’t need when you would have won if you’d received the right color. I figure if it’s already this hard, it will only get worse, and I’d have to pay to win. So, I’m over it.
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7 years ago, ShikaMori
Revert to old design please
[Updated Review] The new eye-strain-inducing colors still haven't been undone with this latest update, so it's still painful to play. I wasn't the only one with these complaints, and making a minor update that wipes away all our bad reviews for the previous update doesn't chance the fact that the game is still unpleasant to play after the colors were made super-saturated/high-contrast/retina-searing. Old Review: I don't know why the design was changed, but the new overly-saturated, harsh-contrast design hurts my eyes so much that I couldn't keep playing even a single level. I used to play every day, but it's such an eyesore now that I don't think I'll bother launching it again until the horrible new coloration of the bubbles is undone and the old, softer coloring is restored. At the very least make an option for users to choose whether they want the old or new bubble coloration! I will delete the app if the eye-searing new colors aren't fixed in the next update.
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4 months ago, julia1996
Roblox Lunchables ad annoying
I used to play this game very often and the ads between levels have never been a problem for me because you could skip after 5 seconds or they were fairly short; however, there is a pretty recent Roblox lunchable game ad that is very annoying to skip. You’re either forced to watch all 30 seconds of the ad OR skip the ad by pressing the “x” but it forces you to go to the Roblox game website on your browser. It’s like an annoying pop up I cannot block. I tend to get this ad often so now after I complete a level and the ad shows up I close the app and often times don’t even go back on. I don’t even play as many levels because the ad is quite long and I hate the automatic website pop. Please get rid of the ad or stop forcing your players to go on the website from their web browser!
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2 years ago, Housten12
Great Game but frustrating….
I just started and I’m IN LOVE! So much fun to play when you are stressed or just plain bored. I get stressed a lot so I always play this game and I feel so much better after I play. But, there is something I have trouble with. Whenever I’m aiming, the arrow points to where I go, yes that’s true, but when I take my finger off the arrow moves a bit therefore shooting the ball to another place where I did NOT want it to go. It is super frustrating, since I have to start the level over again. I don’t know if there is a way to fix it, but if not, THATS OK! This game is amazing on its own, super calming. I’m so glad this game was made. Thank you!!
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3 years ago, sqsimp360
“Hard” levels not fun
The “hard” levels are not hard because of clever level design but because you never actually get the color you need. Often I found myself wasting bubbles five times until I could actually hit something, because you only get the most common color you need like two times in the level. Also there’s too much side content I have zero concern for, like more things are usually better but being on level 110 or something I have given zero thought to whatever else it tries to distract me with. Also I didn’t get ads until level 100 which is nice but after that I get ads after everything, even if I restarted a level 2 seconds in. Anyway usually I don’t leave reviews but the “hard” difficulty is less fun hard and more frustrating annoying hard
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4 years ago, Mr.黑熊
Plays fine up until about the 41st level
Plays fine up until about the 41st level, when it becomes almost impossible to clear a level without paying ransom for additional bubbles. But ultimately, the game still becomes basically worthless once you reach the level where are you can’t win without coughing up ransom payments for a supposedly free game. On the plus side, at least it isn’t riddled with constant commercials, which is a big improvement. And they have somewhat compensated for their problem with using indistinguishable colors by adding a “color blind mode” (in the menu) where the colors are supplemented with symbols (although that name is insulting to those of us who have perfect color vision, but who still find it next to impossible to distinguish between their near-identical colors).
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1 year ago, AmyQuits
I’m so done with this game
After you reach a certain level you can not advance without purchasing more bubbles. I have been stuck on the same level for three days and I am always left with one or two bubbles and am never offered the opportunity to get a reward by watching a video. I must purchase more. I already bought the game and feel this is a way to force us to spend more money. I have already emailed support and they tell me it must be a technical difficulty which is why I am not being offered the reward, which is wrong as the reward is always there if I have more than three colors left and it is obvious that the three free shots won’t help me advance. I refuse to play a game that just makes me mad. No need to respond to this with your platitudes and fake sincerity of your repeated and identical responses that you are giving to all of us here. I am so over this game.
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5 years ago, HarambesWidow
Not fun anymore
This game used to be my favorite go to. I loved it. After this update, I literally hate it and would rather play any other game. As many of the others have said, it’s gotten harder, not regular harder, but IMPOSSIBLE harder. I’ve been on the same level for 2 days now when before, I’d go through levels daily. I’m starting to realize that you guys only want money at this point. When before I could get 3 free balls by watching an ad 3 separate time to come to a total of 9 balls, now I barely get the option and am forced to use the coins I’m trying to save. They took away a lot of the HELPFUL features of the gameplay, like the aim. I am so close to deleting this app it’s not even funny. I hope this next update comes with improvements or at least goes back to what it was before, or I see a lot of people deleting this app very soon. I’d give it 0 stars if I was able. You don’t even deserve the 1 I’m forced to give.
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5 years ago, Cali'sWife2013
Awesome Game just needs 1 add on! Please Read, Thank you
I love this game I just hate the ads after each level but I understand why they are there, the only thing u should change is how often u get coins it shouldn’t just be after each level u beat. I think after a bomb & fireball u should get a bubble or two with a couple coins that are a color u need & also when u pop the color however many bubbles are there is how many coins u get! I think that would be great! If anyone else thinks so give my comment a lot of likes lol but I’m serious maybe they will add my idea I’m on level 209 or 210 now. Have a great morning & the rest of your day as well!!! Good day mate!!!! Lol
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3 years ago, buddah610
Almost Impossible
I loved this game until a few months ago. I have been playing this game for years and although it was really hard at times, I was able to continue. Yes, I have spent money to get through a level but you have made the game nearly impossible now! I never collect the cards I need anymore. I ask for help at every chance I get and I haven’t completed a set of cards in over 3 months or more. It’s very disheartening and I don’t have the desire to play. I noticed other people writing the same reviews so I know it’s not just me. I don’t think it should be easy but it shouldn’t be impossible unless you spend money either and you shouldn’t make it impossible to collect cards, unless, there is a trick I don’t know about.
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3 years ago, Bus surfer
Addictive but crooked
One of the games that are mindless fun and build a challenge. It quickly gets frustrating when they start cycling through the mindless adds (how many times should I watch fishdom pour hot lava on that poor fish?) and it builds up to levels where you start needing advanced features that can be bought in costly increments. If you have to buy your way to success then what’s the fun? I’d rather just play upfront for a game. You cannot buy an add free version— I would gladly do so!— and it often ‘adapts’ to your playing, deciding when to become useless and when to let you play. It often switches trajectory, or serves a string of useless colors, ensuring you cannot win without one of their packaged upgrades. I don’t want to spend 30s watching the same add again because the game decided I am not going to win this time. I just want a straight game.
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5 years ago, triggernviv
Could Be Good
This game while being a lot of fun, is riddled with issues. It will go through periods of time where the game closes out while you are playing. It does this over and over and over. Also wHen you click on the “watch a video to get more balls” option, oftentimes it will freeze up not allowing you to go back to your game. I would say these issues occur frequently enough to find the game annoying. I have seen comments like these from others and the developer tries to pass blame onto the players device. Funny how a lot of people seem to be having the same issue. Will be looking for a different go to game.
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4 years ago, Weather buggy....I mean buggy
Audio ads ruin the experience
There is nothing worse than listening to an opera while playing this game only to have it interrupted by an intrusive audio ad. To the THIRD response by the developer: Nowhere have I mentioned a loudness issue. The issue is with audio ads period. At this point I have my doubts about the constant misunderstanding and assume that these responses are designed to confuse those reading reviews so no accountability is taken by app developers who simply want to make a few more cents instead of building a positive customer experience. Unfortunate. To the second response by the developer: ALL audio ads interfere with my iTunes music. It’s not an isolated incident. It’s extremely annoying to either be listening to music or being in silence only to have an audio ad intrusively disrupt my experience. My guess is that app companies get paid more for ads that have an audio component. To the developer’s response: Next time please read the comment thoroughly BEFORE you respond. I’m not complying about ads as I both realize that they are necessary and accept them as such. I am complaining about the AUDIO aspect of said ads. The audio portion of the ad blocks out my music. Maybe I should be dealing with Apple on this issue.
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3 years ago, Joulzz
Love hate
Update; with the latest update it seems I only get ads when I opt to spin the wheel and there is no chance of winning a level. Every time I’ve opted for the wheel and had a very good chance of winning all of a sudden there are no ads to run. Of course, this makes me have to quit the level, and first attempt, or use my coin. Makes me want to uninstall the game. I love playing this game because it helps clear and calm my mind. On my one day off a week I actually play this game for a couple of hours while drinking my coffee. I hate this game because of the Constant latching on one or two colors for ten to twenty turns. Often, this happens when I get near the end of a stage and all but the last turn or two are wasted. This is when I take a few days off from playing the game.
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5 years ago, lppmz
Bubble Shooter game
I love this game, but there are levels that are frequently too difficult to get past unless you purchase more “shooters” - and even then it’s difficult or impossible. I ‘m on level 121 that shows the skull & crossbones icon & the bubbles just up from the beginning are positioned in such a way that it’s impossible to get up far enough in the game to ultimately win. I’ve done very well until this game. It is extremely difficult to be able to use the cannonball or the fireball to release more than just a few balls & there are a LOT of single chained balls so that one has to use 2 extra turns to drop the color. At least we need a fair chance to use all the balls at this level!! Suggestions?
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